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The McKendree Review Vol. 87, No. 4 Christmas Edition

A Truly ‘Green’ Christmas season as well. Also, simply cutting back on paper platesand plastic utensils helps reduce Christmas is just around waste. the corner, and soon there will Delicious foods are most be presents, cards, wrapping prevalent during the holiday paper and food galore. Christseason. No reason to cut back mas time may be the most (it’s the holidays!), but what wonderful time of the year, but food doesn’t get eaten should it doesn’t have to be the most be saved or given away to relawasteful. Don’t stop being tives or neighbors. There’s no green just because of the holireason to waste good food that days! There are numerous ways others could make use of. to reduce waste during the Christmas lights are one holiday season, of the most fabulous including cutting aspects of the holiday down on disposseason, but when left able items (like on all day and night, wrapping paper an extreme amount of and paper napenergy is wasted. Durkins), refraining ing the daylight hours, from wasting leave the lights off. At food, turning off dusk, when people are Christmas lights out and about, turn the at night and lights on for everyone’s greening your Tess, a Bhappy Bag enjoyment. During the Christmas gifts. dead of the night though, If everyone cut back on turning off the lights will save the wrapping paper used at a huge amount of energy. Plus, Christmas time, miles of paper no one is missing out. would be saved. In the United One of the most fun ways Kingdom each year, 83 square to be green during the holiday kilometers are used. Trade your season is greening your gifts. wrapping paper in for one of Easy ways to do this include Forever 21’s cute and cheap giving hand made gifts, purreusable gift bags, or use your chasing thrift store gifts and old newspapers to wrap gifts. Continued on p. 6 Even if cutting back on the wrapping paper you use proves Index difficult, intact wrapping paper can be reused next year. All • Features...Pages 2-9 other wrapping paper can be recycled. Remember to re• Hodge Podge Colcycle Christmas cards after the

By Maia Paluska Staff Writer

lage...Page 10

Need an idea for Christmas gifts? Check out Fashion Finds for Friends on p. 12!

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Dec. 1, 2008

Treasure Hunting: 21st Century-Style By Eric Pingolt and Deanne Puloka Staff Writers If you’ve ever seen a “suspicious” person hunched over a small device that looks like a cell phone and crawling around on the ground while running his or her hands over and under park benches, lamp posts or even tree stumps, all the while muttering “it says five feet!” you might have muttered a couple things under your breath too. It’s okay. What you have witnessed is not insanity or the planting of an explosive device. It’s Geocaching- the newest high-tech form of treasure hunting. Think of it as a large-scale treasure hunt in which people from all over the world can take part. In order to play, all you need to have is a GPS system (like those on many handheld

devices), patience and an apcaches are a great experience preciation for the outdoors. to share with anyone you care People can hide containers of about, young or old. Spending any size, called geocaches, time in these parks and forests outdoors, fill them can enhance your with unique or fun appreciation for the little items and beauty of nature post the cache’s and make you real(pronounced ize how precious a “cash”) coordiresource they are. nates on websites Plus, getting some like Geocachfresh air and exercise Other never hurt anyone! The geocaching logo found geocachers may We joined the on all official geocaching geocaching commuthen put the coorcontainers and websites, dinates into their courtesy of Deanne Puloka. nity in September. GPS and begin But geocaching first their own fun adventure search- began eight years ago in Porting for the cache and even trad- land, Oregon when computer ing the items inside for trinkets specialist Dave Ulmereast of their own. decided to test the accuracy of Whether you go with his GPS unit by hiding a confriends, family, a significant tainer in the woods and posting other or just set out alone, its coordinates on an online geocaching is an amazing way GPS user forum. The idea was to bond. The thrill of solving clues and hunting down the Continued on p. 12

In Memory of Daniel D. Rivera By Theresa Schmidt Editor-in-Chief McKendree University mourns the loss of 21-yearold Junior Daniel D. Rivera, a beloved member of the football team and campus community. On his Facebook page, Daniel included the anonymous quote, “Live like no one’s watching and love like you have never been hurt.” After speaking to his friends at a memorial service on Mon., Nov 17 at West Clubhouse, it is obvious that Daniel lived by this quote before his full life was cut short on Sun., Nov. 16 in a car accident in St. Jacob, Ill.

A 2005 graduate of Civic Memorial High School in Bethalto, Ill., Daniel transferred to McKendree from Lindenwood University last spring to pursue a degree in criminal justice. According to friends, Daniel worked at Mandarin Lounge in the Central West End and Club Buca in Laclede’s Landing in St. Louis as a bouncer and bartender. He was also a defensive lineman “red shirt” player for McKendree’s football team,

which meant he could only practice but not compete with the team. On Sat., Nov. 15, while the McKendree football team played its last game of the season, Daniel unknowingly celebrated his final football game with a win at home against Iowa Wesleyan, 48-3. According to teammate and friend Aaron Barnett, “He

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Vol. 87, No. 3

Holman Help Us: It’s Finals Week! By Carlos Marin Staff Writer In a time of the semester characterized by the due dates of projects and papers, it is of extreme importance to master the strategies required to obtain information of quality, and to do so in a timely manner. To this end, students can surf the internet for hours to find only limited and unreliable knowledge on their topic of research, or, better yet, they can use the resources and assistance provided by the staff members of Holman Library. Reference & Information Technologies Librarian, Bill Harroff, happens to be especially diligent in providing assistance both to students, members of the faculty and even to the alumni who come back to their Alma Mater in search of information. Harroff, who has developed an admirable level of expertise throughout the years, tends to greet all of those who ask for his help with a friendly attitude and is frequently able to find solutions and to facilitate the research process. When asked to describe the various tools available through Holman Library, Harroff replied that the “strength of the collection is composed by a rich selection of online journal subscriptions.” According to Bill, as he is commonly known, “more than 60 electronic databases representing tens of thousands of journals that comprise the Database List” are available through the library’s website. These databases provide access to the latest work on different fields from kinesiology to political science and feature the publications of leading experts inside and outside the United States. The EBSCO Databases have been rated as the leading

providers of journal articles for libraries around the world. Additionally, these resources can be used to obtain correct citation in different formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago and others styles, and are also valuable when looking for books, magazines and other printed materials. Bill defined a database as “a collection of data in which item groups are related in some way. The aim of a relational database is to allow large amounts of data to be held and manipulated without the need for excessive duplication, and to group this information time.” The database Psych Articles, for instance, groups a vast number of publications in an organized way that allows users to find those that are relevant to their interest through the use of certain key words and without duplicate or redundant results. Students should be especially familiar with Lexis Nexis, which in Bill’s words goes beyond academic articles into “virtually any document out there.” However, the framework for the best scholarly material is built in EBSCO. Through the library, students can also access I-Share, a system that provides access to the college libraries of the State of Illinois and allows for the check-out of almost every book in any of these locations upon request. The quality of information offered by any of the tools mentioned so far is usually more reliable than what can be found through Google, Wikipedia and other search engines, and is thus better re-

ceived by professors when used in papers and assignments. The main difference between Google and search engines like Ebsco is the fact that academic databases only feature work that has been evaluated and revised by competent authorities, as opposed to the regular internet that contains everything under a workable domain. In addition, it is especially important that students know about the EZ search button, an option that provides a vast list of articles limited by discipline and other filters. Harroff’s most important advice may be to extend an invitation to become acquainted with the tools and resources mentioned above. Despite the numerous visits Bill has done to several classes, some students are not familiar with the proper use of databases, web-sites and other aids found in the library’s website. When asked about what a student should do when having problems looking for information, Bill quickly replied: Please call 537-6950, email libraryreference@mckendree. edu, use AskAway, a 24/7 chat or visit academics/ask_a_librarian. Also, feel free to stop by for a visit!

On behalf of the entire Review Crew, good luck on finals and have a safe and happy holiday!

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Bringing Your Honey Home for the Holidays they have to say. They may actually be noticing your “friend” tends to be rude or perhaps is Parents tend to be a constant just being, in their opinion, a provider of advice and recombad influence. Ask and listen mendations. But age brings to why they don’t agree with knowledge and college brings your romantic choice. Try to the opportunity to be your own put yourself in their shoes. If it person with your own opinis something cultural, ask why ions. You begin to realize what they feel that way toward that you want out of life, and in particular group. some cases, who you want to Explain be with romantically. The presExplain why you feel a conidential election, the passing nection with this person. Point of proposition eight and Eboo out his/her positive qualities. Patel coming to campus have Elaborate on how this person raised varymakes you happy. If Dating someone of a they expressed a kind ing opinions and questions race, religion/belief of generalization, about today’s or sexual orientation such as “all those different from what kind of people act issues. I turn your family expects this way,” provide exon the radio can be like walking amples of how your or TV and I across thin ice. hear constant date doesn’t match up debates over with those negative Obama’s race and religion. I expectations. personally have had to deal Encourage with all of the above issues in Encourage your family my home. Dating someone of members to be patient and try a race, religion/belief or sexual to view this person beyond orientation different from what his/her skin, beliefs or ideas. your family expects can be like Also, suggest that they might walking across thin ice with not like your date, but it would some parents. If so, it is likely be unnecessary to be rude. On that they have reasons behind the other hand, encourage your their uncertainty. Past experidate to not react too negatively ences and influences can affect to any prejudice shown to ideas of certain groups of them. people. Sometimes it isn’t even Most of all, realize people a cultural issue--your parents aren’t always going to like one just disapprove for no clear another. Stick to your morreason. So when you’re trying als and do what feels right. to bring your honey home for Involved in an inter-racial the holidays, what can you do? marriage, Craig Robertson is Listen often asked what to do in situaRemember parents usutions like these. He offered the ally have you in mind, so if advice of warning your parents they show displeasure in your before bringing your “friend” choice of a significant other over and stressed explaining after they meet him/her, it may to your family how you are “at be something other than just this point in your life” where their preferences. If your mom/ you form your own opinions dad expresses distaste in your and choices. So if you are in friend, calmly ask why. Don’t this situation, know that you automatically assume anything. are not alone. Sometimes all Listen with an open mind and it takes is some patience and take into consideration what time!

By Melissa Wilkinson Staff Writer


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Daniel Ctd. always had a positive attitude, no matter what happened. He was good for morale, a good teammate.” Fellow teammate and Civic Memorial graduate Shane O’Brien added, “Football was his passion; he loved it.” According to football coach Carl Poelker, the football team signed a football and gave it and a jersey with Daniel’s number, 79, to the family as a way of remembering him. Coach Poelker shared, “He was just a genuine, nice human being. Always upbeat, fun to be around. As a defensive lineman he was a good-sized guy, but he was just a big old teddy bear.” At 6’2”, “Big Dan,” as some of his friends called him, made an impression both on the field as well as off. Daniel’s advisor and sociology professor Neil Quisenberry noted, “He was such a big guy that he was a presence, you couldn’t miss him in class but you know he always had a smile on his face, [was] always very polite, very respectful, [a] very friendly guy.” After talking to Daniel’s friends and teammates, it became clear that if there were two ways to describe Daniel, it was that he “always had a smile on his face” and was “full of life.” Reverend Tim Harrison, the University Chaplain, stated, “He didn’t have a long time to know a whole lot of people because he hadn’t been here very long at McKendree, and yet I see the outpouring of care and compassion for him that let me know that he did make a difference because there are a lot of students that have responded.” Dr. Quisenberry continued, “Even though I didn’t know him that well, I can tell what kind of

person he was just by the kind of response he’s gotten from his friends who have just really been devastated by his death. I think nothing speaks more to his presence on campus as the effect that his death has had on his teammates and classmates.” The 45 McKendree students who boarded a bus at 6:45 a.m. to attend Daniel’s funeral in Indianapolis on Wed., Nov. 19 certainly testify to the tremendous effect Daniel had on those who knew him. Friend and teammate Blake Novack noted, “I went through a hard time this year and he took me under his wing. He was always on the positive side of everything and outgoing.” Ashley Parrott added, “He’d do anything for you. He was a sweetheart; everyone loved him. He was always on the go and always excited to see his friends.” Perhaps roommate Robbie Kirk summed it up best when he said, “You’ll never find another Dan Rivera.” Daniel’s life may have ended, but the memories he has shared and the lives he has touched ensure that his spirit will live forever.

On behalf of the entire Review Crew, we’d like to express our condolences to Daniel Rivera’s friends and family. Rest in peace, Daniel.

