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FALL 2011

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The Lifestyle you want, the Care you need, the Luxury you deserve! Tuscany at McCormick Ranch offers an exceptional senior living rental community with all the amenities you expect and more! Experience our apartment homes and private villas for yourself. Call today to schedule your tour and lunch!

Tuscany at McCormick Ranch exceptional senior living rental community

9000 East San Victor Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

(Two blocks south of Shea Blvd. off of 90th Street, 1 block east on San Victor)

(480) 661-1212 x



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FALL 2011



Dear reader, Between the politics, economic woes and unusual weather that have been felt around the country, one thing remains true: time marches on. My first born started Kindergarten a few weeks ago which reinforced even more strongly just how quickly time marches on . Because education has been at the top of my mind lately, as it is for most parents, I felt that a feature on how our public school system is evolving was important . There are some great options in Scottsdale as the article on page 12 explains. I also find it increasingly important to spend our dollars where it can make a difference for Arizona . Shopping with local business owners, like the Farmers Market on page 18, creates jobs and tax revenue . For every $100 you spend with a locally owned business, $73 stays in the local economy compared to $43 with a non-locally owned business . I often hesitate on what to write in my editorial . Maybe it’s the Libra in me, but I don’t like to “rock the boat” or, like many editors, go on and on about something that is rather trivial . We are all busy people with different interests, concerns and priorities, but I hope the format of this publication continues to be a source of positive and interesting information about our community . Afterall, we are in it together – as time marches on . I welcome any feedback, news and suggestions you may have . And please, support our advertisers who make this entirely possible . Sincerely,

Alexandra Duemer alexandra@mcrlife .com

McCormick Ranch Lifestyle


A Real View on Real Estate by John Wake The big “politically incorrect” story that reporters are afraid to tell you is that metro Phoenix real estate market is hot! Apparently, reporters are afraid their friends will call them names (Shill!) if they say anything positive about the Phoenix real estate market . You would think the media would want to grasp onto anything positive after all the years of unrelenting bad news they’ve reported . But it’s true . We’re seeing some big positive changes in the metro Phoenix real estate market . In June, for example, we had less than a 3-month supply of homes listed for sale when a 4month to 6-month supply would be more normal . In fact, the supply for homes listed for sale in metro Phoenix in June was the lowest since the height of the real estate boom, 2005 . If you’ve been trying to buy a home, you know exactly what I’m talking about . Home prices are great in many areas of metro Phoenix and interest rates are super low but your selection of homes to choose from is not so good . One reason the supply of homes available for sale is so low is because home sales have been incredibly high this year . In metro Phoenix, more homes sold in June than in any single month in 7 years! That’s right, more homes sold in metro Phoenix in June 2011 than in any month during the peak of the real estate boom in 2005 . Amazing! Have you read about that? I didn’t think so . That’s why I say it’s apparently politically incorrect to mention any of the positive changes in the current Phoenix real estate market . I bet you’re thinking, “Since Phoenix home sales are high, Phoenix home prices must be increasing!” Nice try but no cigar . Despite booming home sales, Phoenix home prices have not started to increase… yet . I don’t think the laws of economics have been repealed; prices will certainly stop falling and start increasing, eventually . The problem with real estate is the laws of economics move in mysteriously slow ways . I expect, nevertheless, that the median home price for metro Phoenix as a whole will start to increase next spring . Don’t forget that the median home price in metro Phoenix is much lower than in McCormick Ranch and what happens to metro Phoenix doesn’t necessarily happen to McCormick Ranch . The median price in metro Phoenix, for example, was $116,500 in July . That means half the homes sold for $116,500 or LESS . It’s easy to see why those homes are flying off the shelf! McCormick Ranch is different . Our homes are much more expensive, obviously, and our prices never fell as far (percentage-wise) as prices in most areas of metro Phoenix . 6

FALL 2011

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So now let’s look at McCormick Ranch exclusively. As I write this, 49 single family homes are listed for sale in McCormick Ranch. That’s a lot fewer than in recent issues of McCormick Ranch Lifestyle magazine (61, 89 and 107). And 49 homes is equivalent to only a 2.6 month supply of homes for sale since in the last three months an average of 19 single family homes sold each month (although almost one-third were foreclosures or short sales). The market is tightening up which is good for home sellers. It means you’ll have less competition from other homes. One reason we have fewer homes listed for sale is that more listings are selling in McCormick Ranch. So far this year the number of homes sold in McCormick Ranch is running about 20 percent higher than last year. That’s great! The problem is the number of homes sold is still about one-third less than in the more “normal� years of 2000, 2001 and 2002. McCormick Ranch home buyers are definitely liking the lower prices and buying more homes, but they aren’t as excited about home prices as buyers were in 2000, 2001 and 2002. So, unfortunately, prices are still trending lower in McCormick Ranch. The average price per square foot of single family homes sold in McCormick Ranch in the last 3 months was $153 per square foot. That’s a little bit less than the average for the previous 3 months which was $155 per square foot so prices. The good news is that for metro Phoenix as a whole we’re seeing mixed economic signals which would be a classic signal of a change in market direction. The end of the bear market is near for metro Phoenix, I believe. For McCormick Ranch, the supply of homes for sale is getting tighter and the price declines are getting smaller so we may be approaching our bottom in home prices as well. John Wake has lived in McCormick Ranch since 1998 and is an Associate Broker with HomeSmart Real Estate. John was born and raised in Phoenix, and lived in Florida, Washington D.C. and Paris before returning to Arizona to raise a family. His wife Liz is from Iowa and works at ASU. Their two sons, John and Chris, graduated from Saguaro High School and both are now in the Barrett Honors College at ASU studying Bio-Engineering. Peppy is their friendly female, 7 year old, 9 pound, red and white Papillion.





