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32 Emma Phillipson

New Year’s Resolutions you can keep.

Banish Winter Skin Blues



Patterns and Florals: Mens Fashion


Gods Gift Clothing Launch


Designer in Focus: Christian Dior


Kirstie Collins Interview


Rimsha Shaikh Interview

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Recommended Beauty Products 2014



What better way to ring in 2014 than top set yourself a New Year’s resolution? I have never previously stuck to my NY resolutions. Rachel Harrison’s great piece on how to stick to them has motivated me and I hope you as a @MCRFashionMag reader will also find it inspiring. 2014 is shaping up to be a very exciting time for fashion. Beginning in January 2014, Skype will lift the lid on Victoria Beckham’s fashion label. VB will be caught on camera for the New York fashion show, afterwards she will sit down for an ‘In Conversation With’ session with a public panel. In February, online shopping titan Net-a-Porter will release the first edition of their new magazine, PORTER. With former Harper’s Bazaar editor Lucy Yeomans at the helm, the bimonthly women’s magazine aims to rival Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. The former creative director of Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière, will make his Louis Vuitton debut in March. After a three-year break, Kate Moss is going to launch a new collection for Topshop. And lastly, Yves Saint Laurent fans should get very excited with the news that not one but two films focusing on the French fashion house will come out in 2014. My New Year’s resolution is to launch a printed version of the magazine. What is yours? Tweet us at @MCRFashionMag. Antonia Alice Bolcas (@antonialice) Managing Editor New Year’s resolution: “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”



Once Upon a Time - Christmas Craft & Jewellery Fair


When: Tue 29 Oct - Sun 05 Jan Where: Royal Exchange Theatre

When: Mon 25 Nov - Sat 11 Jan Where: Manchester Art Gallery

A must see craft & jewellery fair full of beautiful, handmade, one-off gifts including a big selection of jewellery by Manchester makers. There’s something for everyone from a range of affordable pieces to unique extravagant ones.

Dazzle has been bringing the newest and best in designer jewellery to MCR for 33 years, and we’re delighted that they’re showing and selling at Manchester Art Gallery for the first time.

That Day We Sang at The Royal Exchange Theatre

When: 05 Dec 2013 - 18 Jan Where: The Royal Echange Theatre This winter wrap yourself up in Victoria Wood’s warm, uplifting Manchester tale of Tubby and Edith, who met as school children singing with the Halle Orchestra in Manchester’s Free Trade Hall, and are reunited forty years later for a Granada documentary.

4 Girls on Film When: Sat 04 Jan - Sun 20 Apr Where: The Deaf Institute Created to let you explore your inner 80s child. Don’t be ashamed to rock out to a rediscovered soundtrack of Duran Duran, Blondie, The Smiths, Bowie, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode...


7 BBC Stargazing Live Returns




Jamie Shovlin Presents: “Hiker Meat”

National Winter Ales Festival

When: 18 Jan - 21 April Where: Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford street, M1 5NH

When: 19-22nd Jan Where: The Venue

An exhibition at Cornerhouse the biggest to date by conceptual artist Jamie Shovlin. The movie Hiker Meat, and its 1970s Italian director Jesus Rinzoli, have been imagined by Shovlin to represent an archetype of the exploitation genre. Price: FREE


When: Tue 07 Jan - Thu 09 Jan Where: The University of Manchester On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January, there will be a family stargazing LIVE event and exploring the world of stars in interactive science shows.


A selection of over 200 brews, with a good range of winter warmers.

30 Chinese New Year

When: 30 January - 02 February Manchester’s Chinatown is one of Europe’s biggest and will host the North’s biggest Chinese New Year celebrations. The Year of the Horse is welcomed in via a programme of events that begins in late January and culminates in a spectacular parade that last year was watched by an estimated 75,000 people.



Anne-Marie NYR: ”My New Year’s resolution would be to think positive and make whatever dream I have a reality!... also perhaps to cure my popcorn addiction!” Follow: @Anna_Bananorama

Rachel Harrison NYR: ”My new years resolution is to not eat as much fast food! And to stop spending my money on things I dont need.” Follow: @rachyyyyyyy

Hollie Wilkinson Follow: @HolsLW

Rachael Dutton NYR: “I will be making my fiancé Yogi more happy, I love him loads. And of course to get up Earlier!!! I’m so lazy hehe:)) xxx”


WHat is your new Year’s resolution (NYR)?