Dec. 1, 2008

Dealing with Grief grief: “Don’t let other people advised, “You got to think tell you how to feel, and about what he [Daniel] would don’t tell yourself how to have wanted you to do. Don’t feel either.” Like Reverend quit functioning, don’t quit The sudden and early Harrison explained, different going to class.” Reverend death of one of our own people deal with grief difHarrison continued, “A lot of can be shocking and hard to ferently, and understand. According to the times you you should University of Texas at Austin just feel like let yourself “You got to think Counseling and Mental Health you can’t do anything in Center, some common grief about what he [Dan- grieve in your own reactions include feeling as if the ordinary iel] would have wantway. As the realm because you are “going crazy,” haved you to do. Don’t website says, it somehow ing difficulty concentrating, “if watchlacking energy and motivation takes away quit functioning, ing the entire the integrity and feeling like you “want to don’t quit going to oeuvre of the escape.” However, Tim Har- of grieving Marx Brothclass.” rison, McKendree’s Chaplain over this ers helps you person that stressed, “Everybody deals heal, no one you’ve lost with it [grief] differently. I has the right to tell you it’s just hope that people will feel that’s so important, but I think inappropriate.” At the same that if they are having trouble part of the way of dealing with time, the website stresses it is to talk and share stories of and they’re grieving in a difthat you need to take care of the person. That’s the first step ferent way than everybody yourself physically; getting of healing--just being able to else, maybe they can’t cry, a good night’s rest, eating that that’s okay too. All of us acknowledge that person’s impact on your lives, share funny healthy and exercising will are different and we should all improve your mood and stories as well as sad stories, just honor that.” make the grieving process After the sudden and tragic ways of making that person real to you in your memory and easier. Also, find a creative loss of McKendree Junior or tangible way to express how you want to remember Daniel Rivera, you may find yourself asking questions like them and just keeping involved your feelings: “write the person a letter saying the things and connected.” why did this happen? How you never got to say, create offers some can I go on without him? great tips for dealing with Football coach Carl Poelker Continued on p. 7

By Theresa Schmidt Editor-in-Chief

Theresa’s Quote of the Issue: “Don’t stand beside my grave and weep, For I’m not there, I do not sleep, I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond’s glint on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn’s rain. (Ctd. on p. 7)


Vol. 87, No. 3

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Married to Work Takes on a Whole New Meaning we attend concerts, plays, etc. together and that’s really enjoyable,” She continued. A married couple working Dr. Olson agrees. “We together in the same industry clearly have many of the same at the same location transcends interests and commitments… McKendree. For the focus of that’s an extra connection,” He this article, however, I talked said. with three couples who teach The pitfall may be turnhere at our university. My ing work off when the day is research showed me the many done. “Because we both work aspects of marriage and work at the same place, it can tend to overlapping. absorb our conversation away Dr. Brenda Boudreau, Asfrom work. We try not to let sociate Professor of English that happen,” said Dr. Olson. met her husband here at McK“Sometimes it’s hard to endree. Duane Olson, Associleave work behind at the end of ate Professor of Religion, was the day,” Dr. Boudreau comlucky enough to have an office mented. situated across the hall from Dr. Boudreau finds that Dr. Boudreau. The two were while being able to talk about married almost two years ago work-related things is enjoyon December 29, 2006. able, they must work to keep You won’t find these two their personal lives separate. cuddling up in She Piper Lounge, claims that a sense of students are professionalusually very ism keeps them surprised to from that, but hear that the they both enjoy two are marworking at the ried. same instituDr. Olson tion. reflected “It’s great Mr. Diuguid and Dr. Quisenberry shortly back on the after they got married in California on first time to be able to Oct. 11, 2008. bounce things students off of your connected partner and really have [them] the dots. “There’s always that understand what you are talkmoment of ‘So, you’re maring about,” Dr. Boudreau said. ried to Dr. Boudreau?’ She’s so “We both like being part much more interesting than me of a campus community…so that I think students are usually

By Kristie Manning Managing Editor

trying to figure out how she ended up with [me].” When Neil Quisenberry, Associate Professor of Sociology at McKendree for the past six years, met Darryn Diuguid in 1985, he thought Mr. Diuguid was a bit snobby. After getting to know the new pledge in the fraternity at Western Kentucky University, Dr. Quisenberry, an already active member of the frat, discovered the real Darryn. “He was just a shy person, not snobby at all,” he said. The two have been a couple ever since. For 23 years they have shared their lives together. In 2002, they adopted their son Evan from Vietnam. He came to America at four months old and currently attends Whiteside Elementary School in Shiloh. Evan is a very social little boy. He has experienced life at McKendree University since he was six months old. Even as a first grader, Evan looks forward to being a student at McK someday. On Oct. 11, 2008, Dr. Quisenberry and Darryn Diuguid, first year instructor of Education, were married. The ceremony took place in San Diego, California in the courthouse of San Diego County. The celebration, however, continued throughout the day and night with some close friends from the area. “The marriage did not seem

like such a big deal at first. grocery shopping…” We felt as if it was important Most people on campus for Evan’s sake, but knew the may not even realize that these commitment was already there. two are married. Dr. Ozturk It wasn’t a big deal until the works diligently in Voigt Sciceremony began,” said Mr. ence while Dr. Folk has an Diuguid. office in Carnegie. Although they both work Due to the detective work on campus, they that McK “There’s always that mo- students are don’t interact a lot on a day ment of ‘So, you’re mar- capable of, Dr. to day basis. ried to Dr. Boudreau?’ Ozturk finds Mr. Diuguid’s that students She’s so much more office is in interesting than me that I discover the Piper Academic connection think students are usually after having Center, and Dr. trying to figure out how them both in Quisenberry is stationed over in she ended up with [me].” class at the Carnegie. They same time. try to do lunch “Suddenly one of our stuon Friday’s, but with teaching, dents will discover that we’re committee work and Diuguid’s married. Pat’s scarce Turkobservation of students off ish vocabulary and the other campus, they don’t always get implications about his wife, the opportunity. brings students to come to me Feza Ozturk and Pat Folk with excitement to ask if her/ met when Ozturk began workhis prediction is correct.” ing here in September of 1988. Next time you see these The Associate Professor of couples around campus they Chemistry and the Professor won’t be wearing posters that of History began talking as say “We’re married!” and they friends. Twelve years later, the probably won’t even be in two married at the Belleville the same building. However, Courthouse. I thought it was important to Dr. Ozturk pointed out the bring to light the fact that proconvenience factor when asked fessors are not just people who what she enjoys most about make you write papers and do working with her significant presentations. They are memother. bers of a family as well, a fam“Knowing his daily schedily that enjoys being involved ule so I can ask him to run erin the McKendree community. rands for the family, like picking up our son from school,

Every year, Americans make enough plastic film to shrinkwrap the state of Texas.

What are you doing for the planet? *Information from the Clean Air Council (


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‘Tis the Season to Be... Shoplifting?

By Christen Roberts Staff Writer

give them to others as gifts. If caught, they will show guilt, shame or remorse. Often, they With the giving season just will breakdown and cry when around the corner, shopliftcaught and confronted. ing will heighten. In light of “Professionals” steal for this, I sent out a poll regarding profit and try to steal expensive shoplifting which came back items, often stealing multiple with some interesting results. items at one time. This group Though many people say they will resist arrest if confronted have never and will attempt to stolen anything, “Why spend money flee the store. some girls admit “Impoverished” when I can get away to taking makesteal out of ecowith it every time? I up and clothes. may be a kleptomaniac... nomic need and The more drabut I’m officially a well take necessities matic kleptomadressed kleptomaniac.” like food, diapers, niacs from my toiletries or chilpoll are guys. dren’s clothing. If Males who responded to the caught, they will usually show poll stole items such as alcohol, remorse, but state their frustraclothing, hats and shoes. tion with their lack of money. Out of the female answers, “Thrill Seekers” steals on a one responder reported fredare or for excitement and are quently shoplifting from malls. usually teenagers who steal in “I do it because it’s their own groups. fault for not catching me. Why “Drug and Gambling Adspend money when I can get dicts” steal to pay for their away with it every time?” rehabit. They prefer stealing sponded the shoplifter. “I may expensive, high end items, usube a kleptomaniac or whatally multiple items at a time. ever but I’m officially a well “Kleptomaniacs” have a dressed kleptomaniac.” The disorder characterized by a refemale said she would estimate current failure to resist stealing. she has stolen $5000 worth of Kleptomaniacs are impulsive merchandise throughout her and often careless, taking items theft career. they don’t need and can’t use. For the males, the biggest If caught, many will admit they answer was alcohol. One guy are kleptomaniacs and do not reported stealing $100 worth feel much remorse or shame. of alcohol every Friday night. They will often use common When asked why he did it, he excuses such as “I don’t reresponded, “Because I don’t member taking it”, or “I don’t have money to pay for it.” know why I took it because I There are many differdon’t even need it.” ent kinds of shoplifters, and “The Absent Minded” they’re classified into seven are people in a hurry, elderly major groups according to people, people on medications Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters or those who would have cogAnonymous (CASA). nitive or memory issues. “Addictive-Compulsive Shoplifters, when caught, Shoplifters” are people who pay huge fines and often result emotionally have a lot of in up to a year in jail. So be repressed anger and often show smart. No matter how temptsigns of other compulsive ading shoplifting may be, just dictions. These people often remember you have everything give to others and don’t take to lose. care of themselves. Typically, For more information, visit they will steal items that are CASA’s website at www.shopoften inexpensive and then

Dec. 1, 2008

Christmas Across the Globe

vegetables and sauces. A fruity and electric-lighted Christmas Christmas pudding with brandy trees. The celebration passes sauce tops off the meal. Yum! on through the New Year until Japan: According to some January 6. This day, called Merry Christmas! Happy sources, about 1 % of Three Kings Day, Holidays! You cannot help but Japanese believe in Christ. is when the Brabe in the holiday spirit as decoNonetheless, many of them zilians believe the rations like Christmas trees, partake in this festive time Wise Men visited snowmen and Santa Claus by gift giving and decoBaby Jesus. adorn streets and stores. The rating with evergreens. Ethiopia: radio is getting us in the spirit Japan’s Santa Claus is Christmas in by playing a variety of Christactually a Buddhist monk Ethiopia is celemas classics. Everyone knows dressed up as Hotei-osho. brated on January A Japanese when Christmas is around the hotei-osho figurine, 7. It is referred to He also leaves gifts for corner – that is, if you live in courtesy of Google as Ganna. People the good boys and girls. Images America. What if you were Rumor has it that Hoteiogather in churches somewhere else? What type of osho has eyes on the back for a Christmas music, decorations and tradiof his head so children try to mass, which can lasts three tions would you encounter if behave properly at all times. In hours. Ethiopia’s Christmas you lived in Japan? Or South the Christian Japanese Christfeast may consist of foods such America? There are many difmas tradition, families do not as injera (“sourdough panferent cultures that celebrate partake in eating a succulent cakes”) and dora wat (“spicy Christmas in their own unique dinner. Instead, families show chicken stew”). Although style, and here are some deact of kindness to others, parEthiopians exchange gifts, it scriptions of just a few. ticularity the sick in hospitals. does not play a huge part as it England: English culture is Brazil: Due to it’s many does in other countries. Ethiosomewhat similar to America’s, different cultures, Brazil holds pians also celebrate Christmas and Christmas is no exception. a variety of Christmas tradiEve significantly. The day is British folks decorate Christtions. Since spent praying, chanting and gomas trees, Brazil was once ing to worship. After worship, sing Christa Portuguese col- people celebrate with dancing mas carols ony, many of the and feasting. and exchange traditions origiAs you can see, there are presents just nate from that many different ways and difas Americans country. Brazil ferent times in which countries do. Their has Papai Noel celebrate Christmas. No matter Santa Claus or Father Noel how, where or when people One of Brazil’s lighted Christmas is referred as the bringer of celebrate Christmas, each pertrees, courtesy of Google Images to as Father gifts. A typical son is sharing in the special joy Christmas Christmas dinner and love of their culture. and he delivers toys to good is a juicy ham, turkey, colored *Thanks to Santa’s Net for boys and girls the night before rice, vegetables and fruit. Some supplying me with oodles of Christmas. A typical Christmas of the Brazilian cities adorn interesting information!* dinner is vast with roast turkey, the night sky with fireworks

By Tirzah Dawson Staff Writer

On behalf of the entire Review Crew, Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Merii Kurisumasu, Feliz Natal and Melkin Yelidet Beaal!


