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28 A Newcomer’s Guide from the Exper


10 4 Publisher’s Note

A warm welcome to New Hampshire by Sharron McCarthy

6 Five Words to Know

18 Lakes Region

Vacationers and residents alike love this region that’s home to more than 250 lakes and ponds.

20 White Mountains

8 Discover New Hampshire

24 Great North Woods

10 Seacoast Region

The Well

It may be small, but it’s packed with history, art, food and more.

12 Merrimack Valley

Our most populous region is a commercial, cultural and culinary hub.

14 Monadnock Region

The western part of the state boasts picturesque towns and unbeatable scenery.

16 Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Artists, intellectuals and outdoors enthusiasts will all love this rural but vibrant region.


Destination NH | 2019

An overview of the state’s cultural roots and current venues by Erica Thoits

34 Best New Restaurants

62 Arts and Culture Our favorite venues

64 Chambers of Commerce Business resources

66 State Parks

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Exper

There’s a lot to know about the Granite State. Start with these five words. Newcomers explain how they chose New Hampshire and why they love their particular regions.

32 Arts and Culture Snapshot

New Hampshire Magazine’s food editor’s annual list by Susan Laughlin

A hiker’s paradise

Seemingly endless, untouched nature awaits

26 Four Seasons of Events

New Hampshire Magazine’s Managing Editor shares her picks for can’t-miss events. by Erica Thoits

30 A Statewide Playground The Editor of ParentingNH lets you in on the state’s best hidden gems the kids will love. by Melanie Hitchcock

NH Tool Kit

43 Everything you need, all in one place

A resource guide covering everything from healthcare and law to parks and dining

44 Top Dentists

FInd the right dentist

50 Top Doctors

FInd the right doctor

59 Best Lawyers

Woodward White’s Lawyers of the Year

The state’s best parks

68 Restaurants

Find great dining options in every region of the state

Odd Bits

17 New Hampshire Firsts at a Glance 23 New Hampshire Symbols at a Glance 58 New Hampshire Politics at a Glance 72 Last Laugh

What’s In a Name? by Sally Breslin

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A Newcomer’s Guide from the Expe 60 Assisted Living/ Senior Care

Trusted resources for the later stages of life







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Welcome We think New Hampshire is a special place. Destination NH is a publication that supports this thinking. In the pages that follow, you’ll discover the very essence of this small but mighty state. Whether you just moved here from another part of New England or another

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at

President/Publisher Sharron R. McCarthy Editor Rick Broussard

part of the country or even if you’re a longtime

Managing Editor Erica Thoits

resident, this magazine will serve you well as a

Art Director Nancy Tichanuk

guide, or a reminder, of just how much there is

Production Manager Jodie Hall

to enjoy and experience in the Granite State. You can think of this publication as a snapshot of a state in motion because, as publisher of New Hampshire Magazine, one thing I’ve learned is that New Hampshire is always on the move. There are new restaurants, new businesses and new cultural attractions popping up everywhere. But you can also think of it as a family album, because there is so much here that is rooted in tradition, which speaks to a quality of life that has all but vanished in many parts of the country. Read up on the seven economic development regions of the state and you’ll get an idea of their uniqueness and of what a diverse and remarkable state this is. We asked newcomers to each region to explain why they chose to settle in their particular parts of the state — I hope their experiences and stories will help you navigate your new home. Additionally, the editors of New Hampshire Maga-

Graphic Designer Candace Gendron Office Manager Mista McDonnell Digital Media Specialist Morgen Connor Group Sales Director Kimberly Lencki

Senior Sales Executive G. Constance Audet

Sales Executives Josh Auger

zine and ParentingNH offer insights and knowledge cultivated over decades

of living and working in the Granite State. Rounding out the issue is our new

Sales Support Coordinator

“Tool Kit” reference section. There you’ll find everything from trusted healthcare professionals and attorneys to state parks, restaurants and can’t-miss arts and culture venues. The truth is, there’s no way that this or any publication can do justice to the whole state in a single issue, so we’ve crafted a starting point for further exploration. You could call it a road map to New Hampshire, but it’s also a

Angela LeBrun

Business and Sales Coordinator Heather Rood


serious tool for relocators and a great reminder for natives of the richness of

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their surroundings. Indeed, you can live a lifetime here and still find surprises,

150 Dow St. Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 624-1442 All rights reserved

sometimes in the town next door. So, whether you’re starting or resuming your New Hampshire adventure, take Destination NH along for the trip. For in New Hampshire, as in life, the journey itself is the destination.

Destination NH®

— President and Publisher Sharron R. McCarthy

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New Hampshire Resources: Destination NH is created by the people behind New Hampshire Magazine, the ultimate guide to living and exploring the Granite State. The magazine’s mission is to offer everything youat need to know about New Hampshire, as well as its unique Experts stories and people to enrich your understanding of your new home. Visit to subscribe or to check out some of the many resources, including an extensive dining guide, activities, health professionals and advice, seasonal guides and much more.

Destination NH | 2019

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to New Hampshire 1 If you’re new to the state or you’ve been here awhile and are still trying to figure out what makes it tick, then you’ve come to the right place. And either way, there’s a lot you’ll need to know.

One important fact is that you’re not alone. The majority of Granite Staters are from somewhere else. This fact once bothered locals who feared that their way of life was being challenged by “flatlanders” (which basically just means “from somewhere else” no matter how hilly it might be). The trend has been going on long enough that most locals have calmed down, but don’t be dismayed if you see the occasional bumper sticker reading “Welcome to NH, Now Go Home.” What the natives have learned is that most of the newcomers are eager to settle down and fit in. This probably describes you, or else you wouldn’t be reading this publication. Anyone who does arrive with an agenda soon encounters a hard fact: people don’t change New Hampshire nearly as much as New Hampshire changes people. You might even say, you don’t move into New Hampshire. New Hampshire moves into you. So have fun exploring and meeting the locals, but to begin your orientation and to really understand the Granite State, here are five words you need to know ...


Destination NH | 2019


Capt. John Smith (of Pocahontas fame) parked his fishing boat at our Isles of Shoals back in the early 1600s before anyone had tripped over Plymouth Rock. Apparently, Boston had a better PR team back during the Revolutionary War era, but the first real act of war against the British Crown took place here in Portsmouth (Google “Raid on Fort William and Mary”). We were the first state to declare independence from England, and when the founding documents of our country were being approved, it was New Hampshire that sealed the deal, becoming the ninth and binding signatory of the US Constitution.



Although we can’t claim to be the origin of words “Yankee ingenuity,” Dean it’s certainly part of the Kamen Granite State DNA, from the unique cog railway up Mt. Washington to the Segway (created in the Manchester millyard by genius inventor Dean Kamen). The first public library in the US was founded in Peterborough in 1833; and the first American man in space was Alan Shepard of Derry. Manufacturing is our largest industry and we have become a full-blown epicenter of the Boston-area tech explosion.



Our ratio of forested land to developed is one of the highest in the country. With outdoor tourism as one of our main industries, we are proud of our gorgeous environment and also eager to put it to wise use. We have the highest peak in the Northeast (Mt. Washington at 6,288 feet) and hundreds of lakes and wild rivers. We’re bounded on the west by the Connecticut River (and own the whole thing, bank to bank), on the east by mostly undeveloped forests of Maine and by the country’s shortest stretch of seacoast.



Some would say “quirky,” but it’s really deeper than that. Not only do we have the most pugnacious state motto in “Live Free or Die,” we’re home to the largest museum of classic arcade games (at Weirs Beach in Laconia); the birthplace of America’s first documented serial killer (H.H. Holmes of “Devil in the White City” fame was born in Gilmanton); the two most significant encounters with UFOs (Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction in Franconia and the “Incident at Exeter”); and the site of what is possibly (though not likely) the country’s oldest archeological site: America’s Stonehenge in Salem. Our highway welcome centers are also state-run liquor stores and we don’t require adults to wear seatbelts or motorcycle helmets, but we’re still one of the healthiest places in the country to live. Oh, and we were selected by the libertarian Free State Movement to be the new home for 20,000 liberty-minded individuals who hope to redefine our political structure over the next decade. We wish them luck and repeat that hard fact: You don’t so much move into New Hampshire as New Hampshire moves into you.



To be clear, we’re political but not especially partisan. Although the Republican Party was founded here in Exeter in 1853, the state has wobbled between Republican and Democratic over the decades, but the strongest political bent in the state is Independent. With our huge 424-member State Legislature (the largest in the country), our heritage of town meetings and our 100 plus years of hosting the First in the Nation Presidential Primary, folks here get to know their candidates (at every level) up close and personally and aren’t easily swayed by campaign promises.

Destination NH | 2019





New Hampshire

•Colebrook •Dixville Notch

To help you get your bearings on the state, it has been neatly divided into seven “economic development regions.” Sometimes these are obvious zones (like the Seacoast or Lakes Region), sometimes they are cobbled together and contain their own sub-sectors (like the Dartmouth/ Lake Sunapee Region), but each one is a treasure trove of places to explore. To help illustrate the characteristics of each region, we’ve asked several newcomers to share why they chose to live and start businesses in their particular part of New Hampshire. Their stories and more information on each region start on page 10.

7 •Lancaster

1 Seacoast Find sweet

White Mountain National Forest



North Woodstock•


2 Merrimack Valley

6 White Mountains

Lake Winnipesaukee.

This is the river-based

Has 48 4,000-foot peaks,

commercial corridor of

including Mt. Washington.

the state.

7 Great North Woods

3 Monadnock Where

A forest paradise for

the arts and agriculture

campers, hunters, hikers,

mountain stands alone.

lovers of all types.

4 Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee A pastoral

North Conway•

climbers and nature


Squam Lake


•Hanover •Enfield Lebanon


Lake Winnipesaukee

•Bristol Laconia •Tilton

•New London


Lake Sunapee







Ivy League institution.



Lake Massabesic


•Marlborough •Peterborough





3 Swanzey



Amherst• •Milford

•Derry •Merrimack

Nashua Destination NH | 2019



Newfound Lake


setting for NH’s illustrious



5 Lakes The lively liquid

and home to the famous

flourish and a famous



heart of the Granite State

the country’s shortest coastline.

Mt. Washington 6,288 ft. +


NH’s Seven Regions spots of culture along




Durham• •Epping


Exeter• Hampton•


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Seacoast Region

People Found

Jessica Maxcy and Ted Seely of Newmarket found the pace of life and community they craved. There is a chill vibe here — people want to get to know you and not eat you up and spit you out!” She says that might sound a little on the harsh side, but that it’s still true. “All the cool and genuine people that live here,” she adds. “They live here for all the same reasons as us — we know we have found our people.”

Jessica Maxcy and Ted Seely


Destination NH | 2019

The seaside community of Portsmouth

SNAPSHOT OF THE area Our short coastline (13 miles — 18 if you add the islands) is bursting with beautiful beaches, arts, music, theatre, an amazing dining scene with a focus on keeping it local, too many craft breweries to count and important historical landmarks. Oh, and if you’re a shop-til-you-drop type, the area’s many boutiques and other local stores are a delight. Here you can eat fried dough as you stroll the boardwalk at Hampton Beach, enjoy a show at the historic Music Hall, take in local art at one of the many galleries, sample brews with Granite State Growler Tours or walk through Portsmouth’s living history museum Strawbery Banke. Consider taking an ocean tour to the Isles of Shoals, which were settled in the 1600s and have a diverse history as an important fishing area in Colonial times, a hideout for pirates, a peaceful retreat for artists and much more.

courtesy photos

After spending the day on her family’s lobster boat in Maine, Jessica Maxcy and her fiancé Ted Seely were dreading “another long, eight-hour drive to get back to the grind in the urban jungle on a beautiful New England summer day,” says Maxcy. Right then on the road, she started looking for jobs on Indeed. As soon as they got home, they applied to new positions, soon finding themselves ready to move to Newmarket. This turned out to be the perfect location, she says. It’s close to the “three coolest cities” (Portsmouth, Portland and Boston), plus it’s just a quick trip to the White Mountains or lakes where they enjoy camping, fly-fishing and snowmobiling. “We wanted to get married here,” she says. “It’s the place we love. We want to start a family, and we felt like we are very comfortable doing it here. New Hampshire feels friendly and safe, [there are] great schools and lots of space for kids to run around.” Maxcy, who is originally from Maine and lived and worked in Manhattan for almost 20 years, has a background in handbag design. Today she is the brand manager of a skincare line in Portland, Maine, and has her own straw beach bag line called Beach’d. “I’m glad I had the New York experience,” she says, “but the cities here have everything you need and the people are so great.


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Destination NH | 2019


Region 2


MerrimackValley New Explorations The winter weather was a bit of a learning curve but overall, relocating from Arizona to Manchester turned out to be the right move for this couple.


Destination NH | 2019

The State Capital in Concord

SNAPSHOT OF THE area The most populous region of New Hampshire, the Merrimack Valley is the cultural, commercial and political center of the Granite State. Named for the river that gave life to a booming textile industry, today the area’s mills are finding new life as luxury condos, breweries, shops, other businesses and, in Manchester, as a hub of science and technology. In the northern part of the region is Concord, the state capital. The Statehouse was built in 1818 and is the oldest such building in continuous use in the country. It’s not all tech, government and industry. Catch an independent film at Red River Theatres in Concord, sample fine dining in many cities and towns, and in Manchester, view famous works of art at the Currier Museum of Art, enjoy America’s pastime with the NH Fisher Cats at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium or see today’s biggest stars at the SNHU Arena.

courtesy photos

“I think no matter how much we tried to prepare ourselves for the winter weather, we had to learn from some mistakes,” says Mary McIntyre. “It was such a drastic change — for me in particular. But we figured it out for the next winter.” When McIntyre landed a job as a producer at New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord, she says the opportunity was worth the big move — and the change in weather. She and her fiancé Eric Reitano (and their two dogs Milo and Brandi) now live in Manchester, where Reitano attends nursing school at Manchester Community College. The change was tougher for McIntyre, who grew up in Phoenix. Reitano, originally from Rochester, New York, started school in Phoenix after serving in the Air Force. Still, after seven years living in the heat of Arizona, getting used to snow and sleet all over again is a tough process. Getting to know their Mary McIntyre and Eric Reitano new home has been fun, says McIntyre. “I hadn’t spent much time in New England, but I liked the idea of exploring a new region,” she says. “It seemed like there was a little bit of everything in New Hampshire — access to the White Mountains, to the Seacoast and larger cities like Boston.” She says she’s grateful exploration is part of her job, adding that, “I’ve had a great time visiting and meeting people who work and live in different regions of the state.” Like many who live here, they like the fact that everything — from dining in downtown Manchester to the ability to take day trips to Portsmouth — are in close proximity. They also enjoy driving to the western part of the state and up to the White Mountains, where they can take the dogs hiking. For this summer, they have plans to check out the Lakes Region and Laconia Motorcycle Week in particular as Reitano is an avid biker. Though New England’s changing seasons inevitably bring winter, McIntyre is glad she gets to experience fall, which is now her favorite. “I love the scenery. I love apple picking and fall festivals. It’s really a magical time of year here,” she says.



Bedford Village Inn


graduation and college acceptance rate


clubs and extracurricular activities


AP Courses and a robust college preparatory curriculum


athletic teams competing mostly at the DI level

Where Every Student is Known, Valued, and Treasured! Open: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 10am-4pm Two Olde Bedford Way Bedford, NH 03110 T: 603.472.2001

Jewelry. Clothing. Accessories

Bishop Guertin High School

194 Lund Road . Nashua, NH . 603-889-4107 . Destination NH | 2019


Region 3


Monadnock Region

Mystical Draw

The magic of the Monadnock Region led Ciarán Nagle and Tara Novak to the town of Peterborough.


Destination NH | 2019

Get a taste of local wine along with fantastic views of the lush countryside at Walpole Mountain Winery.

SNAPSHOT OF THE area With its beautiful fall foliage, farmland and scattered covered bridges, the Monadnock Region is the embodiment of picturesque New England. The region’s namesake, Mount Mondanock, is one of many idyllic spots for nature lovers, but culture abounds here as well. In fact, this part of the state has attracted artists and intellectuals for many years, including Ralph Waldo Emerson. The city of Keene is a vibrant college town with great food, shops, art galleries and more. Perhaps the most famous arts and culture attractions are the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough (a world-renowned artists’ retreat), the historic theatre troupe the Peterborough Players and Keene’s Colonial Theatre. In tiny Walpole you’ll find the famous chocolatier L.A. Burdick Chocolates, home to confections and a delightful restaurant. It may seem sleepy at first, but our western corner holds many surprises.

courtesy photo; top photo by Susan Laughlin

“In August 2018, while on our way to hike Mount Monadnock, we stumbled upon Parker and Sons in Peterborough. With that, the trap was set: Peterborough spun its magic, and we were spellbound,” says musician and food industry entrepreneur Ciarán Nagle. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Ciarán and his wife Tara Novak, who hails from Omaha, Nebraska, lived in Boston and Somersworth, Massachusetts, for two years before Peterborough lured them and their two children (Laura, 17 and Rachel, 12) to New Hampshire. Ciarán is the founding member of The Three Irish Tenors and Ciarán Nagle and Tara Novak together he and Tara have an Irish band, ISHNA. They also own a business called Foundation Kitchen, which they created in 2015. “Foundation Kitchen is a shared commissary kitchen work space that incubates startup food businesses,” explains Ciarán. “When moving from Ireland to the US in 2012,” says Ciarán, “my wife and I firmly vowed to live in a strong community to which we could positively contribute and be active for many years — a community full of the beauty of nature, forward, creative-thinking people, with a grounded connection to nature and an informed sense of the world.” They found everything they were hoping for in Peterborough. Immediately, he adds, they were welcomed by the community. Tara was invited to co-chair the Peterborough Arts Collective, and Ciarán was invited to join an “economic ecosystem dialogue based on a hub-and-spoke model,” he says. The idea, he learned, is to gather people from many areas — business, arts, agriculture and tourism — with someone heading up each “spoke” in an effort to “exchange ideas about how to support, nurture, and promote the resources of the region,” he says. Toady, he leads the food spoke, otherwise known as Grow Eat Drink Monadnock, which supports and advocates for local food and products. In addition to world-class dining, art, a strong sense of community and an emphasis on all things local, the area’s many natural wonders are important too, says Ciarán. “To have Pac Mondanock, Temple Mountain and, of course, Mount Monadnock right on our doorstep is just magical,” he says. “I have to say, we really love ‘Our Town’ of Peterborough.

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Region 4



Dartmouth Lake Sunapee

Small City Life


Kate McNamee says she and her husband Tom live in “the best small town in New Hampshire, Claremont.” Ignoring for a moment that Claremont is, in fact, a city (the only one in rural Sullivan County), her delight with its provincial offerings is clarified by the fact that they moved here from bustling Reno, Nevada. Kate works as a Verizon Wireless Small Business Representative with Amcomm Wireless. Tom is a truck driver for Patten Trucking in nearby Newport. Tom has five grown children, two of whom live in state, and the couple is raising


Destination NH | 2019

three rescue dogs, Mr. Buddy, a yellow lab, Miss Ida (“our pocket Bluetick and boss of the pack,” says Kate) and Sammy, a coonhound mix (“who has a streak of the devil in her,” Kate adds.). The couple moved here to be closer to Tom’s oldest daughter after her son Liam was born with some health issues. All’s well, says Kate. “Liam is thriving and will be 2 in July,” she says. But the move was a plus for other reasons as well. “We are absolutely awed by the natural beauty and the variety of outdoor activities available,”says Kate. “And I was thrilled with the level of community involvement in Claremont. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.” Kate sticks with a “mostly vegan” diet, while Tom loves meat and dairy, but they find common ground at food spots like Best Subs on Washington Street, Farro Deli on Opera House Square and the Barn Café on Main Street in Claremont. “Oh, and Uptown Bakery is the best bakery,” says Kate. “Get the donuts!” The couple loves the easy access to so many cultural and recreational activities close to home and have no serious complaints, but, Kate says, “If you could do something about the ticks though ...”

Top: The Cornish-Windsor bridge is the country’s second-longest covered bridge. Left: Tom and Kate McNamee with their family

courtesy photos

“We are absolutely awed by the natural beauty and the variety of outdoor activities available.” — Kate McNamee

Perhaps one of the state’s more overlooked regions is also one of its best. Here a love for the outdoors, art, culture and learning all come together to create a unique mix of everything that makes New Hampshire great. The region represents a harmonious dichotomy that’s anchored by the prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth College in Hanover and the serene Lake Sunapee. The graceful grounds of the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site are juxtaposed against the groundbreaking discoveries at the worldrenowned DartmouthHitchcock Medical Center. This part of the state is also known for its world-class precision manufacturing. Industry giants Hypertherm in Hanover, Timken Aerospace in Lebanon and Thermal Dynamics, a division of Thermadyne, in West Lebanon all have operations here. Firearms manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. has facilities in Newport.

New Hampshire Firsts FIRST-IN-THE-




Alan Shepard


SKI SCHOOL IN 1929 at Peckett's-on-Sugar-Hill in Sugar Hill by Austrian-born Sig Buchmayr.

Cannon Aerial Tramway WAS THE










in the United States







the Declaration of Independence ON JULY 4, 1776.

FIRST SNOWMOBILE was invented in West Ossipee in 1917.

Destination NH | 2019


Region 5


Lakes Region

Living the Dream

“I still pinch myself every day that I’m living here full time.”

— Jessica Graustein


Destination NH | 2019

Iconic Lake Winnipesaukee

SNAPSHOT OF THE area Located in the middle of the state, the Lakes Region comprises the areas surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam Lake, Squam Lake and Newfound Lake. With all its aquatic beauty, it’s no surprise that this region has been a recreation destination for centuries (really). Lake Winnipesaukee serves as the region’s star attraction, first made popular in the 1700s by John Wentworth. Laconia, as the region’s largest city, is the business center for the area, with Wolfeboro, Meredith and Weirs Beach as the major tourist hubs. Tour the lake on the historic M/S Mount Washington, ride the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad, view the spectacle of Laconia Mortorcycle Week, shop the Tanger Outlets or learn about the surrounding natural world at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

courtesy photos

“I grew up in rural Illinois and Missouri, and have never really lost the need to be surrounded by fields and trees,” says Jessica Graustein. “Our house in Meredith feeds that need — six acres of meadow and woods with no other houses in sight. Now I get to use my training as an ecologist to manage our land while running a small literary press [Folded Word] from our kitchen.” Husband Kurt brought his IT job with him, she says, and now enjoys his home office with a view, while daughter Megan (22) is completing a pastry arts degree from Lakes Region Community College, and son Ian (21) works as a paraeducator at Inter-Lakes High School. Both kids were born and grew up in their previous home state of California. “We lived for a short time in Silicon Valley, but spent the bulk of our time in the suburbs of Sacramento,” says Jessica. Kurt actually grew up in the Lakes Region until he left to build his career. “But life has a sense of humor,” says Jessica, “so now he’s back.” They made the return move during California’s record-breaking sixyear drought. Jessica’s lung problems were aggravated by smog and wildfire smoke and the Lakes Region was one of the places she says she researched “while looking for air I could breathe without pharmaceutical help.” But New Hampshire’s businessfriendly policies played a big role too. Reasonable licensing fees, no sales tax paperwork, and a generous buffer before having to pay business profits tax have helped keep Folded Word running within the tight margins for sales of poetry, essay and short fiction collections, she says, adding, “New Hampshire writers and poets are amazingly supportive of each other.” Prior to moving, the Lakes Region with all its lakes, rivers, woods and lush gardens, had been the family’s summer happy place, says Jessica. Now, she says, “I still pinch myself every day that I’m living here full time.” Kurt and Jessica Graustein


Kalled Gallery

Boulder opal earrings with tsavorite garnets in 22k & 18k gold, Boulder opal necklace on Aquamarine beads. Photo by Jane Kelley.


