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DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18


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As Melbourne prepares for another hot and exciting summer, we bring you the ultimate edition packed with the latest in fashion, performance, food and wine. And of course some traditional Christmas cheer!


Photo by Angela Shi

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DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18

Remembering the true meaning of Christmas Photo: Creative Commons/David Joyce


By Dione Joseph

Paul McLane

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hristmas has certainly changed over the years, but the story of what happened over 2000 years ago hasn’t. The world we live in today is increasingly secular. Debates over whether we should tell children about God (or, for that matter, any divine or creative being) are hotly contested. At this time of the year, perhaps it is time to refresh our memories of the events that actually shaped this day. It is important to make a distinction between the Christmas celebrated by Christians of all denominations across the world and those who literally worship the commercialized version of Christmas. Let’s start at the beginning. A long time ago, a woman by the name of Mary and her husband, Joseph, made their way back to the town of Bethlehem. It was winter and the nights were cold and chilly. Mary was pregnant and her husband led her through the town as she rode on a little donkey. Needless to say, all three were weary but there was no rest to be found at the local motels (or the inn, as they used to say). Finally, when they had nearly given up hope, a stable was offered for lodging

and there amidst the warmth of the animals and the smell of hay, a little boy was born. But this was no ordinary child; this was the Son of God. The stars shone extra bright that night as shepherds watched over their flocks. Three wise men made their way to this most humble of homesteads carrying with them gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold. This isn’t simply the Christmas story; this is the start of scores of Christmas stories that revolve around the birth of a child whose kingdom was not of this Earth. He was named Jesus and was later known as the Christ (which means, Messiah, Messenger and the Chosen One). Christmas Day celebrates the birth of the One who ultimately sacrificed His life for others. Now, irrespective of whether you believe in this powerful story or not, the impact of the message and the importance of giving has remained a constant throughout the ages. Traditionally, exchanging gifts with loved ones was secondary to embracing those who didn’t have anything, whether they were the poor, the lonely or the outcast. The message of Christmas was to share the true spirit and mean-

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Photo: Creative Commons/Yabby

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Children in particular empathise with the baby Jesus

“Christmas Day celebrates the birth of the One who ultimately sacrificed His life for others. Now, irrespective of whether you believe in this powerful story or not, the impact of the message and the importance of giving has remained a constant throughout the ages.” ing of giving – why would anyone not want their children to understand the history of this story? On a personal note, I do believe that everybody should make a choice to choose what and who they believe in, but surely as parents, it is a duty to inform our children with knowledge of the wonders of the world we live in. And not just Christianity, but all faiths. If you are a believer and a practicing one at that, raising your faith with your children can be a wonderful thing. Ultimately children will make a choice but shouldn’t they be equipped with the tools to decide so that they can make a conscious and informed choice? It is also vital, I believe, to remember that faith, church and religion are often carelessly entwined with little regard for the fact the latter are manmade institutions. Wherever a Christian goes, no matter what denomination, he or she will always be able to find a community ready and waiting to receive them. The friendship and support of communities, whether religious or not, is a necessary part of our modern lives. Every day of our modern lives, independence and individuality are praised, but

Photo: Creative Commons/Tom Reynolds

Marketing & Media Manager:

Big smiles for Santa!

the value of community and learning from our elders and passing down stories are not often given as much value, especially in so-called developed countries where love is not that often cherished as a respectable currency. But irrespective of religious beliefs, across the world on December the 25th, family, friends and loved ones gather together. Whether

preceded by services or not, there is a communal spirit that brings people together to celebrate. So this Christmas, whether you a practicing believer or not, spare a thought for the message of giving at Christmas time, not just of large pressies and expensive gifts, but also of sharing with families and friends and those less fortunate.

Photo: Creative Commons/Timothy Tolle

Editorial: Dione Joseph

Away in the manger

El Año Nuevo at

DOCKED New Year’s Eve Spectacular Harbour Views with Two Firework Displays Join us for a Spanish New Year celebration plus much more

Let us take care of you for the entire evening with unlimited beer, wine, sangria and champagne Enjoy delicious Spanish pintxos and tapas with live music and flamenco. DON’T MISS OUT ON AN EXCEPTIONAL EVENING OF EXCEPTIONAL FOOD AND EXCEPTIONAL VIEWS Located 100m Outside Gate 9 Etihad Stadium 2/106 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands 3008. Function Hire & Bookings: 9642-1882 www.docked.com.au



DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18


Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Rossi

f you’re looking for a theatre fix this Christmas, you’re spoilt for choice in the Cultural Capital. The Filipino festivities of Pasco Sa Nayon ‘Christmas in the Village’ takes place at Federation Square on Sunday 4th December. Running for its fifth year, the concert combines

Gabriel Rossi feeling festively funny

classic Christmas carols with traditional Filipino song and dance. Bayanihan Australia Community Network Inc. (BACNI) volunteer, Mila Cichello, believes that the project has set a high standard for showcasing Filipino culture to the wider Australian community. “The concert is a fusion of traditional and modern, a tan-

Photo: Courtesy of BACNI

By Grace Naug

Rina Benedictos, well known classical Filipina singer will be just one of the performers at Pasco Sa Nayon

talising glimpse into the rich talents, culture and evolution of the Filipino-Australian community, helping to solidify Melbourne’s position as a melting pot of many cultures.” Mila said. Pasco Sa Nayon is colourfully festive, luring you into the magical world of the Philippines, without having to leave the CBD. They say Christmas ‘tis the season to be jolly, so where better to get a smile on your dial than at The Comic’s Lounge? A Very Woganese Christmas is running for its eleventh year at The Comic’s Lounge from 19-23 December. Comedians Hung Le, Gabriel Rossi, Jason Chong and George Kapiniaris take a look at what makes the festive season funny- wherever you’re from. Producer and performer Gabriel Rossi says the comics’ Christmassy caper is an honest blend of Italian, Greek, Vietnamese and Chinese second generation satire.

“We like to mix it up… Push the boundaries. If you’re sick of political correctness, come and see it. We’re putting a mirror in front of ourselves and saying this is who we are and it’s a very light-hearted observation.” he said. With four equally hilarious acts and a musical finale, these great comics combine forces for a truly merry and multicultural take on a Melbourne Christmas. If you’re looking for some alternative entertainment to ease the hysteria leading up to the 25th, Hatched ’11 is a production with a difference. Hatched ’11 takes place at the St Martin’s Complex in South Yarra from the 8-10 of December and is a site specific festival showcasing 12 different artists. The audience will be accosted from the toilet to the foyer with an eclectic mix of artistic expression. Performer Tim Laton Jones says it’s the combination of acts

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Rossi

Christmas theatre unwrapped

Hung Le gets ready for A Very Woganese Christmas

that makes Hatched unique. “We’ve got such a vast array of artists that everything is entirely diverse. You’ll have one person doing an overhanging art installation and the next person in the exact same space might be doing a circus performance.” With four separate sessions a night, Tim encourages people to step outside the box. “Take risks, see something you wouldn’t normally see, things you might not

find elsewhere.” It may not be the 12 days of Christmas, but from the drunken tales of Beethoven to the secret Mills and Boon obsession of librarians, these twelve acts would give twelve drummers drumming a hell of a run for their money. Whether it’s outdoor Christmas concerts, some advent amusement or a bit of Yule-tide entertainment, Melbourne is generously sprinkled with an eclectic mix for the theatrically thirsty.