McCormick Ranch Lifestyle


Michael Daswick, top dog at BellyRubz, makes it a point to greet every visitor by name and with a little rub behind the ears. Centrally located on the South West corner of 90th St. and Via Linda, BellyRubz is a premiere dog care facility offering grooming, day care and boarding options. Daswick, who previously ran private golf memberships for prestigious clubs around the globe, decided to start a business in 2005. He and his wife, Kim had the goal of involving their triplets (2 boys and a girl) and having fun! This familyowned and operated business developed a loyal and highly-referred business, but they felt it was time to make a leap for better visibility. In April, they opened their doors (across from Fry’s Marketplace) and have had a wonderful response with drive-by traffic. Surprisingly quiet, the main area of BellyRubz are designated play rooms – one for small dogs and another for large dogs. Some clients just need to bring their dogs in while carpets are getting cleaned, while others are at work all day and don’t want their dog to be home alone. Employees supervise play time while giving out occasional treats and a 480 657-2275 variety of toys. Daswick says,“We hear from many dog owners who are initially concerned about their dog not liking other dogs, but when they get here they are the ones who have the most fun! The pack instinct takes over and they really enjoy the interaction.” In addition to the indoor play area they offer a covered, shaded, fenced outdoor patio for the dogs to get fresh air once every hour. This change of scenery also allows caregivers to keep the rooms clean and sanitized. “Our standards for cleanliness here are extremely high and we have a wonderful reputation because of it,” says Daswick.

He goes on to explain, “We only hire animal lovers and nobody works a 9 or 10 hour day because we like to keep the energy levels up. We’ve found some great high school students with a strong work ethic to help in the afternoons and weekends,” explains Daswick. Inspired by his daughter who suffers with cerebral palsy, Daswick is also proud to offer job training and work experience for Scottsdale School District special education kids. The dog days of summer take on a whole new meaning here. Unlike many other pet boarding facilities, BellyRubz has only 16 suites available and dogs are not kept in a cage all day. They get up at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast and are sent out to play until 6 p.m. when they come in for dinner and rest. Daswick says, “We like to personalize every stay and even leave doggy treats on their pillow at night. We charge one flat fee -- no additional fees for medication, etc.” However, there is typically a waiting list during holidays and the middle of summer. On the grooming side, BellyRubz employs three cheerful, highly qualified full-time groomers to bring out your dog’s personality with a great / bellyrubz .com haircut. Linda and Judie have been groomers for over 25 years and Neyla has been grooming for 10 years and also loves to groom cats! There are three levels of service to choose from, customized for your pet’s needs. They use all natural products and carry 8 different shampoos depending on the hair type and sensitivities your pet may have. Dogs are offered playtime at no additional cost during their visit. They go home not only looking great, but feeling happy! Open 6 days a week (plus Sunday morning drop off/pickup), if you’re looking for personalized care for your dog, we hope you’ll stop by and give BellyRubz the sniff test.


Doggy Playclub & Spa


FALL 2011

General Plan Update Process Continues Scottsdale’s 2011 General Plan Update is proposing to retain the same land-use mix the community voted for ten years ago -- 42 percent devoted to natural/developed open space and 47 percent for our neighborhoods . Long Range Planning Manager Erin Perreault explains that other community-driven ideals defined in the 2001 General Plan also remain intact . They include the plan’s four dominant themes -- Sonoran Desert, Resort Community, Arts + Culture, Health + Research -- as well as the six guiding principles . And that makes sense . “This is an update that refines and builds upon the existing plan,” Erin explains. “It’s a plan that also focuses on the city as a whole, not on specific areas. The plan’s topics -- such as open spaces, economics and neighborhood vitality – are specific, but the General Plan, in itself, is not. “The General Plan provides guidance . It’s designed to be broad and flexible so it can adapt to a changing community,” she adds. Scottsdale has changed since voters ratified the 2001 General Plan . The early plan concentrated on growth . But now that the community is approaching build-out -- the maximum development allowed -- the update shifts from a growth focus to preserving the city’s character and quality of life in an era of revitalization and redevelopment . “When the community put together the 2001 General Plan, we were still in growth mode. This update reflects our changing community in that respect,” she explains .

Why do we have a general Plan & why do we need to update it?

