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Mi l H Miracle Healings li Estonia, Tallinn

“God Healed My Left Shoulder Today!” • •

Gennady, G d 67 years old. ld “Several years ago I seriously injured my left shoulder. As a result I could not lift up my left arm and could not continue to work at my job anymore. Also for about two years my heart has been hurting. I came to Festival expecting to receive a miracle. And during a prayer I was miraculously healed! I felt like a fire went through my heart. I then began to lift up my arms and didn’t didn t feel any pain anymore. I have been coming to each service in the tent during whole week. The pain has left my body! I am so happy now!” Tallinn, Estonia

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• •

Liane, 49 years old. “In 1996 my husband died. His death was a very serious shock for me and it influenced my nervous system so strongly that I had to be hospitalized hospitalized. For the whole month the doctors were trying to restore my health. Because of a nervous overload my veins were hurting very much so that I couldn’t even walk. During the last three years my pain got stronger; nevertheless I didn’t leave my job and continued working to provide for my family. As soon as I found out about tent Festival in Tallinn I decided d id d tto serve iin th the ttentt and dh help l iin every way I could. When I first came to the tent Festival my legs were hurting badly. During a prayer for healing I came up to the tent ministers and offered my help with writing down testimonies of healing. While I was doing that – God touched me! During gap prayer, y , all of a sudden,, I felt such an ease in my legs! I got so happy and almost crying I told about my miracle! The next day I came to serve in the tent again and I was flying without wings!” wings! Later Liane’s son shared how happy they are that their mother is healed! God’s healing came to their home! They are now a happy family!

“God Restored Myy Nervous System!”

Tallinn, Estonia

God Took Away Erica’s Severe Headache! • •

Erica, 49 years old. “During last several days I have been having a severe headache. I tried some strong medicine but it didn’t help. The pain was so strong that it was even hard for me to breath breath. One night, being exhausted by this pain, I accidentally heard that there was a tent Festival y Despite p the headache I felt a strong g in the city. desire to come to the Festival. During a prayer for healing I felt that the headache started to calm down, and my breath was normalized.” li d ” Being very happy Erica is sharing about her miracle with others. She now is not only healed but also immeasurably happy because finally right here in the tent she has met the Savior Jesus Christ! Tallinn, Estonia

“I Don’t Have to Limp Anymore! Anymore!” • •

Igor, 35 years old. “One and a half year ago, after doing a heavy physical work my leg suddenly started hurting. In fact, the pain was so bad – it caused me to limp. limp I tried various ointments, but nothing helped. All these years I had been lame. But yesterday I heard a radio advertising about Festival of Music and Miracles that was happening in another town nearby. I came to the Festival with faith in my heart. I expected to be healed. Limping, I came to the altar and prayed… and God healed me! God also set my faith fire in my heart and now I can boldly tell people about God and not be ashamed or embarrassed. He is the living God!” Tallinn, Estonia

“I Was Handicapped for 8 Years, but Now I Am H l d!” Healed!” • •

Lida, 24 years old. “8 8 years ago (at the age of 16) 16), while crossing a street street, I was hit by a motorcycle motorcycle. After the accident I became handicapped. Doctors diagnosed me with encephalotomy. I had severe pain in my back. From time to time I had to be hospitalized and spend months in hospital but with no good results. When I came to the Festival, I expected a healing. The services were very long for me. Never before could I sit for such a long time at one place without movement. I was suffering from pain. Nevertheless I stayed there and waited for God to heal me. I believed He can do it! After Leslie and I prayed together together, I felt like pain was leaving my body. I checked my back – I bent over several times and realized that the pain is completely gone! God saw faith in my heart and healed me!” Tallinn, Estonia

“I Am Not Depressed Any M !” More!” • •

• •

Aino, 62 years old. “Four years ago due to depression my whole body started aching. I began feeling very week all the time. I was put into a neurological hospital and had special treatments but nothing helped. I came to the very first evening of the Tent Festival and I expected to have changes in my body body. And God did touch me! I felt as if current passed through my whole body. Headache disappeared; pain in my p y neck,, shoulders,, and legs g is also gone! g I am very grateful to God! With great pleasure I continue coming every evening to listen to Kevin or Leslie’s sermons. The women’s conference in Tallinn with Leslie preaching was a great blessing for me.” Tallinn, Estonia

