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McLemore Luong is a dedicated group of architects, planners, interior designers, and administrators who understand that delivering a world-class airport experience starts years before passengers check in. Airports are the most complex, dynamic, and impactful buildings constructed today. More than just transit hubs, they are economic engines where we work, play, and shop. The team at McLemore Luong has more than seven decades of combined design experience across a wide array of aviation projects, including master planning, airfield layouts, concept visualization, terminal planning and architecture, and federal agency interaction. Whether working for an airline, developer, concessionaire, operator, or municipal authority, our goal is always to deliver solutions tailored to the uniqueness of each airport. Whether a large hub or general aviation project, we work side-by-side with our clients, consultants, and contractors to implement collaborative solutions for the most complex design challenges. We know that there are many architecture and design firm options out there. McLemore Luong sets ourselves apart by our People, approach, value, and efficiency. > People: We ensure that our clients are in the hands of the best team for their project. We design beautiful and thoughtful aviation facilities with precise and efficient documents to ensure your project is designed to last. > Approach: We are not just project-oriented. We are first and foremost People- and process-oriented. Our team will fully engage with you to discuss important project considerations, such as how spaces will be utilized, what architectural style is preferable, and how refined or ornate finishes will be. We want to ensure our clients enjoy ease and assurance throughout the design process. You will never have to question our dedication or passion for your project. > Value: We deliver significant value to you as an Owner or developer because we provide highly skilled principals and staff to your project from start to finish. Our principal leadership, having worked for “Big Box” firms for over 30 years collectively, understands that some projects become just a number to already stretched-thin management and are assigned to green designers without much direction. What is lost in that experience is the hands-on customer service, technical abilities, and quality control for which our People are known. > Efficiency: Our firm utilizes the latest technology to provide accurate, sustainable, and high-performing design, including aviation-specific software Transoft Solutions AviPlan. We produce high-quality 3D renderings and visualizations that allow real-time feedback and design optimization. We have also invested in tools that enable us to manage your project’s progress both in person and virtually. Our extensive and diverse experience outside and across the country informs our approach to the unique needs of aviation projects. From New York to Los Angeles, we’ve worked for airport authorities, municipal governments, private operators, airlines, private developers, and public-private partnerships. No matter the size, complexity, or geographical location of each unique aviation project, we are dedicated to finding creative solutions to the most complex problems that embody our clients’ brands and communities in which we work. Sincerely,

Ryan H. McLemore, AIA, NCARB Alec A. Luong, AIA, NCARB, RID Principal Principal o +1 346 708 8241 o +1 346 708 8241 c +1 713 825 1324 c +1 713 582 0996



What is A.M.D.G.?

And why is it written on the top right hand corner of our documents?

A.M.D.G. is Latin for “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” — translated into English as “For the Greater Glory of God.” As professionals, this isn’t a political or cultural statement. It’s much simpler. It is a reminder of why we do what we do and what is really important in our lives and our work.













GREAT PEOPLE CREATING BETTER ARCHITECTURE. Relevant Team Experience AUH ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Airports Company Terminal Master Plan* AUS AUSTIN-BERGSTROM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Austin, Texas, USA Parking Garage & Administration Building* Retail & Concessions Improvements* BWI WASHINGTON THURGOOD MARSHALL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Baltimore, Maryland, USA Maryland Aviation Administration Baltimore On-Call Services* CHS CHARLESTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Charleston, South Carolina, USA County Aviation Authority Replacement & Renovation Analysis* DCA RONALD REAGAN WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT Arlington, Virgina, USA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Terminal Capacity Analysis* Associated Planning of Terminal & Associated Airfield Proposal* DFW DALLAS/FORT WORTH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA Terminal A Ground Transportation Center & Parking Garage Concept* On-Call Architectural & Engineering Services* EFD ELLINGTON FIELD LONE STAR FLIGHT MUSEUM Houston, Texas, USA Conceptual Master Planning of Terminal & Associated Airfield* Conceptual Renderings of Terminal* FLL FORT LAUDERDALE-HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Retail & Concessions Improvements* GIG RIO DE JANEIRO-GALEAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Airport Concession Agreement Design Proposal* HOU WILLIAM P. HOBBY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Houston, Texas, USA Planning of Pursuit for Expanded Garage* Million Air Conceptual Master Planning Pursuit for Terminal & Associated Airfield* Million Air Conceptual Renderings of Terminal* HVN TWEED NEW HAVEN AIRPORT New Haven, Connecticut, USA Airfield Planning Pursuit of New 6-Gate Terminal*



