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Maritzburg College Newsletter #30 23rd September 2011


Providing a balanced, internationally competitive education for each of our boys


Pics by: Nico Boschoff JC Grobler Sphume Mashiyane Graham Bennetts

Both Junior Grades have savoured their leadership time in the bush. The 3rd form planted trees, visited rural schools and hiked the Umkomaas valley and the 2nd form visited Roselands.


Liesl Couperthwaite

As College is an ENVIROSCHOOL we are trying to engender a culture of recycling in the school. To get this off the ground, it was decided to target the 2nd Formers this year and to expand to higher forms next year. On Friday the 14th of October we are getting a representative from the plastics’ industry to give the 2nd formers a talk on recycling plastic. The following week from 17th to 20th of October the boys will be asked to bring different items for recycling each day. Monday: plastic Tuesday: newspaper and magazines Wednesday: batteries Thursday: Plastic and polystyrene. Please support this effort as it is a fact of life that we need to recycle and the sooner the boys get used to it the better.

BASKETBALL vs Kearsney 1st lost 16A lost 15A won 14A won

43-48 8-9 39-34 29-16

Summary: Played 9 Won 6 lost 3

CANOEING Maritzburg College tops at Capitol Caterers/Popes Canoe Centre Interschools Shongweni Race Maritzburg College’s Donovan Wewege continued his run of wins on Saturday morning to take the Shongweni leg of the 2011 Interschools Challenge. Murray Starr gave Wewege a good run for his money taking second place just 6 seconds off the pace and with the leading U16, Louis Hattingh in third place, Maritzburg College achieved their second clean sweep of the weekend. To add to this they also took the second place in the U16 class in the shape of Andrew Woodgate. Results. U18 Boys – 1. Donovan Wewege MAR 1:00:03, 2. Murray Starr MAR 1:00:09. U16 Boys – 1. Louis Hattingh MAR 1:00:31, 2. Andrew Woodgate MAR 1:02:44.

U18 Winner Donovan Wewege

U16 Winner Louis Hattingh

African Slalom Champion Donovan Wewege Tuesday Had to wake up really early to catch our flight to JHB with the rest to the SA slalom team. From there we caught a connecting flight to Maputo, Mozambique. Natalie Du Toit was on the same flight as us! We then caught a special “Games” bus to the Athletes village. The village was really cool. It was about 8 rows of 4 story flats that housed 99% of the over 5000 athletes. The SASCOC officials then kitted us out with the official SA All Africa Games Kit. The amount of kit we received was amazing! From caps to slops to rain coats we got it all! We even got watches, $105 spending money and paddling kit! We watched some swimming and SA won gold in all the events that we watched. We then had to contend with the longest queue for supper that I have ever had to stand in. We had to wait for nearly an hour before we were finally allowed to eat! We then went back to the village to discover that we would have to move out at 6 the next morning because the canoeing event would be held 4hrs away!

