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Invest in a Legacy

Foster Hall

Message from the President

Dear Talladega Family and Friends, I am proud to inform you, we remain on track to return Talladega College to its rightful place of preeminence. The restoration of Foster Hall has begun; as this historic women’s dormitory will be a perfect example of merging history and design with state of the art modern living conditions for our female student population. Thanks to a grant from the National Parks Service, I am able to invite you to join me, the Board of Trustees, Alumni, and all persons with a love for Talladega College, to become a “Friend of Foster Hall�. Your patronage will allow you to claim a piece of history at Talladega College while investing in completing the interior of this outstanding project. By taking the time to claim your space in Foster Hall, you will have the opportunity to have your name positioned in a place for a legacy to continue. Thank you for your continued support of Talladega College as I remain proud to be the President of this great institution. Sincerely, Billy C. Hawkins, Ph. D. President


oster Hall was the first building constructed specifically for Talladega College after it was established in 1867. Construction was completed in 1870 and served as a residence hall for female students and faculty as well the dining facility for the entire college. Foster Hall was named for the Reverend Lemuel Foster of Blue Island, Illinois, who donated much of the money used to construct the building. The restoration of Foster Hall is underway. Recently, the college was awarded a Historic Preservation Fund grant by the National Park Service in accordance with the 2009 Stimulus Bill to assist in preserving historic Foster Hall. The $700,000 award has allowed the restoration to begin. Closed since the 1980s, the dream of many Talladega College alumni is to have the dormitory opened again. We are now a step closer to making that happen. Enjoy reading as some alumni reminisce about their times in the dorm that is a jewel in the center of the Talladega College campus. Foster Hall will become a premiere woman’s residence facility to house female students, contain conference rooms, learning facilities, and house the student life and residence life departments.

A Special Place Remembered Foster Hall was a grand place. The parlor of the dormitory was a wonderful meeting place. It served as the meeting room for sororities and other groups. I also remember being in Foster Hall and watching the Ku Klux Klan parade down Battle Street. Ada Puryear Burnette Class of 1953 I was a senior in high school when my dad, mom, two brothers and I drove to Talladega College from Macon, Georgia one Sunday morning in May. I was trying to decide whether to attend Talladega or Fisk. I fell in love with Talladega and made the decision. Dr. Hilda A. Davis was the Dean of Women. Foster Hall remains a very important memory in the lives of the women who were fortunate enough to have lived there. Dove Savage Pinkney Class of 1954 As I arrived at Talladega, a majestic edifice welcomed me along with some of the most beautiful and intelligent women I thought I had ever seen. They helped me find my room as the upper classmen helped with my luggage. Foster Hall housed all the women of the college. The living room around the TV, the Sunday meetings, the parties, the card playing, as well as a place to be courted by the young men who were allowed in at appropriate times. Foster Hall was a place of beauty, companionship, a home away from home, love and security for all the women of Talladega. Johnnie Mae Durant Class of 1955 From fall 1961 through winter 1962, those of us in-

volved in the Civil Rights Movement were trained in the basement of Foster. We set at lunch counters where we performed sit-ins or movie theaters where we practiced picketing. We simulated the crowd, the police and the trouble makers…the entire scene. We were taught how to protect ourselves, if attacked, and how to conduct ourselves when we were arrested; both of which happened to many of us.

room. When she woke up she told me in a very calm voice that there was a ghost at the foot of my bed and to look at it. I remember this so vividly. She said she ran through the smoky figure to get to the light switch. She was so brave. She described the figure as an older lady with a lantern who looked as though she was doing a bed check. I am sure years ago the dorm mothers checked each room making sure everyone was in bed.

Dr. King and others involved in the Movement visited us there and gave encouragement and pride. We sang freedom songs and developed special bonds with our fellow school and classmates. As a result of this, I was President of the Freshman Class and the basement of Foster Hall was our headquarters where we held our meetings.

Linda Mealing Nelson Class of 1977

-Ulysses G. Ford, III Class of 1965 I loved my room in Foster, and I lived there for two years-Foster 314. It was a corner space with lots of room and everyone congregated there--maybe it was because we always had food. I am a history buff and I loved the historic ambiance of the residence hall. Joan W. Anderson Class of 1967 I lived in Foster Hall for two years, 1965 until 1967. Whenever there was a formal dance, the girls would gather in the lobby and watch each other come down the stairs to meet her date.  That was our version of the red carpet. Hopefully, I’ll be around when the restoration is complete so I can revisit old memories! Eusebia C. Sanderson Class of 1969 I lived on the third floor of Foster Hall from 1973 until 1974. One night In Foster Hall my roommate, Sandra Robinson, woke up to go down the hall to the ladies

