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Volume 3, Issue 3 | Spring 2013

Parenting... sometimes I wish there was an ‘APP for THAT!’ The playing field has changed. Raising a child in this day and age presents a whole new set of challenges. Children are more adept than ever with accessible technology such as iPads and iPods. Parents are more open ... and there is a lot to explain about the things that go on in this world.

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If your family is at all like mine, a modern-day tantrum can be caused because there is no Wifi to watch Netflix! But despite this, it’s important to maintain a level of good, old-fashioned parenting know-how as we equip our kids for the world that lays at their feet.

Thank You to our Contributors...

(In order of appearance) Adrienne Coombs, Villia Tosio, Teresa Yanush, Kiran Malik-Khan, Diana Moser, Carolyn Murray, Ann Dort-MacLean, Lynette Butt, Clarence Buchanan, Brenda Fortais, Calie Fortais, Mayor Melissa Blake, Dr. Kelly Brooke, Dorcas St.Pierre, Odin St.Pierre, Jen Mills, Tracy Simmons, Melissa Pennell, Jodi LeBlanc, Suzanne Manning, Melanie Ference ...and to all who made this issue possible!

Everyone’s different, here’s what works for me: Keep it Simple. Everything around us is complex, but it’s important to keep simplicity with our children. When your child is in distress, keep your words and statements simple. It’s always important to acknowledge their feelings, but in the end, your rules as the mom are to be upheld. Don’t make the mistake of adding the word “okay?” to the end of a request. I’ve learned not to do this, it weakens the strength of the request.

Photography: (In order of appearance) J.M. Photography & Design Virginia Frank Photography Please Note: the following adjustment to the Savvy Law article published in Volume 3, Issue 1: Fall/Holiday 2012 on page 40. In the very last sentence the articles reads “it [in reference to an “adult interdependent partner agreement”] does speak to the parties’ property or how it is to be divided”. It was intended to read “it does NOT speak to the parties’ property or how it is to be divided.” McMurray Girl is Published By

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editor’s note In an iPad world, sometimes we need to simplify back to sidewalk chalk parenting.

We accept no responsibility, nor bear any liability for any results (desired or otherwise) of the products and services described or advertised within. Please consult your health care professional before making any decisions regarding your body and general well-being. At McMurray Girl, efforts are made to ensure that the articles and information we publish are as accurate as possible at the time of publication, but no responsibility can be taken by McMurray Girl for any errors or omissions contained herein. Responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this publication is not the responsibility of McMurray Girl or it’s publisher – Gett Creative Inc. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of McMurray Girl, the editor or publisher.

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Practice Gratitude. It’s important for all of us and great to instill in kids from a young age. When we are thankful for what we have, it makes room for more ‘good’ to flow in. Each night, we go over our highlight of the day and repeat: I love my life, I love my house, I love my family. It’s good to be Kaitlyn, it’s good to be me. An Explanation for Everything. Even though your child may know her way around an iPad, she still has a lot to learn in life. Sometimes in the daily rush, we expect our children to understand things as an adult would - or behave a certain way in a situation. It’s our job as parents to pause to explain situations and details to our children. It wasn’t long ago that they transitioned from wailing for what they wanted to articulating it. We can’t expect them to now know the intricacies of acceptable behavior for every occasion! Point out the dynamics of a situation such as why it’s important to wait patiently in a doctor’s office because other people aren’t feeling very well. Explanations help children to become aware individuals who think outside of their own experience. 5

mother knows best. A dose of truth about vitamins.

Set the mood for snoozing. Funny how we tend to decorate our tykes’ rooms with bright, vibrant colours... then pack them full of toys and wonder why they don’t want to take their naps! Consider these ideas. Colour. When decorating your babies’ room, try restful colours in muted shades. Curtains. Fabric is not only a cozy addition, but it also absorbs sound to keep the space quiet and calm. Storage. Toys are designed to stimulate children so store them out of sight during sleep. Soft Light. Light the room with lamps on dimmers to create a sleepy setting. 6

Photo © / Alexandra Lande / Miha 19750405 / Tatyana Vychegzhanina

While they may be bright, sweet and yummy, please don’t mistake your child’s vitamins for candy. If your child love’s his or her vitamins, keep this in mind. Sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much. An extra vitamin every now and then should not harm your child. However, vitamin toxicity can occur if your little one were to take more than 15 vitamins in a sitting. Symptoms that this has occurred are diarrhea and vomiting. To avoid this from happening, remove the temptation and store vitamins out of your child’s reach. If you suspect your child has taken an over-dose of vitamins, call the Alberta Poison & Drug Information Service line at 1-800-332-1414

Getting a grip on Growing Pains. If your little one is complaining about growing pains, think about this. Doctors say that the annoying aching is not actually caused by growth, but rather effects of over-activity. When muscles lose oxygen and glycogen after intense play, they trap fluid and lactic acid. This causes pressure against blood vessels and nerves in the legs. What to do Be proactive. The pain and cramps may be avoided (or at least lessened) by ensuring your child stays hydrated during play. If pain creeps up in the evening, a loving leg massage along with the appropriate dose of children’s Tylenol will help ease the pain so they’ll be feeling good by morning. If pain persists, please see a doctor.


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TIP Monogrammed eggs make the perfect place card at your Easter table or Spring event.

eggs On your own, with the kidlets... or even with a crafty friend, creating your very own ‘chic’ [sheek] eggs is the perfect way to welcome Spring! At McMurray Girl’s Inspiration Studio, we’ve added some glam to this classic Easter craft.


spring 2013 |

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

Be-jewel, decoupage, or adorn a classic-dipped egg with high-end stickers... in this project, there are no rules and no limitations!

CHARMS Repurpose old jewelry! Charms can also be purchased in the craft department at Walmart or from scrapbook suppliers.




F N L < E >  I: B G

A simple band of ribbon creates a posh look. Or, try layering, weaving or tying a bow!

DECALS Scrapbooking decals and laser-cut stickers are a no-fail way to add instant charm. Great for kids!

:<NING <MNK>< ABG>L>F > = B < B G >

can help.


Visit Amanda & Adrienne

Turn a simple egg into a personalized gift by adhering your loved one’s initial or full name with alphabet stickers.

K^`blm^k^]:\ning\mnkblml%Zelhh__^kMkZ]bmbhgZe<abg^l^ F^]b\bg^%<niibg`Ma^kZir%A^k[ZeMa^kZir

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

Amanda Gergely - RAc Dip. TCM Adrienne Coombs - RAc Dr. Dip. TCM


Create an egg that’s just as cute as a button!

G > P  EH < :M B H G  H I > G L  : I K B E  + )*,  A B @ A > K A > : E M A ' \ Z 


kids health

happy, healthy,


Higher Healthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Proven DrugFree Treatments for Children. By Adrienne Coombs Dr. Diploma of TCM, Registered Acupuncturist

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are two of the oldest forms for treating disease known to man â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with origins dating back to almost 5000 years ago. Currently, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a highly accepted and proven form of medicine used world-wide both on itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own and in conjunction with western medicine. 14

Chinese pediatric medicine was first mentioned in ancient texts as a specialty as early as 100 BC. To put this into perspective, western medicine did not recognize pediatrics as a unique branch of medicine until the mid-20th century. TCM pediatrics has been proven to treat illness such as colic, conjunctivitis, eczema, ADHA, musculo-skeletal pain, sleep disorders, bed wetting, allergies, pre and post vaccine care, developmental delay, asthma, teething, tonsillitis, ear infections, and many other illnesses naturally.

