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A long history of fertiliser Eastern Spreaders Pty Ltd is celebrating its 28th year of distributing Marshall Multispread fertiliser spreaders through the eastern states of Australia. The Marshall Multispread was developed when the proprietor, Albert Freeman managed a gypsum mining company in 1981. That company had a fleet of imported spreaders which handled the ‘puggy’ gypsum quite well but were too small for Australian broadacre farming. During the spring and summer of 1981-82 the prototype Multispread was developed in consultation with Marshall and Roesner Pty Ltd from Western Australia and modified. It spread approximately 15000 tonnes of gypsum in that first season. The Marshall Multispread went into full-scale production in 1982 and soon accounted for about 80 per cent of the belt-type spreader market. It was originally designed to spread heavy rates of gypsum, lime and organic material, but had the ability to handle fertiliser and seed at very light rates such as canola and lucerne seed as low as 4kg/ha.

In November 1989 Albert and Joan Freeman began Eastern Spreaders which continues to market and service the Marshall throughout Eastern Australia. Demand for larger units has seen the range increased to include models up to 16 tonne (12.5 cubic metres) and has been developed to spread to up to 36 metres in urea and fertiliser.

internet service as it transmits its own Bluetooth signal between the spreader controller and the iPad. Eastern Spreaders Pty Ltd also began importing N.D.E. Vertical Cutter/Mixer/Feeders in 2000 and is the Australian distributor for these very efficient and well received machines, both in dairy and feedlot situations.

A recent addition to Eastern Spreaders’ range of equipment is the Keltec Bale Slice which easily slices bales upwards from the bottom when loading into balefeeders or mixers and firmly holds and removes the wrap to avoid contamination of the feed. Eastern Spreaders will be located at Site 668 at The Elmore Field Days.

With the advent of GPS technology and precision farming a need arose for seeding and fertilising equipment to be compatible with Variable Rate Technology (VRT). During the past two years Matt Roesner has been developing the Marshall Door Control (MDC) unit which can be fitted to existing Marshall spreaders. The MDC was released at Mallee Field Days in 2016 and has now been successfully used by clients from all around the country. The MDC can be retrofitted to Marshall spreaders and is controlled by an iPad which does not require

An 810T (10tonne) Marshall Spreader fitted with the new Marshall Door Control system.

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