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Solutions that meet the changing needs of pharmacists so they can meet the needs of their patients.

We are Pharmacy Technology Solutions.

Products and services for every level of your growth.

“Good” may be good enough for some, but we want more than that. At Pharmacy Technology Solutions (PTS), uncompromising quality paired with outstanding customer service is our passion, and our mission is to enable the growth of Canadian pharmacies. It’s this mindset that empowers us to be McKesson Canada’s preferred pharmacy solutions provider.

For over 45 years, Pharmacy Technology Solutions has provided leading software and hardware solutions to pharmacies. Our ability to supply everything from a single source is what truly sets us apart. PTS partners with pharmacists across Canada to deliver powerful solutions that are the heart of pharmacy operations. It’s this partnership that allows us to explore and develop new and innovative solutions.

Inspired by growth.

Meet the Propel family of products: Propel Rx and Propel POS are software solutions that meet the changing needs of pharmacists so they can meet the needs of their patients. You’ll quickly understand why pharmacists trust us, year after year, to deliver the solutions and the support they need to smoothly run their business and provide excellent customer care.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our solutions with you and earn your business. We look forward to connecting with you to discuss how we can propel your pharmacy forward and enable your growth.

The Evolution of Pharmacy Software

Inspired by growth, meet the Propel family of solutions. Propel Rx and Propel POS software solutions meet the changing needs of pharmacists so they can meet the needs of their patients.

Fast. Flexible. Dependable. For over 45 years, we have partnered with pharmacists to deliver powerful solutions that are the heart of pharmacy operations. It’s this partnership that allows us to explore and develop new and innovative solutions. Propel Rx is a solution that is innovative, integrated, efficient, elegant and effective. You’ll quickly come to understand why pharmacists trust us, year after year, to deliver the solutions they need to smoothly run their business and provide excellent patient care.



Grow your business and positively impact patient care. This sleek, streamlined and fresh solution stands out from the rest.


Designed to run in unison with other products including Propel POS. This smart and comprehensive software solution allows pharmacy owners to effectively run their business.


We believe in providing a software solution that is capable of excellent performance and reliability. It’s what sets us apart.


A sleek and modern design that’s powerful and sophisticated. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.


A simplified and organized approach to dispensing, where everything is easily accessible from your fingertips. Save time filling prescriptions to gain valuable conversation time. After all, building trusting relationships is the core of your business.

• Scan the code above to learn more about the Propel family of products.

Effectively manage your front shop with our flexible Point of Sale solution. Its clever modular approach adapts to your retail environment. Sleek, expandable and tailored. You’ll quickly experience how managing your business becomes easier with this impressive solution.



Making informed business decisions based on sales data is simple. No more worrying if you have enough inventory or if your pricing is current. This clever solution helps you efficiently manage the front shop and optimize the customer experience.


A system that you can trust to keep data safe and the business running reliably. Each Propel POS terminal is configured to run independently, when needed.


A modular approach that includes deliveries, accounts receivable, customer loyalty, purchasing & receiving, plus a whole lot more. Easily tailor powerful POS features to suit your unique business needs.


Propel POS and Propel Rx work together to enhance efficiency by bridging front and back-shop operations. Propel POS is also integrated with a variety of valuable third party solutions, offering an even greater value.


Inventory control and replenishment options combined with a professional and powerful store signage application are but a few of the elegant features of this modern user interface.

Innovative Software

As the backbone of a pharmacy, selecting dispensary and point-of-sale software are two of the most important decisions you will make for your business. Our flagship products, Propel Rx and Propel POS, give you the tools to manage and optimize your business from day one.

Switching between PharmaClik Rx and Propel Rx has been a smooth transition.
I have used every pharmacy software available in Alberta, and Propel Rx is my favorite for documenting! 10/10 recommend. You will not be disappointed with Propel Rx!

Katlyn Schiewe, Pharmacy

Gibbons Remedy’sRx, AB


Propel Rx

An Rx solution that meets the changing needs of pharmacists so they can meet the needs of their patients.

Propel Rx delivers software that can help you manage filling prescriptions faster than ever before. Improve your patient care and streamline your processes. Propel Rx is the smarter, faster and dependable Rx software solution.

Propel Rx delivers:

• A sleek new user interface allows for a better use of the screen. This creates more space and a defined layout for better content focused areas.

• Faster claim adjudication. Filling prescriptions faster allows you to spend more quality time with your patients.

• New technology and increased performance. A new platform brings increased performance which plays a large role in running a successful pharmacy.

• An enhanced dashboard that provides at-a-glance views of work queues and incoming tasks that need to be actioned. A clear picture of what needs to be completed and when.

• Screen resolution that’s been optimized to take up almost the entire screen without impacting the resolution of other applications running on the same computer.

• Streamlined pricing in Rx Detail is down to the basics, allowing for a clear indication of how prescriptions are being priced.

• Adaptable to each pharmacy’s needs, the improved workbench keeps important information upfront and visible. Impressive organization provides real-time information about the “what and where” of every prescription.

• A narcotic reconciliation module helps maintain the integrity of the inventory system allowing your pharmacy team to perform inventory counts in manageable chunks while staying vigilant on narcotic controls.

• Multiple instances allows the user to have more tabs open at once. An effective time saver. Get more done and free up time to spend with customers.

Digital Workflow

Step into the digital era of retail pharmacy.

Is your pharmacy drowning in paper? Is managing wait times a challenge? Would you like to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of how your pharmacy operates?

From intake to pick-up, Digital Workflow manages how prescriptions move through the pharmacy. Whether you choose to benefit from the accuracies of stock bottle barcode scanning, or eliminate excess paper with thermal printing and electronic prescription verification, our easy to configure Digital Workflow module can be tailored to any type of pharmacy.

The future of pharmacy doesn’t include managing baskets… get behind the change today.

• Thermal printing reduces consumable expenses and waste. Only print what you need, when you need it.

• Frees up space with a small hardware footprint.

• Powered by Patient Centre, using e-Verify on an iPad makes it easy and flexible to perform clinical verification anywhere in the pharmacy.

• Increases accountability by documenting an audit trail of the prescription as it moves through the pharmacy.

• Creates efficiencies by reducing, and eliminating manual processes, while improving accuracy of dispensing.

• Prioritizes the work for you, so team members know what to tackle next.

• Workflow Dashboard keeps track of prescriptions as they move through the various stages of the filling process.

• Streamlined Prescription Intake process allows written prescriptions and similar documents to be scanned upon creating a new prescription in PharmaClik Rx.

• Wait times ensure priority prescriptions are filled in timely manner.

• Data Entry process allows for prescriptions to be completed based on the pick-up/delivery time requested by the patient.

• Scan Verify allows you to scan UPCs prior to packaging a medication, reinforcing patient safety by preventing wrong drug dispensing errors.

• e-Verify allows pharmacists to perform the final clinical check on a workstation or an iPad, complete with electronic signature capture, eliminating the need to print prescription hard copies.

• Thermal Printing generates labels as they are needed throughout the workflow process. Vial copies print after the barcode is verified; the receipt and related documents print after the final check.