In the course of a treatment, we don’t just look at the current symptoms, but rather base our treatments on investigating the root cause, or the main reasoning that has contributed to the illness. There are key features in the diagnosis of a child. First, We look at the eyes to see if there is a healthy spirit, full of life and vigor. We inspect the complexion, skin and body for any discoloration, which can be a significant diagnostic tool. Then, we listen to the sounds they make whether it be their laugh, cry, or the tone of their voice. Finally, we inspect their body for irregularities in configuration and movement. We ask the parents about a number of factors, including family history and the age and health of the parents at the time of conception. We go into detail about the child’s diet; was he/she breast fed? What does the child eat on a day-to-day basis? And, are there any known food allergies? Is the child in contact with any external factors such as the cold and flu at daycare? Emotional factors are very important – not only the child’s own emotions, but also the emotional energy that they are surrounded by. We ask about the parent’s marital status and whether there are fights and arguments amongst siblings. All of these factors can play a large role on the overall well being of the child.

Photo © / YanLev

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine don’t only involve the use of needles; in fact, when treating children, needles are one of the last forms of treatment used. One of our approaches is to treat with “tuina” or Chinese pediatric massage. We also use light “cupping”, where suction is created using glass cups which are placed stationary over specific points of the body or are moved around an entire area. “Moxabustion” is another form of treatment where “moxa”, or “mugwort”, a natural smoldering Chinese herb, is lit and used to warm specific acupuncture points and regions of the body.

depression A H K F H G >  B F ;: E : G < >

insomnia? G :M N KH I:M A B <  F > = B < B G >

can help.

Visit Rena for: GnmkbmbhgEb_^lmre^<hngl^eebg`%Ahf^hiZmar% =kZbgZ`^=^mhqb_b\Zmbhg%Zg];hmZgb\ZeF^]b\bg^

Dr. Rena Saini BDc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

The purpose is to stimulate circulation and introduce a smoother flow of Blood and “Qi.” Acupressure is a treatment where a tapping device is used to apply direct pressure to specific points. Needles may be used for children, however only under the discretion of the parents and child. Lastly, Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed to take home and use on the days between treatments. This may be in the form of teas, syrups, tinctures, and capsules. Chinese medicine works best when used to prevent future illness. Whether it is cold & flu or allergy season, when you stay consistent with regular treatments, your child stays healthy and happy.

G > P  EH < :M B H G  H I > G L  : I K B E  + )*,  A B @ A > K A > : E M A ' \ Z 


breast feeding | by Vilia Tosio






Breast feeding is natural â&#x20AC;&#x201C; it is what humans have always been intended to do. Historically, we developed as a species exclusively through breast feeding. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about survival; as nature intended, our babies need human milk. However, today less than 1 in 5 babies are breast fed in our region. Modern mothers face the challenge of changing perceptions and attitudes around this topic. As a society, we have adapted the unnatural method of formula-feeding babies. The truth is, by not breast feeding, we may put our babies at risk, both in the short and long term. Over time, society, commercial interests, policy makers, and even the medical community have eroded new mothersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; confidence in breast feeding. Well-intended advice can often be unintentionally discouraging and sometimes incorrect. Women need to trust their bodies and instincts as we are indeed fully-equipped as mothers to breast feed. It is a primal, maternal instinct.

Recently, a mother came into our local support group meeting with her 6 week old baby. She had been told three times that she ‘had no milk’, which had given her a sense of failure. Through our support group, we were able to coach her and explain to her how to express milk. Soon, with tears of joy, she fed her baby. In my opinion, we need to appreciate that health professionals have been trained to treat illness. Unfortunately, this training to treat sometimes spills over into scenarios where treatment is not necessary. This combined with aggressive formula marketing campaigns has lead many new mothers to take the forumla route. When a mother gives her baby formula, she makes a choice – often, without full knowledge of the facts. Many are not aware of the risks of formula, or that formula is made mostly of cow’s milk. While cow’s milk is perfect for a calf, nature never intended it for a baby human. As published by ‘IN FACT Canada’, the risks in feeding your baby formula over exclusive breast feeding include: allergies, asthma, diabetes, ear infections, obesity, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal infections, childhood cancers and more, as published in ’14 Risks of Formula Feeding’. Studies have shown an increase in breast feeding success for babies who had undisturbed, skin-to-skin contact with their mother immediately after birth for at least two hours. Babies who were not separated from their mothers are generally breast fed longer and cry less, as well. In many cases, up to one year later, there is an evident difference in both the babies’ and mothers’ behavior.

hip,neck ;:< D

IK>G :M:EIHL MG :M:EF > L L:@ >

can help.

If breast feeding is absolutely not possible, donor milk from the Milk Bank is a great option. Many believe that formula should be reserved for use in emergencies only. It’s also important to know that after most breast surgeries, mothers are usually able to breast feed. Education is essential for moms-to-be. Structured, face-to-face support and assistance can make a world of difference to a new, nursing mother. Support groups allow the mother to overcome the hurdles and restore confidence in feeding her little one naturally. Support groups and services exist right here in our community. I encourage you to surround yourself with the knowledge and support available to you and your baby.

Visit Chris for: Ik^(IhlmGZmZeFZllZ`^%=^^iMblln^FZllZ`^% K^aZ[bebmZmbhgFZllZ`^%LihkmlFZllZ`^

Weekly Breast Feeding Support - Free

Photo © / SvetlanaFedoseyeva

Pregnant ladies welcome! Mondays 10am – 12pm Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre Wednesdays 10am - 2pm 100 Millennium Gate - Club House Thursdays 10am – 12pm HBCC 4-142 Dickins Drive Contact: Vilia Tosio 780 972 2208

Chris Courtice

Registered Massage Therapist

La Leche League Canada - Free 2nd Wednesday of each month 7pm – 9pm The Hub-downtown Contact: Lisa Penner 780 790 9224

Breast Feeding Clinic Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. By appointment. Contact Public Health at 780-791-6247

Fort McMurray Doula Association (FMDA) Free Breast feeding Education

G > P  EH < :M B H G  H I > G L  : I K B E  + )*,  A B @ A > K A > : E M A ' \ Z 


My journey into motherhood began with a dream pregnancy. Not once did I have even a minute

“It’s a GIRL!” announced my doctor. From that moment on, the Mother-Daughter bonding between Kyla Rose and I began. I was beyond overjoyed to have a healthy baby girl! I was on an instant high! Blessed with a beautiful little daughter, I have continued to feel that elation for what will be, on April 9th of this year, 30 years!

of morning sickness. My labour and delivery was five hours from start to finish and it all resulted in the gift of a wonderful little baby who slept through the night at three months! Along with the euphoria of giving birth to my precious little bundle, came a sense of responsibility - a sense of responsibility to do everything to love her, guide her, teach her and nourish her, both physically and emotionally. My feeling of obligation was to ensure this little baby I had brought into the world would grow up to be a functioning, contributing member of society. I took my new ‘job’ of being a parent very seriously. I wanted to do right by my new little girl. Like all good moms, my goal was to raise her to grow up to feel loved, to be happy, and above all, to know herself. The task ahead was important to me. I knew I didn’t have all the answers nor the ‘tools’ needed for my new job as “Mommy”. However, between the love, wisdom and common sense that my parents raised me with, along with what was yet to be revealed to me as a first time parent, I would be able to successfully raise my daughter.

The very first ‘pearl’ of my mother’s parenting wisdom that I bestowed onto Kyla, was to tell her that I was her “Biggest Fan.” I remember vividly, the first time my mom told me that she was my “Biggest Fan.”. It was so inspiring to hear my mom tell me that. It made me feel proud and confident that she thought so highly of me! Following my mother’s example, I began telling Kyla the very same thing as I would cradle her in my arms. I would lovingly tell her that I was her “Biggest Fan.” I would also tell her how much I loved her and how I would always be there for her. I told her that she was going to have a good life and that she was special. I continued instilling those positive words to Kyla throughout her childhood. Just recently, during a conversation we were having, Kyla shared that while she was growing up, she did in fact feel special. She told me, “Mom, I believed you when you told me that!” That confirmed to me the importance of the way we speak to our children. As parents, our spoken words




have a huge impact. Words can shape how our children view their own self worth and can affect their attitude in either a positive or negative manner. Speak loving, positive, encouraging words to your children and let them know you are their Biggest Fan. It worked for my mom and it worked for me. I am still, to this day, Kyla’s Biggest Fan!


spring 2013 |

Photo © / Natvishenka / Judy Kennamer

Raising McMurray Girl | by Teresa Yanush, Mother of Editor, Kyla Getty


f wisdom Pearlsofrom mother to mother.

