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MARCH 2020



MICHAELA’S MESSAGE It’s March everyone! Hooray. Although it may feel like we are still in the depths of winter, the days are slowly getting longer, heralding the imminent arrival of Spring. In fact, the first official date for the start of Spring is Thursday 19th March… we’re nearly there! I know for many gardeners, Spring is a favourite season, it is wonderful to see the bulbs planted long ago and often forgotten about, not only burst through the earth but reach their full and beautiful potential. They have remained faithful to themselves all through the dark, barren months of Winter, waiting for their moment, waiting for the right light, the right warmth, the right atmosphere and then an amazing transformation takes place, the bulb knowing that now is the moment, shoots out towards the light, bursting forth in splendour, bringing such great joy and beauty to the earth. This picture reminds me so much of the Christian life because believe it or not, it’s not always easy. There can be great seasons of darkness, where one can feel abandoned, forgotten, unseen. – this Winter has been very much like that for me. There has been death of loved ones, illness, difficult and testing pastoral situations - but because of faith, I have always been very aware that light would come, that there would be transformation, that hope is real and darkness would pass. Faith in Jesus, is not just a set of beliefs but it is a real and living experience of such a loving, kind friend whose very presence, holds you in the dark and beckons you to hold on for the light. And just like that bulb planted in the ground, I know I too am not invisible to the eyes of God and one day, when this season has passed, I too will burst through the earth and once again feel the warmth of His perfect love flood my soul. If you feel forgotten about, unseen, unloved, abandoned, I promise you this, you are not, you are very much seen and known and deeply loved. Hold on to God, His light will bring you through and if you need someone to talk to, someone who understands the dark and the light, our Saviour has been there, he too had to endure the dark forgotteness of the grave, yet held on and light exploded, changing the whole earth…but more about that next month! You can always talk to me too, I don’t have all the answers but I do have hope, hope in a real and living God and that’s worth holding on to. God Bless You



Lay Pastor. Andy Sproston

Deacon. Rev. Michaela Doherty Paul Wilson

Hey, Hey, You May Stop. Do you have time to turn your phone off or ignore it? Do you have time to talk your problems through with a friend? Do you have time to do something just because you enjoy it? It can feel like there’s no space in our lives for any of the above. Sometimes it can feel like we have to be good at everything and show the world we’re got it all together, but what if we haven’t? It’s hard to accept the fact that my to do list will never end, and that it’s healthy to walk away from it without feeling guilty. Whatever you do to relax remember that it’s an important part of your day. If we can help you relax by providing a change of scene or people to talk to then we’ve love you to come and meet us.

L’ARCHE In August 1964, having given up his job teaching at the University of Toronto, Jean Vanier bought a small, rundown house without plumbing or electricity within the small town of Trosly-Breuil, near Compiegne, and invited two men with learning disabilities from an asylum to share the house with him. The initiative was prompted by Jean’s visits to the asylums that housed many people with learning disabilities at the time. “Huge concrete walls, eighty men living in dormitories and no work. I was struck by the screams and atmosphere of sadness,” Jean has said. Believing the men’s overwhelming need was for friendship he thought the small house could provide the support of domestic life, with the three of them shopping, cooking and washing up together. Thus started the community of L’Arche. There are now one hundred and fifty three L’Arche communities and twenty one community projects in thirty eight countries over five continents. L’Arche first came to England in 1974 and has spread throughout the country and now there are twelve communities in The UK. Our community in Liverpool started in 1976 and has changed greatly over the years. Our focus in Liverpool is on community and friendship. We know that too often people with learning disabilities find themselves isolated and lonely in supported tenancies. We believe we are able to support people to live the ‘best of both worlds’ in providing independent living, with interdependent support.

