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gramming to include rehabilitation counseling, middle level teaching, mathematics and science teaching, and more. We have continued to build programs to meet the needs of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students and the communities in which they live. Read about the innovative program, which began in fall 2008, working with the teachers on Ni‘ihau.

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loha and welcome to the newest edition of the University of Hawai‘i at Ma– noa College of Education magazine, Current Perspectives. You may have noticed we have a new look this year. In an effort to save on production costs and provide additional information to our readers, we have combined Current Perspectives with our COE Annual Report in one issue for the 2008–2009 academic year. We invite you to provide your comments to us about this new format. In addition, we are considering a name change for the college’s magazine to avoid confusion with another well-respected journal published by the college, Educational Perspectives. See the inside cover for directions about how to submit your ideas. We are seeking a name that reflects the history and context of the college. In this combination magazine and annual report, we hope you will find many items of interest to you as alumni and friends of the college. You will read about how we are making a number of changes in our programs and making a difference for our students and for the state. In the past year, we have opened night options for students to pursue bachelor’s degrees; we have new agreements with community colleges to help ease the transition of their students into our programs; and we have initiated a new program (Get FIT: Future in Teaching) to engage students early in exploring teaching as a career choice. We have expanded our online pro-

Our faculty, staff, alumni, and students continue to be recognized for their outstanding achievements in leadership, publications, research, evaluation, teaching, international exchanges, and partnerships with schools and other agencies. You will find some of their stories in these pages. In addition, you can read about the amazing people recognized at the 21st Annual College of Education Recognition Celebration. These outstanding awardees were selected by the COE Alumni Association and a committee from the college to be honored for their achievements in education and for making a difference for others. We hope the pictures and biographies from the event will encourage you to join us next year for another fabulous celebration. You also will find in these pages the names of those we thank for their support of the college throughout the year. Their generosity allows us to sustain and build excellence. In this issue, we pay tribute to a man whose influence will forever mark the College of Education at UH. Dr. Hubert Everly — or as he referred to himself, Everly the Educator — served the college as dean from 1956 to 1979 and was an instrumental mover and shaker for education in the state. We bid Dr. Everly, who died on May 16, 2008 at the age of ninety-three, a sad farewell. We honor him for his commitment, his dedication, and his love for the College of Education and for the people of Hawai‘i. After you read the following stories about what is happening in the college, you can peruse the information provided in the Annual Report. Mahalo for your support of the COE, and we look forward to seeing your stories in the next issue.

Christine K. Sorensen


The Master of Education in Teaching (MEdT) program has expanded dramatically in the past year. Demand for the program has taken off and with good reason. Principals and DOE personnel unanimously agree that it prepares outstanding new teachers. The MEdT program is a full-time, two-year program for those who have undergraduate degrees in areas other than education. Candidates complete a graduate degree as well as initial teacher licensure in elementary or secondary education. The MEdT program is offered on O‘ahu in collaboration with partner K–12 DOE and charter schools where candidates participate in clinical experiences from the start of the program and remain intensely engaged across four semesters. The MedT program operated from 1990 until 2005 with about 24 new candidates accepted each year in a single cohort. In 2005, the program expanded in partnership with Ho‘okula– iwi to create an additional cohort focused on Hawaiian immersion education and schools in Native Hawaiian communities. It expanded again in 2006 with a cohort formed to support the DOE’s partnership with Teach for America whose candidates are placed in emergency hire positions. In Fall 2008, the program reviewed more than 130 applicants and accepted 85 candidates in five cohorts (one TFA, one Ho‘okula– iwi, and three with partner schools).


The Department of Special Education and the Institute for Teacher Education Elementary Program began offering an evening dual preparation cohort in elementary and special education in fall 2008 with 13 students enrolled. The BEd program is designed to meet the needs of those who would benefit from an evening program of study. Niki Libarios, academic advisor in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs said, “The non-traditional evening-based schedule provides another option for students to participate in the program while having the flexibility to keep day time commitments like other classes or work. This schedule is especially beneficial to those employed by the DOE who want to keep their day jobs while pursuing teacher licensure.” Students in the dual program, whether daytime or evening, take the same required courses and go through the program with a cohort of peers. The group is co-coordinated by faculty members from the special education and elementary education departments. It is a two and one-half year program requiring candidates to attend courses two evenings per week and to participate in supervised field experiences one and one-half days per week, making this program one semester longer than the daytime program. This somewhat slower pace allows students to carry a lighter course load each semester than those in the daytime program. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to apply for licensure in special education and elementary education through the Hawai‘i Teacher Standards Board.

Expanding Pathways to Teaching


Pursuing a Teaching License at Night

Progr ams & Projects Making

Programs & Projects Making a Difference


Progr ams & Projects Making



MLMED Graduates


Tuning in to Adolescent Needs The College of Education’s Master of Education degree in Curriculum Studies with a Middle Level Emphasis (MLMED) graduated two cohorts of twenty students each in August 2008. After completing a final course over the summer, one cohort on O‘ahu and another on Maui and Moloka‘i received their MEd degrees, bringing the total number of MLMED program graduates to two hundred. As classroom teachers, participants in the program work with young adolescents in both public and private schools. According to Paul D. Deering, professor in the COE’s Department of Curriculum Studies and MLMED Coordinator, young adolescents undergo enormous changes in all developmental areas, offering huge challenges and equally huge opportunities to their educators and parents. “The MLMED program and its participants are dedicated to this complex and wonderful age group,” he added. The next opportunity for Maui educators to participate in the MLMED program will be with an online cohort, which is scheduled to begin in July 2009. This cohort will be available to students on all of the Hawaiian islands and aims to attract participants from Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, and the mainland.

FIT Program Students and Staff

L aunching a Future in Teaching The College of Education’s Ma– noa Partnerships has initiated a new program for students interested in teaching as a possible career. Through the Get FIT: A Future In Teaching program, students will have access to special courses, activities designed to introduce them to the field of teaching, service learning experiences with K–12 students, a private lounge on campus, guidance from COE advisors, and many more opportunities to explore the profession of teaching. They also will have an opportunity to interact with current students in the College of Education. More than 60 UH Freshmen signed up to participate in the Get FIT program in its inaugural year. “Learning communities have always been helpful to students by offering them peer support, the ability to share perspectives, and camaraderie while pursuing their academic studies,” said the Director of Ma– noa Partnerships Margit Watts. Get FIT is targeted to UH students who are not yet admitted to the College of Education, but all students are welcome. Ma– noa Partnerships will pilot programs with community colleges and high school students next year.

Developed by Dr. Kathryn Au in 1996, Ka Lama o ke Kaiaulu (The Light of the Community) is an elementary teacher education cohort in the Institute for Teacher Education at the UHM College of Education (COE). Ka Lama partners with the Native Hawaiian community to prepare teachers to be effective in schools on the Leeward (Wai‘anae) Coast. Training preservice teachers in these schools builds their effectiveness and encourages them to stay and teach in those schools after graduation. In collaboration with public schools, Leeward Community College – Wai‘anae (LCC-W), and the Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE), Ka Lama recruits and trains area residents and others interested in working in Leeward Coast Schools. The partnership’s focus is to reduce teacher turnover, increase the number of Hawaiian role models, and improve student achievement through culturally responsive teaching. It is a BEd program for students who have been admitted as juniors to the COE. Six cohorts have graduated since the program’s inception. In May 2008, more than half of the Ka Lama VI cohort graduates accepted positions as teachers in schools on the Leeward Coast.


A groundbreaking agreement between Leeward Community College (LCC) and the UHM College of Education (COE) will facilitate the smooth transition of students completing the Associate in Arts in Teaching program at LCC to the COE’s Bachelor of Education (BEd) program in Elementary Education; BEd in Elementary Education with an Early Childhood emphasis; BEd in Elementary Education with a Hawaiian Community Emphasis; and BEd dual preparation program in Elementary/ Special Education. Students must complete the Associate in Arts in Teaching program as well as meet a set of designated criteria for admission to the COE. The COE’s Office of Student Advising Services will collaborate with LCC advisors in order to ensure that accurate information is passed on to students, while LCC advisors ensure that students are advised of UHM-COE’s core and emphasis requirements. “We are very excited about this partnership. The greatest need for teachers exists in the Leeward and Central O‘ahu districts. It is a win-win situation for everyone,” said Erin Loo, a counselor for the Associate in Arts in Teaching Program at Leeward Community College.

Partnering to Prepare Teachers for the Leeward Coast


Transitioning Leeward Community College Students

Glori Lopez-Cajigas

Progr ams & Projects Making

Christine Sorensen, Manny Cabral, and Gene Awakuni


Progr ams & Projects Making



Continuing Support For Native Hawaiian Education


Teacher recruitment, preservice preparation, in-service teacher professional development, leadership enhancement, education research, and curriculum improvement — all these are areas of focus for the College of Education’s Ho‘okula– iwi program. Funding for Ho‘okula– iwi initiatives has come from a variety of sources, including the Na– na– kuli/Wai‘anae community, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kamehameha Schools, the University of Hawai‘i, the Hawai‘i Department of Education, the UH-Ma– noa College of Education, the Hawai‘i legislature, and the federal government. Recently, the Ho‘okula– iwi Partnership was adopted by the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly as the educational model for Hawaiian homesteads statewide. This is significant in that it demonstrates a shared vision of educational excellence for Native Hawaiian children by the largest Native Hawaiian community organization in the state.

Recruitment and Preservice Initiatives

Ho‘okula– iwi aims to recruit Native Hawaiians and other Hawai‘i residents into the teaching profession. Preservice teachers speak to members of their own communities (6th grade students through adults) about the critical need to raise the quality of teaching in Hawai‘i schools and to improve educational outcomes for children. Recruitment efforts focus on identifying prospective teachers and school leaders who have skills, interests, and experiences that will enable them to work effectively across different cultures and to work in partnership with a range of groups. The Ho‘okula– iwi Partnership for preservice teacher education includes the Na– na– kuli/Wai‘anae community, the College of Education, Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language, and several Hawai‘i Department of Education schools — Na– na– ikapono Elementary, Na– na– kuli Elementary, Na– na– kuli High and Intermediate, Ka Waihona o ka Na‘auao Charter, Wai‘anae High, and Ke Kula Kaia– puni ‘o Anuenue — in long-term efforts to prepare outstanding teachers. Ho‘okula– iwi emphasizes the acquisition of tra-

ditional Hawaiian skills and knowledge in combination with skills and knowledge valued in the Western world. Because reading, writing, and oral literacy are foundational to children’s success in all areas of learning, the partnership emphasizes literacy, language, and culture (in both Hawaiian and English). To date, Na– na– ikapono School has been the training site for well over 120 student teachers, including many Native Hawaiians. Currently, Ho‘okula– iwi has forty preservice teachers in two Master of Education in Teaching (MEdT) cohorts (the Kua‘ana and Kaina cohorts). In keeping with Hawaiian cultural expectations that older siblings are responsible for the care and well-being of younger siblings, Ho‘okula– iwi requires the Kua‘ana cohort to mentor those in the Kaina cohort. During orientation for the Kaina cohort, members of the Kua‘ana cohort and Ho‘okula– iwi faculty welcomed new members in an ‘awa ceremony at Hale Ola Ho‘opa– ko– lea in Na– na– kuli, introduced them to the Na– na– kuli/ Wai‘anae community and partner schools, worked with them in the Anuenue School lo‘i, and, on the final day of the orientation, hosted them with food prepared in an imu. In fall 2008, Ho‘okula– iwi began a partnership with five teachers on Ni‘ihau to develop and deliver a customized preservice teacher education program that will allow them to become fully licensed by 2012. The program recognizes the uniqueness and importance of the Ni‘ihau community to the perpetuation of the Hawaiian language and the experiences of the Ni‘ihau teachers. Activities include internships at Na– na– ikapono Elementary and other partner schools, attendance at national/international conferences, and courses.

Leadership and Professional Development Initiatives In spring 2008, the COE entered into a partnership with Wai‘anae Complex schools to provide a MEd degree in curriculum studies for thirty K–12 teachers in Wai‘anae and Ma– kaha schools to prepare them to be

Ho‘okula– iwi also has a commitment to preparing Native Hawaiian educational leaders in areas such as curriculum research, school administration, and teacher education through doctoral study. A cohort of twelve Hawaiian doctoral students in the fields of education, political science, Hawaiian language and culture, and psychology are involved in mentoring preservice and inservice candidates. The primary role of these mentors is to provide guidance in the conceptualization, conduct, and dissemination of research on Native Hawaiian and indigenous education.

Curriculum Development and Research Initiatives

The U.S. Department of Education awarded Ho‘okula– iwi $1,241,619 for Nana i ka Pulapula: A partnership to improve education, conducted primarily at Na– na– ikapono Elementary School in Na– na– kuli with some services extended to other Wai‘anae coast locations with substantial Native Hawaiian populations. The project will focus on culturally responsive instructional approaches. It is expected that one hundrd educators of Native Hawaiian children will receive services to enhance

In its ef for t to v ita li ze indigenous education, Ho‘okula– iwi is a member of the International Consortium of Research Institutes for Indigenous Education and helps lead the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Special Interest Group. Hookula– iwi’s national and international partners include universities in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Fiji, China, Taiwan, and the USA. Preparing educational researchers is a priority. Under the guidance of community, school, and university research experts, trainee researchers learn a variety of approaches to the conceptualization, conduct, and dissemination of research. Some of the approaches are consistent with Western methodology and others are consistent with Hawaiian methodology such as the use of ‘o– lelo Hawai‘i — written and oral histories.