Raising McMurray


B Y T E R E S A YA N U S H , M O T H E R O F E D I T O R , K Y L A G E T T Y

By Teresa Yanush, Mother of Editor, Kyla Getty ...continued

No longer a baby and now with an understanding of the English language, Kyla was developing into a well adjusted little girl. With a few years of parenting under my belt, I realized that a good time to teach life lessons to Kyla, was while we were doing an activity. I remember having a great chat with her about the differences between good and bad and right and wrong, while we baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. We often talked about ‘life’ things while she was in the bath or when driving together in the car. I’d mention “life tidbits” here and

There were two other constants while I raised my daughter. One was humour. Again, that was something that was abundant in my childhood, as both my mom and dad had a great sense of humour. Many times, a situation would result with the three of us keeled over in laughter! So it came natural to me to pass that light heartedness onto Kyla. To this day, we can easily laugh all over again, reminiscing about the many belly laughs we’ve had over the years.

there, while doing this and that. I shared about life in a relaxed, calm environment so that Kyla would receive the message as if I had just read her a story. It seemed like a more effective way to get the point across, rather than in the ‘heat of the moment’ of disciplining. Nobody ‘hears’ a lesson very clearly – especially children – when their emotions are running high.

The other constant that served me well as a parent, was another one of my mom’s ‘pearls.’ Mom has always had an amazing way of soothing and

Raising Kyla through her teen years was actually a lot of fun!

encouraging by quoting an old saying, “Everything Is

We had developed a close friendship along side our loving

to be okay! So whenever faced with doubt or anxiety,

Mother/Daughter relationship. It felt like it had only been a few

I would do my best to mimic my mother’s tone and con-

years since I, too, had been a teenager. I remembered the chal-

viction, and tell Kyla that indeed, “Everything Is Going

lenges the teen years could bring. I remembered the importance

To Be Okay.” It also helped to sooth and encourage Kyla

of friendships – makeup and clothes too. I could remember the

when she needed it most. Another ‘parenting pearl’

stresses that came along with leaving the carefree days of being

that served us well.

a kid behind - not to mention, facing the responsibilities that await you as you approach adulthood. I shared with Kyla my own teenage experiences, that she would know that I understood what she was going through. Knowing that I had gone through the similar experiences that she was dealing with, was

Going To Be Okay”. Her convincing tone and conviction, makes you TRULY believe that everything IS going

This past year, I have learned of a Chinese Proverb “It is the wise mother that gives her child both roots and wings.” In contemplating this proverb, it confirmed that my sense of the responsibility as a parent is what

comforting to Kyla. That made teenage life a little easier.

gave Kyla her roots. The investment of time and interest is

As the mom of a teenage girl, I kept up with the trends of the

wish that every new mother could know this and do it.

day and things that interested her. We listened to ‘her’ music at home and in the car. I happily spent a lot of time in Le Chateau and I also became a fan of M.A.C. makeup. I took an interest in her homework and was always the ‘Driving Mom’ when Kyla and her girlfriends needed a ride. Above all, I always made myself available for heart to heart talks. I tried to be a good listener and offer suggestions to give ‘food for thought’ for Kyla to consider. It was this investment of time and interest in her that kept us close through the teen years.

what gave Kyla her wings. In reading that proverb, it is my

The fact that we share such a close mother and daughter relationship, shows that Kyla has deep family roots. The fact that she left her family, friends and her hometown in British Columbia to move to Fort McMurray to become your McMurray Girl, shows that she definitely has wings. The Mother/Daughter Love Fest that began on April 9th in 1983 continues today. Although far apart in miles, we are close in heart and spirit.

Thanks Mom, for your ‘pearls’. 20

spring 2013 |








T H E FA C E O F PETER POND MALL NAME: Tia Anderson AGE: 18 HOMETOWN: Fort McMurray but born in BC FAVOURITE STORES TO CHECK OUT: Hot Gossip, Bootlegger, Supreme Apparel, and La Senza

KIDS They’re adorable and we love ‘em to bits... but let’s face it, our kids need a lot of STUFF! Luckily for THEM, Peter Pond Mall has stores with products for all of their wants and needs such as: clothing, accessories, books, electronics, eyewear... and even a salon. Luckily for YOU – it’s all in one convenient location! See you (and the kids) at Peter Pond Mall!

MOST RECENT PURCHASE: Numero Track Suit MY STYLE PHILOSOPHY: Anything formal but comfortable. Depends on my mood! WHY I LOVE PETER POND MALL: I love Peter Pond Mall because it’s a great place to go shopping and have some girl time with my friends. MUST-HAVE FASHIO N ACCESSORY: I am addicted to sweaters and shoes.








JULY 2013! THE CHILDREN’S PLACE The Children’s Place has the best deals on fresh fashions, bright basics and cool combos for ALL the kids, sizes newborn to 14. Whether it’s time to dress to impress, or play for the day, The Children’s Place is the PLACE to shop!




1 CLOUD 9 SALON For moms and Jr. haircare all in one!





Your little one can express her own personal sense of style with flair at Claires. (Moms, too!)

Full-service, family eyewear with great designer brands for kids: Disney, D&G, Guess, and more!

Pick a pair for yourself... and the kids! Payless provides a great selection of footwear for everyone!

The perfect, sparkling gift... we adore these crystal Disney figurines at Paris Jewellers.


prenatal prenatal

classes Babies don’t come with a manual. No, there are no directions in the diaper bag either. But thanks to Keyano College you can be prepared for your new bundle of joy – before and after birth. Our prenatal courses are an asset for both new and seasoned parents. They cover many topics including labour and breast feeding. Vilia Tosio, Prenatal instructor for Keyano’s Sport & Wellness department explains.

| by Kiran Malik-Khan

“They cover normal childbirth and labour experienced by most mothers. It is a weekend program conducted on Saturday and Sunday and features interactive fun with the latest research and videos all about childbirth and breast feeding.” Importance of Breast feeding is a three-hour program that provides participants with an understanding of why there are so many challenges with this natural activity. Tosio says mothers need a better understanding of the potential ramifications if and when they choose to not breast feed.

Over and above the useful information that will be imparted, there is a significant social aspect to the program. Women get a chance to be with other women going through the same process at the same time, providing a positive bonding environment. “Talking with and spending time with women is so important through pregnancy, birth and early childhood years. Often times we have lost this 24

spring 2013 |

Photo © / kiuikson

“Breast feeding is normal. This course looks at situations that may occur while breast feeding and how to recognize these so you can continue with it,” she emphasized.

connection to women and it is important to embrace it in order to have a solid support system for becoming a mother,” continues Tosio, who is also a South African trained and registered midwife and lactation specialist. “We share great videos watching newborn babies crawl up on a mother’s belly to her chest. We look at natural births. We look at what you can do using positions, how to decide when it is time to go to the hospital, and help your partner and coaches be a support during the labour and the birth. We provide the information on complications and how to minimize these. We discuss drugs used in pregnancy so mothers are informed about the side effects and are able to make the best decisions they can at that moment.”

Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre 780.791.7792

w w w. ke ya n / ss w c


The Sport & Wellness Centre at Keyano College also offers fitness classes that help with pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is one of our popular classes.

Stay active and meet other moms. We have programs designed specifically for your unique needs.

“It prepares women for labour by stretching and strengthening those muscles that aid in the labour process,” explains Priscilla Powder-Forbister, Administrative Assistant at the Centre.

