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Praying y g for healing g

Clarita, Costa Rica “My My broken shoulder is healed!” healed!

ƒ Yesterday I fell in the kitchen and broke my shoulder. I came here in a sling. I had immense pain. Now I can move my arm all over!

Carlos healed of intestinal problems and Cataract in his eye in San Jose, Costa Rica ƒ God healed me of intestinal problems today, y ƒ and also of a Cataract in my eye.

Miriam healed of back pain i and d off a ringing i i iin her ear in San Jose, C t Ri Costa Rica

ƒ I am healed of back pain today ƒ and I am also healed of a ringing in my ear.

Foot problem is gone in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Sara, San Jose, Costa Rica “Now I can move my arm all around without any pain!” p

ƒ ƒ ƒ


Seven months ago I lost the use of my right arm. I had tremendous pain every time I tried to use it. I have h been b healed here tonight. Now I can move it all around and there is no pain! i ! I am so happy because my family was here and now theyy know God is real because they have seen miracle proof!

Zeneida, Costa Rica “God Zeneida, healed my legs and my eyes tonight!” ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

God healed many things in my body tonight tonight. For two years I could not lift my legs because there was too much pain. I can now lift my legs very high! Also I have new eyes. For years I was farsighted and wore these thick glasses glasses. I can see both near and far perfectly tonight. My family and I have seen God’s miracles. I am happy, happy, happy!

Fernando, Costa Rica “Now Now I can see everything! I feel great! “ ƒ For thirty years I’ve struggled with vision problems. ƒ The doctors have given me strong prescription lenses. Very often my prescription would change and always for the worse. ƒ I have even had operations Nothing operations. helped. ƒ God healed me tonight. Now I can see everything! hi ! I feel f l great!

Rodrigo, San Jose, Costa Rica “Tonight Tonight my right ear opened completely” ƒ

ƒ ƒ



Si Since bi birth th I was completely deaf in left ear and had only l about b t 5% in right ear. Doctors said there was no hope for me. Tonight my right ear opened completely and left ear some. I Know complete healing is mine very soon. “I feel very happy.”

Helen, San Jose, Costa Rica “My My terrible migraine is gone!” ƒ “It maybe doesn’t seem like a big deal compared to the other miracles but it is a big deal to me. ƒ All day Sunday I had a terrible migraine I prayed the healing migraine. prayer here at the crusade and immediately I was healed. ƒ I feel so excited I am without words. ƒ My whole family is here and they are so happy for me me.”

Nicol’s sinusitis is healed in Costa Rica ƒ Nicol, Nicol, age 9. ƒ When we arrived to the seminar on Saturday Nicol had been dealing with a bad case of sinusitis for 15 days. ƒ She had a very high fever and stomach pain. At the women’s women s conference she was completely healed.

Mayra, San Jose, Costa Rica “I am healed of spinal pain that I have dealt with for decades” ƒ

ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Saturday the moment my feet touched the grass I felt a strength enter me. It started in my feet and then went all the way to my head. Later I prayed the prayer to t receive i Jesus. I was then healed of spinal pain that I have dealt with for decades decades. For the first time in a long time I can bend over. I have no pain pain. My son and I are so happy.

Katherine Took Her First Steps Today ƒ “My daughter K th i was Katherine paralyzed since birth. ƒ Today T d she h ttook k little littl steps for the first time I’m time. I m so happy happy. ƒ The doctors sarcastically said “Only God can help her.” They were right.”

Maria, Costa Rica “I spent much time bedridden bedridden, but now I can walk again by myself!” ƒ ƒ ƒ

I had to use a walker for the last month and had spent much time bedridden. Now I am walking by myself again. I know God is good and that He is my healer, and that He's the only One that could have healed me me.

Leonardo healed from cancerous tumor in San Jose Jose, Costa Rica ƒ ƒ ƒ

F the For th last l t six i months, th I have h suffered ff d constant t t pain i in i my leg l caused from a cancerous tumor. But all my pain left tonight and I won't need my crutch anymore. I feel free and happy!

Steven, Costa Rica. e pa pain in my y knees ees “The that I had for ten years is gone!” g ƒ ƒ ƒ

Before, I was not able to lower myself by bending my knees because I had pain in my knees for ten years. Whil Leslie While L li prayed, d I placed l d my h hands d on my kknees. I sensed d no fifire or special i l ffeeling. li The pain simply left. I was not surprised because I came expecting to receive my healing.

