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The Narwhal EditionTiny but Mighty A Word From Bell and Gavel

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February Edition Cover Page! LtG Election 2014! Bell and Gavel! DCON Registration! Awards! Eliminate Fundraisers! Contact Page!

Upcoming Events!


2/25 Award Nominations Due! 3/5 Secretary Report Due! 3/4 DCON Registration Form! 4/4-6 District Convention 2014! *Look for information on Key Leader!

LtG Election Rally  

It is my great pleasure to announce that Jasmair Bains will be the 2013-2014 Lieutenant Governor of Division 9 Key Club! With this position, Jasmair will coordinate between clubs, report back to the District Board, and vote on behalf our our Division. Please give him your cooperation for he has an exciting year ahead of him. Welcome to the Board Jasmair!

The Narwhals had a blast at the Lieutenant Governor Election Rally. Omak Key Club, Okanogan Key Club, Liberty Bell Key Club, Omak Kiwanis Club, and Withrop Kiwanis Club were all present. We elected Jasmair as the incoming LtG, played icebreakers, ate (a lot), and Winthrop didn’t steal anything. Success!

A Word on Bell and Gavel After years of the constant fear of theft from the Winthrop Kiwanis Club, the rebellion has began. Omak Key Club, with a special thanks to District Secretary Hakikat Bains and Lieutenant Governor McKenzie Ervin, successfully stole the Winthrop Kiwanis Bell and Gavel at the Christmas Party in Winthrop. The artifacts have been hell cared for by these District Board members. We are calling it, The Adventures of Bell and Gavel!

! Although Bell and Gavel have loved their visit to Omak, it is time for them to continue on. Omak Kiwnais Club has set up a silent action page on their club web site. Any member of the K-Family can bid to win Bell and Gavel. The winner will take possession of the artifacts, and it is at their distretion to determine the next stage in the adventures of Bell and Gavel! Enjoy and bid high! *All proceeds of this action will be donated to the Eliminate Project. eliminate-auction

Register for DCON 2014

What is DCON?

DCON is short for District Convention. Each year, the Pacific Northwest District gets together to celebrate the year of service, elect the new executive district board, meet other Key Clubbers in the area, and learn about new service opportunities. This year will be in Seattle, WA. We will have Joeseph Vincent perform, workshops, forums, caucasing, and voting. Ask your club officers or Lieutenant Governors for more information!

Watch the Call to Convention at

Please remember that clubs wishing to attend DCON must have their dues paid. Go to the Membership Update Center to pay for your club!

Apply for Awards

Recommended Awards for Division 9 Clubs • Outstanding Faculty/ Kiwanis Adviser •Outstanding Club Officers Malcolm Lewis • Outstanding Club Member 6 for 65 Award • • Single Service Award


We will win the Divisional Spirit Award!

Eliminate Fundraiser Ideas Ways to Save Babies:

! !

• Host a penny drive • Organize a benefit concert Have a poetry • clam • Organize an are show • Shovel snow for donations Eliminiate • wristbands


Don’t forget to purchase Eliminate merchandise!

There are newly released numbers on money raised for the Eliminate Project. The PNW District has raised over $90,000! Congratulations to everyone who helped! Keep up the good work, and save those babies!

District Board District Governor Trang Tran

Convention Chair Denny Lim

District Secretary Hakikat Bains

District Administrator John Jay

District Treasurer Eric Grewal

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders

District Editor Sara Thomas

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer

District 9 Area Administrator Roy Reiber (509)997-5666

District 9 Outgoing LtG McKenzie Ervin 509)322-3884

District 9 Incoming LtG Jasmair Bains (509) 203-4476

Don’t forget to bid for the Bell and Gavel. They might not immediately return to Winthrop‌

PNW Key Club Division 9 February Newsletter  

Check out the LtG Election Rally, news on DCON 2014, and the auction of Bell and Gavel. All thanks to the Narwhals!

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