Vol. 87, No. 3

The Devil Wears Wiki:

By Heather Belmonte Assitant Editor Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is a fairly recent phenomenon. Launched in 2001, the project has steadily grown to include millions of articles. Despite the plethora of information one may get from this tool, much controversy surrounds it due to the collaborate software used to run it. “Wikipedia is the devil,” said Melanie Jenkins, Adjunct Professor of Psychology. “Anyone can alter a Wikipedia entry.” “Wikis are the current wave of how we share information. This is a basic building block and a working tool of today,” said Bill Harroff, Holman Library’s Reference and Information Technologies Librarian. Harroff is an editor of Wikipedia and has the students in his research classes become editors as well. “It’s just another tool, but unfortunately for some students it’s an ‘out’.” “I feel that Wikipedia

Fact-checking Wikipedia

does not even compare to the academic superiority that one can receive from peer-reviewed journals and textbooks,” said Jenkins. “Plus, to me, using Wikipedia promotes lazy research. Therefore, I highly discourage Wikipedia as a reference for all the projects I assign in my classes.” When asked if he suggests students use Wikipedia, Harroff said, “For research? Never. For a bunch of other entertainment or information purposes? You betcha. For anyone who wants to learn, it can be a great platform.” Freshman Erin Kilian said, “I use it to get the general idea of something.” She said that high school teachers encouraged this type of use. She also said that she checks out the links in Wikipedia to gather more in-depth information. “I love their hyperlinks,” said Harroff. “The folks at Wikipedia do an outstanding job of getting copyrights to photos and of keeping hyperlinks updated.” Kilian related the story

of a friend who posted false information on Wikipedia and forty-five minutes later, it was gone. Anyone can edit information on Wikipedia pages; however, as this story shows, there are checks to the system. When adding information to a wiki site, if one doesn’t provide references, the added “facts” are subject to removal. Senior Tori Galle says that she does use Wikipedia, but she only uses it for personal information and for getting a quick answer to a question. Galle said, “I think that Wikipedia can be more credible than Google but still not as credible as actually researching something.” Galle is an Intern at the Hettenhausen Center for the Arts, where she’s the box office manager. When booking people at the Hett, Galle will sometimes check them out using Wikipedia. Regarding the information she finds there, however, Galle said that wikipedia is often out of date. One time Galle looked up a performer and found him listed as part of a band that she knew he hadn’t been a part of for two years. Galle summed up her views of Wikipedia by saying,

“I’ve never used it academically and never plan to use it academically. That’s why we have Holman.” Senior Joe Witthaus works as a Clinton County reporter for The Centralia Morning Sentinel. In his line of work, Witthaus said that he uses Wikipedia as a “ground starting point” but always follows up by double-checking facts. “I never use it as a direct source,” Witthaus said. “It is what it is. It’s there if you need it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.” “I rarely use Wikipedia,” Jenkins said. “The last time I used it was during the Summer Olympics when I wanted to know more about Michael Phelps. So…I use it for my thirst of pop culture and entertainment, not for academic purposes.” “I do occasionally use Wikipedia to look up material quickly, mainly for my own personal knowledge,” says Dr. Jenny Mueller, Assistant Professor of English. “If I find information in a Wikipedia article that strikes me as useful for my writing or for my teaching, I confirm the information elsewhere. I tell students it’s

Page 6

fine to look at Wikipedia in the same way: for personal use as they’re brainstorming an idea. But they should not use it as a research source and that they should always find more scholarly sources to confirm Wikipedia information.” “I love the concept of Wikipedia,” Mueller continued. “I like its flexibility, its creativity, its public accessibility, and its responsiveness to the contemporary obsessions of our times. However, in practice, I have found that its contents are very much a hit or miss affair. This is to be expected, given the nature of its construction.” For those interested in becoming editors, Wikipedia offers an editing tutorial to help users get started on the process of both using and contributing to the site. Harroff recommended creating an account before posting edits because the user’s IP address will be recorded publically in the page’s edit history unless he or she has an account. “This is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself,” said Harroff. “It’s a good process and a great teaching tool.”

Green Christmas Ctd.

buying green gifts from web- jewelry and handcrafted knickknacks. The sale of all sites like bhappyof these items goes and therto preserving the rainforest, and in turn Bhappy Bags sells purchasing these fair reusable grocery trade items supports bags, which would merchants in poverty make great gifts for all around the world. others. The site also For more fair trade sells gift certificates which would allow Reusable gift bag items, check out partloved ones to pick from Forever 21. And don’t forget out their own items from you. The Rainforest Site to bring back any unwanted presents after break to trade store sells fair trade clothes,

in one of McKendree’s six new Swap boxes located in each of the dorms, Carnegie and Clark Lounges and Voigt. The holiday season is a busy time for all, and it is easy to forget to save energy and resources, to recycle paper and to ‘green’ your gifts, but it is well worth the effort. Take the time to make this holiday extra special and keep the season as eco-friendly as possible by trying out these tips for a truly ‘green’ Christmas!


Page 7

Grief Ctd.

life is temporary and that any an appropriate memorial in his or her honor (for example, of us at any moment could go…and so I think the mesif the person loved flowers, sage for all of us is don’t take plant or fund a garden), [or] life for granted, don’t take get involved in a cause or your friends for granted, don’t organization that was imporassume that you’re going to tant to him or her.” You and some buddies might organize see them everyday for the next fours years or whatever. an annual football game in Hopefully it makes us all apDaniel’s honor, or volunteer preciate each other more and to coach little league footmakes us tell our friends that ball for a summer. Lastly, we love them and how much the website advises that you we appreciate them.” Revplan ahead for anniversaries erend Harrison added, “We or holidays and accept it if are given a certain amount you have difficult moments of time to love one another during times like these. Let your family and friends know and to develop relationships and we need to make them what’s going on and how count. Don’t get caught up they can help ahead of time; with the little things in life decide on ways to honor and because sometimes we put so remember the person. Finalmuch emphasis on the things ly, Reverend Harrsion said, that don’t matter--the money “If you continue to withdraw we make, the cars we drive, and find lack of purpose and the stuff we are not able to surround ourget back into “If watching the selves with the ordinary entire oeuvre of that we’re than you probably need to see the Marx Brothers not going somebody on helps you heal, no to take with us. I think a regular basis one has the right to we’re just to kind of work with that grief tell you it’s inappro- reminded of how imporprofessionpriate.” tant it is to ally and talk have somethrough that.” body that loves us and cares McKendree offers a wide for us and that we can hang variety of resources and proout with and be a great friend fessionals to help deal with to and I’m hoping that all of grief, including Reverend us will just reaffirm that; that Harrison, Newman Catholic we’ll take time to be with Minister Erin Hammond and each other and value our time the University’s two countogether.” selors, Robert Clipper and Dr. Clipper is available Amy Champion. Also, do not from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. on forget that friends, Resident Tuesdays and Thursdays and Assistants, Resident Direchis office phone number is tors and your professors are 618-537-6502. Champion is always available and can at McKendree on Mondays provide support. Everyone talks about mov- and Wednesdays and her office phone number is 618ing on, but where do we go 537-6416. Their offices are from here? Daniel’s advisor located in Clark Lower Level and criminal justice profes2 (LL2). Take the time you sor Neil Quisenberry shared, need to grieve and remember “I think that the tragic thing that you are not alone. to take away from this is that

Dec. 1, 2008

McKendree Says Goodbye to Daniel Rivera

“Dear Dan, Over the past year or so you have become a teammate, one of my best friends and also a brother to me! You helped me out when I was down. You helped pick me up and made me realize that life goes on. You lived life in the fast lane and I too will continue my journey of life in the fast lane!!! Thanks for all of the wonderful memories and great times! I love you Dan! You will be greatly missed! I’ll cya at the gates. RIP.” Blake Novack “I only wish we could have hung out more Daniel; you will be missed.” D. Quals “Daniel, you were an amazing person and a great friend. Thank you for all the memories; I wished we could have had more. I know you will be watching me on my 21st. Love you and miss you!” Ashley Parrott

Theresa’s Quote of the Issue Ctd.: When you awaken in morning’s hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circle flight, I am soft stars that shine at night, Don’t stand beside my grave and cry, I am not there. I did not die.” ~Source Unknown Mornings Just Got Sweeter! Get a “latte” for your money by showing your McK I.D. and get 10% off! Check out our featured espresso drinks, smoothie or Frappe of your choice. 210 W St Louis St (618) 537-6145


Vol. 87, No. 3

Page 8

Amethyst Initiative Creates Buzz About Booze

By Michael Anderson Staff Writer Whether in the form of beer, wine, or harder liquor, alcohol has become a glorified staple for college life. Whether or not it is the staple of college life is another question, but it is nonetheless the focus of a longstanding discussion that has recently been revitalized. In July 2008, the Amethyst Initiative, headed by John McCardell, came into realization, launched by the support of college presidents around the United States. The Initiative believes “it is time for a serious debate among our elected representatives about whether current public policies [regarding alcohol consumption] are in line with current realities,” the Amethyst Initiative’s website states. For many, the Initiative is a means to spark conversation versus an outright demand

for lowering the drinking age; however, the possibility of lowering the limit is not unfavorable to many contributors. Dr. James Dennis, McKendree’s current President, while not a supporter of the Initiatives’ statement, agrees with some of the sentiments of the fledgling organization. “I believe it is an important national conversation that must take place. I agree that we continue to have serious problems with alcohol abuse among college students. At this point, I support the conversation, but I do not support the lowering of the drinking age. It is my opinion that we must have more research and debate before we take such a significant step,” Dr. Dennis said. As with all discussions, there are positives and negatives regarding the lowering of the drinking age. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, criticizes the group, and argues that any lowering

prevalent on college campuses. of the drinking age is an easy It is somewhat expected in our means to get out of a problem culture, sort of like a rite of which is plaguing the school passage,” Dr. Melissa Barfieldsystem. Works, Assistance “MADD Professor of Socicertainly has “As a professor, [I realology, said. a valid point ize that] college is about Binge drinkin their argustriking out on your own ing, in the simments, and and making decisions. If plest sense, is those of us you completely ban alco- an excessive who deal with the collegehol, the students will go measurement of age students out on their own. It goes alcohol a person express our down to the question on consumes in one sitting. * Dr. concern about who is responsible.” Barfield-Works alcohol conexplained that in sumption and the breaking of rules,” Dr. Den- her area of expertise in social welfare recognizes there is nis said. a connection between binge However, the question may behavior and later alcohol be whether or not this Prohibiproblems. tion-era conversation is truly The Amethyst Initiative needed, or is it merely talking wishes to focus on a program about something for the sake of moderation and educating of argument. The answer for students how to drink consermany is “yes,” especially with vatively, rather than drinking the rise of binge drinking and for the sake of drinking. The its obvious dangers. group also believes that absti“From what I have heard nence from drinking has been is that it [binge drinking] is

shown to be unsuccessful. “I think we need to be careful on how we proceed. I’d want to be sure that it isn’t entered too lightly. As a parent, I’m not sure how it would be, but as a professor, [I realize that] college is about striking out on your own and making decisions. If you completely ban alcohol, the students will go out on their own. It goes down to the question on who is responsible. I think there are still big questions we need to hear before we proceed,” Dr. Ann Collin, Assistance Professor of Political Science, added. Many members of the Amethyst Initiative also have stated several things which students often cite as reasons for discussing the drinking age, such as the eligibility to go to war or to vote. “If you’re allowed to have those responsibilities, then you should have the other rights of adult life,” Senior Sara Petterson said.

Why Amethyst?

According to the Amethyst ethyst was widely believed to Initiative website, “The word be an antidote to the negative Amethyst is derived from the effects of intoxication. In AnAncient Greek words meancient Greece, drinking vessels ing “not” (a-) and “intoxicat- and jewelry were often made ed” (methustos). According of amethyst and used durto mythology, Amethyst was ing feasts and celebrations a young girl who incurred to ward off drunkenness and the wrath of the to promote God Dionysus moderation. after he became The amintoxicated with ethyst is thus red wine. Ama meaningful ethyst cried to symbol for Goddess Diana this initiative, for help. Diana Amethyst rock from Google which aims Images. immediately to encourage turned the girl moderation into a white stone. Upon disand responsibility as an altercovering what had happened native to the drunkenness and Dionysus wept, and, as his reckless decisions about alcotears fell into his goblet, the hol that mark the experience wine spilled over the white of many young Americans.” rock, turning it purple. Visit amethystinitiative. The purple gemstone amorg for more information.


Page 9

The Doctor Is In: AIDs death is inevitable. By Shawn Printy There is no cure for AIDS, Staff Writer except for prevention, but If you’re like the vast there are many drugs that can majority of college students, be used to help maintain the AIDS is one of those things immune system to extend the that you hardly ever think life of those who have the about. If you do think about disease. it, you would dismiss it as The two main methods being something relegated to that the blood borne HIV other continents or those who is spread through are illicit pursue other lifestyles. It’s drug use and unprotected sex. certainly not something the Since HIV is blood borne, it average college student has to is only contractworry about. ible through blood This is uncontact, meaning true, however. that causal contact There are many will not spread the vectors that coldisease. lege students can Avoiding HIV contract AIDS exposure is simple. through, but To avoid exposure luckily, there are through things like also extremely illicit drug use, simple ways to Courtesy of Google Images. the easiest way to protect yourself, prevent it is to simply not that involve nothing more partake in the usage of said than common sense. drugs. First, a quick lesson on Preventing HIV transmisHIV/AIDS. HIV stands for sion through sex is also just human immunodeficiency as easy. Again, abstinence virus; that is, it is a human is the most effective way to afflicting virus that damages prevent exposure. However, your immune system, making since many college students you less able to fight off disare not abstinent, practicing eases, including HIV itself. safe sex is the key to avoiding After a span of years, the exposure to the HIV virus. HIV infection can progress AIDS is more prevalent to AIDS, which is acquired than most people would give immunodeficiency syndrome. it credit for. It is something This is essentially a state at to be wary of. Awareness and which your body is unable to proper education are the founmount any resistance to fordations of a healthy society, eign bacteria, at which point stay vigilant!

