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Jan. 29, 2010

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Keying into McKendree’s security Rekeying campus causes student concern

By Sarah Adams Associate Editor McKendree University is a fairly small school in a fairly small town, but that’s no reason why we should be less conscious of security than any other college. Public Safety, student I.D. cards and residence hall keys are some of the security measures taken at McKendree. Residents of the dorms in particular must be careful not to lose their room keys or else they will be fined for new

locks and new keys for the entire building. This is intended to prevent any finder of the key from getting unauthorized access to the residence halls. But what if it just one key to one building that was lost? What if a set of keys capable of unlocking any building on campus went missing? McKendree security had to address exactly this issue last November when a master set of campus keys went missing. Ever since then,

dealing with changing locks and keys. Campus security has had to be temporarily increased. According to Shirley Rentz, the Director of Human Resources, the initial response to the problem was an increase in security patrols and the changing of outside building locks. Last semester, on-campus students were issued new keys to the outside doors. The reason for the change did

not seem to be widely known until now. This semester, all of the interior locks have been changed as well. “All outside door locks were changed very quickly,” said Rentz. She also noted that changing the locks was a precautionary measure, not a response to some evidence that anyone had tried to use the lost keys. There was no evidence of attempted theft or entry. Some

residents of the dorms have been

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Secrets: Post Secret at McK Once

By Deanne Poluka upon a time Staff Writer people had

secrets. They kept them hidden behind closed doors and only whispered them to their closest friends... maybe once, on their deathbeds.  Secrets were private and weren’t shared.  The notion of secrecy and privacy is dying in the 21st century.  Hollywood stars freely own up to their extramarital affairs on live TV, and politicians aren’t far behind.  And there’s no need to go to confessional if you live in the residence halls.  If you did something last night that you regret, it’s okay because your neighbor heard it all and has already forgiven you.  Internet networking sites like Facebook have made it easier for us to discover each other’s “secrets.”

NEWS 1-3

A friend can find out where you were last night or what you were thinking about 20 minutes ago. With a little amateur sleuthing, you can quickly tell who likes who by the number of photos they appear in together. But the real gold can be found in personal, online journals.  Blogs are the treasure trove of secrets. One could say that America either A) has no secrets whatsoever or B) is


obsessed with secrets. Maryland resident Frank Warren would probably pick option ‘B’. Approximately 100 postcards containing America’s secrets flood Warren’s mailbox every day.  The secrets on the postcards range from jawdropping secrets like: “Everyone who knew me before 9/11 thinks I’m dead,” to


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Vol. 88, Iss. 5

‘Wonders of Wellness’ presents:

The McKendree Challenge

By Chelsea Arnold Editor-in-Chief

wide age range. They said there would be ‘a variety For any member of the of activities people could McKendree community participate in, including who has seen ‘The Biggest classes on cooking healthy Loser,’ the Wonders of and sweatin’ to the oldies.’ Wellness group has brought Almeida even wants to the competition to McK. reintroduce trail walking on Terry Almeida, the new local walking paths. president of Wonders of Contestants will also Wellness, or W.O.W., came be working with Food up with the idea with Dr. Pyramid to customize meal Karen Onstott. plans and plan their diets “We wanted to get depending on how their the word out about being weight loss is going. healthy; about W.O.W., Almeida says she would nutrition, mental health, love to see this become an and being healthy on all annual event every Spring. levels,” Almeida said. “We want it to be fun W.O.W has since teamed up and hands-on. We will with other departments of use the Fall semester the school to work together for cooking classes, in promoting awareness of demonstrations and a being ‘well.’ time to teach people about Jan. 17 through the 23 health. In the Spring was ‘Healthy semester, we Weight will then put Week.’ everything to During the practice with the week, W.O.W Challenge.” set up tables Aside from to recruit the McKendree students, Challenge, faculty and staff W.O.W is also involved to join the McKendree with ‘Move America,’ Challenge. and other organizations. The McKendree W.O.W. was created in Fall Challenge is set up like 2008 to help their majors ‘The Biggest Loser.’ After prepare for careers in fields their application and $10 of physical education, fee is in, each team of two athletic training and other will have their weight and wellness related fields. body mass calculated. With However, anyone is a combination of the right welcome to join. diet, exercise and support, While applications for the teams will have the the McKendree Challenge entire semester to lose have already been turned weight and get in shape in, the group is still open the healthy way. The final to new members who want weight-in will be the week to make a healthy change before finals. in their lives and have fun While the program is doing it. very confidential about For more information the contestants’ weight, on the McKendree’s Biggest several couples may be Loser Challenge, visit sharing with us over the their website at www. semester. Contestants will, be monitored and checked email Terry at mlalmeida@ weekly by nurse Mary, or Dr. Francis Daylor. Onstott at klonstot@ Almeida and Dr. Onstott want to make the Challenge a fun experience for all involved, since there is a

Centerspread 12-15

SPORTS 12-15

ETC 16


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Congratulations Contest winner

A nna Niebrugge Congrates to Anna Niebrugge for her winning design for the new logo of The McKendree Review. Anna’s design began as an outlines paw with news-print from past publication, and evolved into the sleek new logo seen on our front page. The new logo will be featured for the rest of the semester, and thegradient color will change to match the issue’s color theme. Thank you again to everyone who participated in our design contest; there will be plent of competitions this semester. One such competition can be found on Page 10. The first person to complete the Prime Time word search and return it to The McKendree Review will be awarded a $5 Gift Certificate to Sweeter House of Coffee in Lebanon. We look forward to hearing from you!

The McK Review Crew Editors

Sarah Adams -Associate Editor-

Chelsea Arnold -Editor -in-Chief-

Libby Mowers -Assistant Editor-

Eric Neblock -Web Editor-

Gabe Shapiro -Facutly Advisor-

Ben Simon -Assistant Editor-

In this issue Cody Badgett Jake Bennett Brianna Berens Kristen Eckstadt

Starr Goldsberry Kyle Hintz Danielle Long Kat Porter

The McKendree Review is a student-run organization of McKendree University. The mission of The McKendree Review is to give students the opportunity to learn the news process and publish articles pertaining to thier opinions and ideas. The staff does not agree with all

Shawn Printy Deanne Puloka Tavi Sanders Tia Turnipseed

statements and opinions, which rightfully belong to their writers. The McKendree Review Office can be found in Clark 301 on the McKendree Campus, at 701 College Rd., Lebanon, IL, 62254. Staff can be reached by email at mckreview@

Last Issue’s Featured Teacher Revealed Congratulations to Danielle Smith, whose name was drawn from our raffle after she correctly identified last issue’s featured teacher as Dr. Betsy Gordon, a speech professor. Dr. Gordon graduated from Huntingdon College from 1969, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1971 and Louisiana State University in 1991. She has taught at McKendree for 19.5 years. While not generally a rule breaker, if she could do one illegal thing without being caught, this teacher would want to sit with her feet in the McKendree fountain. She continued, “I also want to put hats on our Inspiration statue. An Easter bonnet, a football helmet, a Santa hat, a witch’s hat. Last July I wanted to give him a fan during Our Featured Teacher, flashing a the heat spell, too.” big smile as a little girl. If Dr. Gordon started a band she would call it ‘Green Sour Ringlets’ (a phrase from a Shakespeare play), and her favorite TV shows are ‘Glee,’ ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘Masterpiece Theatre,’ ‘Mystery’ and ‘Saving Grace.’ If she was a student at McKendree, she would consider her teacher-self ‘a nut, but harmless,’ and if she could be any superhero, she would want to be Cinderella’s fairy godmother so she could ‘make people’s dreams come true by helping them break out of self-imposed limitation.’ Dr. Gordon’s favorite food in Ames or 1828 is Shazad’s fried fish, and her biggest physical fear is snakes. Thanks to Dr. Gordon for sharing with us, and thanks to everyone who participated.


