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Destruction Of Muscle Tissue In addition, problems such as osteoporosis, you yourself ! 8 water to drink In fact, it is not only the girls. Sports halls of the amount of water that must be dealt with very few accept. If you’ve looked at competitions you will see that they are making quite a lot of water. The problem is that we are very sweaty workout in the process of losing a large amount of fluid. We do not keep the water level of the organism, which is necessary if you premature. In addition, it is washed with water to toxins. Water, as well as maintain healthy joints, accelerates metabolism, and prevents loss of consciousness. This list is still continuing. 7 Cardio, cardio and more cardio should be applied in moderation . You do not need to ponder a few hours a day - it will take you to your destination to get a step, and vice versa , but tired of you destroying muscle tissue , will look crushed . strongly increases the level of excess that leads to destruction of muscle tissue . If your muscle how your so slow . 3-5 times a week , for 30-60 minutes on hold , and do not forget the power train . However, this is the ultimate dream destination for you - can bring the desire to have a wonderful body . 6 Wide vertical grip improper technique It is possible to see a large number of sports halls, technical errors , but almost all women all the rooms are the same action, the same mistake : vertical traction with a wide grip . This action is directed to a back muscles loose . This is one of the major muscle groups . Vertical traction back " correct " , but it happens too often that we come across girls . stamp it with one hand, very low , so stomach .

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