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Key Club International The Narwhal Edition- Tiny but Mighty

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Upcoming Events  6/15 Omak KC swim party  6/22 Portland Rally  6/24 DCM  6/27 Tacoma Rally  7/3-7 ICON

In Caring and Service‌ Omak Key Club: The Omak Key Club did the Draw the Line service project. This informed all students at Omak High School through a campaign that 8/10 students choose not to participate in underage drinking. This project encouraged healthy youth behavior.

Okanogan Key Club: The Okanogan Key Club laid flags on the veteran’s graves for Memorial Day. This is an annual service project the club completed. They honored the deceased veterans of two local cemeteries for this holiday.

Liberty Bell Key Club: This club put on a mock car crash they do every year. The Key Clubbers filled the positions of car crash victims, amputees, and the assailant. One even rode in a helicopter. This project gathers much participation from the community.

March of Dimes and Kiwanis International Beginning in the 1940’s, the K-Family has raised thousands of dollars with the March of Dimes. Kiwanis serves each child by improving the health of babies. Proper pre-natal health helps minimize birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Though March of Dimes was founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in an order to combat polio, the organization has spread its range of efforts to children worldwide. Key Club assists Kiwanis and the March of Dimes by raising awareness, and fundraising. March of Babies is the largest annual fundraiser for this project. The more Kiwanis support received, the more babies live to enjoy a healthy childhood. Full term pregnancies and pre-natal health are crucial is avoiding serious life-long conditions. Premature birth is the leading cause of infant mortality within the first month of life; 1 in every 8 babies in born premature. Those who survive are at risk of cerebral palsy, underdeveloped lungs, and vision and hearing loss. Support March of Dimes to give every child the life everyone deserves.

Relay for Life- Carnival of Hope

The DCM for May took place at the Okanogan County Relay for Life. This year the theme of the American Cancer Society sponsored event was Carnival of Hope. Division 9 had two teams for the Relay for Life, the Narwhals. We had attendance from 75% of our clubs with Okanogan Key Club, Omak Key Club, and Liberty Bell Key Club all present. Many Key Clubbers stayed the night, and 5 walked through the night. In the morning, the Okanogan Kiwanis Club made pancakes for all those at the Relay. This DCM was a blast, and helped raise awareness for cancer.

“That serv ice is the noblest which is rendered for its own sake.” -Gandhi

PNW Key Club Rally’s Every summer, the PNW has several inner-divisional rallies. These are organized by LtG’s from neighboring divisions. The rally’s feature officer training, forums, charities, keynote speakers, and reunion of Key Clubbers!

Portland Rally

Tacoma Rally



Rally in the Valley

Eastside Rally

Seattle Rally




Alaska Rally 8/24

Canada Rally 8/24

2013-2014 District Board Contact Information Governor Trang Tran

Convention Chair Denny Lim

District Secretary Hakikat Bains

District Administrator John Jay

District Treasurer Eric Grewal

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders

Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer

International VP/IT Caitlin Stroup

Division 9 Area Administrator Roy Reiber 509-429-7411

Division 9 Lieutenant Governor McKenzie Ervin 509-322-3884

Have a fantastic summer and Key Club on!

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