It’s good for a city to chart its future . . . and it’s the law! Arizona requires that each city adopt a comprehensive, long-range General Plan to guide the physical development of the community . State law also requires updates of adopted General Plans every 10 years. Voters ratified Scottsdale’s existing General Plan in 2001 – so that means our 10 years is up! General Plans are important because they direct how the community looks and feels, and how it will meet future needs . Scottsdale’s General Plan includes policies on things like open spaces, economics and neighborhood vitality .

Important Dates to Remember – Public Hearings • Sept . 21, Planning Commission: Review and discuss the Update - forward the Commission’s recommendations to the City Council . • Oct . 25 – City Council: Vote on whether to adopt the update General Plan . If Council decides not to adopt the updated plan, the 2001 existing General Plan will remain in effect . If adopted, the Update moves forward to voters . • Spring 2012 – Election: Voters decide whether to ratify the Update. If it’s not ratified, the existing General Plan remains in effect until there is an affirmative vote on a new one.

More information For more information about the General Plan Update, visit www .ScottsdaleAZ .gov/generalplan/update or contact General Plan Project Manager Ross Cromarty at (480) 312-7918 or rcromarty@scottsdaleaz .gov .

Legacy of citizen Input

This update continues the city’s legacy of community planning and citizen involvement that started in the 1960s with the Scottsdale Town Enrichment Programs up to 2000’s Future in Focus . 10

FALL 2011

Since August 2009, thousands of stakeholders – from young children to seniors, from long-time residents to visitors – have provided valuable input on the update .

resIDent recIPe

This isn’t your Grandma’s McCormick Ranch

by Michelle Arena


JeLLo crust:

• 2 cups pretzels (rolled/crushed but not too fine) • 3/4 cup butter sliced • 3 T sugar Spray 9 x 13 pan with Pam . Cover bottom with pretzels . Lay butter pats over pretzels and sprinkle sugar over butter/pretzels . Bake 375 degrees for 10 minutes, cool .

2nD Layer:

Look around The Ranch. New improvements and updated styles can be seen throughout our neighborhoods. In the heart of the city, our lakes, Greenbelt, excelling schools, and friendly community have raised the bar for Scottsdale living. Representation when buying or selling real estate should be no exception. Contact Gene Montemore for a fresh and current approach in meeting your McCormick Ranch real estate needs.

Eugene M. Montemore PLLC 480-529-4363

RE/MAX Hall of Fame & Lifetime Achievement Award RE/MAX Arizona Top 10 producing agents 5 of 6 years McCormick Ranch Resident

• 1 cup sugar • 2 (8 oz) cream cheese • 2 cups Cool Whip Cream sugar and cream cheese in mixer and then add Cool Whip to blend . Spread over cooled crust .

3rD Layer:

• 2 cups boiling water • 2 lg . packages strawberry Jello • 2 (10 oz) pkg frozen strawberries (sliced) and thawed slightly . Mix everything together and let it thicken slightly in the fridge . You don’t want it to be too runny when you pour it on the creamy mixture . Pour over 2nd layer . Refrigerate until set (about 2 hours) and enjoy! Have a tasty recipe you’d like to share?

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Smart Schooling by Molly Cerreta Smith

Fewer decisions are more difficult than choosing the right educational path for your child. The good news is that in Scottsdale there are many options, and you really can’t go wrong. The Valley is rife with amazing charter schools as well as a dedicated public school system. You be the judge.

BASIS According to the BASIS Scottsdale Head of School John Hillis, “BASIS seeks to educate American students at an internationally competitive level. With raised academic expectations, implemented through an accelerated curriculum that pushes students to reach their highest academic potential, BASIS prepares middle and high school students to compete with their peers in countries with highly performing educational systems, such as Finland, Canada, Japan, and Korea. BASIS boasts a straightforward educational philosophy that rests on three legs: A rigorous curriculum, student accountability, and knowledgeable and effective teachers. And there is proof behind this philosophy: In 2011, BASIS Scottsdale was the only high school in the state of Arizona to earn a 100 percent pass rate on all four subjects tested by the AIMS exam: math, reading, writing, and science. And 100 percent of BASIS Scottsdale high school students exceeded state standards on the AIMS math exam. 12 FALL 2011

Hillis adds, “We don’t compromise; we don’t water down our curriculum or lower our expectations. The BASIS academic program is accelerated and challenging, but we seek to create a school culture that makes high academic achievement and intellectual engagement the norm and allows students to realize and fulfill their own great academic potential.” In addition to academia, BASIS has a solid fine arts program and an extensive choice of extra curricular activities such as sports, language clubs, musical clubs and even unique clubs such as juggling and hiking. And while Hillis is extremely proud of the program’s past successes, he looks forward to an even brighter future. He says, “We anticipate that BASIS Scottsdale will be eligible for inclusion in national high school rankings (such as The Washington Post, US News & World Report and Newsweek) for the first time this school year. (These rankings have brought national recognition to sister school, BASIS Tucson, placing it among the top academic programs in the country).”

