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Understanding our history gives us courage to envision what is possible as we, together, strategize to evangelize the world. American history has at its foundation Christian ministry that carried these pioneers and their tents across rivers without bridges, deserts without depots and untamed territory with only the protection of God. They were the silent saints who won the West through selfless pursuit of souls at the cost of family and life itself. They traveled, ministered, starved and sweat to bring revival to the new territories.

This commitment and sacrifice is recorded in the history books as an inspiration for a new generation of focused evangelists, paying the price to forge every river to establish a living witness of Jesus Christ among the 360 million who were deprived of this right by two generations of Communism in Eurasia. Lenin was wrong. Stalin was wrong. The seed of atheism they sowed into the hearts of hundreds of millions still must be uprooted.


Crossing a Wyoming River in 1799

We face challenges worthy of our lives. We are challenged in the face of persecution from fearful politicians and empty religion. We are challenged in the face of an economy of oligarchs where 90% of the wealth is located in only one city.

Crossing a Siberian

River in the 21st Cent


Delivery of Armenian Humanitarian Aid in 2006

ing supply Mission Society pack e m Ho e th of en m Methodist Wo st in 1870 outposts in the Far We boxes for Methodist

Humanitarian aid was a critical service to the Western cities where boom and bust kept families on the verge of collapse. We find the basic needs for food and clothing a constant reality; especially as the villages lose the last bit of governmental protection they once had.

Fort Yates, North Dakota in the 1880’s

We are challenged In the face of

Century Yaroslavl in the 21st

geographic impossibilities that were designed to limit communication between regions. We will find a way to communicate the Life that Jesus offers to all people to the ends of the earth.

Nothing compares to the excitement of a tent revival. The atmosphere of faith charges those who walk under the big top - and Miracles happen. These moments change lives forever as God gives a personal witness to those who attend. Ministries are birthed here and faith is confirmed.

Congregational Missionaries in Camp. Dakota Territory 1887

st ry Russia in the 21 Centu

Dear Friend,

s of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, We are proud of the young lion ed yzstan, and more who have captur Kazakhstan, Estonia, Bulgaria, Kyrg ortunity . Each new country has the opp the vision of every new country Jesus g the witness of a resurrected to make their own history by givin this nish fi can we er their nation. Togeth with passion for the destiny of ces our res re mo tion of tents and making work by accelerating the produc ded nee waiting for their tents and available. 20 new evangelists are ends of the earth. supplies to make the trip to the r. d Christianity behind a closed doo Remember, the devil does not min the m fro , lic because each person Satan hates when Jesus goes pub on ple of every strata, can be saved president of a country to key peo open t territory when we set up on neutral territory. We provide tha ns and villages. fields in unevangelized cities, tow Latin nts of Africa, Europe, Asia, and We continue to go to the contine we n border we grow in experience. The America. Each time we cross a te lica a Eurasia to help develop and dup bring that new insight back into reach One Billion souls. team of Co-Evangelists that will

ding a messenger. When we send a dollar we are sen an extra nth worth? If 1000 people give What is an extra $50.00 this mo . nth mo r eiving a witness for anothe $50.00, we can keep 10 cities rec d to ssia, we see the wisdom of Go As current events unfold in Ru ard a these 100 tents on the move tow intensify our efforts in getting make a iet Union. Our best effort will full harvest of the former Sov difference. rship, Mass Evangelism would be With the strength of this partne Earth! penetrating every corner of the Souls, Together in the World Harvest of Drs. Kevin and Leslie McNulty

Register at, watch a few videos and download some teachings, if you’d like. This website will be growing over the next few months to include our “Blog from the Nations” and our “Prayer and Testimony Forum”.

September 2008 Photoreport  

Our monthly photo update for September 2008

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