Digital Workflow

“Getting Started with Digital Workflow” Bundles

Our hardware bundles provide everything you need to get started with Digital Workflow, whether you choose the basic workflow model, or move to a completely digital solution. Pharmacies starting with Lite Workflow can easily move to the Pro Workflow at any time.

Workflow Bundle

Lite Workflow

Ideal for pharmacies that want to implement a workflow model while continuing to use laser labels for prescriptions.

Pro Workflow

Recommended for pharmacies that want to implement a full digital workflow solution with e-Verify and thermal printing.

Software Features

❚ Workflow Dashboard

❚ Prescription Intake

❚ Data Entry

❚ Scan Verify

❚ Workflow Dashboard

❚ Prescription Intake

❚ Data Entry

❚ Scan Verify

❚ e-Verify

❚ Thermal Printing

Hardware Bundle

❚ Barcode Scanner

❚ Biometric Fingerprint Reader

❚ Barcode Scanner

❚ Biometric Fingerprint Reader

❚ Signature Pad

❚ 2 x Zebra Thermal Printers: one for vial labels, one for receipts

❚ Blank Thermal Label Rolls

❚ Blank Thermal Receipt Rolls

Medication Review

Developed in collaboration with Pharmacists for Pharmacists.

Exclusive to Pharmacy Technology Solutions and powered by Patient Centre, our Medication Review solution fully integrates with Propel Rx to support provincially-funded medication review programs.

Available in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan, the Propel Rx Medication Review module allows you to conduct medication reviews at a pharmacy workstation and on a mobile device. The flexibility of going mobile ensures faster and easier execution, with minimal paperwork.

Medication Review was developed in partnership with a dedicated group of your peers: pharmacists across Canada, committed to offering enhanced patient-focused services in their pharmacies.

• Fully integrated. A single source of data entry eliminates redundancy and duplication of effort, with automatic updates to the patient’s record.

• Mobile! Perform reviews on an iPad, in a private location away from the busy dispensary.

• Increases revenue opportunities. Make the most of all potential opportunities, including pharmaceutical opinions and adherence programs such as Autofill.

• Supports Remote Medication Review. PTS is the only pharmacy software vendor in Canada that allows you to conduct fully integrated medication reviews outside the pharmacy.

• Easy-to-use forms and digital signature capture streamline your workflow and guide you through the documentation process.

• Identifies eligible patients, including the ability to generate an invitation letter.

• Information is carried forward from previous reviews to increase efficiency and accuracy.

• Automatically creates the billing prescription.

• Creates a PDF copy of the completed signed medication review for record keeping and documentation purposes, which can be easily retrieved when required.

Remote Medication Review

Expand the reach of your community pharmacy and maximize your revenue stream by utilizing the power of the McKesson network. PTS is the only vendor in Canada equipped to offer a secure Remote Medication Review to independent pharmacy.

Paired with the Patient Centre app, the McKesson network opens a secure remote access connection to your pharmacy. Whether you are conducting medication reviews at care facilities, private residences, or elsewhere, you will be able to document the encounter in Patient Centre as if you were in the pharmacy.

• Reach more patients. Using an iPad or laptop to conduct medication reviews outside the pharmacy enables you to visit patients who have difficulty travelling to a community pharmacy, or who live in care facilities.

• Protect patient data. Patient health information is protected through a secure network connection to your pharmacy, and no data resides on the devices.

• Save on resources. Use Patient Centre to capture all information, including digital signatures, while conducting the medication review. The completed forms are stored in a digital format for record keeping.

• Provide the Best Possible Medication History. Comprehensive information is provided on provincially supported forms, including colour drug pictures of the patient’s medication where permitted by the province.

• Increase revenue opportunities by offering an expanded scope of services that improves patient outcomes and solidifies your pharmacy’s position as a valued community member.

Remote Medication Review Toolkit Includes

• Medication Review subscription

• Remote Medication Review subscription

• iPad or laptop configured with Patient Centre

• Wi-Fi printer required to print remotely.

Medication Synchronization

Take control of your day.

Deliver enhanced patient services and drive healthier patient outcomes, while increasing revenue opportunities.

Medication synchronization coordinates all of a patient’s maintenance prescriptions to be refilled on a regular schedule, providing patients with the convenience of a single pickup and the opportunity to discuss all of their medications at once.

• Increase script growth. Increase prescription refills on your existing patient base.

• Improve medication adherence. Attain superior adherence levels for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. Witness significant adherence improvements in all other disease states, including mental health and respiratory.

• Streamline workflow. Enhance the efficiency of pharmacy workflow and operations. Allow pharmacies to improve inventory management.

• Free up time for your pharmacy to offer additional patient engagement opportunities and expand its scope of service, such as Immunization and Medication Reviews.

• Optimize patient satisfaction and improve patient health outcomes.

• Direct integration with Propel Rx and PharmaClik Rx creates the synchronized refill requests on the Workbench, ready to be processed.

• Save time by letting Propel Rx and PharmaClik Rx automatically process the refills on your behalf.

• Easily identify high-impact patients who qualify for enrollment, as well as patients who have already been enrolled.

Technical Specifications:

• Propel Rx supports integration with EnlivenHealth® Time My Meds®

Pharmacy telephone management and automated refill solutions.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system provides a central management point for pharmacy communications, helping your pharmacy team achieve the most effective communications possible between your store, your patients and their doctors.

Using an IVR allows customers to refill their own prescriptions rapidly and easily over the phone, or by speaking directly with you, the pharmacist. You benefit from time saved, while your customers benefit from added convenience. With more time to focus on your patients, they can receive the personal attention that they deserve.

• Fewer interruptions. The IVR typically processes 40-60% of all refill requests.

• Added convenience. Provides patients with 24-hour, 7-days-a-week access to your pharmacy.

• Prioritized workload. Focus your attention on walkin patients; refills received through the IVR can be processed as time permits.

Technical Specifications:

Propel Rx and PharmaClik Rx support integration with the following vendors:

• EnlivenHealth® (inbound IVR)

• OmniSYS (inbound & outbound IVR)

• Answers incoming pharmacy telephone calls and allows customers to input prescription refill requests using the keypad on their telephone.

• Direct integration with Propel Rx creates inbound refill requests on the Workbench, ready to be processed.

• Alternatively, save time by letting the pharmacy management software automatically process the inbound refills on your behalf.

• Outbound calling automatically telephones customers when their prescription is ready for pick up or due for refill.

• Combine outbound calling with our Autofill feature, and you can automate the entire refill process for participating patients.

McKesson Central Pharmacy Services

Grow your professional services capacity without adding more resources.

Since 2017, McKesson Central Pharmacy Services has been providing medical compliance packaging using state of the art robotic technologies to support independent pharmacies across Ontario. Accredited by the provincial regulatory authority, McKesson Central Pharmacy Services is a highly automated pharmacy completely dedicated to the safe medication packaging of compliance cards.

• Reduce the cost of labour, carrying costs, inventory, and redundant tasks.

• Accelerate the expansion of pharmacy scope of practice.

• Provide Pharmacies with workflow optimization.

• Improve inventory management and associated costs.