Currently, two Ho‘okula– iwi faculty members are based in Hawai‘i DOE schools. One is based at Na– na– ikapono Community School museum where she is working on establishing a Kupuna Academy that will involve elders from the Na– na– kuli/ Wai‘anae community, documenting their experiences and knowledge in book form with assistance from Na– na– ikapono sixth graders and Ho‘okula– iwi preservice teachers. The second, based at Ke Kula Kaia– puni ‘o Anuenue, teaches K–12 students; preservice and in-service teachers; community members; and visiting educators and their students about lo’i production and culture. The hands-on approach is designed to instill the importance of ma– lama ‘a– ina — caring for and nurturing the land so that it can sustain life for generations. This is Ho‘okula– iwi’s metaphor for teacher education.


In efforts to improve teacher retention, Ho‘okula– iwi is working with the Hawai‘i Department of Education to develop a program to prepare teachers to serve as induction mentors to new teachers in the Na– na– kuli/Wai‘anae community. Successful teacher applicants who demonstrate leadership potential will earn a Post-Graduate Certificate for Induction Mentors. Approximately eightyseven teachers and staff from Na– na– ikapono Elementary School and community work alongside Ho‘okula– iwi faculty on a range of professional development sessions with a focus on providing one-on-one support to teachers in their classrooms. Courses and support sessions are offered on site at the school.

their professional expertise and knowledge of Native Hawaiian culture and traditions. In addition, there will be a focus on developing and implementing innovative, Native Hawaiian-based literacy, reading and mathematics curricula to serve nine hundred students.

Progr ams & Projects Making

educational leaders within Wai‘anae Complex schools. The partnership offers courses that are field-based, cotaught with teachers and community members, and focused on teaching in a Hawaiian community. As part of this initiative, teachers interested in completing their National Board Certification are supported.


Hawai‘i students

Progr ams & Projects Making



Targeting the Needs of Hawaiian Students with Disabilities


On July 10, 2008, Senator Daniel K. Inouye announced four new grants under the Native Hawaiian Education Act that were awarded to the Center on Disability Studies (CDS) in the UHM College of Education. These grants will provide over $1.6 million annually for the next three years to support the needs of Hawai‘i’s students from preschool through ninth grade. The First Steps to Success program is designed to promote and develop positive behaviors and to increase literacy for Native Hawaiian preschool children on O‘ahu. The Pono School Climate Project will develop programs to improve academic achievement a mong W indwa rd O‘ahu students by helping them to create pono school climates. Dr. Kelly Roberts of CDS, a key developer of these two programs, says, “We are very excited to begin these two projects and believe they have the potential to positively impact many youth across O‘ahu.” Two other programs focus on the academic achievement of students with disabilities. The Ka‘imi loa o ka hihi project, led by Dr. Norma Jean Stodden, focuses on enhancing mathematics and science achievement for students with disabilities through the use of an online electronic tool. This project will serve students from grade four through seven on O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, and the Big Island. A fourth project, directed by Dr. Robert Stodden, uses culturally responsive intervention strategies to increase academic achievement for Native Hawaiian students with disabilities in grades seven through nine. This project is in partnership with several charter schools serving Native Hawaiian youth.

Going Home Plus Participant

Transitioning Residents Back Home The Center on Disability Studies (CDS) was awarded a new grant in October 2007 titled Going Home Plus, part of a five-year, twelve million dollar grant from the Centers on Medicaid and Medicare to the Department of Human Services. The focus of Going Home Plus is to support the appropriate transition of residents from institutions back into their home communities. The target groups of the grant are adults with developmental disabilities, those with physical handicaps, and elderly individuals. For the first year, CDS will use the grant to assist with implementation planning and to develop a national and local evaluation. Associate Director of CDS Jean Johnson said, “Going Home Plus provides a wonderful opportunity to assist people who have long-term care needs. The additional funds and the flexibility provided under the grant can assist us in assuring that people will have the support they need to live in the community and that their care givers will be appropriately trained to meet their needs.”

A story about the Curriculum Research & Development Group’s National Science Foundation research project, The Role of Gender in Language Used by Children and Parents Working on Mathematical Tasks, aired nationally on NPR on May 5, 2008. The fifteen-minute story was featured on Glenn Busby’s The Best of Our Knowledge (TBOOK). Busby, of WAMC, Northeast Public Radio, and Kayla Rosenfeld, of Hawai‘i Public Radio, produced the show as one of eight radio stories in the series Sounds of Progress, which examine groundbreaking research and the implementation of research-based practices throughout the U.S. designed to increase the role of young girls and women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. For more information or to listen to the broadcast, go to


During the summer of 2008, the Department of Kinesiology and Leisure Science officially became the Department of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science. As department chair Nathan Murata commented, “There will be no more ‘leisure’ in the College of Education.” The change in name reflects a change in program offerings. The master’s degree in counseling and guidance, formerly offered through the department of counseling, is now offered through the kinesiology and rehabilitation science department. The counseling and guidance master’s program provides a single, focused track in the area of rehabilitation counseling. Nationally accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE), the UHM program trains professional counselors dedicated to working with individuals with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities to help them achieve productive and independent lives. Graduates of the program are eligible to take a national examination to earn a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) designation.

Gender and M ath Study on National Public R adio

Progr ams & Projects Making

Announcing K inesiology and Rehabilitation Science


Nathan Murata


F , Se st saafgf e, & P r o g r a m S u cc e s s Daecaunl’ ts yM

Faculty, Staff, & Program Success


Partner School Award The National Network for Education Renewal (NNER) selected Ho‘okula– iwi to receive the 2008 Richard W. Clark Partner School Award. Ho‘okula– iwi: A Community, School, and University Partnership for the Vitalization of Public Education in a Native Hawaiian Community was cited as “demonstrating remarkable vision and progress in critical aspects of partner school work dedicated to social justice.” The award recognizes the authentic and broad collaboration among the Na– na– kuli/Wai‘anae community, the Na– na– ikapono Elementary School, the UH Ma– noa College of Education, and the UH Ma– noa Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language that results in building and sustaining quality education. Criteria for the award included evidence of tripartite involvement (college of education, college of arts and sciences, and local school), changes in school and university practices, collaboration to promote partner school functions and democracy in policies and practices, and evidence of impact on learning.

Kauluokala- Kauwe, Richard W. Clark, Kalehua Krug, Kaleinani Tim Sing, ‘Iwalani Hodges, and Margie Maaka

Ho‘okula– iwi partners accepted the award at the 2008 NNER national conference in Arlington, Texas. Ann Foster, NNER Executive Director, said, “The adaptation of partner school principles to the local needs of the school community stands as an example to others. The inclusive nature of the partnership and the commitment to all participants’ life-long learning are noteworthy.” Myron Brumaghim, a founding member of Ho‘okula– iwi, summed it up: “We want our children to live their dreams. We want educational opportunities for our children that focus energies and resources on guiding and supporting them as they journey towards success in life. And, most important, our community wants to be self-determining in this process.”

National Leadership Academy

With support from the College of Education, Myron Brumaghim, a 2006 National Distinguished Principal, and Elden Esmeralda were chosen to participate in the July 2008 academy in Washington D.C. Brumaghim, former principal of Na– na– ikapono Elementary School, has partnered with the COE for eighteen years, most of which has been spent co-developing the Ho‘okula– iwi partnership. “It is an honor to be a part of this initial class. Hopefully we will be able to begin the dialogue about creating national goals that are realistic and attainable for all students and schools in our nation,” Brumaghim said. Esmeralda, who received his BEd in educational psychology from the COE in 1986, is the current principal of Na– na– ikapono Elementary. He said, “The conference was very enlightening. I was intrigued with the concept of how to give your school community a voice, and I think the protocols that we participated in were very useful and practical.” In his new administrative role, Esmeralda brings a strong commitment to the COE’s Ho‘okula– iwi partnership.

Hugh Dunn, Susan York, and Morris Lai

Another First Place for Outstanding Publication Morris K. Lai, Hugh H. Dunn, and Susan E. York of the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) were awarded first place in the Division H (Applied Research, Assessment, and Evaluation in Schools) Outstanding Publications Competition at the annual American Educational Research Association (AERA) meeting in New York in March 2008. Having won in the best alternative reporting method category last year, Lai and Dunn, along with York this year, won for best summary report for 2007. The report, titled Data-Substantiated Evaluation Assertions About Pihana Na– Mamo, summarizes the effects of a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education through the Native Hawaiian Education Act. Since 2000, Pihana Na– Mamo: The Native Hawaiian Special Education Project has sought to improve the education of Native Hawaiian children. “The report not only provides a succinct data-rich account of our project’s positive outcomes across years, it also captures the basic essence of our project’s mission,” Dunn said. “The award affirms the hard work and dedication of all who are involved in this project.”

F a c u l t y , S t a f f , & P r o g r a m S u cc e s s

In early 2008, an event was held in Washington D.C. featuring Representative George Miller, Linda Darling Hammond, John Goodlad, and other educational leaders, that culminated in the release of a new report, Democracy at Risk: The Need for New Federal Policy in Education. The report was a follow-up to the influential publication A Nation at Risk on the twenty-fifth anniversary of its publication. The new book called for the creation of a “National Principal Leadership Academy.” Darling-Hammond, of the Stanford University Urban School Network, and John Goodlad, author of Education for Everyone: Agenda for Education in a Democracy, then worked with Sam Chaltain, the Executive Director of the Five Freedoms Leadership Academy to host forty selected administrators from around the nation in their first academy.


Braian Lawton, Val Krohn-Ching, and Paul Brandon

F , Se st saafgf e, & P r o g r a m S u cc e s s Daecaunl’ ts yM

First Place in Program Evaluation Studies


Paul R. Brandon, Brian E. Lawton, and Val Krohn-Ching of the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CR DG) received f irst place in the Program Evaluation Studies category of the Outstanding Publications Competition from the American Educational Research Association (AER A). Their Division H entry, Evaluation of the Final Year of the ARTS FIRST Windward Research Project, was prepared under a grant subcontract to the Hawai‘i Arts Alliance from the U. S. Department of Education Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination program. “We wanted to submit the most comprehensive and therefore competitive report that we could,” Principal Investigator Brandon said. “It turned out that many more reports than we anticipated were entered, so we feel quite honored to have received the award.” This year, the Program Evaluation Studies category received 31 entries, more than any of the other 12 categories.

Bryan G. Cook

James M. K auffman Publication Award Professor of special education and Hugh Everly Scholar Bryan G. Cook was awarded the James M. Kauffman Publication award from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia for his work on the side effects of inclusion for students with learning disabilities, which was published as a special issue of Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal. He was surprised by the award while attending the International Convention of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) on April 4, 2008 where he presented his work on evidence-based practices in special education. “It is a great honor to be recognized by one of the most distinguished special education programs in the country and to be associated with the work and legacy of Jim Kauffman,” Cook said. Last year, Cook received the Early Career Research Award from the CEC’s Division for Research, which is given to researchers in special education who are ten or fewer years out of their PhD and recognizes their outstanding scientific contributions to special education research.

Best Article Ronald Heck, Chair of the Department of Educational Administration, received the 2007 William J. Davis Award for the best article in the 2007 Educational Administration Quarterly (EAQ ) volume year. Heck’s article, “Examining the Relationship between Teacher Quality as an Organizational Property of Schools and Students’ Achievement and Growth Rates,” was selected. Dr. Heck’s research indicated that collective teacher quality in a school (defined as the percent of teachers who meet state licensing, content, and performance standards) are related to student achievement levels and growth in reading and math over time. In their review, the selection committee said, “This article explores, in a methodologically sophisticated way, one of the key variables associated with school effectiveness and one that speaks very directly to policy alternatives in many countries at the present time. The paper has important implications for issues concerning social and racial inequalities and challenges well-established evidence about the effect of school social composition on student achievement.” Given annually, the Davis Award was established in 1979 with contributions in honor of the late William J. Davis, former associate director of the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) and assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Suzanne Acord

Fellowship in Japan Suzanne Acord, head of the social studies section at the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG), is one of twenty teachers from the U.S. and Canada selected for an eleven-day study tour of Japan. The Keizai Koho Center ( Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs), in cooperation with the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS), sponsored the fellowship which took place from June 30 – July 12, 2008. The fellowship enabled teachers to learn first-hand about contemporary Japanese society in order to enhance their classroom teaching of global perspectives. Acord, who teaches 10th grade world history at the UHM Laboratory School, said, “Our section seeks to create quality curriculum materials on Asia and the Pacific. I have worked as part of a team on three curriculum projects involving historical and contemporary Japan, but this will be my first time gaining practical experience in Japan.”

K ae cy uPl te ry ,s pSetcatfi fv,e & P r o g r a m S u cc e s s F

Ronald Heck


Prestigious Japanese Award

F , Se st saafgf e, & P r o g r a m S u cc e s s Daecaunl’ ts yM

Esther Masako Tateishi Sato, professor emeritus in the College of Education, was decorated by the government of Japan with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette for her accomplishments in national and public services and for promoting mutual understanding between Japan and the United States. A reception was held in her honor on May 23, 2008 at the Japanese Consulate where she received the badge. The Order of the Rising Sun, established in 1875, is Japan’s first national decoration and one of their most prestigious awards. Administered by the Decoration Bureau of the Office of the Prime Minister, the award is given in the name of the Emperor. “I am overwhelmed, and with deep humility and appreciation, I accept this award from the Japanese Government,” Sato said. “At the same time, I would like to share this great honor with all of those who have had a part in many of my undertakings throughout my career.” Her distinguished career has spanned an astounding seven decades.