Mom & Me Yoga • Prenatal Yoga • Prenatal Education Breastfeeding Info & Support Groups

“They also learn relaxation techniques to help in their labour process. The feedback we always get is how thankful women are to be active in a group fitness class. This class is an hour long, and is offered once per week” adds Forbister. New moms can also enjoy Mom & Me Yoga catered to mothers with babies over four weeks to six months old. These hour-long classes focus on stretching and strengthening exercises to help women regain their strength after giving birth. And finally, we have Stroller Sculpt. Offered three times a week, this class is a mother’s delight. You don’t need to find a babysitter – put the baby in the stroller, and voila! “This class is designed for women who have recently given birth taking into consideration that their bodies may still work a little differently than they did before. It can vary from boot camp style and circuit training to cardio training. Women in this class may have met in the Prenatal class, may have taken Prenatal Yoga or Mom & Me Yoga together. It’s a joy to see lifelong friendships develop. Participants tell us they go on to have play dates and luncheons together. This class regularly does have a potluck gathering at the end of the fitness classes,” added Forbister.

To register in one of the classes or for more information call Sport & Wellness at 780-791-7792 or visit





the oilsands discovery centre


The Oil Sands Discovery Centre is an educational facility committed to increasing public awareness and knowledge about the oil sands. The Centre opened in 1985 as the Fort McMurray Oil Sands Interpretive Centre, and in September 2002, the redeveloped exhibit hall was opened. The Centre is a provincial facility operated by Alberta Culture,


Historic Sites and Museums Branch. Our Mission: To serve as the gateway to Alberta’s oil sands by presenting its history, science, and technology, promoting appreciation for it, and providing learning opportunities to all visitors. Programs Available: Discover Hunt – Scavenger hunt designed for different age groups that can be used to explore the Discovery Centre; included in admission, ask for it at the Visitor Services desk. Touch the Fossils – Love the fossil displays at the Centre? See and handle fossil specimens while learning more about Alberta and Fort McMurray’s ancient history; included in admission, ask an interpreter at the Visitor Services desk. Summer science camps – Crafts, games, experiments and more make science fun. Themed science camps run in July and August and are available for children 4 to 12 years old. Please contact The Oil Sands Discovery Centre for the full list of programs Contact: 780-743-7167 Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

spring 2013 |


The Fort McMurray Public Library Fort McMurray Public library is accessible to everyone within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. You do not need to hold a library membership to access the programs, in library services, study, or read material within the library. Membership is free however, and provides unlimited access to the library collections including online databases, DVD and music CD collections, ebooks, music downloads and more! Upcoming Events: During the April Spring Break from school, the library will be holding an activity for 6-12 year olds. The activities are free and registration is not required. April 2 – Art Day 2:15-3:15 April 3 – Craft Day 2:25-3:25 April 4 – Movie Matinee 2:00-3:30


April 14 – Spring Frenzy – the annual spring fundraiser allows families to enjoy


the library with carnival style games, crafts and for the adults, a spring basket auction. Entry into the event is free, activity tickets are purchased the day of the event for $1 each. The theme for Spring Frenzy 2013 is Luau. Contact: Customer Service Desk 780-743-7800 For the full event calendar please check out: Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

Educare Early Intervention Kim Farrell, a well-known, respected,

Programs Available:

Educare has four teachers for 18

and highly regarded kindergarten teacher,

• Early Childhood Development Program

children (3 classes), and a Speech

opened Educare in 1996. Kim recognized



the need for a preschool program, in which to provide necessary skills to children for Kindergarten success. Sixteen years later, Educare continues her legacy, and provides excellent learning opportunities children, ages 3-5. Value Statements: At Educare we believe in excellence; it’s what we do. Advocacy; because children are our future. Opportunity; for children to maximize their potential.

• Mild Moderate Program (through the Fort McMurray Public School District) • Family Resource Program

• Seeds of Empathy Program • Pre-Printing Skills • Social Skills Program • Music Centres • Book Lending Library

asm; it makes learning fun. Trust; a belief in

• Educare Literacy for Families (ELFF)

it is our driver. spring 2013 |

Language Pathologist Who can benefit from this resource: Children aged 3-5 years old Contact: Tel (780) 743-3464

• Sensory Integration Therapy

Safety; a feeling everyone deserves. Enthusiour capabilities to offer the best. And pride;


• Language & Literacy Program

(Funded by Suncor Energy Foundation)



Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta

The HUB Family Resource Centre

The Mission of Girls Incorporated

Since The HUB opened its doors in 2003, it has strived to become a

of Northern Alberta is to empower

home away from home for many residing in the Regional Municipality

girls to realize their full potential

of Wood Buffalo. The Hub is a non-profit, charitable organization which

through gender specific programming

provides fun, interactive and educational programs and services to local

that “Inspires all Girls to be Strong,

families with children from newborn to six years old, free of charge. The

Smart and Bold”

HUB services two locations within Fort McMurray and the HUB on Wheels (HOW) program, which travels to rural communities. Last year, The HUB

Programs Available:

offered over 2,756 hours of drop in play to almost 1,000 families that required a safe and comfortable environment for their children to play.

Friendly PEERsuasion – A 14-16 week program where girls use their

Who Benefits from this Resource: From new moms and grandparents

acquired mentoring skills to teach

to caregivers, the HUB welcomes a large and diverse array of patrons.

younger students. This program is curriculum based and runs as part

Contact: HUB Timberlea 780.743.9225

of school classes.

HUB Franklin 780.791.7110 To learn more about the HUBs programs

Media Smarts – A 10-12 week

or to sign up for your electronic copy of our

program that helps girls develop the

Program Guide please email Alexis at

critical thinking skills they need to

wade through the myriad of media messages they encounter. Media

Smarts is also run as part of the


school curriculum. At end of the program, the girls decide upon a media message and develop a campaign to get their message out, using the skills and techniques learned. Girls Beware – A one day personal




safety workshop for girls 12-16. This workshop is offered twice yearly in Fort McMurray. Girls Inc. partners with a number of community agencies, such as the RCMP, Victim Services, Alberta Health Services, Women’s Crisis Center, and more.

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

Please contact Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta for the full list of programs offered.

spring 2013 |


It’s more than pictures... It’s your story

Photo © / Tatyana Vychegzhanina

Sawridge Exec. Chef Clarence

mom & me

Including your kids in kitchen prep is a great way to get them interested in eating healthier meals and snacks!

cooking with


Buchanan shares two recipes using fresh fruit that your kids will be sure to enjoy both making and eating!

mcmurray girl’s tips: Create a breakfast shake for kids on the go! Blend protein-rich, vanilla greek yogurt with almond milk, ice and your child’s fave frozen fruit. Have fun with flavour combos... we are all about blueberry!

chef Clarence’s

Do away with unhealthy, boxed mac ‘n cheese and instead create a quick and easy macaroni soup using low sodium broth, whole wheat pasta and your child’s favourite veggies! TIP: Make a big batch and freeze in individualsized containers!

Fruit Pizza

Rice Krispy Square recipe Nuttela Slices of your child’s favourite fruit 1. Shape Rice Krispy Square recipe and shape into a circle on pizza pan, refrigerate until firm. 2. Warm nuttela in microwave for 20 seconds, spread

Turkey meatballs are a great place to add hidden nutrition! Next time, follow your usual recipe, but add some chopped spinach and flat leaf parsley!

3. Arrange sliced fruit on top, let your kids have fun with their design!

spring 2013 |


VIORA REAC TION An excellent, non-invasive treatment for loose and excess skin due to weight loss or post pregnancy

Call for a Free Consultation!

Weight Loss Ideal Protein & Low Carb Products

NeuroSpa Get a Full Day Rest in 30 Minutes!