• Increase formulary compliance, patient services and medical adherence.

Contact Central Pharmacy Services directly for more information.

Expect more from Mckesson Central Pharmacy Services

• Vial Filling

• Pouch Packaging

• Compliance Packaging

• Remote Verification using McKesson Automation BlistAssist Technology

• Remote Services - Minor Ailments, clearing data & verification queues etc.

• Remote Consultation Calendar Bookings

• Refill Due Reminders

• IVR & Digital Filling Integration

• Formulary Compliance Management Review

McKesson Automation

Helping pharmacy teams focus on

what’s important… their patients.

At McKesson Canada Automation, we only partner with the most creative and enterprising engineering firms, best-in-class pharmacy automation manufacturers, and premier logistics companies to surpass your expectations and provide you and your patients with the best possible experience.

McKesson Automation integrates seamlessly with Propel Rx, enabling your pharmacy to make every process within your operation safer, accurate, and as efficient as possible by automating the repetitive and manual tasks that that lead to potential risks.

We are proud to help our partners grow their businesses while allowing them the time to focus on patient care and other more value-added activities.

• Pill counting and vial filling frees up time for patient care.

• Blister packaging and verification provides security and efficiency.

• Strip packaging and verification ensures less errors.

• Patient health monitoring provides technicians with valuable insights.

• Pharmacy-grade refrigeration for the most precious of inventory.

Propel Rx has been engineered to fully integrate with McKesson automation technology to streamline processes:

• AccuCount countertop counting technologies includes an RxCheck function that verifies and confirms dispensing of the correct medication to the correct patient. Propel Rx supports RxCheck functionality by printing a barcode on the prescription’s vial label to scan at the AccuCount.

• Vial-filled prescriptions are automatically sent from Propel Rx to counting technology such as CountAssist and Parata Max 2.

• Use Propel Rx to batch-fill compliance patients, so their prescriptions can be sent to a BlistAssist or VBM for blister packaging

• Prescriptions can also be batched in Propel Rx and sent to PACMED for all pouch packaging needs.

Propel POS

Retail management made easy.

Propel POS is a complete Retail Management System that allows you to effectively manage your business.

Through a modular approach, Propel POS adapts to your retail environment rather than you adapting to it.

Start with the “Basic” module that includes Accounts Receivable, Label Program and Purchasing & Receiving to help manage most aspects of your front shop.

Modules are available to build and expand your system’s features and tailor it to your business needs. As your expertise grows, POS functionality can expand to meet your needs.

• Control retail prices and margins, including the ability to maintain standardized pricing within product lines.

• Reduce labour costs by implementing streamlined procedures for ordering, receiving and promotions.

• Visibility into product movement and sales history provides the necessary data for making informed business decisions.

• Drive customer retention by maintaining customer charge accounts and implementing loyalty programs.

• Increase basket size and shopping frequency with Propel POS’ promotions programs.

• Protect your business by restricting employee access to sensitive sales data.

• Fully integrated with Propel Rx to manage prescription pick-up and sales.

• Update inventory, costs and prices through purchasing and receiving; create orders based on minimum and maximum re-order levels.

• Replenish inventory sold at the till during a date range, or forecast inventory needs based on historical movement.

• Value inventory using the first-in-first-out method, as well as a variety of other stock control features.

• Create professional in-store signage, price labels and shelf talkers.

• Process payment directly from the till using integrated credit debit and gift card processing.

• Update and verify POS data remotely using the POS Mobile Mini, a hand-held wireless device.

Propel POS Lite

Customize your POS solution to meet your needs.

Propel POS Lite gives you the power you expect while providing an economical and scaled down solution for smaller pharmacies that want better cash and customer management tools without the need for full inventory control.

• Control retail prices and margins, including the ability to maintain standardized pricing within product lines.

• Implement standard operating procedures to improve staff compliance and reduce human errors - including procedures for Till usage and transaction processing.

• Visibility into product movement and sales history, provides the necessary data for making informed business decisions

• Drive customer retention by maintaining customer charge accounts and implementing loyalty programs.

• Protect your business by restricting employee access to sensitive sales data.

• Easily maintain product and price files, in store promotional events, and shelf label with Product and Pricing Management.

• Encourage customer loyalty and repeat business through the Customer Relationship Management and Accounts Receivable programs.

• Easily balance tills with the Cash Management feature.

• Efficiently and accurately serve customers with the easy to use and feature rich till.

• Integrated electric payment system allows credit/ debit transaction to be processed directly from the till.

• Manage your retail operation more effectively using the reports feature.

Scientific Purchasing

A dynamic demand forecasting tool.

Unlike Replenishment Ordering that suggests replacing what you have sold and min/max ordering that maintains inventory within a defined range, the Propel POS Scientific Purchasing module takes inventory management to the next level.

Scientific Purchasing analyzes sales trends and suggests quantities to order based on a combination of factors, including:

• Sales history with linear regression and margin/retail smoothing .

• Current on hand inventory.

• Bonus vs regular equivalents.

• Seasonality.

• The next order date and delivery lead time.

• Minimum stock levels.

• Minimum on hand quantity.

By considering these factors and dynamically adjusting to changes in demand, Scientific Purchasing helps pharmacies optimize inventory levels. It considers changes in demand due to price and margin variation, as well as seasonal ups and downs. This predictive analysis tool will help avoid under and overbuying, all without the need to manually reset maximum values.

• Accurate order forecasting based on historical trends.

• Optimize inventory management by reducing overstock and stock outs.

• Dynamic adjustment to changes in demand, including seasonal and price/margin variation.

• Increase turns to improve cash flow and reduce the cost of carrying inventory.

• Efficient use of system data to determine optimal order quantity.

• Analyze how much inventory you need to satisfy demand until your next order delivery.

• Leverages actual movement and other historical data.

• Schedule orders or calculate on demand.

• Flexible options allow you to define which criteria are used to calculate an order.

• Emergency orders alert you to fast moving or out of stock items that don’t follow trends.

POS MultiStore

Streamline your business. Take control of your stores.

Do you own multiple pharmacies?

Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce cost of operations and improve processes?

Designed specifically for a multi-store environment, Propel POS MultiStore addresses these challenges.

Standardizing policies, business rules and operations across your pharmacies, MultiStore allows you to control all sites from a central location. With oversight in place, individual locations continue to have the flexibility to serve their particular markets by maintaining store-specific retail pricing, promotions and inventory.

• Reduced cost of operations across your pharmacies.

• Seamless inventory transfers between stores.

• Visibility into inventory levels at all locations.

• Shared promotions across all locations, as well as store-specific promotions.

• Centralized control of customer accounts and loyalty programs.

• Increase profits by reviewing costs, retails and margins from a centralized location for all stores.

• Generate reports from a central location to review inventory, sales and finances for all locations.

• Standardize employee access to sensitive sales data. Protect your business by creating security settings and Employee Trust levels from one centralized location.

• Centralize Charge Account and Loyalty program management for greater efficiency. Allows your customers to enjoy these privileges in all of your locations.

• Reduce inventory investment by using the Store Transfer function to move stock from one store to another, optimizing stock levels at all locations.

