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Committee & Sponsors Executive President: Derek Shotton Senior Vice President: Andrew Holmberg Junior Vice President: David McCormick

The committee of Elmore Field Days wishes to acknowledge the support of our strategic partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and many agencies of Government, in particular these organisations:

Treasurer: Philip Neale Assistant Treasurer: Ron Trewick Chair Static Display: Scott Nichol Assistant Chair Static Display: Brian Mullane Public Relations Officer (Pro): John Giffin Assistant Pro: Sheryn McCormick Immediate Past President: David Trewick

Committee Robert Comer

Ivan McKenzie

Peter Cowan

Michael Mullane

Wayne Cowan

Brendan Shotton

Colin Holmberg

Todd Shotton

George Holmberg

Darren Trewick

May Mann

Lorraine Trewick

Gerard McCormick

Colin Walker

Bruce McKenzie

Max Williams

Event Staff Event Coordinator: Lauren Nesbit Event Coordinator: Caitlin McAuliffe Event Coordinator: Rachel Thorp Maintenance: Tony Wooley

Life Governors Samuel J. Ayson

Bruce A. McKenzie

W. H. R. Ayson (Dec)

Ivan E. McKenzie

Geoff L. Clay

May Mann

William A. Cowan (Dec)

Donald M. Palmer (Dec)

R.W. Duncan (Dec)

John R. Roulston

Frank J. Harney

E. John Shotton (Dec)

Andrew E. Holmberg

Darren J. Trewick

George H. Holmberg

Glenn S. Trewick

Ian J. Johnson

Ronald D. Trewick

J. Maxwell Johnson

Benjamin G. Webb

Edward J. Koch (Dec)

Maxwell J. Williams

Gerard T. McCormick

Bendigo Hat Shop Country Fire Authority Country News



CWA Cyclone Gates Event Scooter Hire Hip Pocket Work Wear

Malandy Outdoor Furniture Murray Primary Health Network Quest Echuca

Elmore field days 2017 lowres  
Elmore field days 2017 lowres