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Rekeying Continued students were concerned about the idea of strangers having access to their dorm rooms and personal belongings. However, Rentz said that Physical Plant staff in charge of monitoring the lock-changing process. She stated that the company hired to do the job was well-established and insured. There were some errors made in the lock changes; some students on the first floor of Walton Hall were issued keys that did not work in the new locks. Overall, though, the process went smoothly. Wallace Fanning, Resident Director of Barnett Hall, said that there were no difficulties in changing locks in his dorm. When asked if this kind of incident has happened before, Rentz said that yes, keys have gone missing in past years. She

declined comment on the consequences for whoever misplaced their keys last fall. Not all faculty and staff have master sets of course, and key safety policies are reinforced as often as possible. Even though it has been some time since the keys were initially lost, the university took fairly quick action to put up a first line of defense against any potential problems. “Our policies and practices are under constant review to keep our campus safe. We took the necessary steps to protect the students” said Rentz. Perhaps this event will make students and staff alike more aware of the importance of keeping their campus keys safe and avoiding the waste of time and resources on maintaining basic security measures.

‘Memento’: a film

Showing at the Hett on Jan. 29 By Kat Porter Imagine your Contributing Writer day. In fact,

imagine your entire life. You won’t recall every single, waking moment. Instead, the memories fade in and out of view like those old, instant developing photographs. Birthdays, funerals, losses, triumphs. Although the clarity might falter at times, these memories are always with you and you can call them up at parties and reunions. Not so for Leonard Shelby. Leonard’s life might be a series of pictures, but only because he took them with his Polaroid camera. And then he labeled them in marker and in this way will Leonard hang on to the moments in his life, because Leonard lacks the ability to form new memories after a certain point. That moment? The night Leonard lost his wife in a gruesome assault and murder which, after a grievous head injury, rendered him fragmented yet thirsting for revenge. Now Leonard’s day-to-day life has become a quest to uncover the forces behind his wife’s death and punish them. If only he could remember how he got here… ‘Memento’, released in 2000, was based on a short story entitled ‘Memento Mori’ by Jonathan Nolan. The film ‘Memento’ is directed by Jonathan Nolan’s brother, Christopher Nolan (‘Following’ and ‘The Dark Knight’) and features praise-worthy performances by Guy Pearce as Leonard, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe Pantoliano. This powerful trio brings to reality a complex and engaging story which is enhanced further by the film’s deconstructed yet urbane flow. Nolan made several very interesting style choices for the movie including voice overs where Leonard seems to readily address the audience, and a grainy, almost ‘film noir’ tinge to the action which takes no prisoners with the audience’s attention. Nearly every frame of the movie requires whole-hearted

efforts from the eye and the mind lest something which might be the key to unraveling Leonard’s tragic mystery go overlooked. After seeing this movie for the first time, I found myself wondering if I had not somehow contracted Leonard’s ‘condition’, unable I feared to remember the first scene from the last. Only after a good mull and large cup of cocoa could I reach any conclusions concerning the end. This, while it might read as frustrating in print, is the true legacy of ‘Memento’. Unlike Leonard’s unfortunate waking life, the movie penetrates the mind and lingers along the edges of your consciousness. It begs you to understand it, it wants to be solved, but it equally refuses to be complacent entertainment. The message of Memento poses questions to audiences that we may all have dwelt on at one point in our lives. ‘Who am I really?’ ‘Am I who I thought I was?’ ‘Is what I am doing my purpose or a distraction from otherwise nothingness?’ I can’t promise you these questions will ever be answered, but I suggest fearlessness and a warm mug.

Internships: By Chelsea Arnold Editor-in-Chief Internships are considered to be the modern stepping stones from college into a full-time job. Internships give students the opportunity to work in the fields they spend so much time studying and earn college credit at the same time. They offer vital training for students. Most employers will not even consider hiring applicants unless they have an internship on their resume. However, McKendree students should know that before they can do these internships and count them for college credit, they should be aware of a few rules. First of all, McKendree requires students to have a certain number of credit hours before they may count an internship for school credit. According to the Career Services guidelines, students must: ”have senior level status [92 credit hours], currently hold a minimum overall GPA of 2.0, be in good academic standing, not have been on academic probation in the last academic year, and have a major GPA consistent with graduation

What students need to know

requirements.” In addition, you must have completed at least 15 credit hours in your major. Students can have a total of eight credits for the entire program, but can’t take an internship for fewer than three credits each semester. As a sophomore, I found these rules a bit extreme. As a sophomore in college, I would rather obtain an internship with the knowledge level I had, and find out if the career path chosen is truely what I would want to do for the next few decades of my life. If an student, regardless of academic level were to recieve an offer for an internship, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to give them a chance to decide if said career is right for them, instead of waiting until the final years of their education?

Most employers will not even consider hiring applicants unless they have an internship on their resume.

Jennifer Pickerell, the director of Career Services, explained why a “senior status” is required. “The reason we require students to have senior status is because the majority of employers want that background in major courses, especially in fields such as accounting, IT related majors, and finance/economics so that you can better assist them with projects since you have a better understanding of your field,” she said. Having more experience in one area of study can make a difference in a student’s chance of obtaining an internship. Recently, the McKendree faculty did approve changes to the internship program. Beginning in Fall 2010, students who hold at least a junior status and hold at least 12 credits in their major field can do an internship for academic credit. This is good news for soon-to-be applicants. With a lower number of credits required to apply for internships, more students can obtain skills for the future and school credit at the same time.

Students must: “have senior level status [92 credit hours], currently hold a minimum overall GPA of 2.0, be in good academic standing” Textbooks bought and sold, new & used, online buybacks. Buy, sell, rent at English: (260) 399-6111, Espanol: (212) 380-1763, Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi (713) 429-4981, see site for other support lines.

Opinion Movies, Music, and More ‘The Evil Dead’ ‘The Lovely Bones’ Page 4

Scariest movie you’ve never seen By Kyle Hintz Staff Writer

‘The Evil Dead’ (1981) strips the horror genre down to its bare essentials: five college kids go to a cabin in the woods and are terrorized by evil spirits; it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Written and Directed by Sam Raimi (‘Spiderman’, ‘Drag Me to Hell’) and starring Bruce Campbell in the role that made him a cult icon for horror fans the world over.  Raimi demonstrates that he is one of the most technically innovative and determined filmmakers around.His childhood fascination with magic is evident in his flair for camera tricks and makeup effects.  This film has some of the most inspired cinematography I’ve ever seen: point-of-view shots floating through the woods, the camera crashing through windows and doorsIt’s been ripped off by everybody and their little brother since then, but at the time it was groundbreaking work.  Now, it may sound like you’re not going see these demons much, with all the point-of-view shots and what not, but never fear (or fear, rather)- you’re going to see them up close and personal.  The other particularly unique thing about MOVIEGOODS.COM ‘The Evil Dead’ is that the main character is a guy, even though the main characters of horror films are generally female.  Needless to say, it’s about the only good horror film with a male protagonist.  I think this twist adds something for the guys in the audience because the main character, Ash (Bruce Campbell), isn’t your typical jock type. He’s someone that they could relate to as a best friend, which creates a certain resonance with them not normally found in a horror film.  That, combined with the sheer ingenuity of Raimi’s direction, raises ‘The Evil Dead’ beyond being just a cult film watched for shock value to a work of cinema that is brilliant because of its lack of restraint as well as its flaws.  Ultimately, I think it succeeds more than it fails and along the way it delivers a fun, gory ride. Love it or hate it, ‘The Evil Dead’ is not a film you’ll soon forget.  P.S. If you enjoy it, there are two fantastic sequels by Raimi & Co.

