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Women of Miraculous Destiny

Declaration for Destiny

WOMEN OF THE HARVEST Nothing is Impossible with God!

O LORD JESUS, / be it unto me/ according to your will./ I am YOUR Woman of Destiny. / I am AUTHORIZED as a Woman. / YOU are depending on me/ for Big Kingdom Business./ Your TRUST in me/ ENERGIZES me!/ My age in life/ is the right age in life / to carry out your plan!/ Jesus, I am created like YOU/ with a heart of compassion and healing hands. /Like Anna, I am in the right place at the right time./ I am a messenger of Redemption. /Like the woman at the well,/ my past does not control me./ I have met You as my Messiah. / Therefore, I ARISE and GO to MY CITY./ Like the woman at the tomb, /I am a witness of your resurrection./ You have chosen ME. /I am unafraid./ I am ready to GO QUICKLY!/ Today, I am like Mary!/ I am the Lord’s servant!/I am ready to receive orders from headquarters./ I am ready to conceive new possibilities./ Be it unto me according to your will! / NEW IDEAS ARE ENERGIZING MY LIFE!/ I am a Woman of Destiny!/ Here I am LORD, / continue your ministry through me! /NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH YOU ! I am in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!/


“Women of the Harvest”

NOTES Question: How does a Woman prepare herself today? When is late too late?

Question: What will YOU DO with the knowledge of Christ? Is your PAST here to LAST?

Question: What will YOU DO when no one believes you? What will YOU SAY when HE calls YOU?

Question: What DREAM will you allow in YOU? How BIG can POSSIBLE be to YOU?

FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION: WHO TOLD YOU TO GO? WHO SAID STAY? Christian Adventures International / McNulty Ministries P.O. Box 15136, Daytona Beach, FL 32115 386.252.9803

WOD Women of harvest Confessions.eng.2011.pdf  

Dr Leslie McNulty Women Of Destiny Conference - Women of harvest Confessions in English

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