Detox Registered Massage Therapist Medical Infrared Sauna & Supplements With Direct Billing Skin and Facial Tightening 

Body Contouring


Fitness and Yoga Classes


122 Millennium Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S8


cooking with


Annual Fundraiser

April 14th, 2013 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm


Public Library o n M a c Donald Island

W W W. F M P L . C A

• Come dressed in Luau attire • Admission is free

chef Clarence’s

Creamy Fruit Popsicles

Photo © / Elena Shashkina

2 packages of silken firm tofu 1 12oz can of 100 percent juice concentrate Handful of fresh fruit, such as strawberries 1. Break up tofu with your hands and place in blender. 2. Pour into the blender you choice of fruit juice 3. Add you choice of chopped fresh fruit. 4. Blend in blender and pour into Popsicle molds

tip! Try using your favourite juice and fruit combinations. We like apple juice concentrate with strawberries, or pineapple juice concentrate with bananas.

• Activity tickets $1 • Face painting, treat decorating & other fun filled activities for the kids • Spring Basket Auction For More info: 780-743-7800 or check out FMPL.CA Sponsors: Rock 97.9, Country 93.3

Straight Teeth No Braces



K I N D & C A R I N G S TA F F


(780) 791-5538 12  700 SIGNAL ROAD 3 DOORS FROM THE BLACK HORSE PUB


FEATURING Michael Kors, Mexx, Nygard, Spanner, Joseph Ribkoff, Tribal, Bylyse (yoga wear), SHOES by Michael Kors, Nine West, Hunter Boots and Vince Camuto Footwear Y V O N N E L AU R E N @ S H AW. C A

miGIRLS | Introducing the McMurray Girls of Mac Island


Brenda Fortais NAME: Brenda Fortais POSITION: Manager of Health and Wellness

Photo © Virginia Frank Photography



meet Brenda & Calie

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM EMPLOYED AT MAC ISLAND: They’re very accommodating and flexible for working with daycare/sports schedules. Calie also thinks I have the coolest job (she thinks all I do is swim, zumba, skate and rock climb all day!) WORK/FAMILY BALANCE TIP: My husband is super supportive and always helps out. We spend a lot of time at Mac Island when I’m not working but each time we are there we have a blast and run into so many amazing people. I am slowly learning to turn my phone on silent when I’m not working so I can have some relaxing family time. I also find that working out on my lunch breaks gives me a chance to relax when I get home at night (and helps relieve the daily stress)

Calie Fortais NAME: Calie Fortais AGE: 5 in May FAVE FAMILY ACTIVITIES AT MAC ISLAND: We love to swim and skate. Calie is in both swimming and skating lessons so 5 days a week we are doing either of those. Also just started to get into Rock climbing and we have some new Family Climb times for little ones aged 4-5. Calie loves scaling up the wall.

Brenda, Mac Island’s Manager of Health and Wellness, is one of many MI Team members who are also moms! Along with her husband and daughter, Calie, Brenda enjoys the facility – not only in work – but play, as well! This unique facility has become a huge part of life for both generations of the Fortais family, as it has for many of us. When asked about her fondest family memories at MacDonald Island Park, Brenda replies, “watching Calie learn to swim and skate on her own. She has accomplished both of these things at Mac Island and has grown so much since beginning the programs. She loves the facility and each time we are there we forget about our stresses and have fun.” For ‘me time’, Brenda enjoys mom-friendly programs such as Pilates and Zumba. “It’s a great chance to work up a sweat while having fun. And, when I come home, Calie always asks me to show her the Zumba moves!” Says Brenda. “Strollerobics is great for moms with little ones at home - you don’t need daycare and still get a fantastic workout!”. A complete listing of programs is available online at

Mi Kids Clothing Line Mi Kids clothing is part of a fabulous new program dedicated to enhance the quality of life in Wood Buffalo by ensuring that every child is able to afford recreation. The proceeds from Mi Kids clothing will go towards ensuring financial assistance to Wood Buffalo youth and families that face barriers participating in sports, recreation, social & cultural programs and activities. This assistance goes beyond just MacDonald Island’s programs. In addition, 5% of all facility partnerships go towards the program. The best part is that the clothing, made by Roots, is top quality, and reasonably priced. Do something great for the community while also getting something great in return! The clothing is available in the Fitness Centre.

Shell Place Coming 2015

Mayor Melissa Blake spends time with Grade 6 students at Heritage Park in a program called Open Minds.

Photos Š Kyla Getty

message from Mayor Melissa Blake Hello, McMurray Girl! It’s no secret that our community has been growing significantly over the last several years. One of the best indications of this takes place on the second floor at number seven Hospital Street. That’s the maternity ward of our Northern Lights Regional Health Centre. Not only did we welcome nearly 1,400 babies last year (up by almost two hundred from the year before), but in July alone we set a record with 147 births! For those keeping count, that means an average of nearly five bundles of joy a day… which is pretty impressive for a regional population our size. I think it is wonderful that we are a community with many young families and children. Raising our kids may be the most important responsibility that we are entrusted with. I know that as a parent, that’s easy to forget… especially when you have had a long day! But by investing in our children now, we are investing in their future and the future of our community. Our kids will be this region’s nurses, business owners, trades people, and even mayor and councillors! With such a young community, there is no shortage of resources for parents and kids here in Wood Buffalo. From the Municipality’s Community Services and the Fort McMurray Public Library, to the Hub Resource Centre and the many service groups in town, there are plenty of programs and events for children. I encourage you to get out and take advantage of all that is offered. It’s not only great for kids, but it’s great for parents to meet new people and share ideas. I hope you pull many wonderful ideas from this edition of McMurray Girl and fill your calendar with plenty of great things to do with your kids!

Sincerely, Melissa Blake, Mayor


Spring Frenzy • April 14th

Celebrate spring with the Fort McMurray Public Library on April 14th! Spring will have sprung inside the library with games, activities and crafts for kids of all ages. All activities including food items will be sold for one ticket each. Tickets can be purchased at the library on the day of the event for $1. Aside from the fun-filled activities for the children, the Spring Frenzy also offers a

Spring Basket Auction. Photos of the baskets will be posted to the library’s Facebook page before bidding starts. The baskets will be on display inside the library on Saturday, April 13 when silent bids can be placed, bidding will continue until the following day. A fun way to celebrate the spring season for the whole family, Spring Frenzy will be filled with excitement!

Spring Trade Show • April 26-28th One of the many highlights of Fort McMurray springtime, the Spring Trade Show will be in town! With opportunities for space bookings at the show or to simply go to browse and see what enticing products strike your interest, this great event is a three day market from April 26-28. Brought to you by Fort McMurray Tourism the Spring Trade show is something that is fun for all to attend!

Starting the


With the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s City Centre Redevelopment underway, one of the many exciting changes our city will see is exciting development along the Snye! The Municipality expects groundwork for the waterfront park system to begin sometime this construction season. With a vision to provide a series of design principles, site programming options, and actions that will create a vibrant, safe and comfortable public open space for year-round enjoyment along our City’s waterfront, the excitement is seemingly never ending!

openminds Homelessness, pollution, snow removal... and yes, of course, even the twinning of Highway 63. These were among the questions posed to our Mayor Melissa Blake. But this wasn’t a standard press conference and these weren’t your average ‘reporters’ – these were the inquisitive grade 6 students of Ms. Power and Ms. Denoncourt’s class. Having recently completed a unit on municipal government, the class was fortunate to spend an hour with Melissa Blake who openly shared a look into her life and duties as Mayor before opening up the floor to questions from the students. The session was just one part of a week-long program called ‘Open Minds’, held at Heritage Park and facilitated by Tammy Plowman. “The classes come for an entire week focusing on the Alberta curriculum with the goal of assisting teachers to fulfill some of the learning outcomes. After meeting with the teacher to discuss what he/she would like to cover, I bring in experts, allowing the students to learn from their knowledge”, says Plowman. In addition to spending time with Mayor Blake, the students had the opportunity to hear from Frances Jean, Jessica McIntosh from The Fort McMurray Today newspaper, a forensic officer, astronomer, and a helicopter pilot. “Much of the focus of Open Minds is journal writing. The students get to go into the [Heritage Park] buildings, explore and journal. Each Open Minds week is unique depending on the grade, time of year and the teacher”, adds Plowman. Of course, with so much excitement on the horizon for our region, Mayor Blake had lots to chat about with the students who had no shortage of questions. Among upcoming improvements, Mayor Blake was excited to share a bit about the upcoming Zero Waste