POS Self-Checkout

Offer your valued customers a fast, convenient, and easy ‘scan and pay’ option.

The Propel POS self-checkout kiosk has been built from the ground up by McKesson PTS to satisfy the growing demand for a self-service option in stores. Self-checkout has quickly become the preferred option for many shoppers who wish to get in and out quickly, with minimal contact.

This intuitive, customer friendly solution is fully integrated with Propel POS, including the Customer Loyalty module*, making self-checkout even more rewarding. With its small footprint and clever design, the self-checkout uses less floor space than a regular cash lane, allowing an increase in the number of available checkouts without adding to labour costs.

The biggest benefits of self-checkout are speed and convenience. Customers who use this option will simply need to scan their purchases, press pay, tap and go. It’s a smarter, faster way to checkout.

• Speed of self-checkouts reduces line-ups and discourages abandonment.

• Convenience is offered as these checkouts are always open and readily accessible.

• Satisfaction is increased by giving customers the option to choose how they wish to checkout.

• Health & safety is protected by reducing face-to-face interaction between customers and employees.

• Unattended lanes allow labour to be used more productively.

• Easy to use interface with audio and visual instructions guide the customer through the simple steps required to scan and pay.

• Integrated fully with Propel POS. Alerts are sent to tills to eliminate the need for an attendant.

• Configurable features like Customer Loyalty can be enabled or disabled based on store requirements.

• Customized with banner logos and other images to support your brand.

• Small footprint allows stores to make the best use of space.

*Customer Loyalty module required.

Propel POS Mobile Mini

POS features from a computer the size of a smartphone.

For employees on the retail floor, there is a never-ending list of tasks to be accomplished. Whether these tasks involve inventory management, promotions, pricing or ordering, one thing is clear: having the right tools to do the job is crucial.

Resembling a standard smartphone and loaded with features, Propel POS Mobile Mini offers a modern and costeffective wireless solution that fits in the palm of your hand.

• Access POS features commonly used on the retail floor.

• Minimal learning curve for employees.

• Increase margin through improved management of inventory and pricing.

• Propel POS Deliveries and Propel POS Deliveries + Mobile has everything you’ll need to plan, track and manage your deliveries, all from the Propel POS Mobile Mini.

• Combines the Propel POS Mobile app with all the functions of an Android device.

• Easy to use. The bright and outdoor viewable 5" HD screen provides ample real-estate for viewing and using the app.

• A built-in scanner reads a wide variety of barcode types with ease.

• Mobile device management manages updates and provides wireless support that’s crucial for your hardworking Propel POS Mobile Mini.

• A variety of accessories are available to complement POS Mobile Mini.


Propel POS Mobile Mini accessories maximize the productivity of the device and your employees. With a charging cradle and extra batteries, Propel POS Mobile Mini can work hard all day and recharge all night.

Mobile Mini Single Charging Cradle

Dock and charge the unit when it’s not in use. Includes AC/DC charger.

Mobile Mini

ExtendedLife Battery

Provides 25% longer battery life than the standard battery.

Propel POS Deliveries & Deliveries + Mobile

Increase customer loyalty by providing a safe and convenient delivery of prescriptions and essential items.

The need for a delivery service is no longer an option, but rather a necessity.

Offering a delivery service improves customer loyalty and retention. Deliveries and Deliveries + Mobile provides your pharmacy with a competitive advantage over other retail pharmacies who do not offer a similar service.

Implement Standard Deliveries allowing you to easily enter customer orders into POS and then provide drivers with a deliveries manifest, or implement Deliveries + Mobile by adding a cellular enabled mobile device to map the delivery route, provide delivery instructions and capture signatures at the door.

• Extend the reach of your store with prescriptions delivered to the customers’ home.

• Increase customer retention and loyalty.

• Keep vulnerable customers safe by not having to step foot inside the pharmacy.

• Simplifies the delivery process.

• Easy to use interface.

• Reliable and secure.

• Quick and easy method to scan, deliver and confirm receipt of delivery.

• Real-time accurate information and order processing.

• Inventory control.

• Seamless Integration

• Comprehensive solution records sale, updates inventory and tracks delivery.

• Tailored to match your operational needs, whether basic or more advanced.

• Couple this solution with a Propel POS Mobile Mini for route-by-route delivery instructions and electronic delivery instructions.

Leading Hardware

As a reseller of top tier hardware that is fully tested to integrate with our offerings, PTS offers a full range of solutions to suit your needs. Choose from compact desktop CPUs to mobile POS units, with many options in between. For extra protection and maximum uptime, our hardware maintenance programs are your pharmacy’s assurance plan for quick, reliable repairs and preventative maintenance.

We have been using fingerprint technology for many years on both our dispensary and POS systems. My team appreciates the simplicity of not having to manage passwords, and POS in particular allows multiple staff members to share one till and cash drawer. As an owner, I appreciate the accuracy, efficiency and accountability provided by this layer of security.

Hardware Support

Your total support package –the only managed end-to-end IT service in the industry.

Pharmacy downtime can be costly for many reasons. As an owner, the last thing you want to deal with is computer equipment that is not working as expected.

For this reason, we offer competitive and dependable hardware support programs for all PTS equipment used in your pharmacy.

Peace of Mind

• Hardware support is your pharmacy’s insurance plan for quick, reliable hardware repairs and maintenance.

• Protect your business from costly disruptions that can be created by hardware malfunctions.

• This offering provides support customized to your business, while proactively managing the hardware needs of your pharmacy.

Access to a Team of Experts

• Just a phone call away, we will be there to support your technical needs.

• Our reliable network of highly tenured and dedicated Field Service Technicians is positioned to support our national network of pharmacies.

• Benefit from partnerships with some of the biggest and best names in technology such as Cisco, Lenovo and Lexmark, to name a few.

Single Point of Contact

• Support begins with our Customer Care team, where many issues are resolved remotely. This is the fastest resolution for most issues.

• When an issue cannot be resolved remotely, a Field Service Technician is immediately dispatched and managed through our industry-best Service Level Agreement commitment, depending on the type of issue.

• Mission critical issues are resolved quickly.

Desktop CPUs

Powered by the newest generation of Intel processors along with the latest memory and storage technology, the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny lineup is fast, responsive, and versatile. Tiny in name, but not in performance, they boast enhanced security, reliability, and energy efficiency.

At 96% smaller than a traditional desktop tower, the Lenovo Tiny lineup is extremely compact. This tiny desktop fits just about anywhere and can be positioned horizontally or vertical. When purchased or combined with an all-in-one Lenovo monitor, the Tiny can be inserted in the back of the monitor.



Lenovo P360 Tiny i7


ThinkCentre M70q

• Dimensions 7.0"W x 7.2"D x 1.5"H

• 12700vPro Processor

• OS – Win10 IoT Enterprise 2021

• Memory - 32GB DDR5 RAM

• Storage – 1TB SSD

• Second Storage – 1 TB SSD

• USB – 6 Rear USB Ports

• Includes a Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

• Dimensions 7.0"W x 7.2"D x 1.4"H

• Up to 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processer

• Ingrated Graphics Card

• Integrates Ethernet

• USB 4 x USB Ports


Choose from regular or touch screen monitors.