Fulbright Senior Specialists Award David P. Ericson, professor in the Department of Educational Foundations and director of the Col lege of E duc at ion Off ice of International Education, was selected for a Fulbright Senior Specialists project in Denmark at Aarhus University during May 2008. His services, which included a seminar, a lecture series, and the codevelopment of a master’s program on education and educational policy in a multicultural society, were requested by Aarhus University through the Fulbright Scholarship Board and U.S. Department of State. According to Ericson, in the past few decades, Denmark has welcomed numerous refugees and immigrants, and integrating these populations with their very different cultural and religious backgrounds into mainstream Danish society is proving to be a challenge. “The University of Aarhus, among the world’s great research and teaching universities, is leading the way in addressing this challenge,” Ericson added.

National Art Education Association Academy Selection Bet t y L ou W i l l ia ms , associate professor of art education and instructor for the College of Education’s elementary, secondary, and graduate programs, was selected by the National Art Education Association (NAEA) to provide a co-sponsored academy. Learning from Objects and Site Visitation: People, Places, and Things, was accepted after a thorough screening process that resulted in the selection of five academies for 2008. Williams’ program was held at the Honolulu Academy of Arts in July 2008. “Art museums offer unique opportunities for students to acquire new viewpoints and understanding about themselves and the world, while building a foundation for lifelong learning,” Williams said.

Faculty and Staff Honors The annual COE Congress and College-wide Awards Program was held on May 9, 2008 at the Architecture Auditorium and Courtyard where the following awards were given: Stephanie Feeney Lifetime Achievement

Lois Yamauchi

Lois Yamauchi, professor and chair in the Department of Educational Psychology, is a 2008 recipient of the Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching from the University of Hawai‘i at Ma– noa. This award recognizes faculty members who have made significant contributions in teaching and student learning, and who exhibit an extraordinary level of subject mastery and scholarship, teaching effectiveness and creativity, and personal values beneficial to students. “I was honored to be nominated and supported by many former students. Teaching is an intense but rewarding part of being a professor. I am lucky to have many colleagues in the College of Education who are exemplary teachers and who have assisted in my development as a university instructor,” Yamauchi said. She was recognized with an award and certificate of achievement at Kennedy Theater on September 9, 2008.

Ellen Hoffman Exceptional Contributions to Teaching

Sueko Oshiro Outstanding Service for Custodial and Grounds Staff

Doreen Shon Exceptional Service for Secretarial and Clerical Staff

Chris Stark Thinking Outside the Box

Don Young COE Leadership

K ae cy uPl te ry ,s pSetcatfi fv,e & P r o g r a m S u cc e s s F

Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching


S lg u em n i R e c o g n i t i o n Dteuadne’ n s tM&e sA sa

Student & Alumni Recognition


COE Student Awarded Distinguished Fellowship Ta m m y P i c k l e s i m e r, doctoral student in the College of Education’s exceptionalities program and trainee in the Center on D i s abi l it y St ud ie s (CDS), was awarded the 2008 Disability Policy Fellowship with the Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD) in Washington D.C. The purpose of the fellowship is to offer a significant experience in national level activities related to policy, legislative development, advocacy, program development, technical assistance, and association administration. “I don’t want to change my at-risk students to fit a particular education model or school system, but change the system to fit my ‘at-promise’ students,” Picklesimer said. “The best way to do that is to be part of the reform effort and policy making.” Picklesimer joined the AUCD policy staff at their national office on January 10, 2008.

COE Employees Nominated for Student Employee of the Year Award; One Wins Top Award College of Education student employees Ruby Ng a nd Marc Marquez were nominated for t he 20 07–20 08 Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) award. The awards ceremony was held at the Marc Marquez Campus Center Ballroom on April 10, 2008. Ng, a clerical assistant in the Institute for Teacher Education and a psychology major, was a finalist. Marquez, a computer clerical specialist for the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) and a graphic design major, was the recipient of several awards including the overall UH award, the overall State of Hawai‘i award, and the regional award sponsored by the Western Association of Student Employment Administrators (WASEA). Ruby Ng

Meredith Maeda, who earned his MEd at the College of Education in 1987, has been named the 2008 MetLife / National Association of Seconda r y School Pr incipals (NASSP) Hawai‘i High School Principal of the Year. Principal of James B. Castle High School for the past nine years, Maeda has had a significant impact on the school through his collaborative leadership. Among his many accomplishments, he has raised student achievement, improved the quality of teaching and instruction, created community and educational partnerships, and increased parent and volunteer participation. The MetLife/NASSP Principal of the Year program began in 1993 as a means of recognizing outstanding secondary school leaders who have succeeded in providing high-quality learning opportunities for students and making exemplary contributions to their profession. Maeda said, “This recognition validates the efforts of our school community for their willingness to explore best practices to improve student achievement. The award should be shared by my mentors and colleagues who provided the foundation for my own learnings.”

Ruth Silberstein, who earned t wo ma ster of educat ion degrees from the College of Education, one in 1989 and the other in 1991, is Hawai‘i’s 2008 National Distinguished Principal. Established in 1984, the program honors exemplary elementary and middle school principals who set the pace, character, and quality of the education children receive in their early school years. Silberstein was selected by a committee of principals and business community representatives

through the Hawai‘i Elementary and Middle School Administrators’ Students & Alumni Association. “With all of the tremendous challenges in education today, on the global and national scales, a distinguished principal is someone who represents all principals who are stepping up to the plate to meet these challenges with prudence and fortitude,” she said. Since 2001, Silberstein has been the principal of Palolo Elementary School where she has worked to implement and develop programs designed to meet the academic and social needs of its students. Silberstein was one of seven nominees for the award, four others of whom are also COE alumni: Lucia Stewart, Annette Nishikawa, Faith Tokeshi, and Wade Araki.

Amy Perruso, who earned her post-bacca laureate certificate at the College of Education in secondar y education in 2001, was named Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club 2007 Hawai‘i Teacher of the Year. She won a $10,000 grant for Mililani High School as well as a $1,000 donation to the school in her honor. Perruso has taught social studies at MHS for the past seven years. She currently coaches their mock trial team and teaches two Advanced Placement classes, AP U.S. History and AP Government and Politics. “It has been extremely gratif ying to be able to bring resources into our school and, more importantly, to increase public awareness of the commitment most public school teachers demonstrate to the young people in Hawai‘i and around the country,” Perruso said.

Kteuy dPe enrt s p&e cAtl iuvme n i R e c o g n i t i o n S

COE Alumni Recognized for Excellence in Teaching and School Leadership


S lg u em n i R e c o g n i t i o n Dteuadne’ n s tM&e sA sa


C y n t h i a To n g , w h o earned her professional diploma in secondary education from the College of Education in 1994, received the Pre serve America Hawai‘i History Teacher of the Year Award for 2008 from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities. A Mililani High School social studies teacher since 2002, Tong has also been the curriculum coordinator for accreditation. She said, “The instruction I have developed for my history courses has its foundation in the meticulous teacher preparation and teacher mentoring I received from UHM COE courses and faculty. I owe this award to Gail Tamaribuchi and the College of Education.” Tong was awarded a $1,000 honorarium and a documentary and media collection (for her school’s library) for her development of outstanding historical research and lessons for the classroom. Jennifer Hoof, a tenth grade biology teacher at Farrington High School for the past four years, received the 2008 Crystal Apple National Teacher Award from Time Warner Cable for her innovative classroom project, which utilized programming from the cable networks. She won a $2,000 cash grant and $3,000 technology grant for her school. “I was shocked and excited. The funds Oceanic Time Warner provided for technology equipment will really go a long way. I am very appreciative,” said Hoof, who earned her PBCSE from the College of Education in 2004.

The Masayuki Tokioka Excellence in School Leadership Award is presented to a public school principal who is visionary and community-minded and who has an entrepreneurial spirit. Of the eleven candidates who were nominated for the award, nine were College of Education alumni, including the winner, Dole Middle School Principal Myron Monte. He said, “Winning [the award] is the highlight of my career in education. This award is for the entire school, including students and their families. The monetary award is being used to support several health initiatives for [them].” Monte received a $10,000 cash award and an additional $15,000 for a school project of his choice. The top two semi-finalists (also COE alumni) were Castle High School Principal Meredith Maeda and Moanalua Middle School Principal Caroline Wong. Other nominees who were COE alumni included: Michael Harano, Washington Middle School; Gregg Lee, Stevenson Middle School; Amy Martinson, Highlands Intermediate School; Annette Nishikawa, Kapolei Middle School; Linda Puleloa, Moloka‘i High School; and Gilmore Youn, Kapa‘a High School.

Ryan Trujillo: “Blow Fish”

Sarah Cockett: “Invisible”

Bebi Davis

COE Alumni named Hawai‘i’s 2009 Teacher of the Year

The State Teacher of the Year award is bestowed on one of the seven District Teachers of the Year. Four of the seven were COE alumni. John Constantinou, of Hawai‘i District, earned his professional diploma from the COE in 1998 and has been at Kea‘au High School for the past six years. Mary Lardizabal, of Kaua‘i District, received her professional diploma from the COE in 1996 and has taught music at Kapa‘a Middle School since 1997. Glenn Lee, of Central District, completed the post-baccalaurete program in secondary education in 1999 and celebrates his 14th anniversary with Waialua High and Intermediate School this year. Ramona Takahashi, of Windward District, was awarded a BEd in secondary education in 1993 when she began teaching and coaching at Kailua High School.

Alex Baker: “Two”

University L aboratory School Students Win Three Art Awards University Laboratory School (ULS) seniors Ryan Trujillo and Sarah Cockett, and eighth grader Alex Baker, were national f inalists at the 45th Hawai‘i Regional Scholastic Art Awards ceremony held at the Hawai‘i State Art Museum in Honolulu. The ceremony recognizes winners of the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards competition and is sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Its mission is to search for and identify the next generation of artists and writers. Trujillo received a national Gold Award for his ceramic sculpture “Blow Fish,” which will be exhibited nationally for three years throughout the United States as part of the National Scholastic Awards Exhibition. Cockett’s pastel painting “Invisible” received a national Silver Award. Baker won a national Silver Award for his watercolor painting “Two.”

Kteuy dPe enrt s p&e cAtl iuvme n i R e c o g n i t i o n S

Bebi Davis, who received both her BEd and MEd in secondary education from the College of Education, is Hawai‘i’s 2009 State Teacher of the Year. The recipient of numerous other awards for her work in education, including Hawai‘i’s Milken National Educator Award in 2005; the National Science Teacher Recognition for the Toyota Tapestry Award in 2007; and the Best Buy Teach Award in 2008; Davis has taught physics and chemistry at Farrington High School since 2002. “Teachers are the soul of society and the light that illuminates the path for the future generations,” she said.



Fe at u r e : Dr . Hu bert Ev er ly

Everly the Educator


The College of Education bid a sad farewell to former dean Dr. Hubert Everly who died at the age of ninety-three on May 16, 2008. During his esteemed tenure as the college’s dean from 1956 to 1979, Everly was responsible for expanded enrollment, new degrees and buildings, increased research activity, the creation of the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG), and the restructuring of the Laboratory School into a center for research and development. “He was indeed a beloved leader in the college,” said Donald B. Young, Associate Dean for Administration and Director of CRDG, whose first dean was Everly. Under the encouragement and guidance of Dean Benjamin Wist (dean of Teacher’s College 1931–1948), Everly left the University of Southern California and an athletic scholarship in 1937 to pursue both bachelor and master of education degrees at UH. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1945, Everly completed his doctor of philosophy degree at Ohio State University with a dissertation on the role of laboratory schools. Upon his return to Hawai‘i, he was

“He was indeed a beloved leader in the college” appointed principal of University High School, a role he filled from 1948 until he became dean of the COE in 1956. It was under Everly’s tenure as dean that the Teacher’s College became the College of Education, recognizing that the COE prepared school administrators, librarians, and counselors in addition to teachers. But, according to former COE dean Randy Hitz, Everly was most proud of opening enrollment and doing away with strict quotas on admissions. Expanding enrollment allowed immigrant students from the plantations, who came from public schools, to get degrees and teach in Hawai‘i public schools, explained Amy Agbayani, the director of Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity (SEED) at UHM. “He was ahead of his time,” she added. Faced with political opponents and challenged by faculty from other colleges, Everly was known to turn directly to the legislature in order to secure funds for the COE. His perseverance and ingenuity helped him overcome

“He was ahead of his time”

Fe at u r e : Dr . Hu bert Ev er ly

opposition at every turn. In 1966, after being told by the legislature that there were no funds for new buildings, Everly relabeled his proposed project an “annex,” which would be connected to Wist Hall by one common wall. Today, Wist Annex 2 has been renamed Everly Hall in honor of its devoted namesake. Everly received many honors for his contributions to education over thirty-three years, including an endowed scholar position established in his name. At his memorial service, held on June 15, 2008 at the School of Architecture Auditorium, COE emeritus professors Robert Potter and Victor Kobayashi, as well as Agbayani, delivered tributes to Everly, highlighting the indelible impact he made on education. After retirement, Everly remained active with the Hawai‘i Education Association, the Hawai‘i State Retired Teachers Association, and the state Employees Retirement System. He was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the COE’s 2006 Recognition Dinner. In a video clip shown at the dinner, Everly said, “I would like to be remembered as an educator. When I look into the obituaries, I see obituaries for ‘former this/former that’. I want to be remembered as Everly the Educator.” And so he is.


“I want to be remembered as Everly the Educator”

Alexander Pickens, Haunani Apoliona, Ronald Bright, Christine Sorensen, Stephanie Feeney, and Esther Sato

Donors & Friends

Donors & Friends

The 2008 College of Education Recognition Celebration


“A Sense of Purpose. A Sense of Place.” On November 14, 2008, COE Dean Christine Sorensen welcomed nearly 300 faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, students, and friends to the 21st Annual College of Education Recognition Dinner and Celebration at the Ko‘olau Golf Club. The theme, “A sense of purpose. A sense of place.,” was reflected in those honored for their exemplary contributions to Hawai‘i’s education community.