Photos © Kyla Getty

Initiative which over the coming years will see the elimination waste in landfills and the creation bio-fuel through a gasification process. When one of the students asked Mayor Blake if her job was stressful, she replied, “Our community is really looking forward to a bright future... which makes things a lot less stressful”. Blake said she attributes her stress-relief to spending time with her own two boys. “The best way is to go out of work and into the home. I love my kids. We fool around a lot and play a lot.” For Mayor Blake, it all comes back to family. McMurray Girl had the chance to ask her, which of all of the upcoming improvements, she is most excited about for her family. Her answer was the full-service recreation facility set to be built on the north side of town – which will allow residents (her family included) access to sport and recreation closer to home. Exciting, indeed! 41




Certain items can transport you back to your girlhood days in an instant! McMurray Girl has shopped around to find the things that are just as fun now as they were when we were kids!

EARRING MULTI-PACK The thrill of a selection of stylish studs! Available at: Claire’s

BEST FRIENDS NECKLACES A ‘bff’ must-have. Available at: Claire’s

BLING KEYCHAIN You may no longer be a latch-key kid, but you’re never too old to express yourself with a fun keychain! Available at: Claire’s Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

PRETTY POLISH These shades by China Glaze remind us of cupcakes & Barbie!

LIP SMACKER Flavourful fun! Available at: Shoppers Drug Mart

we THE BODY SHOP Took the world by storm when we were tweens... but you never out-grow that satsuma scent!

girlstuff Available at: Chatters Fort McMurray

Citrus fruit to smooth & tighten.

Vitamin C-packed in fruit such as oranges, grapefruit and even tomatoes help your body produce collagen (basic buildingblock protein that forms your skin).

health & beauty

crunch and munch your way to radiant skin with these five fab foods!

Almonds soften skin.

Vitamin E found in almonds helps skin retain moisture while also aiding in the fight against free-radicals and sun damage caused by UV rays.

Spinach brightens.

Vitamin A in every crunchy bite of spinach has been used to combat acne for years. The vitamin A in spinach helps your skin shed dead cells and build new, keeping your skin refreshed in every way.

Carrots and sweet potatoes for youthfulness.

Photo Š / kiuikson

Beta-carotene found in orange-red vegetables is naturally converted into vitamin A. These veggies act as antioxidants, preventing cell damage keeping skin youthful!

Seafood for that glow.

Zinc in seafood helps stabilize the production of acne-causing skin oil (called sebum) while also aiding in skin cell regeneration. 43

We are ‘on the go’, working together to provide you with a full-service real estate experience – whether you are looking to buy or sell.





Heather Gartner

Tom O’Hara

Angie O’Hara



Associate Broker/Owner




102-122 Millennium Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S8

basics Ask An Orthodontist

Orthodontist and local Fort McMurray father, Dr. Kelly Brooke answers your questions about braces for the whole family.

Q: My daughter is 5 years old and just lost her first two teeth. I can already tell that the adult teeth are coming in a bit crooked. Is there anything that can be done to minimize this? How early should parents come in for consultations? Minor misalignment of erupting permanent teeth is normal, on the condition that it doesn’t interfere with eating or speaking. As recommended by the Canadian Association of Orthodontists: all children should be assessed by a Certified Orthodontic Specialist by age 7. This assessment is used to detect existing functional problems, jaw discrepancies or interruptions in normal dental development. If such problems are detected; corrective treatments can be undertaken to prevent the problems from worsening. In severe cases where problems are not corrected in a timely fashion; extensive measures such as tooth extractions and jaw surgery are required in late adolescence and adulthood. Q: My teenage son is graduating in two years. I am trying to convince him to get braces now so that his teeth are straight for his graduation and beyond. How long is the average time braces need to be on? Generally, most treatments are 12-14 months, so this would be a perfect time to create a fantastic smile for his graduation photos.





Q: I’m a mom who wishes I would have had braces when I was younger, but didn’t. I’m ready to perfect my smile now... but are there any alternatives to the traditional braces that might work for me? Traditional braces have changed drastically over the past decade! Now they are smaller and more discrete than the “Train Tracks” previous generations. Invisalign (removable clear aligners) offer a good alternative to braces; however, this form of treatment can only be used on a limited basis. Another good option would be to stick to conventional braces, but use esthetic ceramic brackets to hide the “Metal Mouth Look”. Sometimes, simple removable Spring Retainers, offer a good solution to misalignment problems of the anterior teeth. Q: I am the proud mom of twins! Over the years, we’ve done everything 2 by 2... and it seems that braces will be no different. How much do braces cost? Are there any payment plans for options that can help minimize the stress of paying for two children with braces? We understand that orthodontic treatment is one of the best investments that parents can make in their children, but braces do come with a fee. Depending upon the type and longevity of treatment; fees can vary from $5000 - $8000. Fortunately, most dental insurance plans do offer coverage for braces helping offset the costs of orthodontic treatment. In order to make treatment assessable to most families; our office offers flexible 0% interest financing plans which spread the fees over the length of their children’s treatment.

Q: How do I know if my daughter really needs braces? The need for braces goes beyond simple tooth straightening and “Dental Cosmetics”. Braces can be used to correct bite discrepancies, improve chewing efficiency, refine speech, and optimize oral health. Furthermore, a healthy attractive smile makes a significant contribution to an individual’s self-esteem and sense of well-being. The sure way to determine if your child needs braces is to come to our office for a FREE consultation. Q: When I was young I had braces, but over time my teeth have moved slightly. Are there any options to re-correct the slight change in my teeth? There are many options to correct “Dental Relapse”. In our office we offer a selection of limited treatments: Spring Retainers, Invisalign and Limited (Partial) Braces. What is crucial to undergoing retreatment is to retain your teeth once they are corrected. Bonded wire retainers are our choice since they are discrete and cannot get lost or stolen they are cemented in place! Q: Am I too old for braces? Aren’t they just for kids? The answer to this is unequivocally NO! You are never to old for braces. In fact, about 45% of the patients in our office are adults, and we have successfully treated individuals as old as 63 years of age. Adult orthodontic treatment is one of the fastest growing dental services provided to adult patients, since we are living longer, and want to enjoy our years uninhibited by dental problems.

One of Dr. Brooke’s Patient Success Stories

See Dr. Brooke’s Ad on Page 1



Photos Š JM Photography

Congratulations on the undeniable success of, Drop Dead Darlings! Tell us about your business... The company was founded in 2008 by myself and business partner Julie Tiemstra. Our first office was in Julie’s garage and we sold clothes online and at local trade shows and markets. We built up a steady following and eventually opened our boutique in 2011. We personally pick out everything sold in our store and only order boutique quantities – which makes each item that much more special. It also helps to keep the store fresh, as inventory sells out quickly, allowing us to release new items weekly.

What’s your organization tool of choice? Sticky notes! I’ve got them everywhere Also, the alarm on my iphone is my best friend. I have at least 3 alarms a day set (and none of them are to wake me up, my son takes care of that quite well!) Every time I think of something I need to do I set an alarm for it (usually around times I know Odin is asleep and I can take care of it).

How do you balance business with motherhood? Any tips? Just barely! Or, at least it feels that way sometimes! It’s one of those tough situations where you always feel like you are letting one or the other down in some way... constantly struggling to make sure that they both feel loved and attended to. I’ve learned to really be in the moment, especially when I am spending time with my boy. It’s about learning to switch gears and to just sit on the floor for 10 minutes and play with trucks. Taking that time actually helps with my work because I come back to it with a fresh outlook. Anyone that has owned their own business knows that the work never ends. The tasks that I now do from home end up getting done late at night.

