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active mind. positively you | by Karen Larkin

Do you hear your mind when it speaks to you? Does it make comments on how you look, acted, or how you could be better? Thoughts travel across our mind and we have the ability to accept, change or dispose of them. Pay attention and become an active participant in your thoughts. Keeping our mind active is as important for our body as exercise. Why? Because our beliefs become our biology. A thought is only a thought… it can be changed. Choose thoughts that support your life. Thoughts that bully or berate you are signs that it’s time to become a partner with your thoughts and do some ‘spring cleaning’ of your mind – great leaders consider it to be the ‘power centre’ of your world. You may not be conscious of the 10,000+ thoughts you have each day, but there are ways to bring the mind back into alignment with your life, goals and choices. These methods activate the mind for your highest purpose – happiness. I will share with you a strong way to become active with your mind and its thoughts. In September, 2012, I began yoga teacher training. More than the postures and movements, yoga is a harmony of the mind and body. As I began to practice, it became apparent that yoga moves your mind through your body and releases pent up lingering doubts. The ancient teachings of yoga moved through my being and entered my mind. I was in love – my mind awakened, enlivened. Once I became more mindful in my practice, unsupportive thoughts arrived… as they tend to do with change. During my year of teacher training my life became filled with extenuating circumstances which had brought my energy elsewhere. When it came time to complete and graduate, defeating thoughts of doubt began to rise. I began to buy into the idea that I may not graduate – until a thought surfaced and I latched onto it! It said, “hey, you can do this, you have experienced success before while tired and living in overwhelm – pull from there”. 13 years ago when I graduated as a Personal Trainer from Mount Royal, my life was full. I was a working mom, raising young daughters, and was an active volunteer in our community. Surely graduating from yoga teacher training could not be as daunting as this! Especially now, our daughters are grown, I run my own business and therefore my own time. Surely it can be done. It will be done. So I began. I began paying attention to thoughts that were no longer serving me – and switched them. My thoughts became more affirmative – based on ability rather than defeat. Once I began

to feel the thoughts as truth – things shifted. Completing the graduation requirements was a challenge, yet I chose to do it! What have you decided to do this year? {Insert Desire Here!} Begin with your decision. If you have thoughts like: ‘I am too old, too slow, or too tired’, release them and create new ones! Challenge your negative thoughts. They may hold truth, but there is always a way to dispel them. Be conscious of the thoughts that hinder you and nip them! Replace them with affirmations – short, powerful statements to affirm your action or decision. The shorter the better. ‘I am weak’ can become – ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am too small’ can become ‘Being small makes me quicker’.

Affirmations are powerful when written, recited, sung, danced to, or simply repeated silently. Embody an affirmation by looking yourself in the eye. Yup, mirror work. The intention is to bring the new belief into the body, into the heart. Once you believe and embody the affirmation, you begin to act as if it were true, you live in such as way the affirmation is supported and realized. Play with your affirmations until they resonate with you. Moving into affirmation may, at first, feel a little fake and insincere. Fabulous is how you are intended to be in this world; own it. Become as active in the development of your mind as you are in the development of your body. It will change your life. Truth.

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