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Maria is set free from drug and alcohol addiction in San Jose Jose, Costa Rica ƒ

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I am 43. Before today I had a drug and alcohol addiction I came with addiction. pancreatitis and a horrible pain and ball like inflammation. The doctors said I had only 6 months to live. But I said: “Lord I know You can heal me.” I vomited and the pain and inflammation left! I have no desire to drink or do drugs!

Carlos from San Jose, Costa Rica,, Age g 9 was completely blind, but now can see! ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Carlos is 9 years old. He was completely blind g His father brought him to the meeting And now he can see both near and far perfectly. f tl He can not stop crying because he is so happy!

Anabel is healed from blindness in Costa Rica ƒ For 18 years I have been blind in both eyes. ƒ I have been to Cuba to be operated t d on. ƒ The doctors there told me I was permanently blind. All I saw was black,, black,, black. ƒ Tonight I am seeing light and I am starting to see people. people ƒ I can see you, Leslie! ƒ My family is so happy!

Orlando Ramon’s Miracle in San Jose, Costa Rica. ca “I can hear perfectly now!” I was completely deaf.

Now I hear perfectly! p y

G d Is God I Good!

Sonia, 34. San Jose, Costa Rica “See? See? I can jump now without any pain!” ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

F more than For th a year I’ve I’ had h dh horrible ibl pain i iin my lleg. I had an operation but it didn’t help. I knew that if I came here I would be healed. See? Now I am running and jumping without any pain! I feel so free. Hallelujah! I’m healed!

Elisa’s Miracle in C t Rica Costa Ri ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Elisa is 67 years old. I was in a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk. N Now I can run and d jjump!!

Verta Morina Morina,, Costa Rica. Rica. Now I can jump and bend “Now over without pain!”

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Verta Morina Flores,, age g 43,, Dec 6, 2004. For 9 years I could not move my back. Now I can jump and bend over without pain. Expensive and I ff ti Ineffective injections are over!

Anabel’s feet healed i S in San JJose, C Costa t Rica ƒ

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X rays showed severe osteoporosis . I had so much pain. In the meeting I began g to shake and shake and then the pain was gone. gone I am healed!

Sonya from Costa Rica “I don’t don t limp any more, and my leg is straight” straight” ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Sonya Seas Age 55 I had a bad p which left operation my leg twisted. I always limped afterward. Now my leg is straight and I don’t limp any more.


Yendri’s Yendri s hernia is gone


Yendri age 10… I had a hernia It is hernia. gone! I had lots of pain and now it iis gone! I feel nothing.

Guidio Torres Leon, age 46 healed of fibrosis in San Jose Costa Jose, Rica ƒ God healed me of fibrosis today.

Carla Healed of epilepsy and pain in the waist • Carla Patino Madrigal g is 23 yyears old. • I am healed of epilepsy and pain in my waist is gone too!

Veronica from Costa Rica. Ri “I can hear perfectly now!” now !” ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Veronica Hall Sanchez For 8 years my ear hurt and rang. When Kevin was still preaching, I felt something "hallowing" my ear and all pain and ringing left. I now hear perfectly.

Paolo’s shoulder h ld healed in San Jose Costa Jose, Rica ƒ ƒ

ƒ ƒ


Paolo Quesada Galvan. Three and a half years ago, a machine fell on my shoulder, and it was badly damaged damaged. There was a lot of pain. During the meeting today, I felt a hand grab hold of my shoulder. And now all the pain left.


Gabriel’s Gabriel s heel is healed


I had pain in my heel for the last three months whenever I bent my knees while standing. During a prayer I felt like a cooling balm was rubbed on my skin. All pain left, and I am going to play football again! CR 01 CR-01

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Costa Rica Miracles