Scottsdale Preparatory Academy Dan Scoggin is CEO of Great Hearts Academies (GHA), the non-profit under which 12 public charter schools serve 5,000 students across the Valley. And Scottsdale

Preparatory Academy is just one of those schools. Founded in 2004, the organization already boasts a robust athletics and liberal arts programs, not to mention that 95 percent of its students go on to a four-year college. Scoggin says the school’s philosophy is Truth, Beauty and Goodness, which he breaks down. He says the first part of the motto challenges students to discover the truth of ideas and the truth of what it means to be a human being; the second part encourages students to love beauty of all kinds; and the last part asks students to pursue what it means to be a good person… and it gives them a purpose. Scoggin says that the schools’ take the Western traditions of learning very seriously, focusing on liberal arts, and “rich, meaningful curriculum, encouraging its students to “embrace the spectrum” of education and “challenging them to explore” many subjects rather than specialize in just one. “Our curriculum calls on all students’ ability and personality,” he adds. And while many schools across the Valley – and the world – are tossing textbooks for technology, Scoggin is proud that GHA’s students have books in front of then, not laptops. “We believe there is a place for technologically, but we are not a high-tech school,” he says. He notes that the major advantage of this is fostering

deep thinkers rather than button pushers. Another big success within the GHA organization is Scottsdale Preparatory Academy’s new campus. GHA owns the 98,000 square foot campus located at 92nd St. and Bahia, which is significant to the long-term stability of the organization and its commitment to well-rounded education. The school serves 700 fifth through twelfth graders, and it boasts space for a library, science lab and auditorium.

Scottsdale Unified School District Not to be outdone by the influx and popularity of charter schools as of late, Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD), the umbrella under which Scottsdale public schools exist, runs an excellent educational program that does not go unnoticed. SUSD is one of the state’s most Excelling school districts (with 19 of its schools receiving the highest rating of Excelling). All of the school’s within the district have a rating of Performing or above by the Arizona Department of Education. Schools within SUSD live by the mission “to deliver a world-class education promoting the highest level of academic achievement, creativity and personal growth that will inspire greatness in today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.” This is achieved through community partnerships, optimal class size and individualized learning, teacher quality and professional development and a challenge to its entire student body to “reach their personal best.”

Aside from academia, many of the SUSD schools are also getting a face-lift and are bringing students into the future with the help of solar power. SUSD has partnered with SunPower, which will provide solar power generating parking and playground shade at 11 schools (Anasazi Elementary, Cheyenne Traditional School, Cherokee Elementary, Cochise Elementary, Laguna Elementary, Redfield Elementary, Sequoya Elementary, Copper Ridge School, Mountainside Middle, Chaparral High and Desert Mountain High) and result in major cash for the District in the immediate and far off future. According to Interim Superintendent Dr. David Peterson, “I am proud to announce that we have successfully negotiated a zero percent interest rate for the solar power generating project, and we have a 17 year lease/purchase agreement. The first year positive cash flow to the District is $139,955 that can be used for maintenance, operations and energy projects. The 25 year positive cash flow to SUSD is $22,506,845.” Education about the importance of renewable energy and solar generation will be included in curriculum as well. In addition to bringing many of the District’s schools into the future by way of solar power, several of the middle schools

are set to receive renovations, many of which are already underway. Cocopah, Ingleside and Mohave middle schools and Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center (ANLC) started May 25 - which officially marked the start of Phase I construction at the schools. According to Becky Kelbaugh, communications specialist, Communications, Partners & Customer Service Department of SUSD, “In November 2010, voters approved this $118 million bond project. The District is confident that these projects will be completed on time, under budget and without disrupting one day of instruction.” She added, “This phase of construction will focus on new classroom buildings. At Cocopah, Ingleside and ANLC, buildings will be demolished to allow new construction to begin. All other middle schools will undergo renovations and upgrades, and several elementary schools will have major mechanical renovations. Construction periods at the sites will range from 17-22 months. The District reached agreements with all contractors on the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for all projects, which currently are $2.5 million under budget.” “There is no better time than now to rebuild our middle schools as the labor and material costs are significantly lower, and these are the best construction market conditions we have had in the past 10 years. The new facilities will provide safe, modern learning environments for our students,” says Interim Superintendent Dr. David Peterson.