Yamilet, Costa Rica “My extreme fatigue and weakness is gone! God gave me His strength instead!” ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

D t Doctors h had d suspected t d th thatt I am suffering ff i from f cancer and d began b analysis recently. I was experiencing extreme fatigue and weakness. I had been having difficulty walking and had been falling down often. During the time of prayer prayer, I was sitting down down, but felt the need to stand up. I know that I am healed! God is marvelous and has a lot of power. I'll keep trusting Him in every area of my life from now on.

Emerita, Costa Rica “I Can Emerita, Walk Again!” Again! ƒ I fell seven years ago and dislocated my femur from the hip socket, which caused me great pain. I was unable to walk, and took many pain pills. ƒ When Leslie prayed, I felt like a great weight was lifted off of me. Now I am walking again. God is marvelous. I will testify and tell people the Lord did it."

LUIS, San Jose, Costa Rica “My jaw was healed while I listened to the crusade on the radio!” ƒ Two years ago I was kicked in the mouth by a cow, breaking my jaw. ƒ I was healed while I listened to the crusade on the radio. ƒ All the constant pain I had since the accident went away immediately.

Cecilia, Costa Rica “God God Put My Dislocated Shoulder Back in Place!” ƒ My M sho shoulder lder was as dislocated and after God touched me the shoulder was put back in its right place. place

Teresita, Costa Rica “I am healed from Teresita, the results of a stroke today! today!”

ƒ I am 74 years old. ƒ Last Tuesday I suffered a stroke, but today I am totally healed.

Lucia, Costa Rica “My daughter’s legs are healed!” ƒ ƒ ƒ

My daughter is 8 years old. Since she was born born, she was unable to put her legs together, nor could she bent her knee without hurting. Today God touched her, and now she is able to walk and put her legs together.

Rosa, Costa Rica “10“10-year scoliosis is g gone and now I can move my neck and my head!” ƒ


ƒ ƒ

I suffered ff d from f scoliosis li i and d was unable to move my neck nor lift my head for the last ten years. Before I came to the crusade, crusade I saw in a dream a spine being healed, but I did not know that it was my spine. I had to take double the medication recommended by the doctor. While I was standing in the crusade God touched me, I started weeping and my body started trembling. When I touched my spine spine,, it was completely healed and now I am able bl to t move my neckk and d lift my head. head.

Alejandra, Costa Rica “10-year Growth on my leg totally disappeared!” ƒ I had a growth on my left leg that had been growing for the last ten years. Nothing could stop the pain pain. ƒ Today the growth totally disappeared!

Elvira, Costa Rica “II am healed from rheumatoid arthritis and I got out of a wheelchair today!” ƒ I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and had been in a wheelchair for the last 18 years. ƒ Today T d God G d ttouched h d me and d I came outt off the th wheelchair. wheelchair h l h i.

Bryan’s feet are straightened in Costa Rica

ƒ I am Marlene Marlene. My son Bryan is 5 years old old. He was operated on once on his feet because he had them twisted, but after the surgery g y they y remained twisted. ƒ Today God touched his feet and healed his feet.

Gilberto, Costa Rica ƒ “God healed my left foot. ƒ I can jump now! ƒ No more pain! Thank You, Jesus!”

Noilyn, Costa Rica “I am healed from a brain tumor!” ƒ Today I am healed from a brain tumor I had h d ffor th the llastt 3 years. ƒ I suffered from terrible headaches headaches.. ƒ Now all the p pain is gone! I am healed! ƒ Thank You, Jesus!

Eraida, Costa Rica “My bones are healed!” ƒ I had been suffering from a wear of bones for the last 15 years. I also had a terrible pain in my muscles, and was unable to move. I am a nurse. God G dh healed l d me in the crusade. I felt a great happiness. g pp I went to the therapist the next day and he said that he could not find anything anything.

Flory, Costa Rica “II am healed of lung cancer and cancer in my knee!” ƒ I am 25 years old now. ƒ When I was 13 years old, I was operated t d on for f cancer in i my knee, k then the doctors took half of the lung away and they told me that I was invaded with cancer cancer. ƒ I feel I received my healing during preaching today. The Lord told me before the crusade that I would be healed. ƒ Now I have no pain, I can breathe normally and I am able to walk walk.

Miracle Moments in Costa Rica-part 2  
Miracle Moments in Costa Rica-part 2  

Miracle Moments in Costa Rica-part 2