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The College of Business and Information Science is a Dynamic Engine of Excellence and Competitiveness The Tuskegee University Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science is deeply rooted in the university’s historical mission and its emphasis on economic empowerment and business development. From its inception, Tuskegee has been recognized as an institution committed to the values of self-help, entrepreneurship, business development and lifelong learning. Today, the College of Business and Information Science is keenly focused on remaining among the top tier of historically black colleges and universities offering academically sound, careeroriented curricula designed to produce graduates with the capacity and inclination to excel in both private and public sectors. A major initiative of the college is its commitment to challenge its graduates to develop a keen intellect and a spirit of service to the global world of today. Using a three-pronged approach consisting of instruction, research and service, the college offers a Bachelor of Science degree in nine majors: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Hospitality Management, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Computer Science and Information Technology. With nearly 500 students, the business majors offered in CBIS are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, the premier business school accrediting agency. The AACSB International Accreditation Committee lauded the college for the high percentage of students placed in jobs and

“ We take a holistic approach to education, not only developing technical skills and a strong knowledge base, but also giving attention to the person.” TE JI N D E R S . S A R A , D EAN

internships and the breadth of partnerships with academic and business organizations that help “build faculty expertise, curricula and opportunities for students.” The college is housed in the Andrew F. Brimmer Hall, which is named for the immediate past chairman of the Tuskegee University Board of Trustees, the first black to serve on the Federal Reserve Board and as a professor at Harvard Business School. The facility opened in 2007, and it is today one of Tuskegee’s signature buildings outfitted with the latest in technological advancements, including “smart” classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories, all designed to provide optimal simulation of real-world business concepts and applications. A number of dedicated teaching and research laboratories, including Bloomberg Finance, Ford Motor Company Computer Security, Computer Forensics, Software Engineering, and High Performance Computing serve as vehicles for high-quality research conducted by faculty and students. Many of the programs of the college have received national recognition. For instance, the college’s sales and marketing program was recognized as a “Top University Sales Program for 2011” by the Sales Education Foundation. The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated Tuskegee University as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Systems Security Education. Under the leadership of Tejinder S. Sara, dean, the college strives to be the business college of choice for the best and the brightest students the region and the nation have to offer.


The College of Business and Information Science has identified an array of great opportunities waiting for the college as a result of a rapidly changing world and accelerated advances in technology. But in order for the college to have the ability to influence and shape the future and the events that take place in the world of business and computer science, the college must have added resources needed to support this enterprise. The goals and objectives of the college are built around ten strategic directions for operations in the next five years and beyond. Those directions and the funding priorities needed to support them total $18 million and include the following: Endowed Chairs

$8 Million

Endowed chairs in Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship and Information Assurance, at the level of $2 million each, will assist the college in continuing to strengthen the rigor and relevance of the educational preparation of undergraduates for life and work in a global society. The chairs will also help the college achieve competitive distinction among comparable business schools in the region and the nation. Scholarships

$3 Million

More than 85 percent of the student body requires some type of financial assistance in order to complete their educational goals. With assistance in this area, the college will accomplish its goal of retaining high-quality students who are able to compete successfully in the workplace and/or graduate and professional schools. New Master of Science Degree in Information Systems and Security Management $2 Million The Master of Science degree in Information Systems and Security Management will be offered in the coming academic year. A unique feature of this degree is that the curriculum will blend business and management with information technology to create a marketable skill set that is in high demand in a variety of industries. Establishment of a Center of Excellence in Information Assurance

$1 Million

The college has been at the forefront of Information Assurance and has been recognized by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as a designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Systems Security Education. This new center will focus research and education resources on this knowledge/skill set, which is vitally important to almost every business. Upgrade Computers/Multimedia/Laboratories

$1 Million

Although the Andrew F. Brimmer Hall is a state-of-the-art facility housing the latest in technology for students and faculty, technology is rapidly changing. It is imperative that the college continually update its facility environment so that its students will be able to succeed beyond their expectations in the classroom and in the business world.

Establishment of a Finance Training Laboratory

$1 Million

The students at the college are already using the Bloomberg Lab, which is the result of a contribution from Bloomberg Corp. The Bloomberg Lab provides 24-hour access to finance and economic data. A new finance training laboratory would further enhance their skills in the financial markets. This will support the college’s efforts to remain current with industry changes and build alliances and relationships in the finance industry. Visiting Lectureships


Visiting faculty and scholars from the corporate and professional world help keep the college abreast of the latest developments in the business environments, providing students and faculty with exposure to experiential knowledge that is critical for success. In particular, these arrangements will be an integral part of the education of upper-level students. Upgrade Hospitality Management Program


An upgrade of the Hospitality Management program located in the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center at Tuskegee University is required so that it can receive full accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. Renovation of Facility to House Business Enterprise Center


The college envisions the establishment of a strong entrepreneurship program, and adjacent to Andrew F. Brimmer Hall is a building that would be ideal for its location. That building, which is currently used as the Band Cottage, is in need of renovations and upgrades. Upgrade Classrooms (Electronic)


The classrooms of Andrew F. Brimmer Hall have been in place since the building opening in 2007. There is a need for significant upgrades to keep abreast of the latest trends in business technology. These improvements would also help the college maintain a competitive edge in the recruitment and retention of quality students.


The College of Business and Information Science has a vision to strive to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading business and computer science programs. Embedded in this vision is the mission of providing students a challenging opportunity for a liberal, technical and professional education. Graduates of the college are expected to be wellinformed and responsible individuals capable of succeeding in both private and public sectors in a global and diverse society, as well as possessing a desire to engage in lifelong learning. With support from major corporations such as AmSouth Bank, Boeing, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble, Raytheon, Union Pacific Railroad and 3M, as well as federal grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency, the CBIS has created a valuable brand that attracts financial support from some of the premier names in the business and computer science worlds.

Tuskegee University is today poised on the brink of reaching yet another milestone in its stellar history, as we prepare to join the ranks of premier research universities in the world. In order to attain this goal we are embarking on a major capital campaign to raise $250 million – “Programmed for Excellence.” Of major importance to this campaign is the support of the Tuskegee University Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science and its programs, which are integral to our students’ overall educational experience.


Giving to the Tuskegee University College of Business and Information Science and the “Programmed for Excellence� Campaign If you have an interest in making a contribution in support of the Tuskegee University Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science, a representative will work with you and your advisers to assure that your gift is the greatest possible benefit to you and the university. Naming opportunities are available in recognition of major gifts to the college, and a university representative would be happy to explore those opportunities with you. For more information, please contact: Virgil E. Ecton Vice President for Federal Affairs and Director of the Capital Campaign 202-863-9384 Or Tuskegee University Office of Development 326 Kresge Center Tuskegee, Alabama 36088 334-727-8540 334-727-8195

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