4 Paws

The penguin in the snowglobe

By Kyle Hintz If the afterlife is anything like it is in this film, or if there is one at all for that matter, then to hell Staff Writer

with the real thing I’d rather be dead. That seems to be the central theme of ‘The Lovely Bones’, the film based on the novel by Alice Sebold, about the murder of 14year old Susie Salmon.  The film doesn’t come out and say that of course, it tries to convince us that it’s about the sometimes wonderful, sometimes tumultuous relationships that are created in Susie’s absence, but riddle me this: if the film is about that then why does it spend most of its time either preoccupied with Susie wandering around the afterlife or the hunt for her killer?  Some of you might be fooled into believing this is a great film, because that’s how film works.  At its greatest it is beautiful, truthful fakery, but it’s still fakery.  Bad films pretend that they’re good films and ‘‘The Lovely Bones’’ is no exception.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a visually arresting film, with good performances, a good script minus some clunky voiceover, but the real problem is the direction.  It’s Peter Jackson’s first feature film since he finished ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, admittedly brilliant films along with MOVIEGOODS.COM the rest of Jackson’s filmography, and even this film contains a bit of brilliance, that’s what’s unfortunate. All of the acting in this film is quite good though, except for Susie played by Saoirse Ronan and George Harvey, Susie’s killer (not a spoiler, unless you’re an idiot), played by Stanley Tucci, most of the actors are given limited screen time and are often seen in montage-vision, you know the camera gliding past the crying actor in slow motion with no sound, it’ll always earn you a few style points.  The thing is when Jackson does this, knowingly or not, he cuts his actors off from the audience and keeps the audience from feeling the emotions right along with the actors, a big misstep with a film like this.  Instead the film is most interested in exploring Susie’s experiences in the afterlife, which isn’t such a bad place; actually it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve seen in the movies, she even meets a dead friend and has a fashion show at one point, I’m not even joking. (Btw, if you want to see a great film on this subject, also starring Susan Sarandon, check out Dead Man Walking).  ‘The Lovely Bones’ tries to tell us that death isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t give enough weight to the proceedings. Since the actors aren’t allowed to be the heart of this film, it has no heart. It’s worth a watch, but it was a what-could-have-been experience for me.  Hopefully Peter Jackson approaches his next film with an eye for substance instead of style.

The Avett Brothers By Kristen Eckstadt Contributing Writer

Originally from North Carolina, The Avett Brothers are a folk/rock band with attitude (think a combination of Buddy Holly, Beatles, and the Ramones). The band consists of two brothers, Scott and Seth Avett, who both play the banjo and guitar, and Bob Crawford, who plays the stand-up bass. Having already released eight successful albums, the band hit the jackpot with their new cd, I and Love and You, which peaked at #16 on the Billboard Top 200 albums and was #1 in Folk albums.  Much of this success is due to the band’s presence in tv’s top dramas such as One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights. With their combination of acoustic/folk with

very thought-provoking lyrics about love, life, and everything in between – The Avett Brothers’ music and lyrics are just the right combination for anyone. “It Goes On and On” – I and Love and You “I lost my fear in your arms. I lost my tears in your car.  I lost my will in your candlelit eyes   and all my love in your yard.  Baby, would you leave me if you knew that I was makin’ it up  and underneath the love you’ve got to wonder am I giving you up? No way am I.” theavettbrothers

2 1/2 Paws Passion Pit

By Kristen Eckstadt

Contributing Writer a listen – you won’t be Recently featured in the recent Palm Pixi commercial, this five person disappointed. electronic band from “Sleepyhead” – Massachusetts have Manners come far from “a “And you said, valentine’s day present It was like fire around for a girlfriend.”  the brim  Categorized as Wonky Burning solid  Pop, Passion Pit captures Burning thin the burning the mind with their rim.  intriguing combinations Like stars burning holes of synthesizers and right through the dark  electronic drums. Flicking fire like Their off the wall saltwater into my eyes  lyrics (listed below) are You were one inch from a perfect match to their the edge of this bed  music but, at times, can I drag you back a difficult to understand. sleepyhead, sleepyhead”  No matter what you prefer, lyrics over  music or vice versa, this band has a level of creativity that cannot be denied. Take


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The LSD Experiment Guy Speak Is there a legit medical usage?

with Jake Bennett

By Shawn Printy Staff Writer

-The McKendree Review does not promote or support the use of LSD or any other illicit drugs.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, LSD, or Acid is an extremely potent, mind-altering hallucinogen. As with most illicit drugs, there is a veritable whirlwind of propaganda and misinformation about it. While it’s said to be very bad for you, there is a lot of information out there that doesn’t have an agenda. LSD was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann in 1938. It is a semi-synthetic, psychedelic drug of the ergoline and tryptamine families. LSD is non-addictive and nontoxic. The latter two are important. Remember that. Don’t worry about the rest of the stuff. LSD’s effects are rather unique to the substance in that it is a ‘benchmark’ hallucinogen of sorts. Some of the effects of LSD include stimulation, closed and open eye visuals, life-changing spiritual experiences, therapeutic psychological reflection, feelings of oceanic connectedness to the universe and blurring of boundaries between self and other. On the other hand, it may cause anxiety, tension, nausea dizziness, confusion, insomnia, megalomania, over-awareness and oversensitization to music and noise; paranoia, fear, panic, unwanted and overwhelming feelings and unwanted life-changing spiritual experiences. Its potency and nontoxicity lie in its small effective dosage.  A ‘strong’ dose of LSD is about 200 micrograms, or one-fifth of a milligram. In contrast, when you take Tylenol, you generally take about 500 milligrams. A grain of salt weighing 200µg (micrograms) would be so small that it would be invisible to the naked eye. In the 1950s and 1960s,

LSD came strongly into the world’s purview. Some psychologists and therapists touted it as a miracle. It was used as a potent adjunct to psychotherapy. Under watch of a psychiatrist, a patient would voluntarily take a small dose of LSD, around 75-100µg. A handbook written in 1959 by a group of psychiatrists and doctors mentions that they believed that the great potential of a psychedelic drug lay in its capacity to permit the subject to achieve a remarkable degree of insight and self-understanding. This objectivity is generally difficult to achieve for most people, seeing as we are ourselves, and it is hard to view us through an examining glass. With the patient under the effects of the drug, the therapist would conduct a therapy session with a much “opened” patient. It would be easier for the patient to come to lifechanging revelations. It was very important that the therapist be familiar with the effects of LSD. If he had not taken the substance himself, then he should have at least observed many patients under its effects in order to properly take advantage of the situation that the patient was in. A striking experiment done in the 1950s showed that when LSD was used in conjunction with psychotherapy, it had a 50% success rate of curing alcoholics after one year,