Wednesday The poverty in Mozambique is unbelievable. SA’s worst rural areas are nothing compared to what I saw. Our driver did something amazing and managed the trip in just over 3 hrs! We were then greeted with the biggest surprise of the whole event... We were staying in a 5star lodge! The food was awesome and the beds much better than the rocks we had to sleep on in the village! We had a short, easy training session then had lunch with the rest of the team. We then watched the sprinters with the finals for the 1000m. SA won gold in K1W, C1M, K2M and finished a close second in the K1M. After that I went for a really hard run with Michael Mbanjwa and Shaun Rubenstein. The run was entirely on sand and really hard. Thursday Very hard session in the morning working on speed. It was 200m day. SA won gold in K1M,K1W, and K2M! We did a few full runs on the actual racecourse after the racing. The course suited us as specialist slalom paddlers perfectly as it has very little where straight-line speed is more important than turning skill. The session was not too hard because of our hard session in the morning. Friday Woke up early to do a sunrise technique session. The wind was really pumping and racing was postponed till later. I started to get excited for my race. There was a SA team gathering at a lodge just 2km away from where we were staying. And it was owned by a South African! We left early to get some much needed rest before the races. Saturday Had a very easy short session today focusing on some speed. The wind was blowing again but not too badly. Had a good supper then straight to bed. Very excited. Sunday Race Day! Woke up nice and early. Packed all my bags for the first session at the course - not nervous at this stage but super excited. It was a real privilege to have the Canoeing South Africa president, Naas Fisher supporting us. In this slalom competition, two competitors race against each other on a set course. Competitors are eliminated at the end of each run. I was the first race on the water and was racing against one of the top contenders from Tunisia. I had a poor start but quickly took the lead and eventually won the race. I ended up with the fastest time for the run and would be paired for the second run with the next fastest paddler from Algeria. My run was again fast and I won the run again. We then took a short drive back to the lodge for lunch and a sleep! After a good lunch we went back to the course to begin the semi-finals and the finals. I won my semi-final race again and was put into the Gold and Silver final! This run was one of my best as I flew down the course. I had nearly a boat length lead after just 10 meters! I had won the gold! 30 minutes later I was standing on the podium about to receive my gold. To be at the pinnacle of African slalom kayaking was just unbelievable. The whole SA team that was left sung the anthem at the top of their voices. I still get goosebumps thinking of when I was on the podium, hearing and singing my national anthem and seeing the SA flag rise to the very top of the pole. The whole trip was amazing and I am very grateful for the support that SASCOC gave us while we were there. It was an unbelievable experience and with London 2012 looming and having a strong qualification chance, I am going to have to give everything to slalom for the next 4 months till the qualification race.

CRICKET – Mike Bechet College vs Kearsney (Goldstones) (Limited to 50 overs) Kearsney won the toss and asked College to bat first in very hot conditions but on a pitch with some life in it. Josh Rencken (0 off 6 balls) was first to depart when he dragged a Kirsten delivery onto his stumps and Gareth Orr joined Kewan Harries earlier than anticipated. They set about building the College innings and by the halfway stage of the innings had got the College total to 108/1 after 25 overs. In the 29th over Orr, with his score on 47 off 92 balls, spooned a ball back to Airey (133/2). No sooner had Calvin Savage come to the crease when Harries walked past an Airey delivery to be out for an excellent 80 scored off 83 deliveries. (140/3 after 31 overs) Savage and Greg Miller then added 51 runs in the next 10 overs before Savage was out for 36 scored off 41 balls. (191/4 after 41 overs). Miller scored a slow 15 off 34 balls before getting out. Grant Glutz’s 11 off 10 balls kept some momentum going in the College innings. (226/6 after 48 overs). Tim Guise-Brown’s innings of 25 off 26 balls was well constructed before he got out trying to force the pace at the end of the innings (233/6). Andy Charters batted well to add 12 runs to the total off Kirsten’s last over to get the College total to 245/7 in their 50 overs. Gareth Orr In the first term College had knocked Kearsney over at Kearsney for a paltry 52 so a fired up College attack, back at full strength for the first time in over a year, set about the Kearsney top order with venom. Savage’s first over was exceptionally quick on a surface that had flattened out considerably, and after softening Airey up with the third ball of the over, he sent his last delivery thundering into the glove of the poor batsman and Guise-Brown took an easy looping catch in the gully.(2/1 after 1 over). Daryn Dupavillon at the other end, and also bowling with some serious pace, showed the Kearsney top order no respite and in his second over trapped Shadwell in front (7/2 after 4 overs). In his third over and the sixth of the innings, Dupavillon was too quick for Wallace who top edged for Lionel Fouche to take a looping catch in the slip cordon. (12/3 after 6 overs). Fouche replaced Savage at the one end and struck immediately to remove Hawk (16/4 after 9 overs) whilst Dupavillon at the other end sent the Kearsney captain Ahern packing.(23/5 after 11 overs). Fouche then sneaked one through the defence of Hudson and Charters got in on the act to reduce the Kearsney total to 30/6 and 45/7 respectively. The 9th wicket then batted sensibly to add 45 runs before Tyrone Maher, standing in for the indisposed Nick Berichon, was quick to stump Whitelaw.(91/9 after 31 overs). A further 16 runs were added for the 10th wicket before Dupavillon, back for his last over, castled Kelly with his first delivery to have Kearsney back in the pavilion for 107, scored off 36,1 overs. A clinical display by College for this their 4th convincing win over Kearsney in 2011. College 245/7 in 50 overs (K. Harries 80; G. Orr 47; C. Savage 36) Kearsney 107/10 in 36.1 overs (D. Dupavillon 4/31; C. Savage 2/12; L. Fouche 2/13) College won by 138 runs. Kewan Harries

