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Camp Blodgett Public Relations Campaign Proposal Madison Contesti CAP 220 F2013 Camp Blodgett iii



Adrienne Wallace December 4th, 2013

Camp Blodgett iii


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Camp Blodgett iii



Camp Blodgett Public Relations Campaign Proposal Camp Blodgett is a camp located in Ottawa County, Michigan that caters to children in the Ottawa and Kent county areas who live in low-income households. For the past 90 years Camp Blodgett has been a summer camp giving their campers education as well as valuable life and leadership skills. They also have enriching after school

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programs for these same children. Their mission on their website states: “We wish to provide programs that encourage academic achievement, support the development of a healthy self-esteem and promote social responsibility to give children the knowledge, tools and desire to be successful in school and in life.” ("Camp Blodgett") James Taylor, who came to speak to our class mentioned that Camp Blodgett has a very strong network of people who care about this camp and each one of its campers. Their counselors only want the best for these children and are dedicated to the success and growth of each one. However the camp does have a major situation holding them back from becoming the most they can be. This is mainly due to their lack of finances. The camp’s budget is almost non-existent; because they are a non-profit that does receive funding from the government, although it is very little according to the GUY. They also receive money from affiliated organizations like the United Way, but Camp Blodgett 1



mostly their funds come from donations. According to Camp Blodgett’s website, “the cost of sending a camper to Camp Blodgett for a week-long session is more than $500. Our charge to a camper’s family is generally only $35, in order to make the experience affordable to those who would benefit most from it.” ("Camp Blodgett") The price that the family pays can be anywhere form $35 to $200 depending on the situation the child is coming from. This is the main reason the camp is struggling, with such little revenue coming in from the people they serve causes major gaps, filled in by donations. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness about Camp Blodgett in Kent and Ottawa Counties through community outreach, resource and network development, and advocacy. This goal should in turn increase the donation the camp receives and not only allow more campers to attend but to expand the camp. It is important that organizations such as Camp Blodgett receive the help they deserve in order for them to continue doing work that provides for our community. What the camp is doing right now to create awareness is hosting events that should bring in potential donations and by reconnecting with previous campers via telephone and direct mail. They also send out a semi-annual newsletter to previous campers and donators. This works well however many families of low-income households may change addresses or telephone number annually thus making contacting previous campers who may like to come for another year hard.

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The following plan instructs the camp how to create awareness is by outreach to local schools and network with major companies and people in the Kent and Ottawa county areas. The goal will be measured by the amount of increased donations after the plan has been put into play and also by the increased number of campers and counselors inquiries to the camp. Ultimately the plan should overall help the camp in many areas. The next areas of the plan will explain the specific projects the camp should implement in order to gain the most awareness possible. Secondary Research Primary Research The primary research that supports my objectives for Camp Blodgett will be shown through surveys and a focus group. The survey was completed by 31 people and asked them about their social media use and their volunteer history and future plans. This allows Camp Blodgett to get a better idea about achieving the purposed objectives. The following are the results from the survey.

List all social media sites you frequently use. Answered: 30 Skipped: 1

Facebook: 29 Instagram: 19 Camp Blodgett 1



Twitter: 17 Vine: 2 SoundCloud: 1 Pinterest: 2 YouTube: 2 Yahoo: 1 Blogger: 1 LinkedIn: 2 Four Square: 3 Tumblr: 2 MyFitnessPal: 1 Snapchat: 1

What social media site do you use the most? Answered: 30 Skipped: 1

Facebook: 22 Twitter: 5 Instagram: 2 SoundCloud: 1

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Camp Blodgett 1



Camp Blodgett 1


Camp Blodgett 1


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being strongest, how strongly do you feel towards helping children in poverty?

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being strongest, how strongly do you feel towards youth education?