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Dec. 1, 2008

Technos 2008: Part Four: Reception

By Miranda Linneman Staff Writer As my heart raced every step of the way, I departed from the tour bus. I was with Dr. Will and Sarah Monical, the other McKendree representatives, waiting in line patiently outside of Technos College. We were about to meet the Japanese students on a large scale for the first time and I could hardly think what it would be like. A petite, adorable Japanese girl approached us and asked that we follow her in line... and the waiting began. We filed into a stadium-like area which was the main lobby of the school. There I was greeted by a shocking display of affection and a scene that I would not soon forget. Students were EVERYWHERE flying flags from New Zealand, England and the United States; their enthusiasm was blatantly put on display as they unashamedly screamed out and smiled their greetings. I was so surprised at this encounter, and at this time I realized how very much we were apart from our world, how very much the students at

Technos wished to interact and understand. They were excited to have international friendships and to get to know the world around them. It was a sight representative of many things but mostly of a common bond between young people, the wish to know and be known, to learn and be eager to grow. I wondered if the companions I had on the trip were all as excited to have these same interactions, to have this same growth. I knew that I would try my best to become an ample breedingground for growth, though it can be difficult to step outside of what you know. After stepping on stage and introducing ourselves to the masses, our little group of internationals walked up the stairs on a red carpet. We were then escorted into a cafeteria, where Dr. Tanaka, our beneficiary, was waiting to address us. He spoke to us sincerely about the importance

of international understanding and friendship. The reason he brought us all kindly and graciously into Japan was to offer us that opportunity of growth and realization. His stately presence was accented by the wise image of an elderly man who had been through many stages of life and wished to bestow some of that wisdom upon us. We were each urged to make what we could of the trip and to never forget what we had learned on our journey; each person had a separate revelation whether big or small and this cultural explosion was the catalyst toward some kind of change. Dr. Tanaka struck me as the kind of man who appreciated the younger generation for what it was: the future of the world and possible change for the future. After speaking to us, he wished us well, and we were ready for the next destination on our itinerary: Midori No Mura, the Technos spa retreat.

What’s new with Newman? *Advent Retreat*

Looking for a little quiet in the rush to the end of the semester? Join us to contemplate God’s presence in your life. We will pray through words, through silence, through art, and as a community. Take a little time to work on your relationship with God on Dec. 7 from 11a.m.—1:30 p.m.

*Way of Lights at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows*

Over 1 million lights! A laser show. A petting zoo (with camel rides). A Puppet Show. A Christmas Tree display. A Trolley Ride. Live Music from area choirs. What more could you want? You can do most of this for FREE! Only the camel ride and the laser show will cost you $8. We will leave at 5 p.m. on Dec. 9 and will return at 9:30 pm at the LATEST!

*Last Mass before break on Sunday, Dec. 7 at 8 pm in Bothwell Chapel (upstairs)*

Hodge Podge Collage

Vol. 87, No. 3 McK Fact Attack: Harold Kaeser: One of McKendree’s Oldest Living Alumni Turns 102 By Stephanie Coartney Associate Editor In the fall of 1926, Belleville native Harold Kaeser moved into the McKendree men’s dormitory, then Carnegie Hall, as a college freshman. With high spirits and a new sense of independence, Kaeser began his college career taking classes and excelling in the athletic department, where he participated in basketball, football and baseball. During the course of his four years at McKendree, Kaeser won a total of ten varsity letters and took on the role of assistant coach in Bearcat basketball his senior year. In addition to his talent on the field and court, he was recognized by coaches and fellow students alike by his noticeably blond hair, which earned him

the nickname “Whitey.” almost 78 years of his life. Some of the most lasting Although it was long ago when memories Kaeser has of McKhe first set eyes on her, Kaeser endree are the close still remembers the exfriendships he formed act location on campus while living in the where he met her. dorms and serving as Upon graduating, he a Resident Assistant soon earned a job coachon the first floor of ing and teaching social Carnegie. With the studies at Kinmundy Great Depression High School and later drawing near, he became superintendent earned extra money of the school district by working in the in Greenup, Ill. Kaeser Harold Kaeser student cafeteria, now was formally inducted into the recently renovated 1828 McKendree’s Athletic Hall of café, and acting as chauffeur Fame in 2002 for his outstandto college President Cameron ing performance as a college Harmon whenever he had a athlete. speaking engagement that Continuing to follow the required him to travel. progress of Bearcat sports proKaeser’s most unforgetgrams, Kaeser currently lives table memory of McKendree, with his wife in Carbondale, however, was when he met his Ill. He will celebrate his 102nd would-be wife Juanita Bush, birthday on December 7. with whom he has now shared

Introducing Blink and Rorschach in “Grammaz” by Sarah Adams

Page 10

McK Singles Josie Juelfs

Jeff Dillow

Josie is a junior at McKendree who is majoring in Religion/Christianity and minoring in Art/Photography. Her exciting personality and dedication to her faith make Josie more than just your average girl next door. In five years, she sees herself finishing graduate school and having a job as a youth minister. If Josie were to meet the guy of her dreams, she would soon overcome her feelings of modest shyness by introducing herself and getting his number. Josie quickly chose Batgirl as the animated superhero best representing her because she is a huge fan of Batman characters. When asked for a unique fact about herself, Josie’s own selflessness spoke for itself as she humbly noted, “I like to have people make their own decisions about me.”

Jeff is a junior at McKendree whose passion for helping others and great sense of humor make him stand out from the rest. In five years, Jeff sees himself either as a social worker in the Peace Corps or doing whatever he can to serve those around him. If he could meet the girl of his dreams right now, he says, “I would be able to watch football for hours on end while eating delicious food with her. All I would have to say is thank you and I love you.” If Jeff could be an animated superhero, he would be the Green Lantern because he can do so many things, such as fly, travel through space and change the channel when he can’t find the remote to the TV. One interesting fact about Jeff is that he has been skydiving and would like to experience it again.

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Sleep Out Surprise By Melissa Wilkinson Staff Writer

and homework were thrown into the back of my mind. I wasn’t sleeping, I couldn’t get Struggling to find a warm warm and my body ached from and comfortable way to lying on the hard ground. At lie inside my box, I licked about 4:30am I couldn’t take it my dry lips and pulled my anymore; the wind had picked sweatshirt down to cover my up, I couldn’t get warm and in exposed skin. I’m sure some the effort of covering my face homeless people dream of for warmth for so long, my having lotion and Chap Stick asthma started acting up. I felt during the winter. This new guilty as I realized how lucky I found reality didn’t really was to have a warm bed just a start to sink in until about couple of hundred feet away. 3am. Everyone had long Sophomore Bobbie Carroll retired to their boxes to try to admitted, “It was really cold get some sleep. The friend I and I ended up heading back had been sharing my box and to my suite at 5 a.m. [I was] body heat with went back to wrapped up in my blanket the dorms, and all that was still absolutely freezing and left was the distant sound I just had one of those moof snoring and the sound of ments where I got really, really the chilly breeze through the sad because I realized that I trees. I thought about what could walk back to my warm might go through the mind suite but people who are really of a homeless person. I tried homeless don’t have a suite to to imagine being out on the go to. So it just sort of sunk in streets without friends, shela way that it hadn’t before.” ter and necessities. Would Since I can remember, my the distant sound of laughing mom and I have dealt with our make them sad, local Section being a reminder 8 authorities. of when they used Section 8 to experience joy? is a federal What about those assistance struggling with program that mental issues? provides What gives them subsidized Snug as three bugs in a box: stuhope to keep dents tucked in for the night at the housing for Sleep Out. going? Homeless low-income people don’t have families layers upon layers to keep and individuals. While being warm; some don’t even have under this program, you must a box. abide by certain rules and your I also noticed a pang residence is subject to routine of hunger in my stomach. I inspections. My mom used to thought about the homeless tell me if I didn’t help her keep person who hadn’t eaten for the house in decent shape, we days and felt sad. I rememwould be kicked out and bebered that just last week come homeless. I never really my psychology professor believed her; I thought homelectured on Maslow’s hierlessness was just something archy of needs and realized I from the movies. I learned difhad descended back and was ferently as I grew up, but until struggling for the first level, the Sleep Out, I never really physiological needs. The considered what life might be thoughts of school, friends like for the homeless.

The Sleep Out definitely raised my awareness of the struggles of those less fortunate. I felt moved by two fellow students who chose to sleep on benches in the Quad. Freshman James Murphy, one of the students who slept on the benches, said, “I actually enjoyed myself during Sleep out in the Quad because I just wanted to feel what so many others in poverty have to go through. It helped me obtain a sense of just how hard it would be to live a homeless life. I only stayed out until 2:30 because it was really starting to get cold. However, the real homeless have to maintain that lifestyle for not for just a few hours, but rather for long periods of time. It allows one to realize just how bad reality can be for people who live in poverty.” On any given night in America, anywhere from 700,000 to two million people are homeless, according to estimates of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. Half of those people suffer from mental health issues. Children under the age of 18 account for 39% of the homeless population. 42% of these are under the age of five. So what can we do to help? We can of course donate money, food and time to shelters and food kitchens. We can participate in the activities around campus and at our jobs. There are many places who organize homeless survival shoe boxes. But what about those times you see someone less fortunate and look the other way? This year take the time to spread the holiday cheer: say a few kind words and be that glimmer of hope so many are searching for.

Dec. 1, 2008

McKendree Weaves New Interfaith Web Eboo Patel, executive director and founder for the Interfaith Youth Core, who McKendree University spoke at the McKendree has many different student Distinguished Speaker Series, groups on campus that serve was well received by the various interests-- from campus. While first year stuanime to art, dents were environmenrequired talism to eduto attend cation, and the the event, list goes on. Patel’s But recently, message McKendree attracted upobtained a perclassmen new group-as well as (From left to right) Back row: Anne local interone that Rev. Dulski, Rev. Harrison, Noah SilverHarrison says man, Sara Darnold and Grace Fisher. faith group the school was Deanne Puloka and Bhushan Shrestha leaders. in front. in desperate Speaking on need of, the impor“We have an incredibly tance of understanding and diverse campus and we just appreciating other faiths, weren’t catering to all our Patel called for students to students’ needs.” recognize that this generation An interfaith group is a would be the one to cross the discussion group that focuses “religion line”, comparing it on learning about faiths other to the human rights movethan one’s own. One such ment 60 years ago and the group was established on environmentalism movement campus just a few months that began 20 years ago. ago with a helping hand Patel said, “We live in from the Campus Ministries an age where we have truly Office. And after only a few crossed the color line. And meetings, several students the people that crossed it, have begun surfacing as the people that put Barack leaders. Namely senior Sara Obama where he is today, Darnold, the current presiwere 18, 19, 20 years old. dent of the organization. You believed before anyone “She has just really else believed. You got us stepped up to the challenge.” across that line. Now your Rev. Harrison says that start- generation’s issue is the faith ing the group and having line.” Eboo Patel speak on campus The Interfaith group at was no accident. McKendree has spent much “We live in a world with of this semester planning for people from many different Eboo Patel and Noah Silverbackgrounds and traditions. man’s visits. They are now The more we understand our working on planning specific neighbors on a personal level service projects in conjuncthe better neighbor, coworktion with two other interfaith er, citizen of the world and groups; Faith Beyond Walls person of faith we will be.”

By Deanne Puloka Staff Writer

Continued on p. 18

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Fashion Forward: Fashion Finds for Friends

If you are just looking for which caters mostly to women stocking stuffers or secret San- but has a small collection for ta gifts, AE has great accessomen as well. Some of you may be lost ries. Keeping with the season, Its extensive collection of when it comes to picking check out its hats, scarves and witty screen T-shirts for womgifts for friends and family, mittens. They are warm, cute en, starting at only $14, can but never fear. With Black and start at $15.50. be paired with one of its many Friday quickly approaching, If you want to zipper sweatshirts. I am here to tell you what’s go a little less prepIt quickly becomes hot, what’s not and what to py, Old Navy is the the perfect outfit for buy all the fashion-forward stop for you. Its both class and the bar people in your life this holicute, cheap clothes scene. day season. Don’t you worry are not quite J. More importantly, though, because there are Crew and not quite Forever 21 carries ways to do it without putting Express, so they sit three different lines too much of a strain on your just happily in the of clothes within the pockets. middle of not too brand and is sure to A must-stop for the trendy but not too appeal to any woman Rose print dress, one of you know. preppy shopper who would traditional. the “Top Picks for Her” rather play it safe with a clasOn the Old As a gift, try any from Forever 21 sic look is American Eagle. Navy Web site, of the store’s tops. Sweaters and hoodies are a there is help for the Keep in mind that must-have for everyone on clueless. The company has ansequins, metallics, jeweled your gift list this season. A ticipated that people sometimes necklines and silk prints are simple cable knit is a staple feel lost in the holiday season, in this season. Though prices in any woman’s closet; you so it supplies a holiday gift vary, they are on the relatively can never go wrong with a guide, outfit ideas and more. inexpensive side. Between its simple sweater. Most of their This guide helps customers see collections of going out clothes sweaters start at just $34.50, the latest trends and score the to work clothes to comfy and come in several differbest deals, which is perfect for clothes, there would be little ent colors ranging from light the college student. reason to visit any other store blue to red. Pick up a few buttonwhen shopping for women. Those hooddown shirts, Also, remember you can ask ies that fly off a steal at only any of the sales associates for the shelves at $10 each, for help picking out a gift. AE are mostly every guy you If none of these ideas seem purchased for know. You can appealing, you can always men. Most guys afford it with pick up a gift card to any store live and die by that price, and or mall, or just give a Visa their favorite while you’re gift card that is usable almost hoodies, oftenat it, pick up everywhere. times wearing an Old Navy No matter what you choose, the same hoodie AE’s MockNeck Sweater, from logo perforthere is an entire world of posfor a week AE’s “10 Must Have Gifts” mance fleece. sibilities out there this holiday straight, which At only $15, season, with plenty of deals for is a HUGE this comfortable, affordable the bargain shopper. So scour fashion no-no. So $39.50 fleece fits under most coats and those Sunday ads, look online seems like a decent price for will warm you up on the bitter, and check out the mall in your something so versatile. I’d windy days that Illinois sees area to see what’s available. suggest steering away from during the winter. ‘Tis the season to be shopwhite, though; guys can get Lastly, there’s Forever 21, ping! pretty dirty.