It would be easier for the patient to come to lifechanging revelations.

as compared to Alcoholics Anonymous’s 20% success rate at the time. The success of the modestly sized (50 people) experiment was attributed to the additional insight that LSD had offered the patients. LSD and a similar psychedelic drug, psilocybin (of ‘shroom’ fame) have also been successfully used in the treatment of cluster headaches, also known as suicide headaches, for the excruciating pain that they are often associated with. Most if not all of the evidence for their use in the treating of the headaches is anecdotal, as not many studies have been conducted into their use for legal reasons. A very effective drug used in migraine treatment is also derived from the same chemical precursor as LSD; they are both in the ergotamine class of drugs. A final usage for LSD in the early 1960s was in the use of pain management in patients with terminal cancer. It was non-addictive, as many strong opium-derived pain medications are. Much of this pain relief was attributed to a relief of anxiety. Finally, keeping in mind that there is little to no abuse potential for LSD, it is not addictive, it is nontoxic, and it causes violent reactions in individuals about as often as Zoloft does. Considering its myriad of legitimate medical uses, it is odd that LSD remains a schedule 1 controlled substance under the US government’s drug acts. Regardless, it does remain as such, and as a result, I strongly discourage any usage of illicit substances, including LSD.

I strongly discourage any usage of illicit substances, including LSD.

Girl Talk

with Tavi Sanders


I am having a problem with one of my coworkers at work; I just feel like he is not putting in as much effort as me and I am being stuck with all the work. I understand that he is busy and has other commitments, but so do I and besides, this is our job. What should I do?

Guy Speak: Like most of my advice, I am going to suggest good communication. If you have not had this conversation with him, I think you should confront him directly on the issue. Calmly let him know of your concerns and see if you can settle it that way. If that doesn’t work, or you are hesitant to try that approach, talk to a manager about work ethic and indirectly “ask” him to start pulling his wait. He’s getting paid about as much as you (I’m assuming) so there is no reason he should get to do less work than you.

Girl Talk: First go to your co-worker and tell him that you feeel as though you are doing the majority of the workload. He may not be aware that he has fallen behind in his duties. If afterwards, he still continues to neglect his duties you must notify your supervisor. If you do not speak with your supervisor about this matter it will have a great impact on your job performance as well. Obviously, this job duty is structured for two and not one. One person can not do a two person job it wasn’t designed that way. The projects will soon reflect it. Hopefully, your co-worker will do what is required and the situation will be resolved.


I live in the dorms and I really cannot stand how noisy it is and how everyone is breaking the rules, yet my RA does not do anything about it. What can I do to get him to start enforcing the rules?

Guy Speak: Communication. Communication. Communication. This is the first thing you should always try in a conflict like this. Talk to your RA about your complaints. Talk to your hallmates. Talk to the RD. I’m not guaranteeing that this will work, because it’s a college dorm. What do you get when you put thirty young people in the same place like that? You usually get noise. There isn’t anything you can do to make it perfectly peaceful, but you might be able to make it a little less chaotic. Aside from threatening an RA with going to higher authorities (which I don’t recommend, nobody likes a snitch) there isn’t much else you can do.

Girl Talk: I suggest you contact your RA once more before doing anything else. Then wait a week to see if there is any change. If the rules are still not being enforced its time to tell someone else. It’s a good thing the campus has more than one RA. By telling another RA, your assigned RA will be forced to take some form of action. No one wants to be viewed as not doing their job. I will be honest with you, this change will not last forever. The dorms are filled with teens that have never been without their parents supervision. To most, this is a time to break rules and not be punished. So, a dorm without rule violators is not feasible.

Got a question for Jake and Tavi? Send it to

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Page 6 To display them, he started a blog, http://postsecret. Since then his simple group art project has turned into a pop culture phenomenon with 1.5 million daily visitors.  Warren hasn’t pinpointed why people are so willing to spill the beans with him, but he has said, “I think there’s something about young people today. They really have more courage than their parents’ generation, than my generation, in talking about parts of their lives that parts of my generation wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing. I think that kind of honesty and generosity and trust is a very positive thing.”  Warren believes that his PostSecret project helps those who might be contemplating suicide.  The PostSecret site promotes Hopeline, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Many psychologists agree that secrets are not healthy. An article in ‘Psychology Today’ states that secrets not only divide families, but they also discourage the formation of new relationships and prevent the growth of self and identity.  My former massage therapist used to say that secrets caused stress to build up, which caused people to become ticklish.   But don’t let Psychology Today- or my massage therapist- tell you what to believe.  America’s ‘most trusted secret keeper,’ Frank Warren, will be visiting campus and presenting in the Distinguished Speaker Series at the Hett on February 2 at 7:30 P.M.  In preparation for Warren’s visit, members of the Psychology Club and the first floor of Walton Hall will collect anonymous secrets from students from Jan. 25-28.

Your tuition: Where does it go at McK? By Starr Goldsberry Staff Writer

We groan at the though of paying for our schooling. Most of the students do not even have to pay the full amount thanks to scholarships and grants, but where does that money come from?      A lot of the scholarships are made possible by donations given to the school by alumni, Friends of McKendree University, and other outside parties. These people make it possible for us to attend school because it is hard to come up with the full amount of the cost to go to McKendree. The total cost is broken down into several parts: Tuition, which is $21,370; room, $4,180; board, which is based on a 15 meal plan, $3,670; fees for activities and heath services, $700; and the total comes to about $29,920 for the year. There are also indirect costs which include books, loan fees, personal, and transportation amounts which can come to about $3,390, making the total $33,310 a year.       The Office for Institutional Advancement along with the Board of Trustees and the President are responsible

for receiving and raising funds to go into the various scholarships.   Some of those scholarships are Endowment scholarships, which means that an individual or group has put away money with the school to be used for one specific purpose. There are currently 140 Endowment scholarships available to students at McKendree. The other scholarships come from interest that has accumulated on the money that was put away.  The Office for Institutional Advancement also raises money is by holding an Annual Fund Drive, in which the office makes solicitation appeals to many donors. About 13,000 alumni are their base for the drive. 2,000 donors donate money each year, of which 50% are alumni.  In addition to the Annual Fund Drive, the office partners up with the Student Advancement Organization to put on a phone-a-thon in which donors will call in with their donation amount.      With these donations and gifts of generosity from alumni and friends of McKendree, many students are now able to afford go to McKendree.

About 13,000 alumni are their base for the drive. 2,000 donors donate money each year, of which 50% are alumni.

Postcards and drop boxes will be available in Ames Dining Hall, Piper Academic Center and 1828. These secrets will then be on display in the Hett from Jan. 29 through Feb. 2.

Buying vs. Renting

College Textbooks By Libby Mowers Assistant Editor

As college students, we are expected not only to pay for tuition, room and board, but also textbooks which can cost hundreds of dollars each semester. At McKendree’s bookstore, the shelves are stocked with nice, new textbooks that can cost anywhere from $3 to over $200. Of course, there are used textbooks, too. That is, if a new edition isn’t required or you’re one of the first ten people (give or take) to buy a book for your class. Unfortunately, some of the most expensive textbooks are those required for general education classes, such as anthropology, science, history or mathematics courses. Since these classes usually aren’t within students’ fields of study, students are left at the end of the semester with an expensive book they probably will never open again. Of course, students may sell their books back to the bookstore, to other students or even online, but they will most likely not come close to the price at which they originally purchased the book.

