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Everything you need for your Lassen County students! 2013-14 School Calendars • Football Schedules • Phone Directory

Experience everything college life has to offer at our community campus. Here you can choose from a variety of exciting course offerings to complete your associate degree or certification, or earn credits toward your bachelor degree! The quality education you need. Tuition you can afford. Lassen Community College has respected, experienced faculty, a beautiful campus and facilities located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. Lassen College offers 65 Degree and Certificate programs, online courses, continuing education, career counseling, financial aid, Kinship program, an on-site Child Care Center, Student leadership, competitive athletics for men and women, on-campus housing, a Student Union, a Collaborative Learning Center and so much more. With a ski hill run by Lassen College and several lakes just a short drive away, year-round activities are at your fingertips. At Lassen Community College, technology is at the forefront with our Smart classrooms, availability of online schedules, registration and online text book ordering. Check us out anytime at or contact Admissions and Records at 530-251-8808, M-F 8-4:30 p.m.

Lassen Community College


Get answers to questions and register online at: 478-200 HWY 139, Susanville, CA 96130 — Photos by Michael Morales, LCC Production & Graphics Class —

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A MESSAGE FROM THE LASSEN COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Welcome to Lassen County! Lassen County has 10 school districts, three independent charter schools and Lassen Community College. The educational institutions work collaboratively to ensure a quality education for every student. We have worked hard to create common curriculum, instructional practices and assessments for all students. Your children are very important to us. We serve approximately 5,000 students within an area encompassing more than 4,500 square miles. Our schools share professional development oppor-

tunities, as well as annual events to benefit the education of our students. Some of the many countywide events include Children’s Fair, Sober Graduation, Literacy Jamboree, Third-, Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Days, Science Fair, Seventh-Grade Career Fair and Eighth-Grade College Day. We recognize that the time our educators spend with your children is not all academic. We emphasize civility, community and career awareness throughout each child’s education. I believe the magic in education occurs in the classroom. Our teachers are among the best you will find anywhere. We are always improving and open to new ideas. If you have questions or would just like to talk about educational issues, please feel free to call me at 2572197. For more information about Lassen County Schools, visit our website at Sincerely, Richard R. DuVarney Lassen County Superintendent of Schools


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INDEX FOR SCHOOL DAYS 2013 Absence / Truancy information...............................20 After School programs ............................................11 Big Valley School District........................................32 Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts.........................................46 Bus and Transportation information........................41 Credence High School..............................................8 Diamond View Middle School.................................18 Early enrollment information.....................................5 Fletcher Walker Elementary School .......................23 Fort Sage School District........................................28 Grizzly Football Schedule 2013..............................10 Herlong High School...............................................30 Immunization information .........................................9 Independent Living Program at Lassen College.....39 Janesville School....................................................12 Johnstonville Elementary School............................12 Kindergarten-Preparing Your Child For School ......38 Lassen Community College ..............................14-15 Lassen County Office of Education ..........................5 Lassen County Superintendent’s Message ..............3 Lassen High School .................................................6 Lassen Hoops ........................................................46

Spring & Fall Programs Ages: 4 - 19 yrs. Registrations in January and May Contact us at Website: Hotline: (530) 252-4818

L assen Youth S occer Page 4 • School Days 2013-2014

Lassen Rural Bus information ................................26 Lassen Youth Soccer..............................................41 Long Valley Charter School ....................................27 McKinley School.....................................................17 Meadow View School .............................................18 National School Lunch Program.............................35 Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District........31 Richmond Elementary School ................................21 Saving for college...................................................21 School Fees ...........................................................40 School Nurse/Health Clerk .....................................34 Shaffer School ........................................................29 Sierra Primary.........................................................20 Sober Graduation ...................................................11 Sports and Youth Activities................................44-46 Sports Physicals.....................................................42 Sports-Hydration ...............................................36-37 Susanville Little League .........................................46 Susanville School District .......................................16 Westwood Charter School......................................23 Westwood High School ..........................................23 Westwood Unified School District...........................22

Lassen County Office of Education 472-013 Johnstonville Rd, Susanville, CA (530) 257-2196 Superintendent: Rich DuVarney Trustees Area 1: Bruce Davie, Dr. Anthony Miscione and Todd Swickard Trustee Area 2: Jan Bryant Trustee Area 3: Rich Fitzer Trustee Area 4: Wanda Bushong Trustee Area 5: Pete Jason

The Lassen County Board of Education meets at 5:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month. The Lassen County Board of Education provides oversight for all the schools in Lassen County.

Regarding early enrollment Based on state statute governing school districts, students must turn 5 years old by Dec. 2 of the enrollment year. Because the skills and abilities of young children often develop at different rates, some children seem to have mastered the academic or the social skills for kindergarten prior to age 5. As a result, parents sometimes request early enrollment in kindergarten. A decision to make an early enrollment placement is based on an evaluation conducted by school staff and a recommendation by the school principal based on the results of that evaluation and the judgment of the principal.

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Lassen High School 1110 Main Street, Susanville, CA 96130 (530) 257-2141 FAX (530) 257-5852 Principal: Robbin Pedrett Lassen High School Board Skip Jones, President Ken Theobald, Vice President Hal Meadows, MD Connie Herman Michelle Zubillaga The majority of Lassen County high school students in the ninth through 12th grade will attend Lassen High School. The school offers a complete college prep program including advanced placement classes, foreign language, art and music as well as career and technical programs in auto shop, woodworking, construction and agriculture. Students can also study culinary arts, business and computer graphics. In addition to opportunities to participate in a va-

Lassen Union High School Home of the Grizzlies riety of boys and girls sports, Lassen High School is also involved with the Future Farmers of America and the Future Business Leaders of America programs. The school competes in a number of boys and girls sports at the freshman, junior varsity and varsity levels. These sports include football, cross country, volleyball, golf, field hockey, basketball, soccer, wrestling, track and field, baseball and softball. In addition, the school provides opportunities for cheerleaders, the drill team and pep band. To many, socialization is an important part of the high school experience, and Lassen High School offers dances, field trips, conferences and assemblies to help its students become more well rounded and educated at the same time.


(530) 249-5332

Page 6 • School Days 2013-2014

2920 Riverside Dr. Suite 101 Susanville 1-800-222-7228

“Where students reach their full potential, becoming independent and responsible in a supportive environment based on trust” Lynn Parker, Principal (530) 257-5161 •Highly Qualified Teaching Staff Grades K-2nd •Enrichment & Intervention Opportunities for All Students •Character Programs •After-School Program •Student-Centered School Focused on K-2 Learning

McKinley Elementary School

Dave Howard, Principal (530) 257-3000 •Fully Operational GATE Program •Home of the Youth Orchestra •Leading in Teaching Technology •Great Teaching Staff 3-5th Grade •Great Place to be a Kid!

Meadow View Elementary School Holly Theobald, Principal (530) 257-5144

Diamond View School

•Comprehensive Middle School Grades 6-8 •Highly Qualified Teaching Staff •Rigorous Course Offerings and Learning Opportunities •Structured Discipline Program •Enrichment and Intervention Opportunities for All Students •Classrooms Equipped with Innovative Instructional Technology •Student Leadership Program •Extracurricular Sports and Activities - GO PANTHERS!!

Jason Waddell - Superintendent, Susanville School District (530) 257-8200 • (530) 257-8246 Fax

School Days 2013-2014 • Page 7

Credence High School (Alternative Education) 1110 Main St., Susanville, CA 96130 (530) 257-5566 FAX (530) 257-5851 Principal: Robbin Pedrett OK, let’s face it — not every student succeeds in a traditional high school setting for a wide variety of reasons. There is an alternative for those students in Susanville: Credence High School. Located on the Lassen High School campus, Credence High School offers a system of educational programs designed to meet the needs of those students. Credence High School features smaller classroom sizes, traditional instruction, online courses and blended courses that combine classroom and online instruction. The goal is to offer students who have fallen behind an opportunity to catch up and still graduate after four years of high school. Believe it or not, some students attend Credence High School so they can earn a diploma and graduate in less than four years.

Summer Hernandez delivers the graduation address during Credence High School’s June 4 ceremony. The curriculum is standards-based and ninth- and 10th-graders are tested three times each year to measure their academic growth in both English and math. Parents are invited to participate in Credence High School’s Site Council. Parents with questions regarding Credence High School should call Pedrett at 257-2141.