Region 6


White Mountains

Family Connections

New hoteliers Royce and Samantha Bellini found success in North Conway.

Samantha and Royce Bellini with their children Bridget (3) and Enzo (11 months)


Destination NH | 2019

Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch State Park

SNAPSHOT OF THE area There are endless outdoor activities to do in every season in the White Mountains. In the summer there are miles upon miles of hiking trails and in the winter there’s a mountain for every level of skier or snowboarder. Enjoy the fresh, crisp mountain air and the quirky, quaint towns that dot this breathtaking landscape. Don’t want to climb the famous Mt. Washington? Drive up the dizzying Mt. Washington Auto Road or take the historic Cog Railway. Picturesque Jackson and its maintained trails network beckon to cross-country skiers. The White Mountains National Forest offers too many beautiful attractions to list. Franconia Notch State Park alone contains the natural formations of the Flume and the Basin and the 4,100-foot Cannon Mountain ski area.

courtesy photos

Royce Bellini says that it was during a winter trip at Santa’s Village — visiting from their home in south Florida — that the family decided to move to North Conway. It was his wife Samantha’s first trip to New Hampshire. Helping to smooth over that winter introduction is the fact Royce has a deep connection to North Conway. Going back to the ’80s, his parents were close friends with Vito Marcello,who opened Bellini’s restaurant in North Conway as a tribute to his friend, Royce’s father. The friendship continues today with Vito’s son (also named Vito) who now owns Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro, “The best Italian restaurant in America,” says Royce. After years of vacationing in North Conway to visit their family friends, it seemed like the right place to relocate. It just so happened that the inn at which they loved to stay — the School House Inn — was up for sale. “We decided to give it a go,” says Royce. They purchased the inn in March and have been permanent Granite State residents ever since. In addition to the inn, Samantha is a doctor of psychology Mt. Washington Valley Psychological Services and Bellini Psychology. Besides friends and fond childhood memories, Royce says that the appeal of a “slower-paced” life also drew them to make the move. They enjoy outdoor activities all year long, swimming in the Saco in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter, and driving Royce’s 1963 Oldsmobile along the mountain roads. What surprises him about New Hampshire these days, says Royce, is how tourism has expanded. Not too long ago, he says, it seemed as though visitors to North Conway were limited to the New England area or New York and New Jersey. Now, he adds, he regularly sees people from all over the world. When asked to pick a favorite thing about New Hampshire, Royce says that’s impossible. “Low taxes, low crime and quality people,” he begins. “Outdoor activities year-round. Mountains. Great shopping and dining. History and culture. Is there really anything else needed?”

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Enjoy an old-fashioned railroading experience on vintage trains, all departing from our 1874 Victorian Station in the center of North Conway Village. 1 hour, 1¾ and 5 to 5 ½ hour roundtrip excursions. Coach, First Class and First Class dining options on both the Notch and Valley Trains.

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• 3-hr. round trip on eco-friendly biodiesel or historic steam trains, with one hour at the summit to enjoy activities. • Lively on-board tour with knowledgable guides • Free admission to the new Cog Railway Museum at the base • 150th Anniversary Events! Visit for details

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New Hampshire’s Symbols HIGHEST PEAK

6,288 FEET



“Live free or die”

STATE FLOWER PURPLE LILAC Syringa vulgaris, adopted in 1919.






adopted in 2006.



square miles








adopted in 2009.






Purple Finch ADOPTED IN 1957.


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Region 7


Great North Woods

Independent Spirit

Lower taxes and housing prices drew Christian and Sara Hodges to Berlin, but it was the landscape that ultimately won them over.

Christian and Sara Hodges

Christian and Sara Hodges moved to Berlin after Christian got out of the military back in January. He now works at the local Walmart and Sarah remotely as a teacher. Christian had been stationed in Maryland for the previous two years, and Sara had moved from California to be with him about a year ago. Sara says Christian has been studying for an electronics engineering degree online, and New Hampshire seemed to have a lot to offer. “Not so much in the Berlin area,” says Sara, “but Berlin had more affordable houses, so we chose here until he could finish his degree.” They say they love the mountain and river scenery,

relatively low taxes, low crime rates and relaxed gun laws. Also, says Sara, “There seem to be more small businesses than chain stores. New Hampshire seems like a great opportunity for people with an entrepreneurial spirit.” We’ve only been here a few months, so we haven’t done much exploring but we love the shops on Berlin’s Main street,” says Sara. “We only wish there were more of them.” But hands down, the biggest plus for the Hodges is summed up in two words: “The landscape, Sara exclaims, “The hills, the rivers, the lakes — everything is gorgeous.”

First Connecticut Lake at The Glen in Pittsburg


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The Great North Woods region is a wonderland for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The northernmost section of the state has the fewest people but plenty of hidden gems that are well worth exploring, whether you enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing or even just long drives through gorgeous scenery. Once home to a booming paper mill industry, this region is undergoing an outdoor tourism renaissance. Ride a network of snowmobile trails in the winter, and in the summer drive on 1,000 miles of trails via ATV at Bear Rock Adventures in Pittsburg. Head to Jericho Mountain State Park for more ATV fun and the annual Jericho ATV Festival held in August. Nearby, the Connecticut Lakes Natural Area has more than 25,000 acres on tap for fishing and other outdoor activities. Hit the rapids with ELC Outdoors, or sign on for one of their many other guided adventures. In Berlin, connect with current arts and culture at the St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts.

courtesy photo; bottom photo by Jerry Monkman


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Craftsmen’s Fair 86th Annual

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by Erica Thoits, managing editor at New Hampshire Magazine

Four Seasons of Events


Summer » Let’s get the shameless self-promo-

tion taken care of right at the start. New Hampshire Magazine’s Best of NH Party is possibly the most efficient way to learn about the state’s top restaurants, breweries, distilleries and so much more. If you can eat or drink it, then it’s likely represented at this statewide bash. Each year, we celebrate the winners of our annual Best of NH poll during an evening of food, fun and live music. June 27, Northeast Delta Dental Stadium, Manchester. Get tickets and more information at

The town of Kingston is celebrating its 325th anniversary with a full day of

activities, including an old-fashioned baseball game, road race, brewfest, live


Destination NH | 2019

New Hampshire Magazine’s annual Best of NH Party

June, Sugar Hill area. Visit for more information.

music and, the pièce de résistance, the 30-foot bonfire complete with a car on top. Yes, a car. This is actually the rekindling of a popular 50-year tradition that ended in the late 1980s. This year, state lawmakers gave Kingston the green light to bring back this unusual spectacle. June 29. Visit tickets.beerfests. com/event/kingston-325th-beer-festbonfire for tickets and information.

For some truly hard-to-find brews, head to the Newport Nano Brewfest, where dozens of the best local, brewer-owned breweries will offer samples. June 15, Newport Town Common. Find it on for tickets and more information.

It doesn’t get more postcard-perfect than fields of blooming lupine. The Celebration of Lupines features a number of events that take place in and around gorgeous Sugar Hill. Enjoy horse-drawn wagon rides through the fields, open air markets, music, story tellers, artisan demonstrations and more in some of the state’s loveliest small-town settings. The month of

The Prescott Park Arts Festival is a massive, months-long series of concerts, plays, outdoor movie nights, a brewfest, chili competition and more. From June through the early fall, there’s something going on for the entire family. Most events take place in Portsmouth’s Prescott Park. Visit for a complete schedule and more information.

Best of NH Party photo by Kendall Bush

un in New Hampshire comes in many forms — from fairs that celebrate our agrarian roots and summer music festivals to wine-tasting benefit galas and snow-sculpting competitions. Here are some of New Hampshire Magazine’s favorite, can’t-miss, big events, plus some of the smaller, perhaps quirkier happenings that often fly right by the tourists.

The Jaffrey Festival of Fireworks

Though the NH Music Festival lasts for a month and takes place in several venues, this celebration of classical music tends to take people by surprise. The NHMF presents world-class performances of symphonic, choral and chamber music that are meant to be accessible for all. Concerts mostly take place in Plymouth and Wolfeboro. July 2-August 1. Visit for a complete schedule of events.

Opera North is a New Hampshire gem,

Opera North photo by Lars Blackmoore

Portsmouth Halloween Parade photo by P.T. Sullivan

though it’s somewhat under recognized. This summer you can catch performances of “Macbeth” (August 4-10, Lebanon Opera House) and “Pirates of Penzance” (July 26-28, Blow-Me-Down Farm), but if you want to build some real artistic cred, don’t miss the Hoe Down at Blow-MeDown Farm. For the second year, Big Apple Circus director Mark Lonergan and a team of professional circus artists

each summer, local company Atlas Fireworks closes out the season with a bang — lots of them, actually. Jaffrey Festival of Fireworks, August 17, Silver Ranch Airpark, Jaffrey. Visit for more information. One of the most charming Fourth of July celebrations is held in historic New Boston. This cherished tradition has taken

place for 89 years. It starts with the barn dance, and continues to July 4 with an award-winning parade, chicken barbecue, music, games and fireworks. Visit for more information.

Fall » Fall is fair season in New Hampshire,

and if you want a taste of tradition, then consider one of the oldest and most iconic fairs we’ve got — the 142-yearold Deerfield Fair. September 26-29,

For small-town fall celebrations, consider the delightful Apple Harvest Day in downtown Dover (October 5, dovernh. org/apple-harvest-day), the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off and Regatta on the banks of the Piscataquog River in Goffstown (October 19-20;, the Warner Fall Foliage Festival (72nd annual festival on October 11-13, or the smaller Sandwich Fair in Center Sandwich (October 12-14, will team up with Opera North to create a unique blend of acrobatics and opera music. The location itself is a historic part of the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park, which Opera North is turning into a new, exciting venue. July 12-14, BlowMe-Down Farm, Cornish. Visit for tickets and more information. Who doesn’t love fireworks? At the end of

Fall in New Hampshire wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin festival. One of the biggest is NH Pumpkin Festival in Laconia. This year’s celebration of our official state fruit is from October 18-19. Trust us, you’ve never seen so many jacko-lanterns in one place. The’re a ton going on here — see for a complete schedule of events.

The early-October Milford Pumpkin Festival is a little smaller in scope, but is no less fun, and this year it’s celebrating 30 years of pumpkin-tainment. Most events are held right on the charming Milford Oval in the heart of the small town. Enjoy fireworks, the giant pumpkin weigh-in, a talent show, craft fairs and more at this charming celebration. October 11-13, In September, two can’t-miss festivals take place in vastly different areas of the state. On the Seacoast, the annual Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, happening in early September, is your chance to stuff yourself silly with everything from lobster rolls to fried scallops. See for more information. Up north, get your kilt and head to the New Hampshire Highland Games, taking place from September 20-22 at Loon Mountain in Lincoln. More than 50 clans gather to compete in Scottish heavy athletics, enjoy good food, music and more. Visit nhscot. org for a complete list of events. Halloween enthusiasts should not miss the

Portsmouth Halloween Parade, a commu-

nity tradition that’s currently celebrating its 25th year. All are welcome to participate in this all-inclusive event, but you better be on top of your costume game. Group theme costumes are not uncommon, so get creative with your friends and family. Just no motorized vehicles allowed. Learn more at

Four Seasons of Events Winter » If you’re not into snow sports, no worries — there’s

plenty of other fun to be had during the cold months. For holiday celebrations, you really can’t beat the incredible month-long series of events in downtown Portsmouth called Vintage Christmas. Not only is this a premier local shopping destination, the city is filled with music, the Candlelight Stroll, theater and more. Visit for a complete schedule. A smaller, but no less charming historical Christmas experience can be had during the Christmas at Canterbury weekends at the Canterbury Shaker Village. Ride in the horse-drawn sleigh, sing carols, sip on hot cider or take in live music. See for more information. Wine lovers will be glad to know there are back-toback wine festivals in January and February. First is New Hampshire Wine Week (typically late January;, which is capped off with the phenomenal Winter Wine Spectacular to benefit Easterseals New Hampshire. The month-long Winter Wine Festival (late January through February) is a series of tastings, dinners and other events held at the Wentworth by the Sea Hotel & Spa in New Castle. See winterwinefestival. com for details.

The magic of wild lupine in Sugar Hill

You can’t avoid the snow, so embrace it at the annual Snow Sculpting Competition held in Jackson. Weather permitting, this is usually held in late January or early February. Dozens of New England’s most talented sculpting teams will carve up snow to make amazing works of art. See for more information. A lesserknown winter celebration happens in early February at the Colebrook Winter Carnival. Enjoy the pancake breakfast, ice carving demonstrations, snow bocce and more. See for more information.

Spring » At first glance, spring (we call it “mud season”) seems

like a slow time in New Hampshire, but if you look closely, there’s still plenty going on. First of all, warmer days mean the sap is flowing and maple syrup can be made. Don’t let anyone fool you — Vermont may have the maple rep, but we’ve got plenty of the local sweet stuff. The mid-March/early-April New Hampshire Maple Weekends are your chance to visit working sugar houses (there are over 60) to see how maple syrup is made. See for details. On the cusp of spring and summer is the Chowderfest & Brews celebration at Waterville Valley. Held in Town Square in late May, area restaurants compete for the coveted Golden Clam and regional brewers offer samples.


Destination NH | 2019

Enjoy a wide variety of activites at the Milford Pumkin festival

New Boston’s Fourth of July Parade

Right Bottom: Heritage Maple Farm photo by Jenn Bakos Right Top: New Boston Fouth of July photo by Laura Bernard

Bottom Left: Milford Pumpkin Festival photo by Wendy Wood

This is an excellent way to welcome the new season. Learn more at As spring just starts to turn into summer, head to beautiful little Peterborough (seriously, it’s just oozing quintessential New England charm — so much so it was the basis for Thorton Wilder’s play “Our Town.”) for The Thing in Spring and *broke: The Affordable Arts Fair. From

June 5 to 9, enjoy an eclectic lineup of music, theatre, yard sales, art exhibits, food and more. See thethinginthespring. com for a complete schedule. Are you sensing a food theme here? A fitting finale is ChocolateFest, held in mid March in Grantham. This elegant evening is your chance to enjoy chocolate and wine (yes, they go together — trust us)

along with hor d’oeuvres. See for details. This is a small sample of events. Visit for music, theater, festivals, fairs, community events, gallery openings, benefits and so much more happening all year long in every corner of the state. For more detailed event information, visit

Heritage Maple Farm Destination NH | 2019


by Melanie Hitchcock, editor of Parenting New Hampshire Magazine

A Statewide Playground


rom the mountains to the ocean, and everywhere in between, New Hampshire is home to numerous familyfriendly attractions, museums, parks and educational centers where the focus is on fun. You won’t run out of things to do or places to go, no matter the season. Below are ParentingNH’s picks for places to go for family fun and our hidden gems, places you may not have heard about even if you are a longtime resident.

Seacoast »

Hidden gem: The Seacoast Science Center, located in Odiorne State Park in Rye, is far from the hustle and bustle of the beaches and offers some of the best ocean views. The focus of the marine education organization is on teaching folks of all ages about why it is crucial to keep the ocean clean. Programs and exhibits are offered year-round. Visit for program information.

Merrimack Valley »

Canobie Lake Park: Canobie Lake Park in Salem has been keeping families entertained for generations. The park, which opens in May, offers rides, including the newest roller coaster UNTAMED, water rides and shows and games for all ages and abilities. In late September, the park embraces its spooky and ghoulish side when Screemfest opens. 30

Destination NH | 2019

Hidden gem: The Robert Frost Farm in Derry, a National Historic Landmark, was home to the venerable poet and his family from 1900-1911. Tours, displays, a trail and poetry readings are all available. A great place if you are looking for less adventure and more leisure. Programs are offered to the public at no charge.

Monadnock » Monadnock State Park: Monadnock State Park in Jaffrey offers year-round recreational activities including hiking,

Robert Frost Farm photo by Wendy Wood

Water Country: Water Country in Portsmouth is New England’s largest water park and one of the best places to cool off during the summer. The park features 26 acres of attractions for all ages, including several for smaller children. While your kids are riding on the water slides, you can grab a raft and relax in the whirlpool. Water Country is open June through early September. More information and a calendar can be found at

camping, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. It’s also a great spot for a picnic if you want to put your feet up for a while and let the kids do the hiking. Hidden gem: The Cheshire Children’s Museum in Keene keeps kids busy with several exhibits and programs. The museum focuses on educating about the community and highlights places in the Monadnock region. Visit for the daily calendar and more information.

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee » Adventure Park at Mount Sunapee: The Adventure Park at Mount Sunapee in Newbury boasts numerous ways to have an outdoor adventure and gets your adrenaline flowing. Soar above the trees on a zipline or stay closer to the ground and play 18-hole championship disc golf, among other activities. Open May through October. Hidden gem: If you are interested in Native American history and culture, then plan a visit to Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner this summer. The museum hosts special events and programs May through October, including the annual Powwow held in July.

Great North Woods »

Pittsburg: One of the northernmost towns in the state boasts a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, which includes fishing, hiking and biking. Pittsburg is also known for its miles of ATV and snowmobile trails. It’s not uncommon to see wildlife such as deer and moose while you ride in the deep snow or take on the muddy trails. Plus food, fuel and lodging are available along the way. Hidden gem: Beaver Brook Falls Wayside in Colebrook is a 7-acre spot popular with hikers and picnickers. The park is always open, but staffing may be limited during certain times of the year. The falls are breathtaking any time of year; this state park is a popular spot for weddings and reunions because of the picturesque surroundings.

Beaver Brook Falls in Colebrook

Lakes » Weirs Beach: While there are things to do

all year round, The Weirs really comes to life during the summer with several attractions for families, a boardwalk, places to eat and, of course, the beach. Motorcycle Week is only one of many annual events on the calendar. And be sure to hit Funspot in Laconia, which is a little more than a mile from Weirs Beach. Billed as the world’s largest arcade, it’s home to many classic arcade games and a museum. Hidden gem: The New Hampshire Boat Museum in Wolfeboro teaches visitors of all ages about boating history and boating life in the Granite State. In addition to exhibits and programs, you can sign up for a family, youth or adult boat-building workshop. Open Memorial Day through Columbus Day.

White Mountains »

courtesy photos

Conway Scenic Railroad: Hop aboard a train and have an authentic railroad experience. Journey on historic rail routes, try out a dining excursion on the rails or take an unforgettable scenic trip through Crawford Notch. The season opens in April, with special events through December including Santa’s Holiday Express and Railfans’ Weekend. For a complete schedule, visit Hidden gem: Get outside and experience natural beauty that started forming millions of years ago at Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves in North Woodstock. Explore the gorge at night during a guided lantern tour or take your kids for a hands-on learning adventure. Open May through October. Destination NH | 2019


Story by Erica Thoits

photo by John Hession

Arts and Culture Snapshot

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park in Cornish


Destination NH | 2019

For more information

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at Go to: page 62 for additional listings.


courtesy photo

hen thinking about New Hampshire, you’re forgiven if farmland and mountains come to mind rather than provocative plays and gallery openings. Yes, our forests, lakes, oceans, mountains and other sites of natural beauty are some of the big perks to calling the Granite State home. But if you’re ready to trade your muddy hiking boots for dress shoes (or just regular sneakers), then you’re in luck — a vibrant arts scene awaits discovery. New Hampshire has a history of inspiring great artists, such as the mid-19th century painters of the White Mountain School and writer, naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Today, New Hampshire continues to draw and showcase talent from New Hampshire and beyond. Though you’ll find artists and galleries all over the state, a great place to start is at McGowan Fine Art in Concord. This contemporary gallery has been a home to local and New England artists — in a variety of mediums — since 1980. For those on the Seacoast, Nahcotta in Portsmouth has become a mainstay since its opening in 2000. Returning to the White Mountains, 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center in Bethlehem is part gallery, part entertainment space and part studio housed in an 1877 church. For 50 years, the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery at Keene State College has hosted work by local and international artists, and provided a gathering place for students, artists, educators and patrons. In Manchester, two newcomers to the city (which is already home to the renowned Currier Museum of Art) are already doing big things. Kelley Stelling Contemporary gallery is located on Elm Street and Jupiter Hall on Hanover Street is an intriguing multipurpose venue. Perhaps it’s something in the water (or granite) that makes New Hampshire a continuous source of artistic inspiration. In the western corner of the state is the charming town of Peterborough, itself inspiration for the Thornton Wilder play “Our Town” (which, by the way, you can occasionally catch at the historic Peterborough Players, founded in 1933). Here, tucked into the woods, is the renowned MacDowell Colony, a retreat for artists of all types. Founded in 1907, it is the oldest such retreat in the country. Over the years it has supported composers, authors, painters, filmmakers, poets and more from

Willa Cather to Michael Chabon. Each year in August on Medal Day, the public is welcome (with free admission) to explore the grounds. You can also attend the ceremony where the Edward MacDowell Medal is awarded to “an artist of enduring vision and creativity.” Five poets from New Hampshire served as US Poets Laureate, including iconic New England poet Robert Frost. The RobCurrier Museum of Art in Manchester

ert Frost farm in Derry still stands, and its grounds are open to the public. Take a tour, listen to a reading or simply walk along the trails through the landscape that inspired his writing. In fact, Frost attributed many of his poems to his years spent at this two-story white clapboard farmhouse. The Granite State’s poetic tradition continues with the help of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, which hosts an annual poetry fest in September at Manchester’s New Hampshire Institute of Art. It’s also a great resource for other poetry events happening around the state. Continuing in the vein of the written word, New Hampshire also claims a number of famous authors: John Irving,

J.D. Salinger, Grace Metalious and Jodi Picoult are among them. Aspiring authors will want to hook up with the NH Writer’s Project, which organizes meet-ups, workshops, readings, book clubs, conferences, socials and much more. If you want to find a literary event or like-minded folks, then check out this excellent local organization. Lest you think it’s all painters and wordsmiths, New Hampshire is no stranger to the performing arts. The historic Peterborough Players were mentioned earlier, but there are two other places to soak up a unique mix of small-town New Hampshire charm, history and great performances. Along with the Players, the New London Barn Playhouse and the Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth represent three of the oldest — and most respected — summer theaters in the country. All three opened back in the 1930s, and each is home to excellent companies and cherished traditions. If you want more history with your plays, musicals, concerts, film screenings or comedy shows, nearly each region of the state has a beautiful, fully restored historic venue. Among them are the two Colonial Theatres, one in Keene and one in Bethlehem, The Music Hall in Portsmouth, The Palace Theatre in Manchester and The Rochester Opera House in Rochester. Music of all genres is in no shortage, but New Hampshire happens to have an abundance of ways to enjoy classical music. With the New Hampshire Philharmonic, Symphony NH, the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra and the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra, you’re able to enjoy a huge range of performances around the state. One of the summer festival season’s crown jewels is the New Hampshire Music Festival, which aims to make classical music accessible to all with a month of concerts. Fans of the blues should follow the Granite State Blues Society for the lowdown on concerts and festivals, and jazz lovers will want to catch a show at Pittman’s Freight Room in Laconia or the Purple Pit Coffee Lounge in Bristol. Finally, one of the state’s hidden gems mixes nature, history, art and music together at one gorgeous estate. The Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish is the former home of one of America’s premier artists, sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Spend a summer day strolling the incredible grounds and galleries that are peppered with over 100 of his artworks. We could go on, but consider this an excellent starting point to understand our cultural roots and vibrant present. Destination NH | 2019 33

t es B

Photos and story by Susan Laughlin New Hampshire Magazine food editor (unless otherwise noted)


New Restaurants There’s no better way to quickly learn about the state’s excellent dining scene than with New Hampshire Magazine’s annual Best New Restaurants. Food Editor Susan Laughlin travels to all corners, keeping track of what’s new and exciting, finally paring it down to her essential list of where to eat right now.