Camp Blodgett 1


Camp Blodgett 1


Camp Blodgett 1


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As you can see from the collected data, all the participants have volunteered in the past, and most are willing to in the future. Even for those not willing to volunteer time, many were willing to donate money. This is an indication that a community centered event whether free or if it required a ticket that it would yield donations for Camp Blodgett. The data also shows that whether the event was centered around the fact that Camp Blodgett is a camp for children in poverty or if they focused on the youth education aspect of the camp, people feel strongly about either cause. This leaves the event up to the digression of the camp directors. Although as we can also see from the data; many people would at the least Camp Blodgett 1

CAMP BLODGETT PROPOSAL 16 consider donating to a fund that supported education for youth in poverty. The data indicates that to obtain the maximum turnout for the community event, Camp Blodgett should provide food for the event. Objective #1: To increase the awareness of Camp Blodgett to local Kent/Ottawa Count Schools Strategy: We believe that by addressing the local schools of Kent and Ottawa County that we can increase the awareness of Camp Blodgett. Both counties have many large public schools full of potential campers, volunteers and even donors. We will send out 2 persons associated with Camp Blodgett, in theory a marketing director and possibly a volunteer or camper from previous years to give personal insight to the audience. We will focus mainly on elementary schools and high schools, to address potential campers and potential volunteers. Focusing on elementary school will potentially increase the number of campers and increase the camper’s family’s awareness, and by focusing on high schools it can lead to potentially more volunteers or donors, narrowing the idea that it is a valuable asset to have on a resume. Tactics: In order to target the audience of elementary students, we must consider what they would want out of a summer camp. By presenting the camp to them in April, it will be close enough to where the parents of children are starting to think about what the child’s summer plans are. We will send out 2 persons associated with the camp to give the children a presentation focusing on how fun and what a good experience the camp will be. Presenting videos of campers having fun and learning at the camp will be appealing to the young

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CAMP BLODGETT PROPOSAL 17 audience. However the fact that children are not always reliable enough to relay information back to their parents, we will send each child home with a one-sided flyer (See Appendix A) with information about the camp. When presenting the camp to high school students we will take the approach of how great of an opportunity it is to volunteer at Camp Blodgett. Driving the point by a testimonial from a previous volunteer or camper. For both schools after the presentations, we will announce a coin drive in an effort to raise money for the camp. It will be a competition to see which grade in each school can raise the most money. This will encourage the students to donate more money in a fun way. Lastly we will partner with each school to hold a bake sale. People can donate baked goods while others can donate money by buying the baked goods. With the schools hosting, Camp Blodgett will run the sale and a percent of the earned money will be given to the schools. Objective #2: To hold community events to create awareness Strategy: Part of the goal for Camp Blodgett is to create awareness in the Kent/Ottawa Country communities. This will not only create general awareness of the camp but it will hopefully influence donors to contribute to the camp. We are hoping to reach the community with both a free event in Kent County and an events that will have an entry fee in Ottawa County. Although there will be no restriction to whom can attend what. We will present to the community exactly who Camp Blodgett is, what they believe in and how it’s improving the lives of children in these counties. Tactics: We will be hosting three events in order to create awareness to the Kent and Ottawa County communities. In Kent County we will be hosting a family fun event in Rosa Parks

Camp Blodgett 1

CAMP BLODGETT PROPOSAL 18 Circle. The event will be a family event with games, music and clowns. Although we will incorporate this cost into the budget, we will be reaching out to the community to donate their time to help. For this event we will be putting out a press release (See Appendix B) to inform the Kent County community. Other promotion for this event will take place online through social media. We will post information about the event in local Kent County organization’s Facebook pages and use Twitter to promote the event through tweets. The Ottawa County event will be held at Camp Blodgett, it will start as a 5K run around the property in the morning and then transition into another family fun day type event. People will have to register for the 5K and will pay a fee in order to participate. They will receive a T-shirt if they register. (See Appendix C) This even will also provide food for those who come and donate. At both events the food provided will be hot dogs, chips and soda. The third event will not be until next September, however, it will be a repeat of an event Camp Blodgett has put on. The Beer Tasting, will bring in repeat donors as well as new donors. Tickets will be sold to raise money also. This event is will not be to raise money for the camp, it’s purpose will be to get exposer to future donors. Objective #3: To increase Camp Blodgett’s Internet presence Strategy: Updates to existing presence and creating new social media accounts. Through different medias online, Camp Blodgett can gain exposer by various groups of people rather than a limited audience.