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Page 8 • School Days 2013-2014

Immunization requirements for students To enter into public and private elementary and secondary schools (grades kindergarten through 12), children under age 18 years must have immunizations. Polio Four doses at any age, but three doses meet requirement for ages 4 to 6 years if at least one was given on or after the fourth birthday; three doses meet requirement for ages 7 to 17 years if at least one was given on or after the second birthday. Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis Age 6 years and under: DTP, DTaP or any combination of DTP or DTaP with DT (diphtheria and tetanus) five doses at any age, but four doses meet requirements for ages 4 to 6 years if at least one was on or after the fourth birthday. Age 7 years and older: Tdap, Td, or DTP, DTaP or any combination of these four doses at any age, but three doses meet requirement for ages 7 to 17 years if at least one was on or after the second birthday. If last dose was given before the second birthday, one more (Tdap) dose is required.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Kindergarten: Two doses, both on or after first birthday. Seventh grade: Two doses both on or after first birthday. Grades 1 through 6 and 8 through 12: One dose on or after first birthday. Hepatitis B3 Kindergarten: Three doses at any age. Varicella One dose. Tdap Booster (Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) Seventh grade: One dose on or after seventh birthday. For the actual laws, see Health and Safety Code, Division 105, Part 2, Chapter 1, Sections 120325-120380; California Code of Regulations, Title 17,Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 8, Sections 6000-6075. If you have any questions, call the immunization coordinator at the Lassen County Health Department at 251-8128. • (530) 253-3551 Here is a list of some of the activities you will enjoy at Janesville School: K-8 School of 350 students with strong community support High Academic Standards • Daycare and Preschool on site • Computer Lab/Library After School Music / Performing Arts Program Odyssey of the Mind (Our students competed at the state level for the 2013 school year) Chess Club • Sports Programs • Garden Club • Science Night Math Night • Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) Sponsored Movie Nights PTO Sponsored Assemblies • Dr. Suess Night Winter Performance • Halloween Carnival • Art Fair Junior High Dances • Geography Bee and Spelling Bee Spring-A-Thon • Standards-Based Field Trips

School Days 2013-2014 • Page 9





Aug. 30



3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Sep. 9

Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley

3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Sep. 13



3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Sep. 20



3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Sep. 27


Oct. 4



3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Oct. 11



3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Oct. 18



3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Oct. 25

West Valley*


3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Nov. 1

Central Valley*

Central Valley

3:30, 5:30, 7:30

Nov. 8



3:30, 5:30, 7:30

* - League

Page 10 • School Days 2013-2014

SOBER GRADUATION High school seniors gather in Jensen Hall during Sober Graduation. Every senior receives a gift donated by local businesses and individuals.

At the conclusion of Sober Grad, some lucky senior can win a car! Sober Graduation The Lassen County Sober Graduation Celebration is a community partnership program with the Lassen County Office of Education. The program has been designed to provide students alcohol and drug-free ac-


After-School Programs The Lassen County After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) is state funded in partnership

tivities that will help them celebrate their graduation in a responsible manner with no accidents or deaths on graduation night or weekend so that they can make it to the future safely. The celebration is open to all graduating high school seniors in Lassen County. Each year local businesses, individuals, and organizations donate cash and merchandise to ensure students have great activities and prizes at the end of the event. We also work with a local car dealership to donate a car as the grand prize.

with the Lassen County Office of Education, local school districts, parents, and the community to provide a safe place for students to grow academically and participate in enrichment activities. The ASES program is funded by Proposition 49. With the state funds and matching in-kind, the program is offered at no charge to students and families. It is the mission of the Lassen After School Program to engage students in a fun, safe, healthy environment to achieve their full potential. These programs currently operate at Big Valley Elementary, Big Valley Junior/Senior High School, Fletcher Walker Elementary, Herlong Junior/Senior High School, McKinley Elementary School and Sierra Primary School.

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Janesville School PO Box 280 Janesville, CA 96114 School Office (530) 253-3551 FAX: (430) 253-3891 District Office (530) 253-3660 FAX: (530) 253-3891 Pre-School (530) 253-3924 Infant Care Center (530) 253-2700 School Kid’s Club (530) 253-2707 Superintendent/Principal: Zach Thurman Janesville Union School District Board of Trustees Dave Solari, president Jesse Claypool, clerk Lee Bailey, trustee Chuck Downs, trustee Stephen Miller, trustee

Johnstonville Elementary School 704-795 Bangham Lane Susanville, CA 96130 (530) 257-2471 Superintendent: Roy Casey Principal: Dawn German-Howe Board of Trustees Terry Mallery, president Amber Lynn, trustee Amy Castro-Kemp, trustee Mike Kelley, trustee Roy Casey, secretary The board meets at 5:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month at Johnstonville Elementary School. Johnstonville Elementary School is an independent public school located four miles east of Susanville in Johnstonville. It serves about 215 elementary school students (K-8), and approximately 40 percent of the student body attends as interdistrict transfer students.

Page 12 • School Days 2013-2014

Janesville School, located on Main Street in Janesville, is a one-school district. It’s called a “union” school district because several former, smaller school districts in the Honey Lake Valley joined together (Janesville, Lake, Missouri Bend and Milford) to form a single district. Janesville School, nestled at the tree line of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, serves approximately 450 kindergarten through eighth-grade students in 28 classrooms as well as a library, a computer lab, music classes and a gymnasium/cafeteria. Janesville School also offers a Gifted and Talented Education program designed to provide unique education opportunities for high-achieving and underachieving students. Special efforts are made to ensure students from economically disadvantaged and varying cultural backgrounds are able to participate. The mission of Janesville School is to develop in each child the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to realize personal potential and to become an effective citizen in a free society.

The school also provides a Preschool, Infant/Toddler program and a Steps to Success class. Students participate in many activities and field trips and seventh- and eighth-grade students who qualify may take the college SAT and School and College Ability tests and some may enroll in extension classes offered by Johns Hopkins University, Sacramento State University or Lassen Community College. Sports are also important, and seventh- and eighthgrade students may participate in flag football, basketball, drill team and volleyball. Athletic competitions are arranged with other local elementary schools. Cross county events are available for every student. Johnstonville Elementary School recognizes parents are a student’s first teachers, and parental involvement at the school is encouraged. Parents may serve as classroom volunteers, as members of the Johnstonville School and Community Association or the Johnstonville Elementary School Site Council. The main building recently enjoyed a $475,000 modernization project without any increase in local taxes.

Mt. Lassen Charter School (We have moved to our beautiful new location!)

450 Cedar Street • Susanville, CA 96130 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. • (530) 252-4313

Personalized Learning for K - 12th Graders Dedicated and Supportive Teachers & Staff • One-On-One Guidance & Support Individual & Group Tutoring • Educational Materials Paid For By The School Educational Classes • Quality Educational Field Trips • Fun Enrichment Activities Prep Courses For CAHSEE (CA High School Exit Exam) • Curriculum Choices Vendor Classes (Music, Art, Taekwondo or Dance) Paid For By The School • Supervised Tutoring Lab Online Curriculum Options • WASC Accredited • Highly Qualified Credentialed Teachers

What do the parents and students say about Mt. Lassen Charter School? Sarah Leclerc (Parent) “The staff is always warm and friendly. They are dedicated to providing both their students and parents with whatever they need to be successful. Both of my children have made large academic advances since moving to Mt. Lassen due to the ability to have their curriculum tailored to suit their individual strengths and weaknesses.” Steven Parry (Student) “I like Mt. Lassen Charter School because the staff is exceptional! I always come into the school and get a friendly hello and am called by name. This school also has some of the best classes and field trips I’ve ever been to. I would never want to leave this school until Graduation Day!” Sean Herrera (Student) “I can get one-on-one help. My grades have dramatically improved from the help that I have received. Mt. Lassen Charter is a great choice for anyone!” Sara Lewis (Parent) “Mt. Lassen Charter School has been an absolute blessing. They completely grasp that not all children learn the same and they have customized curriculum for our children’s needs. The staff goes above and beyond for every child.” T’Gellen VonBrandt (Student) “I like my school because the entire staff is so nice and every single teacher will go out of their way to help a student further their education.” Tricia Cole (Parent) “My kids are able to excel because they can work faster and do extra study in areas they are interested in. Mt. Lassen Charter School is a perfect fit for my kids!” Julie Benson (Parent) “I live the flexibility and accountability that I’ve experienced with Mt. Lassen Charter School. I knew it was the school for our family the first day I walked in looking for information. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The teachers are great!” Daniel Reger (Student) “The staff walks alongside you to the end.”