For more food coverage and recommendations, visit 34

Destination NH | 2019

Nimi Idnani

Raleigh Wine Bar & Eatery » Portsmouth

At Raleight Wine Bar and Eatery in Portsmouth, find creative, elegant food expertly paired with natural wines.

All it took was a wine appreciation course in college for proprietor Nimi Idnani to rethink her career plans. Ever since, the 31-year-old has been traveling and studying wine and hopes to eventually attain Master of Wines level. At Raleigh, a modern, bright white space with large windows offering views of Memorial Bridge, Idnani works with her chef, Jeremy Glover, planning exquisite bites that pair perfectly with her wine collection of about 80 carefully selected bottles — many naturally produced — from Alsace to Germany to the Loire Valley. There is also a nice selection of wines by the glass, focusing on complexity. Find more than cheeses and charcuterie, as the menu changes often, offering a short selection of clever entrées, a foie gras with streaks of cocoa appetizer and a blue fin toro tuna tartare covered with thinly sliced cucumber dusted with baby basil flowers. There is even a goat dish, which surely has a wine to match. Not to miss: soft boiled egg appetizer blended with spices, all carefully returned to the shell and topped with trout roe. Opens at 4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, 10:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday with a brunch menu. 67 State St., Portsmouth (603) 427-8459, Destination NH | 2019




New Restaurants

Farm root vegetables with red quinoa and beet hummus at Table + Tonic in North Conway

Table + Tonic Heather Chase and Russ Van Deursen, owners of The Local Grocer, are featuring their concept of healthy food with an upscale twist in the space next door. Produce is sourced from their own permaculture farm, and breads are made in-house with organic grains and eggs. At the bar, find “Garden-to-Glass” cocktails designed with an herbalist’s skill with herbs and fruits from their Mountain Flower Farm in Intervale. And say “yes” to the kombucha cocktails, while the mocktail menu is creative and perfect for those who would enjoy a thirst-quenching tonic without the booze — think dandelion shrub. The menu caters to all kinds of dietary needs and tastes, offering options such as beet ravioli with cashew cheese for vegans, vegetarian dishes that change with the seasons, and dishes for those who follow a paleo or gluten-free diet. Respect is also given to conscientious omnivores, who will find sustainable seafood and local grass-fed beef. The wholesome feel is further enhanced by plating on rustic, handthrown stoneware. Relish in the menu, as dining here takes the guilt level down a few notches. Not to miss: dairy- and gluten-free beet ravioli. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday, open at 5 p.m. for dinner. Enjoy their café next door for breakfast and lunch. 13358 White Mountain Hwy., North Conway (603) 356-6068,


Destination NH | 2019

photos by Bruce Leutters

» North Conway

Greenleaf » Milford

If you’re interested in discovering local, farm-to-table dining, then you need to know the name Keith Sarasin. For years, he’s championed local sourcing and farms, eventually founding the Farmers Dinner, a farm-to-table event planning company that hosts seasonal dinners around the state. His latest venture, Greenleaf, which he opened with Chef Chris Viaud, is a celebration of local, fresh and seasonal ingredients, sourced from New Hampshire and New England farms whenever possible. Find an exciting, but approachable menu with a nod to regional classics as well as ever-changing seasonal dishes. — Erica Thoits

54 Nashua St., Milford

Susan went this weekend – has photos

It’s all about what’s local and seasonal at Greenleaf in Milford. Destination NH | 2019




New Restaurants Osteria Poggio » Center Harbor

Once the sous chef at the Local Eatery in Laconia, Kaylon Sweet now manages his own spot in the former Coe House/Lavinia’s in Center Harbor. The interior was beautifully redone a number of years ago, and little was changed to disturb it. A great feature are the two bars, one upstairs and one down, that offer convivial meeting spots for casual dining, while the sophisticated rooms with French wallpaper suggest a place for a more relaxed meal. Sweet focuses on Italian food, his personal favorite, as he trained, in part, at the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence. All pastas are housemade, including a sausage ravioli with meatballs and braised pork with artichoke ravioli. Even the pizza, hot from the wood-fired oven, is given a special touch and served on a wooden board. Pastry Chef Bella Price is a wizard with panna cotta and gelato, packing the flavors of the season into the dessert course, while bar manager Andy McClure creates his own bitters, shrubs and even a Pernod-style liqueur for building inventive cocktails. Not to miss: meatballs and ravioli, a fall-inspired panna cotta and Professor Plum cocktail while dining in the cupola atop the building. Reserve it and tip well, as it’s three flights up. Open for dinner 5 p.m., closed Monday, while brunch on Sunday is a new option. There’s the best of both worlds at Osteria Poggio in Center Harbor — find casual fining in the cozy bars, or enjoy an elegant meal in the dining rooms.


Destination NH | 2019

18 Main St., Center Harbor (603) 250-8007,

Cornerstone Artisanal Pizza & Craft Beer » Portsmouth

This is so much more than another pizza joint. The old Frank Jones Brew Yard buildings have been renovated over the past couple of years into a hip center for businesses of all sorts. Cornerstone is located inside a multi-use building, and features the original brick walls and a few mechanical contraptions, now just wall art. Cornerstone was started in Ogunquit, Maine, but this location has expanded the menu beyond their tasty wood-oven pizza to main dishes featuring duck breast or seafood, sticky ribs apps and interesting sandwiches piled with butternut squash. Enjoy it all in this multilevel inviting space. Chef Andrew Morin has been given the reins to up the ante, plus find a nice selection of craft brews on tap. Not to miss: The duck entrée of the day. Open at 11:30 a.m. daily for lunch and dinner. 110 Brewery Ln., Portsmouth (603) 294-0965,

In addition to the wood-fired pizza, find entrées like the dish pictured above — duck breast with bordelaise sauce, butternut squash purée, quinoa and wild rice, beechwood mushrooms, almond crust and a honey coriander glaze.

Destination NH | 2019




New Restaurants 1750 Taphouse » Bedford

Here is a prime example of what’s happening in the New Hampshire food scene. The former Tek-Nique, which was known for elegant dining, was cleared out, from the too-tiny bar to the white tablecloths. In its place is a lively, completely reimagined casual restaurant with a much larger bar — in fact, it’s the focal point. Behind the bar is an impressive draft list featuring 40 craft beers, many of them local. The star of the menu is the brick-oven pizza, but other dishes, such as burgers and larger entrées, are offered too. Families fill the booths lining the walls and the bar is often hopping. Must be the perfect answer to a night out for a breadth of local citizenry. Not to miss: 1750 pizza with the works. Open for lunch and dinner, daily and Sunday brunch. 170 Route 101, Bedford (603) 488-2573, The 1750 Taphouse offers everything from brick-oven pizza to burgers and larger meals, plus a nice selection of local craft beer.


Destination NH | 2019


» Manchester

Casual and quick doesn’t mean poor quality, or at least it doesn’t at this Asian fusion restaurant. The ramen options – with housemade noodles – are hard to pass up, but if you can get beyond the comforting bowls, try the bao. They also have a nice selection of local beer, and the upbeat, modern atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. Noodz is the sister restaurant of local favorite Birch on Elm (located just down the street), an upscale tapas place with excellent craft cocktails.

photo by Emily Heidt

3968 Elm St., Manchester (603) 836-5878, Facebook.

Find trendy, comforting ramen at Noodz, plus other Asian dishes such as bao buns and dumplings.

Destination NH | 2019




New Restaurants Lure Bar and Kitchen A new partnership has taken over the former Banana Republic retail space, presenting another dining option in Portsmouth. They plan to focus on seafood, small, shareable plates, and offer a modest raw bar along with tinned seafood — such as squid in ink and smoked sardines from Spain — for a tapas feel. Chef Brendan Levin, formerly the chef at 3S Artspace, encourages folks to sit and nibble, as that’s the way he likes to eat. With a focus on an intriguing dining menu, also expect to see a nice selection of white and sparkling wines, while a variety of gins and gin cocktails will highlight the spirit offerings. Beverage manager Megan McNeil is crafting many of the ingredients, including bitters and tonic. The space centers on a large, white marble bar and a reclaimed wood accent wall, both fostering a casual beach atmosphere. Flip flops welcome! Not to miss: charcuterie plate with a glass of Cava. As of press time in early October, Lure Bar and Kitchen was scheduled to open later in the month. Opens at 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday; bar opens at 4:30 p.m. with light snacks. 100 Market St., Portsmouth (603) 373-0535, Facebook

Even More New Restaurants Antojitos Colombianos 173 Hanover St., Manchester (603) 623-3000, Facebook

Buba Noodle Bar

36 Lowell St., Manchester (603) 935-7864, Facebook

Chuck’s BARbershop (pictured right)

90 Low Ave., Eagle Square, Concord (603) 856-7520, Facebook


246 Main St., Tilton (603) 729-0062, Facebook

Cielito Mexican Restaurant

50 S. Main St., Bristol (603) 744-2044,

Cornerstone Artisinal Pizza & Craft Beer

110 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth (603) 294-0965, cornerstoneportsmouth. com

El Arroyo

292 Route 101, Amherst (603) 554-8393,

Little Brother’s Burger Company

420 Main St., New London (603) 877-0196, Facebook

Moko Japanese Steakhouse 2060 Woodbury Ave. Newington Hibachi tables, sushi, etc. (603) 374-7000,

Nomads Kitchen

9 Madbury Rd., Durham (603) 397-5539,

Peter Christian’s Tavern

195 Main St., New London New London’s favorite hangout is reopened in a totally renovated building. (603) 526-4042,

Salt & Lime

73 Emerald St., Keene Gourmet foodtruck (603) 355-7068,

Whiskey & Wine

Enjoy craft cocktails and a bite to eat in a speakwasy setting at Chuck’s BARbershop in Concord.

148 N. Main St., Concord (603) 715-8575, Facebook

For more information Go to: page 69 for additional restaurant listings. A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at


Destination NH | 2019

courtesy photo

» Portsmouth



NH Tool Kit



If you’re new to the state, then it’s good to rely upon the experience of others. The following pages contain a wealth of trusted resources, from doctors to lawyers and restaurants to state parks.

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Expert

Moving to a different state can be overwhelming, especially if you’re also new to the region as a whole. Getting a handle on the culture as well as the geography is no small task. While we can’t instantly download all of our Yankee lingo into your repertoire, we can point you in the direction of some respected service providers. The following lists can help guide you toward finding a new doctor, dentist, lawyer or assisted living facility. Learning the lay of the land is about more than filling needs — it’s about knowing where to find fun too! The curated restaurant guide, arts and culture venues list and the list

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Expert

of our wonderful state parks are excellent starting points. Let

these be a jumping-off point for exploring your new home. Finally, chambers of commerce

are indispensable resources. We include a number of them to help introduce you to the state’s many vibrant business communities.

Destination NH | 2019





his list is excerpted from the 2018 USA topDentists™ list, a database that includes listings of more than 270 dentists and specialists in New Hampshire. The list is based

on thousands of detailed evaluations of dental professionals by their peers. The complete database is available at For more information, call (706) 364-0853; write PO Box 970, Augusta, GA 30903; e-mail or visit their website at

Endodontics Top Vote-getter

Douglas H. Moll New Hampshire Endodontics 6 Loudon Rd., Ste. 6. Concord, (603) 224-5553 Aneesa L. Al-Khalidi Granite State Endodontics 505 West Hollis St., Ste. 104 Nashua, (603) 883-3636 Nathan T. Decker Seacoast Endodontic Associates 150 Griffin Rd., Ste. 4 Portsmouth, (603) 431-5542 John W. Diune Southern New Hampshire Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry 305 Main St., Nashua, (603) 881-8282 Rachel L. Forbes Seacoast Endodontic Associates 150 Griffin Rd., Ste. 4 Portsmouth, (603) 431-5542 Eric L. Gotlieb Exeter Endodontics 19 Hampton Rd. Building B, Unit 9 Exeter, (603) 775-7775 Douglas J. Katz Katz Endodontics 1310 Hooksett Rd., Hooksett, (603) 628-2891 Mehrbod Kharazi Hudson Endodontics 182 Central St. Hudson, (603) 882-5455 Hongsheng Liu New England Endodontic Solutions 77 Gilcreast Rd., Ste. 2000 Londonderry, (603) 425-2307 Howard J. Ludington New England Endodontics & Implantology 288 Lafayette Rd. Portsmouth, (603) 483-3202 Michael J. Marshall Southern New Hampshire Endodontics 765 South Main St., Ste. 301


Destination NH | 2019

Manchester, (603) 624-9786 Rachel McKee Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd., Bedford, (603) 944-9196 Timothy B. Meyers Montshire Endodontics 367 Route 120, Unit B-3 Lebanon, (603) 643-6100 Christopher S. Mirucki Modern Endodontics 1-F Commons Dr., Ste. 39 Londonderry, (603) 552-3632 Michael R. Pauk DiBona Dental Group 19 Hampton Rd., Exeter, (603) 772-4352 Philip C. Shiere Seacoast Endodontic Associates 150 Griffin Rd., Ste. 4 Portsmouth, (603) 431-5542 C. J. Thomas II New Hampshire Endodontics 6 Loudon Rd., Ste. 6 Concord, (603) 224-5553 Peter D. Tziros Tziros Endodontics 1650 Elm St., Ste. 403 Manchester, (603) 668-3636 Matthew B. Walsh New Hampshire Endodontics 6 Loudon Rd., Ste. 6 Concord, (603) 224-5553

General Dentistry Top Vote-getter

Rochelle H. Lindner Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd., Bedford, (603) 944-9196 Slava Abdelrehim Greenwood Dental 112 Spit Brook Rd., Ste. C Nashua, (603) 809-4541 John J. Ahern Ahern, Nichols, Ahern Hersey & Butterfield Family Dentistry 30 Pinkerton St., Derry, (603) 432-5039

Andrew C. Albee Suncook Dental 119 Pembroke St., Pembroke, (603) 485-2273 Charles E. Albee Suncook Dental 119 Pembroke St., Pembroke, (603) 485-2273 Janet Allaire Allaire & Greer 85 Merrimac St., Portsmouth, (603) 436-6922 Michael Ambra Alliance for Dental Care 40 Winter St., Ste. 201 Rochester, (603) 332-7300 Shannon N. Arndt 280 Pleasant St., Ste. 4 Concord, (603) 228-4456 Leonard M. Attisano 700 Lake Ave. Ste. 12 Manchester, (603) 668-0227 Jonas T. Aviza 1 Pillsbury St., Ste. 203-A Concord, (603) 226-2995 Silvio Balzano Dover Dental Associates 2 Ridge St., Dover, (603) 743-3500 Charles C. Banister 1 Birch St., Derry, (603) 432-3335 Thomas J. Bara Bara Dental 62 West Main St., Hillsboro, (603) 464-4100 Brandon Beaudoin Mondovi Dental Hudson 5 George St., Hudson, (603) 889-8499 Steven R. Bengtson Freese & Bengtson Family Dentistry 16 Wall St., Concord, (603) 228-3384 Christopher Benton Benton Family Dental 157 Portsmouth Ave. Ste. 4 Stratham, (603) 772-3264

Brenda D. Berkal 4 Birch St.,Derry, (603) 734-5072 William A. Bilodeau 76 Northeastern Boulevard, Ste. 27-A Nashua, (603) 881-4022 Christopher T. Binder Generations Dental Care 9 Triangle Park Dr. Ste. 3 Concord, (603) 225-6331 Derek R. Blackwelder Winnisquam Dental 944 Laconia Rd., Winnisquam, (603) 528-1212 Kristine E. Blackwelder Winnisquam Dental 944 Laconia Rd. Winnisquam, (603) 528-1212 David A. Bloom New England Dental Arts 1 Manor Parkway Salem, (603) 893-6120 Scott F. Bobbitt 76 Allds St., Ste. 6 Nashua, (603) 882-3001 David A. Bogacz White Park Dental 102 Pleasant St., Ste. 3 Concord, (603) 225-4143 Richard C. Bolduc Auburn Family Dentistry 7 Raymond Rd., Auburn, (603) 483-8123 Thomas Borbotsina 179 Lowell St., Ste. 2 Manchester, (603) 625-5781 Carl M. Boscketti Exeter Family Dental Care 193 High St., Exeter, (603) 772-3351 Leslie A. Bouvier 394 High St., Ste. 1 Somersworth, (603) 692-1112 Cheryl A. Boyd Locust St., Dental Center 303 Locust St., Dover, (603) 749-2424 locustSt.,

Paul R. Brand Brand & Sawicki 13 Town West Rd. Plymouth, (603) 536-4900

Melissa Dennison Highland Family Dental 166 Plaistow Rd., Unit G-1 Plaistow, (603) 382-6976

Harjeet S. Brar Brar Family Dentistry 33 BRd., St. Nashua, (603) 889-0601

Michael R. Dion 24 Pinkerton St. Derry, (603) 434-0040

Ronald C. Brenner New Boston Dental Care 52 High St. New Boston, (603) 487-2106 Evelyn M. Bryan 765 South Main St., Ste. 202 Manchester, (603) 622-0279 Richard A. Calvin Calvin Dental Associates 25 Buttrick Rd. Ste. A-2 Londonderry, (603) 434-2700 Joseph Cariello Dovetail Dental Associates 282 Route 101 Amherst, (603) 673-6526 Robert W. Christian Keystone Dental Arts 263 Route 108 Somersworth, (603) 692-9229 Sylvia A. Christian Granite Family Dentistry 1558 Hooksett Rd., Ste. 4 Hooksett, (603) 485-4855 Cara Coleman Coleman Family Dental Care 1 Overlook Dr., Ste. A-3 Amherst, (603) 673-4102 Salvatore F. Colletta Nashua Smile Makers 76 Allds St., Nashua, (603) 882-3727 Bruce R. Courtney Jr. 920 2nd St. Manchester, (603) 668-7494 Bruce A. Cronhardt Bow Family Dentistry 514 South St. Bow, (603) 224-3151 Paul Decker 35 South Park St. Hanover, (603) 643-5405 Soheila F. Degieux Penacook Family Dentistry 345 Village St. Penacook, (603) 753-6371 James P. DeLeo IV Chestnut Family Dental 745 Chestnut St. Manchester, (603) 622-7173

Mukunda Dogiparthi Sterling Smiles 76 Northeastern Boulevard, Ste. 29-B Nashua, (603) 459-8127 Ernani S. Domingo Bay St., Family Dental 33 Bay St. Manchester, (603) 624-1342 baySt., Richard T. Dumas Dover Dental Associates 2 Ridge St. Dover, (603) 743-3500 Debra M. Dunn Bedford Village Dental 4 Bell Hill Rd. Bedford, (603) 472-8381 Douglas Duval 1142 Somerville St. Manchester, (603) 622-9225 Audrey P. Elliott New Boston Dental Care 52 High St. New Boston, (603) 487-2106 Jeffrey N. Fasulo Fasulo & Lafontaine 60 Main St., Ste. 330 Nashua, (603) 886-2700 George T. Felt Meredith Dental 9 Northview Dr. Meredith, (603) 279-6959 Anne B. Filler 31 Lowell Rd. Windham, (603) 898-2072 James Fishbein 2456 Lafayette Rd. Portsmouth, (603) 436-9908 Nick I. Fleury Circle Dental 173 Route 104, Ste. A Meredith, (603) 515-4060

Kelly M. Ginnard 155 Dow St., Ste. 401 Manchester, (603) 296-2329 Whitney E. Goode Goodwin Community Health 311 Route 108 Somersworth, (603) 749-2346 Renée L. Goodspeed Alliance for Dental Care 40 Winter St., Ste. 201 Rochester, (603) 332-7300 Timothy J. Goslee Great Bay Dental Care 48 North Main St., Newmarket, (603) 659-3341 Marc A. Greer Allaire & Greer 85 Merrimac St., Portsmouth, (603) 436-6922 Salvatore Guerriero Nashua Smile Makers 76 Allds St., Nashua, (603) 882-3727 Kit R. Gurwell Perry Family Dental Care 18 Elm St., Antrim, (603) 547-4059 William Guthrie Bedford Dental Care 207 Meetinghouse Rd., Ste. 3 Bedford, (603) 625-2193 Carol M. Haddad 313 Canal St., Manchester, (603) 627-6826 Richard B. Hanson 505 West Hollis St., Ste. 211 Nashua, (603) 880-9000 Jill Harrison Evergreen Dental Care 101 Shattuck Way, Ste. 5 Newington, (603) 436-9200 Paul E. Harvey Jr. Harvey Dental Practice 610 Islington St., Portsmouth, (603) 436-7810 E. Thomas Hastings Hastings Dental Health 116 Monadnock Hwy., Swanzey, (603) 357-7707

Robert Fromuth Fromuth and Langlois Dental 765 South Main St., Ste. 102 Manchester, (603) 644-3368

Hubert W. Hawkins IV Dr. Hugh’s Dental 209 Cottage St., Ste. 1 Littleton, (603) 444-4141

William L. Gagnon Mondovi Dental Hudson 5 George St. Hudson, (603) 889-8499

Matthew S. Heimbach Abenaki Dental Care 1 Hampton Rd.,Ste. 305 Exeter, (603) 583-4533

Gordon F. Geick 50 Nashua Rd., Ste. 104 Londonderry, (603) 432-2961

Audrey A. Herod Merrimack Dental Associates 382 Daniel Webster Hwy., Merrimack, (603) 424-6131

Andrea Herold Herold Family Dentistry 313 Islington St., Portsmouth, (603) 436-3718 Neil S. Hiltunen North Hampton Dental Group 2 Juniper Rd. North Hampton, (603) 964-6300 Michael J. Hochberg Greater Nashua Dental Connections 31 Cross St. Nashua, (603) 879-9314 Joshua D. Howard JD Howard Dental 375 6th St. Dover, (603) 749-0636 Eugene S. Hulshult Jr. 54 South St. Concord, (603) 228-0123 Tamatha L. Johnson Brentwood Dental Designs 1 Brickyard Square Ste. 5 Epping, (603) 679-3679 Ashleigh F. Jones Lakes Region Dental Care 25 Country Club Rd. Gilford, (603) 524-8250 B. Chandler Jones Lakes Region Dental Care 25 Country Club Rd. Gilford, (603) 524-8250 Donna L. Kalil Kalil & Kress Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 303 Amherst St. Nashua, (603) 880-7004 Kenneth J. Kalil Kalil Dental Associates 25 Indian Rock Rd., Ste. 1 Windham, (603) 434-0090 Robert S. Karelitz 400 Central Ave. Dover, (603) 749-6053 Melissa A. Kennell Children’s Dentistry 369 Hounsell Ave. Ste. 1 Gilford, (603) 527-2500 Puneet Kochhar Alliance for Dental Care 40 Winter St., Ste. 201 Rochester, (603) 332-7300 Beth A. Kress Kalil & Kress Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 303 Amherst St. Nashua, (603) 880-7004 Heidi L. Kurland Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 944-9196

