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Invitation Flyers Distributed All Over the City

Teams Go Out into the Streets to Invite People to the Meeting

Ivette, Apopka, Fl id Florida. •


I went to the doctor and he stated from the scan that I had an i incurable bl mass on my pancreas. I went back to the Doctor 6 months later and the mass was gone. g Also during the Miracle in America conference I encountered Jesus. He came to me and confirmed that I was healed and everything was okay.

Apopka MIA Healings

Jeanne, Apopka, Florida

I had pressure in my lower back for months. I have been believing and speaking healing to myself. But still I have been in pain. I came to the meeting still believing God for a healing healing. And then on last night when Kevin McNulty prayed for me, I felt every joint in my body move back into place. Immediately, y, I knew I was healed. Last night I slept comfortable without any pain. Apopka MIA Healings

Nancy, Apopka, Florida.

I had a torn rotator cuff from a fall. I could not move my shoulder without pain for about a year. During g the service God healed my y shoulder. I can move it without pain. When I came to the meetings I expected nothing, but receive a lot. Apopka MIA Healings

Diane, Zellwood, Florida. •

I had pain in my lower back up to my neck, Arthritis, pain in hip and hearing problems hip, problems. I have lived with this condition for years. When I came to The Miracles in America conference I expected a Miracle. During the sermon I felt something in my body. I started crying. Now I can hear without my hearing aid Now, aid, and move without pain. Apopka MIA Healings

Lillie Zellwood Lillie, Zellwood, Florida Florida. •


When I came to the meetings, I was walking with a cane. I had a knee replacement and started using the cane after that. I also had a hard time picking up things and writing because of pain in my hand for about 3 years now. When I came to the crusade I expected to be healed. I wanted to receive many things from God. While the prayer was going on, I felt a warm, peaceful feeling in my body. I just felt that I had received healing. I turn my hand and it there is no pain pain. I move my legs and I not need the cane anymore. I can now lift my leg, and walk without a cane. My son is happy for me!

Apopka MIA Healings

Don, Apopka, Florida. • •

I had high blood pressure, Diabetes, and numbness in my feet for 5 years now. I expected healing when I came to the Miracle Healing Service. During the service i I felt f lt the th pain i leave l my b body. d Apopka MIA Healings

Barbara, Apopka, Florida. •


I was in a car accident and had very bad neck problems, among many other illnesses. I am a member of Word or Life Church and I expected to be healed in the Miracle Conference. g the p prayer, y , I felt no p pain in my y neck. I During know I am healed. It is great! Apopka MIA Healings

Mike,, Leesburg, g, Florida. •

I had Arthritis and could barely walk. I have been living g with this condition for 34 yyears. Two g guys y had to take me up for prayer the first night. I receive a touch from God but I was not completely healed. healed I came looking for a miracle miracle. I wanted to receive healing from God. I came back the next night and listened to the word. When I went home, I walked my dog and even ran!!! Apopka MIA Healings

Marj, Zellwood, Florida. •

• •

Over the years, my memory and hearing was deteriorating. I also had pain in my left eye, and shoulder. My toes were also bent because of Arthritis. When I came to the Miracle in America conference, I expected a complete makeover. During the prayer nothing happen that I noticed, but on the way going home, I noticed that I didn’t have to repeat myself to my husband and he didn’t have to repeat himself to me. Then I notice that my toes were also straightened out and the pain in my shoulder and my left eye was gone. I feel great, upbeat, secure, and happy. I feel that God is taking care of me. Apopka MIA Healings

Dick, Zellwood, Florida. • I came to the Miracle in America conference expecting an improvement in my hearing. Over the years, I gradually lost my hearing, and it is restored at the conference. • I can hear much better, and everyday d iit iis iimproving. i I learned during this conference to stop p and listened the God,, to not hurry in life but just to listened to God. Apopka MIA Healings

Robert, Apopka Florida. • Before the Miracle in America Conference, I had knots on my arm. • During D i th the service, i I ffelt lt a ttouch h ffrom the th Lord. Then Dr. Leslie said check yourself. I tried to check my arms but couldn’t pull my shirt sleeve up far enough. I did not know what exactly God was doing but I knew it was good. good • 3 nights of Miracle services passed and on that last night when I went home I noticed that my knots on my arm were disappearing. It was improving! • The Lord bestowed an awakening upon my spirit. He refreshed me with an anointing of fresh oil.

Apopka MIA Healings

Miracle Moments in America Apopka, Florida