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Maritzburg College To:

The Maritzburg College Community and all Friends of Maritzburg College

RE: I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the Maritzburg College Foundation (“the Foundation”) and to place its purpose and existence within the framework of the greater Maritzburg College Community. The Foundation is a Company formed and operated not for gain. In terms of the old Companies Act it is what is known as a “Section 21” company. The Foundation, with its own legal identity, is a separate legal entity to Maritzburg College (“College”), the Maritzburg College Old Boys Association (“MCOBA”) and the Maritzburg College Old Boys and Memorial Trust (“the Trust”). The existence of the Foundation stems from an initiative of the Old Boys Association to allow for the formation of an independent entity with the means of raising funds for the benefit of College whilst ensuring that it is not a burden financially and administratively on College, the MCOBA and/or the Trust. Whilst the Foundation has formed and moulded itself over the last few months in response to the exciting challenges it faces, the sole purpose of the Foundation is to raise and administer funds for and on behalf of College. Simply put its sole aim and existence is for the betterment and furtherance of the aims and objectives of Maritzburg College. The Foundation, its directors and employees are bound by strict legislation relating to companies which exist not for profit or gain. The Foundation will have to bear its own overheads and expenses as any normal company would, and such costs will be carried by donations made and fundraising activities initiated by the Foundation. These necessary administrative functions will ensure the sustainability of the Foundation. The Foundation is not intended to be a once off fund raising vehicle. The Foundation has applied for Section 18A status and once this is granted donations will qualify for a tax deduction. Furthermore the Foundation is investigating the establishment of a fund which will provide corporate donors with Socio-Economic Development points for their BB-BEE scorecard. The Foundation has committed itself to assist College, wherever its services may be required, with its 150th anniversary celebrations which will take place, as we all know, in 2013. College and the Governing Body have invited the Foundation to make use of this auspicious occasion, and the significant opportunity afforded by the 150th anniversary celebrations, to assist in the raising of funds. PROVIDING A BALANCED, INTERNATIONALLY COMPETITIVE EDUCATION FOR EACH OF OUR BOYS P.O. BOX 398, PIETERMARITZBURG 3200 • TEL: (033) 342 9376 • FAX: (033) 394 2908 Website: Email:

The Foundation is committed to extensive fundraising initiatives aimed at all friends of College. As mentioned above, the funds so raised shall be made use of exclusively to meet the changing needs and requirements of College. The over-arching ambition of the Foundation is to secure and preserve the quality of College as a school with which everyone is proud to be associated. Whilst the Foundation may target capital expenditure projects, the aim will be to establish a sustainable income stream through astute and transparent financial management of the funds donated to the Foundation. This will allow a clarity of focus for the Foundation, avoiding a multiplicity of projects being placed before it, thus not allowing the focus of its existence to be distracted from its orderly and structured approach to fund raising. The Foundation’s website can be viewed at Alternatively the Foundation’s offices are managed by Andrew Soden and Dedre Immelman who will be more than willing to deal with any queries or questions that you might have relating to the Foundation and its functioning. Thank you for taking the time to read through this correspondence. Yours in College

MCF Sept 2011 Letter from The Headmaster  
MCF Sept 2011 Letter from The Headmaster  

Introduction of The College Foundation by the College Headmaster