Four Legged Ranchers

“Bubbles is a Toy Fox Terrier, Jack Russell mix who was rescued in Alabama by the Toy Fox Terrier Rescue group and relocated to Phoenix where I was lucky to spot her on their website. She loves living in McCormick Ranch and her favorite spot is on the chaise lounge out by the pool. I encourage everyone to seek rescue animals first as they somehow know what you have done for them and pay you back a thousand fold.” - B. Desman

14 FALL 2011

Submit your pet’s photo to:

“I’d like to introduce you to Darby (black and white border collie) and Tony (mix of who knows what). I volunteer at the Arizona Animal Welfare League and after we lost our last dog to old age, Darby rescued us. Since Darby was an only child, we decided to rescue another dog -- Tony. He is a little more mellow and balances out Darby. They have become the best of buds. Both of these are rescued from the euthanasia list and both are an example of dogs who bring joy to the world.” - T. Pierre

Scottsdale Humor:

The Long Drive submitted by Gary H. Boyd Some years ago, Villa Monterey was a 9-hole golf course alongside Hayden Road between Camelback and Chapparal. It’s now a public park, but back then Hole #7 was adjacent to Hayden Road from north to south.  My wife, on the Tee,  hit a drive about 125 yards south curving right into oncoming northbound traffic on Hayden where it struck the front bumper of a fast traveling pickup. It acted like a baseball bat driving the ball  back about 130 yards where it struck the curved end of a steel guardrail, bounced  high and came to rest some 10 feet behind my wife. (The ball had traveled about 250 yards for a net loss of 10 feet.)  I don’t think the driver of the pickup truck was distressed because when he passed by he smiled and held a thumbs up. That’s the sorta thing that happens in Scottsdale!

If you have a funny story to share, please email

Fun Arizona Facts: Irving Berlin wrote “White Christmas” at the Biltmore Resort on a balmy December 25th in 1939. The Colorado River spends more time in Arizona than it does in Colorado. Grand Falls on the Little Colorado River is bigger than Niagara Falls when the river has water, a rare occurrence. The mountain ranges of southern Arizona are called “Mountain Islands” by biologists, who regard them the most diverse in biotic life of any place in the United States. In the summer of 2005 an alligator was caught in Pakoon Spring, a remote Arizona Strip north of the Grand Canyon. A few years ago the skeleton of a whale was found in the usually dry Salt River.



Pueblo Norte Senior Living Community 22 Acre Continuing Care Campus with offers our residents services and amenities Lifecare and Rental Options which make life easier and more fun. As a full service continuing care community Services and Amenities ~Washer and Dryer in Each Unit with assisted living and healthcare, you can always call Pueblo Norte home. ~Balcony or Patio ~Full Kitchen/Granite Counters ~Scheduled Transportation ~Scheduled Housekeeping ~Dining Options in Restaurant ~19 Hole Putting Course ~Heated Swimming Pool and Spa ~Multi-Purpose Auditorium ~Card/club room ~Extensive Library

7090 E. Mescal Street, Scottsdale, AZ 16 FALL 2011

Call Today To schedule your complimentary lunch and tour!

(480) 948-3990


Reinvesting Dividends Can Pay Off

HOME OF SCOTT MOST PLAYFULSDALE’S DOGS FINE GROOMING: We have 3 great groomers with combined experience of over 60 years. Let us bring out your pet's individual personality! WE PROMISE: • Consistent cuts • attention to detail • personal service • same groomer every time • Play a little or a lot--for free--the day you groom • Nails/anals/ears incl'd • Saturday appts available. BOARDING: PLAY ALL DAY, SLEEP ALL NIGHT. One flat all-inclusive rate. Small facility, only 16 suites; indoor and outdoor play. DAY CARE: Overcome Pet Boredom! Socialization and stimulation are Great for your pet! Small and large dog areas, plus outside. Half or full days.


480-657-BARK (2275)



8989 E. Via Linda


101 FWY

When you invest in stocks, you want their price to go up. But of course, you can’t control the rise and fall of stock prices. However, there is a key element of investing that you can control — the number of shares you own. And in the long run, share ownership may be more important than rising stock prices in determining your long-term investment success. Of course, you might think that the advice of “buy more shares” is easier said than done. After all, not everyone can easily find a lot of extra money to invest. But you don’t need access to vast wealth to increase your share ownership — you just need to consistently reinvest your stock dividends. Just how important are reinvested dividends to wealth accumulation, as compared to capital gains (the increase in stock prices)? Over the 135-year period from 1871 through 2003, owning stocks and reinvesting the dividends produced 97% of all stock market returns, with only 3% coming from capital gains, according to a major study done by Dr. Jeremy Siegel, one of the world’s leading researchers on stock market performance. Other studies have also pointed to the importance of dividends as a component of total returns. What are the implications of this disparity between the effectiveness of dividend reinvestment versus that of capital gains? First of all, it suggests that you may not want to spend an undue amount of time and effort in chasing after “hot” stocks, hoping for big capital gains. For one thing, by the time you buy these stocks, they may already be cooling off, but even more importantly, your focus on achieving large capital gains may not be the best use of your financial resources. Ultimately, the power of dividend reinvestment means, not surprisingly, that you may be able to help yourself if you look for quality dividend-paying stocks — and then reinvest the dividends, month after month and year after year. With just a little research, you can find stocks that have paid — and even increased — dividends for many years in a row. (Keep in mind, though, that not all stocks will pay dividends, and even those that do can reduce or discontinue them at any time. Dividend reinvestment does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.) So, to help boost your share ownership, consider reinvesting the dividends back into the stock, rather than taking them as cash payments. If you do choose to reinvest your dividends, though, you will need to look to other types of investments to provide you with income, assuming you need some income from your portfolio, which may become more necessary during your retirement years. Your financial advisor can help you determine the appropriate investments to help provide this income. But in any case, if you can do without the current income provided by dividends, give careful consideration to reinvesting them. Dividend reinvestment is not a glamorous investment strategy, and it won’t help you “get rich quick,” but it can help you make steady progress toward your long-term financial goals — and that’s a key dividend in itself. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

The Only! n O e and

Imagine... getting set for a successful school year.