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Lassen Community College 478-200 Highway 139, Susanville, CA 96130 Phone: (530) 257-6181 Fax: (530) 257-8964 President/Superintendent: Dr. Marion Hall Board of Trustees Tom Holybee, trustee Tim Purdy, trustee Sophia Wages, trustee Louis Hamilton, trustee Buck Parks, trustee Tom Hammond, trustee Jeff Hemphill, trustee The Lassen Community College District Board of Trustees meets at 5:30 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Lassen Community College is a fully accredited two-year California Community College located on Highway 139 on a hill overlooking Susanville. The college offers 34 associate degrees, eight associate degrees for transfer, eight university studies associate degree emphases, three general studies associate degree emphases, 16 technical associate degrees, two general education certificates of achievement, 17 technical certificates of achievement and 13 technical certificates of accomplishment. Many of the college’s courses are transferable to four-year institutions and students may complete the first two years of a four-year educational program at Lassen Community College. The college also offers a growing number of dis-

tance courses, delivered via correspondence or the Internet — a great option for anyone with a busy schedule. The college’s programs are divided into four divisions — humanities/social science; basic skills/mathematics/English; science/business; and career technical education/physical education. The college’s admission and records office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. Monday through Friday to assist students, and the financial aid office can assist students who need financial aid to attend college. Student athletes at Lassen Community College have an opportunity to participate in a number of men’s and women’s sports including basketball, wrestling, baseball, volleyball, soccer and softball. The college competes in the Golden Valley and Bay Valley conferences under the direction of the Commission on Athletics of the California Association of Community Colleges. Student athletes must be enrolled in at least 12 units each semester. The college’s history begins in 1925 when the Lassen Union High School District established a Junior College Department and began holding classes on the high school campus. Lassen Community College District separated from the high school district in 1965, and construction on the current campus began in 1971, featuring classrooms, laboratories, faculty and staff officers, a dormitory, a library, a college union, computer room, a large gymnasium and other outdoor recreation facilities.

Kinship Care Education Program Lassen College facilitates the Kinship Care Education Program, which provides free educational training workshops, with high quality resource materials, support and information. While the target audience is kinship caregivers (siblings, grandchildren, or non-relatives), our workshops

Page 14 • School Days 2013-2014

are open to all community members. The educational workshops seek to bridge the gap for the caregivers providing care to children with the unique challenges of residing in out-of-home placement. For more information, call 251-8810.

LCC General Admission and Records questions Does Lassen Community College have on-campus housing? The college residence hall provides on-campus housing for men and women. The facility features a television lounge, a recreation room, laundry room, cable service and a common kitchen. Most rooms accommodate two students; however, there are also some four-person rooms. Does Lassen Community College have financial aid for students? Financial aid is available for students of the college. Each student should work with the financial aid office to make sure you meet the requirements and deadlines for all the financial aid programs for which you are applying. File your financial aid application (FAFSA) as soon as possible after Jan. 1. Talk to the financial aid office about priority deadlines and other important dates. To apply for most financial aid, you’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. Whether you apply on paper or electronically at, you should file only one FAFSA a year. Carefully review the instructions and complete the FAFSA accurately. Any mistakes will only delay the processing of your application. Be sure to keep a photo-

copy or a printout of your application. Also, save all the financial records you used to complete the FAFSA and your worksheets, because you may need them later if you’re asked to verify any information. Does Lassen Community College have athletics? Lassen Community College does have a number of athletic programs. We currently offer men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s rodeo, wrestling, women’s volleyball, men’s baseball and women’s softball. What kind of degrees or certificates can I earn at Lassen Community College? Lassen Community College is an accredited college. We offer many degrees and certificates in a variety of disciplines. Students can acquire more traditional degrees in math, science, English, or the other more common areas. The college offers degrees and certificates in a variety of vocational programs such as automotive, welding, gunsmithing, licensed vocational nursing, graphic arts and many other areas.

Lassen College Foundation Scholarships The Lassen College Foundation has announced the application process for a number of general scholarships, for full-time and part-time students, in all fields of study. The primary consideration for general scholarship is financial need. According to the LCC Foundation, “The sole purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to district area high school students.” Local businesses and individual donations to the Foundation have assisted Lassen College in maintaining its margin of excellence.

Applicants must be graduating seniors in Lassen Community College district or service areas with a minimum 2.0 GPA and must be planning to enter, as a fulltime student, Lassen Community College, maintaining a minimum of 12 units per semester, following the granting of the scholarship. Along with their application, students will have to submit a copy of their high school transcript, describe documented hours of community service and provide three letters of recommendation. Scholarship amounts vary from year to year.

LCC Child Development Center he Lassen Community College Child Development Center serves children birth to 5 years old with lowfee, no-fee, and full-fee child care (depending on income). The center features highly qualified staff, with low adult-to-child ratios and provides high quality early care

and education services, including free breakfast, lunch and snack provided daily for all students. The center is open to everyone — college students and community members. For more information, call 251-8843 or email

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Susanville School District 109 South Gilman St., Susanville, CA 96130-4512 (530) 257-8200 FAX (530) 257-8246 Superintendent: Jason Waddell Board of Trustees Camille Buehler, president Christine Duerksen, vice-president Pamela Woodworth, clerk Reagan Autenrieb, trustee Melissa Harris, trustee The Susanville School District includes three schools — McKinley (K-2), Meadow View (3-5) and Diamond View Middle School (6-8). The district’s goal is to educate all students to their fullest potential, and to promote responsible, self-reliant, independent, caring students who have the skills and attitudes necessary to become successful and productive citizens within a safe, supportive environment. The district, created in 1925, stretches from Susanville to Eagle Lake and serves nearly 1,100 students. It operates with a total budget of approximately $7.3 million a year. The district believes in the importance of computer technology, and offers computer labs at each school where students learn to use a variety of computer software packages

as well as the Internet as part of their schoolwork. Believing good health is essential for student achievement, the district offers services through the federally funded Medi-Cal Administrative Activities program including dental services, diabetes information, Medi-Cal coverage, healthy families, mental health services, physical health services, registered dietician services and vision services. Check with the district for more specific information. The district also provides special education services, a library, and English Learner program for students who are learning English as a second language, a school environment that recognizes and supports the unique cultural and educational needs of American Indian students and a speech and language program. Parents are encouraged to get involved and participate through the Parent Teacher Association or as members of the site councils at the school. Parents can also volunteer to help in the classroom. Parents also are encouraged to monitor their child’s progress on completing assignments and partnering with teachers. Students who live more than one mile from campus or whose child care provider lives more than one mile from campus are eligible for free bus transportation services. Check with the school for more information and a bus pass application.

Mommy and Me More than a church... a home!

Are Alcohol Free! No amount of alcohol at any time during your pregnancy is safe.

Please don’t drink! For more information contact:

Lassen County Public Health Department (530) 251-8183 This project was supported by funds received from the California Department of Public Health Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program, Lassen County Public Health Advisory Committee / Child Abuse Prevention Council and FASD Conference Collaborative.

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Sunday Services: 10am Wednesdays: 5pm Free Dinner, 6pm Service Dynamic ministries for children and youth available.

530-257-5000 473-465 Richmond Rd., Susanville

McKinley School Home of the Bulldogs

McKinley School 2005 Fourth St. Susanville, CA 96130 (530) 257-5161 FAX (530) 257-4967 Principal: Lynn E. Parker

McKinley School serves Susanville kindergarten through second grade students. It also offers a transitional kindergarten program. The school’s vision is IMPACT (Inspire, Motivate, Pride, Always do our best, Caring and Talent). McKinley School keeps families informed of the

many school happenings through a monthly newsletter called “Bulldog News.” The school, in cooperation with its active Parent Teacher Association, offers a variety of activities including Back to School Night, Literacy Nights, Christmas programs, a Fall Carnival and Dr. Seuss Night. Along with the Lassen County Office of Education, McKinley School also conducts an on-campus after school program called the Bulldog Adventure Club. The program runs every school day until 6 p.m. Because the after school program is grant funded, students must attend every day and a minimum of 50 percent of the day. The popular program has a waiting list. For more information, email Leanne Mendonca at

Our new digital projectors make the passing grade... ...with an A+!

257-SHOW • 530-257-7469

UPTOWN CINEMAS 4 Auditoriums 501 Main St., Susanville

• Advanced Ticket Sales • Reloadable Gift Cards • Discount Matinees every Saturday and Sunday, holidays, during summer and when school is out. • Good Behavior, Honor Roll, End of Year trips welcome. FEATURING DOLBY 3D

SIERRA THEATRE 2 Auditoriums 819 Main St., Susanville

School Days 2013-2014 • Page 17

Meadow View School Meadow View School 1200 Paiute Lane Susanville, CA 96130-4512 Phone (530) 257-3000 FAX (530) 257-2631 Email : Twitter: Facebook: Principal: David Howard Meadow View School serves Susanville’s thirdthrough fifth-grade students. The school’s mission statement is to provide a place where all people are invited to realize the potential. School materials list Families are asked to provide school materials to be used by the students. The materials list for third-grade students includes two reams of 8-1/2 x 11 white copy paper, a box of 16 crayons, two dozen Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils, a 12 inch ruler with inches and centimeters, a oneinch binder and three packages of ruled binder paper.