Follow: @rachduttonmua

Dan Martin NYR: “New Years resolution would probably be to go back to college and study fashion.” Follow: Trend__fashion

Do you want to write for us? Email:

By Rachel Harrison


e nicer to coworkers:

Aiming for a promotion in 2014? Try being more giving to your coworkers. The results of a study conducted by The University of California showed that generous participants were more likely to gain respect and cooperation from their peers leading researchers to conclude that they’d be more likely to rise in status too. top social smoking:

S 6


Your on a night out and all your friends pop out for a smoke, you think, ‘one won’t hurt right?’ Wrong! Stella Daskalopoulou, a researcher at McGill University Health Centre in Canada. Her recent study found that smoking even one cigarette increases the stiffness of the arteries in 18 to 30 year olds by 25 percent. (Surprising?) Stiff arteries can cause the heart to work harder, increasing the risk for heart disease or stroke. “This is especially bad for occasional smokers because you’re not used to the effects and it’s stressful to your system,” she says. Many people say they are ‘social smokers’ so next time your friends all head for


the smoking area, remember you are a healthy non smoker and don’t need to light up a cigarette just to be in with the crowd.


loss Your Pearly Whites More Often:

I’m afraid your dentist is right about this one; it is actually important to floss. New York University researchers examined 51 sets of twins and found that the twin who didn’t floss had more bacteria, which can lead to gum disease!



at Healthier:

There it is, the resolution that pops up every year. Instead of thinking about how you could eat healthier, think of what you can eat less of that you consume a lot of. Eat a bag of crisps on your break at work? Swap for an apple. Trust me, the feeling of accomplishing a healthy diet is amazing and you will see the results! Obviously, a bar of chocolate every now and again won’t hurt.


uit the sunbeds:

You may love your sun kissed look but would you if you knew it could be slowly killing you? cancer experts moved tanning beds and solar radiation into the top cancer-risk category— saying they’re deadly! Embrace your pale skin for a while, you will feel much better for doing so!

energy at that time. Don’t risk it for biscuits, cut the snacking. Make a resolution you know you can keep! There is nothing worse than looking back knowing you have not done something you planned on doing! My new year’s resolution for the past three years has been to top snacking after join the gym, this will happen in 2014, I am deterbedtime: mined. Happy 2014 Everyone! Late night snacks are worse than you may think! When you eat at the wrong time, your body will take the calories and store them as fat because you don’t need the calories for





beautyfASHION inspirationidea


idea designSIMPLE BEAUTY FASHION design



BEAUTY ART designSHINE designBEAUTY inspirationART furnituredesign COLLECTION fashion idea designSIMPLE INTERIOR


inspirationidea interior furnituredesign design


idea designSHINE INTERIOR FASHION design






BanishWinterSKINBLUES Frosty temperatures and icy winds don’t have to go hand in hand with bad skin and frizzy hair! Recent research revealed that a extremely high 73% of women in Britain experience a dramatic dip in their mood during Winter, resulting in lack of body confidence and loose-fitting clothes to hide behind. We will not stand for this! By Rachel Harrison


o what can we do to banish those winter blues? Well, we are full of great intentions here and ready to give you the low down on how to feel 100% gorgeous this winter.


lcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks all dehydrate skin so limit yourself during the winter months and wake up feeling great everyday and hangover free!

loss, just not oil-based hydration. Go for a moisturiser that is lightweight and hydrating, if you are planning on having a few natural, no make-up days, a mattifying moisturiser will do a great job, create a shine free face but still absorb deep in to your pores. Elemis is a super star buy for this skin type, which hydrates your face for up to 8 hours and helps reduce redness and inflammation. Perfect!


our lips are prone to the harsh weather and get notoriously dry. Your lips don’t retain moisturise as well as the rest of our face, so avoid the flaky pout and look after your precious pout! Apply a lip balm and avoid any petroleum based products as these dehydrate your lips in the long run. The best thing about lip balms is not only they taste/smell great and hydrate your pout, but they are also oisturise! Moisturise! Moistur- available in different shades to add a bit of ise! This is a key element to stick oomph to your lips! by in winter as dry winds and cold weather can dry out your skin and cause your skin to flake. Take in to account your emember your locks! Winter can dry skin type when purchasing your winter out your hair through excessive use saviour moisturiser, if you have dry skin, of hairdryers, heat products and cenopt for an oil based product, your skin will tral heating. Once a week, indulge your soak up the oil and leaving your skin feel hair with a nourishing argan or macadamore subtle for longer. However, if you mia oil conditioning mask. This will help have skin prone to oiliness, you still need restore your hair’s natural shine and keep water-based hydration to prevent the skin your locks smelling gorgeous. from pushing out more oil due to water







4 5 6





Rita Ora for Rimmel London




Paul & Joe Secret Garden Collection




Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes



Rita Ora is launching a new line with Rimmel London, which includes crayon lip colours and nail polishes in 2014.