Donors & Friends

The 2008 College of Education Recognition Celebration

The College of Education would like to thank the individuals, organizations, and corporations whose generous donations helped to sponsor this event.

G o ld S p o n s o r

Donors & Friends

Alexander & Frances Pickens Having spent my career in the field of education, I have learned to give back to our future leaders in education. For many reasons, I am truly honored to receive the COE BENEFACTOR AWARD. My journey began many years ago with a simple vision to make the world a better place. That vision evolved into a mission of development. Today, my sincere appreciation goes to my family, friends, and colleagues who took the time to join my wife and me for this celebration. We are truly honored for this recognition, and we do feel “A sense of purpose…A sense of place.” Mahalo Nui Loa


Special Donation Robert & Diane Witt

Ben e fac tor Sp onsor s Byron & Lois Bender Thomas Bingham Virgie Chattergy Marilyn Cristofori Royal T. & Aurora Fruehling Mark Fukeda Hotel & Resorts of Halekulani Breene Harimoto

Kepano Kekuewa Nadine Little Don & Evelyn Nugent Aiko Oda Beth Pateman Christine Sorensen James Uyeda

The 2008 College of Education Recognition Celebration

Bronze Sponsors

Oswald Stender

Donors & Friends

Office of Hawaiian Affairs


College of Education Alumni Association


n ia l c a















n e • •I d is c o v e r

The 2008 College of Education Recognition Celebration

Donors & Friends



Alexander Pickens

Alexander Legrand Pickens – College Benefactor Award Dr. Alexander Pickens thought that having a celebration in 1981 to mark the 50th anniversary of the College of Education’s beginnings as part of the University of Hawai‘i would be a good idea. The fact that there was no money for such a celebration did not stop him — he just went out and raised it. Then he set his sights on raising money for scholarships and endowments to support COE students, investing his own resources and encouraging others to do the same. Pickens did not set out to establish the COE’s development office, which is dedicated to him. His love for Hawai‘i, his passion for the COE, and his commitment to preparing teachers for public schools led him to that mission. Pickens began his career as a teacher in Texas public schools, later joining the academic ranks at the University of Michigan and the University of Georgia before coming to the University of Hawai‘i In 1962 where he served as a professor in art education until 1989. It was then that he became Assistant to the Dean for College Development, working to raise resources for the COE until his retirement in 2001. He and his wife, Frances, have established an endowment fund to support student scholarships and contributed to many other funds through the years. An active supporter of the COE as well as the community, Pickens is involved in the Honolulu Theater for Youth, the Honolulu Symphony, and Chamber Music Hawai‘i.

Stephanie Feeney

The mission of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is to “ma– lama” (protect) Hawai‘i’s people and environmental resources and to build a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation. Recognized nationally and internationally, its purpose is to provide the opportunity for a better life and future for all Hawaiians. The trustees of OHA understand the importance of education as the key to improving Hawaiians’ quality of life. They have invested resources to improve educational opportunities for Hawaiians and better access to education at all levels. In considering educational initiatives to support, OHA focuses on facilitating culturally sound opportunities that will promote academic success and lifelong learning. They support a broad range of educational programs from scholarships and tuition assistance to funding for charter schools, youth leadership and S.T.E.M. initiatives through Na– Pua No‘eau, homeless advocacy, books, curriculum development, preschools, and alternative programs for teacher preparation. OHA has been generous in their support of several programs and projects in the College of Education, most recently, Ho‘okula– iwi. Through Ho‘okula– iwi initiatives, OHA encourages Hawaiians to become teachers, preparing teachers to teach in schools that serve large percentages of Hawaiian students, creating curriculum responsive to the Hawaiian culture, and developing Hawaiian educational leaders for the future. These programs have focused primarily on efforts on the leeward side of O‘ahu, but also have extended to serve the needs of teachers on Ni‘ihau.

Stephanie Feeney - Award of Professional Distinction Stephanie Feeney worked for many years to improve education for the youngest children of Hawai‘i and our nation. Her passion and commitment to early childhood education pushed her to work for policy changes in Hawai‘i and to advocate for a master’s degree in early childhood education at the College of Education that is accessible across the state. Feeney received her education at UCLA, Harvard, and Claremont Graduate University. She began her university teaching career as an assistant professor at UHM in 1972, retiring as a professor after more than 35 years of service. As professor emeritus, she continued to work with master’s students in the early childhood program. She is a prolific writer, publishing three books in 2008, two for early childhood educators and one for children. The eighth edition of her popular textbook Who Am I in the Lives of Children was released in 2009. This book, used in early childhood teacher education programs since 1979, has been translated into Japanese. Feeney has made significant contributions to early childhood education nationally through her work on professional ethics. She is co-author of the Code of Ethical Conduct for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and has written two books about professional ethics for the association. She has written four books for children about Hawai‘i — A is for Aloha, Hawai‘ i is a Rainbow, Sand to Sea and the new Sun and Rain: Exploring the Seasons in Hawai‘ i. Active in early education policy, Feeney serves on many committees in Hawai‘i and on the governing boards of NAEYC and the National Association for Early Childhood Teacher Educators (NAECTE).

Donors & Friends

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Excellence in Education Award


Esther Masako Tateishi Sato

D eo anno’rs s M& e F s srai g en e ds

Esther M asako Tateishi Sato International Impact Award


Esther Sato traces her mission to encourage East-West exchanges of culture and knowledge back to her experiences at the first World’s Fair in New York in 1939 where she participated as a greeter at the Japanese Pavilion. During the late 1930s, she also attended the World Youth Congress in New York and traveled around the United States as a member of the Inter-racial Youth Cabinet, sponsored by the National YMCA. Born and raised in Hawai‘i, Sato graduated from Maui High School in 1934. She returned to Hawai‘i in 1939 to begin her career in education as an elementary teacher. She moved to teaching secondary science and Japanese in 1944. In 1964, she began working at the University Laboratory School as a student teaching supervisor and Japanese instructor, becoming an assistant professor in 1966 and a professor in 1976, and retiring as professor emeritus in 1985. Sato was instrumental in building Japanese language programs both in Hawai‘i and across the mainland. She authored textbooks and instructional materials adopted here and on the mainland. She developed summer study tours of Japan and helped to create cooperative education and special intern programs at UHM, which eventually became the International Exchange Program. Although Sato formally retired in 1985, she remains active as an advisor to the International Exchange Program and is engaged in the community, supporting continuing understanding between East and West. In 2008, she was honored by the Japanese Government with the Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Rays and Rosette, given in the name of the Emperor, for promoting Japanese language education overseas and mutual understanding between Japan and the United States.

Ronald E. Bright

Ronald E. Bright Distinguished Alumni Award When Ron Bright, who was born and raised on a farm in Hilo, graduated from Hilo High School in 1951 and began attending the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, he intended to become a certified public accountant. But after moving to the Ma– noa campus in 1953, he decided to major in education, beginning a long career in education and the arts. Bright began teaching at Castle High School in Ka– ne‘ohe in 1957, returning there after a two-year stint in the army and eventually retiring in 1993. However, he continued his active work with students until 2008. In his 50 plus years of service at Castle High, Bright directed well over 100 musicals and plays and created the Castle Performing Arts Center, a prototype for learning centers across Hawai‘i. He has been involved in music and theater in many ways, directing musical productions at Paliku Theatre, playing in both public and private venues, and appearing in television commercials and shows. He has received numerous awards, including the University of Hawai‘i Founder’s Alumni Association Life-time Achievement Award, the National Milken Hawai‘i Educator Award, Paul Harris Fellow Award from Rotary International, the Living Treasure of Hawai‘i Award, the National Hall of Fame Award from the Educational Theatre Association, the Alfred Preis Award from the Hawai‘i Alliance for Arts Education, and the Hawai‘i State Theater Council’s Po’okela Award to name just a few. More than a dozen of his students have gone on to Broadway and touring companies. Bright continues to encourage others to become teachers, giving back through the Ron Bright Scholarship at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. About his career, Bright says, “there are not enough years in one’s life to give to people, to the community, to give to them what you have in you that’s best, but that, to me, is success.”

COEAA Newsletter

UH College of education alumni association 2 0 0 8 –2 0 0 9

Highlights 04.08 COE Scholarship Reception 06.08 The late Dr. Hubert Everly honored by

General Membership with a $500 donation to the UHF Hubert Everly Endowed Scholarship in Education; Linda Mew elected to Board of Directors

11.08 COE 21st Annual Recognition Dinner (Ronald E. Bright honored)

COE Scholarship Reception

COEAA Board of directors Charles Araki Nora Chung Barbara Coons Elmira Fukumoto Dee Ann Ling Linda Mew Myrna Nishihara Patsy Suyat Donald Young

(front) Tracy Nagao, Scholarship Recipient; May Imamura-Uruu; Vernon Jim; Yun Soong Jim; (back) Elmira Fukumoto; Mai Jones, Scholarship Recipient; Myrna Nishihara; Patsy Suyat; Dean Christine Sorensen

“Me ke aloha ha‘a ha‘a. I am humbled and thankful for this scholarship as it helped pay for my graduate school tuition. Being a single parent, I am always thankful for one more way to fund my education and less worry on my mind. Mahalo nui loa!” – Mai Jones


K eoyn oP re sr s&p eFcrtiievne d s D

ex-officio members

Janet Ishikawa-Fullmer


Odetta Fujimori,


Mark Fukeda,

COE Liaison

Christine Sorensen


General Membership Meeting, June 2008

Members: Mildred Miyashiro, Patsy Suyat, Sarah Moriyama, and Janet Fukui

Donald Young, Karen Ginoza, and Linda Mew

2007-2008 COEAA President Patsy Suyat and COE Liaison Mark Fukeda



1, 2007 – June 30, 2008

Donors & Friends

In M emory


Jane Christman Albritton Mary Appleton Robert & Anne Bailey David & Jan Bates Jane Bickel David & Marianne Blackwell Pauline Briant Briggs-Freeman Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. Donald & Anna Brown President George & Laura Bush Barbara Crow Edith Duncan Lee & Amy Fikes Edward & Eugenia Fritz Robert & Marilyn Halpin Mr. & Mrs. Hefner Hempstead County Hunting Club Jane Higginbotham Helen Houp Delbert Hughes Mary James Walter & Gayle Lacy Brant Laird Lee Michaels Joseph & Jean Oliver David & Nancy Sands Mary Schueck Eleanor Swank Frances Ware Peter Wiggins Wm. Wiggins Ralph & Sarah Wood Richard “Buddy” Burniske Richard & Penelope Burniske Marie Duclaux Thomas & Brandi Jessiman Joan Johnson Anne Kelly Charles Moff itt

Cynthia Pepyne Edward Porada Red & Nina Schrader Dale Stein Bill & Patricia Warren Linda Werner Amy Yamamoto Richard “Chip” Campbell, Jr. Anni Campbell Mr. Paul H. Durham Andrew & Jennie In Hubert Everly Lyn Ackerman William & Lydia Amona Charles &Ellen Araki Donald & Jean Aten David Brooks Elizabeth Bushnell College of Education Alumni Association Jerome Comcowich May Everly Odetta Fujimori Elena Gaborno Ilse Hardy Eleanor Hirano Nancy Hiu Andrew & Jennie In Elsie Ishida Mary Kanno Kikuyo Karimoto Margaret Kaulukukui Ruth Kiehm Victor & Cleo Kobayashi Shizumi Kunioka Sharon Mahoe Linda & Gordon Mew Theodora Mukai

I n Honor


Dr. Carl J. Daeufer Barry & Adele Faber

Mrs. Nina Schrader Richard & Penelope Burniske

Ms. Jennifer L. S. Iwasaki-Yamamoto George & Sylvia Iwasaki

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Ms. Margot L. Schrire Clifford & R honda Sanchez

Mrs. Lillian T. Okada Olson Okada

Mr. Kevin H. Takamori Clifford & R honda Sanchez

Dr. Alex L. Pickens Terry Savage



Irene Nakamura Robert Russell Nancy Sakamoto David Sherrill David Shimabukuro John & Sigrid Southworth Ralph Stueber & Cecelia Patsy Suyat Lois Suzuki Kazue Taniguchi Lorraine Tokuyama Lois Wright Mr. George K. Kagehiro James & Ella Tomita Dr. Lorraine M. Kaina Andrew & Jennie In Wesley & Jill Smith

Jennifer Herring Ione Isobe Robert & Jean Johnson Kathleen & Michael Kaya Barbara Landau Ernest Libarios Shannon Lowrey James & Deborah Mawhar Paul McKimmy Denise & Melvin Nakaoka Michael Omizo Diane & Hoyt Parker Scott Robinson Jamie Simpson Steele Melvin Spencer Stacey Takanishi Jay Taniguchi Cheryl Treiber-Kawaoka Joseph Zilliox

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Patricia Lopes William & Sheila Apisa Alice Arakaki Assoc. of Teacher Educators of HI Ann Bayer Kani Blackwell Steven Bobilin Carol Brennan Robyn Chun Robin Durnin Patricia Edelen-Smith Ernestine Enomoto Susan Flygare Virginia Flygare Donna Grace Patricia & A.J. Halagao Peggy Haleck Helen & Allan Hasegawa

Margaret Ohta Lei Saito Mr. Edward F. Porada Richard & Penelope Burniske Mr. Bob Russell Robert Russell Ms. Lynda Russell Robert Russell Mr. Tim Wolf Michael & Lorraine Burokas Ms. Dianne Yoshizawa Aimee Yatsushiro

H eritage S ociety Heritage Society honors alumni, faculty, and friends who have made prov isions in their estate pla ns na ming the Universit y of Hawai ‘ i Foundation as a benef iciary for the benef it of the University of Hawai‘i College of Education. Howard & Ruth Benham Wanda Bickel Anni Campbell Robert & Brigitte Campbell Richard Campbell Daniel Fullmer & Janet IshikawaFullmer Sandina Lord

Harry & June Minakami Glenn & Carolyn Nakamoto Janet Ogawa Alex & Frances Pickens Richard Rucci Kelvin & Lynn Shoji Yoshimitsu & Paula Takei Nancy Whitman

C orpor ate , Foundation & O rganization D onors $2,500 - 4,999 Commercial Data Systems, Inc. Huilin Dong Attorney at Law Bank of America Foundation, Inc.