Home of the Cougars The school advises the third-grade students will not need larger fancy binders, large pencil boxes, a large box of crayons or a large bottle of glue. The materials list for fourth-grade students includes two reams of white copy paper, a composition wide-ruled notebook, No. 2 pencils, a pink pearl wedge eraser, a package of wide-ruled binder paper (but no binder), a 12 inch ruler with inches and centimeters, four stretchable extra-large book covers, three highlighters (pink, green and yellow) and one package of dry erase board markers. The materials list for fifth graders includes a box of 12 colored pencils, a glue stick, four dozen yellow No. 2 pencils, four packages of wide-ruled binder paper, a composition book, five white board markers, a box of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, a ream of white copy paper, three stretchable extra-large book covers, three highlighter (pink, green and yellow), a set of 3x5 index cards and a water bottle with a tight lid. Diamond View Middle School

Diamond View Middle School 850 Richmond Road, Susanville, CA 96130-4512 (530) 257-5144 FAX (530) 257-7232 Principal: Holly Theobald Diamond View Middle School serves as Susanville’s middle school (for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students). The school’s mission is to provide every student with the opportunity to learn grad-level content every day in a safe and supportive environment. Diamond View Middle School strives to create and sustain a culture and environment in which people feel important and valued. The school’s core values include respect, responsibility, trust and achievement. Students enjoy a seven-period class schedule with two periods of English-language arts and two periods of math. Each student also must attend science, social science and physical education classes. Students who need additional support can take advantage of the school’s daily intervention block for intensive instruction. Other students can attend a daily enrichment block where they can study introductory Spanish, a

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Home of the Panthers hands-on science lab, literature/ composition groups, project-based math, technology and fine arts. Immunizations All incoming seventh-grade students must have a TDAP immunization before the first day of school. Beginning July 1, 2012 all students entering the seventh grade are required to show proof of TDAP booster before starting school. Dress code School is a place of business and students should wear clothing that is suitable for the pursuit of learning. Students should not wear clothing that is distracting, offensive, dangerous, or exposes too much skin. As with any policy, the inclusion of all possibilities is difficult, and the Diamond View staff may sometimes have to use its professional discretion regarding student dress.

Choices, Character, and Community An Academic Approach as Unique as Each Student

Long Valley Charter School is a free, K-12 public charter school that offers a wide range of educational opportunities and programs to help your child achieve his or her highest potential, whether that be in a classroom, online, or at home. By focusing on personalized learning, along with empowering parents to play a significant role in their child’s education, we are able to tailor an optimized personal learning plan based on your child’s learning style and needs.


A K-12 hybrid program that combines independent study and student center classes with full academic support from a highly qualified credentialed teacher. Students attend classes to provide support and direct instruction in English-Language, Arts and Math.

A university-style high school program which includes online curriculum, direct instruction from highly qualified credentialed teachers, and independent study. This program prepares students for college and the workforce through active learning, academic rigor, and community involvement.

An independent study program with a highly qualified credentialed teacher assigning curriculum and monitoring student progress. Parent involvement and student assessments will be intensive in order to ensure academic progress. Students enrolled in this program are also able to participate in enrichment classes, workshops, and field trips.

As a school, we believe that the best learning occurs when: • The parent is directly involved in the teaching and learning process • • Learning styles are tailored to each individual student’s needs • • One-to-one or small group teaching is the primary arrangement • • Real life “context-based” learning is emphasized • • There is enrichment through field trips, apprenticeships, cooperative classes, and appropriate uses of technology • • The entire community serves as the school campus •

For more information, call 827-2395 or 257-7300

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Students at Sierra Primary School enjoy using the latest in technological academic tools.

Sierra Primary School 100 Ds Hall Street Herlong, CA 96113 Phone: (530) 827-2126 Superintendent/Principal: Bryan Young

Sierra Primary School in Herlong serves kindergarten through sixth-grade students. The school site

includes seven regular education classrooms and one special education classroom. There is one library, a staff workroom, Title 1 office/classroom, front office and other administration offices, and a cafeteria/multi-purpose room on site. The playground consists of an asphalt area for basketball, four square, and other organized sports — a couple large, grassy areas for soccer and games, and sandy areas with swings, playground equipment and volleyball.

Absence and Truancy Absence According to the California Education Code, excused absences are limited to the following reasons: 1. Personal illness. Illnesses lasting more than three days require a doctor’s verification. 2. Funeral services for the student’s immediate family. 3. Medical appointments. 4. Court appearances for the student. 5. Quarantine of the student or his family. 6. Observing a religious holiday.

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Truancy According to the education code, “Any pupil subject to compulsory full-time education or to compulsory continuation who is absent from school without valid excuse for more than three days in one school year or tardy in excess of 30 minutes on each of more than three days in one school year is a truant and shall be reported to the attendance supervisor of the superintendent of the school district.”

Richmond Elementary School 700-585 Richmond Road East Susanville, CA 96130 Phone: 257-2338 Principal: Vicky Leitaker Board of Trustees Letha Martin, president John Wilzcynski, clerk Dr. Richard Nielsen, trustee Jan DeMers, trustee Jarrett Ellena, trustee

Board meetings are held at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of every month in the District Library. The public is invited to attend. Wow, talk about history — Richmond Elementary School, the oldest and longest continuously operated school in Lassen County, was established way back in 1864 when the country was embroiled in the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln served as president of the United States, and it’s been serving the needs of elementary school students ever since. The school’s original building is now a private residence located a few hundred yards from the school’s current location. Richmond School is located near an old wagon trail into Lassen County and the former site of a Gold Rush town named Richmond. A marker near the old clubhouse at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course on Wingfield Road memorializes the longabandoned town. Richmond Elementary School serves Kindergarten through eighth-grade students in a modern facility. Even though a student may live in another school

Richmond Elementary School Home of the Rebels district, it is possible to transfer to Richmond Elementary School. Contact the school for more information on transfers. Richmond Elementary School participates in the National School Lunch Program, and offers free or reduced price lunches to qualified students. Check with the school for an application. The cafeteria offers five food items from four categories each day (meat/meat alternative; milk; fruits or vegetables; and grains/breads.) Students may decline up to two items. Richmond Elementary School also encourages parents and community members to join the Richmond Community Association, a group dedicated to promoting the welfare of children, creating closer relationships between the parents and the teachers, receiving contributions that will be used to purchase items for the students’ highest advantage in physical, mental and social education. Students participate in the Lassen County Geography Bowl and the Egyptian Museum program. The Richmond Elementary School Site Council is comprised of five parents, three teachers, one classified staff representative and the school principal. The site council meets at 5:15 p.m. the first Tuesday of every month in the school library. The public is invited to attend.

Are you saving enough for your child’s college education? Despite rising college costs, fewer American families with children under age 18 are saving for college. Only 50 percent are doing so today, compared to 60 percent just two years ago, according to “How America Saves for College 2013,” a natuinal study from Sallie Mae, the country’s largest financial services company specializing in education. More information about saving for college is available online at

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Westwood Unified School District Fifth and Delwood streets P.O. Box 1225 Westwood, CA 96137 (530) 256-2311 Principal/Superintendent: Adele Emershaw Board of Trustees Shirley Barber, president Crystal Johnson, clerk Pamela Pettengill, trustee Dawn Lee, trustee

Westwood has approximately 1,500 residents within its boundaries. The district has one superintendent/principal for all schools. The district expects students to meet academic standards, to become life-long learners and productive citizens prepared to take their next step in life. Civility is strongly emphasized.

The board meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month. Westwood is a rural community located at an elevation of 5,200 feet at the junction of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains about 25 miles west of Susanville. The district has two operating schools — Fletcher Walker Elementary (K-7) and Westwood High School (8-12).Two other schools are currently not staffed.

An aerial view of Westwood during the Red River Lumber Company’s mill operations.

Transformed Lives. Transforming the Land


SUSANVILLE CONTACT OFFICE P.O. Box 270750 Susanville, CA 96130

(530) 251-5222 “Where YOU are the MVP”

Cindy (530) 260-1759 Michelle Hassell Realtor

Cindy DeMasi Realtor

Michelle (530) 680-7406 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE



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Margie’s BOOK NOOK 712 Main Street • Susanville

530•257•2392 ~ FIND US ON FACEBOOK ~

Westwood High School Westwood High School Fourth and Greenwood streets P.O. Box 1510 Westwood, CA 96137 (530) 256-3235 Superintendent/Principal: Adele Emershaw Westwood High School is a combined middle and senior high school comprised of grades eight through 12 that offers a traditional class selection focused on meeting university and college entrance requirements as well as opportunities for technical and occupational education. Westwood is a rural community located in Lassen County, 89 miles east of Red Bluff and 25 miles west of Susanville. The school’s enrollment is about 85 students. The Westwood High School facilities include classrooms, a science lab, multipurpose room, library/resource center, business computer lab, wood and auto shop, exploring technology lab, athletic fields and a gymnasium. Each high school classroom has computFletcher Walker Elementary Fifth and Delwood streets P.O. Box 1490 Westwood, CA 96137 (530) 256-3295 Superintendent/Principal: Adele Emershaw Enrollment at Fletcher Walker Elementary School serves kindergarten through seventh-grade students with an enrollment of about 85 students.

