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Juan Manuel, Santa Fe, Argentina  Now I am able to hear well! I am able to hear well!” “Now • “I am 65 years old. I had suffered  f from limited ability to hear for  li it d bilit t h f many years, since I had a chronic  cold. • I came to the first day of the  I came to the first day of the crusade where the Lord healed me  during the healing prayer and now  I am able to hear well. • I am very happy!”

Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Agustín, Santa Fe, Argentina “I  am able to hear again!”

• I am 8 years old. A year ago I was using a Q‐tip and in that way  damaged my hearing. The doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to hear  any more, and that I had no chances of recovery.  • I came to the first day of the crusade, together with my parents,  where during the preaching I felt a noise, a whisper, a chill and once  the meeting was over I was just fine. I felt the Lord had healed me  h i j fi f l h dh dh l d and now I am able to hear again! Thank You Lord for my miracle! Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Estefanía, Santa  Fe Argentina Fe, Argentina “I don’t need my  hearing aid hearing aid  anymore!” •

I am 20 years old. Since I  was 5 I had suffered from  a chronic problem in my  ears. I had to use a ears. I had to use a  hearing aid. I came to the  first day of the Crusade,  hoping to receive healing  from God. from God.  During the preaching  time, I felt the fire of God  and God has given healing  in my ears in my ears. I can hear well now!  Thank You, Jesus! Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Eusebia, Santa Fe,  Argentina “Thank You, Jesus,  , , I can hear again!” • I am 65 years old. 2 years ago I started  suffering from a peripheral syndrome suffering from a peripheral syndrome  and lost 65% of my hearing ability.  • I came to the first day of the crusade  and during the preaching I felt a fire  dd i h hi I f l fi burning me.  • I feel free of this disease now! The Lord  I feel free of this disease now! The Lord healed me! Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Erica, Santa Fe,  Argentina “God God took away  took away my toothache  today! today!” • I am 26 years old. I had been suffering  from a tooth infection for more than a  month. My sister invited me to the  Crusade and I came the first day. God  healed me from the pain that I felt. • No more pain for me! Jesus is my  No more pain for me! Jesus is my Healer! Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Anastacia, Santa  Anastacia Santa Fe, Argentina • II am 66 years old. I suffered a  am 66 years old I suffered a constant buzzing in my ears.  Doctors said it wasn’t operable  and that I would have it for the  rest of my life. I was told about  t f lif I t ld b t the Crusade in the church I  attend, so I came here the first  day. During the preaching and  y g p g praying time I felt heat in my  body, together with chills. At the  end of the meeting I felt just fine,  with no pain at all with no pain at all. Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Ana, Santa Fe, Argentina “No more pain in my heart and my arm!” • II am 62 years old. Two years ago I started  am 62 years old Two years ago I started suffering in my heart and arm, and was  told by my doctor that my heart was  enlarged. I was told about the crusade in  g my church “Cristo Vive”. • Today is the first day I came, and God  healed me. • No more pain in my heart and my arm! Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Franco, Santa Fe, Argentina “My son can stand on his  feet and he is making his first steps!”  feet and he is making his first steps! • My son is 4 years old. He was  born premature, after only 6  months of pregnancy. He caught  a virus in the “incubator”.  • He was never able to stand on  He was never able to stand on his feet or walk. Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Franco • When we came here today he and I both felt  the fire of the Lord coming to us. Now my  son is healed! He can stand on his feet and son is healed! He can stand on his feet and  he is making his first steps!

Alejandro, Santa Fe,  A Argentina i “Now I don’t feel any pain  yp in the area of my liver at  all! all!” • I am 38 years old. I had a virus  in my liver for over 4 years. I  came the first day of the  C Crusade. During the preaching  d D i th hi I started to touch my body in  the place where it always hurt the place where it always hurt.  Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Alejandro, Santa Fe, Argentina “Now I don’t feel any pain in  Alejandro Santa Fe Argentina “Now I don’t feel any pain in the area of my liver at all!”

Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Nadia, Santa Fe, Argentina “God  Healed My Throat and I Can Sing Healed My Throat and I Can Sing  Again!” • “I am 57 years old. Because  I was a smoker I had a  problem in my throat for 10  bl i h f 10 years that wouldn’t let me  talk.  • I was invited to the Crusade  by a neighbor of mine. I  came the first day I could came the first day. I could  feel that God healed me.”

Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Nadia, Santa Fe, Argentina “God healed my  throat and I can sing again and praise Jesus!”

• “I “I can sing again and praise  i i d i Jesus! • I am so happy!” I am so happ !” Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Daniel, Santa Fe, Argentina “I  can run again!”” • “I am 35 years old. 15  years ago I had an  accident in my legs  while playing football  (soccer).  (soccer) • I came the first day to  the Crusade. And now I  am totally renewed and  healthy in my legs. • I can run again!” I i !” Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Liliana, Argentina “N “No more pain in my chest!” i i h t!” • I am 50 years old.  Three years ago I  started suffering started suffering  from calciogram.  y • I came the first day  of the Crusade.  During a prayer I  felt something very felt something very  hot in my chest,  and the Lord healed  me. Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Ana, Argentina  “ d ’ “I don’t need my walker any more!” d lk !” • “II am 64 years old. I  am 64 years old. I suffered from multiple  sclerosis for over a  decade.  • I came to the Crusade the  very first day. During the  preaching, I felt that my preaching, I felt that my  feet were burning.  • God operated a miracle  healing in me. And now, I  in me And now I don’t need my walker any  more! • I am healed! I am healed!” Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Eva, Argentina “God healed my knees today!” • “I am 56 years old. • 20 years ago I was operated  d on my knees where I had  meniscus.  • I came to the first day of the  I t th fi t d f th Crusade.  • I began feeling a fire and a  great heat during the great heat during the  preaching. • During a prayer I realized  that I was healed! No more that I was healed! No more  swelling in my knees. I can  easily bend my legs. • Now I can declare that I am  Now I can declare that I am healed!” Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Maria Rosa, Santa Fe,  g Argentina • •

Maria Rosa is 10 years old. When my girl was born she suffered a brain hemorrhage g and as a consequence, it affected her legs and head. She was born pre-maturely at only 6 months. Doctors didn´t didn t give her sufficient oxygen and that is why she developed a blood clot in her brain. She wasn´t able to walk straight but now she does. Last night we went back home walking and that is when we noticed she could walk straight! We came the first two days to the Crusade hoping to receive God´s blessings and when Dr. Dr Kevin prayed and instructed us to touch our bodies, I hugged her. When we saw God´s miracle we felt the peace and the happiness of having received God´s answer. Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Paola, Santa Fe, “God came down and healed  me of all neurological issues.” Two weeks ago, my doctors diagnosed me with high Burnot syndrome. I suffered stress and schizophrenia and they also detected neurological issues. I felt lost and intimidated. This was a result of spiritual battling and fear of the enemy, but I finally understood that God is by my side and never leaves me. •

I came to the Crusade because I was notified of this event in the church I go to, “Philadelphia”, and I came here these three days. I had the expectation of watching or acquiring a miracle but I really didn´t know I would receive one myself. myself When Leslie was praying for me I felt the ministration and confirmation of God´s Word, and I felt I was with God, but in a supernatural time and place, and that made me feel so happy happy. God came down and confirmed my call as a missionary woman. Santa Fe, ARG‐Healings

Miracle Moments Santa Fe, Argentina  
Miracle Moments Santa Fe, Argentina  

Miracle Moments Santa Fe, Argentina