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D e cemb er 2 01 9 Visit us online at: 1700 Louisville Road, Alcoa, TN 37701 865-982-8783

General Manager ’s Corner


e would like to welcome the following new members to Green Meadow Country Club:

Jeff Curtis

Bill Sliwa and Wife Lori (Resident) We currently have 182 Resident members, 38 Junior members, 21 Pre-Junior members, 48 Social members, 57 Summer Social members, 29 House members, 31 Youth members, 8 Single members and 11 Out of Town members. This is the equivalent of 279 Resident members.

Bar Renovation Update

We are continuing to receive donations for our Bar and Clubhouse renovation Project. We currently have $130,000 in pledges and want to encourage members who have not pledged to do so by the end of December. Our goal is to reach $170,000 and with a final push in December we can make this happen. For those that already pledged we say “Thank YOU” this project would not be possible without our membership stepping up to support this effort. Dear GMCC Members—we would like to update you on the bar renovation plans: How will the renovation be funded? As we noted in our communication last month, all resources will be raised through our fundraising efforts; we will not use debt or an assessment to pay for the project. What is the cost estimate of the renovation? Since the extent of our renovation will depend on the success of our current and future fundraising efforts, we offer three levels of estimates: Estimates: Level 1: $90,000 –This level involves a complete renovation of the lounge with the current bar remaining in place. Thus, we would update the lounge

with a new bar countertop and facade, lighting, flooring, bar stools, tables, chairs, cabinetry, optional draft beer. Level 2: $130,000 – This level includes all of level one plus the addition of moving the actual bar to the back wall (where the big TV is currently on the wall; this is in accordance with the architect’s rendering). The architect explained that by moving the bar over, this would open up the floor plan of the entire lounge area, thus increasing available space and making it easier to navigate the room. Level 3: $170,000 – This level includes all of levels one and two plus developing an outside patio bar and seating area (near the outside scoreboard; this is in accordance with the architect’s rendering). Estimate for a Possible Add-on Option (an estimate at the request of some members): (Continued on next page)

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General Manager ’s Corner

Option #1 – $13,200 – For this additional amount,

we could also replace the flooring in the dining room, entrance area, fireplace lounge, bathroom hallways, and dining room vestibule. What is the timeline for pledges, payment, and completion of the project? We would like all pledges to be in by the end of November (see pledge card on this page) and payment of all pledges to be complete by the end of January 2020. We plan to start construction in January 2020, after the holidays and holiday parties. What happens if we do not raise enough money for any of the proposed options? Based on the funds available and feedback we have received, the Board will make a prioritized list of what we think are the most important things to renovate first. We will begin in January on that list and move forward with the renovation until all available funds are used. Our aim is to be completed with the project by March. Can you spread your donation over a few months? Yes. For example, you could choose to donate $250/ month over the next 4-5 months (September-January). Can you add your donation to your monthly bill? Yes, we can add it to your bill up through the January 2020 bill. Or you may drop off a check at anytime. Who am I supposed to ask if I want to make a donation or want to give input? Jeff Curtis – GMCC General Manager – – 982-8783 Ryand Johnson – Treasurer of GMCC Board of Directors – A Member Donation Pledge Card – May be dropped off in the office or given to any board member.

Member Donation Pledge Card

The GMCC Board of Directors is requesting donations from members for the renovation of the lounge and patio area. We believe updating these very visible areas of our Club will impact membership growth and provide a better experience for our valued members. Our goal is to have 100% participation at any level from our members. We would greatly appreciate your financial support in helping us complete this needed improvement to our Club facilities. D E C E M B E R

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Member Donation Pledge Card First Name: __________________ Last Name: _________________

Sponsorship Levels:

q Valued Supporter – Any Amount q Par Sponsor – Table and seating - $1,000 q Birdie Sponsor – Bar Top and Flooring - $2,500 q Eagle Sponsor – Ceiling and Decor - $5,000 q Double Eagle Sponsor – Patio and Construction -


Questions, Comments, and Concerns:

**Please leave contact information if you would like for one of us to follow up.

New House Manager

We have a new House manager on staff at GMCC. Chandra Johnson has joined our Green Meadow Country Club staff —she has a great deal of experience in the restaurant and private country club industry. We are excited to have her here at GMCC. Please stop in to introduce yourself. Her biography is included in this newsletter.