Some universities have moved to more economical book services by allowing students to rent their textbooks. While this is a relatively new idea, several universities, including Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and Eastern Illinois University, have made the rental process work well for their students. At both SIUE and EIU, the textbook rental system charges a fee per credit hour ($11.10 and $9.95 respectively) which is included in other university fees. That means students don’t even have to bring money to rent textbooks— they’ve already paid for them. If you do the math, a student taking 15 credit hours would pay a fee of $166.50 at SUIE or $149.25 at EIU. That’s the price of just one textbook for one class at McKendree. Both SIUE and EIU pride themselves on providing less expensive textbooks to students. The EIU textbook rental website states, “The Textbook Rental Service provides the students of Eastern Illinois University with quality textbooks at

an affordable cost. This service enables all students to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered at the university, and to participate fully in their learning experiences, regardless of their financial resources.” Similarly, the SIUE website says, “At many universit[ies] students are required to purchase many costly textbooks every semester. However, at SIUE we take pride in the fact that we help students save money by providing most textbooks for them. No matter how many books you need for a class, the rental fee stays the same.” Jessica Sass, a junior at SIUE, said, “The rental is included in our tuition and fees and is definitely way cheaper than buying them, but we can buy them if we want to. I definitely love renting, rather than buying, all my books, since for the most part I’ll never look at them again and I’d rather save the money.” There are even companies that provide textbook rental via the Internet.

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Chelsea Arnold - Editor-in-Chief Art Major/Journalism Minor

Sarah Adams - Associate Editor Psychology Major/Biology Minor

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Eric Neblock - Webmaster Computer Science Major

Using Blackboard 101: the basics explained Do you know how to use Blackboard? If you said anything about chalk or clapping erasers, you’ve missed the point of this article and would probably benefit from reading the rest of it. Everyone knows that technology is becoming ever more important in classrooms, and one of the ways McKendree accomplishes that is through the online course management system, Blackboard. Blackboard can be accessed from the Current Students page on the McKendree website and logged into just like Webmail. Most courses at McKendree at least show up on a student’s Blackboard page, but some teachers make more use of it than others. Courses with that involve a lot of objective material, such as biology and math, seem to lend themselves well to Blackboard because of its usefulness in designing online quizzes. Although teachers of classes such as English seem to use Blackboard less, it can also be used as a discussion forum or as a place for posting written journals. A few clubs and organizations, like Rotaract and Intramural Sports, also take advantage of Blackboard to coordinate their events. Some students become familiar with using Blackboard from their very By Sarah Adams Associate Editor

first semester, others barely know how to access it. Like any online system, Blackboard has its bugs and occasional malfunctions. Some students report difficulties in getting online tests and the Safeassign feature to work correctly.  However, most students seem to consider it a useful tool for managing courses. Sophomore Anthony Juehne said that Blackboard is helpful because “Professors can post notes and readings and it’s easy to go back and reference them at any time.”   As McKendree updates and redesigns the Blackboard pages, it can be hard to keep up with how to navigate the system. Whether your courses require you to use Blackboard or not, the resources the system offers can benefit students at any grade level. Below are a few tips for the basics of using Blackboard. Using Blackboard may seem difficult or troublesome at first, but if you know how to use it to your advantage, it can be one of the most helpful tools the McKendree online system offers. Take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with how it works and your eraser-clapping days will be over.

If you want to change which items show up on your main page, click the “Add Module” button.

Click the Courses tab to see the lists of courses you have and the instructor for each. You can also find a Course Catalog list where you can see available classes for any subject by clicking on its course folder.

MY MCKENDREE This is the main page of Blackboard and displays the courses you are enrolled in for Blackboard, recent announcements for those courses, Blackboard tools and your calendar. SCHOLAR Scholar is a particularly interesting feature of Blackboard. When you first click on this tab, you will be prompted to create a Scholar account. Once you have done this, you can access Scholar’s Bookmark resources. Bookmarks are pages that you or others have linked to the Scholar site. Scholar is used to keep track of online resources that you want to save for a later date. To do this, install the Scholar Bookmarklet to your browser. Once the Bookmarklet is installed, you can use it to link articles and resources to your Scholar account. You can also browse bookmarks by clicking All or Popular at the top of the Scholar main page.

Stuck on where to find something on Blackboard? Here’s a list of common tab locations for various course items. Some professors add course-specific tabs which are often self-explanatory.  POWERPOINT SLIDES/CLASS NOTES: Course Materials, Course Documents or Lectures.

Add the Report Card module to your My McKendree page to be able to see your grades all the time, or click on My Grades in the Tools box to see a list of your course grades.

Use this to mark events and dates on a calendar. You can add the Calendar module to your My McKendree page to see upcoming events.

You can use Tasks to keep a list of things (such as homework assignments) that need to be done. You can add tasks and assign them to low, normal or high importance. You can also change the status of each task from Not Started to In Progress or Completed so that you know what has been done. Tasks is also a module for the My McKendree page so that you can see your tasks as soon as you log in.

TESTS/QUIZZES: Assignments or Exams CONTACT/CLASS INFORMATION: Contacts, Instructor or Syllabus FORUMS/DISCUSSION BOARDS: Discussions GRADES/E-MAIL/TASKS/JOURNALS: Tools SAFEASSIGN Safeassign is a program used to guard against academic dishonesty and cheating. It checks papers and other assignments against documents from the Web and submissions from other students to make sure nothing is copied. Some professors will require you to upload papers to process them through Safeassign.

Page 8 Textbooks, Cont. Sites such as chegg. com, and are popular and reputable rental sites. Of course, there are rules and regulations to renting textbooks. For instance, if you damage a book, you may be required to buy it. You may also have to pay late fees if you don’t return your book on time. These fees can be

pretty steep, depending on the rental system. However, most people agree that renting textbooks saves money—a lot of it. Surprisingly, McKendree’s bookstore is actually considering switching to a rental system. According to the bookstore manager, McKendree has test

markets for the rental system on satellite campuses. If all goes well at those locations, the main campus will be making the switch. When that will be is uncertain. Until then, you may want to look into online textbook rental systems— you’ll never know how much you can save.