Students at Fletcher Walker Elementary School participate in relays and other competitions as end-of-school-year activities. This year, the fun coincided with Westwood’s Centennial Celebration.

ers, and there are 10 additional computers for student use in the library/resource center, all with Internet capability. Each classroom also has a television, VCR, textbooks and supplemental materials.

Westwood High School senior Erin House gives a presentation for her senior project.

Westwood Charter School Fourth and Greenwood streets P.O. Box 56, Westwood, CA 96137 Phone: (530) 256-2995 Fax: (530) 256-2964 Additional Locations: 2658 Gateway Dr. 2850 Main St., Suite 9 Anderson, CA 96007 Susanville, CA 96130 (530) 378-1981 (530) 257-9546 The mission of Westwood Charter School, in partnership with the parents and the community, is to provide in a structured, safe and supportive atmosphere a high quality program of academic instruction that meets the needs of all students and equips them with skills necessary for success in their homes, workplaces, and communities of today and tomorrow. The school’s staff strives to develop the qualities of good character, self-discipline and responsible citizenship in its students. They encourage them to pursue excellence and embrace new challenges without fear of failure. Above all, the staff nurtures and encourages each student’s respect of self and the needs and rights of others.

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Leap Ahead Learning Center “Where Lifetime Learning Begins”

Tambra Bowles, Owner/Director Located on Meadow View Campus 1200 Paiute Ln., Susanville • 252-6100 EXTENDED HOURS: 5am - 6pm

SCHOOL AGE: Kindergarten - 5th Grade Open to all school districts CA. License #185406088 School Age Before/After School Care: Homework Assistance AR Testing • Snacks • Awards for AR Goals • Transportation to & from McKinley School

Summer Childcare Program: Open 5am-6pm • Sports Programs Arts/Crafts • Board Games Wii • Pool/Air Hockey Tables

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PRESCHOOL/CHILDCARE Pre-K and Preschool Programs (8:30am-12:30pm) Before & After Preschool Childcare 2 to 5 years of age Structured Pre-K Programs Kindergarten Preparedness Academically Structured Reading Program • Social Skills Holiday Programs Graduation Program Summer Childcare Program (5am-6pm) CA. License #185406087

Experienced, Fully Qualified Staff CPR & First Aid Certified Christian Morals School Days 2013-2014 • Page 25


Lassen Rural Bus (LRB) is the regional Public Transit system and provides a number of services for school age children in Susanville and Lassen County. The LRB offers transportation opportunities for day to day activities such as to or from school or work; as well as many recreational activities evenings, weekends, breaks, and summer. At the heart of the system is the City Route. Presently the City Route makes one-hour loops and covers virtually every area of the City of Susanville. With stops only a short distance from any of the schools that are within City limits, and service to all corners of Susanville, the LRB City Route offers an excellent opportunity to get to/from schools or some after school activities. The City route also passes close to the Susanville Ranch Park, Tennis Courts and Memorial Park, Riverside Park, Biz Johnson trailhead, the Library, Museum and Historical Society, and supermarkets and restaurants. The City Route full fare is only $1 per boarding, with children, disabled, and senior citizens only $.50 per boarding. An all day pass is available for $3 full price and $1.50 reduced. Service is provided Mondays thru Saturdays. If coming to Susanville from the South, East or West County areas, the LRB has service from/to Herlong and Doyle, Litchfield and Standish, and Westwood and Chester (Plumas). Trips from the furthest point only cost $4, with half-price for students. A oneday System-Wide pass can be purchased for $5 regular or $2.50 for students. The system-wide pass is good for any and all routes, including City, on the day

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validated. See your bus driver for passes or information. In addition to the day-to-day commuting type service, the West County Route also provides transportation to access the Biz Johnson trail at Devils Corral, Fredonyer Pass, and Westwood weekdays and Saturdays.. Ride the bus out of Susanville (uphill) and walk, bike, run or jog back into town. During ski season the West County bus also will make stops at the Coppervale Ski hill Saturdays For the summer months LRB runs two round trips every Saturday to Eagle Lake, starting Memorial Day weekend. Departing Susanville at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. a number of options are possible. Just ride one of the three-hour round trips via A-1 on the West side of the lake and enjoy a relaxing scenic ride. Or get off at the South end of the Lake (Gallatin) have a picnic, read a book, play in the water or just relax. The returning bus comes by about 1-1/2 hours later to bring you back to Susanville. Take grandma, little brother, your girlfriend, or your friends for a short inexpensive visit out of the City. Or wait for the afternoon/evening bus and enjoy almost 6-1/2 hours at the lake. Students ride all the LRB routes for ½ price, and for the low price of only $15 children age 5 to 17 can purchase a “Kool Kid” pass that allows unlimited rides from Memorial day weekend to Labor Day. Visit our website for schedule information, or like us on Facebook to receive information on changes, cancellations, snow routes etc.

Deputy John Bohl, back left, and Deputy Kyle Johnson stand with Colton Lewis, left, Kevin Keyiley, Roman Young, Samson McClure, Katrina Davenport, Austin Smith, Tawny Quezada and David Scarbrough for Safety Day at Long Valley Charter School.

Long Valley Charter School – Choices, Character and Community Long Valley Charter School is a free, K-12 public charter school that offers a wide range of educational opportunities and programs to help your child achieve his or her highest potential, whether that be in a classroom, online or at home. By focusing on personalized learning, along with empowering parents to play a significant role in their child’s education, Long Valley Charter School is able to tailor an optimized, personal learning plan based on your child’s learning style and needs. Learning Choices include a K-8 Doyle classroombased program with a schoolwide art and music program, and Personalized Learning Centers in Susanville and Portola, offering: •A K-12 hybrid program that combines independent study and student center classes with full academic support from a highly qualified credentialed teacher. Students attend classes to provide support and direct instruction in English-Language Arts and Math. •A university style high school program which includes online curriculum, direct instruction from highly qualified credentialed teachers, and independent study. This program prepares students for college and the workforce through active learning, academic rigor,

and community involvement. •An independent study program with a highly qualified, credentialed teacher assigning curriculum and monitoring student progress. Students will meet with teachers once per week by appointment. Parent involvement and student assessments will be intensive in order to ensure academic progress. Students enrolled in this program are able to participate in enrichment classes, workshops, and field trips. Long Valley Charter School believes the the best learning occurs when: •The parent is directly involved in the teaching and learning process •Learning styles are tailored to each individual student’s needs •One-to-one or small group teaching is the primary arrangement •Real life “context-based” learning is emphasized •There is enrichment through field trips, apprenticeships, cooperative classes and appropriate uses of technology •The entire community serves as the school campus

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Fort Sage Middle School P.O. Box 6 Herlong, CA 96113 Phone: (530) 827-2126 Fax: (530) 827-3239 Superintendent/Principal: Bryan Young

Fort Sage Middle School serves seventh- and eighth-graders and is housed at the Sierra Primary School and Herlong High School. Fort Sage Middle School is a small, rural middle school in southern Lassen County that serves the communities of Doyle and Herlong. Average class size is under 20 students,

and school-wide enrollment under 30. The school is split between two sites — seventh grade is located at Sierra Primary School, and eighth grade is incorporated with Herlong High School, giving students more opportunities for electives and math courses. Fort Sage Middle School is a school-wide Title 1 school, offering educational assistance in many areas, with a focus on reading and language arts. Fort Sage Middle School’s vision statement is to make every student successful in an environment that offers “quality instruction, every class, every day.” Parent involvement is always welcomed and encouraged. Parents are welcomed in the classroom to monitor and assist. Volunteers are welcomed for field trips and class activities.

Education through Technology Our award-winning, proven PLATO/Edmentum curriculum tailors lessons to address student areas of need as they strive to master California State achievement standards. Students who need extra time and help to achieve are afforded the opportunity to do so. And, students who are able to progress through the curriculum at a faster pace are afforded the opportunity to do so. What we provide:

Mini computer (6th-12th receive their own, K-5th share per two children in a family. Printer per family • Nook • Access to the innovative PLATO/Edmentum curriculum Teacher support • Technical support

What you provide:

You are the learning coach at home. You provide daily direct instruction • Internet access

High School Credit Recovery Program - Unique in this area of the North State, our high school credit recovery program offers more flexibility. Our truly self-paced PLATO courseware enables students to either catch up with missing credits, or work ahead to graduate early. Our expert teachers are available for one-on-one tutoring via the Internet – also, to afford students with the best possible scenario to meet our students’ educational needs. About PLATO Learning, Inc. - PLATO/Edmentum is a leading provider of high-value, comprehensive education technology solutions with a focus on learner achievement leading to academic and career success. With more than 50 years of experience driving significant advances in the industry, PLATO offers a wide variety of innovative solutions spanning a multitude of program areas to facilitate 21st century teaching and learning.