Flowers, cats, and beauty come together to make some of the prettiest packaging to look forward to in 2014. Injecting the same Parisian charm into their line of cosmetics, expect bold lipsticks and shimmery eyeshadows.

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes gives an instant illumination and a lifting effect to accentuate and rejuvenate the look of eyes. It also gives a fortified eyelash effect.




Sanctuary Therapists Facial Oil 30ml



Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot



L’Oreal Paris False Lash Flutter Mascara Midnights



Pamper yourself with this Sanctuary Therapists Facial Oil, recognised as a youth boosting facial favourite.

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot - Prepare to experiment and go wild with your look. Sweep these highly pigmented shadows across lids, for a fierce shot of intense colour.

Winged out look. Full on, fluttery volume.




Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle



L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Intense



Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector 10ml



Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle provides instant miracle volume and sexy texture.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Intense

Even Better Eyes has the power to brighten the appearance of the entire eye area. Plumping hydration makes thin eye-area skin appear less transparent and the cooling massage tip refreshes tired-looking eyes.

Patterns+Florals By Dan Martin We all know one of the hardest transitions for anyone (even the ladies struggle with this one sometimes) is what to wear practically for the weather, Block s Stripe

Stripes are always an exciting pattern to wear, and it seems they always make a comeback with a boom and a new unique twist, this time, make sure they’re blocked together, in an array of colours and thicknesses if you want to make a statement. WHITE BLUE STRIPE LONG SLEEVE SHIRT Topman -£30 MONOCHROME STRIPE LONG SLEEVE SHIRT Topman -£30




whilst still remaining fashionable (personally fashionality wins over practicality every time for me). One of the things I love about menswear fashion over the past few years, is that it’s so much more daring and in your face than it used to be. We can wear bold patterns and statement slogans if we want to, hell, I’ve even seen s


White is a colour that never goes out of style, no matter what season, the sex of the person that is wearing them, or the time period in they’re photographed in. Wear them head to toe or mix them with a colour that is so shocking it’ll make even the girliest of girls blush (pink is the it colour for guys in spring/summer 2014). WHITE TUX SKINNY SUIT JACKET Topman -£110 WHITE CHINO SHORTS River Island -£25

c Artisteiv o M ts men

Last season was slogan tees, spring/summer is all about artistic tees, and what better time to promote art with Lady Gaga having just released her amazing new ARTPOP album. You can literally turn yourself into a walking canvas with an artistic tee, a statement that is bound to get you noticed and have all sorts of street style photographers begging you for your photograph like a celebrity on a street style red carpet. BLACK PRINTED MESH TSHIRT Topman -£22 BLACK KREMLIN MESH TSHIRT Topman -£22

Men’s Fashion 2014 guys in dresses in some cases (love the fearlessness of that) It’s like a rebound of the 1980’s where guys wore lipstick and eyeliner, and yet still possessed a sexiness of masculinity. As winter starts to fade away and the spring takes over, we sometimes need a little help in knowing what we can wear for a new season r Flowe Power

“Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking!” Yes that’s right Miranda Priestly, florals aren’t just for you girls anymore (for any of you that don’t get the quote, how dare you call yourself a fashionista). Wear them head to toe on a suit (as long as you swap the trousers for shorts when it gets warmer of course). Florals are a must for spring, and what better way to give your wardrobe a pinch of spring than pretty flowers in over exaggerated patterns? BLACK MONOCHROME FLORAL PRINT T-SHIRT River Island -£20 BLACK FLORAL PRINT SHORTS River Island -£30

that is practical and yet still helps us in the know of what’s in and what’s so last season. So here’s a look at some of the spring/summer trends for you guys out there, that you can rock now to bring a little spring warmth into your winter wardrobe. Long Coats



Take your leather gloves and match them with leather pants, a leather jumper, hey, why not go the whole hog and wear a leather tee too! It’s the ultimate way to feel sexy by making a statement, not into head to toe leather? Then add touches of it to your winter wardrobe with colourful leather stripes or even statement pastel leather pants. BLACK 86 LEATHER LOOK FRONT T-SHIRT Topman -£22 BLACK LEATHER LOOK SLEEVE JERSEY BOMBER JACKET Topman -£35

Unveil your trench coat and make sure you turn the collar up (plus usually we don’t bother with size, but the longer it is, the better). Have one in every colour too, it’s the ultimate statement for your looks, and teamed up with some converse and a backpack and you’ve got a cool cross between geek and sophistication. NAVY 2 IN 1 SMART BIKER COAT River Island -£120 BLUE MARL HERRINGBONE SMART COAT Topman -£200




GOD’S GIFT CLOTHING Anne-Maria Odesanya describes her experience at the God’s Gift Launch Party in MCR