$100,000 & Above Harold K. L. Castle Foundation The Hearst Foundation, Inc. $50,000 - $99,999 McInerny Foundation NEC Foundation of America

$1,500 - $2,499 AIG Hawai‘i Insurance Co, Inc. Association of Teacher Education of HI FX Productions

$25,000 - $49,999 James & Abigail Campbell Family Foundation $10,000 - $24,999 College of Education Alumni Association Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation University Lab School Booster Club University Laboratory School Alumni Association $5,000 - $9,999 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Dr. Alvin & Monica Saake Foundation

$1,000 - $1,499 Chevron Matching Gift Program Coldwell Banker Res Brokerage Corp. Pan Pacific Brokerage, Inc. Punahou School Verizon Foundation $500-999 Believe Media, Inc. Hawai‘i Association of Independent Schools Hawaiian Telcom Hawai‘iUSA Federal Credit Union Hempstead County Hunting Club Institute for Native Pacific Education & Culture

Up to $500 24 F.P.S. The Ariyoshi Family Trust The Boeing Company Briggs-Freeman Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. Chamber of Commerce of Hawai‘i Communications - Pacific, Inc. Douglas P. Chang, D.D.S. Elua II Dental Laboratory ExxonMobil Foundation Friends of College of Education Friends of Waipahu Cultural Garden Park Good Beginnings Alliance Hawaiian Elec Indus Chari Fndn Ho’okako’o Corporation Insight Consulting & Training LLC Jikoen Hongwanji Mission Michael J. McKenna Properties OppenheimerFunds Legacy Program Pacific Resources for Education and Learning Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Raytheon Read Aloud America, Inc. Sanofi-Aventis Matching Gifts The Scholarship Foundation

$50,000 & Above Anni Campbell $25,000 - $49,999 Carl Daeufer Daniel Fullmer & Janet Ishikawa-Fullmer $10,000 - $19,999 Brigitte & Robert Campbell Virginia Flygare Alex & Frances Pickens Lei Saito $5,000 - $9,999 Mark & Lori Andreyka Royden Arashiro Pamela Gring-Fee & Thomas Fee Johnny Ho & Bonnie Juen Patricia & Victor Nevada $3,000 - $4,999 Roland & Evelyn Casamina S. George & Jane Fukuoka Mark & Lila Hayes Todd Kikuta Elsie & John Lacaden Cheong & Yuriko Lum Sallie & Ron McQuaid Oleksandr & Valentyna Pishchalenko $2,500 - $2,999 Judith Amancio-Mathias & Bennett Mathias Sharon Amoy Naoko Aoki Daryl & Betty Arai Patti & David Au Jennifer & Derek Baba Peter & Judy Bareng Nancy & Rafael Bonilla Jessica Chung Peter & Patricia Dunn-Rankin Pauline & Gary Fukumura Shirley & Bruce Hamakawa David & Ann Higa Susan Iwasa Jose & Maria Jacinto Carlyn & Dean Kagawa Tony & Jung Jae Kim Young & Janet Kim Frank Knight

Raymond & Paulette Koki Songmi & Mark Kurano Newton & Newton Lee Cedric & Shannon Loo David Martin & Jean Herbert-Martin Mack & Terry Memea Dan & Linda Menda Carmen Meyer John Mihok & Kimberly Wilson Dorothy Mitsumura Alan Nakayama Hong Thi Nguyen Kazue & William O’Grady Tamra & Todd Padia Jacquelyn & Andreas Pirl Deborah Putnam & Robert Laguens Darlene Robertson Kyle & Joslyn Rothenborg Leo & Crystal Salave’a Anthony Samiano & Celia Luna-Samiano Mary Ann & Nelson Sanchez Sanford Sato Cynthia & Wayne Shigematsu Suzanne & Richard Stacey Sean & Jamie Sugai Edmund & Myrna Sugawa Charlotte & Eric Szarmes Doreen & Ben Takemura John & Kathleen Trifonovitch Jaco Van DeLoen & Jennifer Raams Connor Wakayama Waylen & Karen Wataru Joseph Yamamoto & Debra Oka Yasue & Hiroaki Yawataya Patrick Yim Lan & Theodora Yoneda $1,500 - $2,499 President’s Club Level Chisato & Mitsuo Adachi Faye & Joshua Agsalud Mary-Jane Baron Lorraine & Michael Burokas Duane & Judy Conching May Everly Royal & Aurora Fruehling Peggy & Vince Haleck Sarah & Michael Han Jennie & Andrew In Sandra Ing & Herb Matsuo Mary Koob & Alan Nakanishi

Robert & Charlet Lee Wesley Lum Keiko & James Mimaki Jo Anne & David Oride Yoshinobu Oshiro Wesley & Daphne Park David & Elizabeth Robinson Lisa & Richard Shizuru Christine Sorensen Jan & Geoffrey Vestal Ricardo & JoAnn Viernes Lois Yamauchi & Tracy Trevorrow $1,000 - $1,499 William Ahina Cherie & John Akina Ellen & Charles Araki Kathryn Au Rosario & Ted Cesneros Robert Connon Jane Dickson Edwin & Lucelyn Dureg Susan Flygare F. John Guerero Harold & Anna Hu Ray Imada Rod & Joan Kaalekahi Cleo & Victor Kobayashi Sandra & Guy Murakami George Nakamoto Richard Seder Jocelyn & James Uy $500 - $999 Shirley & Ryan Akamine Jocelyn Alconcel Sharon & Frank Asao Ruby Balayan Janet & W. Beaulieu Maybelle Boyd Donna & Chris Chun Holly & Nathan Chung Gwenn & Jason Daley Midori & Dustin Deniz Charisa & Cesar Flores Antonio & Marissa Garcia Caren & Gary Hisaoka Dennis & Bonnie Hokama Shirlyn Hookano Delbert Hughes

Frederic Ing George & Sylvia Iwasaki Pauline & George Jacroux Fletcher Johnson Leiola Kamalani Paige & Bret Kaneshiro Mary Kanno Richard & Gail Kawatani Anne Kennedy & Robert Sullivan George & Esther Kodani Vincent & Sharon Leu Siu Man Leung Robert & Robert Lung Joyce Lyons Teresita & Clemente Malvar Monica & Kevin Mann Luz Mariano-Redoble & Alexander Redoble Douglas Mersberg Scott & Carmel Molzhon Glen & Sandra Moribe Karen & Kenneth Nakamura Tazuko Nakasu Wayne Niland & Cecilia Vrba-Niland Frances & Jeffrey Okazaki Mary & Thomas Parpana Jackie & Wil Rebibis Miles Sakaguchi Karen Segawa Chanelle Simmons & Nathan Sabey Kyaw Soe Dale Stein & Linda Werner Diane Tanner-Cazinha Betty Uehara Aileen & Mark Ueunten Danny Vasconcelles Jeanne & Charles Wichman Patricia & James Wrath Miyeko & Susumu Yamane Harriet & James Yoshimori Donald & Ann Young $250 - $499 Alvin Adaniya Mildred Adaniya Patsy Akagi Soudabeh Almasizadeh & Ahmad Fatemi Alice Arakaki Henry & Maureen Ariyoshi Peter Au Alfredo Baron

Donors & Friends

I ndividual D onors


Donors & Friends

I ndividual D onors


Jan & David Bates Eva & Jerry Bohannon Richard & Penelope Burniske Mary & Harry Chang Yong & Yongok Lee Chang Virgie & Rahul Chattergy Warren & Kathleen Chee Jenny & Reynold Choy Thelma & Richard Chun Satsue Chung Sharlene Chun-Lum & Bruce Lum Terry Claxton Barbara DiFranza Nami-Anne Dolan Natalie Ebisu David Ericson Adele & Barry Faber Ronald & June Flegal David Fujihara Mark & Marcia Fukeda Carol Fukuda Michelle & Mario Gervacio Diantha Goo Clara Goto Christine & Gregory Grant Benedicto & Demie Guira Shirley Haggart Gayle Hamasaki Evelyn & George Hao Violet Hara Tokio Harada Irene Haraguchi Taialoa & Matileti Havea Lizabeth Horii Helen & Donald Hosaka Greta & Robert Hoshibata Diane Huggins Ron Hutchinson & Alisa Taylor Calvin Ichinose Elsie Ishida Sally & Gary Ishikawa Christine Jackson Thomas & Brandi Jessiman Karen & Henry Kanda Keith & Jean Katsuda Susan Kennedy Kathryn Kimi Florence & Akimichi Kimura Sueo & Jennie Kondo Florence & Ernest Kubota Kum Pui & Violet Lai Robert & Judith Lee Sam & Pauline Leong Shichao & Haiying Li Lorna Lo Ann Mahi Sharon Mahoe Vivian Mark Jeanne Marn Hugh McKenzie Roy & Charlotte Miyamoto Toshiko Mizuguchi Jo & Glenn Morihara Betty & Raymond Mow Stannie & Howard Muramoto James Murray Jane Nagatori Mitsugi & Marjorie Nakashima Carol & Jackson Nakasone Andy & Enid Nii Robin Nishimura & Adriane Abe-Nishimura Harriet Nishizaka Ray & Annette Okimoto George & Janice Okuhara Judith & Melfired Olson Carolyn & Dexter Onaga Darlene & Roy Oshiro Linda Osumi Catherine Payne Nancy Randall Cornelia Sakamoto Katherine Santuro David Sherrill Jennifer Shintani Frank Sobolewski Twylla-Dawn Steer Lucia & John Stewart Yoshio & Emiko Sugino

Patsy Suyat Lee & David Takagi Kikue Takagi Lydia Takara Claire & Warren Tamamoto Nancy & Hiroto Taono Christine Taylor Mitsuko Tenorio Amy Toyooka Nobuyuki & Janet Watanabe Shizue Watanabe Nancy Whitman Louise Wolcott Cynthia & Wayne Yamaoka Susan Yamate Shuk Fon Yuen Vickey Zeithammel $100 - $249 Gladys Aanerud Duwayne & Georgie Abe Carl & Lyn Ackerman Sandy Ahu Thelma Akau Marlyn & Lloyd Akiona William & Abegale Akutagawa Anna & Robert Albert Linda & Charles Alexander Susan Alivado Betty Alloway Lydia & William Amona Ruby Anderson Suzy Andrade Marrionnette & William Andrews Cynthia & Francis Aoki William & Sheila Apisa Carolyn Artaho-Dunn Andrea & James Asato Shigeko & Richard Asato Donald & Jean Aten Charles Au Helen Au Dorothy Augustine Pua Auyong-White Ellen & Joseph Awa Eileen Awai Joyce Azama May Badoyen Juanita Baltierra Celyse Banton Patrick Banzhaf Thomas Barlow Andrea Bartlett Ann Bayer Lynette & Kenneth Becker Phyllis & William Beimes Lyla Berg Sandra Bergmann Kani Blackwell Marianne & David Blackwell Jerry & Jean Bona Ligaya & Alberto Bonilla Robert Bordner Donald & Anna Brown George & Laura Bush Elizabeth Bushnell Stephanie Cadelinia Hilda Cagata Madeline Cahoon Rita & Dane Calvan Cecelia & Ronald Cambra Georgiana Caravalho Jacquelin & Traver Carroll Eric Chang Judith & Joseph Chevarley Selvin & Frances Chin-Chance Jill Chinen Ryan Chinen Donald & Loretta Ching Doris & Wilbert Ching Lillian Ching Laura Chlapowski Norman Chock Nora & Robert Chong Derek & Lisa Chow Rowena & Christopher Chow Cedric Chu Eleanor Chu

Esther Chun Dorothy Chun Stewart Chun & Diane Sakumoto Victor & Sue Ann Chun Jon Chung Janet Chun-Wun Eileen & Ed Clarke Keeta-Kay Cole Samiann Coleman Marianne & Jerome Comcowich Irene & James Connors Karen Cooper Milton Cooper Akiyo Creelman Marian & Richard Crislip Jamie Crowe Reva Dacanay Elizabeth d’Argy Michael Dartt Richela Das Joseph Deprimo William & Eleanor Derasin Margaret Donovan Rene Egami Richard & Dawn Ellerson Karen & Stanley Emoto Winona Enesa Terence & Kenwyn Enriques Gail Farmer Mary Anne Farnell-Brewer Ann Feinberg Frank Fernandes Clarence & Verna Ferreira Lee & Amy Fikes John Fitzgerald Annette & Robert Floyd Jon Fo Cecilia Fordham Eugenia & Edward Fritz Irene Fujii Odetta & Edwin Fujimori Ellsworth & Gail Fujimoto Jean & Frank Fujimoto Grace & Berg Fujimoto Hiroko & Paul Fujimoto Gayle & Francis Fujioka Ruby & Roger Fujioka Joni Fujita Takeshi Fujita Jerome & Paula Fukuda Cynthia Fukuda Ritsuko & Roy Fukuda Ichiro & Jean Fukumoto Charlene & Paul Fukunaga Satsuki Fukunaga Gary & Lorna Fukushima Terry Fuller Florence & Teruo Funai Daniel & Louise Funasaki Douglas Furlong Margaret Furukawa Vicki Gaynor Robert & Anita Gillchrest Sheila Ginoza Sherlyn & Garrett Goo Anna Goo Mary & Thomas Goya Kazue Granich Gary Griffiths Bruce Gushiken Janelle Gutierrez Patricia & Avelino Halagao Marilyn & Robert Halpin Edna Hamamoto Molly Hamanaka John & Elaine Hammond David Hanaike Evelyn Hanki Doris & Robert Hara Amy Harada Edith & Tetsuo Harano Ilse Hardy Breene & Cheryl Harimoto Sheryl Harris Jo-Ann Harunaga Sue & Leighton Hasegawa Donald & Lillian Hashimoto Lee Hashimoto