L’ARCHE Over the years we have moved away from shared housing and into a more flatorientated environment, although we do still run two relatively new semi-detached houses. Also our workshop has slowly developed into a day centre that offers a variety of activities which are constantly being developed in ways that the people in the day centre can better enjoy. This building also houses our main office. We in Liverpool help adults with learning disabilities; however other communities throughout the world might help children with a learning disability, it all depends on how the community sees the need. The people with learning disabilities in L’Arche Liverpool have a wide range of needs, some use a wheelchair and need help getting in and out of chairs, others are very active and mobile and yet others are somewhere between the two. The mental wellbeing of everyone is a big issue and finding things to do is always a big concern, when communication can be difficult and gaining funding for support is hard, but we seem to work through the difficulties to come to a routine that gives life to everyone. Even in an ever changing ‘Care Environment’. Julian Rice

LYNDALE CANCER SUPPORT WHO WE ARE Lyndale Cancer Support Centre provides support for people affected by cancer, their family and friends. It was founded in 1983 by Mary Davies, a local resident who found that after treatment for cancer there wasn’t any support for patients. Mary had the support of her GP and started off in her own home and as the group grew we had to move twice into bigger premises. In 1985 the house, now named Lyndale, came up for sale and with grants from Knowsley Council and Knowsley Health Authority, lots of fundraising and a mortgage the group purchased 40, Huyton Lane. Throughout the following years we have applied for grants and been able to set up complementary therapies on four days of the week, Beauty Therapy, Relaxation sessions, Yoga, Art, Craft and Computer Classes, all free of charge to members. For those who have regained their energy we have a Ramblers Group which goes out once a month to lots of places on a three to four mile walk in the country. Our Culture Vulture group go out to historical places of interest and theatres. Many people who are on their own enjoy getting out and about with friends they have made at Lyndale. We organise an annual Garden Party and Christmas Party as well as other special events. We have built up strong links with all the local Merseyside hospitals, hospices and other health professionals, Macmillan Nurses and Social Services.

We have forty fantastic volunteers at Lyndale, several have worked there for many years. We provide compulsory training in First Aid, Fire Training and Food Hygiene, other training is provided by Macmillan Cancer Support, local agencies and health professionals. We apply for grants to cover the cost of our therapists and a contract cleaner. We rely on donations, bequests, fundraising ourselves and also by others who complete sponsored events such as a sponsored slim, sponsored head shave, bunjee jumping, marathons or half marathons plus lots of different events that people get involved in. In 2005 we applied for Lottery Funding to refurbish and extend the property which cost £400,000 including three consecutive years of funding from Knowsley Mayors who raised £110,000. In 2015 we applied to the Lottery Reaching Communities pot for five years funding of £200,000 for complementary therapies and towards running costs which are approximately £75,000 per year. We are the only charity in the North West of the UK which is run solely by volunteers as we do not have any paid office staff, fundraisers or catering staff, everyone’s a volunteer which is why Lyndale is so special. All our volunteers have been affected by cancer either themselves or through supporting family or a friend. We open as a Drop-In centre from Monday to Friday, 11am until 3-30pm, no referral is needed, just ring the bell and bring someone with you if you want extra support.

WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH WHILE? A welcome when you’re down. A bargain when you’re broke. A sense of purpose when it’s all going wrong for someone. The Huyton church shop in Sherborne Square is called ‘The Fourth Dimension’ because it aims to give those things to every customer. At our last annual AGM we gave to the work of Christian Aid in Ethiopia, getting water to schools, and to twenty local charities giving help to many, many people £11,100 in total. We’ve done this for thirty seven years so that’s around £400,000 plus all the friendship!! We have helpers who started with us when Bishop David Sheppard opened the Shop in 1981, and they need to know that not only will they be missed but will be replaced in this wonderful work. Only one session - three hours max. No pay, so no tax to pay! Just the knowledge that you are making a big difference to customers and will be able to nominate a charity each year to receive a donation, just like we gave to Knowsley Foodbank; Owen McVeigh Foundation; L’Arche; St Vincent’s School for Blind; CAFOD; Dogs’ Trust; Huyton Guides; Lyndale Cancer Support; Marie Curie Woolton; Wirral MIND; St Gabriel’s Lunch Club. Trinity Kidz Klub; Walton Centre; Willowbrook Hospice; Zoe’s Place; Clair House; Homestart .. If you’d love to be part of this ring - 0151 707 9399. - Philip Lodge.