The message couldn’t be clearer, James Tindale and Alex Christopher’s Gym Wear range is not another celebrity clothing line, this one is here to stay!


lex Christopher’s store Each To Their Own has always been the stomping ground for fresh and unique labels. The Sheffield born designer stocks some of England’s greatest emerging labels such as Blonde and Wise, Roc & Doll, Anonymous and Alex’s own label [Alex Christopher].


ue hyperventilating 15-year-old girls in a fashion store, no tears or tantrums these girls are here to see James Tindale. Geordie Shore’s beloved character has always stood out as one of the gentler characters of the cast. Not only being a rather handsome face, James is clearly also a good businessman. Spotting a niche in the market for modern and trendy gym wear, God’s Gift Clothing was born! Together with Each To Their Own Store Owner and designer Alex Christopher an ultimate partnership commenced. 14




e both invested some money to get it started, but fundamentally God’s Gift Clothing is going to grow as it is. There is no doubt about it, it’s that twinkle in his eyes that showed that he is truly excited and proud of the label. Next on the horizon for their joint partnership is the complete takeover of women’s gym apparel. Watch out ladies, ver the gentleman we’re coming for you, James James, took his time added with a smile! and explained that he’d always wanted to design gym-wear, nudging he adds hile we left James who doesn’t want to look to take care of his good when they’re working fans we spotted out? James explained “ being long time friends [with designer Alex Christopher, Alex Christopher], it only Each To Their Own store seemed natural for me and owner and designer and him to start a label togeth- asked him about his amazer. “ I always come to his ing path to becoming one shop and buy his clothes; of Manchester’s great dethe cut and the fit are just signers. Opening his first store [James has successperfect!” fully opened 4 stores sinceContacts: Sheffield, Rotherham, Leeds and Manchester] in Sheffield was blood, “sweat and tears”, he described. Starting out as a hairdress er, Alex has always been looking for unique clothing items, so it was up to him MANCHESTER BOUTIQUE 7 BARTON ARCADE DEANSGATE to accessorise things, sow, sticking and gluing things MANCHESTER M3 2BB together here and there. “I converted a small space into a workshop and went from there. It wasn’t until 3 to 4 years until I actually made a profit. I knew that there would be other independent designers out there and I also needed a platform for myself. It ex-



cites me now when people recognise my brand based on the cross…English designer….English heritage… St. Christopher….English church. It fits; nearly 95% of all my items are produced in England, the majority in Sheffield and Knitwear in Leicester.


nline is going crazy for everyone at the moment and is killing the high street. My advise to anyone wanting to become a designer? “Don’t do it”, he says laughing, “No, have the determination to succeed, have your heart in it and be prepared to work and above all, always be prepared to show your stuff! The fashion industry is fickle, “I don’t particularly look at the fashion industry, everyone is sucked into it but everything and everyone is the same. They all think they’re individual but in actuality they’re not. Be inspired by random things, look around. That is the core of my motto and also what coined the name of my stores.”


ach to Their Own comes from being different. What are you wearing? – “I’d be saying each to their own mate, each to their own…”




Designer in focus: Christian Dior One of the most iconic designers of all time, a master in his profession. Christian Dior had a brief but unbelievably influential life, his career began with his iconic ‘New Look’ in 1947. He reigned supreme in Parisian fashion for ten years until his death in 1957. Words and photos by Rachel Harrison


xhibitions showcasing the works of legendary designers are usually found within London and other different capitals around the world, when I found out this amazing opportunity to view some of the finest works of Christian Dior was right here in Manchester, I was surprised and very excited to view such talent! Located in Platt Fields Park, The Gallery Of Costume is known as one of the most important costume collections in Britain, second to only the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The Gallery of Costume showcases over 20,000 fashion items from the 17th century to modern day, all of which are housed in a beautiful listed Georgian house. The gallery holds a variety of visiting exhibitions throughout the year and I was thrilled when I heard the designer in focus was the iconic, Christian Dior.


he exhibition features many outfits acquired by the Gallery of Costume; displaying day, cocktail and evening wear,







which represent many of Dior’s seminal collections. In every piece of clothing, Dior created voluptuous silhouettes which flatters the female body, which runs like a narrative in all his pieces. ‘I moulded my dresses to the curves of the female body, so that they called attention to its shape.’ Christian Dior.


ith beautiful silk fabric, the collection in the gallery was breathtaking. With such a keen eye to detail and the female body, Dior used fabric, colour and prints that are timeless. Christian Dior aimed to please, flatter and provide a exquisite level of quality to women, that is often overlooked today. The collection proves that true style never fades. Stunning dresses in beautiful surroundings, the Christian Dior exhibition is the perfect escape on a rainy day. ‘A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture, designed to enhance the proportions of the female body.’ Christian Dior The free exhibition runs from Wednesday 12 June 2013 Sunday 12 January 2014. Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5LL, 0161 245 7245

