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Talking facts about Delta Products Corporation Delta Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of DC brushless fans – a $6.6 billion global company with 41 manufacturing facilities worldwide and U.S. HQ in Fremont, CA. Our company mission is “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow” supported by a product portfolio that features a range of energy efficiency solutions including ventilation fans, wind energy systems, solar panels, LED lighting and EV chargers. Delta’s operations are ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-14064, OHSAS-18001 and TS-16949 certified. Delta DC brushless fans are used in applications where precision is paramount. This includes consumer products such as HP laptops, IBM servers, Dell desktops, Apple MacBook Air and Microsoft XBox Kinect. Please visit our global website for a more comprehensive look at Delta operations, products and company profile. Talking Points about the Delta Breez Line · MARGIN. Delta is more economically priced than most Energy Star fans on the market, an average of 10-25% less than competitors’ Energy Star offerings to distribution. · DC BRUSHLESS MOTOR. All Delta Breez fans have DC brushless motors. DC brushless motors allows the fan to achieve higher levels of performance than AC motor fans. DC brushelss motor fans are more quiet, energy efficient, and longer lasting. Delta DC brushless fan motors are engineered to run continuously for 70,000 hours, or eight years. · ENERGY STAR. All Delta Breez fans, with exception of heater fan, are Energy Star certified. The demand for Energy Star fans has exploded in the last few years. Production home builders and multifamily developers are now adding Energy Star fans to their specifications. · QUIET. Delta Breez fans run at noise levels down to <0.3 sones. This is the lowest noise level a bath fan has ever been tested. Our loudest fan is 2.0 sones.” · LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION. Delta Breez fans consume up to 75% less energy than competitors’ fans. Delta Breez fans use as little as 4 watts, compared to competitors’ models at 45 watts. · EASIER TO INSTALL. Delta Breez fans feature a slide-in duct adapter versus welded or clipped for easier ceiling-mount installation. · AVAILABILITY. More than 10,000 fans in inventory in Fremont, CA ready to ship. · TERMS. No minimum order requirement. · PROTECTION. Not available at every plumbing, HVAC and electrical distributor in town. Not available at the box stores. · REPRESENTATION. Better than the rest.

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