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Execution Of Movements - Lifting From The Floor Immediate removal (tama ) Rod horizontal position located in front of the feet of the athlete , the athlete released the full two-handed grip to a vertical position for storage and lifted up . Are permitted to stop the rod moves , but it may not flow downwards . Must be converted into the right side of the front face of the athlete pomatum . At the end of the lifting rod legs, the knee should be fully recovered , the athlete must be in the vertical position . Head down the movement of the hand and a clear sign of a judge elected " Down " ( " Down ") consists of a team . Tip , motionless rod fixation and the final moment of the indisputable fact that the athlete is not up to become . Remove or attempt to remove any rod in her deliberate, considered approach . Reasons to avoid lifting from the ground up to be taken into account the movement of the rod down to the final desired position before. Mistakes made in the prevention of vertical At the end of the implementation of the knee fully correct the movement of the feet. Lift the rod ( O ) support . “Support " is determined by the athlete with the corps in such a situation , it may be saved , but to avoid the expense of balancing . Detect displacements sides can be considered a step forward or backward, as well as lateral movements. Referee rod before laying down the sign . Peosta reduction without control rod with both hands.

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