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“God God Opened Up My Ears Today!” Today! •

“When I was 9 years old I had a problem with an electric shock and my tongue receded. I had to have my tongue taken out. As a consequence, I couldn’t speak or hear after that accident. Today God opened my ears and I can hear again!”


Susana, Fontana, Chaco. “II was deaf but now I can hear!” hear! •

• • •

“I am 28 years old. I was deaf for a long time. I was invited to this crusade d b by my ffriends. i d It iis th the fifirstt time I came. I expected to receive a miracle and healing from the Lord. Last night I listened to the sermon and felt that the Lord was speaking to me and I came to meeting, felt something like a fire inside me and felt healing in me ear. I feel clean and free now. The Lord healed me and forgave all of my sins. I did nott feel f l that th t the th Lord L d fforgave me but today I felt His forgiveness. In the campaign, I asked my husband to talk into the ear I had been having problems with, and I could hear!! Thank You, Lord!!” AG-CH-02

José deaf in both ears for 20 years can h hear now!! •

• •

“II am 63 years old. 30 years ago my ability to hear well began to diminish until I got totally deaf. I have been deaf in both ears for 20 years. I used to hear by using a hearing aid in my ears but now I can hear well. I found out about the crusade through the radio. I expected to receive healing from the Lord. This is the first time I attended the crusade. After a prayer I put my finger in my ear and I began to hear. I feel so g good. The Lord healed me and set me free from many problems.” AG-CH-03

Isabelino, Santaines, Argentina •

• • •

“I am 69 years old. One day, I just lost the ability to hear well from my left year year. I was sick for 10 years years. I could only hear with my right ear just a little bit. My wife invited me to come to the crusade. This is the second dayy that I have attended. I expected to receive healing and blessings. At the beginning of the meeting here I felt bad because I could not hear but then I asked Jesus to heal me. During the crusade, I began to hear out of my left ear. As a result, I feel very happy now.” AG-CH-04

Cerafina, Argentina. Argentina “I was deaf but now I can hear!” hear! •

• • •

• • •

“I am 73 years old. I was deaf for one year and I had high blood pressure for 5 years. Because of my high blood pressure I got deaf in my left ear. I had a buzz in it. I think I got sick because I was too worried for my son son. I found out about the crusade from the church. I have been coming to the meetings since the beginning and I expected to receive health from the Lord. Today during the sermon I felt well. After a prayer I realized that the Lord healed me. I now can hear!” AG-CH-05

Lucia, Argentina • •

• • •

“I am 76 years old. I was cleaning my ear with a little comb eight years ago and d I hurt h t myself. lf As A a consequence, I could ld not hear any longer. I came to the meeting tonight by myself. I was present in the campaign every day day. I expected to receive healing in my ears and legs. I felt a breeze during the Dr. Kevin’s prayer and felt released and healed. I am very happy!” AG-CH-06

Rosa Argentina Rosa, •

“I am 51 years old. My ear was blocked in one side. I could not hear with one of my ears for a year. I think thi k th thatt Satan S t was the th cause of my sickness. I heard about the crusade in the church, because I am a member. I have attended the campaign since the beginning. I expected to receive a miracle and dh healing li ffrom th the L Lord. d D During i a prayer I felt peace and happiness. I feel happy now because I can hear.”


Emiliano, Argentina Emiliano “I could not hear with my right ear for 1 year year, but now I can!” can! •

“I am 24 years old. ld I don’t d ’t kknow h how I gott sick i k because I never went to the doctor’s office. A year ago I just got up without being able to hear from my g ear. I think that I g got sick because it was an right attack from Satan. I attend the satellite church in Fontana city, that is how I learned about the crusade. I have been attending the campaign for four days now. I expected to receive healing. During the prayer I received healing in my ear. I feel very happy since I can hear now without any kind of problems.” AG-CH-08

Juan E t b Esteban, Argentina • •

• •

“I am 79 years old. I used to be a heavy smoker. As a consequence, I had lung cancer and had to undergo a surgery. I was deaf from my left ear and could not speak. I thinks I lost the ability to hear 4 years ago because my ear got dirty. I knew about the crusade through my brother-in-law. This is the second day that I have been present in the crusade. crusade I didn’t expect to receive anything in the crusade.. I always believed in God but I did not believe that the going g to heal me. During g the p prayer y I still Lord was g did not hear well but believed in Jesus. Now I feel very happy. I can hear much better now.” AG-CH-09

“I can hear again and I can walk!” • “I have been deaf in my right ear for 20 years and I was not able to walk. • I had a stroke. • Today I can hear well and I can walk!” AG-CH-10