Cinema Paradiso By David Heslin

S Pamela Rabe and Nancy Hayes on the Grey Gardens set

Grey Gardens brings colours of life to the stage By Dione Joseph


rey Gardens is the final 2011 performance by the Production Company and what better way to close the year than with a mother-daughter story starring Pamela Rabe and Nancy Hayes. Set in Georgica Pond, East Hampton, this American tale captures the demise of youth, talent and, of course, riches. The play is based upon the true story of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Little Edie (respectively Aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy Onassis).

The story of the tragic unravelling of the American dream has become a historical phenomenon that has inspired documentaries, stage adaptations, and musicals. Rabe and Hayes are both excellent performers and give the roles charisma and potency. However, a lack of rehearsal limited what should have been an outstanding performance, particularly in a few key songs. The second half was clearly the better of the two and the outstanding performer of the evening was J.V ‘Major’ Bouvier (John O’May) whose powerful voice laced meaning and

emotion into a well-crafted character. Of the three, Edith’s younger version of ‘Little Edie’, played by Liz Stiles, was the most convincing, albeit some slight pitch wavering and occasional wooden moments. The projection and lighting was brilliant and the concert version with the orchestra upstage worked well for the most part. The ensemble was excellent, though perhaps musical cues were not as prompt as they should be. Overall, an interesting choice of production to close the year. Much can be expected in 2012.

ummer tends to evoke mixed feelings among Melburnians. For some, the prospect of 40 degree temperatures seems a welcome respite from the constant grey of colder months. For others, however, sunlight is a needless irritant to be avoided at any cost. Thankfully, Melbourne is blessed with an array of dark, air-conditioned hideouts to escape into. Cinemas, in particular, are an ideal destination. The gloomy, windowless environments and ignorance of time or temperature are a perfect counterpoint to the excesses of summer. Even blowflies tend to give movie theatres a polite distance. This being so, it’s little wonder that summer is such a lucrative season for film distributors. Of course, that only means that most US ‘summer’ blockbusters show up during winter in Australia. Nevertheless, the Christmas holiday period provides ample fodder for local multiplexes over December and January. That is not to say that everybody gets excited by explosions or Ashton Kutcher. Melbourne is home to a sizeable minority of discerning cinephiles who would never be caught dead in a Hoyts Premium Lounge. While Cinema Nova and the Palace chain continue showing quality films over the summer

months, holidaying hipsters may wish to examine some of the more specialised establishments on offer. The Astor Theatre (est. 1936) is a major local architectural landmark. It also happens to have one of the best cinema screens in Melbourne. Although the ‘vintage’ staff uniforms and resident cats may not be to everyone’s tastes, The Astor’s programme is generally impeccable. A notable highlight is the Monty Python double feature on Boxing Day evening. Over at ACMI, the cinephile-friendly Melbourne Cinémathèque takes a hiatus over late December and January, but there are plenty of interesting films showing at the venue in the intervening period. For those who don’t mind night air and mosquitoes, Rooftop Cinema on Swanston Street and Moonlight Cinema in the Botanical Gardens also have regular screenings over the summer months. Of course, no discussion of summer cinema is complete without bringing up the topic of refreshments. Popcorn is acceptable, but not encouraged. Choc-tops, on the other hand, are practically mandatory. It is crucial, therefore, to know some basic rules of choctop consumption. Depending on the establishment, choc-top consistency can range from tooth-breaking ag-

ony to melt-in-your-bag soupiness. Both extremes should be avoided for obvious reasons, but the biggest concern to take into account is cone crunchiness. A soggy cone can dampen the most enjoyable choc-top experience – as such, it is acceptable to have a good feel prior to purchasing.

“Thankfully, Melbourne is blessed with an array of dark, air-conditioned hideouts to escape into.” It is also important to be aware of cinema etiquette in hotter months. Deodorant and crowded theatres, for example, make a good combination. Quiet kissing may be tolerated if limited to the back row. Swimsuits will generally attract disapproving stares. These concerns, however, are fairly peripheral. There are plenty of places for movie going Melburnians to escape (or embrace) the summer heat, regardless of their filmic tastes or general standards of behaviour. You may even get to walk out with a pair of glare-resistant 3D glasses.


DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18


365 days of Christmas By Heather Bloom


hristmas is that one magical time of the year when laughter and merriment are encouraged, overeating isn’t a sin (although gormandizing certainly will have repercussions) and generosity is a given. We lavish gifts upon each other, spend far too much money and stuff ourselves with all sorts of gourmet goodness. For this one day, we are given the license to be positively giddy with goodwill. If one day can bring so much joy to the world, then why not replicate that same Christmas feeling and be festively joyful all year round? One Melbourne woman is doing just that. Bernadette Dimitrov, better known as Mrs. Claus, Santa’s other half, is a multi-tasking powerhouse of magic tricks, dance moves and joy. A veteran performer with eight years of experience as the delightful Mrs. Claus, Dimitrov is dedicated to bringing some of the joy and excitement we feel at Christmas to each and every day. Being in the Christmas spirit 365 days a year might sound like a difficult state of being to maintain, but for Dimitrov, each day brings her only further opportunities to be cheerful and share her special brand of happiness with others. “Santa represents everything that Christmas is. He shows us the light and luminosity that Christmas brings. Regardless of religion, Santa shares a universal message of generosity and of giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return,” says

Dimitrov. Her latest book, “The Ho Ho Factor” has just been released on Amazon Kindle and is a comprehensive guide to keeping that bright Christmas smile going throughout the year. The insightful book looks into the many traditions played out across the globe and that universal feeling of happiness Christmas brings.

“Santa represents everything that Christmas is, he shows us the light and luminosity that Christmas brings. Regardless of religion, Santa shares a universal message of generosity and of giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return” - Bernadette Dimitrov Dimitrov’s mission is simple: she wants people to be happy. A qualified yoga laughter teacher, she runs classes that remind people how to laugh again. “We’ve forgotten how to laugh” she says, “and I think it’s important we remind ourselves of the benefits. Laughter brings people together; it strengthens our entire immune system and raises energy.” If being an author and a performer wasn’t enough,

Dimitrov is flying the Australian flag for Santa Claus as the first Aussie to ever compete in the Santa styled World Olympics in Tennessee. Dimitrov was also a part of the world premiere of the “Santa and Mrs. Claus Fashion Show” in the US and wowed audiences with her “Aussie Flag dress” complete with a koala residing umbrella. Her signature outfit, “The Lighten Up Dress” is a reminder to everyone to “lighten up”. This brilliant red garment has over a 100 lights sewn into it and causes a stir whenever the bubbly brunette whips it out for a show. Dimitrov says of her unique costume, “My Lighten Up Dress is a reminder to lighten up and have fun.” Christmas has always been a special time of the year for Dimitrov. As a small child, she found the open arms of Santa Claus at the Myer Bourke Street store to be the first example of an all-accepting being. “It didn’t matter what you looked like or where you had come from. Santa accepted everyone and gave them the space to shift. He gave that to me, and now I try to be that kind of happiness shifter, making people happy and allowing them that sense of fun.” It is this commitment to her work that drives Dimitrov to bring out the Mrs. Claus or Santa costume throughout the year. From turning up at the supermarket to helping someone pack their groceries, to dancing a silly jig in the street, to making a child smile, Dimitrov is giving life to Christmas every day. “My mission is to create

Bernadette Dimitrov with Santa

more fun and laughter in the world.” With her current schedule, there seems to be not a moment to spare for Mrs. Claus. For the big day on December 25th, she plans to dress up in her Mrs. Claus costume and spend the day with her family. “I like to create some fun

and merriment and do some magic tricks. It’s important to remember the magic of life.” Dimitrov’s life’s work is something we can all employ, love thy neighbour, love thy self and love life. Life is our greatest gift and what better time to celebrate our very existence than Christmas Day,

a day of food, family, friends and fun. Bernadette Dimitrov’s latest book “The Ho Ho factor” is out on Amazon Kindle now. Head to www.hohohochristmas.com/ The_HoHoHo_Factor.html for more information.