Destination NH | 2019




Alan D. Lajoie 75 Gilcreast Rd. Ste. 108 Londonderry, (603) 434-9329 Stephen L. Langlois Fromuth and Langlois Dental 765 South Main St., Ste. 102 Manchester, (603) 644-3368 Adam J. Lankford Bedford Dental Care 207 Meetinghouse Rd., Ste. 3 Bedford, (603) 625-2193 Robert J. LaRocque 76 Northeastern Boulevard, Ste. 35-A Nashua, (603) 883-6010 Matthew C. Leighton Family-Focused Dentistry 102 Ponemah Rd., Ste. 2 Amherst, (603) 673-7950 Samuel J. Lemeris Greatview Dental 14 Hampton Rd. Exeter, (603) 778-9630 Keith M. Levesque Levesque Dentistry 193 Kinsley St. Nashua, (603) 547-9203 Tara Levesque-Vogel Levesque Dentistry 193 Kinsley St. Nashua, (603) 547-9203 John L. Lombardi Lombardi Family Dentistry 77 Gilcreast Rd., Ste. 1004 Londonderry, (603) 434-8800 Gordon R. Loveless Jr. Bedford Dental Care 207 Meetinghouse Rd., Unit 3 Bedford, (603) 625-2193 Jody B. Low 89 Locust St. Dover, (603) 742-5805 John C. Machell 505 West Hollis St., Ste. 202 Nashua, (603) 882-9881 Nikki-Jo Magnifico Bow Family Dentistry 514 South St. Bow, (603) 224-3151 Brian T. Maguire North Hampton Dental Group 2 Juniper Rd. North Hampton, (603) 964-6300 Robert M. Maguire Jr. 376 North Main St., Wolfeboro, (603) 569-1140 John J. Maloney Jr. 4 Lake Shore Dr. Seabrook, (603) 474-9506


Destination NH | 2019

Nellita M. Manley Piscataqua Dental Partners 288 Lafayette Rd. Building A Portsmouth, (603) 431-4559

Michael J. Paisner Paisner Dental Associates 78 Northeastern Boulevard, Ste. 5 Nashua, (603) 883-6546

Robert N. Marshall Aesthetic Dental Center 177 Pleasant St. Concord, (603) 224-1743

Jonathan C. Palazzo 1140 Somerville St. Manchester, (603) 624-4313

Barry F. McArdle 118 Maplewood Ave., Ste. B-7 Portsmouth, (603) 430-1010 Craig F. McBeth 650 Court St. Keene, (603) 357-1748 Jennifer A. McConathy 51 Webb Place, Ste. 200 Dover, (603) 617-4492 Barton E. McGirl 30 High St. Hampton, (603) 758-6000 Daphnie Mercado Chestnut Family Dental 745 Chestnut St. Manchester, (603) 622-7173 James M. Nash North Hampton Dental Group 2 Juniper Rd. North Hampton, (603) 964-6300 Julie J. Nash North Hampton Dental Group 2 Juniper Rd. North Hampton, (603) 964-6300 David A. Ness 8 Clark Way, Ste. A Somersworth, (603) 692-2045 Jay A. Nesvold Atlantic Family Dental 278 Lafayette Rd., Building E Portsmouth, (603) 430-9009 Lindsey M. O’Connor Goffstown Dental Associates 40 South Mast St. Goffstown, (603) 497-3656 Daniela R. O’Neill O’Neill Dentistry 8 Stiles Rd. Salem, (603) 894-5494 Raymond Orzechowski Jr. 280 Pleasant St., Ste. 4 Concord, (603) 228-4456 Joshua T. Osofsky Family Dental Care of Milford 154 Elm St. Milford, (603) 673-3332 Eliot L. Paisner Paisner Dental Associates 78 Northeastern Boulevard, Ste. 5 Nashua, (603) 883-6546

Paul Pasternack Granite Dental Group 8 Century Pines Dr. Barrington, (603) 664-7850 Greg A. Perry Perry Family Dental Care 372 West St. Keene, (603) 831-7057 Stephan L. Peterson Peterson’s Family Dental 240 Locust St. Dover, (603) 742-6546 Janice E. Pilon 35 South Park St. Hanover, (603) 643-5405 Charles Pipilas 280 Main St., Ste. 311 Nashua, (603) 881-8280 James R. Predmore 2 Buck Rd., Ste. 4 Hanover, (603) 643-8300 Sree J. Raman Smiles by Design 222 River Rd. Manchester, (603) 669-6131 Nicholas C. Rizos 103 Riverway Place Bedford, (603) 669-4384 James R. Rochefort 801 Central Ave., Ste. 5 Dover, (603) 742-0711 Laurie A. Rosato 6 Loudon Rd., Ste. 2 Concord, (603) 228-9276 Christiane M. Rothwangl Rothwangl Dental Care 174 Route 101 Ste. 1 Bedford, (603) 472-5733 Richard M. Roy 103 Main St., Wilton, (603) 654-2555 Carmen V. Santana Bay Breeze Dentistry 14 Manchester Square, Ste. 215 Portsmouth, (603) 610-8765 James V. Savickas 704 Milford Rd., Route 101-A Merrimack, (603) 880-0712 Marian Sawicki Brand & Sawicki 13 Town West Rd., Plymouth, (603) 536-4900

Joseph E. Sheehan 155 Dow St., Ste. 401 Manchester, (603) 623-0641 Christopher N. Skaperdas Skaperdas Dental 101 Webster St. Manchester, (603) 668-0244 Amanda Smith Family Dental Care of Milford 154 Elm St. Milford, (603) 673-3332 Elizabeth S. Spindel Spindel General and Cosmetic Dentistry 862 Union St. Manchester, (603) 669-9049 Lesleyann M. Splagounias Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 944-9196 David B. Staples Garrison Family Dental 801 Central Ave., Ste. 5 Dover, (603) 742-8844 Jason E. Sudati Amoskeag Family Dentistry 316 South Main St. Manchester, (603) 627-1301 Nathan A. Swanson Newmarket Dental 60 Exeter Rd., Building 100 Ste. 105 Newmarket, (603) 659-3392 Ronald F. Szopa 753 Chestnut St., Manchester, (603) 669-6843 Jonathan H. Terhune 58 Franklin St. Franklin, (603) 934-5503 Jyoti Thapa Belknap Dental Associates 40 Chestnut St., Ste. 2 Dover, (603) 742-4735 Denise Tong Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 944-9196 Stephen C. Ura Center for Dental Excellence 74 Northeastern Boulevard, Ste. 19 Nashua, (603) 886-5500 Jeffrey R. Vachon Vachon Dental 57 Webster St. Manchester, (603) 627-2092 Richard E. Vachon Vachon Dental 57 Webster St. Manchester, (603) 627-2092

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New Hampshire Magazine

27 Loop Road in Merrimack | 52 High Street in New Boston | 603-424-1199 |



Hossein Vaez Goffstown Dental Associates 40 South Mast St. Goffstown, (603) 497-3656 Randall G. Viola Nashua Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry 1 Trafalgar Square Ste. 103 Nashua, (603) 880-3000 Harvey Weener Landmark Dental Care 283 BRd., St. Nashua, (603) 882-7312 Donald R. Welsh Jr. 320 Union St. Portsmouth, (603) 436-2144 Judith A. Whitcomb Nashua Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry 1 Trafalgar Square Ste. 103 Nashua, (603) 880-3000 K. Drew Wilson Family Dental Care of Milford 154 Elm St. Milford, (603) 556-4399 Joseph L. Wingate 75 Gilcreast Rd. Ste. 104 Londonderry, (603) 434-5150 Erik H. Young Derry Dental Associates 7 Peabody Rd., Derry, (603) 434-4962

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Top Vote-getter

Mark G. Hochberg Manchester Oral Surgery 27 Sagamore St. Manchester, (603) 622-9441 Mark D. Abel Manchester Oral Surgery 27 Sagamore St. Manchester, (603) 622-9441 Rocco R. Addante Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care One Medical Center Dr. Lebanon, (603) 650-5150 Vincent M. Albert Great Bay Oral Surgery Associates 150 Griffin Rd., Ste. 2 Portsmouth, (603) 431-8427 Christopher J. Auty Great Bay Oral Surgery Associates 150 Griffin Rd., Ste. 2 Portsmouth, (603) 431-8427

Marshall A. Baldassarre Baldassarre Oral Surgery & Periodontal Center 404 Riverway Place Bedford, (603) 624-8042

Salman Malik Granite State Oral Surgery 80 Nashua Rd. Building C Londonderry, (603) 432-3308

Cameron Braasch NHOMS 33 Trafalgar Square, Ste. 201 Nashua, (603) 595-8889

Nader Moavenian NHOMS 33 Trafalgar Square Ste. 201 Nashua, (603) 595-8889

Louis F. Clarizio Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center 566 Islington St. Portsmouth, (603) 436-8222 Karen E. Crowley 12 Parmenter Rd., Unit A-2 Londonderry, (603) 437-7600 Daniel H. DeTolla Seacoast Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center 200 Griffin Rd., Ste. 8 Portsmouth, (603) 436-3608 Sotirios Diamantis Lowell, Nashua & Chelmsford Oral Surgery Associates 20 Cotton Rd., Ste. 202 Nashua, (603) 595-9119 Amy D. Field Lowell, Nashua & Chelmsford Oral Surgery Associates 20 Cotton Rd., Ste. 202 Nashua, (603) 595-9119 Shauna L. Gauthier Oral Surgery of New England & Dental Implant Center 96 High St. Laconia, (603) 527-1700 David J. Greene Greene, Torio, Madden & Decoteau 39 Simon St., Ste. 11 Nashua, (603) 883-4008 Charles H. Henry 40 Mechanic St., Keene, (603) 352-1973 Keith C. Kealey Upper Valley Oral Surgery 16 Airport Rd. West Lebanon, (603) 298-7557 Christopher King 801 Central Ave. Ste. 1 Dover, (603) 842-4222 Robert C. Kuepper 5 Sheep Davis Rd. Pembroke, (603) 224-7831 Rachel Madden Drs. Greene, Torio, Madden & Decoteau 39 Simon St., Unit 11 Nashua, (603) 883-4008

Dave C. Pak Seacoast Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center 123 Washington St. Rochester, (603) 332-0818 Peter P. Reich White Birch Oral Surgery 44 Dover Point Rd., Ste. C Dover, (603) 740-1414 Richard J. Rosato Capitol Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 6 Loudon Rd., Ste. 204 Concord, (603) 225-0008 Mark M. Scura Concord Oral Surgery 194 Pleasant St., Ste. 13 Concord, (603) 225-3482 Jeffrey D. Stone Lowell, Nashua & Chelmsford Oral Surgery Associates 20 Cotton Rd., Ste. 202 Nashua, (603) 595-9119 A. Jose Torio Greene, Torio, Madden & Decoteau 39 Simon St., Ste. 11 Nashua, (603) 883-4008 Thomas A. Trowbridge Lowell, Nashua & Chelmsford Oral Surgery Associates 20 Cotton Rd., Ste. 202 Nashua, (603) 595-9119 Patrick B. Vaughan Concord Oral Surgery 194 Pleasant St., Ste. 13 Concord, (603) 225-3482

Orthodontics Top Vote-getter

E. Diane Shieh Amherst Orthodontics 5 Overlook Dr., Ste. 6 Amherst, (603) 672-0844 Gregory L. Baker Baker Orthodontics 18 Buck Rd., Hanover, (603) 643-1552 John E. Beinoras 25 Country Club Rd., Ste. 6-A Gilford, (603) 524-4663


Destination NH | 2019

Suren Chelian Chelian Orthodontics 29 Riverside St., Ste. D Nashua, (603) 882-6100 Douglas J. Elliott Elliott Orthodontics 27 Loop Rd., Merrimack, (603) 424-1199 Timothy Finelli Seacoast Orthodontics 45 Lafayette Rd.,Ste. 14 North Hampton, (603) 964-2220 Paras Gosalia Monadnock Orthodontics 154 Hancock Rd. Peterborough, (603) 924-3040 Dennis C. Hiller Hiller Orthodontics 175 Cottage St. Littleton (888) 445-5372 Paul D. Johnson III Mehan & Johnson Orthodontics 113 Mammoth Rd., Ste. 1 Manchester, (603) 623-8003 Alan F. Kennell Kennell Orthodontics 783 North Main St., Ste. 2 Laconia, (603) 524-7404 Jason S. Lenk Lenk Orthodontics 12 Mathes Terrace Durham, (603) 868-1919 Gary S. Lindner Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 944-9196 Philip M. Mansour Goffstown Area Orthodontics and Weare Orthodontics 17A Tatro Dr., Ste. 103 Goffstown, (603) 497-4605 William A. Mehan Mehan & Johnson Orthodontics 113 Mammoth Rd., Ste. 1 Manchester, (603) 623-8003 Lance R. Miller Rindge Orthodontic Specialists 31 Sonja Dr., Ste. 5 Rindge, (603) 899-3392 Sogole S. Moin Moin Orthodontics 765 South Main St., Ste. 302 Manchester, (603) 699-4503 Thomas Montemurno 73 Pleasant St., Manchester, (603) 622-5841

Donald J. Neely Hanover Orthodontics 7 Allen St., Ste. 300 Hanover, (603) 643-1200

Nina B. Casaverde Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd., Bedford, (603) 944-9196

Hugh R. Phillis 505 West Hollis St., Ste. 201 Nashua, (603) 889-2520

Andrew T. Cheifetz Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire 7 State Route 101-A Amherst, (603) 673-1000

Tracy Pogal-Sussman Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 944-9196 Rachel J. Polgrean Apple Tree Orthodontics 1-F Commons Dr., Ste. 36 Londonderry, (603) 434-0190 Lioubov G. Richter 155 Pleasant St. Concord, (603) 225-5242 Danielle C. Ross Windham Orthodontics 25 Indian Rock Rd., Ste. 14 Windham, (603) 216-1188 Manuel J. Sousa Salem Centre for Orthodontix 32 Stiles Rd., Ste. 211 Salem, (603) 898-4722 Patricia B. Timmeny Apple Tree Orthodontics 1-F Commons Dr. Ste. 36 Londonderry, (603) 434-0190 Michael E. Vermette Vermette Orthodontics 2 Wall St. Concord, (603) 224-9119 Brad C. Watterworth Watterworth Orthodontics 230 Lafayette Rd., Building D Portsmouth, (603) 431-7616

Pediatric Dentistry

Top Vote-getter

Luis S. Englander Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 944-9196 Roger A. Achong Concord Pediatric Dentistry 16 Foundry St., Ste. 101 Concord, (603) 224-3339 Ashley A. Brown Lindner Dental Associates 72 South River Rd., Bedford, (603) 944-9196 Patrick F. Capozzi Concord Pediatric Dentistry 16 Foundry St., Ste. 101 Concord, (603) 224-3339

Elliot C. Chiu Concord Pediatric Dentistry 16 Foundry St., Ste. 101 Concord, (603) 224-3339 Nilfa Collins Collins Dentistry for Children 100 Bridge St. Pelham, (603) 635-1166 Jennifer Creem Core Pediatric Dentistry 5 Hampton Rd. Exeter, (603) 773-4900 Lindsay Decker Core Physicians Five Hampton Rd. Exeter, (603) 773-4900 James F. Dickerson Pediatric Dentistry of Salem 389 Main St. Salem, (603) 893-5266 Danielle C. Hinton Concord Pediatric Dentistry 16 Foundry St., Ste. 101 Concord, (603) 224-3339 Nancy E. Jun Monadnock Pediatric Dentistry 56 Peterborough St. Jaffrey, (603) 532-8621 James C. McAveeney Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire 7 Route 101-A Amherst, (603) 673-1000 Viena G. Posada Puredontics 1950 Lafayette Rd., Ste. 301 Portsmouth, (603) 433-5677 Steven K. Rayes Just Kids Pediatric Dentistry 206 Heater Rd. Lebanon (802) 649-5210 Matthew B. Smith Children’s Dentistry 369 Hounsell Ave., Ste. 1 Gilford, (603) 527-2500

Periodontics Top Vote-getter

Michael D. Neal Bedford Commons Periodontics 303 Riverway Place Building 3 Bedford, (603) 623-6639 Pamela Z. Baldassarre Baldassarre Oral Surgery & Periodontal Center 404 Riverway Place Bedford, (603) 622-2526 Stephen Boone North Conway Periodontics 43 Grove St. North Conway, (603) 356-8282 Roland R. Bryan 769 South Main St., Ste. 100 Manchester, (603) 623-3800 Charles J. Burliss 29 Stiles Rd., Ste. 201 Salem, (603) 458-6886 Robert A. Fremeau 30 Canton St., Ste. 12 Manchester, (603) 668-6434 John R. Herrin New Hampshire Center for Periodontics 170 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 624-8787 Sharon E. Johnson 15 Daniel Webster Hwy. Belmont, (603) 524-9700 Craig J. McLaughlin 280 Main St., Ste. 411 Nashua, (603) 880-1707

Rory O’Neill New England Dental Arts 1 Manor Parkway Salem, (603) 893-6120

James D. Spivey Portsmouth Periodontics & Portsmouth Dental Implant Care 278 Lafayette Rd., Building E Portsmouth, (603) 436-7787 Tracey M. Vest Cornerstone Periodontics & Implants 153 Manchester St., Ste. 5 Concord, (603) 224-9474 Austin H. Wang Cornerstone Periodontics & Implants 153 Manchester St., Ste. 5 Concord, (603) 224-9474 Kate D. Wilson Coastal Periodontics 25 New Hampshire Ave., Ste. 285 Portsmouth, (603) 427-8383

Prosthodontics Top Vote-getter

Paul J. Connolly Bedford Center for Prosthodontics 169 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 625-6456 Michael R. Hamel 765 South Main St., Ste. 101 Manchester, (603) 668-3202

Richard Liu Evergreen Dental Care 101 Shattuck Way, Ste. 5 Newington, (603) 436-9200 Deborah M. Munoz Bedford Center for Prosthodontics 169 South River Rd. Bedford, (603) 625-6456 Lisa B. Schulman Seacoast Dream Dentistry 200 Griffin Rd., Ste. 9 Portsmouth, (603) 436-2951

Nomith T. Ramdev 69 Silver St. Dover, (603) 742-4123 Amy Rosania Seacoast Periodontics & Dental Implants 875 Greenland Rd., Ste. B-7 Portsmouth, (603) 294-0110 David Rosania Seacoast Periodontics & Dental Implants 875 Greenland Rd., Ste. B-7 Portsmouth, (603) 294-0110

For more information

Visit: for link to the USA topDentists database, plus other health and wellness coverage and resources. A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at Destination NH | 2019





or the 2019 top Doctors Poll, we selected national research firm Castle Connolly to conduct the survey process. Included are 334 doctors in 56 specialties, as

nominated by their peers, who cover a wide range of medical needs from pediatrics and cardiology to surgical care and obstetrics.

Key to Abbreviations

A Newcomer’s Guide from the

Many of the doctors featured in this survey practice in more Experts at hospital and many have private practices. Below than one is a list of the hospitals in the state and their abbreviations:

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center (BASC) Catholic Medical Center (CMC) Manchester Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene (Cheshire/DHK)

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord Hospital (Concord)

Barbara Lynn Deuell, M.D. PRH Allergy Associates of New Hampshire Portsmouth, (603) 436-7897 John N. Kalliel, M.D. Elliot, CMC Manchester Allergy Inc. Manchester, (603) 668-6444

Amit Kumar, M.D. SNHMC Southern New Hampshire Asthma and Allergy Nashua, (603) 577-3065 Kevin Roelofs, M.D. PRH Allergy Associates of New Hampshire Portsmouth, (603) 436-7897

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Connor Haugh, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.H.R.S. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC and SJH Manchester, (603) 669-0413


Destination NH | 2019

Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) (MCH) Peterborough

Nashua Ambulatory Surgical Center (NASC) New London Hospital (NLH) Parkland Medical Center (PMC) Derry Portsmouth Regional Hospital (PRH) (SNHMC) Nashua

Cottage Hospital (Cottage) Woodsville

St. Joseph Hospital (SJH) Nashua

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital

(DHMC) Lebanon

(UCVH) Colebrook

Elliot Hospital (Elliot) Manchester

Valley Regional Healthcare (VRH) Claremont Wentworth-Douglass Hospital (WDH) Dover

Exeter Hospital (Exeter) A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at

Allergy & Immunology

Lakes Region General Hospital (LRGH) Laconia

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

(CHaD) Manchester

Keith Loud, M.D., M.S.C. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9663

Frisbie Memorial Hospital (FMH) Rochester

Monadnock Community Hospital

(APDMH) Lebanon

Adolescent Medicine

Franklin Regional Hospital (FRH)

Daniel M. Philbin Jr., M.D., F.A.C.C., F.H.R.S. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC Manchester, (603) 669-0413

Robert Dewey, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC, Huggins Hospital and Bedford Manchester, (603) 669-0413

Cardiovascular Disease

Louis Fink, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC and Bedford Manchester, (603) 669-0413

Bruce W. Andrus, M.D., M.S. DHMC, Gifford Medical Center Lebanon, (603) 650-5724

Steven P. Beaudette, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC, SJH and Huggins Hospital Manchester, (603) 669-0413 Craig Berry, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC, SJH Nashua, (800) 437-9666 Jeffrey Field Bleakley, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC and PMC Manchester, (603) 669-0413 Robert Capodilupo, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC Manchester, (603) 669-0413 Wendi Cardeiro, M.D., F.A.C.C. SNHMC Foundation Cardiology Nashua, (603) 577-2039

Philip Fitzpatrick, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at MCH and CMC Peterborough, (603) 663-6888 James M. Flynn, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC and PMC Manchester, (603) 669-0413 Gregory M. Goodkin, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 773-9992 Stephen Hanlon, M.D., F.A.C.C. New England Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC and PMC Manchester, (603) 669-0413 Alan Ted Kono, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-2929 Kevin F. Kwaku, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-4590

Robert M. Lavery, M.D., F.A.C.C. Elliot Hospital Elliot Cardiovascular Consultants Manchester, (603) 627-1669 Jeffrey Taylor Lockhart, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Hospital Cardiac Associates, (603) 224-6070 Ayesha Nazeer, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Hospital Cardiac Associates, (603) 224-6070 Emil Martin Pollak Jr., M.D., F.A.C.C. Dartmouth-Hitchcock, LRH Cottage Hospital Littleton, (603) 444-9390 Steven L. Schwartz, M.D., F.A.C.C. SNHMC, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center Foundation Cardiology Nashua, (603) 577-2039

Child Neurology

Jan B. Wollack, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9669

Clinical Genetics

John B. Moeschler, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Manchester, (603) 629-8355

58 Hawthorne Dr, Bedford, NH 622-8619 |

Colon & Rectal Surgery John V. Flannery Jr., M.D. SNHMC Colon & Rectal Surgery of New England Nashua, (603) 577-3322 John C. Friel, M.D. SNHMC Colon & Rectal Surgery of New England Nashua, (603) 577-3322 Jeffrey R. Harnsberger, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Elliot Hospital Manchester, (603) 695-2840 Russell A. Strong III, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Surgical Associates, (603) 224-0584


Denise Marie Aaron, M.D. DHMC Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon, (603) 650-3108 Anthony J. Aversa, M.D. Concord Hospital Northeast Dermatology Associates Concord, (603) 224-2251 M. Shane Chapman, M.D. DHMC Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon, (603) 650-3108 James G. Dinulos, M.D. WDH, PRH Seacoast Dermatology, PLLC Portsmouth, (603) 431-5205 Michael D. Lichter, M.D. SNHMC Nashua Dermatology Associates Nashua, (603) 579-9648 Mollie A. MacCormack, M.D. SNHMC Foundation Skin Surgery and Dermatology at the Dermatology Center Nashua, (603) 883-8311 Jose Emilio Peraza, M.D., F.A.A.D. VRH, NLH, APDMH, Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Center Peraza Dermatology Group Claremont, (603) 542-6455 Robert B. Posnick, M.D. SNHMC Nashua Dermatology Associates Nashua, (603) 579-9648 Andrew E. Werchniak, M.D. WDH Seacoast Dermatology Dover, (603) 431-5205 Seacoast Dermatology, PLLC Portsmouth, (603) 431-5205

