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Invitation Flyers Distributed All Over the City

Teams Go Out into the Streets to Invite People to the Meeting

Ivette, Apopka, Fl id Florida. •


I went to the doctor and he stated from the scan that I had an i incurable bl mass on my pancreas. I went back to the Doctor 6 months later and the mass was gone. g Also during the Miracle in America conference I encountered Jesus. He came to me and confirmed that I was healed and everything was okay.

Apopka MIA Healings

Jeanne, Apopka, Florida

I had pressure in my lower back for months. I have been believing and speaking healing to myself. But still I have been in pain. I came to the meeting still believing God for a healing healing. And then on last night when Kevin McNulty prayed for me, I felt every joint in my body move back into place. Immediately, y, I knew I was healed. Last night I slept comfortable without any pain. Apopka MIA Healings

Nancy, Apopka, Florida.

I had a torn rotator cuff from a fall. I could not move my shoulder without pain for about a year. During g the service God healed my y shoulder. I can move it without pain. When I came to the meetings I expected nothing, but receive a lot. Apopka MIA Healings

Diane, Zellwood, Florida. •

I had pain in my lower back up to my neck, Arthritis, pain in hip and hearing problems hip, problems. I have lived with this condition for years. When I came to The Miracles in America conference I expected a Miracle. During the sermon I felt something in my body. I started crying. Now I can hear without my hearing aid Now, aid, and move without pain. Apopka MIA Healings

Lillie Zellwood Lillie, Zellwood, Florida Florida. •


When I came to the meetings, I was walking with a cane. I had a knee replacement and started using the cane after that. I also had a hard time picking up things and writing because of pain in my hand for about 3 years now. When I came to the crusade I expected to be healed. I wanted to receive many things from God. While the prayer was going on, I felt a warm, peaceful feeling in my body. I just felt that I had received healing. I turn my hand and it there is no pain pain. I move my legs and I not need the cane anymore. I can now lift my leg, and walk without a cane. My son is happy for me!

Apopka MIA Healings

Don, Apopka, Florida. • •

I had high blood pressure, Diabetes, and numbness in my feet for 5 years now. I expected healing when I came to the Miracle Healing Service. During the service i I felt f lt the th pain i leave l my b body. d Apopka MIA Healings

Barbara, Apopka, Florida. •


I was in a car accident and had very bad neck problems, among many other illnesses. I am a member of Word or Life Church and I expected to be healed in the Miracle Conference. g the p prayer, y , I felt no p pain in my y neck. I During know I am healed. It is great! Apopka MIA Healings

Mike,, Leesburg, g, Florida. •

I had Arthritis and could barely walk. I have been living g with this condition for 34 yyears. Two g guys y had to take me up for prayer the first night. I receive a touch from God but I was not completely healed. healed I came looking for a miracle miracle. I wanted to receive healing from God. I came back the next night and listened to the word. When I went home, I walked my dog and even ran!!! Apopka MIA Healings

Marj, Zellwood, Florida. •

• •

Over the years, my memory and hearing was deteriorating. I also had pain in my left eye, and shoulder. My toes were also bent because of Arthritis. When I came to the Miracle in America conference, I expected a complete makeover. During the prayer nothing happen that I noticed, but on the way going home, I noticed that I didn’t have to repeat myself to my husband and he didn’t have to repeat himself to me. Then I notice that my toes were also straightened out and the pain in my shoulder and my left eye was gone. I feel great, upbeat, secure, and happy. I feel that God is taking care of me. Apopka MIA Healings

Dick, Zellwood, Florida. • I came to the Miracle in America conference expecting an improvement in my hearing. Over the years, I gradually lost my hearing, and it is restored at the conference. • I can hear much better, and everyday d iit iis iimproving. i I learned during this conference to stop p and listened the God,, to not hurry in life but just to listened to God. Apopka MIA Healings

Robert, Apopka Florida. • Before the Miracle in America Conference, I had knots on my arm. • During D i th the service, i I ffelt lt a ttouch h ffrom the th Lord. Then Dr. Leslie said check yourself. I tried to check my arms but couldn’t pull my shirt sleeve up far enough. I did not know what exactly God was doing but I knew it was good. good • 3 nights of Miracle services passed and on that last night when I went home I noticed that my knots on my arm were disappearing. It was improving! • The Lord bestowed an awakening upon my spirit. He refreshed me with an anointing of fresh oil.

Apopka MIA Healings

Miracle Moments in America Apopka, Florida  

Miracle Moments in America Apopka, Florida

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