Spreading the joy E very year, there are many who have no family to share Christmas Day. It may be your elderly neighbour or a student who isn’t going back home for the holiday season or a new family who have moved into the neighbourhood and are too far away from their own relatives. Extend an invitation and spread some Christmas cheer. Take your family, especially if


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you have little kids, and visit an elderly person’s retirement home. Watch their faces light up at the fact that someone, even a stranger, has remembered them this Christmas. Visiting the local hospital might sound like quite a sterile way to spend Christmas, but again, you will be providing some Christmas cheer not only to the patients, but also to all the staff and other

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families who are there. And finally, if you do find yourself in giving mood, round up a few family and friends and volunteer with a charity or other organization that works to make this day that little bit brighter for everyone. And if it extends into the days, weeks and months that follow, then you just managed to do more than just spread the message. You live it!

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Maribyrnong Highpoint




Events Calendar Our Journey of Freedom - An Exhibition Until Dec 20, Monday Thursday 9am - 7:30pm, Friday 9am - 4:30pm, Saturday 9am -12:30pm The Hunt Club, 775 Ballarat Rd Deer Park For more info call: 03 8640 6006 or email: fcook@artsaccess.com.au Leeanne Mackey, Hayley Boden, Clarke Bourizk, Mark Fedele and Dimmi Ciardulli display their unique abstract contribution inspired by music and explored in paint collage, pastel and ink applications to make works of art that truly reflect their inner selves. By expressing their feelings or emotion; they are displaying their genuine assets – creativity and personal taste. The Art Group’s aim has been to support the artists realise their unique vision and fully nurture their talent.

Images of Home Sound Exhibition Tuesday Dec 13, 4.30pm, runs for a week 45 Downstairs, 45 Flinders Lane. For more info visit: www.fortyfivedownstairs.com Free entry Officer was once a vast rural space but its rich pasturelands and open landscapes are quickly being levelled and coated in asphalt and housing slabs. So what does this rapid change mean for young people in terms of social connection and the meaning of ‘home’? We asked children from Officer Primary School to explore this through practices of listening to their everyday world. We encouraged them to ‘capture’ and play with the sounds of their environment as a means to explore connections to their surroundings. Working in small groups, participants worked with the sound designer to create a soundscape out of what was collected. These students have created a wonderful and creative work of sound art, one that captures the many encounters with everyday places that often go unnoticed.

DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18

Welcome to our events calendar, packed with arts, entertainment, eco-events, social gatherings and stimulating public discourse. By Stella Yam Event listings are free and subject to space availability. Email up to 50 words to events@mc-news.com.au, or stand out with a photo for only $80.

Fed Square Live

Sunset Follies

Thursday Dec 8, 6pm-7:30pm Federation Square main stage, Corner Flinders and Swanston Streets Free entry

Friday Dec 16, 7-11pm Boat: Lady Cutler, Shed 9, Harbour Esplanade, Docklands For more info call: 9415 8088 or visit: www.burlesquebar.com.au

Fed Square’s FREE live music series, Fed Square Live presented by The Push returns this summer with a blistering line up of indie, blues, dance and rock performances by Australia’s top independent acts and emerging talent. Fed Square Live 2011 launches its first gig featuring indie talents Felicity Groom and New Navy. Check out the silky sounds of Perth-based Felicity Groom as part of the national tour for her album release, “Gossamer” while New Navy’s indie grooves feature sparkly guitar sounds, strong bass-lines and the smooth vocals of front man Ben McInerny. Take a seat and immerse yourself in the sonic feast of live music in the heart of the Melbourne.

It’s burlesque at its most decadent and delicious! Be entertained by a host of your favourite burly babes performing their glamorous striptease upstairs, while DJ Jack Man Loop rocks the boudoir downstairs. Sunset Follies anchors away on a four-hour boat cruise including finger food, beer, wine, champagne and a glamorous burlesque show. Showcasing the best entertainment from the best performers Sunset Follies is a night of titanic proportions! The perfect event for your Christmas party, get in quick to book your table as seats are limited. Miss this and you will walk the plank in shame. Dress code is ship-shape. Tickets are $100 per person.

FORD Beach Cricket

Red Balloon

Sunday 11 Dec, 12 - 4pm Sandridge Beach, Sandridge Life Saving Club 240 The Boulevard, Garden City Port Melbourne For more info call: Cricket Victoria 03 9653 1186 or email: communitycricket@ cricketvictoria.com.au Free entry

Friday Dec 9, 6pm, Thursday Dec 15, 2pm Friday Dec 16, 2pm Kingston Arts Centre, 979 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin For more info call: 9556 4440 or visit: www.kingstonarts.com.au

Ever wanted to play Beach Cricket with Australian and Victorian cricketers? Now’s your chance! Meet and play with Melbourne’s newest cricket team, the Melbourne Stars at Ford Beach Cricket. Classic catches, longest throw, fastest bowl, beach sprints, the cricket sand castle competition and of course beach cricket. The activities can be enjoyed by individuals and families of all ages and abilities, the modified formats are non-threatening, and there are participation

A self-devised performance by four ‘ArtStable’ actors who have created a richly diverse theatre piece based on their responses to recent natural disasters. Since February the actors worked with members of Rah Rah productions to create a performance using various stimuli to develop an original, multi-layered theatre piece. A must see for theatre goers, supporters, artists, students and children alike. Red Balloon is a visually compelling drama performed by people living with a disability. Tickets are $20 per person.

Singing up Country & Western Thursday Dec 8, 6pm Koorie Heritage Trust 295 King St Melbourne 3000 (Cnr Lt. Lonsdale) For more info call: 03 8622 2600 or email: reception@ koorieheritagetrust.com Singing Up Country & Western is an installation and exhibition featuring lm, photographs, prints and drawings about Koories and country and western music. For many Koories, country music formed a fundamental part of community and family life. It was played in childhood homes by grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles and at community celebrations. This connection lives on and forms part of contemporary Koorie identity. Artist, Paola Balla, Wemba Wemba-Gunditjmara, worked in collaboration with lm maker, Jade Johnson, Yorta Yorta-Gunditjmara-Wiradjuri, to produce this exhibition.