Other Results: 2nd 3rd 4th

vs Kearsney vs Kearsney vs Kearsney


Kearsney 200 College 201/4 (Alexander 48; Walsh 46; Hillerman 40) College won by 6 wickets

16B 16D

vs Kearsney vs Kearsney 16C


Kearsney 204/6 College 191(Jacobs 56) College lost by 13 runs

15B 15C 15E

vs Kearsney vs Kearsney vs Kearsney 15D


Kearsney 106 College 108/3 (Tullis 64*) College won by 7 wickets

14B 14D 14E

vs Kearsney vs Kearsney 14C vs Kearsney 14D

College lost by 10 wickets (Pace 40) College won by 8 runs (Swanepoel 36) College won by 8 wickets (Quarmby 64)

College won by 6 wickets (Wikstrom 5/26; Wentzel 3/14) College won by 5 wickets

College won by 75 runs (Phili 4/4; Holder 4/7) College won by 10 runs (Gerrard 33*; Shuttleworth 4/13) College won by 25 runs (Foster 44; Fourie 5/23)

College lost by 18 runs (Docherty 40) College lost by 25 runs (Campbell 41*) College won by 9 wickets (Stevens 5/18)

Pics by Derek Dupavillon

Daryn Dupavillon Lionel Fouche

Calvin Savage

WATER POLO Results vs Kearsney: 1st 2nd U16A U15A U14A

won lost won won won

15-9 4-11 13-2 14-4 14-0

FROM THE HEADMASTER’S DESK If your son will not be returning to Maritzburg College next year (with the exception of the Matrics), please ensure you give a term’s notice. If we do not receive notice, a term’s fee will be charged in lieu of notice. A letter, fax or email should be forwarded to the Headmaster, Mr DR Jury. Fax: 0867309273 or email

CYSTIC FIBROSIS Jono Prince, a Form 6 pupil, is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis, (CF) is an inherited genetic disease that affects a number of organs in the body, (primarily the lungs and pancreas) by clogging them with thick, sticky mucus. Repeated infections and blockages can cause irreversible lung damage and death. Mucus blocks the tiny ducts of the pancreas which supply enzymes required for digestion, and consequently food is not properly digested and nutritional value is lost in the process. For further information, please contact their website,

Should you wish to make a donation to the Association via College please take note of the following banking details: Account Holder : KZN Cystic Fibrosis Association Bank : Nedbank Account Number : 1311029184 Branch : Pinetown Branch Code : 133926 Reference: JONOPRINCEMC Non-Profit Organisation Number is: NPO 059-897 Kindly fax a copy of the deposit slip / internet transfer to us on 086 516 8225 as we would like to thank you for your generosity. Cash donations can be placed in an envelope and handed to Class Registrars or handed in at reception.

MCOBA Darian Townsend (2002), who is an Olympic Gold Medallist, was interviewed and filmed walking the school grounds for SABC1's "Telkom Splash" which is shown on Saturdays at 13h30. This interview should be aired in the next 2 weeks. Darian is pictured with Steve La Marque who was his swimming coach.

“Bob” Chonco, (2010), standing with his right fist firmly on his WP badge, a la College style, whilst his WP Under 19 teammate takes a “shot at goal”! Keeping the traditions...


If you are aware of any achievements of our boys outside of school organised activities, please pass this information on to Graham Bennetts at or Gill Williams Mrs Marchant will be keeping a list of non-school achievements through the year so that they can receive due recognition.

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PARENTS WHO PRAY Parents are invited to attend prayer meetings every Monday morning in the chapel at 07:30

Pro Aris et Focis Regards The College Marketing Department

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