Membership Promotion

Our current membership promotion allows a new member to join now and have no dues until March 2020. They will only be responsible for their food minimum, capital assessment and monthly charges. This promotion applies to Resident, Junior, Pre-Junior, (Continued on next page)

General Manager ’s Corner Single, Out of Town and Youth memberships. The regular monthly dues for each membership category will begin March 1, 2020. The new member will be responsible for dues from March 1, 2020 through February 2021. We encourage our current members to help promote this special offer to their friends and neighbors. This promotion helps get new members into the Club during a time we normally are not signing up new members. They get the benefit of using the Club through the winter and we see revenue from their monthly cart rentals and food charges.

Cart Path Rules

Over the last few months we have had many complaints and issues with members not adhering to our cart rules. We have green posts in the fairways to let members know when they are required to return to the cart path. Carts are to remain on the cart paths from the green posts until they tee off on the next hole. Carts are restricted to cart path only on all par 3 holes. In order to keep our fairways and green surrounds in good condition we need all members to follow these guidelines. We appreciate every member doing their part to help us in maintaining our golf course.

Golf Course News

The Pro Shop is now closed on Mondays. Members may walk and play after 11 am. All players must start on Hole #1.

Christmas Shopping

We have a great selection of fall and winter apparel in the golf shop such as sweaters, jackets and wind shirts from Sun Mountain, Foot Joy and Ping. We also have the latest clubs from Titleist, Ping and Callaway. If there is any special order merchandise you would like to order for the holidays please let us know and we can take care of all your golfing needs.

Pro Shop Credit

Members may carry over up to $300 in Pro Shop credit into 2020. Members with over $300 are reminded that they need to spend their winnings before the end of the calendar year 2019.


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Christmas Open House

Our annual Christmas Open House for members will be held Friday, December 13th. Santa will be on hand at 6 pm for photos and Christmas wishes. The dining room will be open from 6-9 pm for dinner. Please make reservations so that the kitchen will be well prepared. The Golf Shop will be open until 7 pm with specials on all merchandise. There will be complimentary wine and cheese served in the golf shop. Come out and make this a fun filled evening at Green Meadow Country Club.

Winter Guest Fees

Our green fee for guests has been reduced to $20 per player for the months of December, January and February. Bring your friends or neighbors out for a round of golf at Green Meadow Country Club. n

Golf News from the Pro

Chili Bowl Scramble Wednesday, January 1st 11:00 Shotgun Start Format: Four Person Scramble (Everyone Welcome)

Scott Wilson

Winter Guest Fee’s December – January – February 18 Hole with Cart $42


o maximize the use of the grass on the Driving Range Tee, please place your ball at the grassy back edge of your previous divot, removing just a small portion of grass with each swing.



Winter League

Re sults

November 5 , 2019

1st Place: Libby C 2nd Place: (tie) Sa ooper nd Judy Goddard & Su y Boring, san Houchins November 1 9, 2019

1st Place: Sue Kie fe 2nd Place: Mary Je r rger

t is that time of year again where we begin to experience frost.

Any type of traffic on our Bermuda or Ryegrass while there is frost on the plant, including foot traffic, will prove detrimental. Quite often frost develops as the sun begins to rise and can continue to develop after the sunrise as the temperature tends to slightly drop. Frost typically occurs at temperatures of 38 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and clear skies and no wind increase the potential for frost. For Frost updates you can call the Pro Shop at 865-982-0391. Pro Shop Opens at 8:00 am. D E C E M B E R

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Golf News from the Pro

When Does the switch occur?

Some Facts About the New World Handicap System

Normal score posting will continue until December 31. Then all will go dark as tens of millions of existing scores in the U.S. are uploaded to the new GHIN platform. A few days and a quick reboot later, the World Handicap System will commence for score posting on January 6th.

