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Stockyards built by Aussies using Aussie steel

VTR Stockyards crush will be on display at Elmore Field Days.

Violet Town Rural (VTR) has an extensive line-up of stockyards and will have its exclusive range of VTR Stockyards on display at Elmore Field Days. After selling other manufacturers’ yards for more than 10 years VTR decided to design its own line using quality Australian steel with the aim of making stock handling safer and easier. VTR has a large range available for sheep, cattle, goats and horses with force tubs and loading ramps, all fully sheeted for operator safety. The heavy-duty cattle crush features attention to strength, reliable locking mechanisms and most of all offers safety for the operator and the animal.

be used by anyone, young or old—something that other brands tend to lack. VTR can supply everything from the budget end of the market up to remote-controlled air-operated cattle crushes, drafting modules and automatic sliding race gates. VTR is also a distributor of the Handypiece; a 12V hand piece that is lightweight and powerful. Do yourself a favour and check out the VTR site to experience the Handypiece for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Striving to keep prices down, VTR’s product is made from premium Australian steel with the tensile strength and quality galvanising imported products often lack.

VTR will also have the Munro Post Driver on site; these machines have proven their reliability and popularity over the years.

However VTR also stocks a more affordable range for the hobby and out-block farmer.

Visit VTR at Site 1018 to discover great deals on offer during Elmore Field Days.

VTR not only builds its yards with safety in mind but even has an adjustable cattle ramp that can

Come see us at the Bayer tent to learn about the

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USE WITH THE GENESIS POWER DOSER For more information see us on site or phone your local representative.

4JUF Bayer Area Manager Ben Parker Ph: 0428 645 979

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Bayer Australia Ltd, 875 Pacific Highway, Pymble NSW 2073, ACN 000 138 714. Find out more at



Violet Town Rural also sells the Munro post driver.

Experience the Handypiece for yourself at the Violet Town Rural site.

Elmore field days 2017 lowres  
Elmore field days 2017 lowres