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Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association Quarterly Newsletter HAMILTON, ONTARIO

WINTER 2013/2014

A Message from OUR PRESIDENT We were ecstatic to see the fantastic turnout at this year’s AGM on October 17th. We did very little advertising, and it was a rainy fall evening but since we have such wonderful Kirkendall neighbors we managed to have over 60 attendees. Among those were kids of all ages, which was wonderful to see! With that said, next year we will provide complimentary child-minding so parents can enjoy the evening even more! Thanks to the kind generosity of Councillor McHattie’s office, we were able to provide pizza and cookies from local shops, which paired well with the donated coffee from Starbucks. We had lots of wonderful speakers that gave the community updates from the past year. It was great news to hear that we had a 25% increase in our memberships, and a very successful annual Fill-a-Bus food drive. We had a large interest in the Development

Review Committee (DRC) as well, which resulted in quite a few new members to help support the community in dealing with local developments. Ward 1 Councillor Brian McHattie shared a bit about the exciting plans for the upcoming year which included a focus around traffic-calming, more bike lanes, new pedestrian bridges and more! As for the Executive positions, we were sad to see Susan Millman, Marlene Romano, Somer Abdel-Fattah, and May Toth of our executive go. We wish them well in their future endeavors and look forward to seeing them out and about in the neighborhood. We welcome Gary Goettsch, Ned Nolan, Audrey Nesbitt, Lynda Narducci, Erin O’Neil, and Carolyn Ralph to the executive team and we look forward to the year ahead! Leah Fuller KNA President

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What Makes Locke Street a Vibrant Community? On a sunny Wednesday morning in October I was sent to find out. Myself and a few others volunteered to gather survey data for a cultural project called “Expressing Vibrancy” headed by Jeremy Freiburger’s not-for-profit CoBALT Connects. It was a unique opportunity to focus very consciously on something which we all crave if only subconsciously: Nice places to walk, talk, shop and experience culture. The City aims to create “vibrant communities” in its planning documents, but the term is seldom defined. What exactly makes a place “vibrant?” I headed out with my clipboard and a list of questions which focused my attention towards things like architecture, trees, traffic, and the smell of fresh bread coming from the bakery. Ah Locke Street! One of the gems of Kirkendall. But what exactly did we get right on this old stretch of Hamilton history? A street is largely a conglomeration of design: Building design, side-walk design, landscape design, road design, etc. And just like the design of say, furniture, it can be uncomfortable if done poorly. As I walked down Locke, I was thinking about how comfortable it is. More comfortable than a one-way thoroughfare like Main Street to be sure! The slow traffic is un-intimidating to pedestrians and cyclists. The parked cars create a buffer between the side-walk and road, and of course, offer convenience to those arriving by car. Among other things, I was also particularly drawn to the influence of buildings – their

scale and character. Mostly low-rise 20th Century brickwork. (Unfortunately lots of that beautiful old local brick has been covered up by suburban-style stucco). These kinds of buildings were designed by great historic craftsman specifically for ground-level small businesses. This is something very special and often overlooked about our heritage buildings. Not only are they unique, irreplaceable, beautifully made and full of character, but they pre-date the “Wal-Mart” paradigm where the design of our collective space is literally being carried out by and for mega-corporations and big developers. Our heritage buildings are wonderfully conducive to small business. And small businesses have an exceptional way of contributing to cultural vibrancy because they are able to reflect the nuance of local culture and respond accurately to local demand. Of course good design isn’t all we need. Locke street today also happens to be a lucky “winner” in a brutish economy which unfortunately creates more losers than winners. Nevertheless, there is a lot we can learn from the structural elements of this street which are conducive to the kind of communities in which we all have a right to live. Stay tuned for the results of the “Expressing Vibrancy” project which hopefully will help us learn more about our own civic successes across the City so that, as we continue to modify the spaces we’ve inherited, we might do so with due regard for the health and vibrancy of future generations. Ned Nolan KNA Member at Large

Il Fiasco Café & Wine Bar One of my favourite dishes is Pad Thai and through the years, I have had the opportunity to sample many different Thai restaurants in the Hamilton and Burlington area in search of one that met my expectations. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find it here in my own neighbourhood at a funky little restaurant called Il Fiasco.