Victorian Opera Cinderella Pantomime Friday Jan 25-28, 11.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm Her Majesty’s Theatre, 219 Exhibition St, Melbourne For more info call: 1300 795 012 or visit: ticketek.com.au Victorian Opera presents a new production of Cinderella, a traditional pantomime for the whole family and a glorious way to introduce children to the wondrous world of theatre and music. Based on the fable, Cinderella’s adventures are given a special treatment by Victorian Opera Music Director Richard Gill, who has written both the story and songs. Cinderella features a stellar lineup of artists from Victorian Opera and the world of music theatre. Tickets range from $26 to $36.

Trouble buying gifts?


very Christmas, parents and relatives struggle to come up with ideas for presents. Luckily, here at MCN we’ve listed three of the hottest new toys for some of our younger readers. For the little ones, Elmo is always a safe bet, and this year they can rock out with the new Let’s Rock Elmo! Dressed in a concert style tee, Elmo takes the stage singing and making music. It is a great gift for the young singers who can join in. Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments – a tambourine and a drum set and after pre-schoolers choose which instrument Elmo plays, he magically recognizes which one you give him. Kids can also play along on Elmo’s instruments- they’re perfectly sized for little hands! For even more rockin’ fun, Elmo also interacts with other Let’s Rock instruments (sold separately); he knows when you’re playing the Let’s Rock Guitar, Keyboard or Microphone and plays along with you! The Let’s Rock Elmo toy sings six rockin’ songs, so grab an instrument and join Elmo’s band! Requires six “AA” batteries, included. For young girls, Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop makes a fun addition to any little girl’s room. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for high flying adventure with the Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet play set! Prop open the side

panel to reveal the perfect private plane for trendy, globetrotting pet-sitter and all of her pet friends. Flying first class is an exclusive bulldog pet, complete with its own teal pet carrier. Blythe and her pet friends can enjoy inflight entertainment by “plugging in” headphones to watch the “television screens” and even grab a drink from the beverage cart. The jet also comes with a paw-powered luggage carrier and lots of fun accessories to make sure Blythe and her pet friends have style to spare wherever their journeys take them. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide. Cranium brings friends and family together for a full night of fun. Act, sculpt, spell and answer your way into the inner brain. The first team to successfully answer a question in the inner brain wins! Players attempt challenges from four categories: Worm Word, Data Head, Star Performer and Creative Cat. Successfully pass your challenge and your team rolls and moves on. The innovative folding game board can either collapse or expand depending on the group’s interest in a 20-minute, 2-hour, or an all-night game. 600 new question cards are included, giving players new stars to mimic, updated words to spell backwards and even more interesting facts to uncover. Buy one for your annoying cousins this Christmas then enjoy beating them at it over the holidays.

Giveaway Littlest Pet Shop Ultimate Christmas pack For your chance to win one of four Littlest Pet Shop Ultimate Christmas pack valued at $134.95, email karl@mc-news. com.au with ‘Pet Shop’ in the subject line and include your full name and phone number.

Flying high pet shop - the Littlest Pet Shop makes the perfect pressie

Who wouldn’t want an Elmo?


DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18

Ballarat Councillor Samantha McIntosh and Victorian Major Events Nick Green OAM

BBF Directors L to R; Tim Kearney, Lyndell Pond, Kate Burrows and Simon Coghlan with Ballarat’s Town Crier LR


BBF Directors; L to R; Kate Burrows, Tim Kearney & Lyndell Pond

BBF L to R; Simon Quiddington, Molly Young & Sam Young

BBF Festival MC Danny McGinlay with Beer Diva Kirrily Waldhorn

Troopers; L to R; Xander Wollard and Dirk Hoult

This week on the Red Carpet... It’s all about having fun and big smiles, with the Ballarat Beer Festival and Ansell’s new Neon range.

BBF Festival Director Simon Coghlan and Festival MC Charlie Pickering

Pure Energy DJ Mafia

SCORE! Paris Ogden and Billy Holland Taphouse Gals L to R; Madde King & Becky Lloyd

L to R; Jordan Tunbridge and Tom Vizard L to R; Ansell’s Nicole Adey, Dave Nicholls and Hayley Allen

Girls having fun L to R; Eleni Martakis, Mietta Ovard, Elise Greene

L to R; Emma Merkis, Dan Smith and Sarah Kempson

Models Rhys Hobbin and Courtney Bisson

Nine Publicity Team L to R; Ruedilyn Schwegler, Jo Thorne, Laura Price, Emma Wells-Jones and Isabella Jackson


8 FEBRUARY 2011 • VOL 1, ISSUE 12


The best of the old and the new Learning in oldest suburb toMelbourne’s hang L

Rose Street Artists’ Market

Every Saturday and Sunday, over 140 of Melbourne’s best emerging artists and designers showcase their work at one of ing coolest the safest possible way. the markets around – All of our instructors are fully the Rose Street Artists’ Market qualified surfare instructors, and Saturdays for established trained surf lifesavers. We artists and Sundays are for use the theand bestcoming equipment available, up newcomers. softTh foam andcan we figive is isGboards, where you nd students a wetsuit or rash vest artworks, jewellery, fashion to protect them that fromyou thecan’t eleand home wares We always fiments. nd anywhere else. have a first aidYou kit and on can mobile find it phone between the beach for every lesson. ” So 9.00am and 5.00pm, at 60 Rose what does a beginner surfing Street, Fitzroy. lesson involve? When you get to your desSoundWaves ignated meeting spot – either the shopfront of a surf shop or SoundWaves isbeach back –again a predetermined you until the end of February at will be fitted for a wetsuit. Once Fitzroy Swimming Pool. suited up you, your fellow stuEvery afternoon dents, and Sunday your teachers then from 1.00pm, poolside carry your boards down to DJs the provide beach. cool music to help take on the summer heat. the basics A lesson to cover is then conducted on the sand. First up is safety. Any potential hazards are pointed out. Anglesea is a great beginners surf beach; in our case, our instructor Wes advised, “There are rocks up the far end of the

Photo: City of Yarra

F ten

itzroy was Melbourne’s first official ‘suburb’ and it exemplifies that fantastic marriage of the best and the old and the new that By Kate Tapping have makes this city such an exciting place to live. Brunswick Streetsurfing andI ast time I went Gertrude Street are the dual ended up in emergency hearts care of getting Fitzroy, five andstitches they pulsate with possibilities for in the bottom of my foot. My anyone interestedwas in shopping, brother-in-law on the eating or entertainment. stretcher next to me getting Besides all in thehisgreat forty stitches face.pubs, Not shops, and finest cafes, surfing this suburb, the family’s hour. sitting on the traditional lands What did I learn from the exof the Woiworung tribe,of still perience? Safety is one the has of the most beautiful mostsome important aspects for bluestone colonial architecture those learning to surf. Which to be found in Melbourne. is why lessons, with a reputable And school, fromare athe surfing great small idea. commercial-art galleries, This weekend I went and artist-run spaces artist had a surfing lessonand at Anglestudios theSmith, thriving street sea with to Wes one of the -art community, Fitzroy is founders of Go Ride A Wave, also home to some of the most Australia’s first surfing school. dynamic art in in a1987, city ofthe artists. Established comHere’s tiny snapshot pany now aprovides lessons of to what the suburb has to er over 50,000 students a off year, this month. through their surfing schools in Anglesea, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Lorne and, since 2004, Surfers Paradise in Queensland. Safety is a priority for the company. “At Go Ride A Wave, we take pride in teaching surf-