“No More Pain In My Joints! J Jesus Did Wh Whatt N No D Doctor t Could Do!” • •

Viyu, 57 years old. “Several years ago I started having pain i my jjoints. in i t D Doctors t di diagnosed d me and d found that it was an osteochondrosis. They said that the reason I had that pain was my age and it is useless to have any kind of treatments. But the very first night when I came to the Festival I received my healing and the pain that had been bothering me for years completely disappeared. I am very grateful to my Healer! Things that doctors could not do Jesus did!” Tallinn, Estonia

“God Replaced My Grief and Depression with His Joy and Peace!” Peace! • •

• •

Sirie, 49 years old. “Several Several years ago my husband abandoned me with our four kids. After that I began suffering from depression and for three years I couldn’t sleep at nights. I came to the Tent Festival and prayed for healing. The same evening when I returned home I fell asleep right away. It happened again the following night. Today I came up to the platform to share my testimony with people. It is a miracle – three nights in a row I could sleep very well well. God removed the burden of grief from my heart and filled me with His joy and peace!” Tallinn, Estonia

“My Blood Pressure Is N Normal lN Now!! G God dH Healed l d Me of All Kind of Diseases!” • •

Tamara, 56 years old. “I had been sick for a very long time. I had all kinds of diseases. A year ago I had a heart attack. After that I constantly had a very high blood pressure. But this morning when I woke up I felt strength and ease in my body. I then measured my blood pressure and, oh miracle, - it was perfectly fine! I didn’t miss even one service at the tent. God continues to heal me. My eyesight also improved. I feel so much better not only in my body but also in my soul, a desire to live and to work came back to me. me I give all the glory to my Healer – Jesus Christ!” Tallinn, Estonia

“God Healed My Bronchial Asthma!” • •

• •

Khannus , 71 years old. “35 years ago I got sick with bronchitis. Gradually the disease developed into a bronchial asthma. Al h Although h allll these h years I h had db been h having i treatments I still couldn’t breathe easily and had been choking very often. The medicine I was taking would help but for just a short period of ti time and d th then I would ld ffeell very b bad d again. i After a prayer for healing, I began to jump with joy! I wanted to run up on the platform and tell others about my miracle. I can now breathe very deeply and easily without taking any medicine! I am coming to the festival every night! And I am so happy that I can not help smiling smiling. I am completely healthy now! It is never too late to receive your miracle from the Lord!”

Tallinn, Estonia

“God God Healed My Kidneys Today!” • Ekaterina Ekaterina, 60 years old. old • “A year ago my kidneys began to hurt. The p pain repeated p very y frequently. • Having this pain I came to the T t Festival. Tent F ti l • And after a prayer the pain pp Praise God! disappeared! • I feel great!” Tallinn, Estonia

“God Healed My Legs and I D ’t Li Don’t Limp A Anymore!” !” • •

• •

Anna, 69 years old. “42 years ago while hil crossing i a street I was hi hit b by a car. I b broke k my leg and got several other injuries. Years were passing by, my bones grew together, but I continued to limp. Getting older I had to use a cane. Doctors said that my leg wouldn’t wouldn t ever be completely restored and that I would have to always walk with a cane. Some time ago I left my job and stayed home. Three months ago my knee started hurting very bad. I used ointments, and pills but nothing helped. In church I heard about the Festival and decided to come and see. I loved it from the very first service. Although it was very hard for me t walk to lk tto th the services i b because off th the pain i iin my lleg I did didn’t ’t miss i even one service. And today during a prayer I felt like a fire went through my leg. I am healed! Not only the pain has disappeared but I don’t don t even need that cane anymore. I can walk very well now! I would like everybody to see my miracle!” Tallinn, Estonia

“God Miraculously Healed My Neck and dM My A Arm!” !” • • •

Anya, 14 years old. Anya old “I was riding a bicycle to the Tent Festival. On my way I fell down and couldn’t get up. I was hospitalized. I broke my neck and an arm arm. Kevin and Leslie, and my friends prayed for me in the tent. And God supernaturally healed me! After two days I was already back home with only a slight scratch on my arm!” Tallinn, Estonia

“Thank You,, Jesus,, For Healing My Liver!” • •

Valeriy, 45 years old. “For manyy yyears I was smoking g and drinking alcohol. After I came to Jesus I gave up all these harmful habits. habits But I still had pain in my liver most probably due to alcohol that I had been taking b f before. Today my wife and I prayed and asked God to heal my liver and the pain disappeared! Praise God!”

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn-Estonia Miracle Moments  

Tallinn-Estonia Miracle Moments