Integrated webcam, microphone, and speakers offers an opportunity to provide virtual patient care.

Product Description

Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 22

A light, slim 22" monitor that comfortably manages your workspace. Equipped with lift and tilt stand and DisplayPort connectivity, this monitor delivers reliable performance and flexibility.

PTS offers a selection of accessories to accompany your CPU.

Whether you need a new mouse and keyboard (wired or wireless), a UPS battery or a cash drawer insert, we can help.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 19.26"W x 2.85"D x 13.35"H

Weight: 7.01 lbs

• 21.5" backlit LED display panel, available in touch or non-touch

• 1920 x 1080 HD resolution

• Integrated webcam with 1080p camera

• USB 3.1 ports

• 3-in-1 connector (includes power, DP input, USB input)

RAID Server

Your best choice for high volume pharmacies.

A high capacity and flexible enterprise-quality tower server provides peace of mind with increased uptime and data redundancy.

Available in rack mount or tower.

Product Description

Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 Server (E-2100)

A 1S tower server featuring the latest Intel® Xeon® E-2100. A compact footprint and cooling system make the ThinkSystem ST250 ideal for the back office or a small dedicated server room.

Features a highly flexible design that deploys server performance where it’s needed and adapts as requirements change over time, including highly expandable storage configurations, Graphics Processing Unit GPU support, and multiple PCIe expansion slots.

Critical asset dependability is a result of components that increase server uptime, workplace productivity, and system security including dual-redundant power supplies and lockable front bezels. These component solutions are ideal for an environment without a dedicated on-site IT support system.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 6.9“W x 22.8“D x 17.5“H

• Intel Xeon E-2146G 6+2C 80W 3.5GHz Processor

• ThinkSystem 8GB TruDDR4 2666MHz (1Rx8, 1.2V) UDIMM

• ThinkSystem ST250 8x2.5" SATA/ SAS Backplane

• Select Storage devices - no configured RAID required

• ThinkSystem RAID 930-8i 2GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter

• 4 x ThinkSystem 2.5" Intel S4510 960GB Entry SATA 6Gb Hot Swap SSD

• ThinkSystem M.2 128GB SATA 6Gbps Non-Hot Swap SSD

• Optional space SSDs available

RAID Rack Server

Powerful, reliable, flexible and secure.

A single-processor rack server suited for the small-to-medium business. Trusted dependability that adapts to multiple environments and workloads.



Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 Server Superb I/O capability via multiple network interface ports and a dedicated management port handle heavy network communications and enable faster data transmission. The ThinkSystem SR250 server is designed to standardize, simplify, and automate foundation server management tasks.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 17.13"W x 21.5"D x 1.69"H

• 1-socket Intel® Xeon® E-2200 processors, up to 8 cores at 95W processor

• Up to 128GB of 2666MHz TruDDR4 ECC UDIMMs (4 slots) memory

• Intel VROC Software RAID supports simple swap and hot swap

• Fixed power supply unit 300W Gold, dual redundant AC (450W, Platinum)

• 2x 1GbE ports embedded, 1x 1GbE dedicated management


Light, thin and portable.

Laptops can be used as additional workstations and when paired with Remote Access, provide the flexibility to work offsite.

Product Description

ThinkPad T16 Gen1 This ultra-portable laptop comes with up to 15 hours of battery life and a keyboard with number keypad – handy for keying in prescription numbers, SKUs and financials.

The built-in webcam and dual far-field noise-cancelling microphones are ideal for providing virtual patient care through secure video conference platforms. For added privacy, the camera includes ThinkShutter, a physical cover that ensures your camera is on only when you want it to be.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 14.4"W x 9.76"D x 0.79"H

Weight: 3.87lbs

• ThinkPad T16 G1, Intel Core i5-1245U

• vPro (2.60GHz, 8MB) 15.6 1920x1080

• Non-Touch, Windows 10 Pro 64,

• 16GB DDR4-3200MHz

• TLC Opal, Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics,

• Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 2x2 AX & Bluetooth 5.0+

• 720P HD RGB with Microphone

• Premier NB

Docking Station

Add a docking station to your ThinkPad, ensuring it can quickly connect to your secure pharmacy network. Once docked, your ThinkPad stays securely in place and connects to all of your peripherals, including your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Biometric Security

Security at your fingertips!

With a focus on security, and a multitude of user IDs and passwords being the norm these days, PTS can help you easily manage security credentials for pharmacy and front shop employees.

Integrated with our pharmacy and POS software solutions, the HID 4500 Reader is a biometric fingerprint reader that improves operational efficiency in both the dispensary and the front shop. Built for multiple users in a shared environment, this rugged fingerprint reader is an ideal solution for busy pharmacies.

• Reduces the complexity of logging into your software.

• Eliminates the need to remember passwords, and prevents employees from being locked out their accounts as a result of forgotten passwords.

• Protects employees from exposing their password during the login process when customers or other employees are present.

• Verifies that you are who you say you are, using a secure method of user authentication.

• Improves the clerk’s experience when logging into the till application.

• Enables better user accountability within Propel Rx and PharmaClik Rx; the seamless login allows users to quickly login when accessing a workstation, ensuring actions performed in the software are associated with the accurate user.

• Complies with NAPRA standards and meets Drug Information System requirements in applicable provinces.

• Uses optical fingerprint scanning technology for superior image quality and reliability

• Accurately and rapidly recognizes even the most difficult fingerprints, regardless of placement angle

• Durable metal casing resists unintentional movement

• Small, compact design: L 65mm x W 36mm x H 15.56mm

• USB connection

• Easy setup in Propel Rx and PharmaClik Rx Security and Propel POS Employee Editor

• Automatic login to Propel Rx or PharmaClik Rx, Reports and Security without the need to enter user initals; also used with digital workflow

• Supports easy implementation of the autologoff function on the Propel POS till, as well as fingerprint only or ‘fingerprint or password’ login features in conjunction with a user code

Document Scanners

Record keeping made easy!

With mandatory record keeping regulations a reality across Canada, image scanners are one of the most used pieces of equipment in the pharmacy.

Scanning prescriptions, benefits cards, identification and any other type of document is quick and easy with our line of document scanners. Fast and efficient, these scanners capture clean, clear images in colour, monochrome or greyscale.

• Optimize your workflow by installing scanners at the most efficient workstations

• Comply with record keeping regulations by capturing scanned images of prescriptions and other patient care information.

• Free up valuable storage space and reduce clutter by eliminating the endless piles of boxes, binders, and files that are stored in your pharmacy.

• Attach clean, clear images to various areas in Propel Rx and PharmaClik Rx, particularly patients, prescriptions, prescribers and forms.

• Eliminate tedious hours of filing and paperwork by scanning batches of prescriptions.

• Save time and streamline workflow by scanning and faxing from the same window when communicating with healthcare providers.

• Attach scanned documents to prescriptions, flu immunizations, patients, doctors, drugs, mixtures, groups, suppliers and various forms.

• Link scans of benefit cards to patient third party information.

