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CHARLOTTE BROWNE is collapsed onto the floor or her bedroom with tears streaming down her face. She is clasping the golden locket in her wet palm. She opens her eyes to shockingly see LUKE and LEAH standing in front of her. LUKE Charlotte! What a surprise! LEAH We made it! I bet you didn’t expect to see us! CHARLOTTE Luke! Leah! Wha? What are you doing here? How did you? But you? Why are you in my bedroom? LEAH We got out! You did it. You saved us. Why are you crying? Whats wrong? CHARLOTTE Saved you? No, I ruined everything. When I got back I saw what happened. I know why the ladder crumbled. It was my fault. I left the locket on the dresser, I should have set it back in the jewelry box. It slid off and crashed onto the floor. I am so sorry, that’s what happened. That’s what the shaking was. I am so sorry! LUKE No, don’t be. You did it! The rain, the water, it worked! CHARLOTTE I don’t know what you are talking about. I didn’t do anything with water... LEAH You didn’t? CHARLOTTE Nope.


LUKE I don’t understand... you are the only one who knew about us. Who else...? (long pause) LEAH Charlotte! Let me see your hand. You were crying right? CHARLOTTE Yes... why? LUKE The locket is wet, your tears must have hit it! LEAH Yes! Of course, that’s what did it! CHARLOTTE What are you talking about? What water? What tears? What happened?! LUKE Not long after you left Charlotte a huge rain storm came. It started to flood almost instantly. Leah and I panicked, we didn’t know what was happening. LEAH All we could do was grab onto each other and a chunk of the broken ladder, the wood was floating all around us. We got to a piece just in time and held on for dear life! LUKE It all happened really fast. Before we realized what was going on the flood had us shooting upward, who knows what would have happened if we didn’t have the ladder piece. LEAH We both shut our eyes as we were flying up and when we opened them we were here! With you! Your tears flooded the locket! LUKE You saved us. If the ladder didn’t crumble we wouldn’t have been able (MORE)


LUKE (cont’d) to float. You see? You didn’t ruin anything. LEAH Charlotte? Say something! CHARLOTTE I..I.. I don’t know what to say. I thought you would be stuck forever after I broke the ladder. I can’t believe I did it... we did it! Luke, Leah, we did it!

The Locket  

Michelle Corda's Script

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