By Nicole Neal Staff Writer

Have a fashion tip or trend you’d like to share? E-mail us at!

Page 12

Treasure Ctd.

that you would take something Geocaching is a lot of fun from the container and leave for people of all ages, but something else behind. He left even college students can get a small log book and a couple frustrated by the vagueness of of prizes in the container- never some cache hints and inexactthinking that his simple hunt ness of the coordinates. There would spark the phenomenon have been many caches we now known as geocaching. have stomped away from, disHunting for a cleverly hidappointed that even though we den cache has made us feel like were only five feet away from brilliant spies one moment, and it there were simply too many complete fools the next. While logs or leaves to look under. on one hunt we pulled aside a For any new geocachers carefully placed rock to reveal or those aspiring to start, we the treasure concealed beneath, would like to offer a few tips: but the next had us walking •Wear long pants and closedaround in circles and jumping toe shoes, even if it’s hot out, into a mudbecause you dy creak For one particular cache in never know bed, only to O’Fallon, Illinois we arrived what you’ll realize that at the cache quickly, but had be traipsthe cache ing through. to spend several minutes was right (Deanne got sending evil glares to an next to the poison ivy on path. For elderly couple that was sitting our very first one particuon top of it in order to get trip) lar cache in •Be sure to them to move! O’Fallon, write down Illinois we any clues for arrived at the cache quickly, a cache before you set out. but had to spend several minWe’ve had coordinates lead utes sending evil glares to an us only to a parking lot near a elderly couple that was sitting park, at which point we needed on top of it in order to get them to follow the clues to find the to move! actual cache. Also, it’s imporWhile geocaching, you have tant to note the difficulty and to be careful to dodge not only terrain ratings at geocaching. poison ivy and oak, but also the com, especially if you bring prying eyes of “muggles” (a kids along. geocaching term for non-geo•Remember to bring a variety cachers). Caches’ descriptions of trinkets along with you to usually include a note on how put in the cache. Some caches “muggle-proof” the area is. are huge Tupperware containAmongst the items you may ers, while others are tiny film find in the cache are travel bugs canisters. And play fair- if you and geocoins. These trackdon’t put anything in, don’t able items move from cache to take anything out. cache added by geocachers that •Just enjoy the hunt! It’s easy found them, picking up stories to get irritated when you don’t along the way. The items can find a cache and want to turn be purchased at specialty shops on your fellow geocachers. or even at Target. However, in Try to focus on enjoying the our many adventures we have adventure, environment and only found one travel bug. company and let the actual find Most of the time we have colbe secondary. lected unique items such as a Godspeed and good luck plastic pink flying pig, a smiley on your future treasure magnet, and a Kung Fu panda hunts! toy from McDonalds.

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Hear It, See It, Read It offers students a little insight into new releases of music, movies and books. See It... Read It... Hear It...

By David Hodges Public Relations Editor


Nickelback: Dark Horse

Nickelback have established themselves as one the biggest rock bands in the world. With over 26 million albums sold worldwide, they have made their mark in rock and roll history. Their new album is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The band brought in legendary producer Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Def Leppard) to produce the record with them and also longtime collaborator Joey Moi. With “Dark Horse,” frontman Chad Kroeger spends no time grousing about his hecklers, instead embracing the classic image of rock-star philosophy. He offers cartoonish tales of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, all in an ill-fitting growl that misrepresents the good times he’s supposedly celebrating.


Pink: Funhouse Pink has done it again in 2008 with her highly anticipated and provocatively personal Funhouse album, addressing both her public and private persona, as only Pink can. Much of the album’s subject matter alludes to the fact that she recently divorced her husband Carey Hart. The first single, “So What”, opens with: “I guess I just lost my husband/I don’t know where he went”. “Please Don’t Leave Me” also addresses the split. Teaming once again with hitmakers Max Martin, Billy Mann, and others, She is poised to leave another memorable mark. She has been widely hailed as a fearlessly talented singer and songwriter and her genre-defying creative risk-taking has propelled her to global stardom. To date, the chanteuse has sold 22 million albums cumulatively worldwide.

Action/Fantasy/Drama: Hancock

The Christmas Sweater By Glenn Beck

There are heroes, there are superheroes, and then there’s Hancock. Edgy, conflicted, sarcastic, and misunderstood, Hancock’s wellintentioned heroics might get the job done and save countless lives, but always seem to leave jawdropping damage in their wake. The public has finally had enough - as grateful as they are to have their local hero, the good citizens of Los Angeles are wondering what they ever did to deserve this guy. Hancock isn’t the kind of man who cares what other people think until the day that he saves the life of PR executive Ray Embrey and the sardonic superhero begins to realize that he may have a vulnerable side after all. Facing that will be Hancock’s greatest challenge yet. The film stars Will Smith and Charlize Theron.

When Eddie was twelve years old, all he wanted for Christmas was a bike. Unfortunately his life had gotten harder -- and money tighter for his family since his father died and the family bakery closed. Eddie dreamed that somehow his mother would find a way to have his dream bike gleaming beside their modest Christmas tree that magical morning. What he got from her instead was a sweater. Scarred deeply by the realization that kids don’t always get what they want, and too young to understand that he already owned life’s most valuable treasures, that Christmas morning was the beginning of Eddie’s dark and painful journey on the road to manhood. It will take wrestling with himself, his faith, and his family -- and the guidance of a mysterious neighbor named Russell -- to help Eddie find his path through the storm clouds of life and finally see the real significance of that simple gift his mother had crafted by hand with love in her heart.

Released Nov. 25, 2008


Tropic Thunder Tropic Thunder is an action comedy about a group of self-absorbed actors who set out to make the most expensive war film. After ballooning costs force the studio to cancel the movie, the frustrated director refuses to stop shooting, leading his cast into the jungles of Southeast Asia, where they encounter real bad guys. Filled with satirical humor about Hollywood and lined with some over-the-wall offensive comedy, this is a “love it or hate it” film,. starring an all-star cast including Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Nick Nolte, and Steve Coogan.

Released Nov. 18, 2008

The Shack By William Paul Young Mac is a grief-stricken father in mid-life and about to have an extraordinary experience with God. His “great sadness” began four years ago on a weekend camping trip, when his 6-year-old daughter, Missy, was murdered. What he couldn’t know then, but is about to learn, was God’s purpose for Missy’s death. As the story begins, Mack receives a strange note that is apparently from God. God invites Mack to return to the place where his daughter was murdered, a shack, for a get together. Though uncertain, Mack visits the scene of the crime and there has a weekend-long encounter with God, or, more properly, with the godhead.

The Pulse

Vol. 87, No. 3 Catch up on the latest campus happenings, entertainment news and more! How Checkmate Can Help You Get Your Grades in Check By James Murphy Staff Writer Imagine yourself taking a very important exam. You have been studying for three hours and are fully confident. During the exam, you find yourself stumped on a multiple choice question and can’t decide between two possible answers. You try so hard to remember, but to no avail. The pressure of time builds as you finish the rest of the exam except for that one multiple choice question. You need to do the best you can on this exam to achieve an A, so every question counts. As the time is being called, you quickly make an educated guess that is either right by luck or wrong because you couldn’t remember. How many times have you found yourself in this situation? Most students experience this many times throughout school, but there is a very fun way to change this situation for the better. You may be wondering about how you could possibly have fun studying for an exam. One simple answer is by playing a board game known as

chess. Chess is a mentally challenging game used for recreational and competitive play, but there is a lot more involved than what meets the eye. Studies have shown that grade and high schools that teach chess to their students as part of the curriculum consistently do better on achievement tests and even in their normal grades in general. Why does chess improve one’s grades? The reason is that when one plays a game of chess, he or she stimulates the mind that ends up having many positive benefits. A few of these good benefits include improved problemsolving abilities and critical thinking skills in the areas of logic, pattern recognition, perception, coordination, spatial relations, decision-making, and visualization. Also, two very important benefits not listed here are memory and mathematical ability. As you can see, the benefits of playing chess are nearly limitless. In addition to all of the benefits, a lot of people find chess to be real fun game to play. It takes a lot of practice to become a more advanced player, but there are plenty of resources

at a person’s disposal to help them improve their chess game. If someone is looking for something to do in their spare time, why not have fun and improve their mind’s capabilities at the same time while playing a game of chess. Whether you’re playing alone against a chess computer or against someone else, you will soon find yourself getting better mentally as time goes on. Also if you want to meet new people and make new friends that share the same similar interest in chess, you can also join a local or national club since there are many available. The best advice regarding chess is that chess is what you make it. It can be used for casual play against a friend, or you can even spend a few days a week studying it. After you have played chess for a while and you find yourself in that same stiff situation trying to decide between two possible answers for a question on an important exam, you will have a better memory and will most likely remember the answer. In this way, chess has the potential to increase your grade in any of your subjects which is also a benefit of chess.

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Love is the Movement: Rescue is Possible By Melissa Wilkinson Staff Writer While walking through Piper Thursday, Nov. 13, you may have been asked if you would like to have “love” written on your arms. Perhaps you noticed a peer who had love adorned on his/her wrist or arm. Nov. 13 was the second annual To Write Love on Her Arms day. TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to spreading hope, knowledge and encouragement for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 18-24 year olds. TWLOHA exists to reach out to those who feel so helpless that they turn to harming themselves and to let them know they are not alone. It also

exists to inform the public to be apart of lowering the sad statistics by aiding those who are going through rough times. Alpha Phi Omega and I wrote love on over 60 bearcats’ arms and informed many more. If you know someone who doesn’t seem to be themselves lately, talk to them, listen to them. If they give any clues that they are contemplating harming themselves, ask them if they have a plan. If the plan is something they would have access to do, get them help as quickly as possible. If you need help, tell someone or call 1-800-SUICIDE. For more information, visit,, or selfinjury. com.

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Gamer Groupings Proven False By James Murphy Staff Writer Do you like playing video games? Whether you play all the time or just once in a while, you may not know that many stereotypes are associated with playing video games. These stereotypes can be both beneficial or against the normal gamer. Many studies have been conducted in the last few years to learn more about the stereotypes of gamers, and the results are very surprising compared to the preconceived notions involving a typical modern gamer. I recently had an opportunity to interview Senior Jason Finley, a big gamer who works at the GameStop in the St. Clair Square Mall. Due to his job, he is in contact with a lot of other gamers on a regular basis. I compared his answers to the studies that I had researched to see if he agreed or disagreed with the stereotypes. The first stereotype concerns the average age of the U.S. gamer. The most common response would be a teenager to early 20’s; however, this stereotype is false. Finley said that three years ago the average age of a video gamer would probably be between 18 and 30 years of age. Although Finley’s response fits with the stereotype, his age range goes beyond it up to 30. This slightly contradicts with what studies have shown. Many of the studies show that the actual age of an average gamer is typically between 29 and 31 years of age which is close to what Finley noted. One of the studies was compiled by the Entertainment Software Associate (ESA) which showed that the average age of gamers is 29 years old while another study conducted by the Annenberg School for Communication assistant professor Dmitri Williams found that it was 31.