• Use Batch Scanning for continuous scanning with minimal user intervention; the scanned images use barcodes for automatic linking to corresponding prescriptions.

• Perform duplex and single-side scanning.

• Reprint scanned images.

Document Scanners

Product Description

Fujitsu fi-8150 Scan with confidence using state-of-the-art technology.

Epson DS-C330 Duplex Document Scanner

Scanning prescriptions, benefit cards, identification and another of the type of document is easier with this Fujitsu scanner. The flexibility to use imprinter options open up the capability for total document management.

Ideal for scanning at intake.

With its small footprint, this compact duplex scanner can easily fit beside a workstation at your prescription intake counter. It is ideal for scanning individual documents and plastic cards, such as insurance benefit and identification cards. Not intended for batch scanning.

Technical Specifications

• Dimensions: 11.8”W x 6.7”D x 6.4”H

• One-pass duplex colour scanning

• Scans 50 pages per minute

• 100 page automatic document feeder

• 600 dpi optical resolution

• Dimensions: 11.7”W x 4.2”D x 4.9”H

• One-pass duplex colour scanning

• Scans 30 pages per minute

• 20 page automatic document feeder

• 600 dpi optical resolution

Barcode Scanners

Essentials for Propel POS and Digital Workflow.

Product Description

Zebra DS9908

Zebra DS2208 Scanner

Honeywell 1950GSR Rx Scanner

Process sales faster.

This high performance digital imaging scanner features a one-of-a-kind hybrid form factor that provides superior comfort and ease of use in both handheld and hands-free scanning modes. With record fast swipe speeds for 1D and 2D barcodes, the DS9908 delivers a level of productivity and throughput at point of sale.

Easily configured to your tablet based POS.

This scanner offers all of the features you need to add high quality scanning to your POS system. With simplified app development tools, you can easily configure and update directly from your tablet.

Premium performance exclusively for Propel Rx and Propel POS.

Engineered to withstand 6ft drops, this scanner brings class-leading durability and reliability to your pharmacy environment. This scanner is optimized for scanning both digital codes off customer smartphones and merchandise codes at the register. Superior scanning performance, even on damaged and poor-quality barcodes.

POS Pole Display

Increase customer engagement at the point of sale.

Compact and adjustable, pole displays are a popular type of computer display. The small, compact design and bright lettering lists products and pricing for customers to see.

Large screen resolution provides increased flexibility for layout of messaging and graphics.



POS Pole Display The high contrast POS pole display makes it easier for any customer to easily see on the screen. The pole display also enables the customer to verify transaction accuracy. Less room for error and more room for accuracy. A true flat display design and larger viewer angle allows your customers, whether they are on the right or left side, to clearly see what’s on the screen.

The POS pole display allows for a simple installation and makes this addition to any pharmacy a cost effective and easy to manage transaction with minimal effort. Better still, the Displaylink USB driver means that the CPU does not require a second video port making this an extremely streamlined and simple solution to your front shop.

Technical Specifications

• 8.4" LCD pole display high provides a larger viewing size

• 800x600 resolution. Allows for a crisp, easy to read screen.

• USB port powered (single cable). Doesn’t require an additional power outlet.

Signature Pad

Eliminate the paper!

Go paperless by capturing patient and pharmacist signatures on an electronic signature pad. Required for digital workflow, and medication reviews.

Product Description

SigLite Slim Small and cost-efficient.

A small, biometric electronic signature pad with a signature capture touchpad, designed to be both space and costefficient. Includes a tethered pen.

Technical Specifications

• Rated to 1 million signatures

• Dimensions: 6.0"L x 3.6"W x 0.5"H

• Signing Area: 4.3"L x 1.4"W

Thermal Printers

High quality thermal label printing for Digital Workflow.

Thermal printers free up space in your pharmacy, allowing you to go digital by only printing what’s needed as prescriptions move through your pharmacy.

Product Description

Zebra ZD421 Designed specially for dispensary, this printer is perfect for printing receipts, medication records, and privacy labels with paperless workflow.

The ZD421 is loaded with features that make it the easiest printer to use in its class. With its 300dpi resolution, even the smallest printing on a prescription is highly legible.

Epsom TM88 Apart from the Epson TM T88’s blazing print speed and small footprint, what sets it apart from the competition is its unparalleled reliability.

Technical Specifications

• Dimensions 8.69"L x 6.98"W x 5.93"H

• Weight 3.98lbs

• Direct thermal print method

• 4" print width

• 300 dpi resolution

• USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, MFi-certified (Apple)

• 512 MB Flash memory

• 256 MD SD RAM

• Dimensions 5.70"W x 7.677"D x 5.83"H

• Weight 3.5lbs

• Thermal line print method

• Fast printing up to 300mm/sec

Laser Printers

Laser printers to meet your business needs.

Whether you’re filling prescriptions or running reports, our line of laser printers help you get the job done quickly and reliably.

Product Description

Lexmark MS823dn Ready to work and engineered to last.

The Lexmark MS823n satisfies the needs of the busiest pharmacies with fewer maintenance hassles and fast print speeds – it prints a first page as fast as 4.2 seconds.

With replacement toner cartridges that go as high as 55,000 pages, long-life imaging unit and a fuser that may never need replacement, you’ll spend more time printing and less time waiting.

Lexmark MS431dn Performance and value for your back office needs.

Strike the perfect balance of performance and affordability in monochrome printing with the upto 42-page-per-minute Lexmark MS431dn, featuring standard two-sided printing and built-in durability.

Some laser printers struggle to print grey text that’s easy to read—not this printer. Its innovative font outlining technology makes even the smallest grey text crisp and clear.

Technical Specifications

• Monochrome laser

• Double sided printing

• Prints 65 pages per minute

• Monthly page volume: 5,000 – 75,000 pages

• 2.4" colour LCD display

• Includes two 550-page trays and a SIMM card

• Rx or heavy use POS or reports printer

• Monochrome laser

• Automated two-sided printing

• 42 pages per minute

• Monthly page volume: up to 20,000 pages

• 2-line 128 x 32 pixel monochrome OLED display

• full-spectrum security architecture helps keep your information safe

• Perfect for Propel POS or a reports printer

PrinterCare Program

PrinterCare Program

VirtualCare Print Service

Keeping your Lexmark printer supplied with the necessary consumables and worrying about downtime is now a thing of the past with the VirtualCare Print Service: Pharmacy Technology Solutions auto-ships supplies in advance, directly to your pharmacy!

The VirtualCare Print Service is offered through our PLAN A ‘WHITE GLOVE’ PrinterCare Program for Lexmark 400-Series Printers.

Never Run Out of Toner!

• PTS monitors levels of consumables for each printer enrolled in VirtualCare: toner, maintenance kit and imaging unit (where applicable).

• Once a printer’s consumable item runs low, a replacement will be couriered to your store in plenty of time before it runs out.

• If required, a PTS Field Technician will be scheduled to install any new parts, such as maintenance kits.

Unbeatable Prices!

• Additional discounts available to PrinterCare Plan A - White Glove members.

• PTS offers incredibly low prices on genuine new Lexmark consumables, so you get high performance, reliable consumables at prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Free Shipping!