Call to schedule a


placement test today!

THERE’S A BETTER WAY BACK TO SCHOOL WITH KUMON. Your child will sharpen her study habits and shine in class as she begins to apply the skills and confidence Kumon unleashes. That means you can look forward to one truly amazing school year after another. KUMON MATH AND READING CENTERS


PARADISE VALLEY 480-838-6252

6990 E. Shea Blvd., Ste. 107 6805 E. McDonald Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

McCormick Ranch Lifestyle


North Scottsdale Farmer’s Market

A Fresh Approach If there was a way of combining fresh local produce, the support of local businesses and the convenience of a delivery service, then Merissa Ramos and Mary Lineback have done it. As founders of the North Scottsdale Farmer’s Market at 9400 Shea, their indoor location makes it a great fit for residents year-round. Centrally located on the South side of Shea in the shopping center East of Sprouts, you will find homemade crafts and a diverse selection of products that are locally grown. Ramos and Lineback employ vendors from throughout the state. “We had ties with the 9400 Shea development and since a lot of people don’t know what’s here, we thought it would be a good way to drive traffic. We got some fantastic vendors who are part of the local food movement. More and more, people want to know where their food comes from and we guarantee everything is herbicide- and pesticide-free,” Ramos says. She adds, “It’s cumbersome to be a food vendor because the permits required are hard to afford. One of our vendors, The Backyard Farmer, owns 3 farms and also buys from smaller farms who don’t produce enough for distribution to multiple markets on their own. This is a tight-knit community because we’re all small business owners.” With a marketing background, Ramos is always thinking of new ways to attract clients. When the weather is nice, they continue their local flair by featuring homegrown musicians and partnering with several charities. Ramos says, “We want the community to rely on us year-round.” And with that in mind, they are are first local farmers market in town to offer online ordering. Just like the market, you will find everything from fresh gourmet pastas, to grass fed beef and Arizona jams are available. Simply fill out an order form on azlfm. com and wait for your purchases to be delivered at your door during market hours. There is a $3 delivery charge within a 10-mile radius of the market, east of Loop 101 on Shea Boulevard, with custom quotes available to those outside the area. Unlike most markets, they stay open in the summer with the advantage of an indoor space. My family and I went in August and were pleased with the variety of produce available even in the dead of summer. “If we can shift our focus from chains and online stores, we can stimulate our local economy and help the community,” says Ramos. The concept isn’t new, but it’s hitting home with everything that’s relevent today. 18 FALL 2011

Where: 9375 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale. (near Renegade Canteen)


Every Saturday (year-round) 7am-12 noon.

What you’ll find:

• Grass-fed beef, chicken and eggs from Rock House Cattle Co. • Local honey, jams and granola from Made by Bees • Hummus, pesto and dips from Doctor Hummus • 15 different tamale flavors from The Tamale Store • Pasta sauce and salsa from Mi Salsa • Flaxseed crackers and kale snacks from Raging Raw Organics • More than 20 varieties of peanut, cashew or almond brittle from • Desert Delights • From-scratch soups from Eat Me Catering • Fresh baked goods from Made From Scratch • Cheese curds and blocks from Arizona Cheese Co. • Wild-caught seafood from Alaskan Pride Seafood • Creme brulee by Torched Goodness • Fresh-baked treats from Sweet Art Bakery

How to order:

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by Carol Stuttard

Did you know that it takes 60 – 72 inches of water a year to maintain an attractive and healthy Bermuda grass lawn in the Sonoran Desert? If the lawn is over seeded with winter rye grass, water usage can exceed 120 inches per year. If you wish to lower your water bill and reduce the amount of time spent mowing, now is the time to remove your lawn and replace it with drought tolerant plants. The best way to kill Bermuda grass is when it is actively growing, which can be done in a few simple steps: • Water and fertilize the grass to make sure it is growing well (the reason for getting good growth, is to encourage the rapid intake of the herbicide) • Apply a herbicide with glyophoshpate according to the package directions. • The grass will take up the herbicide into the entire root system, rather than just the surfaces of the plant and thus will kill it entirely. • After a few days ,water the lawn again. • Reapply the herbicide to any remaining growing areas • Continue this process – which may take 3 or more times – of encouraging growth and then applying herbicide until it is completely dead. Do not plant anything until you have no re-emergent growth of grass at all. The last thing you want is Bermuda grass growing through your newly planted shrubs etc. Also, make sure to leave some time between the last application of the glyophosphate and any new planting, ie do not plant new plants straight after spraying the bermuda grass. For more information, including how to get a water rebate for removing your lawn go to McCormick Ranch Lifestyle