The math will be slightly different.

Presently a handicap is based on 96% of the best 10 differentials of 20 most recent rounds. Under the World Handicap System, it will be 100% of the best eight of 20. Eight is thought to be more responsive to a real good score… less responsive to a poor one.

Handicaps will be updated nightly.

No more revisions on the 1st and 15th days of the month. Every time a score is posted prior to midnight, an update will be issued the following morning.

The maximum Handicap Index is going up.

Today, the maximum Handicap Index a man can carry is 36.4… a women, 40.4. Under the WHS, a handicap Index will be calculated up to 54.0 for both genders. Clubs will have the ability to set the limits for their competition.

It takes fewer scores to obtain a handicap.

A new golfer can hit the ground running and be issued a Handicap Index after posting scores for as few as 54 holes.

Equitable Stroke Control Has Changed

For score posting purposes only, the Maximum Hole Score will be a net double bogey. That is a gross double bogey, plus any handicap strokes that the golfer is entitled to on that hole based upon the ranking of the stroke holes. D E C E M B E R

2 0 1 9 / 5

“Caps” will be in place to prevent swings in a handicap.

A “soft cap” will slow the rate at which a handicap increases once a golfer climbs 3.0 strokes above their low watermark of the past twelve months. A “hard cap” will prevent a handicap from increasing more than 5.0 strokes within a year. Of course, if there are exceptional circumstances (i.e, illness, physical setback, etc.), the club can intervene.

An automatic reduction will kick in with the posting of an exceptional score.

A T-score reduction process will not be a part of the WHS. Instead, whenever a golfer records a differential at least 7.0 strokes lower than their Handicap Index for any round of golf, an automatic 1.0 stroke reduction will be applied (2.0 stroke reduction for any round at least -10.0). Identifying and posting T-scores will remain a priority for clubs as we anticipate the development of new and enhanced diagnostic tools from the GHIN that will assist clubs in identifying “problem” golfers and suggest the proper level for their handicap.

There is a feature that factors in weather and course condition variables.

The automated Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) will analyze daily scores to determine if conditions of play differed significantly from “normal” to an extent that scoring was impacted. If so, all differentials for the day will be uniformly adjusted upwards or downwards. The calculation is performed each evening just before handicaps are updated, providing yet another incentive to post a score by midnight on the day of play. If a golfer delays posting, the score will inherit any PCC adjustment, but it will not have been a part of the process that led to the decision to adjust.

Golf News from the Pro 2020 Tournament Schedule (Tentative) January 1st Chili Bowl March 11th First MGA Dogfight March 14th MGA Opening Day April 13th Kiwanis Golf Outing April 25th & 26th Green Meadow Invitational April 27th ETSGA May 4th Kenjo Markets Outing May 6th Demo Day May 18th Knoxville PGA Pro-Am June 6th & 7th Senior & Super Senior Club Championship June 22nd & 23rd Tennessee Section PGA “Foothills Invitational” June 27th & 28th Member – Member July 21st Pro-Lady “Scholarship Tournament” August 1st & 2nd Men’s & Ladies Club Championship August 17th East Tennessee Seniors August 24th Daily Times August 29th & 30th Member-Guest September 14th Knoxville PGA Pro-Am October 17th Pitchford Cup