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Shaffer Elementary School 722-055 Highway 395 North Litchfield, CA 96117

The board meets at 6 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month.

dents in kindergarten through eighth grade and is dedicated to providing a 21st century learning experience for all students. Shaffer School focuses on the four C’s of 21st century education — communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. The motto of the Shaffer Parent-Teacher Organization is “A little volunteering goes a long way.” The organization is dedicated to the better education of students; to be a communication tool between administrators, teachers and parents as to what the needs are and how they can be addressed; is committed to raising and using the funds necessary in support of the on-going activities, events, programs and curriculum for the school; and the group is united in these goals and will work together to improve the quality of our school. Those with questions or correspondence can email or call PTO Secretary Renee Baldwin at 254-6737

Shaffer Elementary School is a rural one-campus school district located about 17 miles east of Susanville. The school serves approximately 315 stu-

Athletics Shaffer School abides by the Six Pillars of Character in a Sports Context.

Superintendent/Principal: Terri Abel Board of Trustees Michelle Dunten, president Wendy Riedel, vice president Jenae Morataya, treasurer Renee’ Baldwin, Secretary Kim Huskey, trustee Rachel Whiting, trustee Ray Bailey, trustee Amanda Byrd, trustee

Northeastern Health Center Can help your family with: Healthy Foods•Nutrition Information Cooking Ideas•Breastfeeding Support Health and Community Referrals Serves pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants and children under 5 years old. Migrants welcome. Call WIC today to see if you income qualify

(530) 257-7094

Northeastern Rural Health WIC 1410 Chestnut St. • Susanville • This institution is an equal opportunity provider. •

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Ft. Sage Unified School District Honey Lake Valley, Lassen County, California

Herlong High School 200 Ds Hall Herlong, CA 96113 Phone: (530) 827-2101 Superintendent/Principal: Bryan Young Herlong High School is a small, rural high school in southern Lassen County that serves the communities of Doyle and Herlong. With fewer than 20 students per class and school-wide enrollment of fewer than 75 students, one-on-one and individual attention is at the forefront. Local teachers teaching local children provide for a close-knit community school. Herlong High is a Necessary Small High School, offering educational, vocational and extra-curricular opportunities in many areas. The Herlong High School campus consists of seven regular education classrooms, one special education classroom, one computer lab, one home economics room, one science lab/dark room, two wood/metal

shops, one agriculture/farm facility, one gym, football field, softball and baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts, lawn quad area and garden patio. Parent involvement is always welcomed and encouraged. Volunteers are welcomed for field trips, class activities, fund raising and sports. Parents are encouraged to check their student’s grades and attendance on a weekly basis using the AERIES parent portal. Herlong High School’s Booster Club is active with all high school sports and fundraising, but more participation by parents and guardians is always needed.

Herlong High School Football Schedule Friday, Sept. 6 Herlong vs. Happy Camp Friday, Sept. 13 Herlong at Big Valley Friday, Sept. 20 Herlong vs. Princeton Friday, Sept. 27 Herlong vs. Greenville

Friday, October 11 Herlong at Westwood Friday, October 18 Herlong vs. Mercy Friday, October 26 Herlong at Mercy Friday, November 1 Herlong at Princeton

Friday, October 4 Herlong vs. Loyalton

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Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District 709-855 Termo-Grasshopper Road Termo, CA 96123 (530) 234-2010 Juniper Ridge Elementary School Principal: Pam Auld

Superintendent: Robert Pace Larry Morgan, trustee Jim Stokes, trustee Vacant, trustee

The Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District meets at 9 a.m. the third Tuesday of each month. Juniper Ridge Elementary School serves kindergarten through eighth grade students in northern Lassen County with content standards including reading, language, mathematics, science, history/social studies, health, physical education and visual and performing arts. In 2011, the school served nine students.

The district also operates the Ravendale-Termo Charter School that serves kindergarten through 12th grade students. The school is a dual track school that offers both in-class instruction and an independentstudy option that provides an alternative for students and families in a very rural setting. The school offers content standards including reading, language, mathematics, science, history/social studies, health, physical education and visual and performing arts. In 2011 the school served 84 students. Ravendale-Termo Charter School Principal: Mary Lervold-Hislop


Elementary School 704-795 Bangham Lane • Susanville, CA 96130 530-257-2471 •

What is No Excuse University? The No Excuse University concept is a result of Damen Lopez’s work with students and schools to create a “Culture of Achievement.” The primary mission at Johnstonville School is learning and we want to fully embrace the concepts that can make this a reality for ALL of our students. The ideals of No Excuse University align with this mission. The No Excuse University is the idea that all students deserve the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college if they choose to attend. It brings together a culture of universal achievement and a college-type atmosphere. A school cannot simply call itself a No Excuse University. A school interested in becoming one must apply and not only show that it is creating a college-type atmosphere, but must also demonstrate that it has implemented proven systems to increase student achievement. These systems are: 1. A belief that ALL students can learn and that it is the school’s job to make this happen. 2. Collaboration among staff, working together to come up with unique solutions for student learning. 3. Aligning our teaching with what the state standards require students to know. 4. Creating an assessment plan so that we can see where students are in their learning, and how we can help them improve. 5. Analyzing data to see trends in how our students are doing, and being able to share this data with students so they can set goals. 6. Interventions: Working with at-risk students who are behind in their learning. Some types of activities to be implemented at our school are: Wear University Spirit Wear every Friday; Every morning after the flag salute chant our promise, “We are Johnstonville Grizzlies. We are college bound!”; Each class will adopt a college and learn about that university; Students will write goals and have action plans for achieving their goals; Family Nights to promote learning and college readiness; Field Trips to colleges and more!

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BIG VALLEY, LASSEN COUNTY Big Valley Joint Unified School District Bridge Street P.O. Box 157, Bieber, CA 96009 Phone: (530) 294-5231 Fax (530) 294-5100 400 Superintendent: Larry Todd Phone: (530) 294-5266 Fax: (530) 294-5396 Board of Trustees Connie Signs, trustee Megan Dahle, trustee Susan Frye, trustee Tamsen Myers, trustee Ron Rhodes, trustee The Big Valley Joint Union School District meets at 6 p.m. the last Monday of each month. Big Valley School District provides an elementary school as well as the junior/senior high school, and the district prides itself on offering a wellrounded program with a balance of academics and competitive athletics. Special programs such as Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America, Big Valley Jogging Club, Student Leadership and CARDS, the Lassen County Office of Education’s after school program, add important enrichment activities for students. The district’s current academic focus is effective implementation of the Common Core standards. Located at least an hour and a half from any major cities, students and their families enjoy a truly remote location. Despite the challenges of declining enrollment, the district and parents remain committed to providing quality educational opportunities for students.

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Big Valley Elementary School Principal: Jessica Bowman Big Valley Elementary School 90 First Street P.O. Box 157 Bieber, CA 96009 Phone: (530) 294-5231 Fax: (530) 294-5100 Big Valley Elementary School is located near the Big Valley High School in Bieber, and offers education for kindergarten through sixth-grade students. This school has a multi-purpose room used for indoor recess, physical education and lunch meals. All of the school district meals are prepared in a kitchen at the school. Special programs are available for students with specific needs. There is a Title One program and a Resource Classroom provided by the Lassen County Office of Education.

Big Valley High School 400 Bridge Street P.O. Box 157 Bieber, CA 96009 Phone: (530) 294-5231 Fax: (530) 294-5100 Principal: Jessica Bowman Big Valley High School is located in Bieber near the southeastern portion of Big Valley. The students of Big Valley High are engaged in many athletic activities including football, volleyball, track, wresting, softball and baseball. The school offers a Home Education program and competes in FHA-HERO. Woodshop, agriculture (with FFA involvement), drafting, drama and driver’s training are offered as well as the required courses. The high school also has a Resource Classroom operated by the Lassen County Office of Education.

le u d e h Sc NOW!

