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Over but not out for Parpottas in Belgium with mature comeback drive Junior European Rally star Alex Parpottas recovered from an early event roll in the Buzz Sweets Fiesta R2 and score a creditable seventh Junior and 32nd overall at last weekend’s Geko Ypres Rally in Belgium. The fourth round of the FIA Junior European Rally Championship was held on the super-quick closed public roads around the event base of Ypres and Parpottas would look to the central European event to rack up a host of points after his previous non finish on the island of Acores if he was to make inroads on the championship leader board.

Image courtesy of FIA European Rally Championship media But his ambitions of a podium would soon disappear when he and co-driver Alex Kihurani slid off the road on some loose gravel and into one of the infamous ditches which line the country roads used in the event. “I felt really comfortable in the car, the notes were good and our pace was pretty much spot on all morning but we got caught out on some gravel on the outside of a right hander and it hooked us into a roll into the ditch” explained Parpottas. “That corner caught out a few more drivers on Friday morning too, but with the help of about 30 spectators, they hauled us back onto the road and back in the event. I really didn’t think we would make it to the end of the first leg but aside from the panel damage and my lack of confidence, we are still here”.

With possibly the best Junior entry in the series so far, the Kicks & Cotton backed crew patched up the beaten Fiesta and looked to the Saturday stages in a bid to score as many points as possible for their title hopes. A mature approach was the order of the day and the Hoddesdon youngster was not too despondent at the podium celebrations in Ypres on Saturday night. “The car was overheating today due to the lack of radiator fan and we needed a read beam change after yesterday’s roll but we really just needed a finish today” he said. “We took it steady today but I actually pleased with the times we were setting even though we took no risks at all. All in all it was a great experience and we will take it forward to next year. Seventh is still good considering the entry and of course the points are invaluable”.

Image courtesy of FIA European Rally championship media The Junior ERC contenders now have a summer break to recoup before the Barum Czech Rally Zlin in the Czech Republic at the end of August. The well-established event features sections of broken tarmac, bumpy roads and changeable weather which will challenge even the most experienced of crews. Alex is supported by Buzz Sweets and Kicks and Cotton. -EndsFor more information on Alex or MCR Marketing Solutions contact Matt: e: t: +44 (0) 7870 216931 w:

Over but not out in Belgium with Parpottas comeback drive  
Over but not out in Belgium with Parpottas comeback drive  

The Buzz Sweets backed Alex Parpottas recovered from an early event roll on the Geko Ypres Rally in Belgium to take 7th in the Junior Europe...