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Superintendent’s Report

Green Meadow C.C. Newsletter December

Miller Johnston

Summer has officially turned into winter here at Green Meadow Country Club. This past month we have seen 90 degree temperatures to single digits within a two week span. Thankfully we were prepared by bringing in tarps a little earlier this season. I would hope that this will not be a sign of things to come this winter as we experienced one of the hottest and driest summers on record. That being said we are prepared and ready for anything Mother Nature has in store for us. I have been informed that Green Meadow and I would bet the vast majority of Bermuda courses in the area have not covered greens this early. Please understand that covering greens is a necessary practice when temperatures are extremely low. The parameters for covering are usually in the mid 20s and under. There are many other variables that go into account when making the decision to cover but temperature is often most important. Other factors include wind. Wind does not have anything to do with the health of the grass. It has EVERYTHING to do with the safety of our crew. Sustained wind gusts above 5 mph make covering very dangerous. This is exactly what occurred with our first covering event. The temperature was perfect for golf before the cold moved in but the wind was foreseen as too much of a challenge. Looking forward to the winter months we have a lot to get accomplished in a few short months. We will begin implementing the 3 hole system on the course. The goal will be to rotate the pin each day when the play will be the heaviest. The beauty of this system is we can change the hole location at a moment’s notice if conditions are desirable to play. You will also notice that we have removed all but one cup from the practice greens. Big winter projects will be to cut down some trees and limb up several trees that are unsightly or dangerous to cart traffic. My goal is to not have any hanging limbs in our trees and all of the stumps ground and backfilled smooth at the end of the winter. Irrigation will no doubt play a big role in the winter this year. I apologize for any leaks that may occur as we attempt to repair our system to the best of our abilities. As always your patience is appreciated.

Enjoythethe Course, Enjoy course,

Miller Johnston

Miller Johnston D E C E M B E R

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House Manager ’s Report



H ' December 6th Two Pork Chops

Topped with Pineapple Jalapeno Chutney Served with Roasted Potatoes O’Brien And Asparagus

$16. 95

December 13th Housemade Chicken & Dumplings $14.95

December 20th 10oz. Prime Rib Au Jus Served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes And Green Beans

Chandra Johnson

ello GMCC Members! My name is Chandra Johnson and I am excited to be your new House Manager. I come to Green Meadow with over 25 years’ experience within the restaurant industry. Most recently Chili’s was my home away from home for 8 years as Manager. Prior to that, I was a ‘Jane of all trades’ at Rarity Bay Golf & Country Club for just shy of a decade. I served as dining manager, events coordinator and member services representative. In my much younger years, I also worked at 3 other golf community clubhouses. I am happy to be getting back to my roots of a Member focused dining operation. I am ‘Momma’ to my spunky 12 year old daughter, Lilee and dog-mom to my best boy, Midas. In my free time I prefer to be outdoors. The mountains are always calling me. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, rafting and basically anything that involves water. Live music events and dinner with friends is also a favorite pastime. I am a sports fan with college football being my fave (GBO!). I look forward to getting to know you all & to seeing you at the Club! n

$17. 95

December 27nd Seared Ahi Tuna

Served with Pork Pot Stickers And Soy Butter Broccoli

' $19. 95

GMCC New Year’s Eve Party 7pm ‘til 12:30 am

“Out with the Old in with the New” Last Party before the Renovation begins More Details to Follow FD EO UM ABB REE YRR 222 000 111 995 / E BCV R EE M // 688 N

House Manager ’s Report

Upcoming Events

December 13th – Christmas Open House Dinner served 6-9pm Family Fun Games & Pictures with Santa Claus

~Get into the ‘spirit’ of Christmas~ We are asking that Members donate an ornament to dress the Christmas Tree in the Bar area. Please bring in & decorate by December 13th to show off our “Members Only” Tree at the Annual Christmas Open House.

Thursday, D ece Dinner begin mber 19th s at 6 pm $12.00 per p erson for bu ffet $5.00 for Bin go


2 0 1 9 / 9

Please call 982-8783 e xt. 22 To make yo ur reservati on Menu: Mea tl Potatoes,Gre oaf, Mashed en Bea Chef’s Dess ns, and ert Bingo begin s at 7pm.



rime Aquatics now has the pool lease for the winter months.

During October the Pool will be available for GMCC members to lap swim Monday through Thursday from 2 pm -3:30 pm There is no lifeguard on duty during this time!


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Millie Hodge



reen Meadow tennis wishes our membership a Merry Christmas! This past year has been exciting with increased adult league activity and implementation of a year ‘round junior development program. As we look forward to an action packed 2020, we wish you and your family a safe and joyful holiday season.