Escaping the Echo Chamber A look at people and their opinions By Cody Badgett Contributing Writer A recent study conducted by Ohio State University found that almost 40% of people seek out articles and television that agree with their preexisting point of view. The study appeared in the June 2009 issue of ‘Communication Research’ and highlights a disturbing trend that has been emerging in American culture. Silvia KnoblochWesterwick, a coauthor of the study and associate professor of communication at OSU, said that “We found people generally chose media messages that reinforced their own preexisting views. In general, they don’t want their views to be challenged by seriously considering other viewpoints.” The polarization of American voters and politicians is leading to a deadlock in the ability to resolve highly pertinent and important problems facing the nation. Issues like health care, foreign policy, terrorism and the economy are rarely discussed in candid ways; this is especially reflected in the hyper-partisan nature of American politics at the moment. These urgent problems are not going away, but our ability to deal with them seems to be. A political science major at McKendree, Michael Berne,

responded to the study saying, “It is hard to take in information that we do not necessarily agree with, [because] that would force us to challenge our beliefs and possibly change our opinion of things. It is much easier for us to take in information that we agree with.” As journalist Tony Rogers points out, this allows people to live within “‘an echo chamber’ that reinforces the views they already hold. The result is a decline in informed opinion formation, a more polarized and fragmented electorate, and reduced political tolerance,” he said. The ability to subject ourselves to around-theclock confirmation that our opinions are right and all others are wrong is contributing to the uninformed and nasty debate we currently see surrounding major issues. Compromise is said be the equivalent of weakness which has led both the Left and the Right in American politics to become entrenched in a selfdefeating dogma which inhibits problem solving and progress. The fact that over 10 million jobs have been lost since December 2007 and one in eight Americans are on food stamps should snap the country out of this bitter factional fighting. However, as

long as people are able to continually reinforce their pre-existing beliefs regarding politics and economics, we are doomed to vacillation. New York Times columnist Bob Herbert has befittingly summarized this crisis stating that, “We don’t learn from the past, and we don’t plan for the future. The fault lies everywhere. The president, the Congress, the news media and the public are all to blame. Shared sacrifice is not part of anyone’s program. Politicians can’t seem to tell the difference between wasteful spending and investments in a more sustainable future.” When people begin to more readily examine opposing viewpoints and analyze their arguments the power of independent thinking will return and usher in a new era of enlightenment and cooperation. This will ultimately lead to a smarter and more innovative nation. As large and looming as the problems on our horizon seem to be, they are not inescapable. Their resolution will require an escape from the echo chamber into which many of us have insulated ourselves. But the first step to correcting this affliction is recognizing it, and we can move forward from there.


Choosing the diet that’s right for you By Ben Simon Assistant Editor Diet is a word that many people either fear or despise. The reason why most humans hate dieting is simple: people like what they like, and they eat what they like because they like it. Nobody wants to be told to change their habits by a magazine cover, especially if it’s printed over the Photoshopped sneer of Megan Fox. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrition, there’s never going to be a novelty diet

designed that works better than any food pyramid ever constructed—there’s no new secret. Consistency, variety and moderation. That’s it. In other words, there are unlimited kinds of diets that work to maintain a healthy weight.In many cases, the diet you’re currently following may be perfectly suitable with a few minor alterations. WebMD says, “Look for variety. Be adventurous. Choose different foods in each food group…Eating a variety of foods each day will help you get

all the nutrients you need. But remember a diet isn’t temporary. If you’re really interested in being healthy, you have to make a lifetime commitment or else you’ll be in the same situation in which you started. Do you want to end up like the actors of “300” who feel self-conscious about their bodies now, being unable to live up to the greased-up awesomeness of their Greek god glory days? (I don’t feel sorry for them either.) If you really expect to

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Avoid heavy traffic fine, legally By Danielle Long Your alarm clock didn’t go off, Contributing Writer you couldn’t find your keys, and

consultants. But if the application is completely free and there are no ads, then how do they pay their employees? now you’re late to work. You jump A public relations representative explained that Trapster into the car and hit the highway, racing to get there on is privately funded, somewhat like “venture capital”. time. Just when you think you can relax, you hear sirens in Tenereillo began to develop Trapster in 2007 as a personal the distance. And when you start to hope that he will just interest project, but it really took off nearly a year later pass by, you see the red, white, and blue lights flashing in when they created the application for the Iphone. “We are your rearview mirror. Great, how could your day get any just trying to build the best app, system and community better? possible!” In the past, citizens have used a variety of somewhat Anything this good has to be illegal, right? Wrong; effective and sometimes illegal methods to avoid police as of today Trapster does not fall under any text stops that usually result in a thirty messaging, radar detecting, minute delay and expensive fines, or hands free calling laws. not to mention the inconvenient Some police officers even find court appearances, lost time at Trapster helpful, claiming that work, and even lawyer fees. Some its serves the same purpose that drivers warn others by flashing a patrolling police officer might. their lights at oncoming traffic People see the Trapster alert and to foreshadow speed traps to they slow down. Bill Johnson, come, but it is surely nothing you the Executive Director of the could rely on. Other drivers have National Association of Police resorted to radar detectors, which Organizations said, “If someone have been outlawed in most slows down because of (Trapster), states for noncommercial vehicles it’s accomplishing the same goal and nationwide for commercial of trying to get people to obey vehicles. Furthermore, radar the speed limit.” Sergeant Brent detectors are no match for Barbee of the Amarillo Police advancing police technology. If Department stated that “having your radar detector warns you of (motorists) slow down on their an oncoming speed trap, in most own is a lot less manpower cases it will be too late. intensive than having us forced  In yet another attempt to to spend the time writing tickets. remedy the inconvenience of Whether they slow down because police stops or other traps, Pete their friend told them to slow Tenereillo, co-inventor/developer down (by using Trapster) or a of Cisco’s PIX Firewall, has come ticket, the net effect is the same; out with a phone application they’ve slowed down.” Others known as Trapster. Trapster uses disagree. Washington DC’s modern phone technology that Chief of Police thinks that the enables GPS to find your location. application is a “cowardly tactic” Users can then report a variety and she told the Washington of traps including fixed speed Trapster can tell you where speed traps are Examiner that Trapster as well as cameras, red light cameras, live similar applications are “designed located along your route. police, check points, and even to circumvent law enforcement where police frequently hide to radar. Trapster then alerts -- law enforcement that is designed specifically to save other users near that area of the traps. Information about lives”. live police traps, as opposed to where police often hide, is As to anything that sounds too good to be true, only kept in the system for an hour, assuming police will there are drawbacks. Trapster has no way of monitoring move on from that location. Other users can verify the whether or not people are reporting false traps. As accuracy of the trap by giving it a thumbs up or thumbs mentioned earlier, they do have a system of verifying or down which allows Trapster to track the credibility of refuting a trap but this does not prevent false reports. that particular source. Anick Jesdanun of the Associated Paul Carr of the Guardian was quoted, “Yes, that’s Press quoted Trapster as being the modern equivalent of Trapster: the mobile distraction for when driving at high flashing your headlights to warn other motorists of police speed isn’t fucking dangerous enough.” But you can speed traps. adjust the settings on Trapster so that you receive voice Anybody can use Trapster. Trapster offers easy to notifications therefore allowing you to keep your eyes use applications for a variety of smart phones including on the road. And because Trapster uses GPS, leaving the the Iphone, Blackberry, and Anroid.Because of frequent application open for a long period of time can shorten requests, it has even been made available to navigation your phone’s battery life. There are two easy solutions devices such as Garmin and TomTom. Don’t have any of to this problem; using a car charger can prevent the loss these devices? No problem. Anyone can log onto Trapster. of battery life or you can adjust the settings in Trapster com to view current maps of speed traps in their area. so that it sends you text notifications even when the And best of all, Trapster is completely free. The company application is not open. believes that because the users of Trapster are the ones Personally, I love the application. To my surprise, that provide the information about the speed traps, it I have found that there are plenty of Trapster users would be unfair to charge them. They plan on eventually around the area to make it effective. In my experiences developing a premium version that users will be able to with Trapster, I have only been affected by one defect of access for a small fee or even placing ads on the website, the application: the difficulty in recording a trap while but always intend to offer a free version of Trapster. driving, which proves to be irrelevant if there is another Out of 95,000 Iphone applications, Trapster ranks in passenger in the vehicle who is willing to do the reporting the top 50 most downloaded and every day, more people for you. download Trapster than all other traffic and driving Through Trapster, I have avoided many unnecessary related applications combined! So who’s behind all of stops and who wouldn’t love the extra money in your this application’s success? If you were to travel to Cardiff pocket that doesn’t have to be wasted on fines. Perhaps I by the Sea, California, you might find Pete Tenereillo, am “cowardly” and just trying to “circumvent the law” or the mastermind who developed Trapster, and only four maybe I am just a modern guru attempting to aid in the full time employees as well as a few part timers and effort to slow hurried drivers down.