No sharks here!

beach, we won’t go near there. The river mouth is up that end, we won’t go near there. Tasmania is 370 kilometres out to TheI’ll pool itselfand is open sea… come grabevery you day of the week, including if you start heading that most way.” public holidays. You will then practise paddling With crystal clear your boardits out into the ocean, waters, indoor cycle training, looking for a wave, paddling yoga saunalifting and madlyschool, to catchspa, the wave, steam room, Fitzroy Pool has your upper body of the board, something for everyone at any and then jumping to your feet. time of year. All on the safety of the sand. Then it’s time to hit the waves for real. Eco-House Open Day Beginner lessons are held in at Holden Street, the white water near the shore. North Fitzroy Often you will be catching

waves that have already broken. Go Ride A Wave teachers Beat the heat at the Fitzroy Pool say 90 per cent of their students manage to stand on the board in their first lesson. “By the time I was standing on the board, I was in about a foot of water,” says beginner surfer Susan. “I was no Kelly Slater, but it 376 Brunswick Street was great fun.” Fitzroy 3065 As the VIC lessons are held in waist to chest deep water close to Now the shore, don’t even on theyou brink of adohave to be a great swimmer lescence, this Brunswick Street to take beginner surfingicon. lesbar has become a Fitzroy sons. ourofcustomers For“Many seven of days the week areoff not veryofstrong its ering cheapswimmers; pizza and if you let us know you can are not unique entertainment be called upon from midday until well into the early morning. $4 gourmet pizzas accompany a diverse range of beer, wine and spirits to be enjoyed amongst the lounges or in the rooftop courtyard. The warmer weather will see live bands take to the outdoor stage beneath Moroccan What to bring? lights. Bathers, towel, sunscreen While downstairs on any given nightgood you can nd some And it’s for fiyou! of Melbourne’s Surfing provides most many talented health DJ’s mixing an array of music benefits including: styles from Hip Hop to Disco, House and techno,fitness Rock, Soul • Cardiovascular and Funk. and back strength • Shoulder Within its walls has been • Leg and core strength forged an atmosphere com• A great way to spendoftime fortoutdoors matched down-toandwith to enjoy the earth service and an ‘anything natural environment goes’ attitude. • Effective outlet for stress Make Bimbo Deluxe your and tension inner city entertaining • Fantastically good funlounge room.


Rose St Artists’ Market: artworks, jewellery, Is that Layne Beachley?! fashion and home wares that you can’t find anywhere else

Nice work!

that confident then we will give So if you’re aged between keep a close eye on you.” eight and eighty, you’ve really And what’s the perfect age got no excuse. This could be to learn to surf? “As a general your summer to learn how to rule we suggest anyone over hang five. eight years old, we find younger children don’t have the attention span to last two hours. The Kate Tapping is a Melbourne eldest person we have had is 81 writer. Follow Kate at www. years old, and yes they stood simplicityandthecity.com. up!” Learning and conserving: Holden Street Neighbourhood House

If you would like to Advertise in MCN Please call:

1300 80 40 33 Visit www.mc-news.com.au for Media Kit + advertising Rates

Postal Address: PO Box 582, Collins Street West, Vic 8007, E-mail: info@mc-news.com.au

Photo: City of Yarra

Photo: Rose St Artists’ Market

Surf school basics

North Fitzroy’s Holden Street Neighbourhood House will open its doors on Saturday February 26 for its second EcoHouse Open Day. Experts will show visitors everything that can be done to conserve energy use in even the oldest Who? weatherboard houses, from panels, opening Go Ridesolar A Wave skylights, solar light tubes, gorideawave.com.au passive heating and ventilation 1300 132 441 system, and insulated blinds. The day will include tours What? of the house staff from the Beginner surfby lessons Enviro Shop, community stalls, Group lessons sold individufree checks,of 3children’s ally orbike in packages or 5 activities lessons. and lots more. Saturday February 26, 11.00am to 3.00pm at Holden When? All128 year roundStreet, North Fitzroy. Or call Rachel Oliphant, Where? Sustainability Officer, City of Anglesea, Torquay, Ocean Yarra 9205 5769 Groveon and Lorne (or Surfers Rachel.Oliphant@yarracity.vic. Paradise) gov.au




Three gift certificate ideas... "ATHINGõ0ASSES






õ$35 per person

$165 for one $325 for a couple


Springs Lane, Fingal (Rye), Mornington Peninsula Open 7 Days, 7.30am –10pm t: (03) 5950 8777 GIFT VOUCHERS for all treatments and bathing options available online: www.peninsulahotsprings.com



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Taming the concrete jungle A

t first glance, a concrete backyard can appear cold, unforgiving, impermeable and uninviting to the soil-conditioned gardener. But like any space, there can be ample opportunity for artistic creative garden design. By using what you have instead of focusing on a complete overhaul, it’s amazing what you can achieve. First, start by analyzing the area you have and decide how you want to use and occupy the space. If the space is currently neglected or hardly used at all, ask yourself is it because of the hard surface or some other reason. Understanding this is im-

portant, especially if you have kids or pets, or because of a busy lifestyle don’t have much time to enjoy this potential area. Take note also of the size of the space as this will determine the extent of resources required to transform your concrete plaza into a tranquil paradise. Make sure you establish a budget early on and try to stick with it. Be realistic and you will soon discover that sometimes only minor alterations are required to give the illusion of total transformation. If you have existing container plants, painting the pots with bright contrasting colours is an easy way to enhance a

concrete garden. Check the sizes of your planters and make sure that they are relative to the size of your garden. It can be very tempting to have a collection of many small pots and plants, but this can look untidy and can easily become unruly. In the midst of a concrete floor

“Concrete provides

Old furniture can enhance a concrete garden

a challenging environment for even the most persistent of weeds, but it’s not uncommon to see plants growing in

Photo: Creative Commons

restrictive places.”

Shout it out from the rooftops

Photo: Creative Commons/Hortulus

By Dominic Teahan

they can look very uninspiring. If there is nothing else to accompany them, they can easily become lost in a sea of grey motionless matter. Instead, try a few large pots with feature plants. This will help give the eye a focal point and will help with the formation of a greater design theme. To enhance the containers and planter boxes you can add old furniture as props to give the illusion of space being always occupied and used. Old hat stands, chairs, statues and ornaments can add character to your garden and don’t always have to come at a hefty price. Try using garage sales or online trading sites such as Gumtree and you’ll be amazed at what you can find for a bargain. If you decided to lay concrete in your backyard during the drought season because you were tired of irrigating your lawn or just wanted some-

thing low maintenance and are now regretting the move, don’t despair. It’s not necessary to remove the unsightly material as it can be an arduous and rather expensive process. Instead, you could paint your yard with a special paint adding amazing colour and design to any uninspiring concrete pad. You can create focal points by using designed patterns or maybe a sophisticated labyrinth. Convert the slab by painting it with a paved look or, if you prefer that classic style, maybe a ‘Roman’ cobblestone effect. Concrete provides a challenging environment for even

the most persistent of weeds, but it’s not uncommon to see plants growing in restrictive places. Some plants require very little to become established, and by reusing this basic weed problem, you can strive for the ultimate concrete garden solution. By following this ‘growing in the gaps’ principle, you can achieve a striking creative garden, extending the spaces or ‘cracks’ which are typically found in concrete slabs, creating an ideal niche for certain robust ground dwelling plants. The idea is to fill the extended cracks with a little soil and let plants grow

into the remaining open void. Certain herbs, such as thyme or a ground covering daisy, are hardy and will thrive with limited space, offering the added advantage of not easily becoming unruly and untidy. If they do they can easily be replaced annually or trimmed as required. This way the plants cover the concrete with colour and the shape and style of your garden is only limited to the size, orientation of the ‘cracks’ and your imagination. Add a jasmine vine to grow along a fence; with a feature tree for contrast, shade and scale, your concrete garden is complete.