IAH GEORGE BUSH INTERCONTINENTAL AIRPORT Houston, Texas, USA Houston Arts Alliance Terminal B APM Art Installation United Airlines Terminal C North* United Airlines Terminal C SSCP Renovations* Southwest Airlines Terminal A Apron Restriping Package* JFK JOHN F. KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT New York, New York, USA Carlyle Airport Group - Public/Private Partnership Redevelopment of Terminal 1* LAX LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Los Angeles, California, USA Southwest Airlines Terminal 1 Modernization* Southwest Airlines Terminal 1.5* American Airlines Terminals 4 & 5* LWO UKRAINE AIRPORTS LVIV DANYLO HALYTSKYI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Lviv, Ukraine EuroCup 2012 Facilities Capacity Analysis* OKC WILL ROGERS WORLD AIRPORT Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Retail & Concessions Improvements Conceptual Pursuit* ORD O'HARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Chicago, Illinois, USA United (Continental) Airlines Terminal 1 Concourse C Customer Service Center* Chicago Department of Aviation Concourse B TSA Analysis* RBD COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE MUSEUM Nunavut, Canada Master Plan Terminal Concept Design* SJC NORMAN Y. MINETA SAN JOSE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT San Jose, California, USA Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Airfield Master Planning Conceptual Pursuit* YFB TRANSPORT CANADA AUTHORITY IQALUIT AIRPORT Nunavut, Canada Master Plan Terminal Concept Design* * WORK COMPLETED WITH PREVIOUS EMPLOYER Non-project images provided by Shutterstock





Airport and aviation projects have a massive impact on the community and the people who use them on both a local and global scale. Serving as modern gateways to opportunity, they are of the most satisfying and rewarding projects to design. After years of obtaining unmeasurable knowledge, this project sector has become my foremost area of expertise. I began as a project designer producing concept graphics and presentation materials. After attaining the knowledge and proficiency required, I moved on to serve as lead project manager and executive. I’ve had the good fortune to provide a wide range of services on some of the country’s most high-profile aviation projects. This acquired skill set, ranging from master planning airfields and terminals to program definition and basis of design documentation to construction documentation, has given me an ability to exceed client expectations and ensure overall project success.

c +1 713 582 0996


Master of Architecture, Virginia Tech Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech


My parents. I grew up in a family of educators and immigrants. My mother was a public school librarian for decades, and my father was a self-employed immigrant from Vietnam. Their collective influence gave me not only a deep appreciation for learning and a respect for the value of people but also a much better understanding of the cultural bridge that an airport creates in uniting families and highlighting diversity.


Registered Architect - Texas #24095, Virginia #0401019744, Nebraska #A-5380, New York #044461 Registered Interior Designer - Texas #12198 NCARB #124984


American Institute of Architects Texas Board of Architectural Examiners




My passion for aviation began well before my career in architecture. From a young age, I had an appreciation for vintage and modern aircraft. This interest naturally evolved into many Saturday afternoons building models from the B-17 to the B-2. Attending airshows at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas, with my dad and brother quickly became a yearly family tradition, which has now been extended to include my young son. My passion for airfield and terminal planning is rooted in those memories of childhood hobbies and continued family traditions. An acute awareness of how the passenger and family aviation experience is perceived from parking to gate arrival, coupled with my advanced understanding of terminal operations, has led me to success on some of the most dynamic aviation projects in the country. I am committed to delivering a superior customer service experience to our aviation clients and have a track record of doing so on every project I have had the opportunity to design.

c +1 713 825 1324


Bachelor of Architecture, The University of Houston


My dad and grandfather. Both of these men have taught me what it looks like to achieve the American dream. Having come from humble beginnings, they exemplify what it means to put your head down and work hard. They are the prime example that with hard work, goals will be attainable.

Registered Architect - Texas #29930 NCARB #103875


American Institute of Architects Coastal Conservation Association San Antonio Apartment Association Texas Board of Architectural Examiners



GREAT PEOPLE CREATING BETTER ARCHITECTURE OUR EMPLOYEES ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE FIRM, AND OUR COMMITMENT TO OUR CLIENTS IS THE HEART. McLemore Luong is a growing firm of architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and administrators who understand that delivering a successful project begins well before planning and design. Based in Houston and San Antonio, Texas, and Santa Monica, California, our diverse team has more than seven decades of combined multidisciplinary experience across many project classes, including community, retail, commercial, municipal, aviation, higher education, corporate, healthcare, recreational, and multi- and single-family residential. On each and every project, we strive to create ease and cohesion throughout project startup, execution, and close out. We stand behind our work, and our designs have an ultimate goal of clarifying, aligning, and responding to our clients’ visions, missions, and goals. When we reach your goals, we reach ours.





