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Staff Interview

George Vanous   Founder  of  Freedom!  

Why did  you  start  Freedom!?   To  help  YouTubers  "be  free"  of  the  typical  lock-­‐in  contracts  offered  by  MCNs  and  other   rules  that  box  YouTubers  in.  Plus,  I  am  a  YouTuber,  too,  so  I  know  exactly  how  it  feels  to   be  boxed  in  by  an  MCN.     What  is  any.TV?   any.TV  is  our  company  that  I  founded  in  2013  after  I  left  BroadbandTV  (BBTV)  and  sold   TGN  to  them.  Freedom!  is  our  YouTube  MCN  that  continues  the  spirit  of  the  original   TGN  that  I  founded.     What  is  Heartbeat?   Heartbeat  is  dating  for  YouTubers,  but  not  the  normal  boyfriend/girlfriend  dating.  It  is  a   matchmaking  service  based  on  common  interest,  not  physical  attributes  :-­‐)     Were  do  you  think  Freedom!  will  be  in  a  year?   It  will  be  one  of  the  top  YouTube  networks,  maybe  even  the  top  network!     How  do  you  feel  about  Freedom!  being  on  the  29th  place  on  Socialblade?   I  feel  it  is  a  step  in  the  right  direction,  but  our  goal  is  #1  :-­‐)     Why  do  you  think  Freedom!  is  a  fast  growing  network?   Because  of  the  amazing  partners,  people  and  networks  all  working  together  as  one  team   to  build  a  better  network  that  is  the  Freedom!  Family.  :-­‐)    

Partner Spotlight

Westerbeeker Freedom  Partner  

Why did  you  join  Freedom!?   I  joined  Freedom!  because  I  wanted  to  join  a  network  with  a  no  lock-­‐in  contract  because  I   did  not  want  to  get  stuck  in  a  network  that  I  don’t  like.    After  a  bit  of  research  I  found   Freedom!.  I  joined  on  the  15th  of  February,  2014  and  I  don’t  regret  my  decision.     What  do  you  upload  on  your  channel?   I  upload  gaming  videos  to  my  channel.  At  the  moment  I  am  only  uploading  Minecraft  but   later  on  I  will  upload  more  types  of  gaming  videos  to  my  channel!     Why  do  you  upload  Minecraft  to  your  channel?   I  upload  Minecraft  to  my  channel  because  it  was  one  of  the  first  PC  games  played  and  you   can  do  so  much  in  the  game.     What  games  did  you  play  in  the  past?   I  used  to  play  a  lot  of  Lego  games,  Mario  games,  Pokémon  games,  Club  Penguin,   Rollercoaster  Tycoon  3,  and  Zoo  Tycoon  2.  I  still  play  some  of  those  games  sometimes   because  they  are  a  lot  of  fun!     What  is  your  tip  for  people  starting  their  own  channels?   First  of  all  have  a  good  name.  Don’t  name  your  channel  “theswegmaster94465”  because  it   looks  extremely  unprofessional.  Also  try  uploading  once  a  week  or  more  to  get  a  nice   audience.  One  of  the  most  important  things  is  the  audio  quality,  without  good  audio   quality  you  are  going  to  grow  really  slowly.  I  know  this  because  of  past  experience.     Channel  link:  

Relauch Of Freedom Idol Freedom! Idol  is  a  community  channel   where  Freedom!  partners  can  upload   their  videos.   If  you  upload  your  videos  to  Idol  you  will   get  feedback  on  how  to  improve  your   videos.  It  is  a  great  way  for  your  channel   to  grow.  

Freedom! Idol  Staff   Alpha-­‐   Neal-­‐   Scott-­‐     Freedom!  Idol    

Freedom! Idol  was  closed   for  a  while.  Nobody  could   upload  videos  or  join.  This   luckily  changed,  Freedom!   Idol  has  relauched!  Now   every  Freedom!  or  network   that  is  powered    by   Freedom!  partner  can  join   Freedom!  Idol  if  they  are   open.  Because  of  the  high   amount  of  people  joining   Freedom!  Idol  it  is  closed   again  which  means  nobody   can  join  at  the  moment.  

Freedom Podcast Freedom! has  a  podcast!  It  goes  by   the  name:  The  Freedom  Generation   (TFG).  This  podcast  has  2  hosts:   Adam  and  Scott.  In  the  podcasts  they   talk  about  certain  subject,  for   example  in  the  first  podcast  they   talked  about  gaming.  



This podcast  allows  guests   which  you  can  see  in  there  1st   podcast  with  Westerbeeker  and   ProjectNGaming  (Oli).  All  you   need  to  do  is  go  to  The  Freedom   Generation  channel  and  enter  a   form.  It  is  very  easy!  

The Freedom  Generation  

Quick News & Fun 10,000 partnered  channels!   10,000  X-­‐Split  keys  for  you!   A  lot  of  designers  for  you!   1  Billion  views!   Freedom!  shirts!   More  music  for  Freedom!   Nether  game  giveaway!   Indie  game  giveaway!   Multi-­‐language  Freedom!  channels!  

QUIZ TIME What place is Freedom! on Socialblade? ______________________________________ Answer: 29th place!

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George Vanous  by  Westerbeeker  

Freedom Logo  by  Westerbeeker  


Freedom Magazine 1  

First issue of the Freedom! Magazine. Freedom! is a YouTube MCN that helps you get more views and grow on YouTube.

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