“The standard demographic Media CT show that gamers of the age of gamers was are more social then nonblown way out of proportion gamers. Another study by IGN about two years ago with the confirmed that most gamers release of the Nintendo Wii. An are more likely to marry, date, example is that some nursing have kids and typically get out homes are now even starting more. bowling leagues with the Wii Finley stated that sociability to help keep the elderly people mainly depends on the player more active,” said Finley. As and the game. “Some games one can see, the most likely like World of Warcraft allow age of the average U.S. gamer players to work with one anis closer to 30 years old rather other such as raiding a guild. It than a teenager. allows people to socialize with The second stereotype deals other people in the game which with female gamers. The first helps them to develop better thought that comes to mind for social skills.” most people Another would be that very argu“Some games like World of only a small mentative Warcraft allow players to work stereotype percentage of with one another such as raid- involves gamers are ing a guild. It allows people to whether female, but this concepsocialize with other people in gamers tion is wrong. the game which helps them to are more Finley likely to develop better social skills.” be deestimated between 20% pressed or and 35% of gamers are females have a better chance of sufferwhile studies and surveys made ing from substance abuse. The by the ESA reported between natural reaction would be that 20% and 40%. The reason that this is true, and actual studies this number is higher than one conducted by researchers from would first think is that most the University of Southern of the female gamers only like California (USC), Palo Alto certain types of games such Research Center (PARC), and as ones that are less violent or the University of Delaware more casual than what men (UD) have shown that gamusually like to play. ers are more likely to suffer “As assistant manager of from depression. However, GameStop, I have learned the researchers noted that that games that have graphics this correlation between video dealing with killing and murder games and depression doesn’t really turns most women off to necessarily equal causation as video games. There are only the mental ailments could be a a few genres of games that reason for video game playing women usually like to play,” as much as a product of it. said Finley. Finley went the other direcA third common stereotion and said that this is not type concerns whether or not true. “I would only think that gamers are more social than certain isolated cases would non-gamers. The most widecause video games to cause despread answer would be that pression. At times, some video they spend a lot of time to games actually help people fill themselves playing games and a void in their life which would don’t get out much, however, have a more positive impact both Finley and actual studies Continued on p. 17 conducted by IGN and Ipsos

Dec. 1, 2008

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Staff Writers: Sarah Adams, Michael Anderson, Chelsea Arnold, Heather Belmonte, Stephanie Coartney, Tirzah Dawson, Mariano Flowers, Emily Gavilsky, David Hodges, Miranda Linneman, Kristie Manning, Carlos Marin, James Murphy, Nicole Neal, Maia Paluska, Eric Pingolt, Shawn Printy, Deanne Puloka, Christen Roberts, Theresa Schmidt, Kendra Sigafoos and Melissa Wilkinson.

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Vol. 87, No. 3 Page 16 Catch up on the latest campus happenings, entertainment news and more! Freshmen Honors English: Campus Activities Pre-Cram Comedy Jam with Jen Kober Wed., Dec. 8 at 9:30 p.m. in Ames

Get your laughs in before it is time to cram for finals! Complete our survey at the end of the show and get free wings in the Lair while they last!

White Elephant Bingo

Fri., Dec. 5 at 9:15 p.m. at the Lair Come to the Lair for bingo with a twist…All of the prizes will be gift wrapped. Win a game, pick a prize – It could be a $50 Gas card, could be $10 in quarters for laundry, could even be a chia pet…who knows? When all of the prizes are gone, then the fun begins! Can you keep your prize or will someone steal it from you? It will be a game of surprises – Don’t Miss It! THIS IS THE FINAL NACHOAVERAGEFRIDAY! EVENT OF THE SEMESTER! Stop in and grab some free nachos while you are playing bingo!

Office of Student Affairs Pancake Study Break Monday, Dec. 8 at 9:00pm in Ames Dining Hall Come to Ames Dining Hall for the Annual Pancake Study Break for free food served by members of the Office of Student Affairs staff. Check campus email for a complete list of Stress Fest events sponsored by Campus Activities Board!

Lebanon Care Center Christmas Party! Sun., Dec. 7 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at LCC Come celebrate Christmas with Lebanon Care Center! We’ll eat snacks, sing carols, dance and have a great time! Take a break from finals and join us Sun., Dec. 7 from 6:30-8:00 p.m.! We’ll meet at the stairs to Upper Deneen at 6:15 p.m. See you there!

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Out of the Classroom and Into History synonymous with urban blight,

By Sarah Adams Staff Writer In any college or university English classes are generally associated with the same things. Students read articles and books, analyze writings and write papers. But for the Honors English 111 and 112 at McKendree, classroom activities are starting to move outside the realms of thought and into larger projects. In English 111H, a combination of literature and philosophy with an emphasis on African-American culture, students have already completed their integrative project for the semester. Any student who has a class in Carnegie room 303 will have encountered the Harlem Renaissance Museum Project displayed on the wall. The display makes use of period advertisements and photos as well as images of prominent black writers and philosophers. The images are captioned to tell stories of what life was like during the Harlem Renaissance and to elaborate on its histori-

as well as explore its history of cal significance. Students in famous people like Miles Davis the class were challenged to make connections and integrate and Ike and Tina Turner. Students will conduct interviews literature with history to make with older the exhibit, citizens for an which will oral history be up for project. The viewing until class will serve the end of the dual purthe semester. pose of providNext ing real world semester’s applications project for for McKendree English Freshmen Ryan Vincent and Sarah students, and 112H will Adams review their work on the Hralem as a college have even Renaissance Exhibit. preparation more relcourse for the evance outhigh school students involved. side of a classroom. Students Participants will be given credit in the class will be teaming up as contributors on the website. with high school juniors from Dr. Martha Patterson, who will East Saint Louis Senior High team-teach the course with Dr. School to construct a website Ann Collins, looks forward to on the rich history of East this new and exciting project. Saint Louis. The website will She commented on how it is focus on 20th century history much easier to do integrative in East Saint Louis: race riots, projects like this on smaller the presence of jazz and blues, campuses with small groups the rise of gangsterism and the of dedicated people. “It is very civil rights movement. The much a McKendree event,” she class will research how East Saint Louis has become almost said.

December Bearcat of the Month: Kamara Owens

By Theresa Schmidt Editor-in-Chief Congratulations to Senior Kamara Owens for being chosen as December’s Bearcat of the Month by SGA! While serving as a peer mentor for University 101, Kamara impressed her fellow University 101 instructor Besty Keigher for being a great peer mentor. Described by Keigher as being “mature, kind, friendly, hard working and willing to help any student,” Kamara has gone above and beyond as a peer mentor and exemplifies everything the Bearcat of the Month award stands for. On her Facebook page, Kamara states, “I like to give out free hugs to make people smile and have a good day.” A biology major and theater minor, Kamara is a member of McKendree’s Dance Team, Sigma Zeta (the National Science Honor Society), Alpha Psi Omega (the National Honorary Theater Fraternity) and Rotaract. She is also a New Student Orientation group leader and a Resident Assistant at McKendree West. On behalf of the entire Review Crew, congratulations to Kamara Owens for being awarded December Bearcat of the Month! Stay tuned for the next issue to see who the next Bearcat of the Month is!

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McKendree Students Present Work at Regional Conference

By Heather Belmonte Assistant Editor On November 7 Kendra Sigafoos and I set out for the Midwestern Regional Conference of Sigma Tau Delta (STD), the English Honor Society. The conference was held at Stephens College in Columbia Missouri. We had both attended the national conference last May and were excited at the prospect of presenting our work at the regional conference. A collection of my poetry and a short story were accepted, and Kendra had a short story and an academic essay accepted. It was an awesome experience to present work before our peers from around

the region. At each Sigma Tau Delta conference, the presenters are divided into panels based on type and topic. For the national convention, presenters are divided more specifically by genre. Panels of academic essays, poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction are then separated into presentation categories based upon topic. For the smaller regional conference, the panels were not as finely divided by genre, but instead were grouped together based largely upon theme. The two day Midwestern Regional Conference was intimate. Everyone had an opportunity to see nearly every panel, and there were alumni

as well as student presentations. The Missouri State Poet Lauriet Walter Bargen, who recently spoke at a McK Brown Bag, presented, as did several authors who discussed publishing. We were also given ample time to network with students from the region as far as Western Tennessee and as close as St. Louis. For those interested in becoming a member of Sigma Tau Delta, you must have completed three English courses that are 200 level and above, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in those classes as well as in general scholarship. Contact Sigma Tau Delta’s faculty advisor Dr. John Greenfield at or at (618) 537-6890 for more information, or visit Sigma Tau Delta’s website at

Rotaract Receives Award

The McKendree Bearcat Rotaract Club recently received a Presidential Citation award from Rotary International for their participation in projects in club service, community service, vocational service, and international service from July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008. The award was presented at the Rotary District 6510 Conference held October 24-26 at the Regency Conference Center in Shiloh and was the first time a Rotaract club in District 6510 has received this award. Pictured above receiving the award from Dr. Harry Henderson, Past District Governor, Rotary District 6510 are (left to right): Meg Bhandari, treasurer; Kumud Bhandari; Tonya Schartung; Ivan Stoyanov, Past-President and Webmaster; Bhushan Shrestha, vocational service chair; Lauren Szakielo; Lauren Hettenhausen, recording secretary; Jennifer Fletcher, club service chair; Chris Andrews, vice-president; Sara Darnold, corresponding secretary; and Nishant Timilsina, President. Rotaract club meetings are held in Piper Academic Center on alternate Monday nights 8:00-9:00 and all students are invited to attend.

Dec. 1, 2008

Gamers Ctd.

than negative one. I would say, of games you play, you can concerning substance abuse, lose weight and have fun at the that the cause is rather a dissame time. A good majority order and not the video game of the games, though, involve itself.” the Nintendo Wii since a lot of The last stereotype that I actions are involved in playresearched was whether or ing most of the Wii games. not gamers are healthier than One good example is the very non-gamers. Most people poplar Wii Fit which helps you would view gamers to be rather lose weight in a number of large since they are playing ways,” said Finley. a game rather Video than exercising. games can be Another study by IGN Both the actual fun, but a lot confirmed that most studies made of negative gamers are more likely to stereotypes by the same researchers from marry, date, have kids and are usually USC, PARC and typically get out more attached to UD as well as gamers. These Finley constereotypes, firmed that gamers tend to be however, are often incorrect. healthier. The studies showed Finley stated that a lot of these that gamers are more likely to stereotypes are being proven get out. They would also be false primarily because of the more likely to exercise more Nintendo Wii, which is causing to become physically healthier believed demographics to be and less overweight. thrown out of proportion espe“Depending on what types cially in the last two years.

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The Cats in McKendree’s Hat By James Murphy Staff Writer Many of you have noticed the two playful cats that have been staying in the quad. A lot of people see these cats on a regular basis, and the longer they stay, the more it seems like they belong here at McKendree University. I think these cats are definitely a positive influence on the students that attend this university. I personally enjoy seeing them day to day when I am walking to my dorm after a stressful day of classes. It really feels good to see these cats, since I have some at home. Instead of missing my cats, as it turns out, I have two I can observe and play with at McKendree. They may not be bearcats, but they are cats in a Bearcat atmosphere. I also had a chance to talk to Junior Theresa Schmidt about her thoughts on these cats. “I love the cats at McKendree; I think it’s so cool that we have our own sort of unofficial pets! From a psychological point of view, I know they help a lot of students’ transition to life away from home and life at McKendree; they provide a lot of laughs and comfort during times of great stress or pain,” said Schmidt. Like Schmidt explained, these cats have definitely helped me transition to McKendree. They seem to always make me laugh and this is especially good on those stressful exam days. I also had the opportunity to talk to Freshmen Airika Tyler and Melissa Wilkinson. “I like

the cats that roam the quad all the time. I think they are a part of McKendree now. It is almost like they are our real mascots. I know a lot of people enjoy feeding them and trying to catch them, but they never seem to interfere with anything or anybody. I like having them around and plus they are cute!” said Tyler. “Cats are my favorite animal and my mom is allergic to them, so it is especially nice to have two here on campus! I can recall a few days when I was having a bad day and while walking into Ames I spied the kitties playing together and it brightened my day. I think in some sense they bring some of the students here together. I’ve had conversations with students I haven’t talked to before while playing with the cats. I hope they are still here after the holidays,” said Wilkinson. Theresa also stated, “I think it’d be really cool if McKendree officially adopted them and got them Bearcat collars and put a cat door and little cat beds by the vending machines insides Ames’ exit; they just really make McKendree feel even more like home so it would be great if we could make them official members of the Bearcat family!” As a student, I support keeping these cats here on campus because of the impact they have had on my own life. That the cats are staying here at McKendree makes me a bit happier that I’m staying here too.

Meet Mack and Kendree in a special mock-edition of McK Singles on p. 23!