DevelopmentalBehavioral Pediatrics Nina Sand-Loud, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-6060

Diagnostic Radiology

Elizabeth Angelakis, M.D. CMC, Elliot Breast Care Center Bedford, (603) 663-5270 Southern NH Radiology Consultants Bedford, (603) 627-1663

Steven Brian Birnbaum, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Manchester, (603) 695-2850 William C. Black, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-7443 Michael Ciaschini, M.D. WDH, FMH Seacoast Radiology, PA Dover, (603) 516-1307 David Hou, M.D. Elliot, CMC Southern NH Radiology Consultants Bedford, (603) 627-1661 Shawn Rayder, M.D. WDH, FMH Seacoast Radiology, PA Dover, (603) 516-1307 Peter van der Meer, M.D. Elliot, CMC Southern NH Radiology Consultants Bedford, (603) 627-1661

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Barrett Chapin, M.D. LRGH Laconia Clinic Laconia, (603) 524-5151 Ellie Chuang, M.D. SNHMC Southern NH Diabetes and Endocrinology Nashua, (603) 577-5760 Richard J. Comi, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8630 Robert A. Levine, M.D., F.A.C.E. SJH Nashua, (603) 881-7141 Mini Mahata, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Hampton, (603) 926-1119 Sue A. Taylor, M.D. WDH Endocrinology & Diabetes Consultants Dover, (603) 742-1143

care in our hands

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Family Medicine

Mark J. Aronson, D.O. LRGH Lakes Region Family Practice Laconia, (603) 527-2969 Barbara A. Bates, M.D. Cheshire Medical Center DHK Keene, (603) 354-6763 Teri L. Brehio, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Hospital Family Health Center Hillsboro, (603) 464-3434 Annika Meith Brown, D.O. DHMC Dartmouth-Hitchcock Heater Rd., Lebanon, (603) 650-4000 David Buono, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Epping, (603) 693-2100 Mayumi Chatani-Hinze, M.D. SJH St. Joseph Hospital Family Medicine Nashua, (603) 883-7970

58 Hawthorne Dr, Bedford, NH 622-8619 | 58 Hawthorne Dr, Bedford, NH

622-8619 | RiverRoadPediatrics

58 Hawthorne Dr, Bedford, NH 622-8619 | Destination NH | 2019




David V. Ferris, D.O. Ammonoosuc Community Health Services Littleton, (603) 444-2464 John Edward Ford, D.O. Weeks Medical Center, LRH Whitefield, (603) 837-9005 Patricia T. Glowa, M.D. DHMC Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon, (603) 650-4000 Scott C. Jaynes, M.D. DHMC Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon, (603) 650-4000 James Gilliam Johnston II, M.D. DHMC Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebabnon, (603) 650-4000 Timothy G. Keenan, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Stratham, (603) 778-1620 Keith A. Lammers, M.D. Elliot Hospital Elliot Family Medicine at Amherst, (603) 249-3000 Richard J. O’Brien Jr., M.D. LRGH Belmont Family Health Belmont, (603) 528-0990 Michael A. Pangan, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 775-0000 Catherine Pipas, M.D. DHMC Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon, (603) 650-4000 Mark Reeder, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Kingston, (603) 642-3910 Andrew G. Tremblay, M.D. Cheshire Medical Center Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, (603) 354-6758

Gastroenterology Jack Thomas Bueno, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua, (603) 577-4081

Christopher N. Dainiak, M.D. PMC, CMC, BASC Granite State GI Consultants Derry, (603) 432-8802 Mark Detweiler, M.D. PMC Londonderry Gastroenterology Associates Londonderry, (603) 818-4712 Stuart R. Gordon, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5261 Marylyn Virginia Grondin, M.D. PRH Atlantic Digestive Specialists Portsmouth, (603) 433-2488 Hampton, (603) 758-1717 William E. Maher, M.D. WDH Atlantic Digestive Specialists Somersworth, (603) 692-2228 Srikrishna Nagri, M.D. SJH


Destination NH | 2019

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua Nashua, (603) 577-4081 Richard I. Rothstein, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5261 Robert A. Ruben, M.D. WDH, FMH Atlantic Digestive Specialists Somersworth, (603) 692-2228 Thomas M. Sherman, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 772-5528 Corey A. Siegel, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5261 Mark Jan Silversmith, M.D. CMC NH Gastroenterology Consultants Bedford, (603) 625-5744 Robert Daniel Thomson, M.D. Concord Hospital, MCH GI Associates - Concord Gastroenterology, (603) 228-1763

Geriatric Medicine

Samuel Joel Goldman, D.O. Elliot, CMC Senior Health Primary Care at Elliot Senior Health Center Manchester, (603) 663-7030

Gynecologic Oncology Leslie R. DeMars, M.D. DHMC, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester NLH, CMC Gynecological Oncology at DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-3530 Gynecological Oncology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester, (603) 695-2900 Gynecology at NLH New London, (603) 526-5450 Evelyn Fleming, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9300 Loyd Avery West, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9300

Hand Surgery

Paul C. Bettinger, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, (603) 354-5482 Roderick Bruno, M.D. Exeter Hospital, PRH, FMH Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 777-1000 Robert J. Heaps, M.D. SNHMC, Elliot, CMC, BASC, SJH, PMC, NASC The New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center Nashua, (603) 883-0091 Bedford, (603) 669-5454 H. Matthew Quitkin, M.D., M.B.A. PRH Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics Portsmouth, (603) 431-3575 Exeter, (603) 395-9335 Jinsong Wang, M.D., Ph.D. BASC, CMC, Elliot, PMC The New Hampshire Orthopaedic

Center Bedford, (603) 669-5454 Salem, (603) 898-0180


Laura Fox, M.D. PMC Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine Associates Derry, (603) 216-0400

Elizabeth M. Bengtson, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5529

Stephen K. Liu, M.D., M.P.H. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9500

Frederick Michael Briccetti, M.D. Concord Hospital, Elliot NH Oncology Hematology, PA Concord, (603) 224-2556 Hooksett, (603) 622-6484

Heather Lynn Marks, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Manchester, (603) 695-2600

Marc Gautier, M.D. DHMC, NLH Lebanon, (603) 650-5529 Kenneth Meehan, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-4628 Gary N. Schwartz, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-6181 Jill Marie Winslow, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, (603) 354-5466

Hospice & Palliative Medicine Lisa Ann Leinau, M.D. Cheshire/DHK Keene, (603) 354-6570

Sarah J. Macduffie, D.O. WDH Wentworth Health PartnersSupportive & Palliative Care Dover, (603) 740-3330 Suzana K. Makowski, M.D. Exeter Hospital Exeter, (603) 580-7568 Donald Byrne McDonah, M.D. SJH Nashua, (603) 882-3000

Infectious Disease

Alexander Granok, M.D., F.A.C.P. SNHMC Infectious Disease Associates & Travel Medicine Merrimack, (603) 429-1611 David Jay Itkin, M.D. PRH Appledore Infectious Disease Portsmouth, (603) 433-8733 James T. Noble, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord, (603) 230-1939

Internal Medicine John Alexander Batsis, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9500

Brian Andrew Binczewski, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Manchester, (603) 695-2600 Paul Richard Clark, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord, (603) 224-4003 Joseph Peter Cunniff, M.D. Elliot Hospital Elliot Internal Medicine Londonderry, (603) 434-1919 John J. Fothergill, M.D. North Country Medical & Wellness Colebrook, (603) 331-0500

M.T Charisse Marquez, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Manchester, (603) 695-2600 Kevin Y. Pho, M.D. SJH SJH Adult Medicine Nashua, (603) 891-4500 Donald E. Reape, M.D. SJH SJH Internal Medicine Nashua, (603) 595-3614 Kevin A. Silva, M.D., F.A.C.P. LRH North Country Healthcare Littleton, (603) 444-2002 Lijun Song, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC Manchester, (603) 695-2600 Vijaya Upadrasta, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Manchester, (603) 695-2600 Tanja VanderLinde, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord, (603) 224-4003

Interventional Cardiology

Jonathan Bridges, M.D., F.A.C.C. York Hospital, PRH Cardiovascular Care of NH and York Portsmouth, (603) 433-5300 York, Maine, (207) 363-6136 Newington, (603) 431-6691 Jeffrey Colnes, M.D., F.A.C.C. York Hospital, PRH Cardiovascular Care of NH and York Newington, (603) 431-6691 James DeVries, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5724 John E. Jayne, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5724

Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Emily R. Baker, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9306 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua Nashua, (603) 577-4300 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Specialty Care at Bedford Medical Park Bedford, (603) 695-2902 Jeffrey R. Johnson, M.D. WDH The Center for Medical Genetics Dover, (603) 516-0092

Medical Oncology Bradley Arrick, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-6181

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Mary Dickinson Chamberlin, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-6181 Peter H. Crow, M.D. Elliot, Concord Hospital NH Oncology Hematology PA Hookset, (603) 622-6484

Naresh Matta, M.D. FMH, PRH Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists Portsmouth, (603) 436-3433 Brian D. Remillard, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-3830

Gina M. DiVenuti, M.D. Elliot, Concord Hospital NH Oncology Hematology PA Hookset, (603) 622-6484

Ana Stankovic, M.D. PMC Center for Kidney and Metabolic Disorders Salem, (603) 890-2771

Konstantin Dragnev, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-6345

Neurological Surgery

Kathryn C. Hourdequin, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-9474 Gautami S. Rao, M.D. SNHMC, Massachusetts General Hospital Foundation Hematology/Oncology Nashua, (603) 886-7900 Keisuke Shirai, M.D., M.Sc. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5534 Zachary S. Spigelman, M.D. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, PMC Lahey Oncology and Hematology at Parkland Derry, (603) 537-2060 Salem, (603) 890-2750

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine James E. Gray, M.D., M.S. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-6063

Steven A. Ringer, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC, CMC Lebanon, (603) 653-6063


Kulli M. Barrett, M.D. FMH, PRH Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists Portsmouth, (603) 436-3433 Peter Cheung, M.D. Elliot, CMC Nephrology Associates, PA Manchester, (603) 641-5800 Michael Casimir Danielski, M.D. FMH, PRH Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists Rochester, (603) 332-7276 Sean W. Fitzpatrick, M.D. SNHMC, SJH Southern NH Nephrology & Hypertension Nashua, (603) 577-5377 Sucharit Joshi, M.D. FMH, PRH Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists Portsmouth, (603) 436-3433 Shiv Kumar, M.D. FMH, PRH Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists Rochester, (603) 332-7276


Destination NH | 2019

Perry A. Ball, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5109 David F. Bauer, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9880

N. Ross Jenkins, M.D. Elliot, Concord Hospital New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute Bedford, (603) 472-8888 Hulda Bra Magnadottir, M.D. APDMH Upper Valley Neurology Neurosurgery Lebanon, (603) 448-0447 Henry Pallatroni III, M.D. PRH Coastal New Hampshire Neurosurgeons Portsmouth, (603) 433-4666 Harold J. Pikus, M.D. APDMH, NLH Upper Valley Neurology Neurosurgery Lebanon, (603) 448-0447 Nathan E. Simmons, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5109 Paul P. Wang, M.D. CMC, Concord Hospital, Elliot New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute Bedford, (603) 472-8888


Jeffrey Allen Cohen, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5104 Barbara C. Jobst, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5104 Keith James McAvoy, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester, CMC Manchester, (603) 695-2940 Lara K. Ronan, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5104 Michele G. Rush, M.D. SMH, LRGH Speare Sleep Lab Plymouth, (603) 481-8724 Hillside Medical Park Sleep Center Gilford Geoffrey Starr, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 772-0345 Leslie Suranyi, M.D. LRGH Laconia Clinic-Hillside Park Location Gilford, (603) 524-2712

Vijay M. Thadani, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5104 Robert Thies, M.D. Elliot Elliot Neurology Associates Manchester, (603) 663-4800

Nuclear Medicine Jeffrey Mendel, M.D. PMC Salem Radiology Salem, (603) 890-2800

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Danielle Albushies, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Elliot, CMC Bedford Commons OB-GYN, PA Bedford, (603) 668-4646 Kristen L. Bannister, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Elliot, CMC Bedford Commons OB-GYN, PA Bedford, (603) 668-4646 Joan Crane Barthold, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9300 Valerie A. Bell, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua Nashua, (603) 577-4300 Mark A. Conway, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. SJH SJH OB/GYN Merrimack, (603) 883-3365 Timothy J. Fisher, M.D., M.S. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9300 Lara C. Hanlon, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Elliot, CMC Bedford Commons OB-GYN, PA Bedford, (603) 668-4646 Marc F. Leclair, M.D. Elliot, PMC Bedford, (603) 668-4646 David R. Levene, M.D. MCH Monadnock OB/GYN Associates Peterborough, (603) 924-9444 Kelly M. MacMillan, M.D. SJH OB/GYN Associates of Southern NH Merrimack, (603) 883-3365 St. Joseph Hospital Family Medicine & Specialty Services, Hudson, (603) 883-3365 Karen Kay Maynard, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. SNHMC Women’s Care of Nashua Nashua, (603) 577-3100 Heidi Meinz, M.D. Elliot Hospital Manchester Obstetrical Associates, PA Manchester, (603) 622-3162 Deborah Ann Mueller, M.D. FMH Caring Partners Obstetrics & Gynecology Rochester, (603) 335-6988 Sonja Nelson, M.D. PRH Harbour Women’s Health Portsmouth, (603) 431-6011

Polyxeni S. Rounds, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Elliot, CMC Bedford Commons OB-GYN, PA Bedford, (603) 668-4646 Jeffrey M. Segil, M.D. WDH Dover Women’s Health Dover, (603) 742-2424 Jennifer Weidner, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Elliot, CMC Bedford Commons OB-GYN, PA Bedford, (603) 668-4646 Fletcher R. Wilson, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Elliot, CMC Bedford Commons OB-GYN, PA Bedford, (603) 668-4646

Occupational Medicine Phillip B. Collins, M.D. APDMH Lebanon, (603) 448-7459


Anthony J. Correnti, M.D. Elliot, CMC New Hampshire Eye Associates Manchester, (603) 669-3925 Andrew Marc Garfinkle, M.D., Ph.D. LRGH Laconia Eye & Laser Center Gilford, (603) 524-2020 Warren Goldblatt, M.D. PRH, FMH Eyesight Ophthalmic Services Portsmouth, (603) 436-1773 Marsha Kavanagh, M.D. PRH, WDH Eyesight Ophthalmic Services Portsmouth, (603) 436-1773 Kimberly Licciardi, M.D. Elliot, CMC New Hampshire Eye Associates Manchester, (603) 669-3925 Patrick James Morhun, M.D., F.A.C.S. APDMH Lebanon, (603) 448-6008 Paul S. Musco, M.D. SMH White Mountain Eye Care & Optical Plymouth, (603) 536-1284 Patrick Joseph Riddle, M.D. SJH, SNHMC Nashua Eye Associates, PA Nashua, (603) 882-9800 Douglas R. Scott, M.D. LRGH Laconia Eye & Laser Center Gilford, (603) 524-2020 George J. Shaker, M.D. Elliot, CMC The Medical Eye Center, PC Manchester, (603) 668-2020 David Alan Weinberg, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Eye Center Concord, (603) 224-2020

Orthopaedic Surgery William A. Abdu, M.D., M.S. DHMC Spine Center Lebanon, (603) 650-2225

Uri Michael Ahn, M.D. CMC, Elliot New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute Bedford, (603) 472-8888 Eric Arvidson, M.D. Holy Family Hospital Essex Orthopaedics & Optima Sports Medicine Salem, (603) 898-2244 John-Erik Bell, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5133 Eric R. Benson, M.D. Elliot, CMC, PMC, BASC The New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center Bedford, (603) 883-0091 Londonderry, (603) 434-3118 Avnish Neil Clerk, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 778-7975 Jeffrey Clingman, M.D. LRGH Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists Gilford, (603) 528-9100 Alexander David Davis, M.D. PRH Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics Portsmouth, (603) 431-3575 Exeter, (603) 775-7575 Stephen J. Fox, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Orthopaedics, (603) 2243368 John M. Grobman, M.D. LRGH Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists Gilford, (603) 528-9100 Cherie Holmes, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, (603) 654-5482 Douglas M. Joseph, M.D. SJH The New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center Nashua, (603) 883-0091 Amherst, (603) 673-6065 Gregory Leather, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, (603) 654-5482 Glenn S. Lieberman, M.D. LRGH Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists Gilford, (603) 528-9100 Thomas F. McGovern, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 778-7975 Marc J. Michaud, M.D. Elliot, CMC, BASC, PMC The New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center Bedford, (603) 669-5454 Nashua, (603) 883-009 Mayo Noerdlinger, M.D., F.A.A.O.S. PRH, York Hospital Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Portsmouth, (603) 431-1121 Roger B. Nowak, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 778-7975

Anthony H. Presutti, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, (603) 654-5482

Arief Suriawinata, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-7211

Mark B. Silbey, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, (603) 354-5400

Wendy Wells, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-7211

Gregory W. Soghikian, M.D. CMC, Elliot, PMC, SNHMC, BASC, NASC The New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center Bedford, (603) 883-0091

Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

James C. Vailas, M.D. CMC, Elliot, PMC, SJH, SNHMC,BASC, NASC The New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center Bedford, (603) 883-0091 Salem, (603) 898-0810 Gavin R. Webb, M.D. WDH, FMH Seacoast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Somersworth, (603) 742-2007


James P. Bartels, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Elliot Hospital Manchester, (603) 622-3623 Benoit J. Gosselin, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8123 Peter Soon Ihm, M.D. Exeter Hospital, PRH Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 772-8208 Keith Jorgensen, M.D. PMC Dr. Jorgensen Professional Association Derry, (603) 432-8104 Christopher Knox, D.O. WDH, FMH Northeast ENT & Allergy Dover, (603) 742-6555 Christopher Ryder, M.D. VRH, Springfield Hospital Connecticut Valley ENT Claremont, (603) 542-5073 Andrew R. Spector, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Elliot Hospital Manchester, (603) 622-3623

Pain Solutions

James A. Mirazita, M.D. SNHMC, LRGH Pain Solutions Nashua, (603) 577-3003 Praveen Suchdev, M.D. SNHMC, LRGH Pain Solutions Nashua, (603) 577-3003


Stephen Brady, M.D. Northeast Dermatology Associates Portsmouth (978) 691-5690 James Samuel Smoot, M.D. Elliot Hospital Pathology Specialists of New England, PA Manchester, (603) 663-2583

Robert Walsh Hickey, M.D. PRH, WDH Allergy Associates of New Hampshire Portsmouth, (603) 436-7897

Pediatric Cardiology Naomi Gauthier, M.D. DHMC, WDH CHaD at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Dover, (603) 740-2366

Jenifer Glatz, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester CHaD Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Manchester, (603) 695-2745

Pediatric Endocrinology

Samuel J. Casella, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 653-9877

Pediatric HematologyOncology Julie Kim, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5541

Pediatric Nephrology

Matthew M. Hand, D.O. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Elliot Hospital Manchester, (603) 663-3222 Adam R. Weinstein, M.D. DHMC, WDH Lebanon, (603) 653-9884

Pediatric Surgery

Elizabeth S. Soukup, M.D. Elliot Hospital Manchester, (603) 663-8393


Andrew John Breen, M.D. PRH Pediatrics Associates of Hampton & Portsmouth Hampton, (603) 929-3838 Mark Dixon Carney, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord Concord Hospital Concord, (603) 226-6100 Adela M. De Vera, M.D. MCH Peterborough, (603) 924-7101 Alexandra DeBlasio Bonesho, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Epping, (603) 693-2100 Eileen Forrest, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 772-8900

Gregory Kaupp, M.D., F.A.A.P. SNHMC Medicine-Pediatrics of Nashua Nashua, (603) 594-6337 Stacey Kopp, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua Nashua, (603) 577-4400 Terri L. Lally, M.D. WDH Dover Pediatrics Dover, (603) 742-4048 Steven P. Loh, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 772-8900 Andrew Jeffrey Schuman, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua Nashua, (603) 577-4400

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Thomas M. Frates, M.D. CMC New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute Bedford, (603) 472-8888

Barry Charles Gendron, D.O. WDH, PRH Seacoast Area Physiatry Portsmouth, (603) 431-5529 Bruce Myers, M.D. WDH, PRH Seacoast Area Physiatry Portsmouth, (603) 431-5529

Plastic Surgery

Steven Lawrence Brown, M.D. CMC, Elliot, BASC BASC Bedford, (603) 232-2860 CMC Wound Care Center Manchester, (603) 663-6000 Mark B. Constantian, M.D., F.A.C.S. SJH, SNHMC Office of Dr. Mark B. Constantian Nashua, (603) 880-7700 Robert S. Feins, M.D. Elliot, CMC, BASC The Office of Dr. Robert S. Feins Manchester, (603) 647-4430 Charles J. Gaudet, M.D. PRH, York Hospital Piscataqua Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Portsmouth, (603) 431-5488 Wayne K. Stadelmann, M.D., F.A.C.S. Concord Hospital, CASC, NLH Concord Plastic Surgery Concord, (603) 224-5200 Dale C. Vidal, M.D., M.S. APDMH, DHMC Lebanon, (603) 443-9572


Paul Holtzheimer, M.D. DHMC, White River Junction VA Medical Center Lebanon, (603) 650-7075 Santharam Yadati, M.D. Elliot Hospital Elliot Behavioral Health Services Manchester, (603) 668-4079

Destination NH | 2019




Pulmonary Disease John P. Brennan, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians, Exeter, (603) 775-0234

Christopher C. Daigle, M.D., F.C.C.P. SNHMC, SJH Foundation Pulmonary Nashua, (603) 886-0290 Paul Deranian, M.D. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 775-0234 Sunil Dhunna, M.D. Elliot Hospital Elliot Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Manchester, (603) 663-3770 Richard I. Enelow, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5533 Joseph Hou, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock, CMC Manchester, (603) 645-6407 Stephen P. Imgrund, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Pulmonary Medicine Concord, (603) 224-9661 Harold Manning, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-5533 Muhammad Mirza, M.D. Elliot Hospital Elliot Pulmonary Medicine Associates Manchester, (603) 663-3770 David C. Picard, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Pulmonary Medicine Concord, (603) 224-9661 Concord Hospital Sleep Center Concord, (603) 230-5627

Radiation Oncology Alan C. Hartford, M.D., Ph.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-6600

Brian R. Knab, M.D. Elliot Hospital Radiation Oncology Associates Manchester, (603) 663-1800 Su K. Metcalfe, M.D. Concord Hospital Radiation Oncology Associates PA Concord, (603) 230-6100 Thomas Sheldon, M.D. Concord Hospital Radiation Oncology Associates PA Concord, (603) 230-6100

Reproductive Endocrinology/ Infertility

Joseph A. Hill III, M.D. PRH, Winchester Hospital Fertility Center of New England Reading, Mass., (781) 942-7000 Kristen Wright, M.D. Elliot, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center-Boston Boston IVF Bedford Fertility Center Bedford Salem Fertility Center


Destination NH | 2019

Salem Chelmsford Fertility Center Chelmsford, Mass., (800) 858-4832

Richard J. Barth Jr., M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-9479