Photo: Creative Commons/Chip Cheagle

Novotel Forest Resort Creswick is a purpose built conference and convention hotel located just 10 minutes from Ballarat…

Patterns can even be applied to brighten dull conrete surfaces

· · · · ·

Nine conference rooms of various sizes, located on four levels Grand ballroom accommodating up to 600 delegates or 400 dinner guests Three pre-function / break out areas In-house audio visual supplier Function packages available

For bookings call our Conference department on (03) 5345 9602. 1500 Midland Highway, Creswick Email conference@forestresort.com.au www.novotel.forestresort.com.au

Designed for natural living


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Going mad for Mexican



re you on the hunt for the perfect gourmet Mexican experience? Look no further because Mad Mex has arrived at Melbourne central. “Mexican food to me, as it is to a lot of Australians, was very much a Taco Bell experience,” says Brad McMaster owner of the newest Mad Mex establishment which is located in the prime principality of Melbourne Central. But this has changed with an emphasis on quality taste, fresh ingredients and a service that is both friendly and swift. Having fallen in love with the brand, this hands-on young manager has plenty of faith and confidence in his time, and is very proud of what they have achieved together over the past six months. The food at Mad Mex strives to be authentic Mexican and they certainly do their best with a range of beautiful slow roasted and grilled meats, won-

derfully piquant salsas from mild to picante and piping hot churros. Warm dough ... yum! Mad Mex is also very proud of their unique concepts, and as far as nutrition is concerned, they certainly seem to be well ahead: “While legislation is evolving where you have to start disclosing exactly what you use in your product and with our nutritional calculator, we’re well ahead of the curve and people appreciate that - especially the guys from fitness first, they’re down here all the time. They can lose the carbs, double the protein by having extra meat or chicken and know exactly what’s going in there and how that fits with their daily routine.” Mad Mex’s famous burrito is a sure way to fall in love with all that is Mexican. Wrapped in a warm tortilla with all your favourite toppings, this is a great way to start your tastebuds dancing. If you don’t have

the luxury to get your hands dirty then the naked burrito is quite popular especially for office workers who may want to take their lunch away. All the meat is beautifully cooked and incredibly flavoursome. Highly recommended are the slow roasted pork. And while it may be an extra $2.00, the avocado is worth it! On average, 40 kg of fresh avocado are used daily in making the guacamole and for a fresh recipe that involves almost two hours of manual labour everyday, that’s a price worth paying. For Christmas, the frozen margarita is the winner of the day. There are two flavours: the traditional citrus flavour as well as a strawberry flavour. After three months research, this special has received the fine tuning it needs and with the hot weather on its way, (hopefully) this should be the perfect summer drink.

Photo: Mad Mex

By Dione Joseph

The naked burrito needs no dressing

Films on review

By Steven Ho

Ready for a good laugh?

Attack the Block


-FWFM %JOJOHIBMM .FMCPVSOF$FOUSBM 8/12/2011 - 31/12/2011

his little British film has been building some buzz since the start of the year in the film festivals circuit. Many critics have been saying that if you enjoyed Shawn of the Dead, you will enjoy Attack the Block. It is true that this perfectly timed film is an enjoyable movie and good fun. However audiences might be disappointed if they expect it to be the next zombie spoof. While horror parodies like Shawn of the Dead are more interested in playing with audience expectations by layering it with plentiful doses of often over-the-top humour, Attack The Block, is

more about the classic story of aliens invading earth. The plot line is pretty simple: aliens kill humans; humans kill aliens, survival being the key theme. However, having reduced the film to a simple plot credit must be given to its creators for attempting to add originality to this classic tale. They do so by making foulmouthed kids the protagonists and having them run around on bikes using mostly ninja swords and baseball bats. Clearly the attempts weren’t all that successful. While this aims to be more of an action film the humour comes from the situations (instead of the characters). The ac-

tion sequences are engaging and certainly for some sequences the thrills are immense. The editing, music and sound effect all mix in together to great entertaining effect. Most of the cast are unfamiliar faces (except from Nick Frost- whom many will recognise from Shawn of the Dead and Spaced) but they all do an excellent job (especially the young kids). Directed with panache by Joe Cornish, Attack the Block is a good ole fun time at the movies not for sci-fi geeks particularly, but anybody who enjoys a laugh.




DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18

Look fabulous in summer! By Abby Chia


re you looking fresh, dewy and all set for summer? Missing the sunshine and ready to flaunt your inner beauty? We have all the summer essentials for good skincare and beautiful makeup to make you look fabulous and prepped up from head to toe! Eagerly awaiting the advent of the sun our body is ready

to absorb all the vitamin D we were deprived of during cold weather, but it’s important to remember that the sun’s UV rays contribute to unpleasant wrinkles and dehydrated skin. Our harsh Australian climate rapid sin deterioration and anti-aging is an essential musthave to factor into your beauty regime. See below from our top skincare and makeup products all with built-in SPF!

Summer skincare essentials The body needs protection from the hot sun and this includes your arms, neck area, legs and even feet. Moisturizer helps hydration but can it also offer you protection from the harmful rays simultaneously? Well, Dermalogica’s daylight defence range ticks all the boxes. This multivitamin body block with SPF 20 for all skin types is an intensely nourishing sunscreen that helps to hydrate areas prone to aging; while also blocking the UVA and UVB rays. Hydrating instantly it makes the skin smoother with the gentle additions of Shea butter and oil of evening primrose. Relieving dryness with its non-greasy texture it makes it quick and easy to apply. Definitely one of the must-have’s for your beauty cabinet! Kit hand balm with SPF 15 is also a favourite. There are limited hand creams in the market with SPF protection, so if you are looking for something creamy but not overly rich and easy for application try this refreshing hand balm. The natural scents (including Kakadu plum, quandong and lilly pilly) are just one of the many reasons why you will love this product.

