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C O N T R I B U T O R S Amy Mathews Amos has worked at the interface of environmental science and public policy for 25 years as an analyst, advocate, consultant and now writer. Her writing has appeared in the washington post, pacific standard, high country news. She’s a contributing editor for the observer of Jefferson County and serves on the Board of the American Conservation Film Festival. Follow her on Twitter: @AmyMatAm. Catherine Baldau is a writer, editor, and project manager. As the Publications Specialist for the Harpers Ferry Historical Association, she has edited and designed numerous books, including the award-winning

Mark Muse says he is “an explorer first, a printmaker second and a photographer last who uses the camera to explore.” He has participated in numerous regional group exhibits, and two-person and solo exhibits. His work has been acquired for many personal and institutional collections, and has been published nationally and internationally. Muse lives near Shepherdstown. Judy Olsen, a Washington, DC, native residing in Shepherdstown, WV, has had a love affair with photography since her teens. After 30+ years in the corporate world, she rediscovered her passion and enjoys capturing the world of light and shadow that will never come again in exactly the same way.


Todd Coyle is a journeyman musician who has performed in and around the Eastern Panhandle of WV and around the country for over 30 years. He has worked in folk, blues, pop, jazz and country bands as a guitarist, bassist, singer, producer and sound man. Zach Davis is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications in print and online, such as CARVE, THE FIRST LINE, BARTLEBY SNOPES, DRUNK MONKEYS and numerous volumes of the ANTHOLOGY OF APPALACHIAN WRITERS. He is the Fiction Editor of FLUENT MAGAZINE.



Sheila Vertino is returning to her roots as a freelance writer and journalist, after a career as a magazine editor-in-chief and book and research publisher. Based in Shepherdstown, she describes herself as a culturally curious word nerd. Ed Zahniser’s poems have appeared in 5 books, 5 chapbooks, 10 anthologies, and over 150 magazines and other venues. He is coeditor of IN GOOD COMPANY, an anthology of area poets celebrating Shepherdstown’s 250th anniversary. His recent poetry book is THOMAS SHEPHERD LOVES DANSKE DANDRIDGE AND THE SHEPHERDSTOWN SONNETS.


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The Bridge Fine Art & Framing Gallery Two Rivers Turnings Ginny Fite, Author

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“The Woods,” photographed by Judy Olsen. For most of her linocut prints, Love prefers to use “a process that has been around since the Middle Ages.” Read about it in “The Enigmatic TeMahoa Love,” page 6.

Mark Muse Photographs Over the Mountain Studio Tour Jefferson Arts Council

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