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Can You Hear Me Now? A Look at Student Cell Phone Usage in Class By Mariano Flowers Staff Writer “Is that a cell phone you’re using Mariano?” asked my professor. I answered “Of course not,” although I was in the middle of writing a text message. I was not going to tell on myself because this particular professor does not allow texting in her classes and has a cell phone policy in her syllabus that states that your phone is to be turned off when you enter the class room. She believes that it is “the height of rudeness for cell phones to interrupt classes or public events. It suggests immaturity and lack of consideration for others.” She also has strict penalties for people whose cell phones ring while in class. If your cell phone goes off when another student is giving a presentation, you will automatically lose a

full letter grade on that speech assignment. Don’t let your phone ring more than once during that semester. If your cell phone goes off twice during the semester, she will confiscate the phone, and you will have to meet with both her and the Academic Dean to get it back. Although I wasn’t actually talking on the phone, she still doesn’t allow texting while in class either. Almost all students text while in class and it’s happening more now than ever. Teachers have been expressing their dislike for texting in class lately too. One of my football teammates got in trouble because his professor told our coach that he doesn’t pay attention in class because he texts on his cell phone instead. Personally I don’t think that teachers should make students

turn off their cell phones because it’s our personal property. Another reason I don’t believe it should be a strict issue is because in case of an emergency, either personal or on campus, you will need to use it to call for help. I believe that students should check that their phones are put on vibrate but not completely turned off. Some people, like myself, who has newer highly technological software cell phones also use it as a planner. If a professor changes the due date of an assignment while in class, I like to mark that in my calendar on my cell phone as a reminder, and some teachers have a problem with that. I think some of these teachers need to understand that times have changed and need to understand a cell phone is used more now than just to talk.

Interfaith Ctd.

and the Metro East Interfaith purpose is to provide service projects to the community Group that they met during and to the world to stop viothe Interfaith Week at McKlence, stop hunger, and make endree. During the week’s the world a wonderful place events, the group also added for everyone to live in. She 10 more members, says, “While rewhich really en“The more we undercouraged President stand our neighbors ligions differ, all of the group, Sara on a personal level religions believe Darnold. the better neighbor, in helping the “It is important coworker, citizen of poor, stopping to belong to an In- the world and person wars, and helpterfaith Group and of faith we will be.” ing those less fortunate.” learn of various To go along with Patel’s faiths because we live in a society that contains all these visit to the campus, Campus Ministries along with the diverse people and we need Black Student Organization to understand their religious and the International Student or spiritual paths as well as Organization hosted a day our personal path.” series of workshops concernDarnold says that while ing youth and ministry. their group’s goal is to “The event was well timed educate themselves and othwith the elections because ers on the true meaning of young people were very interfaith the group’s main

excited about being involved and doing something that made a difference. So I think the week’s events were very relevelant to the students and the situation,” said Rev. Harrison. .He hopes to hold similar workshops next semester to build on “Interfaith” awareness on campus. Currently, McKendree’s Interfaith Group has an emailing list of about 40, with around 20 dedicated, active members. President of the group Sara Darnold says that even though the numbers seem small she believes that work is being done on an individual basis even when members cannot attend. The group meets every other Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in the Circuit Rider’s Room in Bothwell Chapel.

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Dec. 1, 2008

The Issue of the Issue: Lowering the Drinking Age

By Theresa Schmidt Editor-in-Chief

For each issue of the Review, we choose an issue that we think is relevant and important to McKendree’s students. We then randomly select one student from each grade level, ask them their views on the issue and tally the score. Please remember that these are individual student views and may not represent those of the entire student body or the administration. On. page 9, we read about the amethyst initiative and the administration’s opinion on lowering the drinking age, but where do the students stand? I set out to find some answers.

Got an idea for next issue’s issue? Send us an e-mail at mckreview@mckendree. edu.

Final Tally Yes: 1 No: 3

Freshmen Chelsy Durbin

“I don’t think that the drinking age should be lowered to 18 years old. The reason why I think this way is because a lot of people under 21 are not responsable enough to drink. If 18 year olds were allowed to drink there would be a lot more drunk driving accidents because 18 year olds would think it was okay to drink to an excess. This would result in a higher percentage of deaths in young adults.”

Sophomore Whitney Baillie

Junior Ben Simon

“I do think that the “I’m against lowering drinking age should be the drinking age for a lowered. I think that few reasons, but the lowering it would be primary one is simple: better because the mathere is no reason to jority of college students make the effort. Changwould legally be able ing the law would do to drink, something that nothing for the country no doubt a lot of them except give in to the do anyways. Because irresponsible demands there is no age at which of young adults who everyone would be already drink and simply responsible enough to want their fears of arbe able to drink, I think rest to be lifted. Clearly lowering it so most colwith all the underage lege students would be drinking arrests that allowed would be good. occur, and even alcohol induced accidents, our Also, once people are youth is not responsible legally able to drink, they seem less interested enough even at 18-- so removing the penalty in binge drinking and for childish rebellion is getting out of control. giving up on one fracI think that part comes tion of the fight against with the illegality of it delinquency.” all.”

Senior Elizabeth Jeremiah

“I think the current drinking age is acceptable. If any change is made, it should be raised in order to accommodate brain development. According to, ‘The part of the brain that inhibits risky behavior does not fully develop until age 25.’”

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Vol. 87, No. 3 Let your voice be heard! Write to us at McKendree’s Major Problem By Chelsea Arnold Staff Writer McKendree University offers a broad range of majors and minors for its students, from Theater and Philosophy, to Math and Sciences. However, for being a liberal arts campus that recently upgraded to a university level, I find that McKendree lacks more modern and increasingly popular majors, as well as the option to put emphasis in a select area of study for a major. It would be incorrect to say that McK lacks emphasis programs, but they do not have emphasis in certain studies. Currently, art majors must take all basic and upper level art classes, including painting, sculpture, drawing and designing, compared to a music major, which allows multiple areas of emphasis. Students are not given the option to focus on one special degree of art. Depending on the type of art field one is looking for, certain classes would not be needed for future jobs; other classes in other areas, commonly computer editing or photography, would be. For example, McKendree lacks classes that would allow a degree in computeraided graphic design. “[I would like to add] web design; it’s becoming a popular field - and McK needs more computer courses with graphic art and such. Also because I’m a web design major and I’m

trying to make my own by tak- eral other areas of emphasis, ing and substituting classes,” including photography, lay-out Junior Edward Gillman said. designing and copy-editing. One could possibly form a One could also point out a degree in this field by combinlack of classes in some studing an art and computer sciies. Earth science, while a ences major with a marketing broad topic, is classified as a minor, but there are no conGeology-type class in the 2008 crete programs for that particu- Course Catalog, but with inflular area. I feel the modern arts ences of astrology, meteorolare somewhat discriminated ogy and climatology. Geology against: if McKendree brings on its own can be broken down in IRS agents to teach about into several field of study, from crime investigation, couldn’t a minerals to core-work. designer come in to lend their I feel McKendree should knowledge to art students? allow emphasis in specialized As areas of majors. McKendree University... stated by the Since gaining could bring in more students university staUniversity course catawith modern majors that tus, one would log, journalkeep up with the changing think more ism is curjob markets, and continue to specialized rently only grab the attention of potential majors would available as be readily availstudents. a minor and able. McKendmainly covree University, ers print journalism, rather than already in the top 10 percent broadcasting or online news of the nation’s colleges, could production. Although millions bring in more students with of people still read the daily modern majors that keep up newspaper, televised news and with the changing job markets, pod casts are far more popular and continue to grab the attenand readily available. tion of potential students. “I think we need a JourOne solution would be to nalism major. I hear a lot of bring in professors or even people talk about that. We professionals who work in the have some classes that involve desired fields, such as the IRS journalism, but no set major; visitors, to fill in what current you can always do that ‘create teachers cannot. The Univera major’ thing,” Junior Tonya sity has the ability to bring in Schartung said. adjunct teachers needed for the Journalism does not have to fluctuated class sizes for freshbe as simple as paper or radio; man; why not do the same for it can branch out into sevmodern majors?

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Dec. 1, 2008

The Soapbox: The Grass is Always Greener on Somebody Else’s Campus I’ve seen things to critique at McKendree. The buildings By Kendra Sigafoos are old and never a consisAssistant Editor tent temperature. I think the At one point or another in lawns are over watered and every college career, students parts of the campus are paid start to dislike their school. extra attention to while other In fact, some of us even hate parts are neglected. I think it. We are so sure that there’s that so much attention has somewhere out there better been paid to promoting McK suited for us. A better school to as a “whole new U” that the suit our personalities. And we important things have been may be right. forgotten. For example, the I’ve had the advantage of humanities are suffering, and experiencing both a large and the science building is in need small university. I went to of serious upgrades. Southern Illinois University On large campuses, the in Carbondale (SIUC) for two buildings are usually updated. years. I had a really good time The income for large univerand I loved what I studied, but sities means a more stable I never really felt like I betemperature for learning envilonged. As much as I loved my ronments and more up to date friends and my major, I didn’t equipment in the class rooms. love where I was. I didn’t But the buildings are misseven really like it. I felt like I matched. The dorms in which belonged somewhere smaller, I lived at SIUC are triplet more intimate and more perconcrete eyesores on the sonal. southern Illinois landscape. I left SIUC and moved back One building in which I was home to Staunton. I had my lucky enough to never have choice of a class, was local schools terribly long – SIUE (the One of the biggest assets of and confusing. sister school McKendree is its big heart. Every hallway of the place Until McK, I’d never had of every floor I’d just fled), a professor care so much looked exactly Blackburn the same. The about me, not only as a or McKendfew times I student, but as a person. was inside ree. I wasn’t interested in made me feel Blackburn, like I was and everyone I’d talked to who trapped in the hotel from The went to SIUE said to avoid it Shining. at all costs. I turned to McKenA common complaint at dree. McKendree is the parking When I was young, my situation, and even though mom and I used to come to many students have serious Lebanon once in a while to issues with McKendree’s go shopping or antiquing. I’d parking, I have none. McK always enjoyed the tiny town, is a small campus, so parkbut I’d never paid attention to ing will naturally be an issue. its college until I was in the I don’t mind walking half a market for a new one. I fell in block to class. In fact, I don’t love with McKendree immedi- mind walking two blocks, ately, and I still am. and I’m sure anyone who has

changed in my life and it took received a freshman parking me a while to get back to who sticker at SIUC will agree I’d been. Clearly, my opinions with me. To drive and park on haven’t left me completely. SIUC’s campus would have It’s hard to appreciate how put me further from my classes lucky you are to be in a class of than if I’d walked the roughly a dozen or so until you’ve been one mile from my apartment. an unidenThe lot tifiable face was way It’s hard to appreciate how in a class of at the back one hundred. lucky you are to be in a class of campus behind the of a dozen or so until you’ve At McK, if you have an engineerbeen an unidentifiable face in a opinion you ing buildclass of one hundred. can say it and ing on the people will far side of listen! Profesthe student sors care about what you think. center opposite all the lecture They want you to succeed. halls. It was a hike. No, it was They want you to have opina trek. Even without a sticker, ions and concerns. They want visitor parking was rarely you to learn. And they know if available and almost always you don’t. guaranteed a parking ticket. At larger universities, most I certainly pay a lot more to professors can’t tell one face go to McK than I ever did gofrom another. Most don’t ing to SIUC. I commute every bother to learn your name at day, so the cost in gasoline alone is significant. Also, SIUC all. Our faculty is pretty over had so many courses to offer it loaded with personal projects, multiple classes and adviswould take days to go through ing so many students, but I’ve them all to decide what you never been in a class at McK want, and there were Advisors where a professor didn’t learn who only advised, while at McK professors double as academic advisors on top of their course loads. However, one of the benefits at McK of having your By Kendra Sigafoos professor also be your advisor Assistant Editor is that he or she knows your As I’ll be graduating strengths and weaknesses. You at the end of this semescan be given feedback and get ter, this will be direction that you wouldn’t remy last official ceive from an advisor who only Soapbox column. knows you from a file. I will always One of the biggest assets cherish my time of McKendree is its big heart. at McKendree. I Until McK, I’d never had a became an adult professor care so much about here. Part of me, not only as a student, me wants it to but as a person. I left SIUC a never end. I have changed person; I was once enjoyed working on the outgoing and opinionated, but McKendree Review and when I got to McKendree, I was shy and nervous. A lot had

every student’s name. I pay a lot more and my student loans have grown from toddler-sized to teenage, but I’m glad that I have something to show for it. I’ve received a better education here than from anywhere else in my life. So I pay a lot more, and there’s a lot to complain about, and McK is lacking much, but the benefits are worth all the negatives. Every McK student is benefiting from being here because this school is so small, because professors know their students so well, and because we’re receiving education from people who both know the material and want to help you know it too. The campus is about to split at its seams and it’s growing steadily. The idea of this upsets me a bit. I don’t want McKendree to get bigger. McKendree is beautiful and charming. It’s comfortable and kind. As long as McK maintains these characteristics as it grows, then those who want either a small or large university can find a home here. And that’s worth every penny.