Face and Lip The damaging effects of the sun are cumulative, every few minutes of unprotected ‘here and there’ sun exposure can result in significantly more damage to the skin over a lifetime than a few isolated vacations on the beach. Shielding yourself from the sun needs to start sooner rather than later! Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer with SPF 15 has an emollient derived from olives, which closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin. A little greasy for some with a bit of white residue if you don’t apply it well; however, at least you know that it’s full of protecting goodness! Believe it or not, the most used but neglected part of our body is our lips. You’ll need a lip balm that protects your sexy pout. Bloom’s Daily Shield Lip Balm SPF 30+ is

perfect and compliment your summer skincare regime with Macadamia Nut Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Oil. Photo: Simon Bull


Holiday beauty model Sarah Larkins wears a strong festive red and green look. Photography and makeup by Simon Bull.

Holiday beauty

Bloom, mineral plus Kit, Hand balm SPF 15 Shu Uemura, WKW drowning in flame palette eye shadow Bloom, Organic refreshing face mist Benefit Bathina, Silky glimmering body balm Kit, Limited edition Christmas Candy nail polish


guide on working traditional Christmas colours into your makeup routine for the festive season by Simon Bull.

Green Eyes

A strong green shadow will be just the thing to make you stand out of the crowd at festive events over December. With the weather getting warmer it’s perfectly acceptable to branch out and wear something with more colour. A green eyeshadow with a very strong pigment can look great with any eye or skin colour and can be paired fantastically with a red lipstick which will give you a true Christmas spirit. Try Laura Mercier Sateen Eyeshadow in St. Germain RRP $44.00.

Xmas Eyes

A duo in red and green can be the perfect addition to your makeup kit over Christmas. With its red and green shadows in one, you could wear this every day in December in many different ways. Combining two colours in fun and exciting designs on your eyelids can be an interesting way of creating dimension and something a little different. Green is a great neutral colour that looks good on anybody. Blade Runner duo eyeshadow by NARS might be just what you need. RRP $72.00.

Warm Rouge

A warm rouge blush can add a glamorous appearance to an evening occasion. A warmer colour adds a beautiful classic look on any complexion. Blush is warn either on the apples of the cheeks, which is the part that appears round when you smile,

or it can be worn by applying it on a downward angle from the ear lobe to the corner of the mouth, to bring in the cheeks creating a slimmer appearance. Try Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy RRP $42.00.

Scarlett Lipstick

One of the most popular red lipsticks on the market today is Passion by Chanel. With its classic deep red tones it is the one red that really looks good on everybody. Red lipstick will vamp up any style with instant Hollywood glamour and gives a simple dress a more formal look. This particular lipstick is formulated with vitamin E and Shea butter to soften lips. It also has a touch of blue in it, so the red appears more velvety and your teeth look much whiter. Try Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in Passion number 14. RRP $42.00

Strong Brows

On occasions when there is darker lighting or you just want to make your features bolder, try adding extra colour to your eyebrows. This gives you a more dramatic appearance and gives your face more colour. A dark ash brown works best for most people as you can use it as heavily as you desire. Bobbi Brown make great ash brown shadows which can be used as brow fillers. Try Bobbi Brown Hot Stone Number 56 RRP $44.00.

Illuminating shimmer

Having a healthy glow may be difficult to achieve naturally through skin care and a healthy diet, so meanwhile for a quick fix and to really catch

alleyes you can use a shimmer powder. This will allow you to have that amazing glow on any occasion. Shimmers are traditionally used after you have completed your makeup, first on your cheekbones, finishing with a light dusting all over the face. Try the shimmer powder by Bodyography RRP $40.00

Minimal Foundation

Most foundations in this season’s fashion are quite light with extremely minimal coverage. These allow your natural beauty to shine through while balancing the tones of your skin and also camouflaging minor blemishes. A light weight foundation is better for your skin because it allows your skin to breathe, while still giving you a healthy looking appearance. One of the most popular light foundations is Minimal Makeup by Napoleon Perdis which is oil free, hypoallergenic and contains an SPF 10 sunscreen. RRP $59.00

Glam Lashes

A glamorous pair of false lashes instantly makes any look more dramatic and outstanding. Usually the best way to apply a false lash is to dispense your lash glue onto a cotton tip and gently brush it across the base of the lash. It is best to wait for the glue to turn quite tacky before applying, as this cuts down the time you’re holding the lash to your eye waiting. Apply the base of the false lash as close as possible to the base of your own lash and finish with a liquid liner and a mascara to hide any joins. Try Lash Me Abbigail Eyelashes RRP 19.95


DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18


Charming the Christmas crowd By Domini Marshall

Christmas Cocktail Party Everywhere you look there seems to be fairy lights twinkling, tinsel shining and glitter falling, so why not have some fun and dazzle guests in a stunning outfit that’s sure to get noticed. Sequins and sparkles are the perfect accessories for Christmas cocktail glamour.

“Everywhere you look there seems to be fairy lights twinkling, tinsel shining and glitter falling, so why not have some fun and dazzle guests in a stunning outfit that’s sure to get noticed.” Envisage yourself as Cinderella and opt for pieces in metallics, such as silver and gold or the summer prints hitting stores everywhere. Camilla and Marc’s Frosted Dress in Spearmint Jacquard is the party dress of the season. How can you argue with a name like that? With fairy tale flower prints swirled in shimmering shades of mossy green, it’s a dress that your Prince Charming won’t be able to take his eyes off. At the other end of the budget spectrum, but just as memorable is Sportsgirl’s Diva Dress in Gold. A high neck with capped sleeves and a sexy low back offers sophistication with the added sparkle factor.

Let the sequins play their part and don’t overdo the look with accessories. A simple ring or cuff works well, in chunky silver or gold. Mania Mania’s statement rings add just the right touch of tough love. Add a simple clutch in a neutral colour to compliment – grey, black or cream goes with just about any dress. Team with a pair of timeless heels such as Tony Bianco’s Milly Heels in Black for $179.95 or Verali’s Sight Wedges - a steal at $80, plus they come in a range of delicious summer shades. What’s not to love? Christmas Day Lunch Christmas Day should be spent lounging around sipping champagne, laughing with family and eating copious amounts of rumballs, ham, pudding and prawns. It shouldn’t be spent worrying about an ever-tightening waistband. There’s no reason not to indulge on Christmas Day, it only comes once a year so instead invest in fashionable comfort. Bright prints, evoking memories of African safaris or Mexican fiestas, are everywhere and so are the perfect flowing silhouettes to get you through Christmas lunch in style. Obus’ Fiesta Maxi Dress Printed is our pick for Christmas Day. Combined with the stunning beaded panel, it’s fabulously fun design is just the thing to get you dancing around the Christmas Tree singing to Justin Beiber’s rendition of All I Want For Christmas. Slip your feet into some strappy, tan leather sandals and you’re ready to shimmy on down. If the summer heat seems unrelenting and the airconditioning doesn’t seem to be making a difference, dress yourself in refreshing white and breeze through the family shenanigans without breaking a sweat. Fresh and versatile, there are plenty of white options to suit. Zimmerman’s Bon Bon Dress is sweet and simple like sugar frosted cranberries. Complete the look with Country Road’s Alexa Textured Sandals – just the right touch of animal. Channel simple chic with some comfortable silk pants and a loose t-shirt. Classic, simple and fool proof. You won’t have any surprise pets or children grabbing at your hemline. Witchery’s Tie Waist Drapey Pants in Black are super flattering and work

well with any colour. Glam up the outfit with some detailed sandals – Mimco’s sequinned Shamanism Sandals are pretty and comfortable. Perfect!. Boxing Day Barbeque You can’t get through the festive season without a barbeque. Barbeques are all about the sizzling sausages, the people, the drinks and the sun (and of course the fashion). Slip into something that will let you slink around and charm the crowd with ease. Cotton or silk shorts in bright colours and whites are perfect with a breezy t-shirt and for that spontaneous dip in the pool, a stylish bikini underneath. Accessories should be fun and simple, with bright chunky cuffs and rings, and of course a pair of killer sunglasses. Try Sabre’s Runaway Tort Sunglasses. They suit almost any face and are the perfect match for the retro swimsuits of the season. Slip them on and congratulate yourself on your winning style and stress-free festive season. Merry Christmas! Now for New Year’s Eve...