Daniel A. Albert, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8622

Robert A. Catania, M.D., F.A.C.S. CMC The New England Weight Management Institute Manchester, (603) 627-1887

Christopher M. Burns, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8622

Esthia Giakovis-Sterling, M.D. Elliot Hospital Manchester, (603) 627-1102

Richard C. Chou, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8622

Lawrence M. Hoepp, M.D. Elliot, CMC Manchester, (603) 627-1102

Todd F. Dombrowski, M.D. Cheshire Medical Center, DHMC Keene, (603) 354-6570

William S. Laycock, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8010

Sherry A. Guardiano, D.O. Cheshire Medical Center, DHMC Keene, (603) 354-6570

Patrick Mahon, M.D., F.A.C.S. CMC, PMC, Elliot, SJH Surgical Care Group at CMC Manchester, (603) 627-1887

Daniel Kunz, D.O. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 777-1000 Irene Orzano, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Orthopaedics, PA Concord, (603) 224-3368 William F.C. Rigby, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8622 Hoke H. Shirley III, M.D. Concord Hospital, NLH Concord Orthopaedics, PA Concord, (603) 224-3368 Alicia J. Zbehlik, M.D., M.P.H. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8622

Sports Medicine

Patrick Casey, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Orthopaedics, PA Concord, (603) 224-3368 Christopher James Couture, M.D. SNHMC Victory Sports Medicine Merrimack, (603) 429-3155 Tahsin Ergin, M.D. Holy Family Hospital Essex Orthopaedics & Optima Sports Salem, (603) 898-2244 Jeffrey I. Kauffman, M.D.,F.A.A.O.S. LRH, Memorial Hospital Alpine Clinic Franconia, (603) 823-8600 Jonathan Mack, M.D. Elliot Hospital Elliot Orthopaedic Surgical Specialists Manchester, (603) 625-1655 Joshua Aaron Siegel, M.D. PRH Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics Exeter, (603) 775-7575


Stacey Abbis, M.D. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua, SJH Nashua, (603) 577-4141

Jennifer Lee Peppers, M.D. MCH Peterborough, (603) 924-4668 Alice Rocke, M.D. LRH Littleton, (603) 444-0997 Christopher Roseberry, M.D., F.A.C.S. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 775-7405 Kari M. Rosenkranz, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-7903 Tajammul Shafique, M.D., F.A.C.S. LRGH Lakes Region Surgical Associates, PC Gilford, (603) 528-1547 Jay W. Swett, M.D., F.A.C.S. Exeter Hospital Core Physicians Exeter, (603) 775-7405 Christopher M. Weinmann, M.D., F.A.C.S. LRGH Lakes Region Surgical Associates, PC Gilford, (603) 528-1547 Brent Carleton White, M.D. DHMC, Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Center Lebanon, (603) 650-8010 Andrew Wu, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.S.M.B.S. CMC Manchester, (603) 627-1887

Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery David J. Finley, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-8537 Jock N. McCullough, M.D. DHMC Lebanon, (603) 650-7390 Benjamin M. Westbrook, M.D. CMC, Elliot Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates Manchester, (603) 663-6340

Urogynecology/Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery Elisabeth A. Erekson, M.D., M.P.H. DHMC, CMC Specialty Care at Bedford Medical Park Bedford, (603) 629-8388 Deeptha Sastry, M.D. PRH Harbour Women’s Health Portsmouth, (603) 431-6011


James Betti, M.D. PRH, FMH Lahey Clinic Institute of Urology Dover, (603) 742-5011 William Bihrle III, M.D. DHMC, Manchester VA Medical Center Lebanon, (603) 650-5081 Sandy M. Chin, M.D. WDH Manchester Urology Associates at Dover Dover, (603) 742-1444 Scott J. Fabozzi, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care, (603) 224-3388 Christopher R. Girasole, M.D. Elliot, CMC Manchester Urology Associates, PA Manchester, (603) 669-9200 Elizabeth Ann Gormley, M.D. DHMC, APDMH Lebanon, (603) 650-6053 Sarah J. McAleer, M.D. Elliot, CMC Manchester Urology Associates, PA Manchester, (603) 669-9200 Michael J. Michaels, M.D. PRH, FMH Lahey Clinic Institute of Urology Dover, (603) 742-5011 Robert E. Mitchell, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care, (603) 224-3388 John J. Munoz, M.D. Elliot, CMC Manchester Urology Associates, PA Manchester, (603) 669-9200 William Farber Santis, M.D. Concord Hospital Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care Concord, (603) 224-3388 William A. Selleck, M.D. Elliot, CMC Manchester Urology Associates, PA Manchester, (603) 669-9200

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Patricia C. Furey, M.D., F.A.C.S. CMC A Newcomer’s Guide Vein & Vascular Specialists Bedford, (603) 665-5150

About castle Connolly and the selection process Castleat Connolly Medical Ltd. is a healthcare research and information from the Experts

Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. is a healthcare research and information company founded in 1991 by a former medical college board chairman and president to help guide consumers to America’s top Philip Goodney, M.D. doctors and top hospitals. Castle Connolly’s established nomination DHMC survey, research, screening and selection process, under the direction Lebanon, (603) 650-8193 of an MD, involves many hundreds of thousands of physicians, as Richard Powell, M.D. well as academic medical centers, specialty hospitals and regional DHMC, Exeter Hospital and community hospitals all across the nation. Castle Connolly’s Lebanon, (603) 650-8193 physician-led team of researchers follows a rigorous screening David Howard Stone, M.D. process to select top doctors on both the national and regional A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at DHMC levels. Its online nominations process — located at castleconnolly. Lebanon, (603) 650-8193 com/nominations — is open to all licensed physicians in America who are able to nominate physicians in any medical specialty and in any part of the country, as well as indicate whether the nominated physicians is, in their opinion, among the best in their region in their medical specialty or among the best in the nation in their medical specialty. Careful screening of doctors’ educational and professional experience is essential before final selection is made among those physicians most highly regarded by their peers. The result — we identify the top doctors in America and provide you, the consumer, with detailed information about their education, training and special A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at expertise in our paperback guides, national and regional magazine “Top Doctors” features and online directories.

Jeffrey P. Chapdelaine, M.D. SJH Nashua Radiology Nashua, (603) 882-3000 Joseph M. Ullman, M.D. Elliot, CMC Southern NH Radiology Consultants Bedford, (603) 627-1663

Vascular Surgery

James M. Estes, M.D. WDH, Wentworth Health PartnersCardiovascular Group Dover, (603) 516-4265

Doctors do not and cannot pay to be selected and profiled as Castle Connolly Top Doctors.

For more information Visit: for a link to the Castle Connolly ’s Guide from the Experts at Top Doctors searchable database and other useful health information.

Physicians selected for inclusion in New Hampshire Magazine’s “Top Doctors” feature may also appear online at castleconnolly. com, or in conjunction with other Castle Connolly Top Doctors databases online and/or in print.


r’s Guide from the Experts at APRIL 26 - MAY 9, 2019 VOL. 41 • NO. 9 • $1.75



A grand


The Mountain View Grand Resort was rebuilt with state financing help.? Can the Balsams

Q&A: Fisher Cats owner Art Solomon PAGE 31

Recovery centers model how to treat recovering PAGE 20 employees Remembering Mark Connolly



NH businesses stick to recycling despite glut

er’s Guide from the Experts at

Committed companies remain focused on sustainability BY BOB SANDERS

e? Learn to adapt ’ Faced with chang importance of ‘reinventing yourself NHBR event stresses the BY LIISA RAJALA

inevitable characterisAdapting to change is an in order to survive. tic each business must develop of the five panelists parThese were the wise words “Leading Through ticipating in NH Business Review’s April 16 at the ManchesChange” event on Tuesday,

ter Country Club in Bedford. years old? Reinvent“How do you get to be 100 vice president of ing yourself,” said Mark Fryberger, Grocers in Keene, which finance at C&S Wholesale “We like to say what started in 1918 in Massachusetts.

there. We recognize the got us here won’t get us we are, and the contripeople who got us to where the way have made, but butions all the people along that won’t get us there’s also the acknowledgement future.” to where we need to be in the taking chances, such as Adapting to change means and new ideas. investing in new technology that has been headVelcro, a worldwide brand the 1950s, had quartered in Manchester since with its pata 20-year market advantage 13 PAGE ent for LEADING THROUGH CHANGE, Susan Reeves, chief nursing executive at DartmouthHitchcock Health, was one of five panelists at NHBR’s Leading Through Change event. (Photo by Karen Bachelder)

98% of its waste. Hypertherm Inc. recycles of Northern New Coca-Cola Bottling Company Hannaford’s 79% inEngland is headed for 96%. waste. cludes recycling all of its food their recycling proWhile municipalities rethink businesses — at grams in light of falling markets, the environment — least those that care about game. seem to be stepping up their the Northeast Re“Recycling rules!” proclaims a nonprofit orgasource Recovery Association, promotes recynization based in Epsom that cling. “But the rules have changed.” about the reBy now, many have heard selling at half cycling glut. Cardboard is and glass the price it used to. Mixed paper have to pay to once fetched cash. Now you blue get rid of them. And that single-stream such room? Well, recycling box in the break of the current commingling is at the heart recycling dilemma. single stream to “We switched a long time ago,” said Colleen coFlaherty, communications ordinator for the Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire. “We got higher rates of recycling, but RECYCLING, PAGE 14

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In 2017, the first all-female, allDemocratic delegation headed to the Hill.


400 members from 204 legislative districts.




$82,000 TO BUILD.




The second largest













per term.



Best E

very year the national polling firm Woodward/White performs an exhaustive search for the country’s top attorneys and publishes their names in its comprehensive volume,

“The Best Lawyers in America.” The 2019 edition is complete, and here are the best of the best, their “Lawyers of the Year.”

Bet-the-Company Litigation Doreen F. Connor Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer Manchester

Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships) Peter Cline Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell Concord

Construction Law Kelly J. Gagliuso Gagliuso & Gagliuso Merrimack

Corporate Law

Scott W. Ellison Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson Manchester Michael D. Ruedig Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell Concord

Criminal Defense: General Practice Jaye L. Rancourt Brennan Lenehan Iacopino & Hickey Manchester

Criminal Defense: White-Collar Alan J. Cronheim Sisti Law Offices Portsmouth

Brian M. Quirk Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios Concord

Education Law Dean B. Eggert Wadleigh, Starr and Peters Manchester

Elder Law

Andrea L. Sennott Robinson, Boesch, Sennott & Masse Portsmouth

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law James P. Reidy Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green Manchester

Employment Law — Individuals Lauren S. Irwin Upton & Hatfield Concord

Francis G. Murphy Shaheen & Gordon Manchester

Employment Law — Management Andrea G. Chatfield Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson Manchester

Energy Law

Thomas B. Getz McLane Middleton Concord

Environmental Law Michael J. Quinn McLane Middleton Newington

Family Law

Judith A. Fairclough Orr & Reno Concord Ellen M. Joseph Ellen Joseph Law Manchester

Government Relations Practice Robert E. Dunn Jr. Devine Millimet & Branch Concord

Insurance Law Robert C. Dewhirst Devine Millimet & Branch Manchester Andrew D. Dunn Devine Millimet & Branch Manchester

Labor Law — Management David W. McGrath Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green Manchester

Land Use and Zoning Law Timothy E. Britain Cleveland, Waters and Bass Concord

Arnold Rosenblatt Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson Manchester

Litigation — Construction Matthew R. Johnson Devine Millimet & Branch Manchester

Litigation — Health Care Elaine M. Michaud Devine Millimet & Branch Manchester

Litigation — Intellectual Property Christopher Cole Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green Manchester

Litigation — Labor and Employment Daniel P. Schwarz Jackson Lewis Portsmouth

Litigation — Land Use and Zoning Nicholas J. Lazos Stebbins, Lazos & Van Der Beken Manchester

Robert H. Miller Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green Manchester

Litigation — Mergers and Acquisitions Kevin M. Fitzgerald Nixon Peabody Manchester

Litigation — Patent Jamie N. Hage Hage Hodes Manchester

Litigation — Trusts and Estates David P. Eby Devine Millimet & Branch Manchester


Gregory S. Clayton Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer Littleton

Medical Malpractice Law — Defendants Ronald J. Lajoie Wadleigh, Starr and Peters Manchester

Robert J. Lanney Sulloway & Hollis Concord

Medical Malpractice Law — Plaintiffs Holly B. Haines Abramson, Brown & Dugan Manchester

Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Personal Injury Litigation — Defendants Roy S. McCandless McCandless & Nicholson Concord

Gordon A. Rehnborg Jr. McDowell & Osburn Manchester

Personal Injury Litigation — Plaintiffs

Charles G. Douglas III Douglas, Leonard & Garvey Concord

Real Estate Law Morgan Hollis Gottesman & Hollis Nashua

Bryan L. Pellerin D’Amante Couser Pellerin & Associates Concord

Tax Law

Christopher J. Sullivan Rath Young Pignatelli Concord

Trusts and Estates John E. Hughes McLane Middleton Manchester

Thomas N. Masland Ransmeier & Spellman Concord

Workers’ Compensation Law — Claimants Maureen Raiche Manning Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman Manchester

Michael J. Drooff Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green Manchester

Nonprofit/Charities Law Rolf E. Goodwin McLane Middleton Manchester

Destination NH | 2019



Senior A


Care & Living

ccording to the 2015 US Census estimates, New Hampshire ties for the second oldest population when it comes to median age, a title we share with

Vermont – the median age in both states is at 42.8, with Maine just a step behind. In fact, we’ve traded this title with our neighbors over the years. There’s a litany of stats that show the state is aging, and as a result, it’s more than ready to offer its population anything and everything older residents may need — starting with a reason to be here. The “Live Free or Die” motto describes the attitude as well as a way of life for many New Hampshire retirees. There’s a robust feeling of independence here in the Granite State, which has to do with a tangible sense of being connected to the place and to its traditions. Like all of New England, the cost of living tends to run higher than the national average. Yet compared to some other parts of the Northeast, New Hampshire can be considered a bargain. The biggest plus is that the state’s income tax of 5 percent does not apply to salaries or IRA distributions. In addition, there is no general sales tax or personal income tax. When it comes to staying active, the Granite State has an abundance of natural beauty for retirees who appreciate the outdoors, including the majestic White Mountains, with more than 1,200 hiking trails, top-notch skiing and stunning fall foliage, more than 270 lakes and ponds for boating and fishing and six public beaches along its picturesque, 13 miles of seacoast that are perfect for sailing, swimming or simply enjoying the sun and sand. New Hampshire also has a large range of care options available to retirees, including about 30 hospitals, 28 assisted living facilities, 62 skilled nursing and rehab centers, and a plethora of medical and non-medical home care agencies. Overall, the Granite State is a welcoming destination to spend your retirement years. In this section, you will find a list of retirement, assisted living and residential care facilities in New Hampshire.


Brookdale Spruce Wood Durham, (603) 513-2475 Harmony Homes Assisted Living Harmony Homes By the Bay Durham, (603) 292-5175 Harmony Homes at Hickory Pond Durham, (603) 292-6087 Langdon Place of Exeter Exeter , (603) 778-1024 Maple Ste.s Dover, (603) 617-4413 The Pines of Newmarket Newmarket, (603) 659-6000


Destination NH | 2019

RiverWoods at Exeter Exeter (800) 688-9663 Webster at Rye Rye, (603) 964-8144 Wentworth Senior Living Portsmouth, (603) 436-0169

Merrimack Valley

All American Assisted Living Londonderry, (603) 537-9898 Arbors of Bedford Bedford, (603) 647-9300

Aynsley Place 80 Lake St., Nashua, (603) 881-4190

Carlyle Place Bedford , (603) 472-2000

Bedford Falls Bedford, (603) 471-255

ourville at Manchester C Manchester, (603) 647-5900

Bentley Commons Bedford, (603) 644-2200

Courville at Nashua Nashua, (603) 889-5450

The Birches at Concord Concord, (603) 369-4417

Granite Ledges of Concord Concord, (603) 224-0777

Birch Heights Derry, (603) 505-4398

Greystone Farms Salem, (603) 898-5393

Birch Hill Terrace Manchester, (603) 626-7721

Hanover Hill Health Care Center Manchester, (603) 627-3826

TEXT IF NEEDED Havenwood-Heritage Heights Concord (800) 457-6833 Hunt Community Nashua, (603) 882-6511 Huntington at Nashua Nashua (800) 298-6608 Langdon Place of Nashua Nashua, (603) 888-7878 Nashua Crossings Nashua, (603) 882-2898 Presidential Oaks Concord (800) 678-1333 The Residence at Salem Woods Salem, (603) 890-0580 The Villas Nashua, (603) 204-8660 White Rock Senior Living Community Bow, (603) 724-6250 Windham Terrace Windham, (603) 437-4600


Bentley Commons Keene, (603) 499-4546

Lakes Region

Forestview Manor Meredith, (603) 279-3121

Maplewood Assisted Living Westmoreland, (603) 399-4912

Golden View Health Care Center Meredith, (603) 279-8111

Rivermead Lifecare Community Peterborough (800) 200-5433

The Golden Crest Franklin, (603) 934-6742

Scott-Farrar at Peterborough Peterborough, (603) 924-3691

Morrison Nursing and Rehabilitation Care Whitefield, (603) 837-2541 Riverglen House of Littleton Littleton (603) 444-8880

Taylor Community Laconia, (603) 524-5600

Summerhill Assisted Living Peterborough, (603) 924-6238

Wolfeboro Bay Care and Rehabilitation Center Wolfeboro, (603) 569-3950

Dartmouth/ Lake Sunapee

White Mountains/ Great North Woods

Harvest Hill Lebanon, (603) 448-7474

Mineral Springs North Conway, (603) 356-7294

Lafayette Center Franconia, (603) 823-5502

Kendal at Hanover Hanover, (603) 643-8900 Wheelock Terrace Hanover, (603) 643-7290 Woodcrest Village LLC New London, (603) 526-2300 Guide A Newcomer’s

For more information Visit: Visit to find an archive of our bimonthly from the Experts at “Seniority” articles that cover topics important to seniors.

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at

TOGETHER WE Explore The perfect trail, a mighty challenge and a good story. New Hampshire PBS has something just waiting for you to discover.

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Destination NH | 2019




& Culture


ew Hampshire’s natural resources are often touted as one of the main reasons to live here in the Granite State. We’re not arguing that fact, but we’d like to point

no need to travel outside of the Granite State to find some truly outstanding entertainment, whether you’re a fan of modern art or classic BRd.,way musicals. Consider this a cultural starter list — for even more music, plays, film, opera, fine art and much, much more, you can visit or, come the warmer months, check out the extensive summer theater guide at

Seacoast Region

3S Artspace Portsmouth, (603) 766-3330 3S is part gallery, performance space and restaurant all in one. The Music Hall Portsmouth, (603) 436-2400 A beautiful historic theater that hosts music, comedy, independent film and much more. Find a more intimate atmosphere at The Music Hall’s Loft on Congress St.,. Pontine Theatre Portsmouth, (603) 436-6660 The place to find original and boundary-pushing plays and performances. The Rochester Opera House Rochester, (603) 335-1992 Historic venue featuring many types of entertainment including theater, comedy, music and shows for the whole family. Seacoast Repertory Theatre Portsmouth, (603) 433-4793 Nonprofit theater showing plays, musicals and films. Strawbery Banke Museum Portsmouth, (603) 433-1100 A living history museum that recreates everyday life from the 1600s to the 1950s.

Merrimack Valley

Bank of NH Stage Concord, (603) 225-1111 This brand new venue is brought to you by the Capital Center for the Arts, which is located just down the Rd.,. It’s located in the renovated former Concord Theatre, a landmark that now enjoys new artistic life. Capitol Center for the Arts Concord, (603) 225-1111 Enjoy a wide range of events including film, dance, music, theatre, comedy and more. The Spotlight Café hosts smaller, more intimate performances. Also check out the related Bank of NH Stage (see above).


Destination NH | 2019

Concord City Auditorium Concord, (603) 228-2793 This is a beautiful historic theater built in 1904. Currier Museum of Art Manchester, (603) 669-6144 One of the best small museums in the country that features European and American paintings, decorative arts, photographs and sculpture. Hatbox Theatre Concord, (603) 715-2315 An intimate black box theatre. Shows range from Writers’ Project readings to unique, original plays. Jupiter Hall Manchester Facebook, (603) 289-4661 A new multipurpose venue where you can experience a wide variety of art, culture and innovation. Kelley Stelling Contemporary Manchester, (603) 345-1779 Manchester’s newest gallery is dedicated to the presentation of works by emerging artists in 2D and 3D formats. Featuring artists from New England and the wider art world. Museum of NH History/Tuck Library Concord, (603) 228-6688 The NH Historical Society’s museum’s collection consists of thousands of interesting artifacts, and the Tuck Library features the largest collection of New Hampshire historical information in the region.

Manchester’s The Palace Theatre was close to opening this new intimate venue, located at the site of a oncegreat theatre. Symphony NH Nashua, (603) 595-9156 Founded in 1923, Nashua’s Symphony NH is the Granite State’s oldest professional orchestra. Tupelo Music Hall Londonderry, (603) 437-5100 Intimate music and comedy venue.

Monadnock Region

The Colonial Theatre Keene, (603) 352-2033 The focal point of Keene’s arts scene since 1924, The Colonial Theatre is home to a variety of live performances each year as well as nightly screenings of award-winning films. Keene Chamber Orchestra Keene, (603) 847-3475 Combining the talents of professional musicians and accomplished student musicians of all ages. Monadnock Music Peterborough, (603) 9247610 Providing the state with diverse classical programming and has hosted annual summer music festivals for nearly 50 years.

The Palace Theatre Manchester, (603) 668-5588 This historic and award-winning theater hosts musicals, concerts, comedy and more.

Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond Keene, (603) 3582168 Since 1981, this performing arts center has hosted nationally respected performers as well as emerging local talents.

Red River Theatres Concord, (603) 224-4697 An award-winning independent, nonprofit movie theatre that shows a wide variety of films.

Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery Keene, (603) 358-2720 This gallery was given to Keene State College in 1964 as a gift from artist Beatrix Sagendorph.

Rex Theatre Manchester Though not quite open at press time,

Sharon Arts Center Peterborough, (603) 924-7256 This division of the NH Institute of Art

is home to several art exhibitions and also offers classes.

Dartmouth/ Lake Sunapee

Aidron Duckworth Art Museum Meriden (603) 469-3444 An often overlooked gem, this small museum is dedicated to preserving the artwork and writings of Aidron Duckworth. In addition, find interesting exhibitions from visiting artists. AVA Gallery Lebanon, (603) 448-3117 For 30 years AVA Gallery and Art Center (Alliance for the Visual Arts) is dedicated to supporting visual arts through exhibitions, educational programs, classes and more. Hood Museum of Art Hanover hoodmuseum.dartmouth.edum (603) 646-2808 Dartmouth College’s art museum is dedicated to providing the skills necessary to construct meaning from the visual arts. Hopkins Center for the Arts Hanover, (603) 646-2422 The cultural hub of Dartmouth College since its opening in 1962. Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site Cornish, (603) 675-2175 The historic site of the great sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ home, studios and gardens is also home to summer concerts and nature trails.

Lakes Region

Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra Meredith Provides classical music for central NH as well as the opportunity for musicians of varying skill levels to come together to create music. The Village Players Wolfeboro, (603) 569-9656 A nonprofit community theater organization that offers live stage productions.

photo by John Hession

out that we have more than a few treasures of the artistic variety as well. There’s really

The Wright Museum Wolfeboro, (603) 569-1212 A museum dedicated to preserving the stories of America’s “Greatest Generation,” displaying artifacts from WWII.

