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POSITIONING As stated by our President Patrick Deane, “McMaster is an institution devoted to the cultivation of human potential”. This very simple yet powerful statement is the driving force behind everything we do as a university, but nowhere on our campus has the spirit behind these words been embraced more than through the programs and activities of the Department of Athletics and Recreation. In the pursuit of this mission, the Department has focused on five main core values and a distinctively innovative approach, all of which has collectively and affectionately become known internally as “The McMaster Way”

Core Values. Commitment. Excellence Passion Pride


Integrity. Character Principles Honesty

Cultivating Human Potential

Responsibility. Equity Inclusive Compassion

Why we do what we do.

Teamwork Purpose Supportive

Innovation. Creative Bold Driven

COMMITMENT. McMaster Athletics & Recreation has used the investment made toward facilities and programming to engage and energize the entire McMaster community. Building on a new attitude, the Marauder brand has extended its reach and represents an operation dedicated to being the best.

Excellence · Passion · Pride

LEADERSHIP. That attitude has forged competitive success across the Marauder program. Whether measured by championships, rankings, personal best performances, individual achievements or media recognition, McMaster is at the forefront of the Canadian university sports landscape.

Teamwork · Purpose · Supportive

INNOVATION. Fueled by that success, an unprecedented flood of school spirit has manifested itself and now permeates all aspects of McMaster life. From student liaison to alumni relations and all points in between, the passion inspired by Marauder Maroon continues to spread. The proof of that is evident in measureable terms such as record attendance figures, social media connections, and merchandising sales that see more fans wearing maroon than ever before. The pride that swells in Marauder Nation feeds our communal desire to achieve new heights. Creative 路 Bold 路 Driven

RESPONSIBILITY. Using the positive energy that has been unleashed, McMaster Athletics & Recreation has formed community bonds that strengthen our commitment and enable our efforts. Through programs like McMaster Athletes Care, connections have been built that foster investment in the community and in the Marauder Athletic program. Corporate partners are seeing the value of the McMaster drive for excellence, aligning their brand with our ideals and joining the journey in record numbers.

Equity · Inclusive · Compassion

INTEGRITY. With facilities and programs that strive to set the highest standard, The McMaster Way guides our actions and cares as much about the “Why” we do things as the “How” things are done. By embracing the core values, McMaster Athletics & Recreation has made great strides and continues to look toward new goals and objectives, confident that it is equipped to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Character · Principles · Honesty

Core Value Intersections Conviction.


Commitment. Excellence Passion Pride


Integrity. Character Principles Honesty


Teamwork Purpose Supportive

Cultivating Human Potential

Responsibility. Equity Inclusive Compassion



Creative Bold Driven

Collaboration .

FORTITUDE. When COMMITMENT. meets LEADERSHIP. The McMaster Way is fluid and blends tradition with forward thinking. The successes of yesterday inspire us to accomplish the goals of today, which position us to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

COLLABORATION. When LEADERSHIP. allows for INNOVATION. Â The McMaster Way fosters human potential. It offers means and ways to ensure that all constituents have the opportunity to maximize their personal growth. By nurturing the individual, the strength of the collective is empowered.

COMMUNITY. When RESPONSIBILIT Y. inspires our INNOVATION. Â The McMaster Way instills behavior that benefits and reflects well on the individual, the team, the department, and the institution. Taking a leadership role within our community enables inclusivity that realizes myriad rewards.


The McMaster Way is dedicated to supporting the University’s mission by providing exceptional services and experiences for all. By accep-ng  this  service  role,  a   trust  is  forged  that  builds  a   stronger  community  and  creates   future  leaders. Each member is charged with creating a better McMaster University.


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When INTEGRITY. drives our COMMITMENT. The McMaster Way boldly meets challenges, sets goals and tenaciously strives to reach them. By welcoming competition in all aspects, we endeavour to improve performance as we seek to reach our potential.

The McMaster Way shows the path we want to follow in serving our mission of cultivating human potential. Based on the core values that serve as the foundation, this philosophy includes qualities that have long been in use by McMaster Athletics & Recreation. By formalizing the traits that have been at the core of McMaster success, our intention is to encourage the pursuit of excellence within a model that guarantees sustainability. While circumstances may change in the future, our core values will always remain valid and enable us to keep pursuing the mission.

Looking forward, The McMaster Way recognizes the diversity within the Department of Athletics & Recreation. Our belief is that it will provide guiding principles that will allow everyone to determine their own standards of success, while supplying the means to reach those standards. Even though the future is unknown, having The McMaster Way in place allows us to feel confident that goals and objectives are always attainable if we adhere to the core values. Tomorrow may bring a new challenge, but the path we have chosen to follow will allow us to meet it head on.

The McMaster Way (Detailed Version)  

It is called THE McMASTER WAY and is the end result of a process that has seen the Department of Athletics and Recreation define its mission...