McLemore Luong is a growing firm of architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and administrators ‒ from all over the globe. Our hiring practices reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, resulting in a firm with over 56% women and 63% minorities. This commitment, coupled with our investment in the personal and professional growth of staff, is a key component to recruiting and retaining the best that our profession has to offer. Our team’s diversity allows us to bring our collective experiences to our design process and better serve our communities and clients. Ultimately, we grow together and work as one team to develop fresh, creative, and high-performing spaces that shape their surroundings for the better. As a firm led by a Vietnamese American, we are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the City of Austin, the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency, and the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency. The firm is also a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) with the State of Texas. We are submitting for our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification from the State of Texas and the U.S. Department of Transportation, as well as our MBE certification from the City of Houston. We anticipate the issuing of these certifications in 2022.



TERMINAL PLANNING & DESIGN Delivering a world-class passenger experience takes more than just meeting and exceeding industry-defined metrics and standards. At McLemore Luong, we strive to bring our understanding of traveler needs and use it to inform design decisions for providing a safe, healthy, and memorable experience of space for the people who work, play, and travel through the terminal. Our approach starts with the fundamental basics of terminal planning. We collaborate with all stakeholders to identify that juncture that reflects the unique identities of the Owner or airline. We work with concessionaires and operators to integrate the passenger experience into the overall design ‒ from art, branding, and wayfinding to technology integration and customer service touchpoints. We engage with federal agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration and Customs and Border Patrol, to deploy the next generation of security screening checkpoints and immigration and customs technology. We collaborate with baggage handling system experts to coordinate bag belting and screening, the backbone of all airports. We work with cuttingedge, dynamic simulation experts to test fit the design through milestone demand years to provide feedback on the design process and ultimately confirm that the final product meets the client’s expectations.


Providing unique solutions for the built environment that have a sense of place and are anchored to the cities and communities in which they exist and serve.




AIRFIELD PLANNING & INTEGRATION If the planes cannot park, nothing else matters. Our experience with airfield planning makes us unique among aviation architects. Using industry-leading software, Transoft Solutions AviPlan, and having an expert understanding of Federal Aviation Administration design requirements, we can help clients make prudent airfield decisions that support the overall program, aesthetic, and vision. We work with forecasters and airline fleet managers to establish a fleet mix, determine a gate matrix, and layout aircraft parking using airline and airport standards. By utilizing the latest technologies and leveraging our extensive knowledge, clients can make early, informed design decisions without compromising passenger experience, fleet mix flexibility, or future expansion.



NON-AERONAUTICAL INVIGORATION Non-aeronautical revenue is key to any airport’s financial success. It is also a key passenger touchpoint in the airport. COVID-19 has further changed the landscape by altering passenger preferences and spending habits faster than any other event in aviation history. Retail, food and beverage offerings, duty-free, and parking are no longer afterthoughts in aviation design but distinct elements that must be woven into the complete passenger experience. We work closely with operators and concessionaires to create spaces that increase dwell time and use data-driven, personalized offerings to increase non-aero revenue. Just-in-time delivery is no longer relegated to industrial processes only. It is an integral part of increasing non-aero square footage within the terminal by storing goods off-site in a centralized receiving and distribution center. Parking garage structures are no longer out of sight and out of mind; they are feature-rich environments that are key touchpoints in the passenger experience - whether through parking or a complete ground transportation center. Non-aero design and integration are critical to distinguish airports from one another. McLemore Luong and our partners and consultant teams can help create a seamless program and unified design.





ANYTHING BUT COOKIE CUTTER Instead of a cookie-cutter approach replicating previous projects, we provide true personalization bolstered by lessons learned and extensive boots-on-the-ground experience. Our team-like design approach involving all stakeholders has a track record of meeting all project goals. We will walk with you step-by-step to transform your project idea into reality.


ON TIME & WITHIN BUDGET We do not believe project constraints should restrict great design. We know the strict standards our clients demand in terms of quality, timeliness, and cost accuracy. Our versatile experience renders us uniquely capable of providing valuable insights and solutions to our client, design, and engineering partners to meet every project’s particular schedule, budget, and design needs.


AS TRUE DESIGN PARTNERS McLemore Luong believes that architecture should be practiced with the accuracy, intention, and passion any licensed profession deserves. We’re focused on the relationships with the people we work for and our craft so that we can deliver an outstanding project experience and superb design product every time. Clients can expect high-quality design, customer service, and a commitment to deliver at every stage of the process, from programming to warranty.


As your design partners, we will work with you to build a lasting professional relationship based on confidence, trust, and exceptional performance.


CONTACTS: ALEC A. LUONG, AIA, NCARB, RID Principal c +1 713 582 0996

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