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Having problems And Dealing with problems Idioms

I’ve come up against a brick wall

I’ve come up against a stumbling block Something is blocking me from doing what I want to do

Having problems

I put my foot in it

I said something tactless and embarrassing

Having problems

I’ve dug myself into a hole

I have myself caused a problem that will be difficult to escape from

Having problems

I’ve spread myself too thin

I am trying to do too many things at the same time with the result that I can’t Give any of them the attention they need

Having problems

I’ve been left holding the baby

Others have left me to deal with a problem alone

Having problems

They’ve got me over the barrel

They have put me in a situation where I have no choice over What I can do

Having problems

I’m clutching at straws now

I am in such a difficult situation that I will try anything

Having problems

I’ve drawn a blank

I am unable to find information or to achieve something I’d hoped for

Having problems

Now we all going to have to face the music

Accept criticism or punishment for what you have done

Having problems

Make, do and mend

to manage with less than you would like, by repairing old things instead of buying new ones

Dealing with problems

Give it a shot

to attempt to do something

Dealing with problems

Dealing with problems To be on the safe side To protect yourself even though it might not be necessary

Get to the bottom of it

Try to discover the truth about something

Dealing with problems

Dealing with problems to shed a great deal of light

To help somebody to understand somethingg

Dealing with problems Come to light

When unknown facts are discovered, they are brought to light or they come to light

Bring to light

Belief is knowing the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train coming

To be in the bag

To be certain to get or achieve something

Dealing with problems

The answer to my prayers

Dealing with problems

I want to wave a magic wand and make things better

Find an easy way to solve a problem

Dealing with problems

Fall into place

You understand something that you did not understand before.

Dealing with problems

Pick up the pieces Try to return to normal

Dealing with problems

Having problems dealing with problems  

Idioms to talk about problems

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