• There is NO shipping charge for what we send you.

• Printer consumables are billed on your monthly PTS invoice.

GO Green!

Your PrinterCare Plan A program delivers even more value with the “Go Green” Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) that helps to reduce waste, pollution, and consumption. This program allows your pharmacy to return used Lexmark cartridges, imaging units, and waste toner in bulk.

Enroll Today!

To participate in the VirtualCare Print Service, you must enroll in the PLAN A ‘WHITE GLOVE’ PrinterCare Program.

Business Continuity

Patient health data is your pharmacy’s most important asset. Don’t leave it vulnerable. With cybercrime becoming more sophisticated by the day, it’s crucial to protect your pharmacy from outside intrusions. With more than 1,200 pharmacies to leverage, PTS is able to provide turnkey connectivity, data protection, internet and cybersecurity to keep you protected.

Remote Access is now my daily need; with easy 1-click access, you are right into the system. We also provide remote medication reviews at patient’s homes for better patient care. I definitely recommend that everyone use this service.
Vishal Sukhadiya, Medicine Shoppe #127, AB


Focus on your patients, not cybercrime.

We live in a world that is more connected than ever before. The internet touches almost all aspects of daily life, whether we realize it or not. The link between cyber and physical security is essential to your critical business infrastructure. Your pharmacy’s computers are a gateway for cybercriminals to access connected devices, putting confidential patient and payment data at risk.

• Secured VPN and Wi-Fi networks.

• High capacity Wi-Fi.

• Wireless LTE back-up.

• Centralized, cloud managed infrastructure.

• Proactive problem detection.

• Networking connectivity.

• Secure pharmacy claims and debit/credit transactions.

• Cutting edge technology provided by Cisco Meraki Routers.

• Secure VPN Network with firewall.

• Remote Access.

• Remote Medication Review.

• Private store Wi-Fi.

• Public guest Wi-Fi.

• Bandwidth allocation management.

• Cybersecurity threat detections and prevention.

• Cybersecurity web filtering.


LTE Backup

Ensure continuity and connection no matter what’s happening.

Small to medium sized businesses rely on traditional internet formats like cable and DSL internet as their primary internet connection. Wired internet connections can be weak at times and pose a reliability issue for your business. A cellular network keeps your business running smoothly when unexpected disruptions to your internet connection occur.

LTE backup is a must have service for all businesses. With LTE, you’re investing in preventative measures that are automatic.

• Provides business continuity.

• Reliable backup network if your primary internet connection is ever compromised by construction projects, natural disasters, severe weather, traffic incidents, data center breaches and power outages.

• No-wire access provides a simple and economical solution.

• Ability to manage and sustain remote work.

• Highly reliable, high-speed, high-security wireless cellular network.

• Rapid connection and higher bandwidth. Recommended for heavy applications that rely on fast speeds.

• Seamless connection. Connectivity is automatically switched to a 4G LTE network during an outage

• Eliminates downtime and disruption.

• Powerful, nationwide coverage.

• Automated failover during primary interage outages.

• Simple configuration. Set it, and forget it.

• Network outage notifications.

Remote Access

Worry-free time away from the pharmacy.

Whether you need to ensure business continuity during an emergency, or simply need peace of mind while on vacation, Remote Access let you use store systems as if you were there in person.

No matter where you or your team members are located – at home or another location – Remote Access can help your team provide patients with the continuous care to keep them safe and healthy.

Remote Access is exclusive to Meraki Enhanced Package subscribers.

• Deal with emergencies or troubleshoot and resolve issues when you’re not in the store.

• Get double duty out of your laptops by using them as extra dispensary workstations in the store (e.g. for the counselling room), then take them home when needed for remote work.

• With less workplace distractions, remote team members can focus on work that doesn’t require them to be present in the pharmacy, helping with overall productivity.

• Knowing you can easily check in provides peace of mind when you’re away from the pharmacy.

• Secure connection into your pharmacy’s network.

• Work from home or alternate locations by configuring as many devices as required for Remote Access, such as a laptop and a tablet

• Access your data from your pharmacy management or point-of-sale application when you’re not in the store.

• Includes the ability to conduct remote medication reviews, in provinces where Medication Review is available.

Store-to-Store VPN

Boost productivity with Store-to-Store VPN.

Designed specifically for owners of multiple pharmacies, Store-to-Store VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides the flexibility to operate your business from any location in your network.

This clever solution provides peace of mind when it comes to business continuity and overall operations management: run reports, fill prescriptions, and care for your patients without the limitations of geography to get in your way.

Store-to-Store VPN is exclusive to Meraki Enhanced Package subscribers.

• Convenience. Access prescription and front-shop data from any pharmacy in your network, reducing the need to travel between locations.

• Security. Protect sensitive patient and payment data while accessing critical business information.

• Business continuity. Continue to care for your patients and operate critical business functions in the face of disaster or an unplanned incident.

• Teamwork. Maximize operations and reduce downtime by sharing resources between stores – a team member can work virtually at one store while being present at another store.

• Revenue opportunity. Perform virtual medication reviews or other types of virtual counselling and patient care services on behalf of the busier locations.

• Secure connection into your business network: access any computer at any location, or from within the same location.

• Remote printing at any location in your network, from any location.

• Implement an efficient Auto Refill program across your network by allocating prescription processing to lower volume locations.

• Central accounting system access.

• Funnel prescription overflow to another location during down times.

Online Virtual Backup & Recovery

Protecting your data is protecting your business.

Through EVault’s online backup and recovery technology, your pharmacy management and point-of sale data is uploaded to a secure offsite location. Given today’s demand for high availability, secure back-up and immediate recovery of business-critical data, EVault is a complete data protection solution that helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements.

• Eliminates worry, risk and work.

• Scheduled backups mean you don’t have to be in the pharmacy.

• Stores data offsite, protected and encrypted.

• Meets regulatory requirements for data backups.

• Easy data recovery in the event of disaster.

• Automated daily backups. Seven days of data are kept at all times, which is normally enough to protect against even the most malicious viruses.

• Securely protects data offsite. For complete disaster protection, your data is backed up to a secure, offsite location within Canada.

• Minimizes bandwidth usage. A completely copy of your data is stored on the cloud, then subsequent backups only send incremental changes.

• End-to-end data security. Data backup software encrypts data before and during transmission; data remains encrypted in storage.

• Data Recovery. PTS can remotely recover and restore crucial systems if your business is threatened with a data disaster.


The PTS Learning team provides access to a wide selection of training programs to support your learning needs. We look forward to helping you and your team make the most of your investment in PTS from opening day and beyond.

Clear concise training that is practical and applicable to my everyday practice!
Kenneth Chan, Pharmacist & Owner University Square Pharmacy, ON
My PTS trainer always helps make everything easy to understand, and even provided some additional tips and tricks for our pain points that will help with our efficiency and workflow.
Tracey Philips, Pharmacist & Owner Westport Village Pharmacy, ON

Retail Learning Academy

Delivers a customized eLearning experience for your entire team, at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you.

As a PTS pharmacy, you’ll have full access to our suite of courses.