Camp Blodgett 1

CAMP BLODGETT PROPOSAL 19 Tactics: Through social media’s like Facebook and Twitter, Camp Blodgett will continually and consistently update their pages to promote themselves. In addition they will start promoting events with mostly social media as previously mentioned. Camp Blodgett will also consult a professional about improving their personal website. This will collectively improve their presence online, as well as imply that this camp is more creditable with a more professional website. Lastly we will set up an Instagram, LinkedIn for the staff, Tumblr and Google+ account for the camp. Although it is more to maintain, it is also a larger audience and more exposer to potential donors who may even be outside the counties. The plans that are described will take place from June of 2014 through June 2015. The yearlong plan is so that Camp Blodgett can get an accurate sense that it has or has not achieved the objectives stated. Please see Gantt Chart for the estimated timing of when the tactics will be executed. Through the evaluation Camp Blodgett should easily see a difference within the time frame.

Budget* 5K T-Shirts


Hot Dogs with Buns


Camp Blodgett 1





Face Painting


Dunk Tank


Newsletter Printing


Social Media Upkeep (Intern)


Press Release


Bake Sale Cookies




Estimated Grand Total


*Budget is based on both events. Costs are estimates.

Camp Blodgett 1


Evaluation The evaluation for this campaign is set to be for June 2015. However because this campaign is merely a proposal, hypothetical results of the campaign will be discussed. There are goals for each objective, the objective of gaining awareness will be measured by the amount of new donors and campers want to be involved with the camp. The amount of new donors will near 15% of all donors throughout the year. Camper registrations will have increased 25% as a result of pairing with local schools. Other goals for this objective would Camp Blodgett 1

CAMP BLODGETT PROPOSAL 22 be to increase the number of volunteers and have at least 10% of previous donors become repeat donors, however these are not a primary concern. Social media goals for the campaign will be an increase of tweets/Facebook statuses/tumblr and instagram posts by 200%. This should be an easy goal to reach if as suggested an intern were to be in charge of it. We also hope to increase the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers by 50%. Lastly the goal of putting on community events will have simple goals of money raised and people attending. We hope the Kent County event will raise $1,000 and that at least 200 people attend the event. For the Ottawa County events; we hope at least 25 people sign up for the 5K run and 150 people attend the family fun event and have a goal to raise $1,500. For the beer tasting, we hope that the number of attendants will be one and a half times the first run of this event.

Appendix A

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Appendix B (following 2 pages)

A 5K Run and Some Family Fun WEST OLIVE, June 2- Camp Blodgett has been serving Kent County communities for over 90 years and they’re coming to Grand Rapids to visit. By hosting events this summer the camp hopes to gain awareness in the area. Family fun days and 5Ks are in the very near future.

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CAMP BLODGETT PROPOSAL 24 Camp Blodgett has been serving the children in Kent County for a long time, too long for the camp not to be directly involved with the community they serve. Well now, they’re making up for lost time. On June 16th, Camp Blodgett will be hosting a family fun day at Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids. The event will include games, face painting, a dunk tank and food will be provided. The event is free of charge however donations are always appreciated. As if that wasn’t enough, Camp Blodgett will be hosting an additional family fun day at their Ottawa County location for the folks in Kent and Ottawa County to welcome the children in Ottawa county who will be attending the camp’s programs this summer. About Camp Blodgett “For over 90 years, Camp Blodgett has been serving young people in Kent County with superior programs. From exhilarating summer camp adventures and enriching "Camp Blodgett Club" after-school programs to our "Young Leaders" youth council, Camp Blodgett provides the expertise and inspiration to bring out the best in great kids all year long! Take a look through our website to see where we've been, where we're going and how you can be part of the Camp Blodgett family! We wish to provide programs that encourage academic achievement, support the development of a healthy self-esteem and promote social responsibility to give children the knowledge, tools and desire to be successful in school and in life. Contact Information James Taylor Marketing Director

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Appendix C

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References Camp Blodgett. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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