Thank you letters from Charities who’ve recieved donations.

Philip Lodge recieving a plaque commemorating more than £250,000 sent to Christian Aid.

MARCH’S KIDS ACTIVIT Y Flowers Bring Colour Into Our Lives & So Does God !!!




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ROOM HIRE LOOKING FOR A FUNCTION ROOM IN LIVERPOOL FOR YOUR CLUB OR SOCIETY? A cost effective venue for a business meeting or conference? Somewhere for a children’s party? We have the ideal function room for you, conveniently located close to the end of the M62 with good public transport links and on site parking for 40+ cars. The majority of facilities including Kitchen and toilets are fully wheelchair accessible. To enquire about hiring ring; 07453 358 157 or use the Enquiry Form upon our website: www.chmc.co.uk

REGULAR Regular ACTIVITIES Activities WHAT’S HAPPENING - EVERY WEEK Sunday 10.30 a.m Worship Contact : Deacon Michaela Doherty Mob: 07887878147 Monday 9.45 a.m Tai Chi Contact : Jean Williams Tel: 0151 280 1482 Monday 11.00 a.m Line Dancing Contact : Jean Williams Tel: 0151 280 1482 Monday 2p.m -3.30p.m Craft Group Contact : Rev Jenny Rayner Tel: 0151 428 0205

Friday 3.45 p.m Acro Contact : Alisha McGinn Mob: 07754534252

EVERY FORTNIGHT Sunday 6.30 p.m Youth Club Contact : Suzanne Rainford Email: courtheyyouthclub@outlook.com Monday 2.00 p.m Philatelic Society Contact : Peter Williams Tel: 0151 280 1482

4.00 p.m. AJM School of Dance & Drama Contact : Alisha McGinn Mob: 07754534252

Thursday 7.30 p.m Scottish Dancing Contact : Sandra Piper Tel: 0151 724 4966

Tuesday 10a.m - 3p.m Baby Sensory Contact : Chelm Holmes Mob: 07391618073


5.30 p.m. Rainbows 6.30 p.m. Brownies 6.30 p.m. Guides Contact : www.girlguiding.org.uk 8.00 p.m. Women’s Club Contact : Kathy Sweeney Tel: 0151 722 3708 Wednesday 10.00 a.m Qi Gong Contact : Barbara Shields Tel: 0151 727 7960 1.00 p.m Indoor Bowls Contact : Tony Burch Tel: 0151 722 9160 4.00 p.m. AJM School of Dance & Drama Contact : Alisha McGinn Tel: 07754534252 Thursday 9.30 a.m Toddler Group Contact : Sue Canavan Tel: 0151 737 1921 Thursday 6.30 p.m Boys’ Brigade Contact: Liz Lloyd Tel: 0151 489 8076 Friday 10.00 a.m Place of Welcome Contact : Deacon Michaela Doherty Mob: 07887878147

Tuesday 2.00 p.m Methodist Women in Britain (Network) Contact : Pauline Rowe Tel: 0151 489 4572 Friday Lunch 12.00 noon Contact : Barbara Metcalf Tel: 0151 480 9042 Friday 7.00 p.m Film Night Contact : Edna Pye Tel: 0151 724 5267 Saturday Table Sale 10.00 a.m to 12.00 noon Contact : Joan Rutledge Mob: 07984894597 Saturday Messy Church 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m Contact : Kevin Chabeaux Mob: 07751167872

PASTORAL CONCERNS CALL 0151 427 7165 ROOM HIRE : 07453 358 157 EMAIL. heyoucontactus@gmail.com VISIT. www.chmc.co.uk Facebook Court Hey Church Twitter @courtheychurch

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HEYOU HUMOUR Where was Solomon’s temple located? On the side of his head. How does Moses make his coffee? Hebrews it, obviously. Why did Noah have to punish and discipline the chickens on the Ark? They were using fowl language.





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