Junior development is a year ‘round program with a schedule that mirrors that of our local school systems. Instructional clinics focus on stroke production, match play, fun and fitness. Monday/Wednesday 4:00-5:30 pm (adv beg/intermediate, age16u) Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-5:30 pm (adv beg/intermediate, age12u)


Our fall leagues are wrapping up or have been completed. We will resume intra-club league play in March or April.

Clay courts

Our clay will be open for play as weather permits.

Court reservations

All courts must be reserved online for organizational purposes. We appreciate everyone using the reservation system as it enables us to better serve your needs. To register for online access please use a personal computer to register at Our page is gmcctennis. Once you complete the registration process you can download the app onto your cell phone or computer for simple and convenient booking up to 7 days in advance.

Pro Shop

We carry premium HEAD tennis racquets for sale and demo. Our pro shop restrings on a GAMMA 6900els with electronic tensioner for precise tension control. We also carry HEAD tennis shoe, replacement grips, overgrips, wristbands, tennis balls etc for your convenience.

Guest fees

Guest fees of $5 per person are to be collected by membership and given to pro staff or front office. A guest can play at Green Meadow Country Club up to 5x per year. Regards, Alan Brogan USPTA 870-351-5333 (cell) D E C E M B E R

2 0 1 9 / 1 1

Alan Brogan

DECEMBER 2019 1OpenDining Room 11-4:30 pm 8OpenDining Room 11-4:30 pm

15 Dining Room Open 11-4:30 pm

2Yoga-4 Dining Room Closed 3Dining Lunch11:00-3 pm Room

PRO SHOP CLOSED Members may walk on Mondays After 11:00 am

Closed for Dinner Maryville Kiwanis 12 Noon

4Lunch Duplicate Bridge 11:00 - 3pm Dinner 6 - 9pm

Dinner 6 - 9pm Yoga-4 pm

6LunchDining11:00Room- 3 pm

Chef’s Special 6-9 pm

7OpenDining Room 11-4:30pm

11 Duplicate Bridge 12 Dining RoomLunch 11:00 - 3pm Lunch 11:00 - 3pm

13 Dining RoomLunch 11:00 - 3 pm

14 Dining Room Open 11-4:30pm

16 Dining Room Closed 17 unch11:00 -3 18 Duplicate Bridge 19 Dining RoomDining Room Closed Yoga-4 pm Lunch 11:00 - 3pm Lunch 11:00 - 3pm

20 Dining RoomLunch 11:00 - 3 pm

21 Dining Room Open 11-4:30pm


28 Dining Room Open 11-4:30pm

9Yoga-4 Dining Room Closed 10 Lunch11:00-3 pm Dining Room

PRO SHOP CLOSED Members may walk on Mondays After 11:00 am

PRO SHOP CLOSED Members may walk on Mondays After 11:00 am

Closed for Dinner Maryville Kiwanis 12 Noon

Dinner 6 - 9pm

for Dinner Dinner 6 - 9pm Maryville Kiwanis- Noon

PRO SHOP CLOSED Members may walk on Mondays After 11:00 am

for Dinner Maryville Kiwanis 12 Noon

29 ining Room 30 Dining Room Closed 31 Lunch11:00 -3 Open 11-4:30 pm Yoga-4 pm Dining Room Closed PRO SHOP CLOSED Members may walk on Mondays After 11:00 am

Dinner 6 - 9pm Yoga-4 pm

Dinner 6 - 9pm Yoga-4 pm BINGO 6pm

Chef’s Special 6-9 pm Christmas Open House

Chef’s Special 6-9 pm

22 Dining Room 25 Christmas­— 23 Dining Room Closed 24 Lunch11:00 -3 Open 11-4:30 pm Dining Room Closed Club Closed Yoga-4 pm

Design by Tedgrafix

5Lunch Dining Room11:00 - 3pm

for Dinner Maryville Kiwanis 12 Noon

26 Dining RoomLunch 11:00 - 3pm Dinner 6 - 9pm Yoga-4 pm

Dining Room open 11:30-3:00pm Chef’s Special 6-9 pm

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GMCC Newsletter for December  

GMCC Newsletter for December