Katherine Hashiro Stuart Hayashi Howard & Betty Hayashi Dorothy & Richard Hazama Stanley & Suzanne Herder Jennifer Herring & Robin Durnin Eric Heu Douglas & Corinne Higa Joann Higa Leonore & Melvin Higa Selina Higa Terry Ann Higa Toshio Higa Takejiro & Ruby Higa Esther Higaki Gail & H. Higaki Mieko Higuchi Nancy Hirahara Hazel & Robert Hirayama Amy & Daniel Hironaka Ichiko Hisanaga Nancy Hiu Joan Hixon Kristin Holmes Francine & Randall Honda June Honda Dora Hong Michiko & Richard Hori Karen & Edwin Hosaka Michael & Joedy Hu Karen Huff-Pawlik Howard & Sylvia Humphreys Glorimar Hunt Irene Igawa Jean & Ralph Ige Elinor & Haruyoshi Ikawa Kiyoko & Minori Imada Akinori & Akimori Imai Lawrence & Violet Inaba Helen Inazaki J. Douglas & Tekla Ing Patti Inoue Hester Inouye Patsy & Dennis Irie Sanae Isagawa Stephen Isenberg June & George Ishii June & Frederick Ito Helen Iwatani Paul & Ruth Izawa Tokie Izumi Amelia Jenkins Evelyn & Ezekiel Jittu Jean & Robert Johnson Jeannette Johnson-Capps & Ian Capps Wray Jose Cecelia Jukoski Wayne & Margaret Jyo E. & William Ka’ai Miyako & George Kajiwara Lissa Kam Mildred Kam Larry Kamemoto & Lorrie Chang Gail Kaminaga Naomi & Greg Kaneko Lena & Ted Kanemori Jean & Herbert Kaneshiro Liane & Dean Kaneshiro Timothy & Darlene Kaneshiro Audry Kanesue Kikuyo Karimoto Elaine Katahara Lorna & Wayne Katayama James Kato Tony Katras Robert & Sakae Kawaguchi Clyde Kawahara Gladys Keniston Franklin Kho Elizabeth Kiai Barbara Kim John & Caroline Kim Ronald & Amy Kimura Bennie King Gloria Kishi Henry Kitagawa Sharon & James Kitazaki Aiko & Lloyd Kobayashi


Wayne Kobayashi Yoshinobu & Irene Kodama Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto & Warren Nishimoto Gail Koga Sylvia Koike Cheryl Kojima Karen Koles JoAnn & Ronald Komata Lillian & Walter Komatsubara Deborah Kondo Bessie Kong Margaret Kono Amy Kubota Deborah & Stephen Kula Pauline & Harry Kunimune Shizumi Kunioka Jane & Conrad Kurahara Isami & Mary Kurasaki Joseph & Betty Kuroda Carol & Kazuo Kuroda Lawrence Kurosawa Yuko & Michael Kusaka Mildred & Andrew Kutsunai Joseph Laszlo Nancy Latham Roy & Bernadette Ledesma Anthony & Karen Lee Calvin & Kathryn Lee Gwen Leong Diane Li Hu & Qin Li W. Lichtenberger Betty Ann Lim Susan Lim Christine Ling Juliette Ling Amy & Darryl Loo Henry & Sakae Loo Lorraine Low Laurie & Thomas Luczak Janice Lum & Walter Tokushige Shirley Lum Wilene Lum Ruth & David Lung Alfred Lupien Beverly Mabbett Helen MacKay Eleanor & Robert MacOnie Saichi & Mitsie Maeda Luzia Maia-Jube & Jose Jube Joseph & Ruth Mannion Gladys Martin Pamela Masaki Gail & Russell Masui Judith Matoi Mari Matsuda Annette & Clyde Matsumoto Doreen Matsumoto June & Glen Matsumoto Shawna Matsumura Ethel & Rex Matsuno Shirley Matsuura Roberta Mayor Molly McCarthy Angela & Stephen McCown Harriet McFarlane Paul McKimmy Sara Medeiros Robin Merriam-Walker Grant & Arlene Merritt Gail & Rick Messner Gordon & Linda Mew Justin Mew & Bobbi Lum-Mew Judith Michel Julie Mikami James Miller Donald Miller Katherine Min Carol & Tetsuo Miyahira Leatrice Miyahira Roy & Barbara Miyake Robert & Genevieve Miyashita Nancy Miyoi Kenneth & Lynette Mizuo Theodore & Ludevina Mogote Marilyn & Lyman Morikawa Elaine Morinaga Wong

Teri Moritomo James & Sarah Moriyama Karolyn Mossman Marilyn Moy Theodora & Robert Mukai Ross Mukai Derek Murai Alice Murai Beatrice & Mitsuharu Murakami Ralph & Grace Murakami Hugh & Mary Murakawa Robert & Sue Muranaka Lawrence & Charlotte Muraoka Sanford Murata Norma Muromoto-Maeda & Meredith Maeda Fred Murphy Fusayo & Seichi Nagai Alma & George Nagao Alvin Nagasako Stafford & Linda Nagatani Nora & Nobel Nakagama Katherine & Albert Nakakura Leila & William Nakamatsu Bart & Lisa Nakamoto Miles & Patricia Nakanishi Melvin & Joy Nakao Karen & Brian Nakashima Alene Nakasone Hiroye & Michio Niiya Sandra Nishimi Hiroko Nishimura Margery & Calvin Nishio Susan Nishioka Carol Nishita Patsy & Glenn Nitta Carole Nohara Clarysse & Randal Nunokawa Beverly & Ronald Oda Robert Odoya James & Violet Ogata Wesley Ogata Janet Ogawa Mae & Earl Ohara Sharon Ohara Irene Ohashi Wayne Ohashi Fiaau Ohmann Arthur & Betty Oishi Dayle & Raymond Oishi Ellen Okada Itsue Okada Olson Okada Scott & Shari Okada Chieko Okazaki May & Buzzy Okazaki Chad Okinaka Alan & Ellen Okinaka May Okinaka Gertrude & Norman Okubo Lauren Oleary Jean & Joseph Oliver Michael Omizo Esther Onaga Lenis Gay & Seiji Ono Stephen Ono Helen & Warren Orikasa Catherine Osaki Leslie & Janet Oshiro George & Margaret Oshita Libby Oshiyama Robin Oura & Nadine Kometani-Oura Gordon Ozawa Virginia Padayhag Olivia Padeken-Kenolio & David Kenolio Alfredo Padilla Alvan & Sharon Pang Darlene & Michael Pang Kennison Pang Hyun-Sook Park & Stanley Young Bruce & Lisa Parker Hoyt & Diane Parker Joanne Parongao Divina Pasion Florence Pasion Carol Paul-Watanabe & Roger Watanabe Kirk Peterson Debra Pfaltzgraff & Robert Creps Lori Phillips

David Phu Francis & Larma Pottenger Lucille & Newton Pratt James Primm Carol Raby Ken Rakta Gay Reed Kathleen & James Reinhardt Susan & Tolentino Reyes El Dora & Allen Robertson K. & Beverly Rothenborg Manny & Hale Rowland Ione Ryan Renee & Wayne Sadang Donna Saiki Delcinda Saito & James Justo Alson Sakamoto Lorene Sakamoto Mildred Sakamoto Katherine & Bert Sakuda Kazumi Sakuma Clifford Sanchez Nancy & David Sands Shawn Sanekane Jean Sasaki Carrie Sato Miriam & Miles Sato Terry Savage Thomas Scarlett Eva Sekimoto Carl Sekimura Alice Sekiya Roy & Constance Seu Catherine & James Shepherd Frances & Joseph Sherrard Esther & Kazumi Shigezawa David Shimabukuro George Shimabukuro Janet & Harry Shimada Junko Shimana Eric & Cynthia Shimizu Patricia & Bruce Shimomoto Amy & Larry Shiraishi Francis & Mary Shishido Velvet & Andrew Siegel Jamie Simpson Steele Patricia & Ronald Siu John Smith Carole & Raymond Sodetani Lillian & Toshimi Sodetani Laurie Sogawa Meridith Southgate June Souza Melvin Spencer Joyce & Hardy Spoehr Marsha & Maurice Stevenson Franklyn & Naomi Story Cecelia & Ralph Stueber Raymond Sugai & Carole Mitsuyoshi-Sugai Fumiko & Takao Sugai Blanche Sugimoto Marie & Thomas Sugita Susan Sugitani Dean Sugiyama Carol & Michael Sullivan Matthew Suzuki Tsugio & Amy Suzuki Eleanor Swank Joanne & Kenneth Swearingen Elaine & Calvin Tadaki Leonard Tadina & Angie Palado-Tadina Paul Taga Frances & Robert Tagami Lawrence Taguba Roger Takabayashi Bernice & Dan Takahata Gay Takaki Alice & Andrew Takata Carl & June Takata Amy Takayama Lillian Takemura Nancy & Gary Takiguchi James & Mona Takumi Gail Tamaribuchi Catherine & Clifford Tamura Carolyn Taniguchi Roy & Emogene Taniguchi Kazue & Baker Taniguchi

Jean Tanimoto Traci Tanouye Rodney Tateyama Edmond & Janet Terada Ann Teraoka Hanako & Hisao Teraoka Irene Teraoka Helena Tillar Patricia & Ronald Tochiki Carlene Toda Shirley & Ron Todd Lillian Todd Robert & Ann Todd Michael Tokioka Burton & Carol Tomita Shelley & John Tsue Jan Tsukazaki Roy & Joan Tsumoto Mitsuki & Mitsuru Uda Sarah & Roy Uejio Wendy Uemura William & Jean Uemura Andrea Ueno Roy Umeda Teri Ushijima Akiko Uyeda Donna & Joey Vierra Hazel Wada Luana & Guy Wakabayashi Janice & Bennett Walin John & Amy Wallace Patricia & Bill Warren Ellen Watanabe Sueko Watanabe Denny Waters Nikolitsa Weiser Jan Williams Albert Wills Darlene & Loren Wolff Eunice Won Jacqueline Wong Justin Wong Laurie & Henry Wong Ti Wong Charmain Wong LaVerne Wong Lois Wright Rodney Yadao Clifton & Jeanne Yaguchi Craig Yamada Ethel Yamaguchi Annette & Melvin Yamaki Kiyoko Yamaki Debi Yamamoto Ellen Yamamoto Grant & Lori Yamamoto Paula Yamamoto Amy & Warren Yamamoto Mildred & Herbert Yamamoto Tsuneyoshi & Carol Ann Yamamura Charlene & Gil Yamashiro Doris Yamashiro-Tanaka Amy Yamashita & David Takeuchi Shirley & Ronald Yanagisawa Vernon Yang Brian & Eloise Yano James & Jeanne Yasuda Jeanette Yasui Alma Yogi Patricia & Stanley Yokotsuji Norman & Jane Yonamine Tammy Yoon Toshie & Ronald Yoshida Jason & Sandra Yoshimi Lillian Yoshioka Marjorie Yoshioka Geri Young & Robert Teichman Kelvin & Betsy Young Margaret Young Nathleen & James Young Patsy Young Susan Young Sylvia & Henry Young Susan & Hideo Yoza Diane & Noboru Yoza Joann Yuen Laurie Zane Jonna & Milton Zane Joseph Zilliox