North Country Center for the Arts/Jean’s Playhouse Lincoln, (603) 745-2141 A nonprofit organization supporting arts in northern New Hampshire that has performed for more than 150,000 audience members.

White Mountains

Silver Center for the Arts Plymouth, (603) 535-2787 Hosts plays, shows by nationally and regionally recognized musicians and performances by Plymouth State University’s student musicians.

The Gallery at WREN Bethlehem, (603) 869-3100 Fine art gallery that’s a part of the Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network. Jean’s Playhouse Lincoln, (603) 745-6032 A year-round theater in the heart of the White Mountains. The Colonial Theatre Bethlehem, (603) 869-3422 A historic movie theater built in 1915 that now also offers live performances. Presents a new show featuring the work of different local and regional artists each month. Flying Monkey Movie House and Performance Center Plymouth, (603) 536-2551 Revived by the owners of The Common Man Family of Restaurants, this historic venue hosts everything from film to rock concerts.

Great North Woods

St. Kieran Community Arts Center Berlin, (603) 752-1028 A charming performing arts venue. The Tillotson Center Colebrook, (603) 237-8576 Part community heritage center, part performing arts venue and gallery.

Summer Theatre New Hampshire has a rich and historical summer theater tradition that, in some cases, dates back to the 1930s. Whether you love plays, musicals or operas, it’s all offered right here. Andy’s Summer Playhouse Wilton,

(603) 654-2613 The innovative plays at Andy’s Summer Playhouse are performed by kids, but are meant to be enjoyed by those of all ages. The Barnstormers Theatre Tamworth, (603) 323-8500 The longest-running professional summer theatres in the country. Interlakes Summer Theatre Meredith, (603) 707-6035 This company seeks to bring the Lakes Region a wide variety of productions, from children’s theatre to old classics. New London Barn Playhouse New London, (603) 526-6710 One of the oldest stock theatres in the country that opened in 1933.

Peterborough Players Peterborough, (603) 924-7585 Founded in 1933 and housed in a rustic barn. Now also offering a winter season. Weathervane Theatre Whitefield, (603) 837-9322 Brining BRd.,way to the North Country for 52 years. Winnipesaukee Playhouse Meredith, (603) 279-0333 The Playhouse is a non-profit, award-winning theatre churning out high-energy shows. Founded in 2004, it’s newer to the scene, but already making a huge impact.

Opera North Lebanon, (603) 448-4141 Opera North is a non-profit, professional opera company serving residents of the Upper Valley Region and beyond. Celebrating 36 seasons in 2017.

Summer Theatre A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at

The Palace Theatre Manchester, (603) 668-5588 This venue is open all year long, but The Palace Professional Theatre for Children Series is a must for the younger crowd. A wonderful family outing during school vacation time.

The playhouses and venues listed here are some of our favorites, but you can find even more online at Plus, you’ll find a current schedule of all the plays, musicals and operas happening at each venue.

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at The Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth celebrate 89 seasons this summer.

courtesy photo

A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at

Destination NH | 2019


Chambers of Commerce


lthough we think of them as being as American as cherry pie, chambers of commerce are actually a European innovation that dates back to the 16th century. The oldest known existing

chamber in the English-speaking world with continuous records, the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, was founded in 1783. New Hampshire’s many chambers of commerce are a good way to get detailed information about local businesses but also about traveling in specific areas of the state. They can recommend great places to stay and things to do in the towns and cities in their areas.

New Hampshire’s Chambers of Commerce are here to help you! Great North Woods

Androscoggin Valley Region Chamber of Commerce (603) 752-6060 North Country Chamber of Commerce (603) 237-8939 Northern Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce (603) 788-2530 Umbagog Area Chamber of Commerce

White Mountains

Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce (603) 869-3409 Central NH Chamber of Commerce (603) 726-3804

Lakes Region

Cohase Chamber of Commerce 802-518-0030

Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce (603) 524-5531

Franconia Notch Chamber of Commerce (603) 823-5661

Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 279-6121

Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 383-9356

Greater Ossipee Area Chamber of Comerce (603) 651-1600

Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 444-6561

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce (603) 332-5080

Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce (603) 356-5701 Twin Mountain-Bretton Woods Chamber of Commerce 800-245-8946 Western White Mountains Chamber of Commerce (603) 745-6621

Greater Wakefield Chamber of Commerce (603) 522-6106 Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 569-2200

Serving as the catalyst for Greater Merrimack’s business community since 1928. Merrimack Chamber of Commerce

Plan. Build. Hustle.

FEBRUARY 15 - 28,

2019 VOL. 41 • NO. 3 • $1.75

Engineering a career



Q&A: Attorney John Cunningham PAGE 43

The state of the Queen City: a Manchester roundtable PAGE 13 Working on an idea? Keep it simple, stupid PAGE 10

More women are enterin g, and thriving in, field that was once far lessawelcom ing

Photo by Liisa Rajala




TIF financing plan

the $175 million he Several experts in needs for the first tax increment financstage has eluded him. ing say a bill before the NH Legislature He’s now engaged that Balsams developer in what could be Les seen as Hail Mary for saving the shutteredOtten calls crucial financing to save resort has some a project he and odd twists that supporters predict could undermine would provide an its success. enormous and desperately needed The bill would allow economic boost Coos County to to the North Country. use tax increment financing to sell a bond and “I think the project raise $28 million is in grave for Otten, who has jeopardy now,” he been trying to revive the told Coos ofBalsams since 2014, but BALSAMS, PAGE 11

A law that’s

not a law

t an actual Fluke leaves state withou e corridor statute energy infrastructur PAGE 8

store? own your own Want to but it needs an owner revitalizes village store, NH town

when of scenes since 1814, setting of these kinds near the inStreet (Route 47) groit opened on Main 136. The store provided as time, tersection of Route and served is symbolic of a simpler and other goods stores The village store ceries, a deli, gas summer and convenience interaction until the before chain grocery a place parents would a center for social dotted the landscape, walk down the country reof 2017. for a Village Store, commonly send their children bread. Friends That’s when the continually operof milk or loaf of and road for a gallon ferred to as the second-oldest doors after checkout counter its the at closed hello country, on the would say ating store in the was put up before heading off bankrupt, and it catch up on the latest the owners went and the shopkeeper 17 way to their destination, VILLAGE STORE, PAGE name. knew every customer’s been the Village Store had The Francestown



Destination NH | 2019


7 - 20, 2019 Is ‘year JUNE ofVOL. family 12 41 • NO.leave’ dawning in NH?• $1.75

Behind the Balsams bond bid

Questions raised over Coos

Mind Your

Initiatives gain moment um forward


Paying about $5 per head each week insurance plan that for an could

help attract and INTERVIEW reemployees in the FEATURED tain midst of a labor shortage is a “no-brainer,” said ReVision Energy’s Dan Weeks, testifying Feb. 6 before the House Labor Committee on a family and medical leave insurance bill. “We would sign up overnight.” think we Actually, if the bill he was testifying in favor of — House Bill 712 — does pass, Weeks wouldn’t have 31 a choice, or at least PAGE his employees won’t. Almost everybody now says they support the goal or concept of family and medical leave insurance, or FMLI. The question is how to go about it. Should it remain a voluntary benefit — much like 13 PAGE health insurance — that employers offer to their workers to remain competitive, or should it be a benefit available to anyone, that everybody pays for, similar to Social Security, workers’ FAMILY LEAVE, PAGE 8 22

Q&A: Bootmaker Peter Limmer

In the Upper Valley, housing is THE challenge

Subscribe: 877-494-2036 Advertise: 603-624-1442

What to do when your business is accused of patent infringement PAGE

Change in calculating business taxes mulled Legislature on the verge of big changes to BPT BY BOB SANDERS

Jr. told slowly, Al Letizio Government moves Means Senate Ways and the New Hampshire in February. Committee back diligently already working Letizio had been out a way his busifor four years to figure Sales & Marness — A.J. Letizio — could keting in Windham taxes avoid paying business twice, profits same the on and once to New Hampshire to perhaps once to Maine, and states. dozens of other He had joined a commissiont to look at the apportionmen that the problem, the way that do profits of companies states business in different are taxed. New Hampshire’s behind the tax system is way keeping in just times — not governup with the federal competing ment — but with said. states as well, he but in sumIt’s complicated, doing Hampshire is still mary, because New state pay companies in the comthings the old way, taxes, and out-of-state more in business 18 BUSINESS TAXES, PAGE


Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce (603) 543-1296 Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 643-3115 Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce (603) 526-6575 Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 448-1203 Newport Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 863-1510 Upper Valley Bi-State Regional Chamber of Commerce 802-295-6200

Monadnock Region

Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce (603) 464-5858 Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce (603) 532-4549 Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce (603) 352-1303 Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce (603) 924-7234

Rindge Chamber of Commerce (603) 899-5051

TriTown Chamber of Commerce (603) 486-4852

Merrimack Valley


Greater Derry-Londonderry Chamber of Commerce (603) 432-8205

Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center (603) 742-2218

Henniker Chamber of Commerce (603) 428-2100

Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 772-2411

Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce (603) 889-4731

Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 926-8718

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (603) 792-4100

The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth (603) 610-5517

Merrimack Chamber of Commerce (603) 424-3669

Greater Somersworth Chamber of Commerce (603) 692-7175

Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce (603) 881-8333

Androscoggin Valley Region Chamber of Commerce (603) 752-6060

Greater Raymond Area Chamber of Commerce (603) 895-2254

North Country Chamber of Commerce (603) 237-8939

Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce (603) 893-3177

Northern Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce (603) 788-2530

Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce (603) 673-4360

Umbagog Area Chamber of Commerce

Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce (603) 224-2508

Greater Barrington Chamber of Commerce (603) 664-2200


Connecting Business and Community in the Monadnock Region of NH

Destination NH | 2019


Dover Chamber Destination NH 2019 Ad - Option #5.indd 5/2/2019 2 4:54:13 PM


NH State T

here are 93 state parks in New Hampshire that range from ocean and lake beaches to campgrounds, historic sites, natural areas, trail networks and

much more. Here are some of our favorites, but for a complete list, and more information, make sure to visit

Ocean State Parks

Our coastline may be small, but we managed to fit five state parks into 13 miles (or 18 depending on who you ask). Hampton Beach 160 Ocean Blvd., Hampton Perhaps the most famous of our beaches, Hampton is home to a lively boardwalk with shops, food, bars and entertainment. In fact, during the summer and early fall, there’s a busy schedule of events including the marquee shindig, the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival in September. Visit hamptonbeach. org for more information. Jenness State Beach 2280 Ocean Blvd., Rye Keep in mind that the parking lot is relatively small — there are just 67 spots, so get there early. This is a great family spot that's ideal for swimming and picnicking. There are bathhouses onsite and lifeguards.

North Hampton Beach Rte. 1A, North Hampton There is a bathhouse here, but there are no lifeguards on duty. North Beach 920 Ocean Blvd., Hampton Lovely sandy beach and nice places to picnic. Lifeguards are on duty daily through mid-August. There is a bathhouse available. Wallis Sands State Beach 1050 Ocean Blvd., Rye Enjoy views of the Isles of Shoals, plentiful parking, a shop with food and drinks, a large bathhouse with showers, a picnic area and daily lifeguarding until 5 p.m. through September 5.

Lake State Parks

We may be the Granite State, but an alternate moniker could very well be the Lakes State. With 959 lakes, there’s plenty of freshwater fun to be had. We’re going to give you some insider info — on weekends, the major lake parks tend to reach

Autumn reflections from towering Cathedral Ledge grace Echo Lake


Destination NH | 2019

capacity by midmorning. Here are some of the more out-of-the-way parks that won’t be as mobbed. Echo Lake 68 Echo Lake Rd., Conway The impressive 700-foot Cathedral Ledge towers over this pristine mountain lake. Echo Lake is located within Franconia Notch State Park in the White Mountains. Forest Lake State Park 397 Forest Lake Rd., Dalton Created in 1935, this is one of New Hampshire’s 10 original state parks. Enjoy the 200-foot sandy beach, picnicking, fishing and more. Wadleigh State Park 78 Wadleigh State Park, Sutton Tall pines shade the picnic areas located on the shores of Kezar Lake. Wentworth State Park 297 Governor Wentworth Hwy. Wolfeboro The park spans 50 acres and is located on the shore of scenic Wentworth Lake.

The Notches

Here’s a tip for talking like a New Hampshire native — when someone says, “North of the Notches,” they’re referring to the upper half of the state accessed through three narrow mountain passes — Crawford, Dixville and Franconia Notches. Crawford Notch State Park 1464 US Rte. 302 Harts Location This park has 5,775 acres that provide access to tons of hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing, wildlife viewing, campsites and spectacular mountain views. If it’s wilderness you seek, then this is the place. Dixville Notch State Park 1212 West Rte. 26, Dixville Dixville Notch State Park may seem small at just 127 acres, but you won’t want to miss its scenic gorge and waterfalls. Then there’s the spot that gives anyone afraid of heights nightmares — various

Franconia Notch State Park

trails lead to the infamous Table Rock. Beware — this hike is not for the faint of heart. Franconia Notch State Park 260 Tramway Dr. Franconia/Lincoln We saved the biggest for last. Franconia Notch State Park is located in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. The notch itself is a spectacular mountain pass traversed by a unique parkway that extends from the Flume Gorge (also a state park) at the south to Echo Lake at the north. For 8 miles, I-93 winds between the dramatic peaks of the Kinsman and Franconia mountain ranges. While in the park, you can fly fish at Profile Lake, bike on the Recreational Trail, watch for rock climbers, hawks and falcons on Cannon Cliffs, hike on the Appalachian Trail, ride the aerial tramway at Cannon Mountain or just enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Historic Sites

Why not learn something while taking in the views? Daniel Webster Birthplace 131 North Rd. Franklin This is the early childhood home of Daniel Webster, one of our country's most respected orators and statesmen. It also provides a glimpse of 1700s farm life in the infant years of our country. Fort Constitution Off Rte. 1B at US Coast Guard Station, 25 Wentworth Rd. New Castle This late 1700s fort is located on a peninsula on the northeast corner of New Castle Island. It overlooks both the Piscataqua River and the ocean and is an excellent spot for a picnic. Fort Stark 211 Wildrose Ln. New Castle Fort Stark overlooks the Piscataqua River, Little Harbor and the ocean, and was named in honor of John Stark, commander of NH forces at the 1777 Battle of Bennington. General Stark was responsible for the state’s “Live free or die” motto.

Fun fact:

NH hosts 161 miles of the Appalacian trail and some of its toughest terrain.

Franklin Pierce Homestead 301 2nd NH Turnpike Hillsborough The 14th president of the US may not have been the best (in fact, he’s often referred to as the country’s worst president), but he’s New Hampshire’s nonetheless. This site was his home from infancy until his marriage in 1834. Robert Frost Farm 122 Rockingham Rd. Derry This was the home of Robert Frost and his family from 1900-1911. Frost, one of the nation's most acclaimed poets, attributed many of his poems to memories from the Derry years. Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion 375 Little Harbor Rd. Portsmouth This is the former home of New Hampshire's first royal governor, Benning Wentworth, who served from 1741 to 1767. The rambling 40-room mansion, which overlooks Little Harbor, is one of the most A Newcomer’s Guide outstanding homes remaining of the Colonial era. Its stateliness and impressive interior and furnishings reflect aristocratic life in Portsmouth in the 1700s.

Aerial view of historic Fort Constitution in Newcastle

Explore the outdoors from the at This listExperts is a tiny fraction of the many wonderful state parks and historic

sites found all over the state. The state’s website,, is a valuable resource when planning any outdoor activity. For the slightly more adventurous, the Appalachian Mountain Club maintains networks of trails and several remote lodging options. Visit them at Destination NH | 2019




Key to Abbreviations

H Bestatof NH 2019 Editor’s Picks A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts H Best of NH 2019 Reader’s Poll $$$$ Entrées cost more than $25 $$$ Entrées cost between $18 and $25 $$ Entrées cost between $12 and $18

Bistro Seacoast RegionA Newcomer’sDante’s Guide from the Experts at italian 567 Calef’s Hwy, Barrington; Atlantic Grill

Seafood 5 Pioneer Rd., Rye;

(603) 433-3000;; $$-$$$ L D


Asian 12 Jenkins Court, Durham;

(603) 397-5378;; $LD

(603) 664-4000;; $$ L D (


asian 96 State St., Portsmouth;

St., Concord; (603) 228-6363; 43 Lafayette Rd., N. Hampton; (603) 379-9161;; $–$$ L D

Black Trumpet Bistro


Portsmouth; (603) 431-0887;; $$–$$$$ D (

Botanica Restaurant & Gin Bar

New American 110 Brewery Ln.,

Ste. 5, Portsmouth; (603) 373-0979; Facebook; $$-$$$$ D


AMERICAN 34 Portwalk Place,

Portsmouth; (603) 294-0902;; $–$$ b


TAPAS 10 Commercial Alley,

Portsmouth; (603) 319-1575;; $–$$$ L D

Chapel + Main

brewery & restaurant 83 Main

St., Dover; (603) 842-5170; $$–$$$ D b

Cornerstone Artisanal Pizza & Craft Beer pizzeria 110 Brewery Ln.,

Portsmouth; (603) 294-0965;; $–$$ L D

CR’s the Restaurant

AMERICAN 287 Exeter Rd., Hamp-

ton; (603) 929-7972;; $$-$$$ L D (


new american 189 State St., Portsmouth; (603) 427-8258;; $$-$$$ L D (

Destination NH | 2019

Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Café

SEAFOOD 150 Congress St., Ports-

mouth; (603) 766-3474; jumpinjays. com; $$$–$$$$ D (

Revolution Taproom and Grill

gastro pub 61 North Main St., Rochester; (603) 244-3022;; $-$$ L D

Rick’s Food and Spirits

NEW AMERICAN 143 Main St.,

The Library

Kingston; (603) 347-5287;; $-$$ L D

Durbar Square Restaurant

mouth; (603) 431-5202;; $$–$$$$ L D b (

Ristorante Massimo


$-$$ L D (

Ember Wood Fired Grill

AMERICAN 1 Orchard St., Dover;

(603) 343-1830;; $$-$$$ D b (


NEW AMERICAN 2 Pine St., Exeter;

(603) 772-5901;; $$$–$$$$ B L D b (

Franklin Oyster House

seafood 148 Fleet St., Portsmouth;

(603) 373-8500; franklinoysterhouse. com; $-$$$ D

The Galley Hatch

american 325 Lafayette Rd.,

Hampton; (603) 926-6152;; $-$$ B L D

Green Elephant H

vegetarian 35 Portwalk Place,

steakhouse 401 State St., Ports-

ITALIAN 59 Penhallow St.,

Lure Bar and Kitchen

Portsmouth; (603) 436-4000;; $$-$$$ D (

Portsmouth; (603) 373-0535;; $$–$$$ D

Row 34

tapas/seafood 100 Market St.,

Martingale Wharf

NEW AMERICAN 99 Bow St. Portsmouth; (603) 431-0901;; $$$–$$$$ L D (


international 66 Marcy St.,

Portsmouth; (603) 433-2340;; $$–$$$ L D(


TAPAS 106 Penhallow St., Ports-

mouth; (603) 319-8178;; $$–$$$ D (

seafood 5 Portwalk Place, Ports-

mouth; (603) 319-5011; row34nh. com; $-$$$ L D b (


new american 20 High St., Portsmouth; (603) 430-7834; $$$-$$$$ L D b (

Savory Square Bistro

european 32 Depot Square,

Hampton; (603) 926-2202;; $-$$$ L D(

Shio H

JAPANESE 2454 Lafayette Rd.,

Nomads Kitchen

Portsmouth; (603) 319-1638;; $-$$ L D

Durham; (603) 397-5539; nomads. kitchen; $–$$ B L

Sonny’s Tavern


New american 328 Central Ave.,

Portsmouth; (603) 427-8344;; $–$$ L D

Oak House

Dover; (603) 343-4332;; $–$$ D b

Greenleaf H

(603) 292-5893;; $–$$ L D b

Sue’s Korean Kitchen

Milford; (603) 213-5447;; $$–$$$$ D (

The Oar House

farm-to-table 54 Nashua St.