From a housing project in Columbus, Ga. to a historically black college representing the first generation in my family to attend a four year institution, I stood frozen in front of my new home, Foster Hall, in the Fall of 1975. Sorority benches and beautiful trees were on either side of me. In the lobby were other wide-eyed freshman. I remember some of the stories about the “ghosts of Foster Hall’ told by upperclassmen. Foster Hall was a great first place to live away from my parents and in my adult life. Katie Mitchell Class of 1979 One of the memories that stood out the most was the lunch hours that were spent in the Foster Hall lobby watching “All My Children”. Right at the end of the soap, everyone would disperse to go to their next class! Minister Karen L. Kendrick Class of 1984 My favorite memory was when my sorority had a reception in Foster Hall and Gwendolyn Brooks was there to read her poetry. Sharian Lott Class of 1984

SOLD 101

SOLD 100








SOLD 103

123 114 115


113 116







121 120







First Level Floor Plan Restoration of Foster Hall, Talladega College

Invest In History

Endowment Information A representative from Talladega College will be contacting you to establish your endowment arrangements for Foster Hall. Endow my investment to ensure the upkeep of my room past twenty (20) years. Endowment options are: 1. ___ Set up an endowment account with a minimum deposit of $1,000.00. Payments will be made in $________ increments of the next five (5) years. 2. ___ An insurance policy in the amount of at least $20,000.00 will be donated in the name of Talladega College to support the long term care of my room 3. ___ Stock will be transferred to Talladega College to support the long term care of my room.

Invest In History I am pleased to support The Foster Hall Project at Talladega College. Complete information below and mail in the enclosed envelope or fax to (256) 761-6220 My check is enclosed. Please make checks payable to Talladega College. Amount Enclosed:___________________ I want to start a Foster Hall endowment to make sure my room is cared for past 20 years. Please bill my credit card in the amount of:_______________ Credit Card Information To make your gift by credit card, please complete the following information: Mastercard Visa American Express Discover Card Name:_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________________________________ State:_________ Zip:_____________________ Email:_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________________ Fax:_____________________________________________ My installment investment for my room: __________________________________________________________________ Card Number:______________________________________________________ Expiration Date:____________________ Signature:___________________________________________________________________________________________ My employer is a matching gift company* Name of Employer:_______________________________________________ *All matching gifts will be credited to Talladega College, please return your completed matching gift form with your donation. How should your name appear on the Foster Hall Legacy? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Print

I am investing in room # ______________________.

I am pleased to support the Foster Hall Project at Talladega College

Become a part of history at Talladega College by placing your name on a piece of history during the restoration of historic Foster Hall. Invest in your Foster Hall room by selecting from the categories below and make your payment choice below : Dormitory Rooms



Administrative Offices



Conference Rooms



Lobby Area


$25,000.00 SOLD

Endow my investment past 20 years.

I do not wish to have my name on a room. I am showing my love for Foster Hall with the enclosed donation of $___________________.

Please accept my investment in Foster Hall in the following payment categories with all balances due by November 15, 2014: Dormitory Room – 1st donation - $1,500 Administrative Offices - 1st donation $2500 Conference Rooms – 1st donation $2500 Lobby Area – 1st donation - $5,000 SOLD

Make a 20-year investment in history.

How do I invest in Foster Hall and adopt my space? • Choose your favorite space. • Complete the Invest In History form. • Mail your Invest In History Form using the enclosed envelope or complete and fax to 256-761-6220. • All investment must be paid by November 15, 2014.

“Call your roommates and hall-mates to purchase the way it was.”

Foster Hall Restoration Questions and Answers Q: How will the donation funds be used? A: All investment donation funds will be used to complete the interior of Foster Hall with interior design, technology upgrades, and furniture. Q: How long will my investment and my name remain on my room? A: Your investment will last for 20 years. Q: Can I be a part of the Foster Hall Endowment Funds, to ensure that my name will be a part of Foster Hall past 20 years? A: Yes, you may be a part of the Foster Hall Endowment, by checking the endowment box on the Invest in History Form. You will be contacted to complete your details by a representative form Talladega College. Q: Will my name be placed on the room I purchase at Foster Hall? A: Yes, a donors’ name will be placed on an engraved name plate on the room purchased. Q: May I purchase more than one room? A: Yes, more than one room can be purchased by a donor. Q: Can organizations or groups purchase a room? A: Yes, organizations or groups may purchase a room. Q: May rooms be purchased in memory of parents, friends, or alums? A: Yes, rooms may be purchased in memory of any person or category the donor selects.


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200 240

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215 216





213 229




221 212






224 207


226 225



second Level Floor Plan Restoration of Foster Hall, Talladega College



300 340

339 338








330 303

314 313






SOLD 329



315 316

321 312






324 307



326 325



Third Level Floor Plan Restoration of Foster Hall, Talladega College



B12 B17 B13






B10 B3




B25 B24

B8 B23








Basement Level Floor Plan Restoration of Foster Hall, Talladega College

Talladega College Office Of The President 627 West Battle Street Talladega, Al 35160

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage


Montgomery, AL Permit No. 88

Foster Hall Publication  

A descriptive brochure about Foster Hall, and how to contribute to the university.

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