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REVOLUTION, 86 min, Filmmaker: Rob Stewart — Produced by Gus Van Sant, Revolution follows Rob Stewart, director of the documentary Sharkwater, through 15 countries — from the coral reefs in Papua, New Guinea and deforestation in Madagascar to the largest and most destructive environmental project in history in Alberta, Canada. He reveals that all of our actions are interconnected and that environmental degradation, species loss, ocean acidification, pollution and food/water scarcity are reducing the Earth’s ability to house humans. 8:05 pm Sunday at the Opera House, Block 15

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THE BAT MAN OF MEXICO, U.S. Premiere, 60 min, Filmmaker: Tom Mustill — Rodrigo, “The Bat Man of Mexico,” has been saving the amazing bats of his homeland since childhood, when he kept vampire bats in his bathroom. Now his favorite drink, tequila, is at stake. The bat that pollinates the plant that this famous liquor comes from is in trouble. Rodrigo decides to track their migration to save them. He braves hurricanes, snakes, Mayan tombs and seas of cockroaches to find and save the bats. This is a rare heart-warming and breathtaking conservation success story. 1 pm Saturday at the Shepherdstown Opera House, Block 5

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