THE H.A.A.A. GROUNDS Even with this winter’s early arrival, residents of Kirkendall continue to hold the neighborhood true to its identity of being pedestrian-friendly. Although many of the streets continue to be busy with walkers, the one spot that has gone to sleep is the gardens of the HAAA. Did you notice the beauty of the gardens this summer? So well-coordinated, with color and texture of several varieties of plants. The attention paid is nothing less than meticulous. With HAAA being in the classification of a “First Class Field” it is staffed by grounds keepers, I am informed by Ramona Maharaj, Superintendent of Parks North. For the last 10 years the beautification of HAAA has been at the hands of Frank. Together with three summer students, they do an exceptional job at maintaining the grounds. Frank is a 30-year employee of the City of Hamilton crew that is stationed in the Chedoke Yard. With 83 parks in the jurisdiction of Parks North, Frank, I speak on behalf of us all...thank you for being at home with us at HAAA and thank you for the exception job you do in keeping our neighborhood beautiful! Lynda Narducci KNA Membership Coordinator

Il Fiasco Café & Wine Bar is located on trendy Locke Street in Hamilton. It is a small intimate restaurant where Chef Judith Birchall makes whatever possible from scratch including the best Pad Thai I have ever had... and I have been to Thailand We started our meal with the Firecracker Shrimp. Served with spicy wonton Asian dressed greens, we had the shrimp alongside the Calamari Salad with roasted red peppers, portobello and hoisin dressing. It went very well with a basket of beautiful crispbreads and enticing, lightly-herbed focaccia loaf which arrived at the table gratis. Both dishes did not disappoint, just fantastic. Then the Pad Thai - loaded with fresh ingredients, a hint of peanuts and a nice heat. It was perfect. Il Fiasco may suggest Italian fare but, don’t let the name fool you. It is well worth a visit and I suggest you get there while you can. Rumor has it Il Fiasco will be leaving Locke St and heading to Dundas, ON in 2014 Il Fiasco 182 Locke Street South Hamilton, Ontario L8P 2B4 905-522-8549 Audrey Nesbitt KNA Member at Large


WARD 1 Participatory Budgeting Over 1200 ward one citizens voted on a list of 85 proposals to select projects from a list of suggestions including traffic calming, school nutrition programmes, and improvements to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as part of this year’s participatory budgeting process. Project ideas were supplied by ward one residents and available for viewing and voting on the website. Led by Councillor Brian McHattie and extensively supported by his executive assistant Dale Brown, the participatory budget advisory committee (PBAC) of about 15 ward one residents (including some members of the KNA executive) facilitated the project submission, communication and online and paper voting processes.

1.5 million dollars in area rating funds are to be spent in the ward on capital improvements. Thanks to ward one residents and the work of last year’s committee projects like the pedestrian light at Main St. and Pearl St. have been built. This year’s response to participatory budgeting was much greater overall than last year and 34% of voters indicated that they were Kirkendall residents. A public meeting is planned for January to announce the final project recommendations. While it may be years before the implementation of all of the projects chosen this year, the citizens of our ward and PBAC members are making choices that will make Ward 1 and Kirkendall a better place to live. Christopher Eckhart KNA Secretary

The participatory budgeting process allows residents to determine how approximately

Simple Fish Tacos - great for weeknights! Ingredients: (Serves 4) • 4 filets of haddock (or cod or tilapia) • 3 avocados • 2 packages baby tomatoes • 8 small round tortilla shells (gluten-free options available at Goodness Me!) • fresh cilantro • lime • sriracha sauce • salt Instructions: 1. Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Lay the fish out on an oven tray lined with parchment paper and sprinkle with salt. Cook the fish for about 10 to 14 minutes, depending on thickness. The internal temperature of the cooked fish should be at 160 degrees. Let the fish sit for a few minutes when done. 2. Dice the avocado and tomatoes, add together in a medium-sized mixing bowl.

3. Add Sriracha sauce while mixing up the avocados and tomatoes, to taste. Chop up a few sprigs of cilantro and add. Make sure the ingredients are well mixed so the sriracha and cilantro are evenly distributed. 4. Optional: Prepare the tortillas: Heat a dry, large saucepan on med-high. Place a tortilla shell on the hot surface for about 30 seconds on each side to crisp up the shell. 5. Chop up the cooked fish and mix with a bit of lime juice in a small bowl. 6. Set out the tortillas, avocado-tomato mix, fish, extra cilantro, and sriracha. Each person can add these ingredients to create their taco as they prefer. Erin O’Neil KNA Member at Large

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