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MCPHS University Legacy Giving

Deferred Gifts—A Creative Approach a pharmacy education. Many of my students entered the job market with a huge debt in educational loans. If I can ease that, even slightly, I will consider my decision a success.” As a non-traditional pharmacy student, Ms. St. Amand needed and received the emotional support and financial assistance of her husband, now deceased, to help realize her career dream. In making the decision to establish a scholarship fund, she carefully considered both “why” and “how” to create a meaningful fund at MCPHS. The first part was easy. She notes, “Both my husband and I strongly advocated for the benefits and rewards of higher education.” With regard to The Margaret E. St. Amand Scholarship Fund will forever yield scholarship awards to pharmacy students who are interested in a clinical pharmacy career.

“how,” Ms. St. Amand considered her educational background at MCPHS and Worcester State University as she defined the scholarship fund criteria.

Marguerite (Peg) St. Amand BSP ’82 devoted her career to working in an institutional setting, first as a laboratory assistant at Lowell State College, and later, after graduating from MCPHS, as a hospital-based clinical pharmacist and manager. Although she is now retired, Ms. St. Amand still expresses a fond appreciation for her years spent in hospital pharmacy —especially her time as a pharmacy student preceptor. “I was always a staunch advocate of the hospital setting,” she says. Pointing to the advantages of ongoing direct interaction with nurses, physicians, and other allied health professionals, as a preceptor Ms. St. Amand steered students to hospital careers.

“The benefits of a deferred gift are that you know that you provided a bit of a ‘legacy.’” She is still committed to students who will enter the pharmacy profession. Ms. St. Amand recently became the first MCPHS alumnus to create an endowed scholarship fund that will receive proceeds from the distribution of an IRA account. She notes, “The benefits of a deferred gift are that you know that you provided a bit of a ‘legacy.’” Inheritance taxes will not be levied on the proceeds, and more importantly, she says, “I understand the cost of

Scholarship awards will be made to pharmacy students who intend to pursue a career in clinical pharmacy, with preference given to previous Worcester State graduates. Ms. St. Amand reflects, “The criteria I set directly impact students who attended a state institution, specifically Worcester State University. I believe that these students have more need than students who also graduated from private institutions.”

To learn more about how to explore your legacy giving options, call Lonny Townley, executive director of development operations, University Advancement, at 617.732.2230 or email

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