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Upcoming Ev ents  8/12 Seattle Rally  9/5 Secretary Reports  10/31 Trick or Treat for UNICEF  11/1 Dues and Club Rosters due  11/4-8 Key Club Week

Rawring for Service This year’s Area Rally, Eastside Beastside, took place on the 1st of August, 2013. More than 50 people attended from all over the Eastside Key Club Divisions. Governor Trang Tran, District Secretary Hakikat Bains, and District Treasurer Eric Grewal all attended. Division 9 brought 11 Key Clubbers to the rally. At the rally, we attended the officer training forums, and Key Club 101. This was a time for attendees to meet other Key Clubbers, acquire new tools for community service and leadership, and expand their horizons. The hope is everyone who attended the rally took home something new to their home club. I hope that goal was achieved, and everyone will see the results of this training during the first few meeting of the new school year!

At Eastside Rally several fundraisers occurred. During our Miracle Minute the Rally raised $202.63 for the Eliminate Project. I am happy to report that Division 9 accounted for $63.01 of the money raised. We earned 1 st place in the Miracle Minute, and your Lieutenant Governor took the largest pie to the face (and hair)! We also had a dunk tank at the rally. Through this, we earned another $54.00. Every Executive Board member in attendance, and your LtG was a victim to the dunk tank! The registration money added to $271.00 before expenses. The profit from this rally will be posted once known. All proceeds go to the Eliminate Project. At this time, Ea stside Rally saved at least 142 lives!

One baby dies every 9 minutes from MNT‌ The PNW District Project this year is the Eliminate Project. Our goal is to raise $24,000 by the end of the year. Seems impossible? The PNW District has 12,000 members, therefore, if each member donated just $2.00 we would accomplish our goal! Everyone can be involved in this project. Run car washes, Miracle Minutes, and bake sales to fundraise. Raise awareness about this tragic disease in your clubs, schools, and community. Just $1.80 saves a mother and all her unborn children. Remember, we are saving babies. Help Eliminate today!

Back to School, Back to Key Club!

With the start of the new school year comes time for recruiting. Try to get new students to come to a Key Club meeting. This will boost membership, and bring new ideas to each club. Remember, each club must have 15 registered members to be an active Key Club. Try to make Key Club meetings especially enjoyable during the first few months to interest prospective members!

All membership dues are due on the first of November. This is the fee paid to Key Club International and the PNW District to fund the organization. Dues will total $12.00 this year. These must be paid by November 1st. Any new members joining after that date will still be allowed in for the same price. Membership is updated all year long. In addition to the dues, this year a membership roster is required to be completed by the same date. This should include all members’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers. This roster should be send to the local LtG, other club officers, and your club advisers.

2013-2014 PNW International TrusteeRoshni Chandwani

Meet Our ITHello everyone! My name is Roshni Chandwani, and I am your 2013-2014 International Trustee. The three districts that I serve are Eastern Canada, Kentucky Tennessee, and Pacific Northwest. I wanted to start off by telling you a little bit more about myself and my goals for the year! I'm currently a senior at Cypress Falls High School i n Houston, Texas. I've been a part of Key Club since my freshman year, and I can honestly say that joining Key Club was the best decision I've ever made. I'm also involved with Debate, Red Cross, and Student Council. I'm a huge fan of the movie "Mean Girls", and I probably quote it way too much. I love almost all types of music, but I can be found listening to pop or indie music the most.

2013-2014 District Board Contact Information Governor Trang Tran

Convention Chair Denny Lim

District Secretary Hakikat Bains

District Administrator John Jay

District Treasurer Eric Grewal

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders

Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer

International Trustee Roshni Chandwani

Div ision Nine Area Administrator Roy Reiber (509)997-5666

Div ision Nine Lieutenant Governor McKenzie Erv in (509)322-3884


Have a great end of the summer, and start of the school year!

PNW Key Club Division 9 August Newsletter  

This months issue contains a review of Eastside Beastside Area Rally, the Eliminate Project, our new PNW International Trustee, and much mor...

PNW Key Club Division 9 August Newsletter  

This months issue contains a review of Eastside Beastside Area Rally, the Eliminate Project, our new PNW International Trustee, and much mor...