2013 SPORTS PHYSICALS For Student Athletes $

35 FEE



In Susanville: June•July•August•September Call Northeastern Rural Health Clinic 1850 Spring Ridge Drive • Susanville Hours: M-F 8am-5pm For Other Needs: Urgent Care Hours: M-F 8am-6:30pm, Sat 8am-1pm and 2pm-4:30pm


or Westwood Family Practice 209 Birch Street • Westwood Hours: M,W,Th,F 8am-5pm


A service of Northeastern Rural Health Clinics Quality healthcare, Your choice... Our commitment

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The role of a health clerk It’s inevitable students will visit a school health clerk if they are suffering from general malaise or have sustained an injury during physical education or recess during the year. According to Janiska Nordstrom, health clerk at Diamond View School, clerks administer first aid services and conduct assessments to see if a child needs further treatment. Students may also come to visit the health clerk if


arents and Teachers as Allies

Recognizing Early-onset Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Lassen Aurora Network are proud to present a panel presentation, “Parents and Teachers as Allies.” a onehour in-service program for schools. It focuses on specific age-related symptoms of mental illness in youngsters. The program is intended to provide an educational tool for advancing mutual understanding and communication between families and school professionals. Please contact the Lassen Aurora Network for details and scheduling at your school: (530) 257-3864.

they’re bleeding, have a fever, or asthma problems. However, a visit to the school nurse is not like going to the hospital. Nordstrom said students either have to return to class or go home, they can’t stay there all day. At the beginning of the year, parents or guardians fill out medical history sheets, which includes allergies, medication use, eating disorders and skin conditions, and the health clerk keeps them on file. A health clerk administers medications for issues such as type I diabetes and asthma with a doctor’s note, and is the only one who can administer ibuprofen and Tylenol with parental consent. Clerks ensure students’ immunizations are up-to-date, and are now required to educate parents and guardians about diseases if they choose to opt out of the shots. They are also required to conduct hearing, vision and scoliosis testing at certain grade levels Nordstrom said boys are screened for scoliosis in the eighth grade and girls are checked in seventh grade. If an issue is noticed during the screenings, Nordstrom said a referral is sent home.

Westwood Charter School Independent Study Public Charter School • WASC Accredited


K - 12•

2850 Main Street, Suite 9 • Susanville, CA 96130

(530) 257-9546 • Westwood Charter School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities.

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National School Lunch Program offers nutritious lunches for children When the National School Lunch Program was first initialized in the 1940s it was considered a matter of national security. There had been reports claiming many American men had been rejected for World War II military service because of diet-related health problems. The National School Lunch Act has since been amended numerous times. Public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions may participate in the

lunch program. In Lassen County school lunches are available at all schools regardless of ability to pay. Angela Mwalozi, nutritionist for the Susanville Elementary School District, said the menus are all prepared in accordance with state nutritional regulations. Forms for free or reduced lunches can be downloaded from school websites or are available at the schools.





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Make sure you stay hydrated during sports Does hydration affect your ability to perform your best on the field? Yes, it does! Athletes who are hydrated well will perform better. Being dehydrated causes athletes to lose their performance edge. Dehydration slows you down, prevents the body from cooling properly and increases your risk of heat illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It also impairs mental

awareness and quick decision making which is important in any sport. It only takes a 2 percent loss of body weight in fluid to affect performance. Signs of dehydration It is important to know the warning signs of dehydration. The following symptoms can mean you are headed for trouble and may require medical

Silk Screening • Promotional Products • Spirit Gear Uniforms • Vehicle and Sign Vinyl • Personalized Gifts and so much more!

If you can think it, we can ink it!

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attention: •Noticeable thirst •Muscle cramps •Weakness •Decreased performance •Difficulty paying attention •Headache •Nausea •Fatigue •Lightheaded feeling or dizziness

best. Drinking plenty of water will keep you playing at your best. Avoid drinks with caffeine such as soda, energy drinks and coffee. Caffeine causes the cells in your body to release fluid making dehydration more likely. Drink water before during and after the game! Sport drinks such as Gatorade can be beneficial to help replace minerals lost from sweating, however only a small portion is needed. You can replace those lost minerals by having a healthy meal or snack as well.

To prevent dehydration, know your sweat rate — the balance between what you sweat out and what fluids you take in. Weigh yourself before and after games or practices. If you lose more than 2 percent of your body weight, then you need more fluid. Two percent loss is about 3 pounds for a 150pound athlete and about 4 pounds for a 200-pound athlete. If you gained weight after a workout, your fluid intake is too high. Check urine color to determine hydration If your urine is pale like lemonade, that is a sign of good hydration. If it is dark like apple juice, you need more fluids. Water Water hydrates your body the

Caring for babies’ and children’s dental health.

Smiles for Life, Inc. 257-9640

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Bible Study, 9 am Sunday Worship, 10 am

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As you prepare for the first day of kindergarten, you’ll want to be informed well in advance about requirements for kindergarten entrance and registration. Districts vary on when they begin taking signups for kindergarten but most begin pre-registration in early spring for the following fall. The numbers of hours your child will spend in school each day varies from district to district as well, although the state requires students complete a minimum number of hours per year. Some schools hold half-day programs but most schools in Lassen County have full school day hours. Here are some general guidelines on what is required for kindergarten enrollment. Although most states are fairly strict in enforcing the deadline date (if your child is not 5 years old by the designated deadline, she or he must wait until the following year to start kindergarten), some school districts may allow parents to enroll their children if they turn 5 in the middle of the school year. Most districts choose not to make an exception for these students because of space constraints and possible complications around promotion to first grade. If you feel strongly that your child should start kindergarten and his or her birthday does not meet the state deadline, it might be worth contacting the school district office to see if they will make an exception. You will be asked to provide the following information when registering your child for kindergarten:

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1. Proof of your child’s age and identity: either a birth certificate or another reliable document stating the child’s identity and age (such as a passport, school ID card, school record, report card, military ID, hospital birth record, adoption record or baptismal certificate). 2. Proof of residence, such as driver’s license, voter/motor registration card, utility bill, rent statement, income tax return statement, proof of home ownership (including a mortgage statement) or any official document showing both your name and address. 3. Records of vaccination and immunization against specified diseases. Elementary school required vaccinations include Polio, diphtheria-tetanus toxoids (DTP), measles, rubella, mumps, hepatitis B and varicella. You may also contact your district to find out how to apply for exemption from vaccinations for religious or medical reasons. 4. Child’s social security card. Some districts will assign a student ID number if you choose not to provide the social security number. Ask about your district’s policy. 6. Tuberculosis test. Some districts require results of a tuberculosis test or a letter from a physician certifying that the child is low risk. 7. Proof of physical and dental examination. Some districts require you to provide proof your child has had a physical and dental examination within one year prior to the beginning of school.

Independent Living Program aids youth in foster care Youth ages 14 to 21, who are wards of the court, in foster care or are living with someone other than a biological parent, qualify to partake in Lassen Community College’s Independent Living Program (ILP). The well received, federally mandated program came to Lassen County seven years ago, according to ILP Director Denise Stevenson. ILP is designed to allow the youth enrolled to gain self-sustaining abilities. “When a student exits the program, they should have all the skills to successfully emancipate,” said Stevenson. Participants do not have to be registered at Lassen Community College to enroll in the course; however, because there is only one location, most students are from Susanville. The evening class spans over two semesters: the first including lessons on job and career searching, with help on resumes and interviewing. The second focuses on housing, money management and consumer skills. The class, which averages 30 to 35 students a semester, hosts a variety of guest speakers from both on and off campus, in-

Lassen Youth Football & Cheer

cluding psychologists, dental hygienists and campus based vocational programs like auto shop, graphic arts and fire science. Students who took the class were required to take a pre and post Ansell-Casey Life Skill Assessment quiz. The quiz determines the taker’s mastery and skill level in various domains like money management, social development and self-care. All ILP students who took both exams in the 20132013 year showed growth. “The assessment tells us where they are in terms of being able to function on their own,” said Stevenson. There is a registration fee for the course, but participants under the age of 18 may have their fee dismissed. Stevenson is hoping to expand the program throughout Lassen County with the use of interactive television. Past attempts through Skype proved difficult. “I’ve seen for many students (ILP) giving them the confidence and knowledge to continue their education,” said Stevenson. “It gives them a friendly face at (Lassen Community College). If you have questions about the program, call Stevenson at (530)-251-8810.

Lassen Youth Wrestling


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The following are specific exceptions to the prohibition on fees, charges and deposits at the kindergarten through 12th grade level. These fees, charges and deposits are legally permissible because law specifically permits them: •Charges for optional attendance as a spectator at a school or District sponsored activity. •Charges for food served to students, subject to free and reduced price meal program eligibility and other restrictions specified in law. •Paying the replacement cost for District books or supplies loaned to a student that the student fails to return, or that is willfully cut, defaced or otherwise injured, up to an amount not to exceed $10,000. •Fees for field trips and excursions in connection with courses of instruction or school related social, educational, cultural, athletic, or school band activities, as long as no student is prevented from making the field trip or excursion because of lack of sufficient funds. •Medical or hospital insurance for field trips that is made available by the school district. •Charges for required medical and accident insurance for athletic team members, so long as there is a waiver for financial hardship. •Charges for standardized physical education attire of a particular color and design, but the school may not mandate that the attire be purchased from the school and no physical education grade of a student may be impacted based on the failure to wear standardized apparel “arising from circumstances beyond the control” of the student. •Charging for the parking of vehicles on school grounds. •Charges for the rental or lease of personal property needed for District purposes, such as caps and gowns for graduation ceremonies. •Fees for school camp programs, so long as no student is denied the opportunity to participate because of nonpayment of the fee. •Reimbursement for the direct cost of materials provided to a student for property the student has

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fabricated from such materials for his/her own possession and use, such as wood shop, art, or sewing projects kept by the student. •Reimbursement for the actual cost of duplicating public records, student records, or a prospectus of the school curriculum. •Fees for transportation to and from school, and transportation between school and regional occupational centers, programs or classes, as long as the fee does not exceed the statewide average non-subsidized cost per student and provided there is a waiver provision based on financial need. •Fees for transportation of pupils to places of summer employment. •Tuition fees charged to pupils whose parents are actual and legal residents of an adjacent foreign country or an adjacent state. Tuition fees collected from foreign students attending a district school pursuant to an F-1 visa, equal to the full unsubsidized per capita cost of providing education during the period of attendance. •Fees for an optional fingerprinting program for kindergarten or other newly enrolled students, if the fee does not exceed the actual costs associated with the program. •Fees for community classes in civic, vocational, literacy, health, homemaking, and technical and general education, not to exceed the cost of maintaining the community classes. •Deposits for band instruments, music, uniforms and other regalia that school band members take on excursions to foreign countries. •Charges for eye safety devices, at a price not to exceed the district’s actual costs, in specified courses or activities in which students are engaged in, or are observing, an activity or the use of hazardous substances likely to cause injury to the eyes. Parents can go to for more information.