Featured: Decades of fashion If we understand the past of fashion, we can more easily understand its present and predict its future. Where does a trend come from and how does it evolve? Which trends are likely to make a comeback and which are not? Where did it all really start? Jump into the fashion time machine and be prepared to witness the va va voom of the swinging 60’s, the groovy 70’s, the weird and wonderful 80’s & 90’s and of course not forgetting- the naughty noughts! Our style inspiration today has come from the daring designers of the past, but which decade screams NOW? With the endless chaos of the big F industry, lets take a step back and see where the idea’s for our glam garms really came from.

The swinging 60’s. Clothes. We all wear them, we all need them, we all love them. Whatever style, colour, shape. Whether it be a knit, a tee or a skirt. We have them! 20



Make up Tutorial And as Katherine Ham- By Rachael Dutton nett once stated; “Clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand.”-Obv. That goes without saying! So have you ever stepped back to think about where today’s fashion inspiration actually came from? Do you immediately think of

1950s look: in the fifties, it was all about colour and statements, the ‘victory rolls’ for the hair are a key piece in the fifties. I created them by sectioning hair into three pieces. It’s essential it’s three rolls. And roll into your finger and pin with a bobbypin and hairspray. Makeup- I chosen a bright red lip to complete the look as it was commonly used in the 50’s.

Written by Hollie Wilkinson Make up and Hair: Rachael Dutton Stylist: Sara Peacock Photography by @ MCRFashionMag the 40’s when you see Chezza supporting the famous red military jacket? Or do you just stare at your TV with green eyes and not touch carbs for the next three days? Either way, we know that fashion pretty much took off in the sizzling sixties, when the mini, became more than a form of transport. The sixties brought us the little shift dresses, PVC dresses and the pillbox hat. Bright bold colours, sequins and polka! Jackie Kennedy made fashion elegant in the early 60’s, with Chanel tweed suits with over sized buttons and made the stiletto more of a religion- Not a shoe. The evening look was full skirted gowns with tightly fitting waists, something we are very familiar with in 2013. The Mods (modernists) were also known as “A British fashion phenomenon.” The girls often dressed similar to that of the men, wearing tailored suits with short hair styles. This mirrored the fetish for the ‘boyish figure’ in the 1920’s. The fashion circle is slowly beginning! The women found themselves inspired by top models such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, and as we progressed into the mid 60’s, velvet and lace

mini dresses were hugely popular, as they now are today. Vogue became life and false eyelashes became an every day essential (The girls of Essex have a lot to thank the 60’s for). Chiffon dresses and blouses first started, as did the bell-bottomed trouser. The chiffon craze is still on going because we just can’t get enough. Audrey Hepburn introduced us to the drainpipe trouser, what a beaut. Immensely popular in the 2000’s, worn by both men and women! The last little

treat of the 60’s was ‘the hippie’; where peace, love and freedom became more than just words. Think medallions, fringe and love beads.

The flaring 70’s.

In 1971 we first witnessed the platform, which were worn by both men and women- as were the flares! Wide legged trousers were supported by both sexes, and the rolla disco is mixed with Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy. Skimpy hot pants were a must and satin, metallic and sequins




were amongst the most daring of fabrics. The 30’s and 40’s look was then thrown back into the 70’s circle with feather and fur hitting every UK wardrobe. The fitted blazer was a huge trend, just as it is today. In 2010 the maxi was brought back to the world, hiding a multitude of sins on it’s way. Originating from the 70’s, every girl now owns one. The late 70’s introduced us to a great fashion icon- All hail Dame Vivienne Westwood. The ‘punk’ era was created by Miss Westwood and her partner Malcom Mclaren, as they were styling the Sex Pistols. As we all know, fashion relies on change. The state of the British economy in the 70’s pushed everyone into depression. Therefore the movement to punk was a “direct reaction to what’s happening in the economy.”

The famous 80’s.

