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The Narwhal Edition- Tiny but Mighty

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Upcoming Events  7/14 OK Bulldog Prints  7/13 Winthrop Birthday Party  7/19-20 Rally in the Valley  8/1 Eastside Beastside Rally

Keep Calm and be a Narwhal!

Winthrop Birthday Party July 13th The Winthrop Kiwanis Club will be celebrating its birthday. Join the merriment at Heckendorn Park in South Winthrop. Food will be served at 12:30. Directions: Coming from Twisp on Hwy 20, turn right after crossing the bridge and follow streets along the river until you see the party! Cost: $10 & bring lawn chairs RSVP to Roy Reiber- or 509-997-5666 before Tuesday July 9th.

Okanogan KC Bulldog Paw Prints July 14th

The Okanogan Key Club will complete the service project to repaint the Bulldog Prints in Okanogan City. The club will be working from the corner of Rose St. and Second Ave. to the corner of Nickeli St. and 5th Ave. The goal of this project is the restore the faded bulldog prints which line the sidewalks between the Okanogan High School and Virginia Granger Elementary School. This project will improve the condition of our town and help keep kids on the sidewalks!

International Board- 2013-2014 International President: Raeford Penny

International VP: Rachel Benoit

PNW International Trustee: Kelsey Hoppes

Register online:

Join the group!

http://www.eventbrit 7147352925

https://www.facebook .com/groups/5795075 28739156/

August 1st 2013

11:30am-4:00pm Rogers High School, Spokane WA

Eastside Rally is a time for all of the Eastside Area Divisions of Key Club to come together. We will have icebreakers, spirit activities, fundraisers, and will be socializing Key Club style! Officers will be trained, the district project presented, and DCON 2014 revealed. Eastside Rally will be beneficial to everyone!

2013-2014 District Board Contact Information Governor Trang Tran

Convention Chair Denny Lim

District Secretary Hakikat Bains

District Administrator John Jay

District Treasurer Eric Grewal

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders

Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer International Trustee Kelsey Hoppes

Division Nine Area Administrator Roy Reiber (509)997-5666

Division Nine Lieutenant Governor McKenzie Ervin (509)322-3884

Secretary’s: Don’t forget about the secretary’s reports! They are due on the fifth!

Div 9 july newsletter  

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