Dorcas’philosophies In Business:

On Motherhood:

Never underestimate your customer! Sincerity goes a long way.

Roll with it.

Photos © JM Photography

Has anyone inspired you as a mother? Very Cliché – but my mother, for sure! She is a role model who taught me a great deal and then gave me the freedom to live my life, knowing that she gave me the foundation to be a successful human being. I want to instill the same values that she gave me to my son: to be a kind, honest and hard working individual... if you are, the rest will fall into place. And, as a mother, she taught me to care more about ‘who’ they will become not ‘what’.

MY STORY I moved to Fort McMurray in 2007 from Vancouver BC. My Husband (then Fiance) had been living in Fort McMurray for eight months before I came up to join him. We moved up here to take advantage of the opportunities Fort McMurray offers... to get ahead. I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse the population of Fort McMurray is. I worked as a waitress for the first four years I lived in town and got to meet some really amazing people – many of them from large cosmopolitan cities, just as I was. I knew moving up here was a step towards building a family. I actually remember driving into Fort McMurray for the first time and seeing the Northern Lights Hospital. I had thought to myself, “that is where my first child will be born.” 5 years later – my son, Odin arrived!

What ‘hidden gem’ have you discovered as a resource for moms? Not sure if this is a “hidden jewel” but Health Link Alberta is an amazing resource! I have called them several times in the past year, and have always been very glad I did. The Fort McMurray Doulas association is a great resource for expecting/new moms. They were a great support for me when Odin was first born and we were learning to breast feed. Little Hero’s Baby Boutique, in the same mall as my store, is a great spot to find all the little helpful things you’ll need for your little one.

What’s your advice to expecting moms-to-be? SLEEP as much as you can! Really appreciate those moments you have for yourself. Indulge! Spend the entire day reading an awesome book. Get a pedicure! Go for a long leisurely lunch with a girl friend... Seriously, do it! spring 2013 |


her top

mom must-haves


Amber Teething Necklace. Works as an analgesic when worn against their skin. Really helped reduce Odin’s drooling, worked instantly!



Northern Essence Diaper Cream. It’s amazing stuff! He hasn’t had a single rash since we started using it.

Moby Wrap. Odin is always happiest in my arms. The wrap is a great way to keep my hands free to get things done and keep my little guy happy at the same time.

my tip:


I’m breast feeding, so anything that has a low neck line or that unbuttons in the front is a must. For the same reason, scarves are a go-to accessory for me to keep it discreet. Not to mention that most jewelry I wear now gets gnawed on or ripped off... so pretty scarves are my replacement to jewelry.

Backpack Diaper Bag. Stylish and very practical!

Dorcas talks


How has being a mom changed your style? I wear heels a lot less now! The wedge is my go to heel at the moment. Still sexy but a little more sure footed when

Dorcas says, “Not only should you look good but you have

you are carrying

to feel good in an outfit. If you don’t it’ll show! Never worry

such precious

about over dressing, even in a town like Fort McMurray!


Dressing up is so much fun! Be careful not to over accessorize... one signature piece is enough!”

If I had to choose who I model my style after I’d have to say I’m a bit Audrey Hepburn meets... I don’t know, Rihanna?

1,2,3 beauty must-haves Kiss Me Mascara. Stays put all day long no matter what get’s thrown at my face!

Rose Salve. Amazing multi purpose balm. Super shiny as lip gloss, smooths out crazy flyaway hair, great on dry chapped skin... and smells great, too!

Nars Blush. Great colour and shimmer, love it!

Photos © JM Photography

spring 2013 |


BUS 780.788.9111

Fresh looks and the latest in hair trends â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and our great service is always in style.

Peter Pond Mall (780) 743-8838

The creative and friendly team of Hair Trends welcomes you to come for a personal, creative style and friendly conversation. Cuts, Colors, Texture Waves, Styling, Hot Heads Extensions, Waxing and More! Official supplier of Rocky Mountain Soap. We carry Earth friendly Canadian-Made Products.


ffordable and luxurious designer linens, Jasper one of our many Carlingdale Designer Linen Collections. The look of elegance, the touch of quality supreme bedding with accessories at a most desirable price.

Sale70% OFF UP TO

106 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9912 Franklin Ave, Fort McMurray Tel 780-743-8889

| By Jen Mills

Custom Children’s

Music and Books Just 4 Me

Looking for that extra special gift for your child? You know, the one that’ll win you the “parent of the year” award? Just 4 Me Songs creates personalized children’s music CDs and books that make your child feel truly special! Characters such as Mickey Mouse, the Disney Princesses, Elmo, The Wiggles and VeggieTales sing wonderful sing along songs, customized with your child’s name. The actual characters – yup, Mickey and Cinderella – sing your child’s name in each song on every 30 minute CD. Children LOVE having their favourite characters sing right to them. Plus, they work like magic in settling kids down in the car! If your child is not enjoying reading, maybe he or she just needs be part of the story! In these books, your child becomes the star. Choose from books featuring Batman, Scooby Doo, and Elmo as well as an array of non-licensed books about being a hockey star or ballerina princess. New moms can choose from a selection of customizable baby books that allow you to include important information about baby’s birth. Maybe your little one is having trouble potty training? They even offer personalized “No More Diapers” books to help! Just 4 Me Songs offers other lines of unique, non-customizable books as well. ‘Barefoot’ brand books teach your child about exploring other cultures, our planet, and ourselves – making time for make-believe and letting imaginations run wild and free. From stories about pirates and princesses to adventures while travelling the world, these stories have something for every child and feature beautiful illustrations. There is also a wonderful selection of sing along books with enhanced CDs (audio and visual), several of which feature Fred Penner. The Just 4 Me Songs’ website allows you to hear samples of your child’s name in the CDs and flip through the books so you can see what you are buying before purchasing! Each product is lovingly handmade by a Mom (who before having kids, was a teacher) along with her two ‘official helpers’ (2 yr old and 4 yr old daughters) that make sure stickers are placed correctly and envelopes are sealed properly. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and have your order shipped out within 48 hours of receiving it. We love to support our community by offering fundraising opportunities with our products, so please contact us if you are interested.

780-467-8742 See our ad in the Little Black Book on page 64.

from one mom to another!



(780) 743-3878

Suite 4, 122 Millennium Drive

Open Daily!

w w w . chocolatesandcandle lig h t . c o m

Bill Cosby Wednesday May 8, 2013 Doors open at 5:30 pm Starts at 6:30 pm Presented by NORTHERN INSIGHTS is a speaker series designed to bring best selling authors, journalists, educational and entertaining speakers to Fort McMurray.

Nexen Field House Suncor Community Leisure Centre MacDonald Island Park

Expand the mind Capture the imagination Buy tickets online at or at Guest Services

free books for your preschooler with

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

The Rotary Club of Fort McMurray is proud to manage Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in the RMWB. In 1996, Dolly Parton launched an exciting new effort to benefit the children of her home county in east Tennessee. Dolly wanted to foster a love of reading among her county’s preschool children and their families. She wanted children to be excited about books and to feel the magic that books can create. Moreover, she could insure that every child would have books, regardless of their family’s financial situation. Dolly decided to give a brand new, age appropriate book each month to every child under 5 in her county and mail it directly to their homes. With the arrival of every child’s first book, he or she could now experience the joy of finding their very own book in their mail box. These moments continue each month until the child turns 5 – and in their very last month in the program they receive a special ‘graduation’ book. The program has expanded throughout the US and now operates in the UK and Canada, as well. Under the management of the Rotary Club of Fort McMurray and with the generous support of Syncrude Canada, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and others, the program is available to over 5000 preschoolers residing within the RMWB, making it the largest Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program in Canada!

