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General Purpose Vacuum Gauge The Busch general purpose vacuum gauge is a mechanical gauge designed to measure absolute pressure in torr. It is of rugged construction, suitable for direct or panel mounting and gives readings that are independent of barometric pressure. Within the gauge is an evacuated and hermetically sealed aneroid capsule. Variation of pressure causes deformation of the capsule and this movement is transferred

to the pointer by a mechanical linkage with a jewelled movement. The pointer indicates the pressure on a linearly divided scale independently of the external atmospheric pressure. Because the gauge gives a direct measurement of the pressure, it is also independent of the composition of the gas or altitude. The standard gauge is made of an aluminum alloy with an “O” ring sealed tempered glass face.

4 7/16” Panel Cut-Out

Panel Mounting Bracket

1 3/8”

Blanking Plug Alternative Position for Vacuum Connection

5/8” 3/8”

The capsule assembly and linkage mechanism are in phosphor bronze or brass. The dial plate and pointer are aluminum.

3 9/16”

3 3/8” Aperture 4 9/16”

2 1/2” 5/16”

Max. Panel Thickness


NPT Male Connector

Technical Data Model





0-40 torr

0-100 torr

0-760 torr

1 torr

2 torr

10 torr


± 2% of full scale deflection


± 2% of full scale deflection ± 2% of full scale deflection

Length of scale

7.20 inches

7.20 inches

7.20 inches

Internal volume

9.3 in3

9.3 in3

9.3 in3

1.25 lbs.

1.25 lbs.

1.25 lbs.



Busch, Inc.

516 Viking Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Models are subject to change without notice

Telephone: 1-800-USA-PUMP

Fax: (757) 463-7407 GPGauge 01-02/05-500

General Purpose Vac Gauge