Donors & Friends

I ndividual D onors


I ndividual D onors

Donors & Friends

Up to $100


Floria & Harry Abe • Norma & Arnold Abe • Elaine Abe • Miriam & Santiago Agcaoili • Susan & Alfredo Agsalda • Aaron & Tomie Ahn • Joyce Ahuna-Kaaiai & Charles Kaaiai • Donna Ai • Kathleen & Alvin Aihara • Taryn Aina • Moana Akana • Paul & Zeoma Akau • Miki Akina • Lea & Steven Albert • Joy Alcantra • Elizabeth Alencastre • Dennis & Francine Almodova • Mark Alsbergas • Jane & Satoru Amaki • Diane Amodo • Amy Amuro • Daveanne Anana-Okamura • Sherril Lynn Anzai • Cassandra Aoki & Alan Hadama • Randal Aoki • Mary Appleton • Nathan Aragaki • Amy Arai • Dale Arakaki • Daryn Arakaki • Helene & Wayne Arakaki • Sande Arakaki • Nanett Arakawa • Sheila Arakawa • William & Nellanette Araki • Aileen Arashiro • Jenny & Walter Arimoto • Hisako & Thomas Arinaga • Patricia & Roy Arita • Joyce & George Arizumi • Linda Armentrout • Paul Armitage • Mari & Eric Arveson • Harris & Elizabeth Asahara • Bernice & Mark Asakura • Nancy Asaoka • Sandra & Robert Asato • Adrienne Asato • Irene Asato • Allen & Jennifer Ashitomi • Susan & Glenn Atta • Dorothy & Whitlow Au • Michael Awai • Geraldine & Nelson Awaya • Lesly Awong • Junko Ayabe • Benjamin & Sonia Ayson • Alison & Ernesto Baclig • Frederick Bail • Robert & Anne Bailey • Joyce & Robert Bajet • Valerie Baldovi • Rosie Bareis • Pamela Barentine • Andrea & Todd Barnes • Elizabeth & Robert Barry • Theresa & James Bauer • June & Donald Becker • Roger & Masako Bellinger • Elaine & Ronald Bennett • Leisha Bento • Robert Berssenbrugge • Geraldine & Kenneth Best • Sue & Jerry Bevacqua • Jane Bickel • Pearlene Blaisdell • Janet Bloam • Steven Bobilin & Robyn Chun • Liana Bond • Drew Braun • Carol & Robert Brennan • Pauline Briant • Shem Bringham • Kathleen Brizuela • Gretchen & Allan Brookes • David Brooks • Eunice & Kingsley Brown • Steven & Lillian Brown • Susan & Roan Browne • Ronald Browning • Irene Buco • Catherine & George Bukes • Salustiano Bunye & Victoria Mantaring-Bunye • Patti Burke • Katherine Burlingame • Georgellen Burnett • Penny & Nick Burniske • Clara & Charles Burrows • Nely Caberto • Susan & Randolph Cabral • Fredrico & Jean Cachola • Lesley Calaro • Val Calaycay Oishi • David Caldwell • Thalia Calleon • Barbara & Tommy Camarillo • Cynthia Campbell • Iwalani Campman • Rosario & Alice Caratozzolo • Alfredo Carbonel • Susan Carman • Chiemi Carroll • Kimberly Carroll • Lani & Eric Carson • Patricia Carter • Rebecca Casey • John Cassidy & Pamela Lund • Randall & Jeanne Castello • Mary Castro • Rodney Cavaco • Willetta & William Centeio • Kevin Chaitin • Bernice & Gary Chang • Dory Chang • Gay & Jeffrey Chang • Gayle & Douglas Chang • Jeanne Chang • Juvenna & Charles Chang • Walter Chang • Helen & Roy Chang • Karen & Clifford Chang • Roberta & Daniel Chang • Marcia Chang-Chong & Gary Chong • Deborah & Douglas Char • Liane Char • Lydia & Alan Chase • Philip & Faye Chase • Joseph & Paulette Chaves • Roy Chee • Geraldine & Louis Cheng • Kin Shing Cheng • Diane & Foo Cheung • Joanne & Bradford Chikuma • Karen Chilstrom • Aileen & Leonard Chinen • Emily Chinen-Pascual • Barbara Ching • Claire Ching • Judy Ching • Leroy & Sharleen Ching • George Ching • Bernice Chock • Mona Chock & Patrick Young • Laura Chock • Gilbert & Doris Choi • Patricia Chong • Jay & Cheryl Chow • Verna & Donald Chow • Angela Choy • Marjorie Choy • Anthony Chun • Hiromi Chun • Jean Chun • Leila Chun • Loretta & Charles Chun • Priscilla & Albert Chun • Bradley Chun • Jodi Chun • Nora Chung • Violet & Daniel Chung • Stanley & Anna Chung • James Clancy • Bernice & Michael Clark • Mary Clendenning • Cynthia Clivio • Theresa Clowe • Sharon & Daniel Cohen • Laura & Gregory Colbert • Sarah & Peter Cole • Thomas Collis • Don Coloma • Lynette & Andrew Colvin • Carolyn & Robert Cook • Barbara Coons • Ramona Corey • Jerry Corn • Leslie & E. Correa • Nina & John Craig • Marilyn Cristofori & Gregg Lizenbery • Barbara Crow • Danelle & Robert Cunningham • Keala & Donald Cupp • Claire & Glenn Dang • Jeanne Darling • Flaviana Dart-Makahanaloa • Denise Darval-Chang • Brian & Susanne Date • Janet Davidson • Virginia De Castro • Charityanne & Dan De Mattos • Timothy & Corazon De Mello • Deane DeCastro • Emmanuel del Rosario & Lynn Del Rosario • Taletha Derrington • Hinda Diamond • Joanne & David Do • Stanford & Lorraine Dobashi • Beverly Dodo • Joan & Kenneth Doi • Mailyn Domingo • Susan Donald • Dianne Douglas • Cecelia & Michael Dove • Robert & Patty Downey • Susan & Kevin Doyle • Carolyn DuBois-Weakley & Ulysses Weekly • Marie Duclaux • Marlyn Duldulao-Hutton & Thomas Hutton • Edith Duncan • Christine & Russell Dung • Linda Dutcher • Page & Charles Dwight • Victoria Dworkin & John Wendell • Barbara Earle • Margo Eberman • Elizabeth Ebisu • Patricia Edelen-Smith & Garnett Smith • Caroline Edwards • Linda Edwards • Thelma Edwards • Corinne & Gary Ehara • Renee Elizares • Nancy & George Ellis • Valerie & Wesley Elmore • Carol & Richard Emerson • Alpha Eng • Kathleen & Richard English • Ernestine Enomoto • Kathryn & Eugene Epperson • Randall Eslit • Deanna & Solomon Espinas • Pedro & Donna Estomago • Anthony & Ann Estrella • Ann Evans • Claudette Evans • Stephen Fagan • Davis Falvey • Rhoda Feinberg • Marie & Raleigh Ferdun • Helene Fergerstrom • Glenn Fernandez • Caren & Timothy Ferreira • Joey Ferro • Shelley & Kyle Fey • Laura Fink • John Flynn • Cynthia Fong • Kim Fong • Cathy Fong • Jonathan Fong • Solomon Ford • Lisa Foster & Bradley Deffenbaugh • Rosemary Foust • Eriko & Joel Francisco • Joanne Franco • Michelle Frank • Deborah & Gary Frasco • Jamie Fry • Lillian & Glenn Fujihara • Lurline Fujii • Myra Fujii • Wallace Fujii • Lynette & Neal Fujimori • Mari Fujimoto • Wanda Fujimoto • Donna Fujimoto-Saka & Alan Saka • Gayleen Fujimura • Janette Fujino • Carol Fujioka • Eugene & Lucille Fujioka • Kimie & Nobu Fujioka • Sheri Fujisawa • Carol & Henry Fujita • Lynette Fujita • Doris Fujita • Chieko Fujitani • Carlie Fukuda • Faye Fukuda • Lorie Fukuhara • Shirley & Jeffrey Fukushima • Catherine & Robert Fulford • Lydia & Wessen Furomoto • Leonard & Virginia Furukawa • Florence Furuno • Elsie Fuse • Elena & Modesto Gaborno • Crisanto & Lily Galapon • Sandra Galpin • Elaine Garo • Robert & Lucy Gay • George Gedge • Sharon Geurts • Catherine Giamenelli • Nathaniel Gibbs • Gerald & Pauline Gifford • Heather Gilbert • Diana Ginsburg • Kelly Goff • Leon & Judith Gonsalves • Helen Gonzales • Bobbie Goo • Glenn & Janice Goo • Gyneve Goo • Kelli Goo • Melissa Goo • Bow & Arthur Goto • Linda Goto • Nobuko Goto • Donna & J. Grace • Marilyn & Andrew Gray • Judith & Raymond Griffiths • Jonathan Guillentine • Lenora Gum • Marie Gunther • Leatrice Haas • Janet & Richard Hadama • Amy & Carl Hagihara • Larry & Shirley Hagmann • Barbara & Ian Haight • Ann Haioka • Keri Haitsuka • Jamie Hamada • Sandra Hamada • Patricia Hamamoto • Gayle & Jason Hamanaka • Wynn Hamano • Dickey & Frances Hamasaki • Lynn Hammonds • Karen & Mark Hanabusa • Paul & Patricia Hanohano • Edwin & Kuualoha Hanohano • Lynn & Dean Harada • Phyllis & Keith Harada • Kazue & Yoshito Harada • Claudia Haraguchi • Faye Haraguchi • Calen Harai • Frances Harris • Betty Hart • Rachel & Malcolm Haruno • Allan & Helen Hasegawa • Linda & Frank Hashiba • Hashimoto Family • Jane Hashimoto • Miyoko & Edward Hashimoto • Jean Hashimoto • Naomi Hayakawa • Roxanne & Dean Hayase • Rena Hayashi • Himeo Hayashida • Kay & Wayne Hedani • Anne & Ronald Hedani • Hefners • Elizabeth & Robert Hemings • Jenelle Henderson • Lyle Hendricks • Peter Hendricks • Harlan Henna • Francisco Hernandez & Veronica Hinojosa • Debra Heyler • Frederick Heyler • Anna Hickcox • Cheri Hickman • Carol Higa • George & Jean Higaki • Donna Higashi • Frances & Carl Higashi • Joyce & Paul Higashi • Junet Higashihara • Hiroko & Ryokichi Higashionna • Jane Higginbotham • Debbie Higuchi • Annette Hikichi • Itsue Hino • Ruth & Ronald Hirahara • Edward & Theodine Hirai • Ruth Hirai • Robin & Kenneth Hiraki • Eleanor Hirano • Gordon Hirano • David Hirao • Neal Hirasaki • Lynn Hirashima • Diane & Gary Hirata • Glenn Hirata • Leighton Hirata • Natalie Hirata • Sandra & Charles Hirata • James & Doris Hirayama • Stephanie Hisatake • Karen Ho • Karen Hoe • Deborah Hokoana • Terry Holck • Shaun Holm • Diane & Frederick Holschuh • Nobuko Holyfield • Marianne Honda • Sharon Honda • Jayne Honda • Christopher & Peggy Hong • Linda Hong & Ron Speed • George Honzaki • Reina Horikawa • Lila Horio • Gwen & Richard Horita • Karen & John Hoshino • Helen Houp • Catherine Hughes • John Hutton • Linda & Leslie Ibara • Russell Ibera • Noraine & Wayne Ichikawa • Sandra & Kenneth Ichikawa • Ruth & Dennis Ide • Judy & Tetsuji Ideta • Shirlene Ideue • Gail & Winford Ideue • Clyde Igarashi • Joyce Ige • Sharon Ige • Marian & James Iha • Carolyn & Raymond Ikeda • Clete Ikeda • Marion & Walter Ikeda • Jolyn Ikeda-Ejercito & Dexter Ejercito • Dwight & Sandra Ikehara • Wallace Ikei • Doris Ikemoto • Irene & Tatsumi Imada • Lynn & Walter Imai • Joanna Imakyure • Christine Imamura • May Imamura-Uruu • Nora & Todd Inafuku • Joey Inatsuka • Joanne & Arnold Ing • Joanne & Laurence Ing • Vivian Ing • Eva Ingasalo • Naomi & Masao Inouye • Kathryn & Leslie Inouye • Martin Irwin • Phyllis & Raymond Isawa • Louise & Myron Isherwood • Karen & George Ishida • Susan & Russell Ishida • Lorey Ishihara • Cheryl & Daniel Ishii • Gayle Ishikawa • Raynette Ishikawa • Sharon Ishikawa • Michael Ishizu • Ione Isobe • Patricia & Michael Isobe • Mayumi Ito • Bert & Sunee Itoga • Eunice & Stephen Itoga • Miki Itoga • Ernie & Betsy Itoga • A. Iverson • Sara Iwai • Pearl Iwaida • Jo Ann & Lance Iwami • Kim Iwamoto • Laura & Gary Iwamoto • Scott Iwanaga • Keris Iwanuma • Ethel Iwasaki • Jan & Randall Iwase • Jean Izu • Gail Izumi • Solomon & Esther Jaeckel • Mary James • Betty Jameson • Kristine & Caesar Jardin • Annette & Robert Jim • Vernon & Yun Jim • Robert & Bonnie Jinkens • Carolyn Johiro • Joan Johnson • Karen Johnson • Diane & Clarence Johnson • Susanna Jones-Hart • Virginia & Francis Jordan • Harriet Jorgenson • Betty Lou & Neal Joseph • Sandy Joy • Wilma & Robert Joy • Cinthy & David Kagawa • Jenelle Kagawa • Dwight & Sandy Kagawa • Noelle Kahano • Kristi Kai • Janice Kaji • Lorrian & Vernon Kajikawa • Geraldine & Arnold Kajitani • Sandra & Ken Kajiwara • Eleanor Kakazu • Judith Kakazu • Paddy & Yoshinori Kakihara • Cynthia & Gary Kaku • Frances Kakugawa • Vanessa Kalama • Leonora & Ted Kalua • Michelle Kama • Kenso Kame • Robynne Kamidoi • Charles & Hatsue Kamimura • Judy Kaminishi • Linda & David Kamiyama • 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Sakamoto • Penelope & Norman Sakamoto • Wilbert & Nancy Sakamoto • Tammy Sakato • Randolph Sakauye • Alvin & Dyane Sakihara • Susan & Lloyd Sako • Wendy & Glenn Sako • Judy & Allen Sakuoka • Gina & Jason Samala • Sandra Samori • Betty & George Santoki • Esther Sato • Harold & Linda Sato • Pauline Sato • Timothy & Joan Scalzone • Wendy Schaefer • Edward Schafer • Wanda Schnur • Sybil Schoenstein • Mary Schueck • Susan & Tracy Scofield • Glenn & Lynne Seigaku • Carol & Dennis Seino • Rei Seki • Alan & Paula Sekiguchi • Sharyn & Dennis Sekine • Jo Ann & Clifford Seo • Diana Seppelfrick • Lucy Sequeira • Abelina & Cuyler Shaw • Gordon & Shirley Shibao • Wendee Shigekawa • Grace & Daniel Shigeta • Paul & Wendy Shigeta • Pamela Shim • Stacey Shimabukuro • Summer Shimabukuro • Brian & Cynthia Shimabukuro • Glenn & Tracy Shimabukuro • Monique Shimamoto • Charles & June Shimata • Mary & Mutsuo Shimizu • Helen Shimoda • Frances Shimotsu • Rose & Malcolm Shin • May Shindo • Helene Shinjo • Karen Shinjo • Laverne Shinjo • Betty Shishido • Katsue Shishido • Jean & Edwin Shitabata • Kelvin & Lynn Shoji • Kathryn & George Shojinaga • Elizabeth Silva • Darlene Simpson • Yosihiko & Kazuko Sinoto • Amber Sitch • Kerri-Lynn Slavens • Barbara & Douglas Smith • Gail & Keith Smith • Margaret Smith • William Smith • Jill Smith • William Smits • Glenn Soma • Minnie Song • Molly Sono • Janice Soon Fah • Lori Sorayama-Chang • John & Sigrid Southworth • John & John Souza • Claire Spearing • Teressa Stefanik • Adele Stevens • Norma & Robert Stodden • Daniel Sturm • Jo Ann Suematsu • Vicki Suemori • Beverly & Allen Suemoto • Hilda & Fusao Sugai • Kellie Sugai-Dahl • Eric & Sandi Suganuma • Myrna & James Sugiyama • Shigeo Sugiyama • Kathleen & Richard Sumida • Mae Sunahara • Victoria Sutton • Paul & Judy Suyama • Carole Suzui • Charlene & Robert Suzuki • Jean & Gary Suzuki • Lois & Norman Suzuki • Diane Suzuki • Susan & Shawn Suzuki • Laura Suzumoto • Perry Sweet • Janet Swift • Milton & Sharon Taba • Diane Tabangay • Lucia & Sim Tabbal • Robert Tabije • Astha & Toshita Tada • Sharon Tada • Kimberly & Terrence Tadaki • Lois & Dale Tagami • Lynne & Guy Tagomori • Karen & Philip Takaba • Azusa Takahashi • Candace Takahashi • Joanne Takahashi • Wayne & Sandra Takahashi • Karen & Lance Takahashi • Stanford Takahata • Lionel & Peggy Takaki • Naomi & Theodore Takamori • Lois & Neal Takamori • Stacey & Dale Takanishi • Doris & Brian Takara • Robert Takasaki • Deanna Takasawa • Ken Takayama & Diane Kishimoto • Michelle Takemoto • Irene & Carl Takeshita • Gale Takeshita • Patricia & Gordon Takeshita • Takiko Takiguchi • Carole & Kenneth Takushi • Leatrice Tam • Cherylee-Ann Tam • Edwin & Lenette Tam • Gordon Tam • Kent Tamai • Jan & Owen Tamamoto • Anne Tamanaha • Albert & Sally Tamaribuchi • Helen & Koki Tamashiro • Marcella Tamashiro • Wanda & John Tamashiro • Lynn Tamayoshi • Jennine Tambio • Lisa Tamura • Jean Tanaka • Robyn & Robb Tanaka • Sylvia & Walter Tanaka • Alison Tanaka • Elsie & Shinya Tanaka • Elizabeth & Glenn Tango • Lisbeth & Lon Taniguchi • Jay Taniguchi • Faith & Donald Tanitomi • Geraldine Tanoue • Ellen & Thomas Tanoura • Janice & Lionel Tashiro • Jeri Tateishi • Glenn & Linda Tatsuno • Juliette Taura • Winifred & Kenneth Tenno • Ruth Terada • Susanne & Dennis Teramoto • Carole & Tom Teranishi • Lynette Teruya • Pamela & Clyde Teruya • Adalida Tesoro • Ann Thede • Priscilla Thompson • Susan Thompson • Thomasina Tibayan • Deborah Tim • Audrey Tim • Carolyn Tippins • Ronald Tish • Shirley & James Tobita • Chris Toda • Robert Toda • Pamela Toguchi • Faith & Brian Tokeshi • Lorraine & Gary Tokuda • Vivian Tokuhama • Wade Tokumine • Wendy & Rockne Tokumine • Molly Tokunaga • Lorraine Tokuyama • Wilbert & Grace Toma • Howard Tomatani • Gail & Gary Tomita • James & Ella Tomita • Carl & Sheila Tonaki • Margo Torigoe • Fay Toyama • Gail Toyama • Sharilyn & Clifford Toyama • Grant Toyooka • Lesley & Wesley Toyota • Cheryl Treiber-Kawaoka • Elaine & Lowell Tsuchiyama • Emily Tsuhako • Sharon Tsujimoto • Sharon Tsukahara-Odo • Bartt Tsuruda • Marjorie Tupper • Frances Tyau • Lillian Tyau • Gertrude Tyau • Kathryn Tyler • Linda & Clyde Uchima • Paul Uchima • Carolyn Uchiyama • Fusao Uchiyama • Sarie & Steven Uechi • Iris & David Uehara • Patricia Uehara & Jerry Bray • Colleen Uejo • Faye & Dwight Uno • Vivian & Jose Untalan • Annette Urada • Christine Urban & Darrow Aiona • Shigeo & Elaine Ushiro • Alan Uyeda • Wendell & Lynn Uyeda • Yoshiko & Roy Uyeda • Kim UyedaYoung • Gladys & Steven Uyehara • Shirlene & Richard Uyehara • Kathleen Uyema • Muriel Uyema • Doreen & George Uyeno • Jane & Harold Uyeno • Marilyn & Ernesto Valencia • Joyce & Kenneth Van Belkum • Dianna Vargo • Fay Vazquez • Carolina Velasco • Amadeo & Stephanie Verzon • Linda & Lincoln Victor • Monet Viela • Emily Viglielmo • Frances & Valdo Viglielmo • Luz Villalba • Anthony & Lilia Villasenor • Joy & Eric Wada • Christine & Dwayne Wada • Stephanie Wada • Tina Wainwright • Lynn Wakahiro • Masayoshi & Helen Wakai • Janet & Herbert Waki • Valerie Waki • Ruth Walker • Edna & Jeffrey Walters • Frances Ware • Akiko Watanabe • Gladys Watanabe • June & Jeffrey Watanabe • May Watanabe • Ann Watanabe • Charlotte Watanabe • Ruth Watanabe • David & Jerilyn Weber • Victor Weisberger • Nona & Allan Wert • Elizabeth & Philip Whitesell • Peter & Peter Wiggins • Wm. & Wm. Wiggins • E. Wilson & Rodger McCloskey • Judine Wing • Katherine & Robert Wirsing • Elizabeth Witchey • Ric Wo • Elinor Wolff • John & Dorry Wollstein • Dannette Won • Philip & Dolly Ann Won • Yoon Ok Won • Anne Wong • Cami Wong • Jean Wong • Karen & Arthur Wong • Kathrine Wong • Lynfordene Wong • Roselle Wong • Susan & Steven Wong • Vera & Reuben Wong • Darlene Wong • Lianne & Erik Wong • Marilyn & Ronald Wong • Jo Ann Wong-Kam • Sarah & Ralph Wood • Jan Woolpert • Karen Wrobel • Joanne & Alan Yagi • Nathan Yagi • Wayne & Jane Yakuma • Victoria & Garrick Yama • Darren Yamabe • Charlotte Yamada • Denise Yamada • Kenneth & Evelyn Yamada • Nancy Yamada • Shirley Yamada • Myra & Reggie Yamada • Samuel Yamada • Gayle Yamaguchi • Lynne Yamaguchi • Paul Yamaguchi • Gail & Albert Yamaguchi • Carol Yamamoto • Dale & Mackay Yamamoto • Dayle Yamamoto • Jay & Joi Yamamoto • Nancy & Tom Yamamoto • Ryoko Yamamoto • June & Gerald Yamamoto • Gwen Yamamoto-Lau • Ellen & Danny Yamamura • Vera Yamanaka • Joan & Ronald Yamanaka • Blanche & Hallet Yamane • Howard Yamasaki • Amy Yamashiro • Roy & Elvina Yamashiro • Kathleen Yamashiroya • Bryan Yamashita,Asa Shimabukuro-Yamashita • Mary Yamashita • Sandra & Carl Yanagi • Masao & Flora Yanagi • Karen Yanagida • Pauline & Richard Yanagisawa • Elaine & Charles Yang • Claudia Yano • Karen & Robert Yano • Stella Yara • Russell & Jade Yasaka • Ellen Yasuda • Laraine & Roger Yasui • Wayne & Lynn Yasutomi • Louise Yates • Aimee Yatsushiro • Adrienne Yee • Kaylene & Glenn Yee • Misty Yee • Winnie Yiu • Allen & Kazue Yokomoto • Harriet & Richard Yokota • Esther Yokoyama • Sharon & Glenn Yokoyama • Dayna & Wayne Yonamine • Alice & Iwao Yonemitsu • Betty Yonemori • Toyie & Gary Yonemoto • Alan & Gail Yoneshige • Janice & Kenneth Yoshida • Shirleyann & Richard Yoshida • Isami & Jean Yoshihara • Hiroshi & Patricia Yoshikawa • Dale Yoshizu • Amy Young • Arleen & Lawrence Young • Curtis & Carol Young • Darice Young • Denise & Gregory Young • Nancy Young • Tabitha Young • Rodney & Lena Young • Janice Yuasa • Gail Yuen • Kenn Yuen • Shirley Yuen • Shawn Zaa • Stephen & Debra Zane • Lawrence Zdvoracek • Fay Zenigami • Krystal Zheng • Nina Zuna