Photo: Courtesy of Kylie Zerbst, Director and designer of Obus.


he silly season is finally upon us and what better time to let your hair down and celebrate the shimmering mirage of the year nearly gone. The numerous festivities can often lead to headaches when you think of money to be spent and hours of prep time. From cocktail parties to champagne breakfasts these outfits will have you organised in advance so there’s no need to rush wildly to the shops in a last minute sweat. Whether your budget is large or small, this list of simple solutions will get you sorted for Christmas without pulling out that dress you wore years ago covered in dust in a teary attempt to throw something together.

Obus’ Fiesta Maxi Dress Printed, Available online at www.obus.com.au

Verali Sight Wedges in Black, Available online at www.veralishoes.com.au Sabre Runaway Sunglasses in Tortoise, Available online at www.sabre.fm Sportsgirl Diva Dress in Gold. RRP $149.95. Available online at www.sportsgirl.com.au Vintage Princess Julia Clutch in Black. RRP $220. Courtesy of Two Hands Agency, Available online at www.vintageprincess.com.au



DECEMBER 8, 2011 • VOL 2, ISSUE 18

Tides of change sweep Australian cricket T

to bring Australia back to the top of world cricket. Many believe the new appointments will bring about much needed improvements, including an injection of youth, a more robust selection process and removal of the in-

Photao: Creative Commons/Flying Cloud

he Australian cricket team has recently undergone significant changes that will shape its successes over the next decade. A new coach, general manager and chairman of selectors have commenced work

An Australian fan hopes for a bigger score

famous ‘boys club’ that arguably exists in the team. Last summer signalled much needed changes in Australian cricket. The old enemy England had just crushed the Aussies 3-1 in a test series that promised so much, but delivered so little. “Australia don’t lose to England on home soil,” murmured the fans, “It just doesn’t happen.” After the Ashes, former BHP Billiton boss Don Argus was ordered to “review the state of the game” or, more simply, find out what in the world was going on. This became the ‘The Argus Report’. The Argus review (indirectly) meant long-time selector Andrew Hilditch and cricket legend Greg Chappell were no longer required. Fast forward a couple of months and Cricket Australia have made two appointments that are far more significant than many people believe. First, they appointed former Wallaby Pat Howard as General Manager of Team Performance. Australia traditionally employs people with a cricket background – cricket in their blood. Yet Howard’s appointment was quite the opposite. Howard has a Rugby Union

background and represented Australia 20 times. He admits he is “not pretending to be a cricket expert”. At 37, he is also young – less than a year older than Ricky Ponting, in fact. Yet this does not faze him, and Howard reiterates that with the right player and coaching management, Australia will be back at the top of international cricket. Assigned with appointing Australia’s next coach, Howard again took a different stance. “Often the trap in sports is that (prominent) names come to mind first”, Howard told The Age. This was certainly the case in the media, as the ‘apparent’ front runners for the Australian coaching job – Darren Lehmann, Geoff Lawson and John Dyson among others – were all names synonymous with Australian cricket. Yet Howard and his panel opted for Mickey Arthur, a South African who has now become the first foreigner to coach Australia. Arthur famously plotted Australia’s defeat in the 2008 test series here and has solid experience at the top level. The appointment of both Howard and Mickey Arthur (in additions to new Chair-

Photao: Creative Commons/Neillistc

By David Schout

Without pointing, are fans in trouble?

man of Selectors John Inverarity) is significant. They both bring outside views and experience into Australian cricket, which will hopefully give it the spark it needs. For the past 15 or so years, Australian cricket has dealt with the same names and same system. This is not to say it hasn’t been successful, in fact the 2000s gave us our most successful period ever. Yet the success has now ended, and the old adage that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ perhaps speaks volumes of why these changes have happened. The appointment also seems to aim at eliminating the apparent ‘boys club’ in

the Australian cricket team – the notion that players were not being dropped because of their long-term connection with the team and teammates. One thing for sure is that now is an exciting time for cricket in this country. A sudden injection of youth has meant ‘cricket talk’ is back. School mates, work colleagues and family members are back talking about who should or shouldn’t be picked and who will be the next superstar. Four debutants in the last two test matches, the most exciting of which Patrick Cummins, has created an excitement that will hopefully culminate in on-field success.

O’hAilpin squeezed out of Carlton By Dylan Allsopp while he carries the dreaded mythical wooden spoon and cops a likely thousand hidings with the young and lonely Giants. All this, after eight years slogging it out with the Blues as they fought and battled their way from the bottom of the ladder to within a bees’ of the preliminary final last year. After a slow start, O’hAilpin came good towards the end of last year and played particularly well in the finals up forward when the Blues had lost so many talls with injury. But O’hAilpin’s unorthodox style and left-field skills have had Carlton fans pulling their hair out for years. He’s been the sort of player that takes the big strong contested mark 25 out on a slight angle only to miss

the set shot, or give away a silly free kick in an unnecessary tackle. It’s this size, strength and toughness that the GWS Giants have gone after and he will be asked by coach Kevin Sheedy to provide as much presence and leadership as possible with so many young players around him. In this stage of GWS’ existence, if he takes the big mark but misses the shot at goal it probably won’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things. He’s many things, Setanta O’hAilpin, but boring is not one of them; it’s most likely he will never taste premiership success now, after enthralling, entertaining and frustrating his fans throughout his career. What if the Giants’ young crop

of draft picks develop in four years and push for a flag? And O’hAilpin has to watch them go on to win their first premiership a year or two after he had to retire because of his age, and possibly after watching Carlton win one too? That would have to hurt even the toughest of Irishmen.

Photao: Creative Commons/Alison Smirnoff


oor old Setanta O’hAilpin. After eight years at Carlton, the big Irish cult figure has been delisted by Brett Ratten just as the Blues premiership window is about to blow wide open. It could have spelled the end of the 28 year old’s career, but he has been given a lifeline by new AFL team Greater Western Sydney. Yay! O’hAilpin has got three to four years left in him, tops, and GWS has about as much chance of becoming a good side in that time as the new bicycle lanes on Swanston Street have of making any sense. Sure, it’s better than not being picked up at all, but you’ve got to feel for him. He’s looking down the barrel of watching his teammates lift the premiership cup

Setanta O’hAilpin Carlton Career Age: 28 Games: 80 Goals: 67 Behinds: 39 Marks: 256 Frees For: 48 Frees Against: 59 Brownlow Votes: 2

Carlton fans won’t be seeing big Setanta in the navy blue anymore

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