Holy Grail Restaurant & Pub H irish pub 64 Main St., Epping;

(603) 679-9559;; $–$$ L D

Hop + grind H

BURGERS 17 Madbury Rd., Durham;

(603) 244-2431;; $–$$ L D

Johnny Boston’s International Restaurant

international 170 Main St.,

Newmarket; (603) 292-6682; $–$$ B L D b


new american 55 Main St., #216,


Newmarket; (603) 292-0110;; $$–$$$ D b

New — Open for one year or less

(603) 501-0132; domoportsmouth. com; $$ L D

St., Portsmouth; (603) 294-0107; Barley House Restaurant A Newcomer’; Guide from the Experts at and Tavern H TAVERN/AMERICAN 132 North Main

$ Entrées cost less than $12 B Breakfast L Lunch D Dinner b Brunch ( Reservations recommended

American 110 Main St., Newmarket;

SEAFOOD/AMERICAN 55 Ceres St., Portsmouth; (603) 436-4025;; $$–$$$$ L D b (


new AMERICAN 4 Front St., Exeter;

(603) 580-1705;; $$–$$$ D (

Paty B’s H

Italian 34 Dover Point Rd., Dover;

(603) 749-4181;; $–$$$ LD

Raleigh Wine Bar + Eatery H

New American 67 State St.,Portsmouth; (603) 427-8459;; $$–$$$ D b (

Korean 74 Portsmouth Ave., Stratham; (603) 777-7604;; $–$$ L D

Surf Seafood H

SEAFOOD 99 Bow St., Portsmouth; (603) 334-9855;; $$–$$$$ D

Tinos Greek Kitchen

greek 325 Lafayette Rd., Hampton; (603) 926-6152;; $–$$ D b

Vida Cantina

MEXICAN 2456 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth; (603) 501-0648;; $–$$ L D

Vino e Vino

italian 163 Water St., Exeter; (603)

580-4268;; $$–$$$ D (

The Wilder

Chiang Mai

K’Sone’s Thai Dining & Lounge

mouth; (603) 319-6878; $$–$$$ L D b

gastropub 174 Fleet St., Ports-


(603) 672-2929;; $–$$ L D

Thai 493 Amherst St., Nashua;

(603) 459-8621; Facebook; $-$$ L D

ITALIAN 69 Lafayette Rd. North Hampton; (603) 964-5064;; $-$$ D (

The Zulu Hut

Copper Door H

Lui Lui H

Stella Blu

Portsmouth; (603) 501-0111;; $$–$$$ D

(603) 298-7070; 259 Daniel Webster Hwy., Nashua; (603) 888-2588; luilui. com; $-$$ L D

(603) 578-5557;; $$–$$$ D

Merrimack Valley

(603) 488-2677; 41 S BRd.,way, Salem; (603) 458-2033;; $$–$$$$ L D ( New location in Salem

900 Degrees H

Cotton H

(603) 641-0900;; $–$$$ L D

(603) 622-5488;; $$–$$$$ L D (

South African 67 Bow St.,

PIZZERIA 50 Dow St., Manchester;

THAI 63 Route 101, Amherst;

AMERICAN 15 Leavy Dr., Bedford;

AMERICAN 75 Arms St., Manchester;

1750 Taphouse

The Crown Tavern H

Rte. 101, Bedford; (603) 488-2573; Facebook; $-$$ B L D

Manchester; (603) 218-3132;; $$ L D

American tavern/pizzeria 170

Angelina’s Ristorante Italiano

GASTROPUB 99 Hanover St.,

Cucina Toscana

Italian 8 Glen Rd., W. Lebanon;

Madear’s H

TAPAS 70 East Pearl St., Nashua;

Surf Restaurant H

SEAFOOD 207 Main St., Nashua;

St., Manchester; (603) 206-5827;; $-$$ D

(603) 595-9293; 99 Bow St., Portsmouth; (603) 334-9855;; $$–$$$$ D b


Taj India H

cajun/creole/tapas 175 Hanover

italian 33 Elm St., Manchester;

(603) 647-0788;; $–$$ D (

Matbah Mediterranean

mediterranean 866 Elm St., Man-

indian 967 Elm St., Manchester; (603) 606-2677;; $–$$ L D

Trattoria Amalfi

italian 385 S. BRd.,way, Salem; (603) 893-5773; $$–$$$ D

ITALIAN 11 Depot St., Concord; (603) 228-3313; angelinasrestaurant. com; $$–$$$ L D (

italian 427 Amherst St., Nashua; (603) 821-7356;; $ L D (

chester; (603) 232-4066;; $ L D

Antojitos Colombianos

Dixie Blues

fusion 1105 Elm St., Manchester;

(603) 625-6468;; $$–$$$ L D (

italian 67 Main St., Salem; (603) 952-4875; 581 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth; (603) 570-3600;; $$–$$$ L D b

MT’s Local Kitchen & Wine Bar

Villaggio Ristorante

Colombian 173 Hanover St., Manchester; (603) 623-3000; Facebook; $-$$ L D

Bar One

cajun 345 Amherst St., Nashua;

(603) 417-6909; New Manchester location coming soon;; $-$$$ L D

GASTROPUB 40 Nashua St., Milford;

The Foundry

Barley House Restaurant and Tavern H

50 Commercial St., Manchester; (603) 836-1925;; $$-$$$ D b

(603) 249-5327; Facebook; $–$$ L D


St., Concord; (603) 228-6363; 43 Lafayette Rd., N. Hampton; (603) 379-9161;; $–$$ L D

Bedford Village Inn H

AMERICAN 2 Olde Bedford Way,

Bedford; (603) 472-2001;; $$–$$$$ B L D

The Birch on Elm H


St., Manchester; (603) 782-5365; Facebook; $–$$ L D

Buba Noodle Bar

Vietnamese 36 Lowell St., Manches-

ter; (603) 935-7864; bubanoodle. com; $–$$ L D

Buckley’s Great Steaks H

STEAKHOUSE 438 DW Hwy., Mer-

rimack; (603) 424-0995;; $$–$$$$ D (

Café Momo

Himalayan/Nepalese 1065

Hanover St., Manchester; (603) 6233733;; $–$$ L D

Campo Enoteca

ITALIAN/MEDITERRANEAN 969 Elm St., Manchester; (603) 625-0256;; $$–$$$ L D

Canoe Restaurant and Tavern American 216 S. River Rd.,

Bedford; 935-8070; 232 Whittier Hwy., Center Harbor; (603) 253-4762; canoe-restaurant-and-tavern $$-$$$ L D(

Casa Blanca

Colombian 34 1/2 Canal St.,

Nashua; (603) 595-1670;; $-$$$ B L D


Fratello’s Italian Grille H

italian 155 Dow St., Manches-

ter; (603) 624-2022; 194 Main St., Nashua; (603) 889-2022; 799 Union Ave., Laconia; (603) 528-2022;; $–$$ L D

Giorgio’s Ristorante H

mediterranean 707 Milford Rd., Merrimack; (603) 883-7333; 524 Nashua St., Milford; (603) 673-3939; 270 Granite St., Manchester; (603) 232-3323;; $$–$$$ L D(

Granite Restaurant and Bar

NEW AMERICAN 96 Pleasant St.,

Concord; (603) 227-9000;; $$–$$$$ B L D b (

Grazing Room at the Colby Hill Inn FARM-TO-TABLE/NEW AMERICAN 33

The Oaks, Henniker; (603) 428-3281; $$–$$$$ D (

Grill 603

AMERICAN 168 Elm St., Milford; (603) 213-6764;; $–$$$ LDb

Gyro Spot

Greek 1037 Elm St., Manchester;

(603) 218-3869;; $LD

Halligan Tavern

AMERICAN 32 West BRd.,way, Derry; (603) 965-3490;; $–$$ L D

Hanover St. Chophouse H

STEAKHOUSE 149 Hanover St., Man-

chester; (603) 644-2467; hanoverSt.,; $$$–$$$$ LD(


seafood 110 Hanover St., Manchester; (603) 606-1235;; $$–$$$ D

Mint Bistro

AMERICAN 212 Main St., Nashua;

(603) 595-9334;; $–$$$ L D

Tuscan Kitchen

ITALIAN 677 Hooksett Rd., Manchester; (603) 627-2424;; $–$$ L D (

My Sister’s Kitchen

Monadnock Region

672-7202; Facebook; $ B L

21 Bar & Grill

Noodz H

(603) 352-2021; Facebook; $–$$ BLD

Russian 286 Elm St., Milford; (603)

ramen/Asian 968 Elm St., Man-

chester; (603) 836-5878; Facebook; $-$$ L D

North End Bistro

Italian 1361 Elm St., Manchester;

(603) 232-3527; Facebook; $-$$$ LD(

O Steaks & Seafood H


Main St., Concord; (603) 856-7925; 62 Doris Ray Court, Lakeport; (603) 524-9373;; $$–$$$ L D

Pasquale’s Ristorante

AMERICAN 21 Roxbury St., Keene;

Alberto’s Restaurant

ITALIAN 79 Antrim Rd., Bennington;

(603) 588-6512;; $–$$ D (

Bantam Grill

ITALIAN 1 Jaffrey Rd., Peterborough;

(603) 924-6633;; $$–$$$ D (

Bellows Walpole Inn Pub

INTERNATIONAL/AMERICAN 297 Main St., Walpole; (603) 756-3320;; $$ L D (

Chesterfield Inn

ITALIAN 87 Nashua Rd., Londonderry; (603) 434-3093; pasqualeincandia. com; $–$$ L D New location in Londonderry

AMERICAN 20 Cross Rd., West Chesterfield; (603) 256-3211;; $$-$$$ D (

Pig Tale

Cooper’s Hill Public House

pizzeria 449 Amherst St., Nashua;

(603) 864-8740;; $–$$ L D

pub 6 School St., Peterborough; (603) 371-9036;; $-$$$ L D

Red Blazer

Del Rossi’s Trattoria

american 72 Manchester St.,

Concord; (603) 224-4101;; $–$$$ L D b

ITALIAN Rte. 137, Dublin; (603) 5637195; $$–$$$ D (

Republic H

Elm City Brewing H

Manchester; (603) 666-3723;; $–$$$ L D

(603) 355-3335;; $–$$$ L D


BREW PUB 222 West St., Keene;

Revival Kitchen & Bar


Concord; (603) 715-5723;; $$–$$$ D (

Keene; (603) 903-1410;; $–$$ D (

farm-to-table 11 Depot St.,

Riverside BBQ

BBQ 53 Main St., Nashua;

(603) 204-5110; riversidebarbeque. com; $–$$ L D

italian/pizzeria 22 Main St.,

Fox Tavern at the Hancock Inn

TAVERN 33 Main St., Hancock; (603) 525-3318; $-$$$ L D (

Destination NH | 2019


Restaurants Fritz, The Place to Eat

american 45 Main St., Keene;

(603) 357-6393;; $LD

The Grove

american 247 Woodbound Rd.,

Rindge; (603) 532-4949; woodbound. com; $$–$$$ B L D b (

The Stage H


(603) 357-8389; thestagerestaurant. com; $-$$ L D

Hanover; (603) 643-4075;; $$–$$$ LDb(

AMERICAN 30 Central Sq., Keene;

Thai Café

Thai 43 Grove St., Peterborough;

(603) 784-5448; Facebook; $–$$ L D

Thorndike’s Restaurant

AMERICAN 11 South Main St.,

Peter Christian’s Tavern

tavern 195 Main St., New London;

(603) 526-4042;; $–$$ L D b

The Hancock Inn

american/pub The Monadnock Inn, 379 Main St., Jaffrey; (603) 532-7800;; $–$$$ D (

(603) 525-3318;; Prix fixe, $48.; $$–$$$$ D (


american 454 Main St., Orford; (603) 353-9100;; $$ D (

Harlow’s Pub

Peterborough; (603) 924-4001;; $-$$$ L D b (

PINE at the Hanover Inn

american 33 Main St., Hancock;

american 3 School St.,

Peterborough; (603) 924-6365;; $–$$ L D

The Hungry Diner

farm-to-table 9 Edwards Ln.,

Walpole; (603) 756-3444;; $–$$ B L D

Lee & Mt. Fuji

ASIAN 50 Jaffrey Rd., Peterborough;

(603) 626-7773;; 314 Main St., Marlborough; (603) 876-3388;; $–$$ L D (

Luca’s Mediterranean Café

MEDITERRANEAN 10 Central Sq., Keene; (603) 358-3335; lucascafe. com; $$–$$$ L D (

Nicola’s Trattoria H

ITALIAN 51 RailRd., St., Keene;

(603) 355-5242; Facebook; $$$–$$$$ D

The Old Courthouse


Newport; (603) 863-8360;; $$–$$$ L Db(

Papagallos Restaurant

italian/mediterranean 9

Monadnock Hwy., Keene; (603) 3529400;; $–$$ L D (

american 18 Water St.,

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee

Peyton Place

AMERICAN 2 South Main St., Hanover; (603) 643-4300;; $$$–$$$$ B L D b (

Base Camp Café

Poor Thom’s Tavern

(603) 643-2007; basecampcafenh. com; $-$$ L D

(603) 469-3400; poorthomstavern. com; $–$$ D

Bistro Nouveau

Revolution Cantina

man, 6 Clubhouse Lane, Grantham; (603) 863-8000;; $–$$$$ L D (

House Square, Claremont; ( 603) 504-6310; Facebook; $-$$ L Db

Candela Tapas Lounge

Salt Hill Pub

nepalese 3 Lebanon St., Hanover;

AMERICAN The Center at East-

tapas 15 Lebanon St., Hanover; (603) 277-9094;; $$-$$$ D (

Canoe Club Bistro

AMERICAN 27 South Main St.,

Hanover; (603) 643-9660;; $–$$ L D (

Coach House

AMERICAN 353 Main St., New London; (603) 526-2791;;$ $–$$$$ D (

Flying Goose Brew Pub H

brew pub 40 Andover Rd.,

New London; (603) 526-6899;; $–$$ L D

Pearl Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Latham House Tavern

tavern 19 Bean Rd., Meriden;


PUB 7 Lebanon St., Hanover;

(603) 795-4302;; $–$$ L D


AMERICAN 6 Brook Rd., Sunapee; (603) 843-8998;; $$–$$$ D (

Taverne on the Square

AMERICAN 2 Pleasant St., Claremont; (603) 287-4416;; $–$$$ L D

Pickity Place

Lou’s Restaurant

(603) 878-1151; — A historic place to lunch located in a quaint, 1786 red cottage that Elizabeth Orton Jones used as inspiration for her “Little Red Riding Hood” illustrations. Fresh, local ingredients are used, including herbs grown in the onsite gardens.There are three seatings at 11:30 a.m., 12:40 p.m. and 2 p.m. $$ L (

Hanover; (603) 643-3321;; $-$$ B L D

Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine

Lui Lui H

9192;; $–$$ L D (

Piedra Fina

LATIN 288 Main St., Marlborough;

(603) 876-5012;; $–$$ L D (

Restaurant at Burdick’s

FRENCH 47 Main St., Walpole;

(603) 756-9058; burdickchocolate. com; $–$$$ L D b (

The Spice Chambers

indian 31 Winter St., Keene;

(603) 352-9007;; $-$$ L D (


Destination NH | 2019

Three Tomatoes Trattoria

italian 1 Court St., Lebanon;

(603) 448-1711;; $–$$ L D

thai 5 S. Main St., Hanover; (603) 277-

(603) 298-7070; 259 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua; (603) 888-2588;; $–$$ L D (

Lakes Region

Market Table

AMERICAN 51 Mill St., Wolfeboro;

Hanover; (603) 676-7996;; $–$$ B L D b

Millstone at 74 Main

american 74 Newport Rd., New London; (603) 526-4201;; $–$$ L D b

Molly’s Restaurant

AMERICAN 11 South Main St.,

Hanover; (603) 643-4075;; $$–$$$ L D b (

Crystal Quail

american 202 Pitman Rd., Center Barnstead; (603) 269-4151;; $$$–$$$$ D (

Faro Italian Grille

ITALIAN 7 Endicott St. N., Laconia; (603) 527-8073;; $$ D (

Fratello’s Italian Grille H

italian 155 Dow St., Manchester; (603) 624-2022; 194 Main St., Nashua; (603) 889-2022; 799 Union Ave., Laconia; (603) 528-2022;; $–$$ L D


american 6 North Main St., Wolfeboro; (603) 569-7788;; $–$$ L D (

Hart’s Turkey Farm

american 233 DW Hwy., Meredith; (603) 279-6212; hartsturkeyfarm. com; $–$$ L D (

Homestead Restaurant

Italian 5 Main St., Lyme;

(603) 795-9995; $–$$ L D

farm-to-table 44 Main St.,

Sandwich; (603) 284-6219; $$ L D b (

Stella’s Italian Kitchen

(603) 924-5225; pearl-peterborough. com $$–$$$ D (

italian 8 Glen Rd., West Lebanon;

american 22 Main St., Center

BREW PUB 2415 White Mountain Hwy., West Ossipee; (603) 539-2000;; $–$$ L D

TAVERN 9 Main St., Lyme;

american 30 South Main St.,

Corner House Inn Restaurant

(603) 676-7855; 58 Main St., Newport; (603) 863-7774; 2 W. Park St., Lebanon; (603) 448.-4532; 1407 Rte. 103, Newbury; (603) 763-2667;; $-$$ L D

asian 1 Jaffrey Rd., Peterborough;

lunch 248 Nutting Hill Rd., Mason;

tier Hwy., Center Harbor; (603) 2534762; magicfoodsrestaurantgroup. com; $$–$$$ D (

Bayside Grill and Tavern

(603) 894-4361;; $–$$ L D

Burnt Timber Tavern


Wolfeboro; (603) 630-4186;; $–$$ L D


american 300 DW Hwy., Meredith;

(603) 279-3003;; $–$$ D


AMERICAN 216 South River Rd.,

Bedford; (603) 935-8070; 232 Whit-

Hobbs Tavern & Brewing Co.

american 1567 Summer St., Bristol; (603) 744-2022; 641 DW Hwy., Merrimack; (603) 429-2022;; $–$$ D

Inn Kitchen + Bar

AMERICAN/farm-to-tabl e 28 Shepard Hill Rd., Holderness; (603) 968-4417;; $–$$$ D (

Italian Farmhouse

italian 337 Daniel Webster Hwy.,

Plymouth; (603) 536-4536; thecman. com; $–$$ D

Kathleen’s Cottage

IRISH PUB 90 Lake St., Bristol; (603) 744-6336; kathleenscottagenh. com; $–$$ L D


AMERICAN 18 Main St., Center Har-

bor; (603) 253-8617; laviniasdining. com; $–$$$ D (


ASIAN 64 Whittier Hwy., Moultonbor-

ough; (603) 253-8100; lemongrassnh. net; $–$$ L D

Local Eatery

farm-to-table 21 Veterans Sq., Laconia; (603) 527-8007;; $–$$ D (

Mise en Place

ITALIAN/AMERICAN 96 Lehner St., Wolfeboro; (603) 569-5788;; $$-$$$$ L D (

The New Woodshed

AMERICAN 128 Lee Rd., Moulton-

borough; (603) 476-2700;; $–$$$ D tuckaway

O Bistro at the Inn on Main

Libby’s Bistro & SAaLT Pub

St., Wolfeboro; (603) 515-1003;; $$–$$$ D

Rte. 2, Gorham; (603) 466-5330;; $$–$$$ L D (

AMERICAN 200 North Main

O Steaks & Seafood


Main St., Concord; (603) 856-7925; 62 Doris Ray Court, Lakeport; (603) 524-9373;; $$–$$$ L D

Tavern 27

TAPAS/PIZZA 2075 Parade Rd., Laconia; (603) 528-3057; tavern27. com; $–$$ L D (

Wolfe’s Tavern


St., Wolfeboro; (603) 569-3016;; $$–$$$ B L D b (

North Country Bailiwicks

american 106 Main St., Littleton; (603) 444-7717;; $-$$$ L D (

The Beal House Inn

Deli/pub 2 W. Main St., Littleton; (603) 444-2661;; $$-$$$ D

Biederman’s Deli & Pub

Deli/pub 83 Main St., Plymouth;

(603) 536-3354;; $LD

Black Cap Grille

american 1498 White Mountain

Hwy., North Conway; (603) 356-2225;; $-$$ L D

Black Mountain Burger Co. H

american 264 Main St., Lincoln;

(603) 745-3444; $-$$ L D

Chang Thai Café

thai 77 Main St., Littleton; (603) 444-

8810;; $-$$ L D

Chef’s Bistro

NEW american 2724 White Moun-

tain Hwy., North Conway; (603) 3564747;; $-$$ L D

Conway Scenic RailRd.,

dinner train 38 Norcross Circle,

North Conway; (603) 356-5251; — Relive the golden days of railRd., and enjoy lunch, dinner or one of the special murder mystery dinners on June 8 and 15.

Delaney’s Hole in the Wall

AMERICAN/asian 2966 White Mountain Hwy., North Conway; (603) 356-7776;; $–$$ L D

Gypsy Café

international 111 Main St., Lin-

coln; (603) 745-4395;; $–$$ L D

Horse & Hound Inn

american/tavern 205 Wells Rd.,

Franconia; (603) 823-5501;; $$–$$$$ L D (

NEW AMERICAN 115 Main St., on

Margarita Grill

mexican Rte. 302, Glen; (603) 3836556;; $–$$ L D

May Kelly’s Cottage

irish pub 3002 White Mountain Hwy., North Conway; (603) 356-7005;; $–$$ L D (

Moat Mountain Smokehouse H

brew pub 3378 White Mountain Hwy.,

North Conway; (603) 356-6381;; $–$$ L D (

Rainbow Grille & Tavern H


Rd., Pittsburg; (603) 538-9556; — Serving a variety of comfort food from seafood to ribs. The tavern serves appetizers, hearth-baked pizzas and sandwiches. $–$$ D (

STEAKHOUSE 3 Station St., Glen;

(603) 383-4344;; $–$$ L D

Rustic River

american 5 Main St., North Wood-

stock; (603) 745-2110;; $-$$ L D

Schilling Beer Co.

brew pub 18 Mill St., Littleton; (603) 444-4800; (603) 444-4800;; $-$$ L D

Shannon Door Pub

irish pub Rte. 16 and 16A, Jackson; (603) 383-4211;; $-$$ L D

seafood/american 280 East Side

Adventure to Pittsburg and judge for yourself! Adventure to Pittsburg and judge for yourself! • • EXPERIENCE THE BEST OF SUMMER AT THE PRESCOTT PARK ARTS FESTIVAL

Shovel Handle Pub

pub 357 Black Mountain Rd.,

Jackson; (603) 383-8916;; $-$$ L D

Six Burner Bistro


american 13 South Main St., Plymouth; (603) 536-9099;; $-$$ L D


Tony’s Italian Grille & Pub


italian 3674 Rte. 3, Thornton;

(603) 745-3133; $$ L D (

Tuckerman’s Restaurant

tavern 336 Rte 16A, Intervale;

(603) 356-5541; tuckermanstavern. com; $–$$ D

Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro


tavern 45 Seavey St., North

Conway; (603) 356-7000; vitofoods. com; $$–$$$ D (

Woodstock Brewery H

BREW PUB Rte. 3, North Woodstock; (603) 745-3951; woodstockinnnh. com; $–$$ L

For more information

A Newcomer’s Guide from Experts at Visit: for more listings and news or to Rd., North Conway; (603) 447-3838; sign up for the Cuisine E-Buzz. Jonathon’s Seafood

Voted Favorite Restaurant in Voted Favorite The Great NorthRestaurant Woods in The Great North Woods

Red Parka Steakhouse & Pub

downtown portsmouth nh | box office 603-436-2848; $–$$$ L D (

Destination NH | 2019


Last Laugh

What’s in a Name? Milkshake versus frappe is an important decision by Sally Breslin

he other day, I happened McDonald’s, he fully expected the to meet a woman who shake to be ... well, liquid. recently moved to New I’ll never forget when he Hampshire from Michigan. shoved the straw through the I asked her if she was hole in the plastic lid of the cup enjoying our fair state so far. and then took a sip of the shake. “I’m loving it,” she He sucked so hard, his cheeks said. “But some of your caved in and his eyes bulged, yet expressions confuse me.” nothing moved up the straw. Actually, that didn’t surprise “What the ...?” he muttered, me. I mean, a lot of our lingo opening the lid and peering into the confuses out-of-staters. But out cup. A scowl crossed his face. “This isn’t a of curiosity, I felt compelled to ask her which expressions in milkshake! It’s a cup of soft-serve ice cream! How do they expect particular she was talking about. me to get ice cream up through a straw?” “Well, for one,” she said, “I went to a diner the other day and Irritated, he brought the shake up to the counter and ordered a chocolate shake. They brought me a glass of foamy complained. The employee explained it was a thick shake. chocolate milk with no ice cream in it! When I complained, I “Thick isn’t the word for it!” my father shot back. “I could putty was informed that I should have ordered a frappe [which she my walls with this stuff! Forget the straw — you should be serving pronounced “frap-pay”] because, according to the server, that’s it with a trowel!” the one that has ice cream in it.” The employee explained that it was considered more of a “That’s true,” I said. “A frappe [which I pronounced “frap”] is dessert than a beverage. the thick one. A chocolate shake basically is only chocolate syrup “Well, then, give me a thin shake!” my father said. “I need and milk.” something to help wash down my food, not bury it.” “You’ve just described chocolate milk,” she said. The guy suggested a cola. I shook my head. “No, chocolate milk is stirred, not shaken.” On Wikipedia, part of the description of a milkshake includes: The look she gave me clearly told me she thought I was pulling “Currently, in New England, and especially the greater Boston her leg (my veiled reference to a James Bond quote probably area, the ice-cream and milk dessert known as a ‘milkshake’ didn’t help much). in other parts of the country is referred to as a ‘frappe’ in these Our conversation made me think back to the first time my locales. ‘Milkshake’ refers to a lighter drink, usually made of dad and I stopped at McDonald’s, not long after it opened in shaken or blended milk with a flavoring of some sort.” Manchester. It also says that in Rhode Island, a milkshake is called a First of all, I should explain that my dad was a connoisseur of “cabinet.” all milk-based drinks. He even gifted himself with one of those And people think our lingo is confusing? big green Hamilton Beach drink mixers, the kind with a huge Sally Breslin’s award-winning humor column, “My Life,” appears stainless steel cup on it. Just about every night after dinner he weekly in several New Hampshire newspapers. She also is the author would toss fresh strawberries, ice cream and whole milk into that of three novels. cup and whip up a strawberry frappe. But his beverage of choice when dining out always was a milkshake, mainly because it was a thinner consistency and Do Not Miss: Sometimes the best way to learn about a quenched his thirst. place A Newcomer’s Guide from the Experts at is to understand its sense of humor. For fun, light So when he ordered a strawberry shake and a burger at reading, visit

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Destination NH | 2019






The biggest charity challenge north of Boston

July 12 -13 Register today at