TRANSPORTATION Transportation to school for students throughout Lassen County will once again be available for the 2013-2014 school year. Schedules are finalized in August and will be available on your school’s website. Websites for the following schools are as follows:

High Schools Lassen High School Fort Sage Unified School Distict

Elementary and Junior High Schools McKinley School Meadow View School Diamond View School Janesville School Shaffer School

Will my child receive bus transportation? Bus transportation to and from school and for school authorized field trips and events are provided at no cost to parents. However, there are policy restrictions regarding who may be transported. Students in kindergarten through third grade qualify for transportation if they live more than three quarters of a mile from their resident area school. Students in grades four to eight qualify if they live more than one mile from their school. These requirements do not apply in cases where a student has special educational needs and transportation is specified in his or her IEP or Section 504 plan. Bus schedules and bus stops may be modified annually so please check with your school office for a current copy.

LASSEN YOUTH SOCCER Lassen Youth Soccer is a nonprofit organization focused on bringing the game of soccer to the youth of Lassen County. The organization has more than 500 children between the ages of 4 and 18 participate in its programs each year. The fall league program runs from the second week in August through the end of October. Lassen Youth Soccer also has a six-week spring program that takes place in April and May.

Children are broken up into age divisions where they learn, practice, and play. The organization also hosts camps throughout the year. In addition to teaching and developing the fundamentals of soccer, Lassen Youth Soccer puts a big emphasis on sportsmanship and expects all coaches and fans to act as positive role models for players. For more information on Lassen Youth Soccer, call 252-4815.

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SPORTS PHYSICALS Northeastern Rural Health sport physicals Low-cost sport physical exams for student athletes in Susanville and Westwood are being offered by Northeastern Health Center. The exam includes a visit with Dean Brown PA-C and Debbie Jones, health educator. This exam is required to participate in all school sports. Call Northeastern Health Center at 251-5000 to schedule on our sport physical days. Northeastern Rural Health Kindergarten Round up In June we invite all children entering kindergarten in September to participate in our Kindergarten Round-up. The CHDP exam is done including update of vaccinations. This exam also includes a dental screening that is required prior to starting kindergarten. Every child will be entered into a drawing for a backpack full of school supplies!


Northeastern Rural Health Head Start physicals Northeastern provider’s travel to each Head Start facility to perform CHDP exams for preschoolers. For more information, call Northeastern Rural Health at 251-5000 in Susanville or 256-3152 in Westwood.

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Anyone who lives, works or worships in Lassen County.

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1-800-NO-BUTTS 1-800-844-CHEW Tobacco is the #1 littered item in the world, please don’t litter.

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Lassen County offers vast opportunities for student athletes Students in Lassen County have a wide variety of options when it comes to playing sports. Regardless of your student’s grade level or which area of the county they attend school in, student-athletes can compete and train in a wide variety of athletic activities year-round. Lassen High School The Lassen High School athletics department prides itself on providing an athletic program that is a dynamic, integral part of a student’s educational experience. The Lassen High School mascot is the Grizzly and its colors are purple and gold. The Lassen High School football, baseball, golf, track and field, and soccer teams compete in Division II of the Northern Athletic League. Basketball, softball and volleyball compete in Division IV of the Northern Athletic League and field hockey competes in the Eastern Athletic League. Lassen’s wrestling team competes in the North Section and its cross-country team competes in the Northern Athletic League. Lassen High School also has cheerleading and drill teams that perform at athletic events and participate in competitions. For more information on the Lassen High School athletic program and sports schedules, visit cms/pages.phtml?pageid=286267. Westwood High School According to its website, the Westwood High School Lumberjacks and Lady Jacks have won 70 league and/or section championships since 1979. The school colors are red, black and white. Westwood athletics play in the Pioneer League, Mountain Division along with Herlong, Loyalton Greenville, American Christian and Downieville high schools. Westwood’s basketball, football, softball and volleyball teams compete in Division VI of the Northern Section and CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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and its baseball team competes in Division V. For more information about Westwood High School athletics, call 256-3235. For sports schedules, visit Herlong High School Herlong High School provides students with the opportunity to compete in baseball, football, basketball, softball, volleyball and track and field. Herlong High School sports compete in Division VI of the Northern Section with exception of the track and field team, which competes in Division IV. Herlong’s mascot is the Viking and its colors are blue and gold. For more information on the Herlong High School athletic program and sports schedules, visit Big Valley High School Big Valley High School in Bieber keeps its students engaged in many athletic activities. The Big Valley Cardinals compete in Division VI of the Northern Section in baseball, basketball, football, softball and volleyball. The track and field teams compete in Division IV of the Northern Section. The Cardinals also have a wrestling team. The school’s colors are cardinal and grey. For Big Valley High School’s sports schedules, visit More information on athletic programs can be found on each school’s website or by calling the school’s main office. For a directory of local schools’ websites, see page 41.

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Scouting is alive and well in Lassen County Scouting has a long, interesting history that winds as far back as the 1880s. Boy Scouts came about when a military officer, Robert BadenPowell, was stationed in British India and Africa. The story goes that he was fond of woodcraft and military scouting so, as part of their training, he showed fellow soldiers how to survive in the wilderness. Along with Frederick Russell Burnham, the American-born Chief of Scouts in British Africa, Baden-Powell developed the concept of a broad training program in woodcraft for young men, rich in exploration, tracking, field craft and self-reliance. Scouting soon swept the world and girls wanted in on the fun. Julietter Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts of the

Coach Gabe Williams teaches Cadence Parks the fundamentals of catching the ball during Susanville Little League’s Extra Innings summer program.

Susanville Little League exposes children to America’s favorite pastime Susanville Little League was founded in 1951 and aims to provide youth baseball experiences to boys and girls ages 4 to 14 in Lassen County. Susanville Little League is broken into two divisions, majors and minors, and plays games and tournaments throughout the spring and summer at Pat Murphy Field in Susanville. This year the organization started a new program called Extra Innings, which offers Sandlot-style baseball, instructional clinics and several special events, such as home run derbies, night games and wood bat only games. The purpose of the league is for players to have fun while improving playing skills. For more information about Susanville Little League, visit its Facebook page:

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United States of America in 1912 after she met Robert Baden-Powell in 1911. Girl Scouts aims to empower girls and to help teach values such as honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, character, sisterhood, confidence, and citizenship through activities including camping, community service, learning first aid and earning badges by acquiring other practical skills. Lassen County is governed by the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada council in Reno. For more information, visit or call (775) 322-0642. For more information about Boy Scouts in Lassen County, call Joe Ritz at 310-5572.

All-tourney selections from the 2013 5/6 girls division pose together after competing in the Lassen Hoops Tournament

Lassen Hoops teaches Lassen County youth the fundamentals of basketball Lassen Hoops is a youth basketball organization that holds camps, tournaments and weekly games for boys and girls in third through eighth grade. Games and tournaments usually begin in January and continue through March. The organization also hosts an annual summer basketball camp called Camp Grizz, which focuses on teaching children the fundamentals of basketball while having fun. The goal of the organization is to provide opportunities for enjoyment and improvement of the quality of basketball for Lassen County Youth. Lassen Hoops is affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union. For more information, visit the Lassen Hoops website:

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With every new or quality pre-owned vehicle we sell before Sept. 15, 2013, we will make a donation to the Pathway to Grizzly Pride fund...up to


Help us make Arnold Field ADA compliant



per vehicle

We will be donating a new 2013 Ford Escape for the

PUNT, PASS & KICK GIVEAWAY at the 2013 Football Season Home Games. Tickets on sale at the games.

Sales Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm Sat., 9am-6pm Sun., 10am-5pm Service Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:30am-5pm


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