2-year-old deaf and dumb from birth can hear and speak now! • “This two-year-old child could never speak speak, not even syllables syllables. • She could not hear because her mother byy accident left her in a bathtub and she almost drowned. • Today after a prayer she began speaking words! • And she can hear now!” AG-CH-11

Zara Belén, Argentina

• •

“I am 13 years old. ld F For 7 years I suffered ff d ffrom short-sightedness, I believe it was hereditary. I heard about the crusade through the radio. Today is my first day here. here I expected to receive healing and wisdom in my studies. During the prayer, I felt that somebody was touching my face and eyes. I felt very well as a result. I feel that now I am reconciled with God and I can now see well.” AG-CH-12

Maria Filomena, Argentina • •

“II am 52 years old. old I got sick three years ago because of high blood pressure. When the doctors found out that my heart became bigger and bigger because of hard work I became agitated. g I could not eat. I learned about the event through the Christian radio station. This is the first time I am present in the campaign. I expected to receive blessings from the Lord. After a prayer I felt like something began to adjust inside of me. I am a radio listener and gradually d ll I b began tto ffeell th the presence off G God. d Now I can run and ride a bicycle. I feel very well and I feel that God truly loves me.” AG-CH-13

“I could not walk for 2 years and now I can!” • “My legs became stiff, and I could not walk for 2 years years. • But now I can! My legs loosened up, and I feel that I am healed. • God healed me completely! • I am so happy!”


Norma, San Martin, Chaco • “I am 47 years old. I had a herniated disc and was bedridden for a month. I was not able to move or go to work. • Tonight, I came to the crusade for the first time. • When Dr. Kevin McNulty prayed, God healed me. • I feel very happy and grateful to the Lord. go back to • He healed me! I can g work now!” AG-CH-15

Mercedes, Resistencia, Argentina • •

“I am 69 years old. I had tremendous pain in my arms and hands, and the doctors wanted to medicate me for rheumatism. I had this problem for over 20 years, although it eased a bit for some time in the middle. A couple of months ago I started having the same problem once more more. I believe this illness is something that runs in my family. I was invited to this Crusade by my church, and I came this first day, y hoping p g something g would occur. I knew I needed God and when Kevin McNulty was praying and mentioned my illness I just started doing different things with my body that had always caused me pain, and was amazed at the fact that I was healed at that same moment. moment I didn´t didn t feel anything special or in particular… I was just healed! Now I am fine! The Lord has healed me.” Argentina, Chaco

Alicia, La Leonesa, A Argentina ti •

“II am 37 years old old. Only a month ago I had an accident and my knee cap just got out of its place. I was invited by Pastor Gonzalez to come to this Crusade, and I came today waiting to receive a miracle and healing from God. As I was prayed for, I felt very good, and now the pain has left me. Before this, I was afraid of walking g or moving g my y leg, but now I am free and healed by God!” Argentina, Chaco

• “I am 80 years old. For over a year I have had several problems in my breathing tract, and after an operation I had, I had some difficulties trying to walk. lk A As you can see, I even came here with my walking cane. ea d about this t s Crusade C usade o on tthe e • I heard radio and I decided to come, since I knew I needed a miracle. I received the prayer and the healing came to my life. Now I can walk better! This is the miracle I was waiting for!”

Cepiano, Chaco, Argentina

Argentina, Chaco

Pertona, Corrientes, Argentina g • “I am 52 years old. I have suffered from arthritis rheumatoidea for over 5 years, something I think is caused by lack of potassium in bones. • A couple of years ago I went through a depression and got anemia too. • Today God healed me and I feel so good!”

Argentina, Chaco

Ancelma Chaco, Ancelma, Chaco Argentina • •

“II am 60 years old old. I have been suffering from pain in my legs and hands for around 6 or 7 years, probably because of hard work and age. I was invited to the Crusade by my daughter, and we came the three days, hoping to receive something great from the Lord Lord. During the prayer time the pain disappeared, and I know I have received a miracle since I wasn´t able to move my foot before and now I am feeling just fine!”

Argentina, Chaco

Felipa, p , Tres Bocas,, Argentina g •

I am 60 years old. For over 6 years I have had problems in my spine, and I wasn´t able to move freely my arms. This happened to me suddenly, with no apparent reason. I was invited by a neighbor of mine, and I came today to the Crusade C ffor the 1stt time, not really expecting anything to happen to me in particular. I knew God could help me, and during the prayer time, i I ffelt l quite i nervous, and d as if something hi was flowing over my body. But now I feel peace instead, and I am free.

Argentina, Chaco

Chaco Argentina Miracle Moments  

Chaco Argentina Miracle Moments

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