Now don’t get too excited, but we’ve hit the 80’s. And where to start? Say hello to Ralph Lauren, Flashdance and pointy breasts! Leg warmers, headbands, American style sweaters, mini skirts and leggings were all supporting features in this decade. A typical 80’s outfit would have been tight leggings, leg

1960s look I recreated the 1960s by adding lots of lashes. In the sixties it was all about the cat eyeliner flick and false eyelashes. I added an additional pair to the bottom to recreate the ‘twiggy’ look. Also a pink lip was standard in the sixties also. The hair was always big and bold in this era, so I decided a simple classy bun was best to finish off this look. 22



warmers, stilettos, a long jumper/ sweater, big hair with a big headband. So fun and flirty, its simply genius. Joan Collins brought us the craze of shoulder pads, which in fact Lady GaGa has brought right back to the noughts! The shoulder pads were a statement. A statement of ‘Power dressing’ in the office, showing those men that we are equal! Fashion models such as Elle Macpherson and Brooke Shields, gave girls the confidence to wear the bright plastic heel, which is safe to say,




1970’s look Iin the seventies it was fitting we used a headband scarf. Normally this decade is all about the hippy vibe, with scarfes and plaits in the hair. The makeup is very Smokey eyes and nude lips also.

has not yet made a come back. Shiny, spandex leotards, tights, bright stripes, illuminous tops and thick bold headbands were the epitome of 80’s womens fashion. With this trend starting from the dance-themed movies. Jane Fonda’s aerobics video’s were a huge inspiration to girls wearing ripped sweatshirts that came over one 24


shoulder. These are still being worn today, in gyms and dance classes. But wait: the Queen of all things fabulous has entered the building- It’s Madonna. Girls of the world started to imitate her unique look, wearing braziers as outerwear, fishnet gloves, hair bows, tulle skirts, beaded necklaces, leather and sexy lycra! Wearing underwear as


outerwear was frowned upon until the mid 80’s. However; “This was both an assertion of sexual freedom and a conscious rejection of prevailing androgynous fashions.” We see this style a lot on our runways and high streets today. Hair bows are essential, as are leather shorts and sequin bra’s, looking just like Annie Lennox. The ‘preppy’ way of




1990’s/00’s look In this era the tied in to together it was very much denim and retro the makeup was very minimal with a little Smokey eye and a nude lip. And the hair was either extreme in a high pony or down loose and wavey. Used on the model was Mac studio fix foundation, Mac pro longwear concealer, and a mix of Nars, Chanel, Mac products for eyes, lips and face. Eyelashes by Ardell. life has slowing in twinged itself back into our lives, originally formed in the 80’s, the idea of ‘ivy league’, with shirts, chino’s, loafers and Ralph Lauren polo shirts and jumpers, loosely tied round the neck. Leggings were worn with pretty much anything- from dresses, to skirts, to jumpers, to shirts. As it stands today, every girl I know owns a pair of leggings. Its a safe trend. MC Hammer brought us the “parachute pant” with an extremely low and baggy seem, to which we then saw the ‘harem pant’ make a revival in 2009!

The nifty ninetees.

You were either a casual chick or alternative rocker! T-shirts, jeans, trainers and simple sweats were more than adequate. Thankfully the 90’s hasn’t made too much of a comeback- yet. A very simple and boring era, we saw a rise in fleeces, turtle neck and floral skirts. Dressing head to toe in black was the craze of the mid 90’s. As we arrive in the late 90’s. We saw lots of crop tops with low rise jeans. The latex catsuit, famously worn 26



Shot at Oxfam Originals Manchester 51 Oldham St, Manchester, Greater Manchester M1 1JR Originals.Manchester by Britney Spears in “Ooops I did it again” video was amongst the 90’s favourites. Again, thankfully, the catsuit hasn’t returned! One fad that is still unfortunately trending is the ‘British Chav’. From Vicky Pollard to Vinnie Jones, it’s a football culture with hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. A lot of women in the

90’s mimicked the style of Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ (isn’t she lovely!) Tattoo’s and body piercings became something of the now phase, with the alternative rock music giving an entirely different meaning to grunge.

The Naughty Noughts!

The 2000’s have been de-

scribed as the “Mash-up decade”. Fashion has done a full circle and recycled styles from each era. There have been many different fashion styles of this decade, with each season relating to one in particular. For example, summer 2011 was very 70’s inspired, with wide legged trousers, chiffon shirts and platform wedges. Skinny jeans, sandals and the boho look has been completed. Ballet flats, over sized handbags, body con dresses, chiffon shirts, ugg boots, leggings and converse also trending, taking inspiration from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. Elements of ‘Indie pop” and “Emo” street style were incorporated into outfits, along with glam rock. Decorative fabrics, tassels, sequins, beads, peplum, cats eye sunglasses, animal skin bags, chunky heels and silk scarves... We are nowadays reviving the 70’s! Fashion is just a way of life. Your style screams: “This is what I do”. But fashion also relies on change. A change in politics or history. Is fashion adapted or followed? That’s up too you to make your own judgement. But there’s three budding questions you should think about: Do you believestyle wise, that you would fit in any specific decade? What would be your ultimate diva of the decade outfit? And can you predict what style is next to hit this decade? Well why not step ahead of the game and dig deep into next seasons possible style. Whether it be more pastel, tassel, peplum or fur – make sure you are ready and raring for action. Remember, fashion is always impinging on the future.