A Final Farewell

have especially enjoyed working on this column. Thank you to those who’ve read it, discussed it, influenced it, loved it and hated it. All the work is worth it in knowing that what I’ve written has affected, entertained or influenced someone. I’m going to miss so much about McKendree and I’m thankful for every moment here. So long… Kendra

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A Calculated Look at the Cost of McK By Todd Reynolds Vice President of Student Affairs

institution. Unlike a corporation, our pricing structure is not designed to make a profit. We need to meet our bills, pay our debts and invest in proLet me begin by indicatgrams, services, facilities and ing how much I look forward personnel. Like the families of to reading The McKendree students attending the univerReview. I find it to be a good sity, we are also dealing with reflection of campus news and increasing utility charges, issues and it represents an excellent forum to present matters the rising cost of health care benefits, greater travel expense, of importance to the campus increased interest rates and all community. Thanks to the ediof the other financial pressures tors and all of the staff writers that have become increasingly for the good work being done. evident. To meet its financial It is in that spirit of exobligations the university genchanging points of view and erates income from two general encouraging dialogue that I sources. Approximately 60 would like to respond to an percent of our operating budget article included in a recent comes from student tuition and edition of The Review. In fees. The remainder of our particular, I will focus my income is generated through remarks on the article entitled, outside gifts, grants and fund “The Issue of the Issue: The raising. Essentially, student Cost of McK.” The writer tuition accounts for 60 cents of presented the views of five every dollar it takes to operstudents who responded to the questions relating to the cost of ate the university. The other 40 cents needs to be raised attending McKendree and the from sources worth of their outside of the investment. university. I The student should note that responses this relationship seemed to rebetween student flect a range generated supof sentiment port and outside and opinion. support is not My intent in Every year, freshmen receive free this response t-shirts duing NSO’s “Into the Streets.” unique to McKPicture from 2006. endree. It is a is to add an formula present additional in most institutions of higher voice and to provide some factual material for consideration. education. I comment on it here to underscore the fact that Clearly, this is a challengsubstantial funds beyond those ing economic period. The provided by student tuition are signs of struggle are everywhere from Main Street to Wall required to operate the university. Street. The administration Relative to specific quesof McKendree University is tions raised in the article by aware of the economic climate students, let me offer the folour students and their families lowing thoughts: are living in. We know because we function in the same Work Study Hours environment. To some degree The university is awarded we share a common concern a specific amount of money and experience. by the federal government to McKendree University fund the Work Study Program. is classified as a non-profit

We have established a cap on per-student earnings in order to maximize the number of students who can benefit from the allocated funds. The federal government never allocates sufficient funds to cover the entire amount of work study awards granted to our students, so we have adopted a formula that allows us to do the greatest good for the greatest number of students within our allocated funds. Flex Dollars The flex dollars program is a benefit built into the student meal plan system. Therefore, the money has to be restricted to meal costs. It is not possible, for example, to use meal flex dollars to pay for books or other goods from the bookstore. However, students can place discretionary funds on their Higher One card and use it at various campus locations. Giving McKendree Merchandise Away Some offices do give McKendree merchandise away. The NSO program provides a shirt for all incoming students; the same can be said for the Center for Public Service (Into the Streets) and the Alumni Office. McKendree style shirts are made available to workers in the IM program, the Fitness Center and for CAB members. An institution-wide systematic giveaway of McKendree merchandise is not feasible without those costs being passed on to the general student population. In other words, if you want more giveaways you will pay higher tuition. Free Food Day at Ames Our food service is a contracted arrangement with Sodexo. Providing a day/week of free food to the boarding student community will not happen in a vacuum. The

costs of one “free day” per week would have to be paid by someone; most likely the student boarding community.

•82% of first-time, full-time freshmen were awarded financial aid based upon need. •77% of all undergraduates were awarded financial aid Federal Work Study Probased upon need. gram •First-time, full-time freshmen Student eligibility for the were awarded on average 85% Federal Work Study Program of their total need. is determined by •Undergradthe federal governThe cost to attend McKen- uates were ment through their dree University is ranked awarded on review of student average 82% in the lower half of all submission of “private” schools within of their total the FAFSA form. the State of Illinois and need. The awarding of throughout the country. •McKendree work study to each Universtudent is detersity awards mined via a formula based on nearly $22,000,000 in need individual student need and based assistance to students. assigned through the student’s •In total, (need based and nonaid awards. need based students) 99% of first-time, full-time freshmen The Cost of Academic Majors were awarded some form of All student tuition is the aid. same regardless of major. •The placement rate for McKHowever, there may be some endree graduates (other than additional costs associated with those entering graduate or one degree or the other that professional programs) within goes beyond tuition charges. six months of their graduation Science majors will have addi- is 96%. tional lab fees in some of their •McKendree University is acclasses. Other majors might re- knowledged by several external quire special instruments and/ agencies as being an instituor equipment not provided for tion of outstanding academic in their tuition costs. Student quality (U.S. News & World teachers and other students Report), a “Best Buy” within whose majors provide an inthe higher education commuternship experience pick up the nity and it is recognized as a cost of driving back and forth “College of Distinction.” from campus to the student •The cost to attend McKendree teaching or internship site. My University is ranked in the lowimpression is that the added er half of all “private” schools costs associated with some within the State of Illinois and programs and/or courses are throughout the country. inherent within the educational Hopefully, you will find enterprise. the information cited above to On the question of the worth be helpful in confirming that of the investment and what McKendree is a worthwhile McKendree is doing to help investment. Furthermore, I students meet their costs, I ofwould urge any student who fer the following data related to is experiencing financial difMcKendree University. Much ficulty to visit with the Office of it is cited in the College of Financial Aid. We will do Board survey of 2008: whatever we can to make the •Institutional aid available to McKendree education available students has increased 89% and affordable to as many of over the past 5 years. you as possible.

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Dec. 1, 2008

Cat-tastrophe MocK Singles By Mack, Kendree and Friend Contributing Writers You have probably seen Mack and Kendree around campus. They are two of several stray cats that we have on the campus that have been dumped and left to fend for themselves. None of these cats are neutered, so the problem will multiply in the spring. They are a bit shy, which is understandable, as I’ve seen several mean-spirited students run screaming at them and throwing things at them. Why? These are kittens, barely five months old, and near starvation. Those individuals who are so full of

off of the shelters, which are alhate for themselves that they ready inundated with stray cats need to lash out to a smaller weaker creature are few. There and dogs. We are showing the responsibility that their original are many students whom I’ve owners never did. seen feed or How many cats coax these poor I would like to procan two cats prokittens to come pose having a collecduce in ten years? closer, as these tion taken up, perhaps According to the students probby one of the sororiably miss their ties or other campus American Humane own pets at organizations, to have Association, alhome. I would these animals get their lowing two cats like to propose shots and be neutered. and their offspring to breed for ten having a collecyears will produce tion taken up, 80,399,780 cats! That’s a lot of perhaps by one of the sororities cats. Let’s do our part in our or other campus organizations, own corner of the world, and to have these animals get their help these animals. Let us not shots and be neutered. By our campus contributing the cost of turn a blind eye to those who the vaccinations and the neuter- are less fortunate, be they two ing, we are keeping the burden or four-legged.



Hi, my name is Mack. I’d love to snuggle up with the one I love on cold, rainy nights. I’m not fussy about food; I’ll eat just about anything. I love to run and climb; physical fitness is rather important to me. I live on McKendree campus, and chances are good you have seen me. I have brownish hair and greenish-yellow eyes. I am looking for my forever friend, and hope that it may be you.

Hi, my name is Kendree. My brother is listed in the singles column, and I thought I would give it a shot, too. I, too, am looking for that special someone to cuddle with and to protect me. I’ve had my heart broken in the past, so I am a bit shy, but I am willing to try and lighten up. I like to try new foods, and am not very fussy. I love running and climbing. I have brown hair and a white belly.

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Vol. 87, No. 3

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Cross Country Update Soccer Sweeps Competition

By Carlos Marin Staff Writer

Sophy Yapsabila was the number one runner in all meets but one. She was also 4th at Last week the McKendree the Conference Championship, Cross Country Team ended one ranked 4th in the overall standof its most remarkable seaings of the season, while the sons. On the men’s team, Elias team was ranked third in the Melly finished ranked 3rd in AMC Conference. Both teams the conference and qualified as have improved their academic an individual for the National standards and plan Championship, to continue to do so which will be in the future, Coach held at Kenosha, West said. Wisconsin. The Distance Runteam earned the ning provides one of second place in the most profound the Conference, physical challenges a few points of all sports. After behind William the last Conference Woods, and obAMC Freshman of the Year meet, and during tained numerous Darren Hooks the 15 minute cool honors both athdown, freshmen letically and acaTom Crivellone remarked, demically. Team Capitan Mike “What you go through after the Mendez was named an all Con- third mile of a cross country ference performer and received race in indescribable, I know the All-Conference Academic that sports like football are Award for his achievements hard, but I wonder if you get inside the classroom. Freshman this type of challenge anywhere Darren Hooks was named the else.” Conference Freshman of the When asked to explain his year, not only for his perforfascination for the sport, Mike mance in the Conference meet, Mendez said “Cross Country but also for his consistency is probably one of the world’s throughout the season. Hooks most true sports… On the road and was also named an All there is no one to blame for Conference Runner along with your short comings. There is no Mendez, who finished his third escape; there is only yourself.” year as a runner. In reference to He added, “It is also difficult Hooks, Cross Country Coach for people to understand what Neal West remarked that it is it takes to go out everyday no rare that an incoming freshman matter the weather, no matter is able to make the transition how you feel, and beyond any from high school, where a race excuse that you may have to go extends for 5 kilometers, to and maintain an honest battle college, where meets are of 8 with you and you only.” kilometers or 5 miles. Mendez also described runOn the women’s team, ning “as very simple, the fur-

ther you run, and the more often that you run, the better you will be....I do not think I could have performed at the level that I did this season without the help of my new teammate (and conference freshman of the year) Darren Hookes. Training is a lot easier when you have someone to push with you.” As for the future, Coach West stated the goal is very simple: “improvement.” According to his experience and knowledge, distance running is an activity in which improvement is a gradual process that takes weeks, months, and years of consistent training. As for those returning, he sent a clear message: “Everyone who wants to be a part of our Cross Country teams next year will have to prove themselves daily during Indoor and Outdoor track, even despite the weather or their fatigue or a busy schedule. The summer months will also be extremely important. There really is no ‘off season’ in Cross Country. November success is a result of dedication in June, July, and August. If you want to be college athlete in our sport, you have to get out the door each and every day in the summer as if your November races depended on it, because it does.” Coach West expects a dedicated effort from all team members in order to show that the “team is ready to go” by mid September. If this occurs, McKendree University will add another squad to those that regularly attend the national championship each fall.

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Chrissy Ghirardi, Sarah EckBy Emily Gavilsky elkamp, Lindsey Freeman and Staff Writer Danielle Kuberski lead the The McKendree women’s soccer team earned their place team. In goal for McKendree is Liz Yanko, who completed in the 2nd round of the National Tournament in Daytona an almost perfect season and only had one loss against her. Beach, Fla. Dec. 1-5. A 1-0 Rounding out the roster win at home in the first round are Megan Ansley, Jess Auagainst Kansas Wesleyan gustine, Darcee Bair, Sarah University gave the team Brede, Sam Hartman, Cassie their first win at the National level. Junior Sarah Ryan, who Jones, Kathy Kentch, Erin Kilian, Kyla Nighohossian, was named the AMC Player Cassie Lofink, Sarah Lueckof the Year, scored the game ing, Brittany Lowell, Lindsey winning goal in the 2nd half. Ponder, Corie Sanders and Along with her teammates, Erin Spotanski. The team is Ryan is very excited for the trip to the Sunshine state. She under Coach Tim Strange, who was named AMC Coach stated, “I am very excited for of the Year for the sixth connationals but nervous at the secutive year. same time. I know it’s going Kelsey Johnson, the capto be hard work but I know tain of the team, also has high that our team is capable of hopes for a great showing in winning. I think all we need Florida. She stated, “It’s an to do is focus and have faith honor to be one of only 16 in each other. If we just play teams still they way we playing. We know and with have high all our heart it expectations will hopefully this year and turn out in our are very exfavor.” cited to get Ryan leads to Florida the team with and play.” 21 goals, followed by AMC Junior Sarah Ryan receives her award When asked what the Freshman of for AMC Player of the Year from team needs Dean Reynolds. the Year Sulyn to do to conKeomanivane, tinue winning, she stated that who has scored 20. Adding the team just needed to do to the offense is standout “the simple things. We need Katelyn Cleveland, who set to make crisp passes, give the record for career assists 110% and stay positive as a with over 31 this year. Also helping out up front is Ashley team no matter what is happening. If we play with heart Varns, who recorded eight and never give up I think we goals and eight assists and can beat any team we play.” Alex Adams, who had nine The Bearcats will face the goals. In the middle for the number one ranked team in Bearcats are Ilana Milkez the nation, Lindsey Wilson, with seven goals on the on Mon., Dec. 1 at 11 am in season and Theresa Kaiser, Daytona Beach, Fla. For live who dished out eight assists. Defensively, Kelsey Johnson, game feed, visit naia.cstv. com. AMC Newcomer of the Year

McKendree Review for Dec. 1, 2008  
McKendree Review for Dec. 1, 2008  

The Decemberr 2008 edition of the McKendree Review for McKendree University.