Packing a Punch in the Local Economy by David Stoller It was 1974 when I was told to get in the back seat of the car as we left Cleveland. It appeared that we were moving to this dusty place with many roads that go nowhere. But I quickly fell in love with Arizona. In 1985 I opened a Travel Agency and Luggage Store in a location with tremendous promise on the edge of McCormick Ranch (near Chompies on Shea & 92nd Street). Now, 26 years later, I am proud to say: “I am still here and would love to have you stop in!” To those of you who consider buying a suitcase or travel item on a website, I dare you to support the LOCAL business owner, like myself, rather than some guy in a warehouse. Until politicians realize that an internet sales tax would help rescue our country, and bring fairness to community retailers, I need to make everyone aware that the roughly 9% you might save on the internet by not paying sales tax is resulting in reduced public services. As to the perception that you get lower prices on the internet … NOT compared to my store. I will compete with any legitimate website dealer. As you can see, I am a true believer in real stores, with real walls, and real employees. We have seen many national retailers go out of business over the past few years. Times change and someone loses in order for someone to win. I ask you to think about your community when you spend your money. You work hard for your money and it needs to be spent wisely. Supporting LOCAL businesses will improve your lives. Buying from a often results in unemployment and depressed real estate. For more reasons to consider a LOCAL store like my own, here’s what I can offer you. You may book your flights, hotels, tours, cruises, and most other aspects of travel with me, an old fashioned Travel Agent. Why me? Because in my 28 years of being an Agent, I’ve never received a call from the Missing Persons department looking for anyone I sent packing. Speaking of packing, my store carries luggage of many different styles and costs, from $40 to $600. We sell VALUE. My staff is incredible at explaining the differences and telling you why one is better than the other in fitting your needs. We carry TSA locks and money belts for your security. We are the only store in the Phoenix area with a complete collection of electrical plugs for your worldwide travels … and we can explain what you really need and what you don’t. Aside from answering almost any travel question, we also ask you questions in order to make sure that you have what you need. Do you know what dual voltage means? Did you know that “carry-on” doesn’t mean the same thing in the U.S. as it does in Britain? Do you know what 3.4 ounces really refers to? Suitcases & More wants your business, so as you plan your next vacation, please help by spreading wisdom to your neighbors and friends about the importance of buying from an Arizona business, like mine! For more information on how and why you should support local businesses, visit 20 FALL 2011

Pueblo Norte Senior Living Community 480 951-7240 / Upon entering the Pueblo Norte Senior Living Community, you may think you are pulling into one of the Valley’s high-end resorts instead of a Senior Living Community. A hidden gem in the heart of Scottsdale, the 22-acre park-like property, tucked off the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Mescal Street, is surrounded by lush, mature landscape – green grass, big shady trees and flowers in a rainbow of colors. But like so many things in life, it’s not the outside that counts at Pueblo Norte… it’s what’s inside. Pueblo Norte is a full Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), offering independent living, assistant living, long-term nursing care, short-term rehabilitation and hospice service. This provides residents and their families with peace of mind, knowing that Pueblo Norte can remain their home even when health needs change. Pueblo Norte has been offering high quality care since 1984. The Medicare certified Health Care Center consistently receives high ratings from annual state surveys; the most recent yielded a score of 99 points out of a possible 100. According to Kathleen Weber, Director of Sales and Marketing, “Independent Living is about making life a lot easier, providing a safe environment, and significantly enhancing residents’ quality of life with a myriad of social, cultural, educational and wellness programs.” In that vein, the community boasts an Olympic-sized pool, library, fitness center, 19-hole putting course, salon, private din-

ing and an auditorium. In addition to the numerous onsite programs, residents take advantage of off-campus activities and resident-driven interest groups from book clubs and stitching circles to bridge groups and veterans’ clubs. In addition to the levels of care and the fun activities and services, Pueblo Norte offers residents selection when it comes to their homes. There are several apartment floor plans to suit residents’ needs, and living quarters are newly appointed with full kitchens, washer and dryer in unit, private patio or balcony, and wall to wall carpeting for complete comfort. Services include local phone, basic cable, utilities, covered parking and a storage unit, weekly housekeeping, 24-hour emergency response system, and more. Residents are given the option of yearly rental agreements or life care contracts that lock them into a lower rate when they later begin using higher levels of care such as Assisted Living or Nursing. And while Pueblo Norte speaks for itself, its residents speak even louder! Bob and Alice Milling say, “We love our home! It is sunny, peaceful and quiet. Our place was all prepared and ready when we moved in. People here are so wonderful and friendly.” Rhoda Mailander even goes as far to say moving into Pueblo Norte was “the second best choice I’ve made in my lifetime…” second only to marrying her husband. She adds, “The residents here are so friendly and a lot of fun. The staff is very responsive. Every day here is another one to look forward to.” McCormick Ranch Lifestyle 21