The Retail Learning Academy provides pharmacies with a solution for all of their learning and development needs. The Retail Learning Academy supports employee retention and a reduction in time and labour often associated with scheduling and delivering training.

Build your Skills, earn a badge

PTS offers a wide range of learning modules that build your product skills. Upon completion, you’ll earn a digital badge that can be shared across social media platforms.

• Learn on any device, in any location.

• Reduced onboarding time for new team members.

• Lessons can be re-taken at any time.

• Quick access to new courses.

• Short learning modules.

• Access to learning transcripts and certificates.

• Retail Learning Academy Admin can run reports to view activity.

Learning Consultation Services

A consultation can help your pharmacy be more efficient, optimize workflow and grow profits.

Course Description

Propel Rx Consultation

Propel POS Consultation

A pharmacy experienced trainer will work with you to identify improvements to store efficiencies, optimize workflow and help grow profits using Propel Rx. Recommendations will be made, and a customized training program will be created for you.

Consultants cover topics such as, but limited to:

• Inventory best practices.

• Use of the right reports to improve gross margins.

• Workflow efficiencies, including group and batch filling.

• Creating custom MARs.

An experienced trainer will work with you and your team to observe how your team works throughout the day. Recommendations will be made, providing best practices and efficiencies using Propel POS.

Major topics include:

• Streamlining purchase orders and product management.

• Improving inventory control.

• Utilizing reports to manage retail operations effectively and improve gross margins.

• Correctly using till transactions and reports.

Propel Rx Training Offerings

Software experts provide training solutions when


where you need them.

PTS offers a full suite of training solutions that will expand your team’s working knowledge of Propel Rx.

Training sessions can be tailored to your store’s specific needs, by offering them on-site, virtually or in-class.

Course Description

Propel Rx Foundations

Medication Review

Digital Workflow

Inventory Control

Compliance Packaging & Batch

• Flexible training offerings.

• Improved pharmacy efficiency.

• Increased revenue and profits.

• Customized training plans.

• Passionate learning educators.

Learn how to proficiently use Propel Rx. Gain competence in maintaining patient and doctor records, processing, managing prescriptions, and setting pharmacy preferences, all while utilizing a multiple session approach.

Complete the course and earn your digital badge, which you can share across social media channels.

Learn how to complete a Medication Review with minimal paperwork, either at a workstation in your pharmacy or remotely with an iPad. Gain a better understanding of the Medication Review module to help your pharmacy staff conduct and bill medication reviews with ease.

Learn a new way to manage the flow of prescriptions in your pharmacy with Digital Workflow. A consultation will determine an optimal setup, whether you choose to benefit from the accuracies of stock bottle barcode scanning or eliminate excess paper with thermal printing and electronic prescription verification.

Propel Rx is an efficient inventory management system. Learn how to add inventory, order and receive, set or adjust reordering points, and how to use reports to manage inventory. Using the Inventory Reconciliation module will ensure your store remains on track.

Increase your pharmacy’s efficiency by learning how to set up compliance prescriptions in preparation for being able to process multiple prescriptions at once. Learn how to batch these prescriptions so that the system will do the filling for you, allowing staff to concentrate on other pharmacy services.

Propel Rx Training Offerings

Course Description

Automated Packaging Devices

Central Fill Host Training

Propel Rx can seamlessly integrate with various automated packaging devices to count and package prescriptions. Improve the overall effectiveness of pharmacy operations by learning how Propel Rx integrates with your automation.

Learning is also available for those stores that transmit prescriptions to a central filling site where billing occurs at one site and package occurs at another.

Learn how you can manage prescription orders from Satellite locations using the Central Fill Host module in Propel Rx. Gain an understanding of how to handle order and inventory exceptions, and the benefit of Packager Reports relevant to your pharmacy’s operations.

Rx/POS Integration

Methadone Prescription Processing

Auto Refill


Learn how Propel Rx and Propel POS work together by managing prescriptions waiting for pickup, OTC stock transfers and in-house accounts receivables. Integration will provide, at-a-glance, if the prescription is waiting for pickup or delivery.

Methadone dispensing is a simple and unique method. Learn how to use Propel Rx to dispense and properly document methadone administrations. You’ll decrease potential errors when billing these prescriptions and ensure your pharmacy is gaining as much profit as possible

Let the software do the planning for you with Auto Refill. This function auto-processes prescriptions by anticipating when they are due for refill, allowing you to better prepare for patient visits and inventory needs. Learn how to enroll patients and specific prescriptions in the Auto Refill program and see the benefits this program has in improving day-to-day workflow in your pharmacy.

Learn how PrescribeIT® integrates with Propel Rx and how your dispensary can adopt communications electronically with prescribers.

Propel POS Training Offerings

A full suite of

Propel POS

training that will expand your team’s knowledge.

Learning Propel POS is a combination of self-directed eLearning and instructor lead sessions. Propel POS eLearning is broken down into modules to help you learn the key concepts in easy-to-understand approach.

• Flexible training offerings.

• Increase store efficiency.

• Increase revenue and profits.

• Customized training plans.

• Passionate learning educators.

Course Description

Propel POS Fundamentals

Inventory Control

Gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Propel POS. Learn how to navigate Propel POS to streamline your business operations, including till management, creating customer accounts, monitoring inventory, maintaining product files, shelf labels and more. Review important end-of-day reports to keep track of profits and losses.

Complete the course and earn your digital badge, which you can share across social media channels.

Gain a better understanding of how to manage your store’s inventory. Managing inventory counts and inventory reconciliation will assist you in making informed business decisions.

Loyalty Program

Increase your customer service by learning how to use the software’s loyalty program. This course covers topics such as enrolling customers and collecting and redeeming points to reward your customers’ loyalty to your store.

Propel POS Training Offerings

Course Description

POS Mobile Mini Improve efficiencies at your store by learning how the POS Mobile Mini works. With POS software at your fingertips, learn how to create labels, purchase orders, add new products and set min/max values. You’ll also be able to perform an inventory count quickly, allowing staff to finish tasks with ease and concentrate on customer service.

Advanced Gift with Purchase


Deliveries Plus Mobile Mini

Self-Checkout Kiosk

Learn how your store can further reward loyal customers with free gifts, discounts, or bonus loyalty points at the point of purchase.

Learn how to effortlessly track orders from the moment they are taken, to the time they are delivered, and payment is received, ensuring that inventory is maintained. Provide your delivery driver with the delivery manifest to keep track of deliveries.

Learn how to effortlessly track orders from the moment they are taken, to the time they are delivered, and payment is received, ensuring that your inventory is maintained. Also learn how to use the POS Mobile Mini to map the delivery route, document delivery instructions and capture signatures at the customer’s door.

Learn how this intuitive, customer friendly solution is fully integrated with Propel POS, including the Customer Loyalty module (if applicable), making self-checkout even more rewarding. Learn how to use the Propel POS Self-Checkout and support your customers.

POS MultiStore Understand how Propel POS MultiStore can help standardize policies and operations across all locations from a central location. Individual locations will continue to have the flexibility to serve their markets by maintaining store-specific retail pricing, promotions and inventory.

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