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DeLaval to launch new milking system DeLaval has announced it will reveal a new rotary milking system designed specifically for grassland farming, at Elmore Field Days. “We’ve taken everything we know globally and distilled that into a system for farmers on a pasturebased production model,” DeLaval’s Oceania sales director Justin Thompson said. “We’re incredibly excited to reveal a system that meets the local needs of farmers who are milking two or three hours twice a day over a seasonal curve. “These are not farms with 20000 cows milking around the clock like our customers in China and Europe. “What we’ve done is put the farmer in the middle of the picture. “Throughout this whole process, we have kept asking ourselves, what sort of system will measurably improve their animal welfare, farm

profitability, worker efficiency and milk quality?” This new system has been kept under wraps on a test farm, where a 500-cow herd was the first to put the system through its paces over the 2016–2017 season. “For us, cow comfort comes first and I’ve never seen animals so calm in a cowshed,” farm owner Jack Scheres said. “We’d never worked with DeLaval before. “We had always thought they imported their technology from Europe, so we’ve been pleasantly surprised to see this system developed in Oceania for our dairy conditions.”

DeLaval will launch a new milking system at Elmore Field Days. “It identifies the cow as she comes in, it tells me milk production or milk loss, and it will automatically draft any cow based on parameters I set,” sharemilker Chap Zweirs said. “Any cowshed will do the basic job, so the inbuilt technology was the deciding factor for us to go ahead

with DeLaval.” This reveal is the first phase in a rotary development program planned by DeLaval for the next two years. For more information, go to Site 991 at Elmore Field Days.



Elmore field days 2017 lowres  
Elmore field days 2017 lowres