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Two Stage Inlet Filter/Separator Model EF200

DESCRIPTION The EF series two stage inlet filter/separator has been designed to permit the use of general purpose pumps in difficult applications where there is a potential carryover of process materials from the system to the vacuum pump. The unique design provides a large volume where material can be collected and then two separate stages of filtration to further clean the air stream. Both elements are accessible for cleaning or replacement without disconnecting the separator from the process piping. The housing is made of carbon steel steel and the elements can supplied in a wide range of materials to suit each application.

From system

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Two stage separation and filtration • Liquid collection capability • Filter elements available in different materials and different micron levels • Completely serviceable without disconnecting from piping

Second stage

To pump

First stage


Two Stage Inlet Filter/Separator Model EF200


Outlet - 2” NPT

26 5/8”

1/2” NPT 7 5/8”

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Model EF200 FEATURES & BENEFITS Second stage To pump From system First stage Liquid Busch, Inc. 516 Viking Drive Virginia Beach, VA 2345...