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Entegra handiwork on show at Elmore

The Elmore Events Centre stable pavilion designed by Entegra Signature Structures.

For 30 years, Entegra Signature Structures has been manufacturing custom designed and engineered sheds. When the founder Neville McCalman invented the world-first ‘curved roofline to ridgeback’ with his team, he knew that the future of shed structures was about innovation, not just having a shed that had a functional purpose. From one hay or machinery shed to another, the complex requirements that needed specific engineered designs to fit in the environmental surrounds where they were erected became critical to the longevity of the shed and its purpose. Entegra’s signature structures are skilfully transforming the shed industry and every element of the shed is now designed to protect the significant multi-use of the structure through innovation. Entegra Signature Structures

founder and managing director Neville McCalman said when they built a hay shed, it was not just about storing hay. “It’s about the engineering excellence required to ensure that the shed is built to last, with multi-purpose use and that it seamlessly fits in the environment in which it is placed,” Neville said. Entegra—then Swan Hill Engineering—designed, manufactured and constructed the two pavilions at Elmore Events Centre, home to Elmore Field Days. Greg McCalman was heavily involved in the design process of these buildings. “Elmore Events Centre approached us at the design phase of both their buildings, so we had to evaluate

what their requirements were and priorities,” Greg said. “We came up with multiple options which met their requirements as well as additional suggestions. “From here the details were finalised in terms of the exact dimensions of doors and clearance heights and we were able to draw the line between what the client required and their budget constraints.”

Elmore Events Centre president Derek Shotton said Entegra was an easy company to deal with. “Having used them for projects for other purposes too, they do follow through on their word, and ensure the quality of completion comes before the dollar,” Mr Shotton said. For more information about Entegra, visit Site 520 or




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