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Join us May 30, 2009 at the Andrews Amphitheatre at the University of Hawai‘i at Ma– noa to help the College of Education grow its Education Facilities Fund. Donations and ticket sales will help the College of Education and the University Laboratory School provide new classrooms for our Laboratory School and UHM undergraduate and graduate students.





MAY 30


ANDREWS AmphitheAter

College of Education facilities improvements.

For more information or to help sponsor this event, please call: Nadine Little @ 956-2606

2008–2009 COE Advisory Council

Research Units

Thomas Barlow President and CEO

Sharon Mahoe Executive Director

Center on Disability Studies

Hawai‘i Teacher Standards Board

Robert Stodden, Director (808) 956-5715

Mona Bernadino Deputy Administrator

Dee Jay Mailer

Curriculum Research & Development Group

Chief Executive Officer Kamehameha Schools & Bishop Estate

Donald Young, Director (808) 956-7961

Thomas R. Bingham Dean of College of Arts & Humanities

Kathryn Matayoshi

Elisabeth Chun Executive Director

Michael McCartney Executive Director

Lei Desha Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Barbara Miyamoto Co-President

Mitch D’Olier Education Committee Chair

John Morton Vice President for Community Colleges

Richard Dubanoski Dean of College of Social Sciences

Mr. Alvin Nagasako Principal

Clayton Fujie Deputy Superintendent

Clyde Namu‘o Administrator

Patricia Hamamoto Superintendent of Education

Randy Perreira Executive Director

Kristeen Hanselman Associate Executive Director

Valerie Sonoda President

Claire Hirota CESA President (Undergraduate Students)

Patsy Suyat President of College of Education Alumni Association

Ellen Hoffman College of Education Faculty Senate President

Roger Takabayashi President

Walter Kahumoku III Director of Teacher Education and Professional Development

Carl Takamura Senior Associate for External Affairs

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

University of Hawai‘i Ma–noa

Good Beginnings Alliance

Hawai‘i Government Employees Association

Hawai‘i Business Roundtable

University of Hawai‘i Ma–noa

Department of Education

Department of Education

University of Hawai‘i Professional Assembly (UHPA)

University of Hawai‘i Ma–noa

University of Hawai‘i Ma–noa

Kamehameha Schools

Karen Knudsen First Vice Chairperson Board of Education

Katherine Li COEDSA Chairperson (Doctoral Students)

Chief Executive Officer Hawai‘i Business Roundtable

Hawai‘i State Teachers Association

College Development & Alumni Relations Mark Fukeda, Director (808) 956-7988

Office of Student Academic Services

Hawai‘i Alliance for Future Teachers

University of Hawai‘i Ma–noa

Kapolei High School

Melvin Spencer, Director (808) 956-4275

Technology & Distance Learning Progrmas Paul McKimmy, Director (808) 956-5776

COE Departments Curriculum Studies

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Neil Pateman, Chair (808) 956-4401

Educational Administration

Hawai‘i Government Employees Association

Ronald Heck, Chair (808) 956-7843

Educational Foundations

Hawai‘i Parent Teacher Student Association

University of Hawai‘i Manoa

Hawai‘i State Teachers Association

University of Hawai‘i Manoa P–20

Garrett Toguchi Chairperson Board of Education

Robert Witt Executive Director


HI Association of Independent Schools

Hunter McEwan, Chair (808) 956-7913

Educational Psychology Lois Yamauchi, Chair (808) 956-7775

Educational Technology Betsy Fulford, Chair (808) 956-7671

Institute for Teacher Education Donna Grace, Director, Elementary Program (808) 956-4154 Irvin King, Director, Secondary Program (808) 956-4241 Joseph Zilliox, Director, Master of Education in Teaching Program (808) 956-7856

Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science

University of Hawai‘i Ma–noa

Nathan Murata, Chair (808) 956-7606

Meredith Maeda Principal

Special Education

Castle High School

Amelia Jenkins, Chair (808) 956-7956

C OE O r g a n i z a t i o n

Pacific Resources for Education & Learning


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Current Perspectives 2009  

Current Perspectives 2009