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MASC gives students a chance to succeed By Brianna Berens Contributing Writer

specific areas of study. McKendree’s Academic These classes are lab and lecture style and contain Support Center, located in Clark Hall, is a small room, various hands-on activities to benefit students. She but it serves an important also works with two of purpose. Counseling, McKendree’s satellite tutorial services, special schools in Kentucky. need assistance and a Though less than 1% of testing center aid students the student population at with their classes and lives McKendree has learning every day. disabilities, Melvin and the Clarissa Melvin, the MASC do an exceptional director of the Academic job in accommodating the Support Center for four students. At the moment, years, has a lot on her Melvin has 15-20 special plate. She works with need students that she students with physical and works with to help them psychological disabilities, succeed at McKendree and becoming the liaison between the student and his in life. “Though we do not or her instructor. Melvin most commonly have a great budget, we don’t allow students to sees learning disabilities at suffer either,” McKendree. says Melvin. Some are “For being not quite a school diagnosable, that doesn’t but still advertise that significant. we are geared “Some towards students learn helping to deal with students with and work disabilities, we through their do a great job.” disability in Melvin will high school, sometimes but some work out students still extended time need help advocating for Ms. Clarissa Melvin provisions for tests and themselves,” quizzes for students who said Melvin. need it. Also, she may alter Melvin educates the testing environment McKendree staff to fit the students’ needs. and faculty on what Some students require accommodations are note takers to help them in needed for these students. class. Others use computer She informs them of the professor’s responsibility as programs like Dragon, where the student speaks the instructor, and defines and the computer types out accommodation: giving their words for them. students with disabilities In her past four years a chance to succeed, while working at the MASC, holding them to the same Melvin has had quite a standards as any other few success stories. She McKendree student. has seen six students with Melvin also works individually with students, disabilities graduate. One in particular, a visually helping them develop time impaired student, comes management and study back to visit her often. skills. She gives students He graduated with his practical advice that they can use every day. Learning master’s degree and a high G.P.A. and is now working to prioritize, using an towards receiving his assignment notebook or planner and being an active doctorate in history. Melvin’s job is to help listener are just a few tidbits students succeed, and, with of advice she gives. her work at the McKendree In addition, Academic Support Center, Melvin teaches three she is able accomplish developmental classes much and make a positive formed to aid students impact here at McKendree. who need to develop

Features Page 10 Group becomes supportive Crossword: Prime Time Shows Gals anchor for McK ladies

CHELSEA ARNOLD The Gal’s Group meets for their weekly meeting in Ames. From right to left: Liz Otto, Erin Hammand (Catholic Campus Minister) , Hannah McDowell (Founder), Jenny Schmierbach, Mari Dehn, Morgan Smith, and Lindsey Christensan.

House Project Runway The Office Futurama Glee Weeds Mentalist South Park American Idol Family Guy

Fringe Two and a Half Men NCIS Bones Jay Leno Survivor CSI Gossip Girl Dexter Big Bang Theory

By Tia Turnipseed Contributing Writer This year, not only do we have a new freshman class, but we also have a great new group that women of all grades can enjoy. Hannah McDowell, creator of the Gals Group, said, “As a Christian, I wanted to form a group that offered God’s hope and perspective on the real issues that women deal with, but I also wanted to form a group where all women, regardless of their religious background, would feel comfortable to come, make friends and discuss issues openly.” McDowell, a junior at McKendree University, is an elementary education major with a specialization in music and a middle school endorsement. She works in Chaplain Tim Harrison’s office, helps out with worship for campus ministries, performs in Concert Choir, runs the Case for a Creator study and still has time to coordinate Gals Group. McDowell said she wanted to create a group for women because she has seen many girls struggle with relationships,

body image and alcohol problems from living in the dorms for the past two and half years. “I believe it is very important for women to have positive encouragement and motivation in their lives to be different from the world around them and rise above their struggles,” she said. McDowell explained that the group discusses a wide range of issues that impact women’s lives. Last semester, the group talked about depression, sex, beauty, relationships and dating, to name a few. She also explained that the group doesn’t just talk about serious issues; they play icebreaker games, enjoy snacks, have guest speakers and play interactive activities that go along with a particular topic. Freshman Jenny Schmierbach enjoys the group, and hopes to be a member for as long as it lasts. She said, “Gals Group is a great way to make lasting friendships and discuss issues that may otherwise be uncomfortable.” Schmierbach went on to explain that the group isn’t just great for talking

to other girls about common female issues, but that they also have people come in and talk about important topics. “We had a female nurse come talk to the group about women’s health, and she answered anonymous questions,” said Schmierbach. Schmierbach says that she feels comfortable talking about her problems openly and doesn’t have to worry about her personal information being spread. McDowell is extremely happy with the outcome of her group; she said with the teamwork from Erin Hammond and Tricia Staub and with God’s blessing, her group has become a success. Hannah encourages all women to come try out the group; new faces are always welcome. McDowell said, “Everyone needs an ‘anchor’ group of friends to keep them on the right track in life. This group would love to be that anchor for you!” Gals Group meets every Tuesday at noon in Ames Dining Hall, and for the men, there is a Guys Group that meets on Sundays.


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The right diet Cont. see and feel results, the first step is signing the lifetime contract. If you want to adopt a healthy diet, you must treat it like an actual adoption and cherish it forever until you die. I’m not saying the diet you’re currently following is a fast track to heart failure. You may very well be able to continue eating what you eat every day, including desserts. The problem to weight may not be that you eat too many of these things—the problem may actually be that you aren’t eating enough of other things. Everyone knows that foods have different nutrients, but here’s the part people tend to forget: you need all of them. Adding a few other food groups to your diet is the second step to a healthy future. Of course it must be a significant amount. Those pencil shaving flakes of iceberg lettuce that Taco Bell sprinkles on your tacos doesn’t count as lettuce. How do you know if something has enough nutrients to be worth to your diet? Here’s a crude guideline you may have picked up from childhood—if it

doesn’t taste good, there’s a good chance it’s healthy. Naturally, that’s the hardest part of maintaining a sufficient diet: acquiring a taste for other foods. But there’s no excuse for neglecting broccoli because it tastes bland or bitter; think of the millions of people who have acquired a taste for the kings of bland and bitter: coffee and beer. Why do people learn to love them or convince themselves that they do? Often it’s because they enjoy the side-effects. Broccoli asks the same thing of you: “learn to love me and I’ll make you feel great!” While a good diet requires more foods of different kinds a sure-fire way to lose weight is to eat smaller portions overall. You can still stick to all the foods you love, but a nice challenge might be eliminating the word “seconds” from your vocabulary forever. Let’s say you eat an entire plate containing all five of the food groups. You finish it, but you’re not full; in fact, you’re still hungry. Wait fifteen minutes and see how you feel. According to the infinitely wise website WebMD, there’s a big

difference between authentic hunger and simply having an appetite: “Appetite is a desire for or an interest in food. It is linked with the sight, smell, or thought of food. Appetite can override hunger and satiety, such as when you continue to eat even after you feel full.” Many foods even expand in your stomach over time. Once you learn to ignore the smaller urges of hunger, your stomach shrinks and the mention of the word ”seconds” might make you cringe. I’m not suggesting you starve yourself in tiny increments; I’m encouraging you to eat moderately. Don’t eat any more than is necessary to satisfy you. WebMD claims, “Most of us are influenced by larger serving sizes. Research shows that when people are given larger portions, they eat more,” which means people only gorge themselves because they were given a larger portion, so simply putting less on your plate will get you in the habit of consuming less overall. Indulgence is fine on occasion—but only if you know your limitations.