Kirstie Collins


INTERVIEW 1. Why are you interested in modelling? I love fashion and beauty. I also enjoy being in front of a camera 2. What interests you in fashion? Clothes, shoes, make up, latest hair styles and trends, being a girl I think that’s important. 3. What magazines do you read?

info and stats Contact details: collins91 Height: 170 cm / 5ft 7in Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Blue Chest: 81 cm / 32 in Waist: 66 cm / 26in Hips: 73 cm / 29in Dress Size: 8 - 10 Shoe size: 6.0 UK

7. Please describe your experience on the photo shoot that you did with us. Did you enjoy it? Yes I had fun, Rachael and Akbar were good to work with, it would have been better if we had more space to do the shoot, the clothes aren’t my choice of clothing but I’m easy going and like to try new things and the shoot with different decade’s was good fun. 8. Which outfit was your favourite?

OK, Glamour and Vogue.

Yellow top black pencil skirt.

4. What fashion/modelling related TV shows do you watch?

9. Which was you least favourite?

Victoria Secret’s fashion shows, them girls are amazing! 5. Do you have a favourite model, designer or fashion icon? Candice Swanople, Gisele Bundgen and Cara Disease. 6. How do you see yourself progress in this field? A lot of people have asked do I model so thought it would be good to give it a go. I’m hard working and look after myself so who knows.

The gold dress, I just didn’t like the dress, it did nothing for my figure but obviously that was the fashion back then. Adidas hoodie just because I didn’t like the sporty look. 10. Would you wear any of the outfits that we shot? I would probably say the black skirt, leopard print shoes as they’re in fashion right now, I liked that look was quiet quirky/sexy with the hair style and glasses. This suited my figure and I had more fun doing the shoot.

11. What beauty/health tips do you swear by? Green tea, hot water with lemon! 12. What is your New Year’s resolution ? To better my career

Interview with Rimsha Shaikh Why do you want to Why are you interested so diverse. work as a model? in this career? Fashion is my passion. It’s where I’ve always pictured myself. From a young age I was always the diva of the family. I loved my dresses and dressing up in my mums heels and bags. I even used to use her make up and perfume. During my teen years I wasn’t the prettiest teen, nor the slimmest or most popular. I was the quiet girl who kept herself to herself yet dreamed of big things. Working as a model for me doesn’t just mean having my make up done and standing in front of a camera to pose. It means so much more. It means making what I dreamed of come true. I want to work in a field that is exciting and new every day. I want to travel and experience new things on a daily basis.

I have always had an eye for fashion and beauty and to work in that field has always been my dream. It’s what I’ve wanted for as far as I can remember. I want a career that is constantly changing. A new challenge every day. I’ve always had a creative mind and I would be able to put that to use whilst modelling.

What magazines do you read?

My go to magazines would be ELLE, Vogue, Asiana Magazine and Grazia.

What fashion/modelling related TV shows do you watch?

I used to be hooked on Americas Next Top Model. I don’t really watch a lot of TV anymore, I keep up What interests you in to date with the fashion fashion? world online or through Change. Fashion is con- books and magazines. stantly changing. It ranges from the most extravagant designs to the simple Do you go to fashion and elegant. There is so shows? much to work with and so I attend the Clothes Show many different looks you Live almost every year in can create which is excit- Birmingham. I recently ating. Fashion is used by tended Vogue’s Fashion everyone everywhere in Night out in Manchester the world which makes it and I also attended Lon-

don Fashion Week for the in a day’ It’ll take a lot of hard and I keep it very well moisfirst time this year which was work but I know I’ll get there. turised. Eating healthy foods an amazing experience. which are high in antioxidants works wonders for your skin. What did your friends and Green tea is also very good for Do you have a favourite family think of you becom- your body.

model, designer or fashion ing a model, are they supicon? portive? My fashion icon would be Alexa Chung. I love her simple urban chic style. She’s glamorous yet simple which is how I like to look. My favourite designer would be Christian Dior. Simple elegance is my favourite look which is what Dior does best.

I am in this on my own. My family are not supportive of my aspirations to become a successful model due to their religious beliefs and values. I know that this doesn’t mean they won’t be there but they don’t support it. However my friends are quite supportive of my goals. My family are very down to earth, reserved What are your goals as a and very well respected peomodel? ple who live and die by their My goals are to become the religion and culture. Modelface or a major fashion or ling for them means being exposed to the world which is beauty brand. something no one in my family has ever done.

How do you see yourself progress in this field?