If your child lives in The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, enroll your child in this fabulous, FREE Program, today For more information please contact: Julianne North Bourque Former President, Rotary Club of Fort McMurray (780) 747-6324 or (780) 742-5177

Tracy Simmons Rotary Club of Fort McMurray (780) 715-0877 or (780) (780) 715-8264

| by Melissa Pennell

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta

Women of Inspiration Series presented by Syncrude Since the beginning of time women have been making huge contributions within their families, their workplaces, their communities and the world. Locally, there has been a real need to recognize Wood Buffalo’s hard working, critical thinking, intelligent and inspirational women. Women who challenge gender roles in the workplace and at home, women who break boundaries for the greater good in their communities, and women who do what it takes to help the causes they’re passionate about. These are the type of women that are recognized and celebrated through the Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta Women of Inspiration Series, presented by Syncrude.

The overall goal of Women of Inspiration is to recognize women throughout the Wood Buffalo region who inspire others, break new ground or old barriers, and help create positive change. The series also aims to show local girls positive role models who live right here in our communities.

of Northern Alberta

For a complete list of the Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta Women of Inspiration nominees presented by Syncrude, or to nominate a woman who has been an inspiration to you, please visit

Here is the latest trio of nominees who have been nominated by their peers:

Daron Van Lingen After completing her science degree at the University of Guelph, Daron moved to the Wood Buffalo region and began her teaching career at Saint Gabriel School. It was at Saint Gabriel where Daron first began to show her exceptional leadership abilities. She went well beyond the expectations of her job description and took on additional responsibilities and many extracurricular activities. In 2011 Daron moved on to Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School where she is currently the Engineering and Robotics teacher. She moved into the schools brand new Science and Technology Centre and completed training courses in Kentucky, USA, where she was not only the youngest person in training, but the only woman. Daron is an exceptional teacher and a lifelong learner. In her first year of teaching she was the district nominee for the Edwin Parr award; an award given to the highest achieving first year teacher in Alberta. She has also won the APEGGA Award for science and math teachers. Daron’s tireless enthusiasm for everything she gets involved with is infectious, positively impacting both her students and her colleagues alike. Daron works tirelessly to ensure that her students have every advantage. She has become an exceptional role model for females, especially to those interested in the traditionally male dominated technology industry.

Angela Adams Angela Waniandy Adams was born and raised in Fort McMurray. Coming from humble beginnings, Angela was one of the youngest children of a Métis family that helped to establish Fort McMurray. As a young, single mother, Angela was determined to improve her life, and the life of her child. Angela has been working for over 20 years as a trained shovel operator at Suncor site, a typically male dominated workforce, where she has excelled. She is very active in her union, the Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 707. She has held many union positions throughout her Suncor career, and for the past seven years has been the Secretary Treasurer/Griev-

Christine Burton A Wood Buffalo resident of seventeen years, Christine has a BA (Hons) from the University of Toronto, and a law degree from Osgoode Hall. She has used her education to aid in both international and local community development. She has worked with Aboriginal communities and non-profit organizations across Canada. After Law School, she worked for the United Nations in Cambodia and South Africa – teaching human and civil rights, and setting up democratic elections. Christine sits on many non-profit Boards in the Wood Buffalo region. She currently chairs the Boards for the HUB Family Resource Centre and the Wood Buffalo Wellness Society. She also sits as a founding director on the Wood Buffalo Artists Forum. Christine leads the Penhorwood Condo Association – a task she took on after 7 condo buildings were evacuated permanently in May 2011. In 2010, Christine was the recipient of the Heart of Wood Buffalo award for non-profit governance. Christine is also actively involved in issues affecting new immigrants, refugees and foreign workers. In 2007, she set up a free monthly notary public clinic in partnership with the YMCA Immigrant Settlement office.


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An artist herself, Christine is passionate about the arts in the Wood Buffalo Region, having helped set up the MacDonald Island Community Art Gallery, and is currently working on setting up a regional Arts Council which will help to further develop arts and culture in the region. From her remarkable career, to her non-profit involvement, to her volunteer work, Christine is a true Woman of Inspiration.

ance Chairperson. She was elected by her fellow members, and she is the first women to hold this position in her Local’s history. Angela has been a Public School Board Trustee for many years now. In this position she has had the opportunity to help instill gender equality within the local school system, fostering a better environment for our girls and young women. She has also been a delegate to the Fort McMurray District Labour Council, working with a variety of unions throughout the community. Angela is a proud supporter of the Wood Buffalo region who leads by example. Through her own personal strength, focus and determination, Angela has become a role model to girls and women and really does embody the Girls Inc. mantra of ‘Strong, Smart and Bold’.

For more information visit or call 780-791-4801


baby at work

NI Distribution Centre

As all new mothers can attest, welcoming a new baby is a beautiful life transition that involves juggling commitments while treasuring the many memorable moments of your shared time together.





M C M U R R AY M A M A S O N :

motherhood. A place to chit chat and share! This magazine is OUR magazine – and this is YOUR place to be heard. SHE SPEAKS is a forum to speak your mind, share your ideas, advice and stories.

real readers write in!

Next issue’s topic: party planning


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It can be a daunting experience for new moms as they contemplate returning to work and I am most fortunate in this regard to work with colleagues who value the importance of my new role as a mom as they do my professional contributions. The legal team at Flett Manning Moore believes strongly in a culture of being responsive to the needs of our clients. Congruent with this philosophy an on-site nursery was made available allowing me to return from maternity leave to my practice sooner while still being close to my new baby. This innovative initiative allows me the opportunity to visit with Xavier during lunch hours or breaks. While it may not always be feasible or practical to have such arrangements, when offered they can yield positive outcomes for new moms and the work environment.

submit by: March 17, 2013



Being a mom is hard work. Being a mom to little children is hard work. Being a mom to three children under two was VERY hard work! When my first son was 22 months old, my twin boys were born. I didn’t know how I was going to manage it all! I knew it was going to be a lot of learning as I went along, but as I went along, I learned it was going to involve a lot of ORGANIZATION and planning! I think this can apply to any mother of very young kids, but it’s especially crucial with kids so close in age. I had to be organized in every way, shape and form! Feeding schedules, sleep schedules, changing schedules – it doesn’t matter – as long as the grown-ups stay at least three steps ahead of the littles! Kids function best when they

know what to expect and I came to learn very quickly that a mommy does too. Meal planning, activity planning, and general routine makes life much easier and things go much more smoothly. Of course, it can’t be too rigid as everything can change at any time, but order is essential. The routines will constantly change as the needs of our children do, but adapting the routine to their ages and stages makes their little worlds go round!



tweens & teens



What are the tips for raising a tween or teen? Well, for starters, you need to stay “in the know”, especially with technology being what it is today! It is very easy for kids with too much time on their hands and the world at their fingertips at all times to get into trouble. I have one who is really easy to talk to and one that you get the typical “good” answers when they’re asked a question. Here are the tips that have worked for me:

everything for free! They should have to earn the right to have a brand new IPhone 5 or Mac Laptop; my kids have to pay their monthly fee for their phones; this assures they don’t take it for granted, take care of it and appreciate they have it. Even if you have a phone plan, they can still pay their share.

2 3

Phone or not,

ask where they’re going, who

they’re with and when they’ll be back.


them about work ethic and what that means, so when they get their own job, they have a respect for their boss, know what to expect and handle themselves in a way that will leave a good impression.


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Make sure they have

responsibilities at home, and stay on their case when they don’t do it; the one big mistake I think parents make is letting kids get away with things because they don’t want to argue about it; BIG MISTAKE, because when they get away with it, they will keep doing it.

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Mondays 8pm-9pm

Photo © / Yuri Arcur


Don’t give them absolutely

Be sure

they know you expect to hear from them when they get to their location or home if they’ve been somewhere; and have a consequence if they don’t, but stick to it!


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