By Jeanne Alspaugh During these tough economic times it can be hard to find things to do with your family and friends that are inexpensive and sometimes even FREE. This column focuses on those opportunities. Sometimes those options are closer than you think, all you have to do is look in your own backyard. Remembering and Honoring 9/11the 10 Year Anniversary The wife of the sole Arizonan killed in 9/11 will be the keynote speaker at the first in a series of Cross Cultural Communications programs. The annual series, presented by the city’s Human Relations Commission, provides an opportunity to engage in civil dialogue about diversity. Donna Killoughy Bird’s husband, Gary, was attending a business meeting at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, when he perished. What’s changed since that unimaginable day a decade ago? How have we changed? Donna shares her compelling, emotional journey about personal strength and loss. 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15, Civic Center Auditorium, 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd. Heard Museum: Free Admission to Scottsdale Residents September 17th-30th 10 a.m to 5p.m. Mon-Sat, & 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sun To thank the residents of Scottsdale for their support, Heard Museum Scottsdale is offering free admission from Saturday September 17 - Friday, September 30. Enjoy our cool exhibit galleries, wonderful food in the Gallery Cafe and shop for your home or yourself at the Heard Museum North Scottsdale Shop. Phone: (480) 488-9817 22 FALL 2011

FREE SMOCA Thursdays 10:00am – 5:00pm Located in Scottsdale’s popular Old Town district, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) features the most compelling modern and contemporary art, architecture and design from around the globe. Designed by awardwinning architect Will Bruder, SMoCA’s five-gallery minimalist building (an ingenious renovation of a former movie theater) includes a public “skyspace” by the acclaimed artist James Turrell (one of only a handful in the world), where visitors can experience the ever-changing light of the desert sky. SMoCA also presents a wide variety of changing exhibitions, educational programs, including docent-led tours and cell phone audio guides, and special events for adults and families. Phone: (480) 874-4666 Electronic Recycling Day Saturday, October 8th 7:30am-2:00pm City of Scottsdale: City Corp. Yard 9191 E San Salvador Free (to Scottsdale residents only) Please be prepared to show proof of residency in the form of a picture I.D. and, either a City utility bill or a rent receipt. Electronics have revolutionized our lifestyle with computers, radios, telephones, and cell phones. However, they also make up the bulk of electronics that threaten the environment, because of the dangerous elements in them. Recycling and reuse of these electronic items prevent them from reaching landfills, which help to create less waste, and provide usable items to organizations that need them and recapture valuable resources.

Obtain a list of acceptable items: La Gran Fiesta Saturday and Sunday, November 5th & 6th Noon to 5:00pm each day Outdoors (on the Civic Center Mall) at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts 7380 E. Second St. An action-packed weekend of Latin music, dance, food and fun, La Gran Fiesta takes audiences on a journey from the rich artistry of neighboring Mexico to the cultural vibrancy of the Caribbean and South America. This free community festival features performances by Arizona’s top Latin bands, activities for children and families, a mercado with handmade gifts and Latin-inspired food and drinks. Veterans Day Commemoration at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park Friday, November 11 from 3:00pm5:00pm 7301 E. Indian Bend Road. Come celebrate and honor our country and the people who serve it. The memorial will include dignitaries, guest speakers and live performances. For more information please call 480312-2312 or visit our website: 28th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair at the Granite Reef Senior Center Saturday, November 19th from 10am4pm 1700 N. Granite Reef Road (480) 312-1700 This is a wonderful event to kick start your holiday shopping and find something unique for that special someone.

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D L O S $1,000,000

8265 E DEl CaDEna DR 4bd/3.5ba, 3894 sqft


D L O S $559,000

8141 E DEl PlOMO DR 4bd/2ba, 2795 sqft




8171 E DEl baRQuERO DR 4bd/2.5ba, 2432 sqft – Short Sale

8001 E DEl PlOMO DR 4bd/3ba, 2917 sqft – lender Owned


8035 E DEl TORnaSOl DR 3bd/2ba, 2150 sqft


7007 n VIa DE la CaMPana ST 4bd/2ba, 2331 sqft

8726 E San bRunO DR 3bd/2ba, 2204 sqft

8101 E naSEEM TRl 4bd/2ba, 2326 sqft

8431 E ShETlanD TRl 3bd/2ba, 2477 sqft


$325,000 8031 E DEl MERCuRIO DR 4bd/2ba, 2168 sqft

$320,000 7609 n VIa DE la SIESTa ST 4bd/3ba, 2533 sqft - Short Sale


SOL $297,000




SOL $318,750





8001 E DEl JOYa DR 4bd/3ba, 2903 sqft



8635 E VIa DE la gEnTE 3bd/2.5ba, 2360 sqft




SOL $350,000

8467 E ThOROughbRED TRl 4bd/3ba, 3179 sqft









SOL $287,000


7763 E SPanISh OaKS DR 3bd/2ba, 1813 sqft – lender Owned

8424 E VIa DE EnCanTO ST 5bd/3ba, 2954 sqft – lender Owned

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