Get familiar with your self-restraint and learn to discipline yourself appropriately. The only way to find the best diet for you is to be completely honest with yourself. Don’t pretend you’re hungrier than you are. Don’t pretend a McDonald’s burger has all five food groups. Don’t convince yourself that a salad cancels out a sundae. But most importantly, don’t feel guilty about what you eat. If you really want to commit to a healthy diet, you have to be strict, but not hard on yourself. A lifelong healthy diet requires persistence, but not torture. This is why your perfect diet is half of whatever your diet already is. Half of your ideal diet should include everything you like to eat— misery is unhealthier than obesity. Dieting is a personal choice, not a social, sexual or moral obligation. Eat what you want, but keep a variety of foods mixed in and keep your portions moderate—as long as you’re not cheating yourself, you’ll feel better physically and mentally.

Parking added for handicap students By Libby Mowers Parking is becoming more and Assistant Editor

more of an issue on campus this semester. Lots seem to fill up faster, some spots on public streets have been taken away and now residences of West have noticed a few more spots disappear. That is, unless they are disabled. Recently, new handicapped parking spaces have been installed in the West parking lot, frustrating several residents of the apartment complex. One student said, “There’s already not enough parking around here, and there’s no one to use it. It’s stupid. It’s not like those spots can be used anyway; there are stairs everywhere.” Another student claimed, “It’s ridiculous that there’s not even enough room to park in the lot in front of your apartment. Some people already have to park in a different lot. I understand that it’s probably illegal to not have handicapped spots, but it just seems unfair to the rest of us, especially with the rest of the crappy parking on campus.” Unfortunately for some, it looks like these handicapped spots are here to stay. Ed Willett, Director of Operations, explained, “We got a complaint from a disabled student, about how the handicapped spots out at West were always filled. So we looked into it and found out that the parking lot wasn’t up to code.” Willett said that for a parking lot with the number of spaces that West’s has, there have to be at least eight disabled places to be up to code. These spots are supposed to be the closest spots to handicapped accessible rooms, such as the ones on the bottom floor. Interestingly, making sure the parking lot is up to code is not McKendree’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of the owner of the land, which isn’t McKendree. So, Willett contact the “landlord” of West and requested that they bring the parking lot up to code. And voilà—handicapped parking spots. While the new spots are inconvenient for able-bodied students, it is the law to have them. You may have to walk a few extra yards to your apartment, but just be happy that you can walk.

Blink and Rorschach in: “The Front Runner” By Sarah Adams

Check back next month for more adventures with Blink and Rorschach!


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McK whoops mizzou 15 to 1 Ladies basketball takes 15th win with defeat of harris stowe 98 to 59


Sophomore Nic Rolla brings the puck to the Mizzou end with assistance from senior ZT Evans. In their first game of the semester, the Bearcats took out all the stops to bring home a 15-1 victory over the Mizzou Tigers. The Cats took an early lead with a goal in the first two minutes of play, scored by Matt Seelbach. Moments later, Jorda­­­n Donze added a second goal. Later in the first period, ZT Evans netted goal number three, and Chris Donahue took goal number four. In the final minutes of the period, the Cats moved ahead with a score of 5-0, thanks to a goal by Nic Rolla. Alex Steiner came out strong in the opening of the second, netting goal six.

Charlie Donze followed with the seventh. Late into the second stanza, Kyle Clark grabbed the first of his two goals, followed by Nic Rolla with his second goal. This brought the Cats up to 10-0 to end the second period. Mizzou began to fight back in the third. Clark came back for his second goal of the night, along with scores from Chris Donahue and Charlie Donze bringing McKendree to 13-0. When all appeared to be heading for a shut-out, Mizzou broke free and made their single goal of the night. Nic Rolla put McK back on track with his third goal,

the fourteenth of the night. With the final minutes counting down, Derek Salle his goal, followed by Jordan Donze, sealing the Cat’s victory with the final score at 15-0. Nic Rolla and Charlie Donze ended the game with a hat trick each. Tonight, McKendree will travel to Peoria to faceoff against Robert Morris College. Puck drop is at 8 PM, with a second game on Jan. 30. Check in with the McKendree Athletics’ page for the most up-to-date information and game schedules.

Men’s bowling honored at NAIA Baker Challenge

Women’s track places three at Eastern meet

On Jan. 21, th men’s bowling team brought home the highest honors from the Eagles NAIA Baker Challenge in West Chicago. The two-day event was hosted by Robert Morris College.McKendree sent two squads to the Challenge, with our B Squad, earning the third seed in the qualification round, beating out the A squad. During the Championship rounds, McKendree narrowly escaped a defeat from Viterbo University with a 3-2 victory. In the semi-finals, McK beat out Robert Morris Daschler 3-2, and brought home the Championship against Robert Morris Stern with a 3-0 victory. This past week, the Bearcats returned to action in the Blue and Gold Classic in South Bend, Ind. Check out the McKendree Athletics page for their updated stats.

On Sat. Jan. 25, the Ladies’ track and field team competed in the Eastern University Mega Meet held in Charleston, Il. McKendree had three women place in the Meet: With a five feet, two inch high jump, Nadia Moore, freshman, brought home a fourth place. Next, Kayla Fowler, senior, also brought back a fourth place with a 1:52:77 600 meter run. Finally, sophomore Airika Tyler an a 2:35:31 800 meter dash, securing a sixth place for McK. The ladies will return to Charleston on Jan. 30 for the Illinois Intercollegiate Meet. Check out the McKendree Athletics page for their updated stats.

The Bearcats left Harris-Stowe begging for mercy after a 98-59 victory on Jan. 23. Emily Woodland, sophmore, led the scoring and kept the Bearcats in the lead with 20 points. Freshman Meghan O’Connell made a career high in scoring with 18 points added to the Bearcat score. An additional 12 points were contributed by senior Haley Klingelhoefer, and 10 points from senior Jill Wolf. Through-out the game, the ladies were able to keep the

Hornets at bay, allowing their shots through a mere quarter of game time. The Bearcats took comtrol with exceptional rebounding, a total of 60-45 forced 14 Harris-Stowe turnovers. McKendree, now 15-4 overall,(5-1 AMC), hosts Williams Baptist College in an American Midwest Conference matchup on Thursday, January 28, at 5:30 p.m.

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McKendree Review for Jan. 29, 2010  

The January edition of the McKendree Review for McKendree University.

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