I see myself working hard and driving myself as much as possible until I reach my goal. I know that these goals aren’t achievable overnight but as they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built

What is your New Year’s resolution? I don’t really have one but if I had to choose one I’d say it’s to remain focused on being successful and avoiding distractions.


Height: 160 cm / 5ft 3in Chest: 83 cm / 33 in Shoe size: 5.5 UK

Contact: profile/ProfileDetail.aspx?m_ What beauty tips do you id=2871632 swear by? My beauty tips would be eat rimishaikh well, sleep well and look af- @RimshaShaikh ter your skin. I cleanse my skin every night before I sleep

Digging up the surreal with super-talented Emma Phillipson 1 What defines you as a photographer?

Every photographer is defined by the images they create (unless you’re Terry Richardson, but let’s not go there!) I always remember my tutor at university telling me how important it is to find ‘your voice’, your style and for far too long I tried to force it, emulating styles of photographers I idolised or styles that seemed on trend. I was trying to create images I thought others wanted to see. However, it’s when I stopped trying and made images that I wanted to see, that they began to get noticed. You have to let your voice find you and not the other way around. I think if you look at any of my images you can tell they have been created by a wom32


an, in my art photography there always underlies themes of femininity vs feminism, nature vs nurture and elements of the surreal.


When did your photography journey begin?

I was working in London’s West End, assisting a Theatrical Agent after a failed stint of studying Art History at Goldsmiths College. I used to go out on my lunch breaks with an old Pentax SLR and shoot around Covent Garden - the street performers, the tourists, the actors hanging round stage doors and so on. At this point it was just a hobby I had a knack for. I relocated back to Manchester after securing a job running the casting desk at a well-known Modelling Agency. I loved pon-


Manchester based young talent, Emma is a daring, contrasting and at times eccentric photographer who doesn’t fail to surprise us with every single answer.

By Antonia Alice Bolcas

dering over the contact sheets that came in from the model test shoots, figuring what made one image more or less successful than the next. It opened my eyes to the idea I could turn my hobby in to a career, so I applied to study on the Photography BA at Manchester Metropolitan University.


What inspires you?

People I work with, people I love and PreRaphaelite art


What you can’t go a day without.

Coffee and cigarettes. A really naughty answer. I am a bit of a workaholic with terrible eating habits, so my cigarette breaks are the

only chance I give myself to stop and think and reflect. I’ve promised myself I will give up in the new year, so I need to find a replacement ‘for five minutes you must stop what you are doing and remove yourself from the current environment and daydream’ excuse!


If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would you chose.

and after her cameo for the 2012 Olympic Opening ceremony I’m sure she’d be up for collaborating on a conceptual Such a hard question! shoot – something a bit I am by no means a different to her usual Royalist – in fact I’m static portraits, though quite indifferent on I did love Julian Calder’s the matter, but I would recent portrait of her at definitely have to choose Balmoral! HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen fascinates me, the life she has led, January2014










Where is your favourite shoot location and why.

obsessed with old leather bound books and the building is so beautiful, though I want to save it for a ‘big’ conceptual shoot.

in the past, heavily inspired by Jan Svankmajer. There is another project in the pipeline The problem with involving a mermaid shoot locations is, for which I am currently even if you allow yourwriting the script for. I self to have a favourite, What do you like am hoping to take it into you can only really use experimenting with. pre-production in the it a handful of times. I spring. love all locations where Moving Image! When there are no elements of you shoot stills you How do you feel human intervention. On are capturing a single about Manchester the beach, in a forest, by moment. Working with as a future big fasha river, on meadowland a moving image changes ion resort? as in these locations everything – your comyou get to create your position changes, camIt really is exciting own story. One location era angles etc. I have times! Vogue’s FashI would love to shoot in made a couple of stop ion Night Out last is Chetham’s Library, I’m motion animation shorts October was a fantastic






showcase for the many talented home-grown designers of the city. The new Benzie Building at Manchester Metropolitan has created a fantastic creative learning environment for the Fashion students there, Manchester still manages to maintain a careful balance of big name retailers and small independent boutiques‌. Move aside Paris and Milan!

At the moment I am happy to be able to pay the bills from taking images, though I am trying to develop my business and marketing skills (my website is still under construction and has been for about three years). So far I have been very lucky and have never stopped working via recommendation and word of mouth, which has on the flip side made me lazy when it comes to making a decent webFuture Career Plans. site or even business cards! At some point in the future I would


love to return to my art photography full time, hopefully when I’m in my 40s at some point! I’d love to be the next Cindy Sherman or Sam Taylor Wood, and before then I hope to establish myself as a noted advertising editorial photographer. I just have to work harder! Contact info: emmaphillipsonphotography@hotmail. com emmaphillipsonphotography







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